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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  September 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord; he is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; he hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword: his truth is marching on. glory, glory, hallelujah! glory, glory, hallelujah! glory, glory, hallelujah! his truth is marching on.♪ ♪
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>> ♪ in the beauty of the lilies christ was born across the sea, with a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me. as he died to make men holy, let us die to make men free, while god is marching on. glory, glory, hallelujah! glory, glory, hallelujah! glory, glory, hallelujah! while god is marching on.
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glory, glory, hallelujah! glory, glory, hallelujah! glory, glory, hallelujah! amen,ruth is marching on. amen ♪ >> the memorial service for the people killed at the navy yard. remarks by president obama, secretary of defense hagel and others. just before the service, senator barbara mikulski t we did -- tweeted --
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we will show the memorial service again this evening on the c-span networks. the chair of the republican study committee. >> this week on "newsmakers" steve scalise represents the first district and chairman of the republican study committee. welcome. two reporters with us. jake sherman of "politico" and paul kane of "the washington post." >> we just saw you passed a resolution to keep the government open until mid- december. you have this language stripping obamacare funding. even ted cruz has admitted that
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when it goes to the senate harry reid has the votes and is probably going to be a post to be able to strip it and send it back to the house. you have 48 hours or so to decide what to do next. what do you do next? >> the first thing we do is pass a bill over to the senate that keep government funded while also defending the president's health care law along with the full faith and credit act to ensure the fault is not an option for a nations debt. -- default is not an option for a nation's debt. if you look at all of the problems that we hear across the country about the president's health care law, this is an unworkable bill. it is so unworkable that the president has acknowledged that it is not working but he only wants to get a reprieve to big businesses that can get access to the white house in the bill we sent over it is to all american families.
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>> it has been an interesting week to use. you've had a revolt and scrapped a plan to scrap another version of the resolution. what has the situation told you about john boehner and eric cantor? >> they listened to the members of the house that elected them. we have a very diverse congress on the republican side. you see over 230 members very serious. in this bill be brought forward, a united our conference. it was a lot of conservatives that put these ideas together. we worked with our conference and a rate that i think that's only united us that you had a bipartisan vote on the bill. it shows it will be responsible in funding government while also
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tackling all of the problems the president health care is creating. >> how many votes are there when this comes back? for a clean continuing resolution at the funding levels, how many votes, republican votes? >> i am not going to speculate. they may take this bill. there is a public outcry going on. the problems that so many of the senators, how do they go back home and say they're going to keep it in place even though the president has admitted it is unworkable? if anything does come back, and there are a lot of legislative tools we have their debt available. vcr is one. -- t'she cr -- the is one. c we will maker sure the health care law will be delayed and also addressed the economy. we will put some provisions like
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the keystone pipeline. the president has listened to special interests and turned the jobs away. why do we not say yes and get our economy moving again? the bills we will continue to pass sure that we're doing our job and we will continue fighting to keep government- funded and address the problems in our economy. >> there appears to be tension between house republicans and senate republicans. john boehner said very adamantly it is time forces and republicans to pick up the mantle. senator ted cruz that he will use all measures possible including a filibuster. if he does not do that, has he failed to live up to his words and his promises? >> whatever the senate does is going to be their responsibility. the first thing we have to do is do our job in the house. i would encourage all senators, i hope they would stand tall and represent and fight for the american people who are saying this is unworkable. we probably have some tactics over the last few weeks. i do not think any of us had
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disagreements. that is to fight for the american people who are losing the good health care they have. in louisiana families are facing 50% increases in costs. these are real, dire consequences. james hoffa wanted to pass obamacare. he has said that this law is unworkable to the point where it is destroying middle-class families with a 40 hour workweek. the president has said he wants to get the ladies of the law but only to the select few with access to the white house. i would encourage all of our senators to stand up and fight for the american people. i think they will be hearing from the american people. >> john boehner and eric cantor have tried to say that the better higher ground for you guys to fight on is on the debt ceiling, that government shutdowns never go well. john boehner lived through it in 1995 and 1996 with greenwich. do you think this is something obama desperately needs and you
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have more leverage their than you do on the cr? >> we have a number of leverage points. the continuing resolution is a leverage point. all of the things -- these things will be coming up. you only have about a two or three week gap between the end of the fiscal year and when the debt ceiling is going to be hit somewhere in mid october to november. we're going to use every tool we have available. this should not just be a plan to have this done in one bill. we're at the beginning.
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there are a lot to different things we can do to achieve our goal. >> if it does not quite pan out the way you guys want to on the cr, will enough of your guys understand that there is another five-year two or three weeks out or will there be a big explosion and that this was some sort of dramatic failure of leadership? >> two weeks ago the only talk in washington is that there would be a vote on syria and whether or not to attack syria. today nobody is talking about that. the president has pulled that down. the seismic shifts that can occur are something that changed dramatically. we cannot predict it. one thing we do know it's be
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have passed a bill over to the senate that does defund the president health care law. whatever the sentence as is their business. we are going to not lock yourself into any one position. at some point the president will have to get engaged and start working with us. he happened to negotiate with prudent and russia but he said he didn't want to with house republicans. they realize this is not a tenable position. he is more willing to negotiate with the russian leader than he is with republicans in the house who were elected to be in the majority. >> on the topic of negotiations, the president and democrats think they have the upper hand. john boehner and many of your members have set the fault is not -- default is not an option. that is when push comes to shove we are not willing to "shoot the hostages." does that decrease your leverage at all? are you willing to not raise the debt ceiling?
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>> we have said that default is not the option. the president is the only one talking about default. i think he likes threatening families in saying that the country might default on its obligations. it would be the most irresponsible thing anybody could do, especially the president. the president has the sole responsibility to take in about three dollars -- $3 trillion. the most with a dash for the president to suggest that there is an impasse that somehow he would stop paying our debts including our senior solutions on social security who hold some of that debt. i do not think we will have any threat of default. we put a full faith and credit active that injures default is not an option. it is time for president obama to try to stop scaring seniors. >> is there a chance that
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republicans do not raise the debt ceiling? john fleming said he thinks maybe that is possible. is that something you agree with? is there a situation where you do not get what you want? >> when you look at any of the big-budget deals that come out of washington in the last few decades, many have been attached to the debt ceiling. when president obama's running around saying he did not negotiate with republicans on the debt ceiling, he failed to remember the history that he himself enter into -- entered into and signed. the president has done that. you have seen bill clinton, george bush, ronald reagan. they have all negotiate a budget deals. default is not an option or something we are pushing for. they have all entered into negotiations and agreed to budget reforms that have been good for our economy and country.
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>> this is a different type of question. you are in year three of your majority. is there a single day, what was the best day of your majority so far? what was the day you looked around and said this is how it is supposed to work? >> the best it was probably the day that john boehner yanks it out of nancy pelosi's hand. the things she did with cap and trade. so many bad policies. we passed a number of jobs bills out of the house this year. the legislation that we passed to keep government running was one of the high water marks. we had a number of votes like the keystone pipeline. all of those have been important votes. we have been fighting to get our economy back on track. there have been a number of good days like that where we have done our job and forced the
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senate and the president to do theirs as well. when they threatened vetoes, the president threatened to veto the student loan bill. that bill is now law of the land. these threats are very hollow when you look at what happened when we unite as republicans and pass good policy. >> you are chairman of the republican study committee, a group of conservatives in the house. going into 2014 you will spend most likely the rest of the year on fiscal issues. what are the priorities you want to see get done in an election year? >> members are very focused on policy, getting good, smart policy done. we have 175 members. the things we're going to be focused on our making sure we get our economy back on track and getting spending over -- under control in washington. one initiative we just kicked off his our american health care reform act, a true alternative to the president health care law that is focused on solving
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problems at a lower cost and increased access to families without the taxes and mandates that are creating so many problems. we are very proud of the bill. we focus on things like many people buy insurance across state lines which they cannot do now. allowing small businesses to pool together so they can get the same buying power as large corporations. we protect the lives of the unborn. a lot of really good things including medical liability reform. without all of the mandates. >> has the speakers given you any indication that it will get floor time? >> we brought this to our leadership. we have had a few days of the bill formally violence.
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we have been working on this for a few months -- months. we also brought this to our leadership. we want to see this bill moved through the congress. they are very interested in the bill. not only are there so many republican study members that are behind this bill pushing for this bill, your same people all across the country that are not in the republican study committee and like what we are doing. it shows there is a better way
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to reform health care. we take the president health care law. less than 200 pages. you can read it. it solves real problems. it actually fixes the problems in place before the president health care law that are made worse now. i am real proud of that bill. >> a couple of years from now john boehner is retiring as speaker. who do you look to, who do you think should be his successor? somewhere out there in the horizon. let's assume it has ended well. who do you look at as is most likely successor? >> right now i think the speaker is doing a really good job of leading us to get the things we want to get done in terms of policy. we have very talented members. you look all across the spectrum from our committee chairman to rank-and-file members who fight for the believes we stand for us conservatives want to get our country moving again.
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those are things that will be dealt with in the future. you are seeing a lot of our members and others that are working really hard to unite our conference. in a way, that ultimately keeps us focused on the things we want to do to get our economy back on track. >> one thing that not that's that has not come up is immigration reform. is that a bubble? >> we still want to see a focus on border security. it is not working with our broken immigration system. my parents came here to seek the american dream. we had a functioning immigration system. we want to first fix the things that are broken. be fix our visa problems, there are serious problems. the numbers are too low. so as to graduate from one of our colleges with an engineering degree, the losses they had to leave the country to go compete against us.
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if they want -- the law says they have to leave the country to compete against it. if they want to stay, they ought to be able to do that. there are real differences between what i think the senate bill does. we have a number of good bills that have come out of house committees to do that. there are some big battles going on in fiscal policy. ultimately, i think you will see immigration come back because our system is broken and needs to be fixed. >> do you think it'll come back next year? is there not enough bandwidth for congress to handle the debt ceiling and all of these fiscal issues and immigration? >> and economic issues. we want to see energy development. we want to get more regulations put in check. you have seen so many regulatory policies killing jobs. we have a job that says if a bureaucrat comes up with a regulation should and they go
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through the legislative process? should congress have to improve it -- approve it? immigration is one of the many issues that we will confront. there are a lot of big issues. i am sure at some point we will get to it. we have good bills that have come out of a number of our committees from some of our leaders that have really worked hard to tackle the problems not just to say they want to handle some big massive bill but actually go peas by piece and adjust these problems and get it done. >> does not sound like immigration reform will become law. is that the right perception? >> there's no consensus between the house and senate. i think it follows the failed history of the 1986 law. they had some real serious problems. they did a lot of other things including amnesty but they have never done anything to address border security. they never did it.
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the senate bill takes the same approach and repeat the same mistakes in 1986, which should not be repeated. we ought to learn from those in solve real problems. >> does immigration become law by 2014's election? >> yes. i do not see any consensus to get it done yet. >> do you think the republican party broadly needs to appeal to hispanic, asian voters in a better way? is immigration reform a way to
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do that? if not, what ways do you appeal to those voters? >> a lot of times just reaching out and talking about what we believe in. there are a lot of things that people say. whether it is hispanic communities or other people that come from foreign countries. there are a lot of myths out there about republicans. i went to a nationalization service a few weeks ago. we have people that represented over 40 countries. it was really uplifting. they came here legally. a million people come to america every single year to become citizens. there are people that wait in line and follow the rules. i met a woman from brazil that joined the army. it was uplifting. this is one of the things that has made our country great. maybe we need to talk about them more and explain what our beliefs are and how we want to help people see that american dream that is in jeopardy right now. >> as you go into 2014 and an election year, what is your outlook on the house? do you gain seats?
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>> if you look historically, the sixth year of any president is typically a bad year for the president's party. i think it will be even worse for this president because the economy is doing so bad and policies are having such a negative impact. when you labor union leaders saying that the health care law is destroying the good health care their employees have, those are folks that always show up and help get democrats elected. i think you are going to see the ability for us to gain more seats. i think there is a real chance we can win the senate next november as well and focus on getting the economy back on track. >> you mention an important issue of labor leaders, problem
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with the health care law. their suggestion is to not repeat the but work within existing law to fix it in some way. should republicans be open to that, correcting this law? is this law not correctable? >> they are seeing 1400 different entities including labor unions. we are able to get waivers. you saw big business is getting an exemption from the president. you saw insurance companies getting a special deal a few weeks ago. americans are disgusted by if you have some method of getting to the white house you can get a special deal. the folks that have been shut out do not get that special deal. we are planning to get that same exemption to all american families that he only wants to get to a select few. these unions are angry because what is happening with the keystone pipeline. it would be great for americans. a lot of the jobs will be union jobs. we are fighting for the jobs to
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be made here in america. the president has turned his back on a time and can -- time and time again. you cannot fix something so broken. the author of the senate called it a train wreck. senator baucus that it was a train wreck. people realize how devastating it is. i see doctors every day leaving the practice of medicine. we're seeing over 50% increases for people that are trying to get health care in the private marketplace because of all of the mandates that are so unworkable. the medical device tax alone is running jobs out of our country. everybody across the country is seeing the devastating impact is unworkable. that is we piled our bill that says there is a better way. you start with a clean slate and then you go fix the problems. the president made a lot of promises that sounds a good. all of the promises have been broken. let's go back to square one.
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this was done in a hyper partisan way. this is not the way to make good policy. >> we had time for a couple of these. >> there are about 40 or 50 who are continually dragging in and leadership to the right. there are those that are not as in conservative trains. do you think of something that they can actually support? that's not the way to make good policy and we're seeing the results of. > we have time for a couple more questions. on the critique that jake and i yes, therethe rsc is are 175 members but about 40 or continually dragging it and leadership farther to the right. hey tell us all the time they're representing their district. ut there are maybe 20 or 30 guys who represent their district, people in suburbs hia, new york who aren't in as conservative guys. as these other
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you' craft /* when when you're crafting this bill could get 218 u votes from the republican side a bill like on this? on theink we can get 233 bill we put together. there are a lot of non members interest xpressed an in the bill. there have been some democrats that like what we're doing seeing the 're negative impacts of the health care law and is hurting people good health care. it is diverse and they're definitely different factions of people but look at what happened funding of government bill. you had a lot of people that came together. in that bill ngs that everybody probably had like with.hey didn't our conference was united, not conservative members that all voted and said this is the right thing to do. we're not holding out for the
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bill but we want good country.or the we actually put real alternatives on the table. we have time for one more question. thank you for being our news maker. a appreciate. back with our reporters. we heard from congressman steve scalise after the house to keep the government running but if everybody goes long with defunding the affordable care, this now goes to the senate. happened? >> mr. scalise was trying it don't know what the senate is going to do.
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cruise has admitted what he knows is going to happen. harry reid has the votes and they'll be able to strip out a simple majority vote and send it back to the house. all the have cleared filibuster hurdles by the time to strip outt vote language ask then it gets shipped right back to the house of representatives. -- it seems that cruz and others over he august recess, pushed for this effort to take place. are they in a corner now? mean, did they have to -- some saying, publicans are you need to put up over there, you need to fight. >> they will. it's possible that we'll see real theatrics later next week. you may -- who knows?
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old fashion nother filibuster where they take the floor for 10, 12, 14 hours. ultimately, the mechanisms, senate it's set up, mcconnells from mitch to richard burr has told us that reed has the votes and he'll be 60 to get the bill moving because that vote is on cruz bill and then he'll to the out and send it house and then they're in the in. box they've been >> john has created the situation. it's a backstop where he'll say object.this shiny we can do something with it on the debt ceiling. that's not going to be much better either. you'll run into the same situation. i think what a lot of
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republicans privately tell both us, we lost the presidential election. we don't have the senate. our options are somewhat limited here. and republicans do really some e they can get concessions of the debt ceiling and they -- it's unclear how as the l happen president has said every tune it after a went out massacre in dc and said he won't ceiling. for the debt he's not mincing words here. >> i know these are two two rent issues so perhaps different answers. one thing that people might be is a themselves is, government shutdown worse to president's affordable act, is it default raising the debt ceiling, is it worth it over legislation. maybe there's two different answers to that. >> i'll cite some interesting from the ad "washington post" this week. mong republicans -- and these
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are the people that hate bamacare the most, 66% of republican voters told us a serious harm to the u.s. economy and 61% of voters said, don't raise the debt ceiling anyway. of here are a large block republican voters who think it will cause serious harm but to do. willing jo they don't want to shut theythe government because hink they'll lose their majority. hasdebt default, john baner told every other street that default will be catastrophic and willing to go there. and you're not willing to do it's next to impossible to fund the law.
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much.ank you very it.eciate the next washington journal, the president of a a responsible federal budget will talk about budget negotiations in congress and the potential for a down.ment shut and then we'll hear from kaiser health news reporter about the care act and how the law affects workers. how members of congress pend taxpayer dollars on overseas travels. investigator reporter has that. washington journal live at eastern with your calls and the day's headlines. senate apital hill the will be in tomorrow and votes won't be held until tuesday. a y'll shall working on judicial nomination and sometime this week the senate will be a bill that was passed in the house. lawmakers will
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return wednesday to prepare a the onen the bill tying increase to a one year delay of the health care law. the subject of whistle blowers important and sensitive subject. depend on whistle blowers. we value their information. very important that they feel comfortable coming forward and saying, i have information need to have and my identity -- i'm very concerned reprisal. you need to protect my identity. the derstand that and statute requires us to extend protections. in in practice, what we do is these whistle blowers of protections to say to extent that you give us specific that is much more helpful to us than general information. nd sometimes in the course of
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providing specific information may be that an educated and informed person may able to guess as to the identity of the whistle blower and you need to be aware of that risk. > more with agricultural fong tment i.g. phyllis tonight at 8:00. obama made resident remarks at the memorial for the people killed at the navy yard last week.on, d.c. we'll be showing that in just a moment. but also last week moment of silence in the house for the killed at the navy yard and remembering the victims. take a look at that. mr. speaker, i ask aoupb am consents to speak out of order.
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i thank four former officers of the united states navy murphy, braun, and desan tus as i rise to tribute to 12 americans lives in the service of the united states in a mass shooting at the navy yard. civilian employees naval sea for the systems command. unlike the blue collar workers naval sea navy yard, employees are skilled white collar workers, offer trained to technical support for building,
6:41 pm
and manufacturing the navy's ships and combat systems. was renovated with the old deferences to anufacturing workplace and the naval sea systems command jump the ed the development of neighborhood that received them. he naval sea systems command b although ood neighbor we knew little of the work done in that secure facility. know this. these federal employees deserved respect and our admiration and their work were vital to our nation. ask the house to join us for a moment of silence for these 12
6:42 pm
who gave all they had for their country. michael arnold, martin, author frazier, ilvia francis god, mary jerold l. reed and michael. >> the house will observe a moment of silence. >> thank you. and leaders in the senate also talked about the navy yard shooting. leading harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell. there are no nt,
6:43 pm
words that can possibly ease the of the rampage and deaths involving a who were n beings killed yesterday at the naval yard. small comfort that institution of the united states senate and the whole nation mourn alongside them. is no nowledge there explanation for the violence that occurred yesterday. thoughts are with those who of thefering as a result loss of their loved ones and those people who are recovering from their wounds and some of them are very serious, speedy recovery.
6:44 pm
we have 16,000 military and employees who work in the navy yard complex as well as family members were affected by this tragedy. days ago and the officer preceding was on that we as n also, when members of congress marked the september 11, steps ofing a ceremony the capitol. life e the worst lost of in the capitol region since the attacks. >> last week's significant anniversary and yesterday's violence are a reminder that life is fragile and precious. of the debt we owe or those who protect our
6:45 pm
freedom and safety whether they erve in the military or first responders. sergeant arms who was for our safety was certainly on the job yesterday. he's a dedicated police officer. that's his goal. him as chief to gainer. chief of police of the police force before he took responsible as sergeant arms of been a street officer a long time. he could have done other things. educated man. his responsibility is to take care of the senate and he does it well. i appreciate very, very much. i speak for the entire senate of police, fire, lives on o put their prevent a lot more
6:46 pm
losses of life monday. particular the city owes gratitude to a k-nine officer very, very badly in the shootings. i wish him a full recovery and for his selflessness. about of us are thinking yesterday's tragic event at the navy yard. thinking in particular of the brave men and woman of our military and the in and es they made day day out on our behalf. like to extend ondolences to the family and friends of those who lost their lives or who were injured in this terrible, terrible shooting. know that your country is with these most difficult moments and also i'd like to express sincere
6:47 pm
responders all the and medical personnel for so many different agencies to keep and most of ormed day. afe throughout the >> the memorial service for the people killed was held earlier today. families were joined by resident obama and press secretary hagel. this is about one hour and ten minutes.
6:48 pm
amazing grace
6:49 pm
>> please be seated. pray.ace let us in ighty god whose way is the sea who paths are in the great waters who command is and whose love never fell, thank you for these and woman who en tragedy result of the at the washington navy yard. they died in service to their may their spirit return to you the god who gives ever in your holy word, you warned us that there would
6:50 pm
where we would not understand how come good people to die before their time but you promise that when they die, no cal amity can hurt them nd they would find peace as they live forever with you. you promise that your love for theirs for you and for and of us would never die that not even death itself can ake from us that which is eternal. omfort their families as the nation pauses, pauses to honor they dearly love nd remember sacred stories of how they cherish life, faith, family, friendship, freedom and of life. we pause this day to proclaim to world that though our
6:51 pm
colleagues may now rest from labors, their good example and godly deeds will live on through ach of us and all those they were blessed to touch. family with the bereaved as they pray for those who are ecovering both physically and emotionally. we are forever grateful to all responded and for the outpouring of love and support. lord, god, speak to us and give us hope that is beyond our grace, d grants us our strength and the gift of your which surpasses all understanding. i pray, ly name, amen.
6:52 pm
before i start, on behalf of veryone who works in the navy yard, thank you to all in the .c. area, especially those first responders for everything you have done for us during this tragedy. for all of an honor the 12 ve served with great americans we mourn here today. they loved their country. navy.oved their
6:53 pm
they loved the fleet, the fleet sustain, d build and most of them dedicated their ntire adult lives to building and sustaining our navy ships. s i mourned with the family, i promised them that i would correct the reporting of the tragedy. the report was that no service civilians lled just that is actors, and flat wrong. designed and ships.our they sustained and set the standards for our ships. us to each other and to the fleet and they and sustained our headquarters.
6:54 pm
hese 12 members of our navy team our navy family were killed in the line of duty. service to our our navy e service to and in service they were just as us in ed to as any of uniform. we honor them.e never t service we will forget them. i salute these american heros.
6:55 pm
evening. last monday's horrific shootings were a trapblg e navy yard he nation, and most importantly for the loved ones of those lost and for those who suffered injuries. t also was a tragedy in the district of the columbia. residents of our city lost and neighbors, mothers colleagues and fellow church members. our brave first responders joined their federal in doing the duty
6:56 pm
unselfishly.d among those injured on monday metropolitan own olice officers, officer scott williams was one of the first to both d and he was shot in legs. his bravery is symbolic of from ess other personnel our metropolitan police fire and , our emergency medical services and public ral and local safety agencies to answer the without hesitation. we review their response to learn as many lessons we can from this event. there's one lesson that is clear, our dantly sea of is drowning in a guns. a of monday's victims was
6:57 pm
district resident whose family lready had been tragically touched by gun violence. years old els was 51 act of day, the simple going to work, going to work in cost him his life. sadly, it was the price that his family had paid once before. priscilla, told me ow their 14-year-old son was murdered four years ago, shot in the back while running from an assailant. senseless gun violence like this all too every day fact of and the he district nation's big cities but it's a fact of life which we must stop accepting. sandy hook, ,
6:58 pm
aurora aurora, virginia tech and of ourne and the streets cities. we undergo ery time this horrific violence, they closereem to move us any to ensuring that guns don't get the hands of criminals or mentally unstable people. the answer. that this ow this, time it happened within the view capitol dome and i for one would not be silent about fact that the time has come for action. thank you.
6:59 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, as navy l has indicated, our lost 12 teammates during monday's attack. members of our navy their our shipmates, mothers and fathers and sons and daughters going to work to families and e serve their nation. you know the nature of our navy we serve together and we depend on each other in times of need. we celebrate each other's triumphs and grieve together in times of sorrow. these ship mates dedicated their careers to building and maintaining the finest navy in
7:00 pm
the world. they worked alongside one another for a purpose greater simply put ves they're the best naval .ngineering team in the world repairs and plan and manage budgets and research, build our future. genesis of the united states sea power. it it all starts here. but above all else, they are part of the navy. navy strength has been and will continue to be the resilience and endurens -- endurance of our people during times of crisis. whether an attack on pearl harbor or more recently the bombing of the united states ship cole, our navy pulls together with resolve when tragedy strikes. members of our navy family demonstrated true courage at the


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