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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  October 7, 2013 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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believe the national security advisor of iranof cour. iran's 30 years ago security chiefs knew about the killeds in beirut that 241 american marines and 58 french paratroopers. negotiatoran's chief from 2003 two 2005. he masterminded the strategy enabled iran to advance its nuclear weapons program behind a smokescreen of somatic engagement and very soothing rhetoric. know, he doesn't sound when itadinejad, but
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comes to iran's nuclear weapons program, the only difference , medinathem is this judd was a wolf in wolves rouhani is a wolf in sheep's clothing who thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community. i wish we could believe his words, but we must focus on .ran's actions trust between his words and actions that is so startling. he praised iranian democracy at this podium.
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the regime that he represents executes political dissidents by the hundreds and jails them by the thousands. "the human tragedy in syria" yet iran directly participates in asides murder 'sd massacre -- inassad murder and massacre of women and children in syria. condemned the violent scourge , yet in the last three years alone, it ron has ordered, planned or perpetrated terrorist attacks in 25 cities on five continents. denounces attempts to
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change the regional balance through proxies, yet iran is yemen,y destabilizing and other --ahrain middle eastern countries. speaks of constructive engagement with other countries, you're two years ago he tried to saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. three weeks ago and iranian agent was arrested trying to collect information for possible attacks against american embassy in tel aviv. ome constructive engagement... i wish i could be moved by rouhani's invitation to join a world against file is in against -- a world against violence and
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extremism. terrorismviolence and that it has unleashed in the region and across the world. gentlemen, i wish i rouhani, but ihan don't because facts are stubborn things. the facts are that iran's savage record flatly contradicts rouhani's soothing rhetoric. last friday he assured us that in pursuit of its nuclear is a quote,n, this "iran has never chosen deceit and secrecy. never chosen deceit and secrecy. "
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well, in 2002, iran was caught an-handed secretly building underground centrifuge facility. in 2009, iran was again caught red-handed secretly building a huge underground nuclear facility for uranium .nrichment in a mountain rouhani tells us not to worry. he ensures us that all this is not intended for nuclear weapons. do any of you believe that? that, here are a few questions you might want to ask. that claimscountry to only want peaceful nuclear why would such a country
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build hidden underground enrichment facilities? vastould a country with natural energy reserves invest billions in developing nuclear energy? why would a country intent on programsvilian nuclear continue to defy multiple security council resolutions and incur the tremendous costs of crippling sanctions on its economy? why would a country with a develop nuclear program intercontinental ballistic issiles whose sole purpose to deliver nuclear warheads? carryn't build icbms to tnt thousands of miles away, you
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bill them for one purpose, to carry nuclear warheads. and iran is willing icbms that the united states says it reached the city in three or four years. -- that the united states says could reach this city in three or four years. iran is developing nuclear weapons. alone, iran enriched three tons of uranium 23.5%, double its stockpile of 20% enriched uranium and added thousands of new centrifuges including advanced centrifuges. on the continued work heavywater reactor in iraq, that's an order to have another route to the bomb, a plutonium path. election,ouhani's
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this vast and fever's effort -- this vast and feverish effort has continued unabated. , undergroundactors nuclear facilities, advanced , it is not, icbms that it is hard to find evidence that iran has a nuclear program, nuclear weapons program. it is hard to find evidence that iran doesn't have a nuclear weapons program. year when i spoke here at the u n, i drew a red line. now it ron has been very careful not to cross that line, but iran is positioning itself to race across that line in the future at a time of its choosing.
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iran wants to be in a position to rush forward to build nuclear bombs before the international community can detect it and much less prevented. yet iran faces one date problem -- faces one big problem, and that problem is summed up in one word, sanctions. i have worked for many years, including on this podium, that the only way to peacefully prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons is to combine tough sanctions with a credible military threat. that policy today is bearing fruit. thanks to the efforts of many hereries, many represented and under the leadership of the united states, tough sanctions have taken a big bite off the
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iranian economy. all revenues have fallen, the currency has plummeted, banks are hard-pressed to transfer money. as a result, the regime is under intense pressure from the iranian people to get the sanctions relieved or removed. got elected in the first place. that is why he launched his charm offensive. he definitely wants to get the sanctions lifted, i guarantee you that. up he does not want to give iran's nuclear weapons program in return. strategy toa achieve this. first, smile a lot. second, --r hurts smiling never hurts. second, pay lip service to peace and tolerance.
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third, offer meaningless concessions in exchange for concessions. in forth, and the most important, -- and forth, make sure iran maintain sufficient nuclear material and infrastructure to race to the bomb at a time that it chooses to do so. whyrouhani thinks he can get away with this? this is a ruse, it is a ploy. why does he think he can get away with it? because he has gotten away with it before. because his strategy of talking hast and doing little worked for him in the past. he even brags about this. here is what he said in his 2011 book about his time as iran's chief nuclear negotiator. "while we were
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talking to the europeans in tehran, we were installing n." fort in isfahan a those of you who don't know, this facility is an indispensable part of the iranian nuclear facility. this is where yellow cake is converted into an in richard bove form. omney boasted --rouhani boasted that decorating a calm environment, we were able to create the work in isfahan. once.led the world tonight thinks he can fool it again. thinks he canni have his yellow cake and eat it, too. he has another reason to believe that he can get away with this.
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that reason is called north korea. like you ron, north korea also said its nuclear program was for peaceful purposes. north korea also offered meaningless concessions and return forses in sanctions relief. in 2005, north korea agreed to a deal that was celebrated the world over by many well-meaning people. the "new york times" editorial had to say now, it -- "for years foreign-policy insiders have pointed to north korea as the ultimate nightmare, a closed, hostile and paranoid dictatorship with an aggressive nuclear weapons program. very few could envision a successful outcome and yet north korea agreed in principle this
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week to dismantle its nuclear weapons program, return to the end et, abide by the treaties safeguards and admit international inspectors. finally, diplomacy, it seems, does work after all. " ladies and gentlemen, a year later, north korea exploded its first nuclear weapons device. yet as dangerous as a nuclear armed north korea is, it pales in comparison to the danger of a nuclear armed iran. a nuclear armed iran would have a chokehold on the world's main energy supplies. it would trigger nuclear proliferation throughout the , turning the most
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unstable part of the planet into a nuclear tinderbox. for the first time in history, it would make the specter of nuclear terrorism a clear and present danger. -- iran inrmed iraq the middle east would not the another north korea, it would .he another 50 north korea's i know that some in the international community think i am exaggerating this threat. regime know that iran's leads the chance, death to america, death to israel. in a would like to wipe israel off the map, but they think that this wild rhetoric is just luster for domestic consumption. have these people learn nothing from history? when a radical regime with
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global ambitions gets awesome power, sooner or later its appetite for aggression knows no that is the central lesson of the 20th century. and we kind of forget it. the world may have forgotten this lesson, the jewish people have not. iran's fanaticism is it ister --bluster. real. this fanatic regime should never be allowed to arm itself with nuclear weapons. i know that the world is weary of war. we in israel know all too well the cost of war. but history has taught us that to prevent war tomorrow we must be firm today. question, cane diplomacy stop these threats?
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the only diplomatic solution one thatd work is fully dismantles iran's nuclear weapons program. one that prevents it from having one in the future. president obama rightly said that iran's conciliatory words must the matched by transparent, verifiable and meaningful action. to be meaningful, a diplomatic solution would require iran to first, ceases -- all uranium enrichment. this is called for by several security council resolutions. removed from iran's territory the stockpiles of enriched uranium. third, dismantle the infrastructure for nuclear breakout capability including
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the underground facility and the advanced centrifuges. work at thep all heavywater reactor in iraq aimed at the production of plutonium. these steps would put an end to iran's nuclear weapons program and eliminate its breakout capabilities. who wouldthose readily agree to leave iran with a residual capability to enrich uranium. i advise them to pay close saidion to what rouhani in his speech to iran's supreme council.evolutionary this is published in 2005. countryhat he said -- a that could enrich uranium to 3.5% will also have the capability to enrich it to 90%.
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cycle capabilities virtually means that a country that possesses this capability is able to produce nuclear weapons. precisely. this is why iran's nuclear weapons program must be fully and verifiably dismantled. this is why the pressure on iran must continue. so here is what the international community must do. first, keep up the sanctions. iran advances its nuclear weapons program during negotiations, strengthen the sanctions. second, don't agree to a partial deal. a partial deal would lift international sanctions that have taken years to put in place in exchange for cosmetic concessions that will take only
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weeks for iran to reverse. sanctions only when iran fully dismantles its nuclear weapons program. friends, the international community has iran on the ropes. iran'swant to knock out nuclear weapons program peacefully, don't let up the pressure. keep it up. diplomacyt to give with iran a chance to succeed. but when it comes to iran, the greater the pressure the greater the chance. three decades ago, president ronald reagan famously advised -- trust but verify.
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when it comes to iran's nuclear weapons program, here is my advice -- distressed, dismantle and verify. trust -- distrust, dismantle and verify. repeatedlyime that promises to knock us off the map. against this threat, israel will have no choice but to defend itself. i wanted to be no confusion on this point. toael will not allow iran get nuclear weapons. if israel is forced to stand alone, israel will standalone. alone, israelg will know that we will be defending many many others.
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the dangers of a nuclear armed iran and the emergence of other threats in our region have led many of our arab neighbors to recognize that israel is not the .nemy this affords us the opportunity to overcome historic animosities and build new relationships, new friendships. israel welcomes engagement with a wider arab world. we hope that our common interests and common challenges will help us forge a more peaceful future. continued search for a historic per month with our palestinian neighbors, one that ends our conflict once and for all. we want peace based on security and mutual recognition in which eight demilitarized palestinian state recognizes the jewish state of israel. achievingommitted to
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andistoric conciliation building a better future for israelis and palestinians alike. about howillusions difficult this will be to achieve. years ago the peace process between israel and the palestinians began. ,ix israeli prime ministers myself included, have not succeeded in achieving peace with the palestinians. my predecessors were prepared to make painful concessions, so am i. but so far, palestinian leaders have not been prepared to offer the painful concessions they must make in order to end the conflict. achieved, thee palestinians must finally recognize the jewish state. needs must beity met.
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i am prepared to make an historic compromise for a genuine and enduring peace. but i will never compromise on the security of my people and of my country, the one and only jewish state. gentlemen, one cold day in the late 19th century, my grandfather nathan and his younger brother judah were standing in a railway station in the heart of europe. group of seen by a anti-semitic hoodlums who ran ,owards them waving clubs screaming death to the jews. my grandfather shouted to his younger brother to flee and save
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himself. alone against the raging mob to slow it down. , theyeat him senseless left him for dead and before he passed out covered in his own himself, what a disgrace. what a disgrace. the descendents of the maccabees , powerless to defend themselves. he promised himself than that if you lived he would take his family to the jewish homeland and help build a future for the jewish people. i stand here today as israel's prime minister because my grandfather kept that promise.
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so many other israelis have a similar story, a parent or grandparent who fled every conceivable oppression and came to israel to start a new life in our ancient homeland. together we have transformed a bludgeoned jewish people left for dead into a vibrant, thriving nation, defending itself with the ,ourage of modern maccabees developing limitless possibilities for the future. time, the biblical prophecies are being realized as a prophet amos said, they shall rebuild ruined cities and inhabit them. they shall plant vineyards and drink their wine. they shall till gardens and eat their fruits. i will plant them
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up on their soil never to be uprooted again. in hebrew] ladies and gentlemen, the people of israel have come home never to be uprooted again. [applause] >> the syrian foreign minister
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also addressed the u n general assembly. he made his remarks just days after the un security council unanimously voted on a resolution that would eliminate serious chemical weapons stock i'll. this is 20 minutes. chemical weapons stockpile. this is 20 minutes. >> on your election as president of the general assembly and its current session. and to wish you success in conducting our work for the enhancement of this important and mutual role of the president of the general assembly ,ndertaken by your predecessor which avoided engaging the presidency of the general assembly in special political agendas. mr. president, ladies and
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gentlemen, this day last year when i addressed this auguste assembly, our world was facing thisevents that ravaged arab nation. we were full of hope that the this year comege but unfortunately the situation remains the same and in some parts of the world the situation has become even worse. are in political, that exceedises their ability to confront them on their own. worldthe people of the are looking forward to seeing effective international efforts exerted to overcome those crises, what we witnessed today is an indication of exacerbating
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problems. problems have escalated in a way latently withts the principles of the charter of the united nations and the norms of international law. instead of settling regional and international conflicts by peaceful means, some known countries continued pursuing againstve policies certain nations. toitical hypocrisy increased intervene in the domestic affairs of states under the pretext of communitarian -- under the pretext of humanitarian efforts. when those aggressive policies did not prove beneficial for some countries come including my own country syria, these well- known states reveal their true
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latentd threatened with military aggression outside the mandates of the security council and certainly away from any international consent. comes as the same countries imposed immoral, illegal and unilateral coercive measures. suspicion addition to us policy aimed at spreading sedition and turmoil among harmonized national communities that have lived for hundreds of years in harmony, unity and understanding. worst of all, some countries have launched destructive measure wars under the pretext of combating terrorism while at the same time, they are the ones supporting terrorism in my country in contradiction of all united nations resolutions and
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all human and moral values. here, once again, i ask the same question i had already asked last year. what is the international consensus on combating terrorism a serious commitment undertaken by the member states of this organization or was it just mere rhetoric? written and then not put into effect. what is happening in my country has become clear to everyone. yes, some countries do not want , thecognize that al qaeda most dangerous terrorist organization in the world and are fightinghoots the themes of
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murder, manslaughter and even shown human hearts were on tv screens worldwide. they did not touch blind consciences. mr. president, there are innocent civilians whose heads are put on the grill just because they violate the extremist ideology and have deviant views of al qaeda. in my country, ladies and gentlemen, there are murderers who dismembered human bodies into pieces while still alive and send their limbs to their families just because those dissidents are defending unified and secular syria. in my country those terrorists violate on a daily basis human in the the right to life right to a livelihood. too the citizens right religious belief and affiliation.
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agree withdoes not this ideology is doomed to be killed, slaughtered or the women of the family taken captive on the verge and concepts of religion that has nothing to do with islam. ladies and gentlemen, this is not a civil war. there is no civil war in syria. this is a war against terror that recognizes no values nor justice nor equality and disregards any rights or laws. so, confronting this terror in my country requires the international community to act in accordance with relevant -- particularly resolution 1373. measure to --ary
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passage for terrorists coming from different countries of the world. mr. president, the city of new york and its people have terrorism and were burned with the fire of extremists and bloodshed the same way we are suffering now in syria. hit by some countries the same terrorism we are suffering now in syria claim to be fighting terrorism in all parts of the world while supporting it in my country? existence about the of moderate militants and extremist militants have become a bad joke. and the senseless one. terrorism means only terrorism. it cannot be classified as moderate terrorism and extremist terrorism. therefore, i would like to ask
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call those who kidnapped children in order to sell their body organs outside the country? those whoyou describe would take children and prevent them from going to school and instead train them to shoot and kill? whowould you describe those support extremist positions like sexual jihad? we are the ones who were targeted by poisonous gases. we have asked for an investigation mission and demanded to include in its to discern ability who used chemical weapons. however, the united states of america and its allies, france and the united kingdom, are the ones who insisted that we limit
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the function of the mission to only deciding whether chemical weapons were used or not. monthsyria wasted five -- waited five months for the mission to come and when it certain states began beating the drums of war on syria. my country has accepted the graciously launched by his excellency president vladimir putin. by acceding to the convention on prohibition of chemical weapons proved its commitment against the use of such weapons while at the same time calls on the international community to shoulder its responsibility against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the middle east. syria is known for fulfilling its obligations and commitments.
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you ofre, i assure yria's full implementation of the convention. however, there remains the challenge that is facing all of us, whether those for supplying terrorists with these types of weapons will abide by their legal commitments since terrorists who use poisonous gases in my country have received chemical agents from regional and western countries that are well known to all of us. they are the ones using poisonous gases on our military and our civilians alike. the cessation of aggressive policies against syria is the first step on the road towards a solution in my
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country. any political solution in light of the continued support of terrorism, whether through supplying arms, funding, misleading. serious has repeatedly announced that it embraces a political solution of its crisis. it is now, for those who claim to support a political solution in syria to stop all hostile practices against syria and to help geneva without condition. this. people have the exclusive authority to choose its representatives and its future and political system that accommodates all walks of syrian society, including those who are deceived
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and wish to push a wrong path. we in syria do not that on any party but the syrian people that is determined with all of its components to reject all forms of foreign interference in its domestic affairs and to defeat sectariantes of extremism and terrorism. in my country there is a solid connection between state how sees and the aspirations of the people. ballot boxes for free and fair elections remained the only solution to decide on the options of the syrian people in determining their own future away from the pressures of terrorism and foreign dictation. gentlemen, there remain those who do not want the political solution and always resort to aggression, either directly or through their agents on the ground.
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this is what is happening in syria. as i mentioned, syria has committed itself to a political solution, but our commitment to a political solution does not mean allowing terrorism to affect innocent civilians. it does not mean watching our mosques and churches be ruined aleppo and isd at happening now in the town of malacca, the only place -- maloula. what is happening to the churches and mosques is affecting as well all the historical heritage of serious andumanity -- ofsyria humanity. more than 83om countries are engaged in the killing of our people and our army under the appeal of global jihad. on the other hand, some of the member states are entitled to
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demand certain states to ignore its constitutional need to protect its system citizens. the war on terror is not only .yria's war one day this terrorist will return to their respective no country inthen thisorld will be immune to terrorism which recognizes no borders nor geography. president, events in syria have resulted in growing humanitarian needs in several key sectors. e immoral and inhumane unilateral sanctions imposed by the united states and the european union have led to worsening the living conditions
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of syrian citizens at a time when my government is working in collaboration with the united nations and international organizations within the framework of the response plan to meet the basic needs of citizens, particularly those who are forced to leave their homes. that ald be noted here great number of our people were forced to resort to some neighboring country due to the activities of armed groups in border areas. those syrians were put in some countries in military training camps or in what resembles places of detention. platform tom this syrian citizens to return to
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their towns and villages where the state guarantees their safe ,eturn and their livelihoods away from the inhuman conditions they suffer in such camps. i would like to assure our residents to exert all efforts them from international organizations to all syrian citizens without any discrimination wherever they are in conformity with the general 46/182 whilelution respecting the sovereignty and independence of syria. president, those developments in my country should not make us lose sight of palestine and the syrian golan. the syrian arab republic confirms its natural right to fully restored the occupied
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ofian golan up to the line june 4, 1967 and emphasizes its rejection of all measures taken -- by israel, the occupying power, to change its national features in a clear violation of the security counsel resolution, in ofticular resolution 497 1981. syria reconfirms its support for the legitimate and in alienable rights of palestinian people, in particular the right of return and self-determination and to establish their independent state on their land with its capital.hi my country renews its call to the international community to
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work on establishing a zone free of all weapons of mass destruction in the middle east. regard, we would like to remind the international community of the syrian initiative at the end of its nonpermanent membership in the 2003 andcouncil in call on the security council to adopt it. establishing a free , a zone free of weapons of mass destruction is an achievable without the accession of israel, the only nuclear .ower in the region to put its nuclear facilities under the supervision of the international atomic energy agency. at the same time, we emphasize the right of all countries who acquire and develop nuclear purposesy for peaceful in accordance with the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.
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in this respect, syria condemns the blocking by the united of theand israel international conference on establishment of a zone free of weapons of mass destruction in the middle east which was scheduled to take place in 2012. mr. president, my country calls on the united states and the european union countries and others to refrain from adopting immoral to me unilateral economic measures that contradict with the rules of international law and the principle of peace. accordingly, we call for the lifting of the blockades imposed by the united states against cuba for decades. we also renew our call to lift and stop all unilateral coercive measures imposed on syria and the peoples of other countries such as venezuela, belarus, iran
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and the democratic people's republic of korea. president, we hope that the united nations will lead the peoples of the world towards a better future in order to achieve the aspirations of those people in prosperity, development and sufficiency away from all forms of tension, confrontation and war, from the full implementation of the principles and purposes of the united nations charter that uphold the sovereignty and the equality of rights and duties of all member states. country looks, my positively at the efforts exerted by the united states and iran is also to bridge the gap of mistrust between the two countries and it hopes that this would be reflected constructively on the civility of international relations. thank you, mr. president.
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>> now, remarks from the north korean vice foreign minister. his address is little more than 10 minutes. to congratulate mr. ash on his election of the president of the 58th general assembly. i am convinced that your leadership will bring this president, the u.n. millennium summit held in on this motion of human rights. ever since the inception of the united nations, humankind is aspiring to build a new world free from war and at the same time to achieve common
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prosperity and development based on cooperation among member states. this desperation however is far from coming true even under the change of a century. high handedness and arbitrariness are getting evermore rampant in international relations. encouragement of sovereignty, interference in internal affairs and regime change continue to go unabated under the pretext of nonproliferation and human rights protection for which the organization is being abused. and wasations of forces large and small keep taking place in different parts of the clearly damaging the credibility of the united nations, whose primary mission is to ensure peace and security. these developments clearly demonstrate the development and real protection of human rights are beyond imagination as long as there is no peace as
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stipulated in the urine charter. high handedness and arbitrariness undermining security. international relations with a view to achieve genuine onperation and based countries sovereign equality. syria isnfolding in the infringement of sovereignty and territorial integrity. this should not be allowed in saidase, and the u.s. has -- at the earliest possible date. demand ofunanimous the international society to completely eliminate all nuclear weapons and to build a nuclear free, weapons free world. as agreed upon at the height of the meeting held during the
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current session on the initiative, nuclear disarmament .egotiations the glee codifying the negative security occurrences and the prohibition of nuclear weapons among others. post 2015 development agenda. it is chosen as a thing of the current session. his highlights importance of sustainable development in world peace and common prosperity. we are left with less time before the year 2015, the final year for obtaining the -- forment gold, and obtaining the development gold. gret, practicaln measures may be used to address such issues.
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--ablishing a fair transferring sound technology. effortsinternational for human rights protection and andotion, high handedness double standards are becoming evermore undisguised in the un's human rights forum, targeting developing countries as aggressively as before. politicization, selectivity and double standards should be put to an end in the un's human rights forum. knowing should be able to justify or allow the continued situation where human rights situation in selected countries are either called into question are simply ignored in accordance with the political interests of the west and western standard values. forum isd nations
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becoming an issue that brooks no further delay. in addressing key international issues, the general assembly should be empowered to represent the general will of the entire membership, in particular the un security council resolutions affecting peace and security. sanctions and the use of force should be used only under the approval of the u.n. general assembly. is instances where the u.n. being abused as a tool of strategic -- should never go unchallenged. under the manipulation of the forced rules, the adoption last january of the unfair sanctions resolution was conducted by making an issue of our legitimate satellite launch for peaceful purposes. what was conducted as recognized by international law this is a
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--. council is a key -- ensuring full representation of developing countries in its composition. mr. president, today in the democratic people's republic of korea, the entire people are engaged in an all-out campaign to build a thriving socialist state in the nearest possible future under the wise leadership of the respected marshall kim jong loan. the superior leader of our continues on the guidance across all parts of the country, and giving right connections and innovative ways for speeding up the economic construction and improvement of people's livelihoods.
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practical measures are being taken one after the other to revitalize the overall national economy. the betterment of people's economic development. nothing is more prescience in a stable and economic -- for the korean people. the improvement of people's lives as a general objective of the government. through our efforts for peace , efforts arent confronted with grave challenges are to the korean people will surely bring about a final victory. united single-handedly around their respected marshall, kim president, 50r. or surpassed since the end of the gunfire of a fierce three- year long war and the signing of an armistice agreement in the last century.
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the mechanism that guarantees place.ails to be in the unsustainable situation of neither warner peace continues on the korean peninsula. what the korean peninsula as a stepping stone, the united states having designated the deep pr as its first the techtarget, the military presence in south korea and its vicinity. on the other hand staging series hasars against the tpr amassed a build up of hundreds of thousands of troops and aggravatingops confrontation without let up. the united nations command the outdated legacy of the korean war continues to serve the u.s. military strategy by abusing the name of the united nations. command has nothing to
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iswith united nations secretly conducting military actions and threatening the korean peninsula and its surrounding area in the name of of the., under the baton u.s.. it shows the resolutions adopted 30the general assembly session calling for dissolution of the command remained something on a sheet of paper and also signifies to what extent the credibility of the united nations has been undermined. the root. vicious cycle of mounting tension on the korean peninsula has its roots in the hospital actions of the u.n.. the united states designated the dpr with a different date ideology and system as its enemy. on the very first day of this is beginning to recognize the sovereignty. it has ignited pressure on the
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diplomatic division for more than half a century. we aim to bring the u.s. hostile policy to an end. the united states should abolish its hostile policy by beginning from a point of respecting the sovereignty of the dpr. delay andrther lifting all sanctions and military threats. prk remains consistent in its stand in efforts to put an end to the tensions on the korean man slit by peaceful means, through dialogue and negotiation. contribute to ensuring peace and security in the region, genuine -- we're every possible effort with maximum --. unifying the country is a long cherished desire and the most
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pressing task of the korean nation. entering the new century, meetings were held on two -- adjusting the declaration and thus providing thanks to the efforts of the dprk, the relations have improved. approaches ared coming against by south korean authorities that's creating us back into a destructive stage again. the joint declaration, the only way to achieve and to open the way is to promote dialogue between the north and the south korea was. by joining


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