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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 5, 2013 8:00pm-10:01pm EST

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to that particular issue. >> >> it is election day in 2013. governor chris christie running for a second term against democrat barbara buono. democrat terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli. 52.2% of the vote. vote.with 42% of the libertarian with just about it percent of the vote.
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span, coveragec- at 9:00 eastern of the results beginning at 9:00 eastern with your tweets and comments and phone calls and the results from virginia and new jersey as well. up until then, we will bring you an election preview from national review. they spoke about it today and looked at the house and senate races from 2014. they begin discussions with the governor's races in new jersey and virginia.
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>> welcome to the national review's preview of the 2014 election and the discussion of the 2013 elections in virginia and new jersey. i am bob costa. we are here with a great panel to talk about the outlook of national politics. i am glad and appreciative to have a great panel with us today. some of the top analysts in the country, to go over the key races and themes that will be animating our discussions in the coming months. starting from the left, we have john fund. he is a senior editor at "the american spectator." he was known for working for decades at "the wall street journal." great to have you here. >> thanks, bob. >> ryan lizza, one of my favorite writers. he joined "the new yorker" after
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working at "the new republic." he is on tv all the time. thank you for being here. kellyanne conway. she runs a polling company that was started in 1995. she has an office in new york city. she has appeared on over 1200 televisions television shows. she is active in politics and has advised countless campaigns and is one of the sharpest minds in the republican party. kellyanne, great to have you here. always great to have you. josh green, louisburg business week, another one of my favorite writers. senior national correspondent for "bloomberg businessweek." he focuses on national political coverage. he is also on twitter. josh green also writes a great blog. we are here to talk politics. we are here to have a conversation about what things look like. i want to start off with 2013. it is election day.
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if you are in virginia this morning, a lot of people going to the polls. another big election is new jersey. chris christie looking for real action in a blue state. i think there are a lot of issues that you will see with christie vs buono. chris christie has an interesting coalition. what is your take as he starts to gallop to a large win? >> i voted for chris christie this morning. i think my vote will take him over the top. i can't tell you how different
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it is to live in a state without a -- as governor. i think he has done a great job and i think what will be the deciding issue is, will he get a third of the hispanic vote? he is only invited to major surrogates to campaign with him. he will be also looking to clear about one third of union households and democrats. i think what is key about that victory is who didn't win. let me read you this. i think these two quotes encapsulate what will happen in 2013. and yes, i am a blackberry customer.
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you can make fun of me if you would like. only ken cucinnelli has said this. my opponent has vetoed abortion laws and gun control act. that is actually the opening line of buono against christie. her opening lines are that he is against a woman's right to choose. he is against marriage equality. she is going to lose embarrassingly by double digits. in new york today, the republican nominee is just about cracking 25%. from my oral debate on october 16, " i am pro-gay-rights as well as marriage equality. they are not. i talked with the tea party, and there were things that i disagreed and agreed with them
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on. do not lump me with typical republicans. it is unbecoming." he may pull 30% today. i think what you are seeing in virginia is way too anti- contraception, way too antiwoman. ken cucinnelli by lose because he did not dispel those attacks. starting tomorrow, governor christie should be the most vocal opponent against obamacare in the country because he has that credibility and he is one of the governors that refuse to set up a state exchange. he would not do it and others would not do it. i think he has great credibility, not just to ride this wave of tri-partisan support, and i can't tell you how blue new jersey is. but you are someone who is not hamstrung by their campaign who can talk about the horrors of obamacare.
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>> what you make of christie's win today? where is he moving in the coming months? >> i think it certifies him as the most certifiable potential republican presidential candidate. that is important to have. if you look at the political science literature, the candidates that tend to end up with the nomination are the ones that are most electable. look at the last three. >> they lost. >> bush didn't. it is important not to be the ted cruz. christie stands in sharp contrast to alterations in washington and that he is an
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executive, he has gotten things done in a way that is tangibly bipartisan. he breaks with obama after sandy. that may be a problem with conservatives later. i think he is someone you can envision as a leader and i think he will win by a wide margin. >> john, when you look at what is happening in new jersey, barbara buono, how bad was her campaign? how many were her mistakes and was it just christie's moment? >> i am a resident of new jersey as well. i don't think there was a democratic candidate that attracted media attention.
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barbara buono was a decent legislator, but almost everyone was recommending christie. i think it became an exercise for the democrats -- if we're going to win, we're going to throw all our efforts into virginia. that is why ken cucinnelli is being outspent 10 to one. i agree with kellyanne very much. the number for new jersey to watch is 40, not just for hispanics, but asian voters. look at middle fax county, new jersey. they have the two largest towns, both over 100,000 people, are both 1/5 asians. i believe that if kristi can crack 40 among asians and hispanics that will give him a lot too, what josh said, calling cards that can create a coalition that will win nationally.
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he won't be the only republican out there, but he will have the most recent credibility. >> do you think the white house will come to regret how it handled new jersey? is a smart play two b? >> is it a smart play to let it be? >> i don't think the white house cares. terry mcauliffe is winning despite the fact he is terry mcauliffe. christie is winning because he is chris christie. in virginia, and another cycle or two, we will be describing virginia as a blue state.
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we will not be calling it a tossup or purple straight that state anymore. terry mcauliffe is benefiting from the demographic changes in that state and he got a very right-wing candidate that alienated northern virginia. in virginia, i would disagree with what kellyanne said that the virginia races in any way a referendum on ideology. none of those issues that buono tried to raise became a part of the campaign. the campaign ended -- >> vomited on. >> that campaign ended during standing. it was over. he won election by the way he dealt with sandy, he won by embracing obama, which a lot of people that conservatives did not like. he won by being bipartisan. there was never a race after that moment. i think that christie's success as a 2016 candidate will depend on next year's midterm. the model here is george w. bush in 2000. remember after 1998 -- the opening for george bush was the disastrous midterm election for republicans.
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the congressional wing of the republican party had been discredited after impeachments. they lost house seats in a midterm when they should have won them. the party was looking for a savior who would push off the congressional wing. if that is the moment in republican politics after the next midterm election, if they are looking for someone who is not a washington and does not reek of the unpopularity of house republicans or congressional republicans right now, then christie will be that guy. that is a long way away. on obamacare and christie, a big
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question for any republican running in 2016 will be, what did you do to obamacare? as a governor, you could not accept the funding, and not participate in the exchanges. i understand that he accepted the funding. >> before we get too much into the conventional wisdom, i want to challenge one thing that ryan said, that virginia is destined to be a blue state. right now in the polls is that mcauliffe has a six-point lead.
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i think it is smaller than that. i think republicans will control both houses of the legislature. in the senate, there was no jerry man or. if mcauliffe wins a very narrowly, republicans when the attorney general ship and control both houses of legislature, why is it destined to be a blue state? >> the governor and lieutenant governor will be democrats. >> i don't think the conventional wisdom should be set in concrete yet. >> you think the political history of virginia right now is trending blue or red? >> it depends on what candidates the republicans nominate in the future. >> ryan brought up obamacare and it is an interesting question in virginia. why was ken cucinnelli not able to use that to propel him forward towards victory, john? >> it is a cliché to say to a potential loser, you ran the worst possible campaign, but in ken cucinnelli's case, it was true. he was outgunned. he never raised any money.
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he was always weathering under attack and never responded to social issues. he alternated between distancing himself from conservatives and then i'm to bring ron paul and to show up his conservatives. the fact is, i think that the two candidates in virginia so alienated large segments of the population, that is the only reason you can have a libertarian candidate who has no name id who has 10% in the polls. >> let's go to virginia now. it is trending a little bit towards the blue. >> he said is destined to be a blue state. >> ok, if it is not already. maybe he has a point that -- >> if ken cucinnelli wins, i will have two major regrets. i was the first person in the country to sue on obamacare and somewhere along the way, lost his larynx.
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the website was a disaster. you have 10 democratic senators saying, let's wait and see. he could have been the guy that look like the leader. he was way ahead of the curve. part of it was the government shutdown. the shutdown was seen as connected to defunding obamacare and therefore, hands-off obamacare. implementation was open -- october 1. this guy could have been a household name by speaking against obamacare. number two bank, he lost an opportunity. i don't plan on spending the first eight months of 2014 explain way to other candidates. he was extreme on abortion. you're running against a guy who is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the democratic platform. it says no regulation, no restrictions, no attempt at all. most virginians are not for selective abortions. many of them are concerned about
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fetal pain at 20 weeks. he never took the opportunity to say, this guy got it right heard that right. this guy is extreme on abortion. never once did you hear that. he could have been a hero. instead, i never heard him say any of that. those are the two big regrets. >> you think that christie winning in new jersey and mcauliffe winning in virginia, one of the explanations is that republicans did not stress the issue of abortion enough? >> i did not say that. i said, in virginia, if ken cucinnelli was going to be mercilessly attack, he is being attacked as we speak, why was he in there yesterday saying that
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someone else's from another era. ken, if you're going to be attacked that way, turn it around and say, let's talk about two different positions. you never heard that. they hunker down and said jobs, jobs, economy, economy. i would've read the barbara buono at out loud and said, if ken cucinnelli said these things you would have won -- it's not that simple. >> how did the fiscal standoff this fall affect ken cucinnelli? >> i think his campaign was crippled once it became about sodomy laws and abortion and all of these issues that don't resonate with virginia voters. he got people angry that this was happening, that it could not
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be diffuse. you factor in the o'donnell scandal that we have not talked about. >> you think that loomed over the whole thing? >> i think that ken cucinnelli was destined to lose and that messaging would not have affected it. but he is a frugal attorney general in a state where people rely on the government for their living. no question heard him. >> does ken cucinnelli have a political future if he loses today? >> i don't think so. >> he is a young guy. >> so we have ken cucinnelli losing, chris christie a sending in new jersey. looking ahead, we have a lot
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next year. i want to go to 2013 for a few moments. let's preview 2014 and the senate. anytime someone interviews senator mcconnell, he wants to become majority leader. that is his goal. can he do it? if he is going to do it, what are the two or three key races must win? >> the internet follows the felix principle. in cap and faster and faster and as a result it is difficult to
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notice health quickly they change previous assumptions. after syria, people felt obama was on the ropes and he had shown a terrible lack of leadership. the shutdown came and republicans became the goat. their strategy failed. now we have obamacare. i think it is fair to say that if you walk to the white house's deepest confidence in dealing with this and not get your ankles wet. is amazing to see people not get a message out about obamacare. i think it is a defining moment because if you talk to i.t. guys, if you talk to the insurance industry people, if you talk to nonpartisan experts in health care, this disaster is
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going to have ripples all throughout 2014. that is why kellyanne ran reference to -- the word train wreck describes this. to show you the bubble that democrats live in, all he got was grieved when he sounded the warning about train wreck. in 2014, how big is the obamacare crisis become? you think they're telling us everything they need to know? no, they are not. >> mary landry is repudiating her vote against all of the votes for obama care. she is desperately trying to get away from obamacare. kay hagan is getting wobbly on the issue. democrats in 2014, unless they
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are extremely loose states, they are trying to distance themselves from obamacare as quickly as possible. a lot of employers are going to see that in the middle of this crisis, we are going to be able to drop expensive insurance coverage and blame it on obamacare. >> are republicans overhyping obamacare as the issue of 2014? >> i think they're making a mistake if that becomes the focus of the race and they do not address other problems in the party. i came with some introductory remarks and i think it is too early to draw anything meaningful from it.
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i think the strength of the business community. you saw during the shutdown, commerce groups said, we are done with the tea party. we may consider fielding our own candidates. i think the strength of the business community has been wildly exaggerated. i think they're going to lose. i do not think they're going to be be shaping force in the gop. it will be a great test today and the alabama primary. the chamber has been hugely involved in that race. i think the second factor is obamacare. it is not just the fate of the exchange website, which becomes aggressively more serious. i want to say one thing to john who i see licking his chops. if you look at poll numbers, we have not seen --
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>> it is down to 40% and dallas. >> it is the president versus a party. >> i think there will be a wile e coyote moment. one of things i think we should keep an ion in 2014 is rural states like alaska. you could end up with a rate shock. that can hurt a candidate that is running for reelection. the biggest influence that we have not talked about is the tea party factor in republican elections. we have seen them in wyoming, south carolina. these are mostly red states. they will probably not control the outcome of the senate. you do have the potential for extreme candidates to cost the gop a seat they could win. >> the tea party is not
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monolithic. the race in alabama, the tea party candidate lost. he came in third. mr. young, who is the candidate of religious conservatives. there is a distinction between the two groups. the very important thing -- i agree that those are going to be make a issues. there is another issue -- the number 0.2. that is the number of people that have seen their income grow
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since obama came into office. i think the stagnant economy, and there is no prospect that this economy will be significantly better in the next year, especially the turmoil created by obamacare -- i think what hurt obama marginally in 2013 will hurt him in what he 14 in the senate. >> take georgia, for instance. have a credible, moderate candidate with name recognition. no experience. you also have key partiers like paul broun. the obama ministration looked at george as an outside possibility. the states are changing in a way that is advantageous to democrats. if the republicans nominate two extreme candidates, they could cost themselves a seat that should be an easy one.
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>> thank you for working as worrying about the republican party. i really appreciate it. i love talking about the senate. >> republicans have to close the gap to get the majority. what you make about this talk about the gop having a primary problem deck of you have some conservatives going after mcconnell. as one of the strongest religious conservatives out there is that he is going to challenge the senator from texas. >> how does this change for republicans as they try to get this majority? >> they have been doing this for several cycles now. the pro-free-market party invites competition in some of their primaries. in the end, the race is the republican nominee versus democrat.
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i think all of the people you just mentioned have advantages. senator mcconnell does. yes they voted for tarp. they shut down debates on obamacare when ted cruz wanted to keep talking. they have significant credibility in their states. in the end, they were running as a democratic nominee who will want to talk about these other things and not talk about obamacare. 2010 was mostly about obamacare and that it was only philosophical. now it is practical. it was about taking over 1/6 of the gdp and forcing people to buy a product they never had. 2014, it is no longer practical
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or philosophical. it is here and now. we are seeing people that have their coverage canceled. there was a woman with cancer who is losing their coverage. these are real people with real consequences. i think the president is risking the two pillars that helped him get elected. the idea that he is competent and the idea that he is credible. the democrats are playing in georgia, then they have somehow figured out how to protect baggage in arkansas, mary landry and -- thank you for worrying about that. while we are on the obsession of the left with the tea party -- let me point out what a difference 20 years make. they were the moderate mainstream democratic group area they disbanded several years
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ago. hillary clinton was talking to osa, organizing for america. very progressive. that is the ideological bent of the democratic hearty. you want to talk about the tea party? us talk about was really running the democratic party. yet we should have a government takeover health care and withhold the truth, call it a lie, a misspeak, whatever you want. the white house knew this wasn't going to work. the policy people knew that you could not keep your plan. the political people one and that is a significant point that will carry into 2014.
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i want to see how many democrats don't invite the president to come in and raise money. >> let me follow up on that, following up on that point, two forces right now, president obama, senator cruz. how to they shape the 2014 races, senate democrats, senate republicans, republican candidates? >> let me talk about obamacare, just to follow up on what everyone has been saying. i agree with john if there's one finding from political science that rings true, it is voters are myopic. voters move on from big issues that we in washington think are catastrophic -- we think are world changing and a week late it's off the agenda.
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look at the government shutdown as an example of how quickly that is just in the rearview mirror. so how will obamacare figure in 2014? none of us have any idea. right now it's a technical problem, if they fix the website and people are signed up by january, it may not be an issue. >> no, it's a structural problem. >> let me finish. we have statewide elections, in virginia, they're deciding the fate of obamacare in virginia. >> medicaid expansion. >> that's the big state issue. so if you think of obamacare's impact in virginia, it's -- the pro-obamacare argument is carrying the day. in new jersey, i don't remember chris isaak tee talking about obama -- chris christie talking about obamacare much. the two big statewide elections or ba ma cair has either been not an issue or the pro- obamacare side has won.
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how it plays out next year, i have no idea. depends on how well they get the exchange fixed. one other point. the exchanges, the people affected by obamacare, the people who are experiencing cancellation are in the individual market. the individual narcotic is 5% of the population. if you weal really want to know how many voters are affected by the reform of the individual market, you have to sort of bore down into that, figure out the states where that's a big deal. if you're keeping your -- >> wait a second. i have dinner -- i had dinner last week in scottsdale, arizona, with alison krause and clint bullock who are two friends of mine they both are on employer-based plans, they both have seen employer-based coverage canceled in the last two weeks and whether or not it's true, their employer and they both believe it was directly related to obamacare and the structural changes happening in the insurance market. when people lose employer-based >> all i'm saying is you have to look at how many people in the group market, how many people in
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the nongroup market are affecting the horror stories to understand how many voters are going to vote on that issue. >> that's not true. there are sur fwat voters, there are people who vote according to other people's interests. if you're comfortable, you have health insurance, your kids are in colleging you're voting according to the generation above you or friends who you believe should -- and by the way, ryan new york fairness, the white house, the president himself promised that 100% of everybody who wanted to keeper that coverage could. not the 95% as somebody pointed out recently, i with -- i remember who because it's a great quote, it wasn't me, the white house, what the president should have said is, if we like your insurance you can keep it. what they said was if you like your insurance, you can keep it. >> before we move on to the house, who wins the senate in 2014, starting with josh? >> no idea. but listening to john and kelly i think obamacare must have cinched it. i don't know why we're debating it. i don't have any idea. i think it's about a 50-50 election and the three factors i listed will be the deciding ones. >> i think it's going to be close. this is probably the best shot the republicans have had in the last three cycles and part of it is by then, voters will say obama is not on the ballot anymore but the obama agenda is. if you look at 2010, 2012, republicans do a horrible job running fweps obama but a great job running against the obama agenda. i think by then, bob, many people in the country will want to make sure that the last two years of the obama administration are checked and balanced. i think they'll worry about expansion of government with no political skin to be lost for pothba ma not on the ballot again. enge they'll want a check and balance on their dels up in 2014, just practically speaking, than republicans. there are always a couple of sur prideses, there are always a couple of races that go one way or the other that nebraska was expecting. >> ryan, what do you think? >> six years ago, the democrats had an unusually good year because of the huge obama victory in 2008. so 2014, six years later, we should be seing a lot of democrats who are vulnerable and overexposed. this is the opportunity for republicans to take back the senate. and as we sit here today, it looks like a lot of things have to go their way to take it back and i -- you know, enge it will depend on the usual factors. the -- can this tea partiest tab
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learnment fight, whether the republicans can prevent some of the senate candidates that have helped lose the senate for them, whether they can prevent that die nam exrecurring this cycle, and then the economy. the bottom line is these elections tend to be about fundamentals like the economy. a good indicator of that will be obama's approval rating which tends to ebb and flow with how people are feeling. >> the tea party candidates were not the nominees -- >> keep debating that. >> george allen. >> before we move on, i want john's prediction. >> enge there were people tee tea party candidates that lost them the senate. >> if the election were held today it would be a 50-50 race. one myth that has to be punctured is that republican
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senate incumbents are sensitive to tea party channels. the only republican senator who lost to a tea party candidate lost at a convention in utah. name me the republican senate candidate who was an incumbent who lost a challenge by the tea party candidate. i will eat the carpet if mitch mcconnel loses. i will eat the carpet is lamar alexander loses. it's not going to happen. incumbents are much tougher to beat. lindsay graham is running so far to the right he's falling into the atlanta exocean. >> i have made that kind of cat gorical bet many times in my career, and i don't have any carpet fibers in my mouth yet. >> ryan, one piece you wrote for the new yorker, about the suicide caucus versus the survival caucus, that's how you framed the different blocks in the house republican caucus. there are 233 house republicans right now. where does that number go in 2014? up, down, by how much, and why? >> my view of the house is we basically live in an era where control of the house fluctuates a lot more than it used to. 46 years before 1994, the democrats controlled the house. 12 years the moneys controlled it. four years the democrats controlled it.
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and now we have four years of republican rule. so -- and the average size of the majority since the 1990's is much, much smaller than the size in those 46 years when the democrats had it. basically the house is much more competitive in the last -- since 1994, than it was for most of the previous 20th century. so is the house potentially in place -- in play? perhaps. it seems like the democrats have to do everything -- everything has to go their way to get the 17 seats to take it back. i think the question of the suicide caucus, this is a piece
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i wrote about the 80 republicans who signed a letter so -- to boehner and cantor asking them to use the budget fight to defund obamacare. obviously against boehner's wishes and against the wishes of most of the republican establishment. the thing i thought was interesting is looking at the demographics of what the seats are, where do these 80 republicans, what does it look like if you're one of those republicans, what does it look like back home. not surprisingly, on coverage the districts are 75% white, obama lost their districts in 2012 by an average of 23 points,
8:43 pm
so obama won nationally in their districts, he -- won nationally, in their districts he got completely wiped out. and they're super majority districts, they won by an average of 34 points. obama lost by 23 points, they won by 34 points. their world looks very, very different than the national trend. >> good evening, everyone. i congratulated governor christie on his reelection.
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i know we have our differences. when it comes down to it, we are just two parents who want to see the best for our children's future. we both take pride in the fact we live in a nation where we can all respect and uphold the democratic process. thank you all for being here tonight. thank you for standing with me for the last 10 months, for coming in, making calls, even after long days at work and the sweltering, sweltering rooms here in new brunswick, when our air-conditioning did not always work exactly the way it was supposed to, and for the cold days of the last few weeks knocking on doors. thank you for holding fundraisers, for putting a dollar or two away every week, at the end of the day, and thank you for having faith, having faith in grassroots empowerment just a little bit
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from a whole lot of people can go far. thank you for welcoming me into your homes and lives and for believing in the vision of new jersey of hope and opportunity. [applause] now, look, do not look glum. we began this journey and knew it would not be easy. we always knew that. but each and every one of us believed it would be worth it. was it worth it? it was. [applause] like me, you saw another new jersey where 400,000 people out millions living in poverty, where gun violence plagues our communities, where andwomen and our students our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters have been left behind,
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and you, my friends, you decided to fight for them. it was never about a party or the pond and so are the polls. it was always about the people. it always will be. [applause] it is about our working parents -- like melissa jones, who works hard to a in and day out, jobs,g two part-time making a little over the minimum wage, to try to make it and put food on the table and a roof over the head of her child. we fight for her because we believe in the american dream, that if you work hard enough, it ought to pay off. of the 33,000se women now going out with cancer screenings because of cuts. we fight for our students, our young people, with jeans, like
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the one i met in the high school. we fight for them because of our collective belief that education --t education is the great that education is the great equalizer. they deserve better. [applause] with -- thanbetter a school with crumbling ceilings and mold the walls and floors deemed structurally unsound. they deserve better. it is about our dreamers, our brilliant young women and men who want nothing more than a shot, a fair shake, just like i tuition.i had in-state aboutmpaign has been richard and david. are they here tonight? we
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jubilantly celebrated their wedding in new jersey just a few weeks ago. [applause] yes, this campaign has been about chrissy and paul and leeann and john and joyce and andrea and all of the families still living in trauma and a year afterplaced superstorm sandy. this campaign has been a route -- about our police officers and firefighters and educators and public workers. that is who the campaign has been about as well. this was their election. this was their turn. took on the bosses and the political machines that have defined new jersey politics for far too long. [applause] for them, we rose above the political system that too often
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requires surrendering one's values, a system where backroom deals fueled by greed and self interest are just the order of business. the democratic political bosses, some elected and some not, made a deal with this governor, despite him representing everything they are supposed to be against. they did not do it to help the state. they did it out of a desire to help them selves politically and financially. [laughter] [applause] but we did it our way and i am proud of that. new jersey represents the last of machine politics that used to dominate states across the nation. unless more people are willing to challenge it, new jersey's national reputation will suffer
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among families that might otherwise move here, among businesses who otherwise might locate here, and among those candidatesnd honest who might come here and run for office. [applause] keep the faith. may not have ended the way we wanted it to, but let us never looked back with regret. let us not for a single moment allow one night to define what we did here or to deter us from the momentum we have built. there is still so much work to do. to be the first woman to represent the democratic party as new jersey's -- [applause] you! love
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>> to be the first woman to represent the democratic party as new jersey's candidate for governor has been an incredible honor. i was only one half of the team. all-alf of the third ever female ticket in american history. applause]d my friend, my partner in this race, was everything i could have ever asked for in a running mate. her sincerity -- [applause] her sincerity and determination astound me still. to you, just to give you a little hand of the milly i have come to know. i tested her a few days ago.
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a long text. "sosaid -- all caps, honored that you took a chance on me. the guys would never ask me. tos, we are seen as a threat the status quo. [applause] proud to share system that -- sisterhood with you." now, this was her first political venture, but we know it better not be her last. [laughter] new jersey would be better served with talented, brilliant young women like this, taking them into the fold. ight, young women?
8:53 pm
none of this would have been possible without a dedicated campaign staff who have made the since dayheir top ird one. they are some of the hardest working, smartest young people i have ever met. to watching each and every one of them becoming leaders in the party and the nation. manager. my campaign [applause] my campaign manager who is as tough and smart and loyal as they come. for the renewed respect great state of georgia that produced him. [laughter] christina, my political director. [applause]
8:54 pm
who had faith in what we were trying to accomplish from the beginning. her enthusiasm and work ethic to find her. david turner, a little prickly around the edges. communications director. he is talented, hard-working, and loyal. cheryl, liz, craig, stephanie, josh. [applause] darcy, missy, wendy, sarah, elizabeth, carlos, joseph, and so many others who withstood the onslaught of the trail from our own political party. but you stay the course. [applause] course because
8:55 pm
you believed in the mission. you believed in the mission. my sister. lisa, speaker oliver, thomas, majority leader weinberg, joe, john, brenda, joe, doria, , bob smith, patrick, schaeffer, wyatt. [applause] the one regret i have is that jason o donnell was my choice for the state party chair and damage. from classical we know the political bosses
8:56 pm
could not suffer his residence as the leader of the party because they could not control him, a trait we both share. at the time, the party seemed about to implode. votes togh we had the elect jason as state party chair of the democratic party, i decided in winning the battle, we would have lost the war, as i believe the party was cannibalizing itself. i took one for the team. the only problem, i realized too late that there was no team. , my husband martin, one-of-a-kind, i often say -- [applause] i often say if he ran against me for anything, he would beat me. [laughter] i thank you for your support and love and encouragement.
8:57 pm
to my children, my family and yourds, i thank you for unconditional love and patience throughout this process. to the next generation of women, thank you. i always tell you you inspire me . you inspire me. [applause] women from my young women's leadership internship program, the aspiring engineer i met at a diner. the girl scouts who volunteered here at campaign headquarters, and so many other young women. oh my god, you are just so far beyond where i was in your age. i am in so much all of you. your tenacity and resilience through your simple refusal to take no for an answer. you inspire me. as you grow and mature, you will
8:58 pm
be confronted by many who will question your intelligence, your athleticism, or your qualifications. [laughter] who question your ability to compete and potentially surpass others. i want you to remember this. great, sometimes, it is surmountable. stand up to the name-calling and objections founded not upon who you are, but what you are. and them dead in the eye declare firmly and confidently once and for all, enough is enough. [applause] the attempts to marginalize or dismiss you is never an excuse, never an acceptable excuse to
8:59 pm
back down. view it as a challenge and a call to action, a call for you to stand up and fight for what you believe in. i saw this in my first little harrowing. the first african-american woman elected to congress, who said when she ran for the presidency, in the face of hopeless odds, to demonstrate and listen closely to this, the sheer will and refusal to accept the status quo. words to live on. you saw the spirit in 2008 as he watched hillary clinton drive 18 million cracks into the glass ceiling. else, i in spite of all believe the spirit is alive and well. we knew they were not going to let us into the all boys club so we decided we ought to kick in the door. [applause]
9:00 pm
throughout this race, we did not exactly fit the mold or play by the rules. as the many who came before me observed, well behaved women rarely make history. stand up andue to speak out. i will continue to hold elected officials accountable as we all do. i will continue to defend the downtrodden and the disenfranchised. at the end of the day, at my very core, i am still the daughter of an italian to immigrant butcher who dropped out of high school whose memory still fuels me to this day who believes in our working families. for them, i will continue to fight no matter the cost were the consequences. that is who i am. that is whhat i do.
9:01 pm
[applause] i really do hope that this journey will inspire more women to take that leap of faith and make it easier for them to challenge the status quo. said ourhisholm wants country needs it women's idealism and determination perhaps more in politics than anywhere else. that was more than 40 years ago. but the sentiment could not be more true today. campaign and this. the purpose admission we began 10 months ago will still stand. ,or the sake of equality fairness, justice, opportunity for all of our residents, we
9:02 pm
will continue to struggle. thank you so much. [applause] -- the scene in new jersey as she concedes vote. evan of the chris christie easily winning reelection. i am theve keeping and results in virginia including in
9:03 pm
tysons corner where supporters of terry mcauliffe is gathered. the race is much closer than anticipated. ken cuccinelli is ahead by just over 22 thousand votes. the republican attorney general with 47%. terry mcauliffe, democrat, with 46%. populated the heavily areas, fairfax county, prince william's county, loudoun county , they are expected to favor terry mcauliffe but they are saying it is too close to call based on the results. more coming up during the course of the evening. where the chris christie campaign has gathered for his expect to the victory speech likely within the next hour. want to hearme, we from all of you. the numbers are on your screen.
9:04 pm
commentslso take your on our twitter page. #c-spanchat. .e already have some comments christopher anthony says -- don says -- jimmy says -- those are some of the comments on the face but age. again, #c-spanchat. independent mine from florida. what are your thoughts tonight, matt? this is something other
9:05 pm
than what i just saw. i got out of the court house today and i was really confused on why they took god out of the constitution. to brandon next in whittier, california, hometown of richard nixon. echor: i wanted to briefly something i heard in her speech just now. where was the democratic hurry here? democratic hardy here? is that christie was too popular. if you had actually done some campaigning for her, maybe he would not be so popular. if you look at his position on abortion and the paul ryan budget, who was standing up for progressive values in this country right now?
9:06 pm
collects on georgia, live for republicans. what do you think? it's no surprise. i anticipate the democrats to win by a pretty decent margin in onginia and it's no surprise chris christie polling close to 60%. that's a pretty strong showing and it gives him a base. is problem that he will have the deep southern republicans who are so locked in. i hate to say it, but i believe it's true. i'ma republican myself, but a republican liberty caucus so i'm more of a centrist and a realist. the big it will not let christie passed. that is the big hurdle -- the bigots will not. they voted for a volunteer tax to keep this option and that is something i personally cannot
9:07 pm
support, volunteer taxes. the american people have their iy at the ballot box and commend our opportunity to vote. america speaks. >> thank you for the call. just past 9:00 here in the east end the polls closed six minutes ago in new york city, eight :00 eastern time in new jersey in just over two hours ago in the commonwealth of virginia. this christie easily winning reelection in new jersey for a second term and a lot of speculation on what this means for potential bid in 2016. the polls showing a much closer race in virginia between ken cuccinelli and terry mcauliffe. joining us of the newsroom in arlington, virginia, jake from politico. thanks for being with us tonight. guest: steve, great to be with you. on politico, a map you are keeping track county by county. it is almost as if you are a
9:08 pm
flyover across the state, a lot of red areas. the blue areas along the border in norfolk and northern virginia, fairfax and loudoun county. guest: right now in the poll, cuccinelli has the lead because a lot of the big, rural part of the state has reported. they are cuccinelli republican areas. we are still waiting on returns from a big swath of northern virginia which should favor mcauliffe. is a relatively close race, closer than some of the poll suggested it would be. he is roughly on par with president obama's numbers and a swing sweet counties -- counties which is one of the main suburban counties outside of the capitol in richmond. performed obama. cuccinelli will be the underdog race remains too close to call.
9:09 pm
>> about 80% of the vote now in and ken cuccinelli is ahead, 47% to 60 -- 46%. all of the polls are this past week showing terry mcauliffe ahead and the libertarian candidate getting anywhere 8%.ween 5%- that does not seem to be the numbers so far. hashe libertarian candidate been consistently polling around 7% and that might drop off some edcause these are areas favori e so he has underperformed a little bit but still doing better than both campaigns expected. a surprise tonight is how tight these numbers are, how tight they were in the exit polling we saw. there are a couple different things at play. overall turnout percentage, 72%
9:10 pm
of eligible virginians voted in the presidential election. 2009. 40% in there will always be a drop-off. we don't know how big it is. the mcauliffe people said that they were meeting their targets and some of the areas where you have people who vote in presidential elections who don't always vote in these off-year elections. we still don't know if the numbers will be there. we do know that mcauliffe, as expected, is racking up the margins in northern virginia, fairfax, alexandria. >> let's talk about new jersey. theust saw our -- saw democratic candidate and making references to the state of the democratic party and let the speculations as to this white house not doing anything more to help her candidacy and maybe try for they chris christie
9:11 pm
possibility of running for the republican nomination in 2016. guest: there are democrats frustrated that chris christie really was not attacked out all. that was a very fiery speech we just saw from her pledging to stay active, kind of criticizing the winner implicitly. it reflects a great deal of frustration among the democratic faithful in new jersey that if president obama was not there, the big national figures never really offered their help even in a state as blue as new jersey. is available on it gives you a real sense of what you're talking about. just counties appear, across from washington, d.c., fairfax, arlington, prince william, those will be key to look forward to this evening e? it's close enough that we
9:12 pm
have to watch prince william and loudoun. represented this area in the state senate. he has been able to win and northern virginia. he can hold his own and some of these excerpts. not necessarily around washington but when you get a little out there, commuters, a little bit more conservative, churchgoing. he thinks he has a network there and he spent a great deal of time campaigning and along the 95 corridor or where we are still looking for some of those numbers two,. >> he posted a piece on what to look for. what do you know about the attorney general piece? that could also have some implication.
9:13 pm
republicans were very concerned that he would lose. the lieutenant governor's race has been called. the democrats have not won the attorney general seat since 1989. this a be the first time since 1969 the democrats control all five offices including both senate seats in a virginia. changeen a remarkable for the commonwealth. in the off year election when the voters tend to be wider, older, more conservative -- whi ter. it says something about the
9:14 pm
direction virginia is moving. this would be the first time at the president's party has also won the governors race. the out of our party wins the governorship. -- the out of power party. >> this would be the first time bellasio89, bill belo winning easily in new york city. and detroit having it's first white mayor since the 1970's. suggestedpolls had that it was anywhere close in new york. blasio is an unabashed liberal democrat.
9:15 pm
very close with organized labor. a traditional liberal democratic politician who has a big agenda. it is a big moment for the big apple. guest: we want to welcome our listeners on c-span radio. xm 120. election returns coming in from new jersey. chris christie winning easily his reelection and in virginia, the racist till too close to call. ken cuccinelli ahead by one percentage point. 81% of the vote now in roughly with 815,000 votes compared to per terry mcauliffe. the caveat as we are keeping a close eye on prince william county have allowed and -- loudon, and fairfax. countieshe republican
9:16 pm
have already come in. anything can happen. guest: he's been focusing on his base. he assumed there have been $40 million in negative ads run and they do not want to choose between the lesser of two evils so they will stay home. if he could turn out conservative, he would not be able to galvanize a lot of the obama coalition without a president on the ballot. he's clearly been able to get a lot of them to the polls. there are a lot of conservatives and northern virginia and fairfax county. it's never been whether mcauliffe would win it by what margin. how many votes can he get coming out of this very vote-rich area? a lookout the polls, those who go to the polls and vote, there was a wide gender gap between terry mcauliffe and
9:17 pm
ken cuccinelli. how significant was that? guest: huge. .here was a 24-point gender gap president obama one women by 12 points. result of an early decision to run the war on women blitzingto just art ads especially in northern virginia targeting women as early as june, july focusing on birth control, abortion, a host of other issues to try to vote for mym to go college. the results coming in so far make it look like there is not a 24 point gender gap. this speaks to a broader republican challenge coming off of 2012 when this is obviously something that hurt romney a great deal. republicans had to deal with todd akin, richard murdoch. have thei is going to
9:18 pm
result of having a debate if he loses this race. should he have pushed back harder and try to keep the focus on the economy? that is what fiscal conservatives will say. they cannot nominate someone who is so passionately antiabortion and strong on other social issues. of comparison, in 2009, bob mcdonnell easily winning his term, the only state in the country that requires the governor to serve one term, but .etting 1.1 million votes .he turn out was that about 40% what do we know about the turnout today? guest: we don't have a good idea. we are looking to see how they
9:19 pm
voted in some of these very populous areas. it appears to be on par. i want to show our audience this scene inside of new jersey, an area along the jersey shore. you can see the crowd gathered to hear from governor chris christie. as you look at this setting tonight, james, and the speculation that he may run for president in 2016, this has a very different feel than a governor being reelected in the garden state. guest: it really does. such a stark contrast with .epublicans kind of down they made a 90-stop tour. this contrast as evidence. there is so much paralysis and
9:20 pm
gridlock. both chris christie and terry mcauliffe running as candidates and chrisderate christie will take this huge margin and travel around the country for the 2016 presidential campaign if he will hispanics tie among to make a huge inroads. it was shaquille o'neal who cut an ad for him. that hugely is contrast between republicans in virginia and republicans in new jersey. in with #c-n join spanchat. he is a rino republican in name only. joining us on the phone from wnet in new york, thanks for
9:21 pm
being with us. let me ask you first about the results in new york city. blasio easily winning but the first democratic mayor since 1989. people forget that sometimes because new york is such a democratic city. bloomberg and rudy, it's been so long. blasio, i've got to tell you something, beyond the issues, this campaign was won on commercials that put his family out there as a mosaic of new york city. you will,iracial, if family guy connected on so many levels and he was the right .andidate they were tired of bloomberg ma wanted to move on from giuliani. this is a germanic shift to the
9:22 pm
left. host: he spent about $100 million to win a third term and , they were looking at the term as mayor. tied to him.ere it is so interesting. can be very popular for two terms. it is that third term that becomes virtually impossible for even the most effective and popular mayor to stay connected to voters. it is fatigue. they are done with you.
9:23 pm
that is about your time. it is done after that. stay with us. i want to get james to respond. guest: what we are seeing in new york city is a review of mike bloomberg and that was the story of the democratic primary where christine quinn, the leader of the city council, key player allowing bloomberg to seek a third term getting decimated over that. a lot of frustration among democratic rank and file about bloomberg fatigued and a desire to turn the page. he will be pursuing a pretty aggressive agenda which could cause some backlash. .e's not necessarily popular
9:24 pm
adubato, is this day one of the presidential campaign for christie? caller: i done to key can wait that long. the hispanicf vote. he held his own in urban areas. he ended his campaign in new , new jersey. what does that mean to people across the nation? union city is as democratic as it gets. the last stop he made his in union city with a democratic mayor. that's where he was. that mayor was one of over 50 democratic high-level elected officials who endorsed him. that's where he ended that campaign. that's how he wins with a state democrats.,000 more
9:25 pm
what republican can say something like that in a presidential campaign? particularly when people are so sick and tired of the gridlock in washington. he will say, look, barack obama did not even come to new jersey to campaign against me. i have relationship with the white house. we get wings done here. could not get obama to come. practically, he seems to be pushing all the right buttons. host: was it a mistake of the democrats not to do more to try to puncture some of the holes in the chris christie balloon? ways,: you see, in many that would seem to make sense. all 100 and 20 seats, every seat in the state senate, all 80 in the state assembly were up. do i go after chris christie or do i look in the polls in my up againstd see he's
9:26 pm
the democratic candidate? what do they do? those democratic incumbent legislator started putting tv spots and mailers out saying that they work well with chris christie because they believe in bipartisan government and cooperation, unlike in washington. they ended up hurting barbara buno trying to save their own hides. host: for those not familiar with union city in this part of the state, what exit is it off of and the significance of this menu tonight for the chris christie campaign? on the garden05 state parkway, home of bruce springsteen. one of his first albums. the connection between bruce springsteen and chris christie is legendary, for those of us in the garden state. is wellean by that before chris christie became a
9:27 pm
u.s. attorney in new jersey and then ran for governor, out of college, when he went to delaware, he was an unabashed fan of springsteen and had gone to over 130 springsteen concerts. he knows all of his songs and sings them loud. he has a horrible voice. even though his politics are diametrically opposed, in sandy they came together, hugged, became friends. that is the connection jams bury park -- hard-core new jersey. from wnet. adubato back to james from politico. what do we know from the numbers in virginia? guest: continuing to tighten up and i think mcauliffe will overtake cuccinelli sin in the vote count. looking up the precincts that are going to be reporting.
9:28 pm
it's a very close race. yet to report lean democratic and mcauliffe looks like he might edge of this one out. we are still watching the numbers come in. the story tonight is how it is much closer than the polls had suggested. cuccinelli was able to turn out some of his supporters and mcauliffe not as much as they had expected. was the level of expectation to high? one washington post poll had him up 12 percentage points just one week ago. president obama came here to arlington on sunday, biden came monday, and they all pushed really hard. he said he feared that the fear of god into you because he know his up in the polls and i need you to turn out.
9:29 pm
unquestionably, a lot of the , they aresupporters people who do not have a history of doing so in nonpresidential elections. they had an intensity advantage. the same poll had two thirds of mcauliffe voters said they were voting against cuccinelli and not for mcauliffe. poll showsc significantly more voters said that they were strongly supportive of cuccinelli and they were strongly supportive of mcauliffe. that accounts for the race being as tight as it is tonight. forhat is the storyline tonight? >> chris christie takes his victory lap. the new york mayoral race winning as expected and in the tightness of virginia, trying to get at why that is. what would have made the difference here?
9:30 pm
was it money, the gender gap, the government shutdown, healthcare? a lot of different issues we will have to explore and drill down into the exit polling. more details available online on , thank you for joining us. let me go back to steve adubato. as you look at the results from virginia, what are you thinking? caller: put it this way. for hillary and bill clinton, if terry mcauliffe loses that race, what an embarrassment. tip o'neill famously said that all politics are local. go the other way. andwould think in virginia new jersey and the big
9:31 pm
implications. even in how close it is. thet does not look good for clintons, that's an issue on some level. they put it on the line for their guy. sometimes outside of the beltway, people forget how close the clintons are to terry mcauliffe. he's their guy. you cannot be closer than them. it's a little awkward and embarrassing. 88% of the resulted from the commonwealth. ken cuccinelli is ahead but only slightly. keeping an i on fairfax, loudoun county, prince william. an eye on a lead in prince william, south of fairfax. and in the vote rich area of loudon. caller: even though i'm a jersey
9:32 pm
guy and from the new york area, my understanding is that they are way more democratic areas they are in the areas counted and they better be for terry mcauliffe. if he wins this race, and libertarian candidate has actually picked up a few significant votes, i don't know what percentage, but it is not 1% or 2%. about 7%ht now he has of the vote in virginia. caller: that is huge. when you think about it, you see a very high percentage of those votes that would have gone to the republican candidate cuccinelli. host: let's walk to the strong disability -- strong possibility
9:33 pm
of chris christie running for president. how does he roll out a bit? -- for a bid? caller: a very interesting issue no one talks about is how does a sitting governor in a state that's very hard to govern -- the 1947 constitution in new jersey calls for the governor to be so incredibly powerful. this is not taxes -- no andespect to texas president bush who ran as governor from texas or rick perry. they have to have the ability to govern and not just in a crisis. there is a securities and rule, a law,ission that says a sitting governor in a state like new jersey that has pension funds cannot raise money from wall street for political
9:34 pm
campaign. what does that mean yo? it is a very practical issue. do i resign as governor if i choose to run for president? i believe he will. does the lieutenant governor, who recent polls show 60% plus of people do not know who she is, do you do that? it's tricky. if you do not, how do you forgo that money from wall street? can you run for president and not raise any money from wall street? or can you just let one of the super packs do it -- super pac's do it? these are really practical, real issues. do i think is a favorite? yes. are these not so sexy issues we have to deal with but a practical? yes. godforgive there is a -- forbid there is a hurricane, a crisis, how does he run for
9:35 pm
resident in the governor at the watching thest: crowd cheering with the confirmation that chris christie has won with about 61% of the vote compared to 39% for barbara buono. who is advising chris christie? who are some of the key people in his inner circle? pallatucci is an attorney practicing at gibbons firm here in new jersey. he has been with chris christie since day one. he has been with him since he ran for and was elected to the freeholder board and lost his reelection campaign and he has been with him through thick and thin. republican contact.
9:36 pm
he ran the bush campaign in new jersey. he's a great fundraiser. duhain, closely tied to giuliani, ran his presidential campaign which did not go very well, but is a smart, strategic guy who knows a media operation. camela, a smartmedia medications person as well. a lot of these people are rudy giuliani people. they're very moderate not hard- .ore leaning they are good fundraising republicans. host: a couple of points that came up in the vetting cycle. and also some of the jokes that mitt romney made about chris
9:37 pm
christie's weight. your thoughts ? caller: for those who don't know, chris christie had a tocedure done a while back limit the amount of food that he could taken. he's looks like he's lost about 50 pounds. he does not talk about his exact waiter how much she's lost. he says publicly he is about half the way there. i think he's mostly done it for his family but clearly he has a connection to run for president. that is what i think is planning on doing, running for president about 100 pounds he was less hurricane sandy and i think it's practical and real. romney publicly said over the weekend that he's a big
9:38 pm
supporter of chris christie. they say a lot of things. who knows what's really and what's not>? adubato from wnet. we check in with him a lot process.e if he does decide to run for resident, we will be hearing more from him. live coverage inside the convention center in and was very park, new jersey. we will open our phone lines to get your thoughts and we will point out that when governor chris christie comes out, we will hear his remarks in his entirety. conceding about half an hour ago receiving less than 40% of the vote. from new haven, connecticut, on the democratic line good evening. was proud to vote absentee in the new jersey
9:39 pm
gubernatorial election. all,sue is how, if at progressivism would change particularly out of the direct gravitational field of washington? ifwill be interesting to see or towill be any fighting see what will happen in the future. host: the scene in tysons corner, virginia, where terry mcauliffe has now moved ahead over ken cuccinelli with 47% of the vote, just over 910,000. 906,000 four ken cuccinelli because the vote tabulation from northern virginia, prince
9:40 pm
bridget -- prince william, fairfax, loudoun county are now projected to come in and they are moving ahead but it is much closer than any of the polls had indicated leading up to tonight. can cuccinelli, too close to call. from watertown, wisconsin, good evening. are you with us? we will try one more time. let's go to jerry from florida on our line for independents. caller: good evening. offcome you cut people quickly when they make a comment but you let this guy run his end? on host: go ahead.
9:41 pm
youer: you cut them off but let this gentleman run his mouth. go ahead with your comment. caller: i just made it. host: montana, democrats line. go ahead. caller: i really like chris christie and his way of doing business. he's used to working hard. the first campaign i ever worked on was john kennedy. --chris christie runs [no audio] valencia and washington, d.c., you are on the air.
9:42 pm
caller: i will see if you actually have to kowtow to some that he also faces. good evening from haymarket, virginia. ?aller: how's it going ou i am here with the republicans and we have a strong vote for ken cuccinelli. host: polls showing that cuccinelli is behind with about 91% of the vote now reported. 911,000, 46.8% compared to 46.6% for ken cuccinelli.
9:43 pm
winningblasio easily mare for new york city. if terry mcauliffe wins in virginia it be the first time since 1973 when a party that controls the white house also wins a gubernatorial race. tysons corner, virginia. we heard earlier from senator 10 kayne anderson energy mark ander -- sen. time kaine senator mark warner. it is much closer than anyone expected. from lynchburg, virginia, republican line. caller: i'm darlene and i live in lynchburg. i'm glad that chris christie one in new jersey. i do not want cuccinelli in there and i'm just glad to see that things are going to be changing if mcauliffe gets in
9:44 pm
there. host: why do you say that? changing.ings are we have a lot of young voters that one change. to have an independent vote and they want their vote counted. host: thanks for the call. another race in detroit. we went to check in following this for detroit news. the possibility that detroit would have a white mayor for the first time since the 1970's. thanks for joining us. what are the results right now ?n detroit caller: is the first legitimate white candidate with a chance to win since 1973 winning. we only have about 23% of the pre-since reporting. precinct reporting.
9:45 pm
host: who does he -- what does he bring the city hall if elected? caller: he's a former prosecutor and he was ceo and president of the detroit medical center. turnaroundcord of specialist. he helped the suburban bus system and credited with saving the detroit medical center from financial hard times. his pitch tohat detroit. know,se of you who detroit is under the state of emergency management right now. it will be an interesting scenario as to whether this next mayor will have much of a role at least for the next year in covering the city. right now it is being governed
9:46 pm
by a state emergency manager shepherding the city through bankruptcy. why does he want the job? caller: good question. a year and a half ago he did not live in detroit. he lived in a suburb. planted hisjob and stake in here. he wants to be part of the revitalization of detroit with the city's downtown area. it is having quite an urban revitalization. he wants to lead this. bennyponent is napoleon, a former detroit police chief. this has turned into kind of a times.of ideals that
9:47 pm
the emergency manager is really calling the shots right now. we have had several segments on detroit as a city and how it changed. there have been about 2 million residents and night you are down to about 800,000? ,000.r: maybe down to 685 it has had a dramatic loss in population that has been going on for 60 years now. it cannot financially support .he footprint that is detroit they have some 70,000 blighted buildings and 40,000 lights that .on't work right now, it's in the middle of a trial over eligibility into
9:48 pm
bankruptcy. the chapter nine bankruptcy .eorganization you learn from your former mayor spending 28 years in jail? he's been sentenced to 28 years and is obviously going to appeal this. they should show that they are trying to move on from swami pill patrick -- qualm he killed killpatrick.ame they are seeing massive whetherns and pondering to sell off pieces of its multibillion-dollar art collection to pay pensions.
9:49 pm
he is kind of in the rearview mirror of detroit these days. this is kind of showing that wins, they'reggan finding someone who's ready to run the city. this hour asdline we approach 10 a clock eastern, what is the headline in detroit/ caller: it is looking to be in s paper to become the next mayor of detroit. 48% right now.2%- chad livengood joins us. thank you very much for being with us.
9:50 pm
to continue with more of your phone calls as we keep an eye on what's going on in virginia. the race is being called too close to call and this is the scene at ken cuccinelli headquarters in richmond. waiting to hear back from republican attorney general. that activity going on with the headquarters. denise joins us from los angeles on the republican line. go ahead. caller: eyes for taking my call. -- thanks for taking my call. i want to say how encouraged i am that ken cuccinelli is making such a great showing. we hope he can pull it off at the last minute. campaigning in this war on women , these tired, playbook rhetoric
9:51 pm
. please don't let this happen to the people of virginia. that by itself is an encouragement from the rest of the country that people can actually think and look at the pictures -- and make an intelligent decision. activity ands some and gettingting some attention at the ken cuccinelli headquarters. that is likely to delay any start of her marks from the attorney general. we are following your comments. #c-spanchat. next call is phyllis this evening from lagrange, illinois, on the independent line.
9:52 pm
caller: he is not just a republican but an all-american boy. i would like to see him run for president. believe it or not, dennis kucinich. that would be a wowie. we have to take ourselves back. he is a good honest man and so is dennis kucinich. they are both all-american boys. thank you for taking my call. by the way, also taking comments on our face but page. facebook icon/c-span-- f join in on the conversation. from kingston, pennsylvania, on our line for democrats. good evening.
9:53 pm
caller: thank you for taking my call. you have all of these different stations were talking about, the political issue of the , those 47 website million people will not have any kind of care were it not for this program. some coverage on that. those people should count for something. care,s able to have that's an awful lot of lives. thank you for taking the time to listen to me. frederick from woodbridge, virginia. caller: my name is frederick woodbridge and i fight for the .ight i am the only legacy my father has. years at the dia
9:54 pm
cuccinelli is my man. he went out on a limb and he made a stand for the things that matter to christians and to the country. my sister is a medical doctor in florida and her practice is being destroyed by obamacare. go for the, i underdog and i fight for right. host: next is mario joining us from mount airy, north carolina. caller: good evening. i'm from north carolina. it is that the best in the world but it's a start. i hope they will get together
9:55 pm
and get this done. host: let's recap. governor chris christie easily winning reelection. this is the scene in ann's very park, new jersey. we expect to hear from him in the next hour and we will have it live for you on c-span and on c-span radio. ofculating this is round one his expected run for the white house in 2016. meanwhile in tysons corner, virginia, you can hear the che ers as c-span is calling the race for mcauliffe winning wi with 96% of precincts reporting.
9:56 pm
[cheers] host: the cnet terry mcauliffe headquarters as they declare the former dnc chair the winner randy gubernatorial race in virginia. joining us live on the phone, robert mccarthy following all of this for "the washington post." thanks for joining us. the headlines tomorrow, a race much closer than expected
9:57 pm
in virginia. ?hat happened you g caller: controversies and problems over the healthcare factor rollout will be a where heing the margin almost caught up to terry mcauliffe. some of the polls had mcauliffe winning by a landslide. those were influenced a lot by the reaction of voters against the government shutdown. teat of voters blaming the party republicans for the government shutdown and ken cuccinelli, the republican candidate, very much identified with the tea party. that story sort of faded. the new story was all of the
9:58 pm
problems with the health care and ken rollouts cuccinelli really hammering mcauliffe emma democrats over that. more and more of these kinds of problems from the government if you elect mcauliffe. you can see in richmond, northern virginia, those are the heavily democratic areas and he increase his lead. solid red for ken cuccinelli. he pointed out the dynamics. the fact that the president came and vicechurch president biden came to arlington. does that have any impact in reminding them about the president, his legacy, and obamacare? caller: that is the instant
9:59 pm
analysis. coming hurting mcauliffe. on the other hand, mcauliffe and his campaign trying very hard to drive up turnout and it includes driving up turnout among just the people who voted for obama in virginia one year ago. they might not necessarily vote in an off year election. particularly minority voters and young people. whether obamanow coming helped him or hurt him by to the attention problems with the healthcare law. talking to robert mccartney from "the washington post." would another week?
10:00 pm
theer: that is what republicans will say. mcauliffe had been ahead by quite a bit. mean, consistently ahead since pointsy, six to eight and it went up with a set down -- with the shutdown. it seems to have narrowed at the end. my understanding is it is one point and what i was saying but almost all the outstanding votes were coming from the very democratic, call of precinct so who knows. but it is hard to tell. it might have gotten narrow and that would