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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 7, 2013 8:00pm-10:01pm EST

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overpass. we do not believe they are credible witnesses and i don't want you saying anything about it. >> marking the 50th anniversary kennedy'st assassination, eyewitness accounts from the doctors who treated president kennedy and lee harvey oswald. are liven c-span, we in des moines. road to the white house 2016 coverage. embassy suites in des moines as they are moving into the room waiting to hear from texas hisrnor rick perry and first appearance in the state since the 2012 campaign. he will be speaking at this republican party fundraiser and is set to speak out about 8:40 p.m. eastern. eventl start when the gets underway which should be soon. hours afterening 24
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president obama was and governor perry apostate speaking in dallas talking about -- governor perry's state in dallas talking about the obamacare law. tonight'sreview of speech and some comments on the appearance yesterday. president obama was fundraising in dallas yesterday. rick fund-raising and i with this evening. washington bureau chief for "dallas morning news" joins us by phone. texas is one of the chief sources of resistance to the healthcare law. what did the president accomplish in his visit yesterday? >> the primary goal seemed to be fund-raising and he raised a large sum and we don't know the exact amount for the democratic senatorial campaign committee which will go to
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states other than taxes because texas democrats are not very competitive. up for reelection but the democrats don't seem to be making a run at him. i was clearly a top goal. far as pitching obamacare, it does make sense for him in a lot of ways to go to a place like are a high there number of uninsured americans, a high percentage of texans, roughly one in four who lack health care coverage. why do you go to banks? that is where the money is. it politically makes sense for him to go and take on governor rick perry directly. s resistance to expanding medicaid is one of the reasons because it's a major obstacle to clearing the road for uninsured americans.
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need itid no state may more than taxes. how does that play with governor rick perry? >> he was unsurprisingly not impressed. he argues that the affordable care act is the wrong way to go and in particular the kind of medicaid expansion that president obama would like is not the right way to go for the state of texas. he and other republicans do not trust about the formula will stay intact. they say whatever the promise is coming out of washington right now that it's going to end up much more costly and could potentially bankrupt the state over time as the state's share of the medicaid cost go up. it's a question of the state- federal combined program. , thee earlier years republicans and taxes do not
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trusted in the point to all of the problems with the rollout of theacare and things like fact that people are losing their insurance when the president had promised countless times that they would not. that is evidence that you cannot trust what comes out of washington. >> back to the politics and potentially 2016. what is he hoping to accomplish in iowa? >> is probably hoping to accomplish an outpouring of support and an uprising that says, rick perry, we want you to run again. he was fifth in the caucus in 2012 and it was devastating. at one point he was just a shooting star because he eventually faded in a fairly embarrassing way at the end. i'm sure he would love to run for president. he is testing the waters, as many of the candidates are. he's hoping to make some
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connections with people to see how it goes. >> he is the second prominent texan to be in iowa. you covered ted cruz here are a few weeks ago. how was he received the? >> he has been in iowa a few times in the past several months. they were very friendly audiences, christian conservatives. it mostly attracted tea party activists and solid social conservatives, those who obviously want to come out and see a guy like ted cruz. they love him. they think the world of him. they do not hold him to blame for the government shut down unlike democrats and more moderate republicans. aews will certainly be contender within a certain sub sect of the iowa electorate and it's interesting to see both of becauseng after that
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they played to a lot of the same people, fighting for the same portion of the iowa caucus voters. >> to the healthcare politics, any indication that rick perry will address the comments president obama made in dallas? >> i would not be surprised. he is certainly very proud of the fact that texas has been a bastion of resistance and is one of the states who follow the law in court. he has refused to expand, as we discussed, unlike some republican governors who consider it to be a lot more squishy and not as pure as it ought to be on this issue. surprised if he addresses it. he is no fan of the president or obamacare. >> washington bureau chief of "dallas morning news." you can follow him on twitter. thanks for joining us.
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>> back live to des moines, iowa, where we're going to hear from texas governor rick perry and just a bit. a fundraiser for the republican littleetting underway a bit later than expected. governor perry set to start at 8:40 p.m. eastern. rick perry in the state as part of a two-day swing. on the first op-ed a two day visit, summing it up like this. it's fun to be back in iowa again. other republicans are here as well. our own pete daniels is there in the field. perry live at 8:00 p.m. eastern and photos of the ben carson bumper stickers. carson, 16. we will hear him talk about the president talking yesterday and
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it's possible that governor perry will have something to say about that tonight. here's a look at what the president said yesterday specifically about taxes. about >> good afternoon. good evening. my name is edna. i bring you greetings from oak cliff, texas. and i also bring you greetings from my pastor from concorde baptist church. honor the distinguished to present to you our commander in chief. on january 12, 2012, i was diagnosed with cancer. hospital knowing
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i had everything right. i did not do the paperwork right. i was denied service. god bless me. i am healed through the prayers and i decided i would going year to make sure that everybody is affordable healthcare so that no one also be denied service because they did not do the proper work right like i did. ladies and gentlemen, i know you've been waiting so why not go through all the stuff i'm supposed to stay. going to introduce to you our president, barack obama. thank you. [applause] you, edna. give edna a big round of applause. [applause] all ofonderful to see you. let me just make some special mentions of people in addition to edna who are here. outstanding, your mayor, mike rawlings is here.
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outstanding county judge clay jenkins is here who doesn't great job on affordable care. congresswoman johnson is here. and we want to thank rabbi david stern and asher knight for hosting us today. the main reason i am here is to thank all of you. her story is one that is repeated all across the country. people that got sick and did not have health insurance. folks that thought they had health insurance and turned out that because of the fine print or not filling something out right, they were short what they needed in terms of getting healed.
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when i ran for office, we were in the midst of the great recession. my number one priority was making sure we did not go into a great depression. we have seen the economy begin to recover even though washington has not been helpful with things like the shutdown. we have seen 7.5 million jobs created and record exports. we have seen growth in places like dallas. people are starting to get their footing. we are starting to recover. but if we did not start tackling the health care system in a serious way, it would continue
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to undermine the economy, hurt families, and hurt business. there is a reason why it has never been done before. making sure that everybody had affordable and quality health care. but through democratic and republican presidents, we could not get it done. the reason is because it is hard. a lot of people, even if they don't like what is going on, they are nervous about change. but we were able to get it done in part because of grassroots folks like you that fought so hard to make sure that we are able to deliver on universal health care. that is what this is all about. ultimately, the politics and the chatter leads out the fact that the system is not working for too many people. it is important for us, as difficult and challenging as it
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has been, to move forward and make sure that folks like at the edna know they are going to get good care and their families won't get bankrupt because somebody got sick. that is what we have been fighting for. over the last three years, we have put a bunch of benefits in place. people don't know we have put them in place but they are already in place. if you have a child who is 25 and doesn't have health insurance and is on the parents plan, the reason is because of the affordable care act. seniors are getting discounts on prescription drugs and saving hundreds of dollars because of the discount through the affordable care act.
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insurance companies have to treat customers right because of the affordable care act. no more lifetime limits or dropping people when they get sick. but to finish the job, we have to sign up those folks that don't have insurance and improve the insurance for those that are underinsured. they have been subject to the whims of the insurance company. that is the challenge we've got over the next three months, six months, one year. when we get that done, we will have created a stable system in which there is no reason why people should not be getting health care in this country. i am the first to say that the first part i am not happy with. you have heard about the website woes. nothing drives me more crazy than the fact that right now, there is great insurance to be had out there, choice, competition, where people can save money for a better product. but too many folks have not been able to get through the website. this is like having a really good product in the store and the cash registers don't work and there aren't enough parking
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spots. nobody can get through the door. we are working overtime to get this fixed. the website is already better than it was at the beginning of october. by the end of this month, we anticipate it will be working the way it is supposed to. folks are working 24 make sure that happens. -- 24/7 to make sure that happens. the insurance is already there. if they can't get through to the website, they can call the call center and people can take their application and be walked through the process. people can apply in person if there are folks out there helping people sign up. that is what all of you have been committed to doing. it is so important.
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the truth of the matter is that even if the website were working 100%, people would still need help to navigate through this stuff. a high percentage of people might not have ready access to a computer or it might be confusing for them. they need people to help guide them through this process. that is true of any kind of insurance. it is a complicated process. the commitment to all of you, the congregations, the faith- based groups are critically important and it is not going to stop even after the website is running perfectly. we will need all of you to be making these efforts. i want to make special mention of the mayor and the work to get people signed up because that is the kind of commitment we will
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need on the ground on a day-to- day basis. my main job here today is to say thank you. nothing is going to stop us from getting this done. we are on the right side of history. it is the right thing to do for our economy, businesses, and families. the last point i want to make. a lot of times, this task is especially challenging. in the great lone star state. i think all of you understand that there is no state that needs this more than texas. think about it. we were just talking on the way over here. in addition to signing people up
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for the marketplaces where they could buy private insurance, part of the affordable care act was expanding the number of working families that would qualify for medicaid. because of a supreme court ruling, it is voluntary. which states decide to expand medicaid coverage and which don't. in just the dallas area, 133,000 people who don't currently have health insurance would immediately get health insurance without even having to go through the website if the state of texas decided to do it.
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there are over $500 million just for this county that would come in to help families get health insurance. nothing to do with the website. if the state of texas made this decision. your neighboring states have made that decision because they look at it and say this is a no- brainer. why would we not want to take advantage of this? the state of arkansas has already reduced its number of uninsured by 14%. already, just in the first month, by signing people up for expanded medicaid. oregon has a 10% reduction in the number of uninsured already in the first month. just because the governor and the legislature made the right decision. there is no reason why this state can't do the same.
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in the dallas area, 133 thousand people and across the state, one million people. it is a big state. one million people. citizens that don't have health insurance that could get it right away if the state of texas decided to take advantage of this. one thing that gets me a little frustrated although i understand because i am in politics, folks who are complaining about how the website is not working. why isn't obama fixing this? they are leaving one million people right now without health
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insurance that they could immediately fix. there is not a lot of logic to that. but that's ok. we have gone through barriers before. we have gone through struggles before. if you stick to doing the right thing, we will get it done. i want all of you to remember that as challenging as this may seem sometimes, as frustrating as may be sometimes, we will get this done. when we do, not if, when we do, we will have families across this great state of texas that will have the security and the
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well-being of high quality affordable health insurance. and that is going to be good for business. it means that all the providers around here instead of taking folks to the emergency room, they have customers who have insurance. those of you that already have health insurance, your premiums will not be subsidizing folks that don't have health insurance. people will get preventive care which means that people are likely to be healthier. that is within our power. that is within our grasp. a pretty motivated group. it looks like a group that is ready to go. i am here to tell you that i will be right there with you the entire way until we get this done. everybody in texas and across the country will have the affordable care that they need. god bless you, god bless america, god bless the state of texas.
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collect them was president obama in dallas yesterday. lost her to new jersey. gloria returned with her husband tom, in the audience. she has a daughter who is here grandchildrenr who led us in the pledge of allegiance tonight. before heading to new jersey, gloria spent 23 years at the naturalartment of resources coordinating camps and frequently she toured the state encouraging the love of outdoors fornting, education children. she handles volunteers are deftly as she handled a gun.
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don't worry. i'm getting off the stage soon. ofria has had a life activism and she came of age in presidential election. she never worked in a political venue on till the affordable known as obamacare became a national issue and the iowa romney campaign, she was so motivated that she walked in and said, put me to work right now. an unpaid volunteer putting in 80 hours per week while also working a real job. tonight, we are proud to honor gloria who volunteered over 800 --rs for mitt romney
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[applause] and averaged over 60 hours of volunteer for the republican party of pull county. it's been a very busy week for gloria. the saturday she takes on the duties as the new president of the pope county republican women's federated. in deference to our keynote speaker tonight emma they say don't mess with texas. don'tre to say tonight, mess with the gloria. join me with republican party of whole county and our 2013 volunteer of the year, gloria. [applause]
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minute toake a recognize some of our republican officeholders, our state auditor. mary, stand up. council,moines city wes. mike harper, urbandale. right over there. the board of supervisors. chad, dallas county auditor. steve shepler. national committeewoman.
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member of the state central committee. and my old friend darrell. you've all gotten many calls from him. we've been working together for 46 years. where are you? nobody knows more about iowa politics and how to raise money. committee,nt of the right over here. we were duckhunting and we were not getting any. we were all wet. he looked at me and he said, maybe are not throwing the dog high enough.
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these are the good people keeping this government into nana working well. iowa and taxes are both working very well. let's have jack come up and give us a legislative report from the iowa senate. [applause] >> thank you for being here tonight and thank you for your support. it would not be possible without all of your support. it's very much appreciated. giving a brief report and i would like to introduce my colleagues in attendance tonight. the first from urbandale, brad.
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from south the last iowa, state senator joni ernst. and finally our newest senator, charles from west des moines. since republicans took control of the capital three years ago we've done a lot of great things. we've been able to turn the budget completely around to where we now have a surplus and we are in good financial shape. we were able to pass the reforms we been working on for major years and in the case of property tax, several decades. he could be even better free had a majority in the senate. focus, taking the majority on the election really starts for us in 12 days because we have a special election down
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in madison county. we have a great candidate who is currently serving in the house of representatives. we can all thank representative garrett because he introduced him to the republican party a few short years ago at the university of iowa. that is a seat we need to win going into 2014 if we want to keep the majority. us.s very important to we can do some great things if we have a senate republican majority. one thing i'm passionate about is the need for income tax reform in the state of iowa. [applause] hopeful this session we can get a little bit but we will never get what i want with the democrats in control of the senate. i would love to do something that taxes has done -- texas has done, eliminate the state income
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tax. [applause] difficult thing to do but if you look across the country, 65 are sent of the jobs are being created by nine states. those nine states have one thing in common -- they don't have an income tax. it's something i'm very passionate about and it's a long-term project. it's something i continue to talk about because if we want to stay competitive 10, 30, 20 years down the road we need to stay competitive. we will need your future support in order to take the majority in 2014. thank you very much. [applause] >> let's hear an update from the iowa house. [applause] >> thank you all for being here tonight. good to be out another
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successful republican event. it is encouraging for me and tose of us in the delegation see so many of you excited and enthusiastic about supporting us. on the half of speaker paulson and the majority leader who could not be here tonight, you are left with the only member of the house leadership team, me, the majority whip. they know how important you have been towards all of our success statewide. they wanted me to make sure that you knew that. we held the majority and had significant tax reform and don't forget because we have a majority in the iowa house. it was just a few short years ago and i see my front back there who knows what we had to
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fight against in the minority. andificant budget deficits the radical labor agenda. all of those things that we we don't have to worry about that now. we turned that deficit into a surplus. we have been able to provide tax relief to iowans because of the majority that you have given us in the house. we thank you very much for that. to recognize the members of the house republican caucus here tonight and i believe there are a few of them from pull county. representative ralph walked to represent spoke city now and i have not seen him tonight. is he here? there he is. is a rock. you can count on him every time. west des
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he's really been leading the charge for us, chair of the commerce committee. kevin. friend and we have two freshman members of our delegation, representative jake from johnson and john lennon. is he here? guysted to point those two out because they have hit the ground running. we had a lot on our plate and i can tell you they are diligent and they jumped right in doing a great job. we have a big part of our success from jake and john. thank you for bringing them to us. without further a do, i just wanted to make sure that you know how much we appreciated you. and in closing, i appreciate new. i survived the closest legislative election in the state last fall and that is part of holding the majority.
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i did it because of the help of a lot of you in this audience and a lot of you deck and should be did time to help will, ryan, his team, to have resources available to me. it's not just fundraising events. is that getting republicans elected, which is what we are all about. i appreciated a great deal. have a great night. [applause] >> i was driving across the state the other day with darrell . we saw one of those whooping cranes standing on one leg and darrell said, why do they stand on one leg? i said if they lifted it up they would fall on their butts. oh well. it's free. come on.
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we are trillions of dollars in debt and we have an expensive, explosive government devouring .ore of our lives ever every spending scheme well evidentially have its own spending scheme and they will have to monetize the debt with inflation which is another tax .o steal your savings account every new dollar is a blighted .ur freedom you are working half of your time for government and that your freedom going away. we have a great opportunity in the senate so i would ask everybody here to get to know these u.s. senate candidates. pick one. contribute. tell your friends. this is a really big deal. to have twoance
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good united states senators from iowa and when that decision is made in the primary at the end, it's important that we be all in . get behind that person. if we are going to win, it's going to have to be a crusade like 1980. those of you that are old enough to have been with us at that time, remember what it was? it really was a crusade. it was not just a campaign. that is what it's going to take this time. see is that thing i there are some people that like to shoot inside the tent.
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being a guy from the nra, i know it's not a good idea when you shoot inside the tent. badmouth one of our candidates or officeholders, we are helping obama and the opposition. we've got to stop doing that. [applause] i'm not sure i have spotted all of the candidates but that's the lead up to recognizing our senate candidates. matt whittaker, i know you are in the room. [applause] sam, i don't know if sam is here, but let's give him a hand. here's a good guy. [applause] young, grassley's chief of staff. [applause]
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shaben. [applause] paul lundy. joni ernst. [applause] is.e she col. ernst. that's our senate team. we have a very big deal in the governor andr the lieutenant governor. keep that in mind then let's work for these people. a very big deal. is tom here? where is he? [applause] my old friend, i will tell you,
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we have had a long run. years ago.uddy not be more proud. he is part of the leadership and he is one heck of a guy. come up here and give a federal report. tell us how you're going to slay the dragons inside the way. [applause] >> thank you for that wonderful introduction. it was probably about 28 years i was county chairman up in franklin county. i get a phone call from this
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weird guy in des moines. is kate and robinson. he wanted me to run for the state committee. was kane robinson. thursday, i finally made a decision. somehow i one. he has been a backup for moses and his jokes have not gotten any better. he needs a lot of new material. thank you very much for your leadership. i don't know how many of you are aware. [applause] will was my campaign manager a few cycles ago. a greatmeone who is
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leader for the party and let me say a few things. i am proud to have the opportunity to represent paul county. it means so much to me. if it had not been for the hard work of you folks here tonight to make sure that the margin was very close. because of you, we were able to win a decisive victory and i just want to say thank you for the great job you've done. [applause] this is an extremely important weekend. monday is veterans day. of us will take time to do something to honor our veterans on monday and the rest of the year. could we have all of the veteran standup? let's give them a round of applause. the reason for our freedom.
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[applause] thank you all for your tremendous service to our country. you are the reason we are here tonight and to speak openly about the big issues of this country and what is so important for our kids and grandchildren. did you hear the president this afternoon? he apologized for misleading the american people for the last five years with the health care bill. knowing all along that what he was saying was not true. that you cannot keep your policy if you like it. ladies and gentlemen, i think we are going to see the greatest
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opportunity for republicans in we pullt cycle if together in nominate good candidates who can carry our message. you going to see this health care bill only get worse and worse. you look at people who are losing their policies. premiums going through the roof. deductibles going through the roof. co-pay going through the roof. going to be outraged and that is just the individual mandate. wait until october 1 when employers have to make the decision because the employer mandate was delayed a year. decision to make that one month before the election next year. just wait and see what employees losingthis country are their healthcare or the employer says you're only working 29 hours a week.
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you're not a full-time employee. you are not that important. ladies and gentlemen, we are going to see the biggest of big government programs we've ever seen in this country. [applause] the fights that we have had, not pretty to watch. do you think any american does not know where republicans stand on the president's healthcare bill? do you think any republican doesn't understand that we have free-market solutions to do the right thing for this country? they get it and they will certainly have it driven into their heads by the next two elections. i implore everyone here to pull together and let's make sure we have a huge victory next november. it is there for us because it is
8:46 pm
absolutely critical that we change what's going on in washington. the frustration i have every day as we do things in the house of representatives to see it die with harry reid over in the outrage.t is an we have to change it. we have a great opportunity right here to be the difference maker for our country. let's pull together. god bless you. thank you very much. [applause] >> he criticizes my joke. but they should ask you about old dog in some time. energy is something we are all interested in but if you ever go with grassley around the state
8:47 pm
he does all 99 counties and then does some of them again and again. he can do anything he wants because he's chuck grassley and he's is our hero. where are you? [applause] there he is. is always up on the chair or running with soldiers. he's our hero. thank you for all of your service.
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we have a terrific team running this state at the executive level. very, very good team that we could be proud of. thateputation was so good the governor was governor, not governor, then we asked him to be governor again. he doing a great job but he's having fun. the energy is terrific. the lieutenant governor is someone we can be very proud of. she's articulate. she's going places. she's taking the state places. lieutenant governor kam reynolds. [applause] >> good afternoon. thank you for that great introduction. we certainly appreciate everything that you've done for the republican party over the years. it's great to be here at the fall dinner.
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and orn rogers publicans, congratulations on putting together another excellent event. perry, welcome back to iowa. senator cruz was here last month and it's good to have another texan in the hawkeye state. over the past few weeks, it's thate increasingly clear america is a nation without executive leadership. as president obama refuses to compromise on out-of-control spending and continues engaging in partisan fights, americans should look to republican- governed the states for how to assign defect to ban the good government and that's the way we should be operating. and the democratic stronghold of new jersey, chris christie brought fiscal common sense to
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the governor's mansion and after years of budget mismanagement at east coast liberals, governor aris christie has signed three straight balanced budgets without raising taxes. what a novel concept? how about that? [applause] christie has lowered taxes by $2.3 billion to keep things competitive for small business. in a statement democrats outnumber by 800,000, governor christie's leadership carried him to reelection by 22 percentage points. another great example, new mexico republican susanna martinez and inherited the largest ritual deficit in history and in a bipartisan a 450 milliong dollar budget shortfall into a surplus and here you go again, a
8:51 pm
without raising taxes. governor martinez has increased to state deserve from 4.9% 13.5%. in iowa, we are fortunate to have the hardest working governor in america. note or suspect, governor perry. [applause] no disrespect. he works tirelessly to do everything he can to make sure i will continues to be a great place to raise your family, work, and live. we have gone from a $900 million budget deficit to eight and $900 .illion surplus the unemployment rate has 4.9% androm 6.1% to we're the eighth lowest in the nation. we made the tough decision to get our fiscal house in order and we were able to pass the
8:52 pm
largest tax cut in the state history which amounts to $4.4 billion over 10 years. [applause] we passed transformational educational reform and our education curriculum will be developed and implemented locally, not by the federal government. [applause] the leadership in america is coming from republican-governed a state in the results you will hear about tonight from our guest speaker are no different. under governor rick perry, texas has added 274,000 new jobs in 51,000 moremonths, than california over the same time. it's because were taking them all from california. 12% of all jobs added nationwide in texas. one thirdted nearly
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of the nation's highest paying jobs. americans are taking notice of taxes results and limited government approach. results. of texas' let's watch a short video before we invite governor. to the stage. to the stage. gorilla the 800 pound in this race. tea party hero, small government, evangelical christian. >> hey, sarge. rick perry from texas. how are you? yourare to be here in presence. thank you for your service.
8:54 pm
-- an honor to be here. at this one with the aircraft on it. get out of here. yes, sir. 96th infantry? who were you with? 97 fiasco -- 97th? thank you for your service. how many years do you have on your old body? >> 87. >> my dad is 86. he was on the b 17's.
8:55 pm
god bless him. he didn't get a scratch on him. he came back home. i really appreciate you coming out. thank you for your time to put on the uniform and you honor our veterans. god bless you. [applause] >> thanks again for giving me the pleasure, the owner, and the privilege to serve as your lieutenant governor. now please join me in welcoming governor rick perry. [applause] >> thank you. i appreciate it. you are the best.
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let me know when i can ever help. [applause] thank you. thank you. i've got some really fond memories of campaigning here. caucus.g in the iowa the only thing i regret is taking that really big bite out of that veggie corn a dog up the state fair. i'm probably going to see that one again sometime. do you think sony?-- do you think so? feele son of a farmer, i after the coming here because i think it is your midwestern value, your sense of community, your deep and abiding faith. i grewnded of the place
8:57 pm
up in. the only difference is we rarely had any snow. we specialized in cattle instead of hogs and we grew cattle instead of corn. loveak tonight out of a for but a deep concern in our country. we have lost our way. our national debt is ouroximately the size of national gdp. best i can tell, there's no serious plan for us to address that. a number of americans on food stamps has more than doubled over the last decade. secretary ville sacked once called the food stamp program " an economic stimulus" -- secretary vilsack said they were a stimulus. they cannot find good work.
8:58 pm
they are confined to government dependency. today, we are watching this new national healthcare law literally unravel before our eyes. the president said no one would lose their health plan. except of course the millions of americans who will. "next herush limbaugh, will be saying if you like your gardens you will be able to keep guns." if you like your [laughter] [applause] instead of solving problems, our leaders shut down government. it's amazing to me that the obama administration is capable of barricading a war memorial despite the government being shut down but they cannot operate a website when it gets up and running. you know, it's not just the political parties disagreements
8:59 pm
but they are so disagreeable. our leaders have forgotten how to govern. believe me. i know a few things about forgetting. [laughter] [applause] when millions of americans cannot trust the president about something so fundamental levels their health care, the damage is far greater than one a president parses words and tries to tell us what the definition of "is'" is. if i may be so bold to quote a t-shirt maker from minnesota, the nsa is the only part of government that is actually listening. [applause]
9:00 pm
washington is so determined to enact their ideological agenda that they refuse to listen to the plight of working americans. they don't care if people lose their health insurance because in in their estimation, the american people can't determine what level of coverage that they need. they don't care that treating carbon dioxide as a pollutant will destroy jobs and industry because they are too busy pandering to environmental extremists. they don't care that every child born into america today will inherit more than $54,000 in national debt because their experiment in big government is too important to them. we are losing the country we love to a government that is too big, too arrogant, to controlling of our everyday lives.
9:01 pm
us, the menent upon and women in this room, to take our country back. thatieve that the answer ills our nation are not going to be found in washington dc. i think those answers are going to be found in the states. the only hope for america is that the common sense found on main street emerges into a movement that sweeps across this country. we have got to turn away from washington to find answers. we need to look to red states that are outperforming blue states, states that are cutting taxes, controlling spending, balancing budgets and creating jobs. the change we are looking for is not a speech with a lofty rhetoric. what we're looking for can be found in the record of governors
9:02 pm
like susanna martinez, rick scott, terry branstad. [applause] areervative governors who cutting taxes and controlling spending and investing in jobs. signed theanstad largest tax cut in iowa history. addedno wonder iowa has -- $7.3jobs and 7 billion in economic projects under his watch. [applause] i get up every day and go to don't,cause i know if i he will be there. kim.e will send he is a serious governor making a real difference. iowa's futuree --
9:03 pm
is bright. he has assembled an incredible team. his strongest asset is here with us tonight. the lieutenant governor is part of that ramstad -- ramstad administration. [applause] she deserves our thanks. she is dedicated to this state. there are states like iowa that are succeeding. then there are states that are sinking. there are states that are in trouble, states like california, illinois, california. [laughter] they are states that are on the rise. debt is exploding. n personal income are fleeing the states. -- capital and personal income are fleeing the states. if you live in california and you rent a u-haul to move your
9:04 pm
twice as muchsts to go from san francisco to austin, texas than the other way around because you cannot find a truck big enough that you can afford to flee california. that is a fact. [applause] home state is creating more jobs than any other state in the nation. we are rated as the best citizens climate nine years in a row. the reason for that is not rocket science. we cut taxes. we didn't spend all the money. we created fair and unpredictable regulations. we put legal reforms into place so that you would not be sued frivolously and then we got out of way. because of that, we have an abundance of jobs and revenue. we are demonstrating that while you can't spend your way to prosperity, with the right policy, you can grow yourself there. visions in our
9:05 pm
country that are playing out. there is this washington blue state vision and one that is being enacted in red states. out,ision that wins whether the big government protectionist nanny state offered by democratic leaders or the limited government, the free states freedom-loving that are offered by republican governors, they are going to determine the future of our nation. america cannot sustain its current fiscal course. we cannot continue to borrow trillions from bankers in .eijing and brazil and tokyo the downgrading of our credit for the first time two years ago shouldn't have surprised anyone.
9:06 pm
our leaders were fighting over a few billion in spending cuts while our debt soared by trillions in the last five years. long before our president presided over our downgrading of our credit, he was downgrading our standing in the world. he alienated israel. he emboldened iran. he muddled through the arab spring aimlessly without any coherent foreign policy. in his latest gambit in syria was a demonstration of weakness in a world that needs a strong america. it, weis miller put gotta be the only country in the world that says a -- sensei save day attacksave the
9:07 pm
card. [applause] tois not in our interest give advance warning to an enemy. as an old air force pilot, i will tell you, we want the first sign of our coming to the craters in their soil. [applause] we have to reestablish america's primacy in the world and it starts with a foreign policy that ronald reagan referred to as peace through strength. it is not too late. [applause] it is not too late for america to lead in the world. we can do it again but only, only if we get our house in order first. our national debt is a national security issue. the nationalization of our health care system will only further erode our economy.
9:08 pm
borders left unenforced leave us subject to future attacks. it is time for washington to focus on the few things that the constitution establishes as the federal government's role, securing the borders, defending our country, delivering a cogent foreign policy. get out of the health care business. get out of the education business. [applause] stop hammering our industries. let the sleeping giant of american industry create russ parity again. -- prosperity again. that is the code that we have to put into place. it is the code we have to stand by. the people in this room, those sense with this renewed of purpose in this country can lead america back to greatness again. i stand ready to work with you to create that. god bless you and thank you all for letting me come tonight and be a part of this. [applause]
9:09 pm
perry. you, governor dinner.the rob kelly i think everybody in the room was aizes that rob kelly major factor in the government in iowa. he supported all of the leading republican candidates and the party and really made a difference.
9:10 pm
his son, bruce kelly does the same thing. [applause] right there. nick van patten, come on up. nick is the finest chairman of the polk county republican party. [applause] >> hi, everybody. how is everybody tonight? it was a wonderful dinner, wasn't it? very good. before i start my little spiel. i need to have able come up here and talk to you about something. [applause] >> you normally see me behind- the-scenes. this must be met promotion. [laughter] mom and dad made my face on c-
9:11 pm
span. this is something very special, more than just a souvenir. the click you saw tonight from the movie "caucus," if you have not seen it, i would greatly encourage you to go see it. -- in thisus and room are actually in it. this is a year and a half of our lives that we lived. polk county has put together a special viewing on tuesday, the 19th at 7:00 p.m. if you come with your ticket, this is your discount. if you have not seen it, please, i encourage you to see it. take your friends. take your family. you will enjoy it. this movie explains what living in a caucus state is all about. this is more than just a souvenir. keep it, take it, enjoy it. thank you all for coming. [applause] >> thank you, april. that was very well presented. i am up here now to thank
9:12 pm
everybody. as you heard, darrell is the one behind-the-scenes. also there is april and ryan. you heard ryan's name. did everyone get to see where you are at? is he in here? no? ryan is another one in the office. there are a lot of other people. they work diligently, daily to make sure that we have this picnic. as well as our getting you guys informed with what is going on. the rob kelly dinner is what helps raising the money so we can do all these events as well as helping candidates as well. i want to thank everybody for being here tonight. i tell you what, every time i come to one of these great events, i learn something new. how much did you guys learn tonight? you guys had to learn a lot tonight. [applause]
9:13 pm
you learn what is going on in the state of iowa. you learned what is going on in this federal level. rob kelly, thank you again for having this whole program. this is a wonderful thing. thank you. now, i am here to show you guys -- you see it on your table. it always gets covered up with the food and other things, your napkins. it is called the rob kelly club membership. all the renewals are coming up. everybody, please pick them up. they sit there and they see it and they know pick it up and they leave. it is very important that you guys join the rob kelly club. the rob kelly club, like i said, is what makes all this happened. that as you have experienced tonight -- when you look at it, you see all the different categories. i always go through the 2500, you can read that, the 1000, the 500, then there is this basic
9:14 pm
$250 one. everybody here can afford $250. it is only $21 -- actually $20.83 a month. $.69 a day. you can't even get a starbucks coffee for $.69 a day. here go to the coffee house and buy a copy every day? raise your hands. i know it is more than that. everybody, it is very important that we all -- the renault was a coming up, and it is important that everybody join. perry did a fantastic job. thank you. reenergizing the grassroots and talking about everything we have here in the midwest. thank you so much. kim, wonderful job as always.
9:15 pm
chris, there you are over there. thank you. it is wonderful that we had all you good speakers tonight. i am going to have will come up here. i want to thank you guys very much. if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here tonight. thank you for being part of this. thank you. [applause] close, alsoefore we on your table is something new that we are going to try to establish here in polk county. we want to know what kind of experience you had. on your table, there is one form. if somebody would volunteer to sign and fill that out. let us know about your experience for this evening. we will be e-mailing these out as well. i would like to thank robinson so much for being here tonight and being our mc. republicansty iowa wrapping up their fundraising dinner after hearing from texas governor rick perry who is in the state or a two-day swing.
9:16 pm
it is his first visit to the state since the election of 2012. we are opening up phone lines to find out your thoughts on the future of the republican party. using the #cspanchat. look at the dallas morning news poll. theing ahead to 2016, headline says texas republicans love ted cruz but rick perry, not so much. this was a public survey. according to their poll, 32% of republicans favor cruz. 13% want jeb bush. 10% want rand paul. six percent favor bobby. five percent like marco rubio and paul ryan.
9:17 pm
the survey found kerry "incredibly weak on the homefront." that is the public policy polling survey in the dallas morning news. let's go to florida on our republican mine. this is brian. good evening. >> i would like to say i appreciate all the information i have been receiving. i appreciate the honesty with the investigation of everything that has been going on. that wet very sorry finally caught the president lying. >> you are talking about the comments the president made earlier this evening? we will see if we can bring up a story to reference. larry is next. hello there. >> hello. , of course.rat not of course, but i am a democrat.
9:18 pm
i was a republican at one time. it is commonly known that a democrat is a broke republican. think that in today's world, if you don't have a lot of money, you are better off not having any. my opinion of what is going to happen to the rule the look and -- the republican party is that tea baggers will have their day. they won't carry the majority of the nation. pullwill not be able to the nation back into the past or even freeze it where it is. they are going to be very strong for a while. >> do you think that rick perry
9:19 pm
is one of their stronger potential candidates for 2016? is -- i don't want to say not real smart -- he is either not real smart or not well read. when he was in the debates last time, common questions that were asked of him, he didn't -- ask him to state some of the that he might want to enhance and he couldn't remember the names of any of them. >> that is larry from florida. a tweet from kathy of the des moines register, governor perry calls on the federal government to we have a caller earlier mention president obama. here is the headline in the hill. obama apologizes for saying people could keep their health
9:20 pm
plans. they reporting on an nbc interview today. obama apologized to americans losing their health care despite his promise that individuals who like their plans could keep them. i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me." that is part of the interview he did with nbc today. future of your party and what you thought of rick perry? >> i like what rick perry had to say. i do agree with the democrat down in florida. i do not think he is the man to carry the banner. goes, as the tea party the conservative side of the republican party, the republicans stand to lose the support of people such as i and i speak for many down here in georgia that are fed up with us bobcan party giving
9:21 pm
dole, mccain and romney who took off his foot from the gas pedal. now, they are promoting christie is why obamapinion got reelected. also, when does a democrat president call a republican governor and congratulate him? we are fed up down here. i can tell you, i have been voting since 1972. if kristi is the nominee -- heistie is the nominee and is not a republican, i will not vote. >> let's go to our democrat line next. good evening. >> good evening. i used to be a republican. willruz and the tea party have to legalize illegal
9:22 pm
immigrants. >> to milwaukee we go. independent mind, steve is on. >> hi. i am praying for the republicans now. i was raised democrat. [inaudible] the only republican i ever voted for before romney -- >> what about your governor? scott walker has been mentioned as a potential candidate in 2016. >> i hope not. i vote for him -- [inaudible]
9:23 pm
i think the republican party has a candidate who could get a large percentage of the popular vote. >> steve, thanks for the call. the democrats tweeting this evening, looking at the iowa event. they say -- that is from the national democratic party, the party releasing figures that were the result of what the government shutdown had cost. here is eerie, pennsylvania. we hear from coral. this is a republican mine.
9:24 pm
>> i just wanted to bring up that if i were a democrat, i would be ashamed of this health care fiasco. they are putting all this on college students, the young people who have to pay back their student loans and try to get themselves -- try to buy a house and everything. there is no way they are going to be able to. why isn't it brought up that the sed the spending bill to allow these veterans -- the soldiers who were killed, to cover their expenses. harry reid wouldn't even bring it before the senate. this doesn't make any sense to me. they keep blaming the tea party. my god, they are trying to save our country. >> it looks like congress could see health-care legislation next week. the headline, unveiling obamacare mandates.
9:25 pm
on that note, a tweet from chad who covers congress for fox news. boehner says there is news that democrats will bring a ill to the floor next week in the house that will do that. no word on whether that bill will be taken up at the senate. mississippi on our democrat line, it is peggy. >> hello. something --to say i am 62 years old. most of my life, i was republican. within the last 15 years, i have changed the democrat. the reason why is because of the tea party.
9:26 pm
, the republicans seem to thrive on the tea party. that is going to be their downfall. they are not going to be able to be the party they once were and it is a shame that all of the republicans are bowing down to them and they are going to lose many members because of that. >> we are asking about the future of the republican party after tuesday, chris christie winning by a landslide in new jersey. a headline here -- that is from the hill. let's go to our republican line next and hear from maryland.
9:27 pm
frank, hello. >> hello. i just wanted to say, all my life i was a democrat and now i have joined the tea party. there are less people working today than when barack obama took over. we have $17 trillion in debt right now. the party that is pushing for more spending is the democrat party. there is destruction of the health care system and there is more people on food stamps today than there were when barack obama took over. >> frank -- why i joinedhis is the tea party. i am more concerned about the future of america and the future of the democrat party. what is he going to do next?
9:28 pm
i am not that concerned about the future of the republican party because this party is for the people. >> frank on the republican mine. here is miami, florida. independent line, i. >> hi. >> hi, go ahead. >> i just want to say that independent comer of public and, democrats, they have let us down. people, myle-class husband and i. we don't have any children. we pay a tremendous amount of , before obama care. ok. i just went to the drugstore and bought my husband's medicines and they went up from one month to the other. ok. they told me that it was because
9:29 pm
obama, obama, obama, obama. i am so sick of -- nobody cares about the middle class. nobody. republicans and democrats, independents, they all want to get reelected and that is all they care for. i think that is a shame. i came from peru and i waited seven years, seven years to get my visa. admite are supposed to everybody here and everybody has to have health insurance and drivers license and everything. what is this? this is a disgrace. --ple that are waiting people and consulates all over the world are waiting years and years, going through all the allrwork and fulfilling their requirements. >> we will let you go there and see if we can get a couple more views on the future of the republican party. president obama was in dallas
9:30 pm
yesterday talking about the health care law. he is in new orleans tomorrow speaking at the port of new orleans. we will have live coverage here on c-span beginning at 1:10 tomorrow afternoon talking about economic growth in new orleans. colorado, democrats line, colin, hi there. >> thank you for taking my call. thank you for c-span. veteran andam era it hurts me to see this country becoming more of a socialist party. i wish that with all the smart minds we have in america, that we will have more people stand up and go for the presidency. it is a very tough thing to do. it seems like we have to have hundreds of millions of dollars to even try. only the rich can do that.
9:31 pm
i went to the pharmacy again today. it is being controlled by the insurance company, what kind of medicine, how much you can have per month, is being controlled by the insurance companies. it is absolutely becoming more of a socialist country. wish -- i volunteered for so many things in america. i believe in volunteering and helping this country. i was one of the first to come into the country. >> thank you for your comments. let's get a couple more on the future of the republican party. this tweak is from scott.
9:32 pm
let's hear from our republican line. lori is in sierra vista, arizona. >> hi. hello? hi there. thank you for taking my call. my husband and i have been using health insurance exchanges for 25 years here in arizona. as government employees. every year, they change. that is just the normal procedure. we have always had very good health care and our health insurance has always been an important part of our monthly household budget. we prioritize that. it is extremely important to us. all of the uproar that republicans -- i am a republican. people understand why aren't thinking of how important
9:33 pm
their health insurance is for their longevity, long-term health care. the sooner we get on health insurance and take better care of our health, the more we are going to save money when we get to medicare. that is an important point that people aren't really focusing on. protection in affordable care act is going to be saving a lot of money for medicare. >> we appreciate you bringing up that point of view. kansas, we will hear from vernon. hello. independent line. >> oh, yes. i would like to say to the republican party, i was one for many years. i am now an independent. say, a tea party member. >> what do you hesitate to say it? >> the tea party is not very well thought of.
9:34 pm
, what really parties --about both i understand why the republicans have become kind of a mutated elephant. they too have decatur. those the cater to government has created to get votes just to survive. my biggest hangup about both parties is simply this. they are more interested in party power and reelection than office ton the represent and make decisions which are the best for all people. i don't care about labels. i just want the united states to stay strong.
9:35 pm
one other thing, i would just wish that instead of talking a $17 trillion indebtedness, how about just that withe truth unfunded liabilities, it is $70 trillion. even the chinese are backing off from buying our debt. hope that somewhere, somehow, we as a country can get back to being a proud country. the politicians will do what is best for the country, not their party, for the reelection. >> vernon, we appreciate that. that will be the last word for this evening. more tomorrow morning on "washington journal" on c-span.
9:36 pm
you can see the comments from rick perry anytime on our video library at the the head of the consumer financial protection bureau said today that the bureau does not intend to delay. that is next on c-span. remarks from former senator judd gregg. he is critical of ted cruz and their tea party. the senate backed a bill that would make discrimination in the lesbian, gay,nst bisexual and transgender americans illegal. that is later. >> on the next "washington wald talksalex seitz- about the constitution. the head of the center for disease control and prevention will join us to discuss cdc
9:37 pm
priorities. that, a look at the cdc report on population trends, growth rates and health care in the u.s.. joining us is stephanie ventura of the national center for health statistics. ""washington journal quote is live each morning at 7:00 eastern on c-span. government'sf the top consumer watchdog agency, richard cordray sat down with ben white to talk about the priorities of the financial protection bureau. the bureau was created by the 2010. franklin. --. franklin. -- dodd frank law. this is 45 minutes.
9:38 pm
gentlemen, please welcome politico's chief economic correspondent, ben white. [applause] >> i am the chief economic reporter for politico. author of the morning money column. on my note, it says it is a must read for anyone who cares about wall street. i do not know if it is a must read, but we hope you read. we are honored to have the director of the consumer financial protection bureau. a few housekeeping notes. if you have cell phones, we would be happy to have you tweet the event. just turn them on vibrate. i have a tab to get twitter questions if you have those for me.
9:39 pm
i would like to thank the foundation for their partnership. we are appreciative of their efforts. here to say a few words is michael peterson, the president and chief operating officer. [applause] >> good morning. welcome today. the nonpartisan mission is to increase awareness and accelerate action on america's long-term fiscal challenges. we just made it through a government shutdown. we just have a couple months before we have similar deadlines. we think it is important to move beyond governing by crisis and institute a long-term fiscal plan. we need to get our long-term fiscal plan in order.
9:40 pm
governing by crisis hurts the economy. governing by crisis reduced to gdp. on top of all of the other economic challenges, we are adding insult to injury and self-inflicted wounds. this is also affecting american families. three out of four voters say they are concerned their financial situation will worsen as a result of crisis-driven policies. it is hurting families. it is a consumer issue. i can think of no one we would rather hear from than richard cordray, the first director of the consumer protection bureau. we look forward to good discussion today. [applause] >> thank you for your continued support.
9:41 pm
i would like to welcome everybody on live stream and those watching on c-span. without further ado, i would like to introduce richard cordray. [applause] >> i always think we should have entrance music like at a basketball game. are you a basketball player? >> forward. >> how about power forward? >> that would not be justified. >> i wanted to start a little more broadly with some comments from elizabeth warren giving a speech today in which she says the system is still rigged against families in favor of powerful interests.
9:42 pm
it seems like we are now four years on from the worst of the financial crisis, some of the worst abuses of the mortgage industry. surprising that she would say it is still rigged despite all of the work that has been done, the passage of dodd-frank. do you think that is true, that the system is still rigged against working families in favor of powerful interests? >> i have not seen those remarks. i am always interested to hear what senator warren has to say. congress clearly made a judgment that a new agency needed to be created, that there is someone to stand on the side of the average consumer to make sure they are treated fairly in the marketplace. that is a big part of our role.
9:43 pm
we are concerned about every individual consumer to make sure they are treated fairly and that the market is working for average americans so they can understand pricing and risk and make judgments about their choices that they can live with over the long term. that is the work we will continue to be doing over the next several years. >> do you think we are safer now than we were in 2009 in terms of the mortgage products we use, student loans. have we made a fair amount of progress in protecting consumers from where we were four years ago? >> there is no question that the mortgage market will be safer and function better with our new rules that take effect january 10. they were designed to root out some of the most responsible practicessible
9:44 pm
that blew up the mortgage market. the card act that was enacted several years ago -- we were tasked with reporting on the affects of the card act, how that has affected the average consumer in the credit card marketplace. we found there have been a number of positive effects from the statute. every day that the consumer bureau is doing its work, we are making further progress to clean up. yesterday, we put out the beginning piece of the process to revise debt collectors. that is our focus and the work we are doing.
9:45 pm
it is positive and will continue to be positive for consumers. >> speaking of the qualified residential mortgage rule and the ability to pay -- two things that are controversial in the mortgage market, a number of republican congressmen wrote you a letter saying the industry is not ready for this, the marketplace is not ready for this, it is going to inhibit the flow of mortgages, it will be too hard for smaller institutions to comply as of january 10. what do you say to those people? >> nine extra days. [laughter] >> that will fix everything. what is your response to those who say we are not ready to implement these rules? explain what these two rules mean and whether or not we are ready to implement them.
9:46 pm
>> the rule that the cfpb was required to write. the qrm rule is the ability to repay rule. it is a simple principle. you might wonder why we need a rule to tell lenders that when you lend money to a borrower, you should pay careful attention to the borrower's ability to repay. it seems like lending 101. in the mortgage market, it was not at all the norm, particularly with the securitization in the secondary market. people made loans that were not sustainable over the long term or even the fairly short term. they were able to sell them in the secondary market. they began to fail and pay close attention to whether those funds worked for the borrower.
9:47 pm
the borrowers should have known better. the pricing on the loans was opaque. they might be advertised over a teaser rate as if that would be for the life of the loan. there were a lot of problems. as to the letter and the observation, it is a curious observation. the way congress passed dodd- frank -- title 14 of the law would have taken effect of its own accord at the beginning of january 2013. 10 months ago now. it would've had a new framework. it is not as though our qm rule has altered the status quo and without it the status will would have continued to operate as it was. change was coming. it was embedded in the statute.
9:48 pm
fact that we wrote that rule delayed the implementation of the changes in the market by one year. we have given industry an extra year beyond the two years to begin to get ready for this. the vast majority of institutions are ready. it is important that we continue to move ahead. certainty in the mortgage market is critical to the emerging and continuing housing recovery. many institutions have taken this seriously and gotten themselves into position. there are other things building onto the qm regime. the longer that is delayed, the longer it delays further steps, such as gse reform, being able to build on a platform of knowing where we are. we just received that letter.
9:49 pm
we will look carefully at it as we do with all input. there is quite a bit of interest in this at the moment. >> you are not inclined to delay implementation. >> it is not clear what the dates should be. our hard work to get these rules in place was a considerable burden. it means that industry has actually had more time than they would have originally anticipated. we have worked closely with industry over the implementation of the rules. industry wants us to clarify points so they would not have to guess at them or to clarify operational points. we have done a lot of hard work around the project we call regulatory implementation. what i have said -- and i think
9:50 pm
this is important -- the rules take effect january 10. in order to examine for compliance, we have to have time to assess compliance. in the early months after that deadline, what we are looking for is good faith efforts to come into substantial compliance with the rules, not perfection. we all share the same attitude. some of the concerns have been significantly overblown. >> i want to drill down on 2 points of that. smaller institutions say they do not have the compliance staff to be ready for this by january 10. mortgage lenders say they are not clear what they can do outside the qm rule. i guess there will be some leeway while they figure that out. how do you address the institutions who say they cannot comply because they do not have the staff and the larger institutions?
9:51 pm
>> in terms of community institutions that say they cannot comply, i am not sure who those are. we wrote in a further provision in the rule. we did not have to do this. we were convinced that there was reason to treat institutions differently. any smaller institutions with less than $2 billion in assets have special provisions. some of them may still be unaware of that. we continue to try to get the word out about that. if it is mortgage servicing they are concerned about, if they are servicing 5000 fewer mortgages per year, they are exempt from significant chunks of the servicing rule. we have tried to take account of that. the non-qm lending.
9:52 pm
i have tried to be clear about this. the ability to replay is not revolutionary in lending. it codifies commonsense principles that responsible lenders have followed for decades. if you have underwriting standards that you have followed and those loans have performed well through the crisis, which is the worst economic event probably of our lifetime, certainly to date, then you should continue making those loans. if they happen to fall in the qm category, those are good performing loans. it would be bad business to leave the money on the table. i have tried to be forceful about that. the difference between a non-qm loan and a qm loan is small.
9:53 pm
we have attempted to quantify it and we encourage others to give us their data. we estimate it is typically 15 or fewer basis points. it is not a huge effect on the market. >> there is going to be a quiz after this on the qm rule and you will have to give me the details. i would like to turn to someone from politico who has a question for you from someone on the hill. >> obviously, the bureau has taken a lot of heat from republican lawmakers. who are the republicans you reach out to that you are closest with to get a sense of what their primary concerns are? >> i have tried to be evenhanded and reach out to all of the republicans to talk about these issues. that includes the current and past chairman of the financial services committee and the
9:54 pm
ranking member -- the current ranking member and the former ranking member on the senate side. i have said this again and again. maybe i came to washington a little naïve. congressional oversight is very advantageous to our bureau. some of it reflects concern or opposition to the concept of the bureau. to people who are looking carefully at everything we do and pointing out concerns and issues that we should be attentive to, that is good input for us. you always hope your friends will tell you if you have food in your teeth. sometimes it is people who are less sensitive to you who are or inclined to point those things out. but you need to hear it. for us to be attentive to people's concerns -- it has been
9:55 pm
true on a number of different fronts -- helps us scrub our operation and help us be where we should be, which is managing these types of concerns. i will be testifying in front of the senate banking committee on tuesday. i am required to do it at least every six months. typically, it has been a bit more frequent than that. i always value that opportunity and look forward to it again next week. >> republicans on the house financial services committee like to see you and really enjoy your company. >> i try to help them enjoy my company. >> on the questions of oversight and pushback responses from industry, what are one or two examples of things that you have responded to or changed based on that oversight or feedback, particularly about the review process with banks?
9:56 pm
there were concerns that there were enforcements and they were more adversarial than they should have been. tell us how you changed on that front and if there are areas based on congressional oversight, you made changes? >> we think about from time to time how we are allocating our resources. initial adjustments are not necessarily the right judgments over the long term. when we need to adjust, we adjust. the subcommittee chair raised the question of how transparent was our regulatory agenda. he noted the fcc tended to publish a forward-looking agenda and that we had not done so. i was not familiar with that practice at other agencies.
9:57 pm
early on, it was not so easy for us to do. when you are building an agency from scratch, you do not have a lot of fully formed future plans. we now publish a regulatory agenda. it is fairly predictive of where we are going in the next six or 12 months. i told him i thought that was a helpful input for us. werewe were doing was, we submitting that information to omb. they published it on their website. another example is that senator crapo has been clear about data collection. that has prompted a dialogue
9:58 pm
between our staff and his staff, myself and him, and senators and representatives who have indicated that concern. that has reminded us that data is sensitive. we need to be sensitive to data and privacy concerns. we have to comply carefully with federal law. it is important to us to get the story out. we have to have data to do our jobs. when congress requires us to write a report about the credit card market, whether it needs to be changed or tweaked or updated, if we do not know anything about the credit card market, we cannot possibly do that job in a way that is useful to congress. when we write mortgage rules, having the data to understand what we are doing and be able to assess its impact over time, which may require revisions over the next two years, is critical to us doing our work in an
9:59 pm
informed and intelligent way. if we are shooting in the dark without information, that is not going to be good for anybody. >> you are compiling this massive database of information. i do not know what they are afraid this data will be used for. do you think it is unwarranted that there is a massive database being formed of consumer complaints? >> it is a topic. some of the input we received underscores the closest attention from us. it is not enough to say we need information to do our work and we do not pay attention to concerns around that. nothing would undermine the work of the agency more than four people to get a sense that we are not paying attention to
10:00 pm
federal law in those respects. it's also important to understand what this data is for. the information we collect is very different from the purposes the industry itself collects. industry, typically, for example they want to know about richard. what did i spend? what did i go? that's an entirely different approach than what we're doing which is we're monitoring these institutions for how they -- how they treat consumers. it's an aggregate, a pattern type of thing. we don't care what richard corddry spent last night. what we care about is what kind -- fees and pricing. we have to be able to keep up with understanding what they're doing to consumers. >> you said you didn't