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tv   First Ladies  CSPAN  November 16, 2013 7:00pm-9:01pm EST

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hampshire where maryland o'malley,artin thought of as one of the possible 2016 presidential candidates come a is heading the jefferson-jackson dinner. it is a fun grinder -- fundraiser for the democratic party held every year. he also expect to hear from new hampshire and governor maggie hansen as well as senator jeanne shaheen. >> at this time, i would like to recognize the other officers of the new hampshire higher -- new hampshire democratic party. [laughter] [applause] second vice chair, dorothy sullivan. [applause] -- secretary, betty [applause]
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our treasurer and firefighter. [applause] mckenna. counsel, dan [applause] kathy sullivan. [applause] and representing the dca -- [applause] you're already said hello to a couple of them. they are always were saying hello to and expressing eric appreciation for all of their years of dedication. george bruno. [applause]
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barrow.tate chair chris [applause] senator jeff ward byrne. [applause] and for the third and final time, kathy sullivan. [applause] we also have with us today some out of town guests. the secretary of the association of democratic chairs, my friend -- [applause] one of the greatest state chairs to ever hold that office, for and -- former maryland state chair jerry. [applause] let's give him a big round of applause. sitting next to the governor. very nice. [laughter]
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i have your governor. you -- i have my governor. you got mine. kim german. [applause] directorand executive jonathan hoosier. [applause] they want to come down and see what a real of them looks like, let's welcome jeremy kennedy. where is john? [applause] we also have main state representative matt moon in. joanna donovan. a let's give her a big round of applause. about 200 people got excited because i just ran -- right off
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the names of individual members of the house and they think i will read all of their names as well. no. [laughter] good all the members of the new hampshire house of representatives stand up and get a big welcome and round of applause echoes -- the applause? [applause] another round of applause. [applause] now, my honor is to introduce to you a hero to all, the one who took the gavel away from the low brian. new hampshire's speaker of the house heard -- house.
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[applause] give it up. >> thank you, everyone. thank you, raymond. isn't it great to be in such a big room filled with new hampshire democrats? [applause] it is with all of your help that last year we stood united. for workers' we refused to turn back the clock on women's rights and we protected lgbt writes. -- rights. [applause] sent, as raymond said, we
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sent bill o'brien and his radical tea party crowd packing. [applause] sense toturn to common the statehouse in concorde. [applause] it was your hard work, knocking on doors, phone banking, neighbor to neighbor conversations across the states that make that happen. it is with your courage that we far-right-ainst a wing and selected a strong, democratic majority to the new hampshire house. [applause] inause of that majority, 2013 we had some successes in restoring investments in areas that will keep our state strong.
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investments in higher education. [applause] in the 10-year mental health plan. [applause] index banding the research and development tax credit. back more taxes on organized labor and workforce housing. we protected the rights of new hampshire students to have their phones -- votes counted. [applause] now we have to protect the progress that we fought so hard are counting on your help. we also need your help to protect that progress at the
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federal level. congresswoman, carol porter. [applause] if you know carol, you know that she has been a tireless worker, a champion of the middle class, and acceptable and -- accessible and approachable to everyone in new hampshire. her leadership in congress peopleas a model for all who are looking to make a a difference for the rest of us. that is why it is my pleasure to welcome to the stage my congresswoman, carol porter. [applause]
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it is pretty waterfall -- wonderful to look out in a crowd and know that here, the democrats are the majority. in the house of representatives, we need to make the democrats the majority there, too. we have work to do. people say to me -- what is it like down there now? well, it is like this. it's like you bring some close to the washer. you watch them. you put them in the dryer. you dry them. you fold them and then you throw them up in the air and start all over again. we are not getting the job done under speaker boehner. we have to win. we have to hold the seats and we have to win. it is like being alice in
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wonderland under the dome. a few weeks ago that really convinced me that it was like that. an invitation to go to an unveiling of a bust for winston churchill. i wanted to go because i and -- i am an admirer. there were only a handful of them a craps and mostly republicans. i found out that they sent the invitation late at night and nobody knew. then it got really interesting entertainment,e and i still can't believe they did this, he republicans invited roger daltrey from the who. i thought, do they really know what he sayings? it became apparent to me that no, they don't. i'm sitting there is surrounded by republicans. the first song he sings is stand
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by me. very appropriate. very nice. everyone claps. he second song he sings, and i think he is not going to do sang, "wehe did, he won't get fooled again." i love that. [laughter] does anyone see the irony in this? meet the new boss, same as the old boss, right? it was wonderful. i saw one democrat and he looked at me and i at him and thought, this is perfect. it is a little bizarre down there but it was a wonderful moment. i have to believe that roger daltrey chose that song very carefully. to tell you another story about why we're here tonight or in we have great people. democrats are fun and we enjoyed ourselves. this is why we are really here tonight and why we're here every
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night for the people of our country. letter,s ago we got a and e-mail. i have to make sure that i don't identify this person. this person was writing about a family member who was terminally ill. this person was desperately worried about his family member who could no longer work and had nothing. literally nothing. that person wrote to our office as a last, desperate hope heard -- hope. in four days, we were able to stabilize his family. this person was dying will know that the family is ok. is that because of the show -- of carol shea porter? no. it is because democrats passed policies that were there for this family facing terminal illness. rentfamily knows that the
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is paid this month and every month because democrats passed policies for this. they know the children will be taken care of because democrats passed policies to protect people in this situation this is why we're here tonight. this is why we run for office. this is why we serve -- we serve for those who need us. [applause] democrat.ud of every so we get an e-mail back from the family member. the family member said enqueue. -- thank you. they said it restored our faith in politicians and our government. i want to thank all of you. those policies are in place because we are, indeed, indeed,
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keeper.ur neighbor's we have stood through everything that has been thrown at this country. we have had people in the democratic party stand up for the restaurant -- rest of us. of so i want to say enqueue. -- thank you. she got a great award and was very surprised heard ray buckley, it wherever you were sitting, if someone had told me it would haveise been nice. i said, congratulations. she said, for what? and i said, for being a wonderful person. [laughter] dudley, andations everyone who got an award
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tonight. we have a lot of work to do. here,ear, when we stand we will be talking about victory from sea to shining sea. thank you. [applause] >> if you had not had the chance to notice, along be very back wall is a very lengthy table an amazinges assortment of items that you absolutely need and want more than anything on earth. it is called the silent auction. books to am signed week in a luxurious condominium in downtown paris, france. to go upncourage you
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and be very, very generous. very generous. i'd like to knowledge our state senators that are here. state senator jeff woodburn. [applause] state senator david waters. [applause] state senator david pierce. [applause] state senator maureen kelly. state senator peggy gilmour. state senator betty lasky. [applause] formerlso acknowledge --ate president gave nixon xon and doug holing worth who is here with us tonight. [applause]
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to introduce the current minority leader, sylvia larsen from concorde. please give her a round of applause. [applause] >> thanks. thank you. thank you. it is wonderful to see all of you. here and all for being for everything you do each and every day. last year senate democrats were votes away from taking the majority. 609 votes made- the difference. the change we want to see in the senate is sitting in this room.
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in the chairs to your left and .ight bring just one more person to the polls next year will create a democratic senate. we need your help, folks. let's make it happen. [applause] we need a senate that will work with the speaker and work with hatsenr hats and -- instead of standing in the way. we need a senate that will move new hampshire forward, strengthen our schools, and expand access to a court -- access to affordable health care. there is so much left for us to fight for. there is also much that we have to protect. in the second district, we have to keep any custard in congress. [applause] nie fighting-- an
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for families. in just a few months, and he -- toie has shown the courage getting the job -- getting the job done. it is my pleasure to introduce our congresswoman annie custer. [applause] >> thank you, sylvia. two votes. two more votes in the new hampshire senate and sylvia larsen will be our senate president. let's all commit to get that done. [applause] i think the governor would appreciate our help and getting that done right now because here is what hangs in the balance
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coverage -- medicaid for people all across our state. we need to get this done. [applause] governorrsen and the need our help. it is a tremendous honor, as you can imagine, for me to serve with a senator who has been a mentor and model for me these many years. with my good friend and colleague, carol shea porter, let's just say we had a that of a week. -- a bit of a week. i knew when i went to washington that congress was dysfunctional. that we would change this institution. you all made that happen. i want to speak to all the folks that are out in the grassroots. ofant to speak to the chairs
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the county committees, to those of you who knocked on doors and passed out leaflets and stood with me at 200 house parties. i want you to know that it does make a difference. six seats we won, the democrats won, turned from blue to red. two of those were in new hampshire. carol and i are still on the front lines. i want to join understand what six seats can do and what 17 more will make a difference in 2014. here is the story. we have been through some tough times in washington and you have seen this play out. but tonight, we are not in war -- at war in syria. instead, because of the patience and determination of our secretary ofour state president, and our senate, we are controlling those
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chemical weapons and we have made a difference in the world. [applause] we move on to october. the government shutdown. be a basic threshold of the united states congress to keep the government open. every day the government was close, carol and i worked with the democrats and across the aisle to make sure that enough people would come to the table to do the right thing -- to reopen the government and get the stereo says -- get the services that united states citizens need every day. it finally happened. and with health care -- that me tell you it is a tremendous is notintment. this ill perfect and we are all frustrated by the computer. here is what we are not going to do. we are not going to turn our backs all across new hampshire
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who need health care. we are not going to turn our backs on providing health care with those with pre-existing conditions. we are not turning our backs on families who face limits and who had young children in their family and teenagers and children up to age 26. we are there to fight day in and day out. when ii speak for carol say we are in it for the long run. your help. our country needs your help. governor o'malley, welcome to new hampshire. when you need something done, ask a busy woman. i'm glad we had affirmative action tonight to get you on the row graham. -- program. thank you. [applause] another -- other guests that we would like to
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knowledge. -- acknowledge. [applause] dudley dudley. bevill hollingworth. [applause] tj gene. [applause] assistant mayor elect jim spillane. [applause] of bob former mayor baines of manchester. leo hill. bill lynch. pat russell. former power -- portsmouth mayor. let's give them a big round of applause. [applause] we have former attorney general
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mike delaney. former ambassador kerry shoemaker. [applause] former congressman all hone -- paul hone. it is my pleasure to introduce -- great senator from [applause] >> thank you raymond, and thank you all. privilege tonight to introduce someone who continues to be a role model for what -- four young women in this country and women aspiring to make a positive change in their community.
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the first and only woman in american history to serve as both governor and u.s. senator. [applause] our champion and friend, jeanne shaheen. >> one more moment. hold your applause. like so many of you, i have known jeannie for more than 20 years. i have seen her fight for the people of new hampshire as governor, and seemed that characteristic tenacity and determination to the united states senate area wow, has that been something to watch. publican her career in service in the new hampshire state senate where she developed a reputation for tackling the toughest issues, delivering results, never excuses, always getting the job done for the granite state.
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more than any other single individual, we owe the countless success stories in this room to her hard work. [applause] her vision, her commitment to building a strong, modern democratic arty, a party that did not to stand up for democratic values, but broaden andreach, broadened -- delivered victories up and down the ballot. now, it is my honor to introduce the one, the only, senator jeanne shaheen. [applause] >> thank you. thank you all very much. thank you.
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thank you for that great introduction. would pay her extra if i got to standing ovations. [laughter] thank you all. it is so wonderful to look out and see such a great crowd of enthusiastic and noisy democrats. [applause] thank you to ray and all of the team in new hampshire at the democratic party for your work in putting together this dinner tonight. it is no surprise that with such team, we hadgreat a very successful election day ins year in and off-year towns and cities across the state.
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rest on your laurels, however, because 2014 is coming up and it is really important to a lot of us. [applause] i want to take a moment of personal privilege tonight because i want to introduce my husband, delete, who is here with me. billy, who is here with me. [applause] i also want to introduce the newest elected official in the shaheen family, stephanie, who is a nation -- newly elected counselor from portsmouth. she is here with her husband, craig. it is great to have you here with me tonight.
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have really wonderful to my old friend martin o'malley here today and all of the marylanders that are joining us. donegal for being here. -- thank you all for being here. i've known him since he gary hart campaign in 1984. i was the campaign manager and he was a young field staffer. i promised i would not tell any of the stories about these days. we knew back then that martin had a great future. he is a terrific governor in maryland. i get to hear the maryland news all the time in d.c. and he has done wonderful things in his state. we appreciate his being here tonight to help us kick off 2014. [applause]
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i really think we might be hearing more from him soon. know, we have got an historic opportunity in 2014 to keep our all-women allegation to congress. [applause] you know and you can hear from what they said tonight that they are fighting every day for the people of new hampshire. they are making a difference for working families across the state. it is wonderful to be here with our great governor, maggie hassan. [applause] she is doing such a terrific job. no one is even going to take her on. [applause]
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of course, you all know that i am running for reelection in 2014. [applause] you might have heard that scott brown -- boos] scott brown from massachusetts is still thinking about running against me. let me say something nice about scott brown in case he does become a fellow citizen. [laughter] you the shirt off his back and i have seen the photos to prove it. [applause] one of the issues that congress
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is dealing with is immigration reform. peopleople think that are sneaking across our borders, trying to get jobs they don't qualify for. [laughter] that is enough about scott brown. [laughter] [applause] there are two announced republican candidates for the senate -- jim reuben and karen hester men. at should be quite a primary. [laughter] that "dancingou with the stars" might go off the air, this will be a new source of entertainment. to get serious tonight, you know, the republicans think that the difficulties at we have had
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with enrolling people in the new affordable care act are going to road to -- their victory in 2014. but let me tell you something. we all know this in this room. every american deserves affordable, quality health care. [applause] that is why we are going to make the affordable care act irk -- act work. i'm not going to back down from a fight to make sure i do everything to make this law
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work, and i will not be intimidated just like the rest of you democrats are not going to be intimidated by the lies and the attacks. [applause] because -- to the republicans plan to make health care more affordable or more available? no. you know what their plan is? they're going to fight for your right not to see a doctor. they're going to fight for your right to be discriminated against by your health insurance carrier. they're going to fight for your right to lose your health insurance when you get sick. that is not a plan. same,s a return to the old broken system we had before and we are not going to go back.
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[applause] washington that a small group of tea party republicans were willing to shut down the government and ring us to the version of the fault because they want to repeal the affordable care act. they preferred this country to lurch from one manufactured crisis to the next instead of giving small businesses and families the certainty they need. hampshire, tea party republicans blocked a state-run health exchange. now they are trying to block medicaid coverage for tens of thousands of people in this state who need health care. we cannot back down. to families and small businesses to keep fighting for good health care, to keep fighting for good-paying jobs, to keep fighting for affordable higher education, to keep fighting for a woman's right to
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choose. for veteransing that defend us every day. to keep fighting for lgbt writes -- rights. [applause] in just six weeks it is going to be 2014. we've all said it -- a critical election year. it will determine whether this country continues to move forward or whether we turn the clock back. i am honored to be helping one holding one of your united states senate seats. it is your senate seat. you decide who gets to hold it.
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i hope you have decided i get the privilege to hold a for another term. thank you for everything you do for the democratic party and this country. thank you. [applause] >> let's give it up for senator jeanne shaheen. [applause] there are those out there, especially those in the tea party, that think that the working men and women of this country are the enemy. there are those in the tea party who believe that the causes of is not because that they should stand for. i want every member of organized
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labor to stand tonight and thank them for the work that they do every single day. [applause] because of organized labor, because of the working man and women, it is because of the democratic party. we will stand with you and always will. thank you for the work that you do. i would like to also thank the finance committee of the answer democratic party starting with the finance chair, senator debbie reynolds. [applause] mark connolly. [applause]
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larry sylvan. [applause] let's give them all a big round of applause. i also want to thank this opportunity to take all the staff members of the democratic party. let's give them another round of applause for all the work they have done. [applause] i'd like to thanks the sponsors of tonight watch in her. -- tonight's at dinner. dr. jeffrey clark. [applause] the democratic governor's association. [applause] i'd like to make a special thank you to the new hampshire firefighters.
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let's give them a round of applause. [applause] you might want to reach under your seat, because a lucky few of you have a new hampshire firefighters first in the nation primary t-shirt aid to the bottom of your seats. -- t-shirt taped to the bottom of your seat. i hope so, at least. does anyone have one? [applause] i'd like to think the dinner cochair, susan all mean. the american federation of teachers. jimmy brewster. larry drake and joan jacob.
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the international union of painters and allied trade. the national air traffic controllers association. the national association of letter carriers. doherty. the united food and commercial workers and waste management. let's give them all a big round of applause. 2 -- [applause] bernie ben and victoria cogan. harold and elizabeth janeway. the laborers'international union. andrea white. let's give them all a big round of applause. [applause]
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our sponsors, the america will -- in the american postal workers union. shannon shanley. alice chamberlain. max karen. andrew hosmer. molly kelly. joan lombardi. senator sylvia larsen. senator peggy gilmour. helen lowenstein. liberty mutual. jason line. national education association of new hampshire. ryan o doherty. mark fuentes. donna siouxsie. lc van buren. our table sponsors. charles kuntz.
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nixon fogelman. and the rest of the phone book. thank you all for sponsoring and , owners of donators the notch a win in. bernie, ben, and vivian cogan. let's give them all a big round of applause. [applause] you know, senator shaheen mentioned that the former senator -- i don't know how many years he was senator. i'm feeling pretty good. he came in new hampshire the week before city elections and campaign for two candidates.
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one lost by 10 points even though he was an incumbent. second lost 75% and 25%. help allan up and those republicans. and you thought i was going to do a shirtless joke, didn't you? >> it is my honor to introduce counselor from district four, christopher. leads welcome to them -- please welcome him to the podium. [applause] >> thank you, raymond. thank you, democrats. welcome. that it is no say accident that democrats have one eight out of their last nine
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gubernatorial elections in the state of new hampshire. governor shaheen and lynch build a track ready -- track record for this party that voters have come to trust and note. governor, governor assan has turned the page after two long years of bill o'brien and the tea party control. she is working in a quarter to fashion with the legislature and with a great team of commissioners and state leaders. against the dress -- actor up of the -- against the backdrop of manufactured crises in government, she is overseeing a state that is working and delivering results for our economic, health, and education future.
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she is leading an effort to innovate our economy. she signed an historic bipartisan budget that begins to reinvest in key priorities. she has lost a plan to repair new hampshire poshard neglected mental health care system. she is doing the responsible thing by expanding medicaid to cover 50,000 individuals the needed in the state. she has won an unprecedented tuition freeze at state universities and community colleges. [applause] starts, this is just the of an unprecedented and the stink of tenure in the corner office. i hope you are as proud as i am to stand with her. i am proud that she is our governor and so proud of the work that she does on the -- on behalf of the citizens of the state. warm, rousing
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welcome to our great governor, maggie hassan. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. please be seated. thank you. well, thank you chris for the introduction. more importantly, for your dedicated service to the people of manchester and new hampshire on the executive council. [applause] it is a real pleasure to work by your side. and a belated happy birthday to our chairman, the one and only ray buckley. [applause] i know that all he wanted for your birthday was a packed house for the j.j. mission accomplished. [applause]
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congratulations to you and the tireless staff of the new hampshire democratic artie for putting together another fantastic event and for your work day in, day out. thank you. ray, you and your staff have continued to make our victories possible. with democratic wins across the state just this month, including a huge win for our new a state -- our newest state representative. [applause] thank you as well to my friend, speaker carried a rally -- terry and sylvia larsen, and to all of the hard-working
7:50 pm
representatives and senators with us tonight. take you for standing up for the priorities that matter to granite-staters. i also want to a knowledge our -- acknowledge our amazing women leaders in in washington. genie, it is no surprise that to standing ovations. a fangled -- a special thank you to our two congresswomen as well. [applause] drivenhe tea party dysfunction down in washington, you have all got to us -- you have all got tough jobs, but you are fighting every day to bring common-sense solutions to congress. thank you. [applause]
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and it is really great to welcome my friend and fellow governor, martin o'malley. [applause] thank you, governor o'malley, for your support, advice, and guidance throughout our campaign in 2012 and being a true friend of new hampshire. as governor o'malley knows, whenever i meet with our counterparts from other states i always tell them that i truly believe that new hampshire does democracy better than anywhere else. [applause] year, 424th citizen legislatures go to concorde. get paidall of -- they all of $100 a year to present their neighbors and community. even more importantly, citizens
7:52 pm
from all walks of life come to concorde to testify. not only that, they actually expect their legislatures to listen to them, and expectation through most of our history of -- history as a state that was worn through experience. unfortunately, that was not a -- not the case during the tea party legislature. they were a different breed. changed one year ago. yeah, you can clap for that. [applause] listened to the people of new hampshire, and the people of new hampshire responded by voting for -- upats up and down and
7:53 pm
and down the ballot. now the traditions of hard or -- collaboration, and common-sense problem solving every turn to concorde. returned toave a concorde. we are helping to innovate good jobs that can support a middle- class by doubling the research tax credit and freezing college tuition. [applause] so more slashing the state' budget where we are at our most vulnerable. we are working to fix our mental health system. [applause] no more threats to hurt our hard-working families with right to work for less.
7:54 pm
[applause] instead, instead, we are helping people access higher education and job training so they can work or more money in better jobs. [applause] awayre talk about taking the right of women and families to make their own health care decisions. we are fighting to expand health coverage for our working families. [applause] new hampshire democrats are listening to the people of our state and focusing on what matters to them, how we can improve their lives. that is what our great democracy is all about. of -- our founders vision, of being a truly self-governing and successful people, where ordinary people could have an
7:55 pm
equal voice in decision-making was considered revolutionary. our founding fathers recognized that the freedom to self- toernment and the ability succeed economically are intertwined. that was their genius. it only works we listened to those who will represent and take steps to make a difference in their lives. right now we have the opportunity to make a difference for more than 80,000 hard- working people. -- people by accepting $2.5 billion in federal funds to expand medicaid. [applause] we know that it is the right
7:56 pm
thing to do for the health and economic security of our families and for strengthening a recovering economy. thelieve this is one of most important and meaningful steps we could possibly take for the economic future of our state and the well-being of our families. we all want medicaid expansion to move forward. wanteople of new hampshire medicaid expansion to move forward. that is why terry, sylvia, and i have been willing to offer the significant compromise we have put forward on the framework for expanding health coverage for our working families. coverage for health care workers, coverage for teaching assistants, coverage for retail
7:57 pm
employees, coverage for construction and restaurant workers. real people, real lives. [applause] we have offered to accept the senate framework for expanding way that but only in a that ourally ensure working families have timely, consistent, reliable access to health insurance. there are now two bills on expanded coverage that legislators will consider this week and the bills are very, very close. now ist separates them not philosophy -- it is reality. , we can only seize
7:58 pm
this opportunity or expanded coverage if we have a plan that works. rooms everyone in this knows, the republican bill simply doesn't. and listening to the people we represent means understanding that they don't want us to pass something that will end in failure. as much as we want to pass , the bad, in this case deal that the senate republicans are offering will hurt our citizens and our state more than no deal at all. [applause] we can't put working people in a situation where their health coverage will be taken away because one party insisted on arbitrary, unrealistic deadlines. we can't throw away the
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opportunities to bring competition to our health and karen's -- health insurance marketplace. maketition that will help it more affordable for all of our businesses and families. [applause] cannot and we will not accept sets ourplan that state and families up for failure. we don't have to. democrats have put forward a compromise that works and we are focusing on and insisting on a plan that works. if we stay together and stand up for people, we will keep moving our state forward and making a difference for middle-class families. together, weving will expand health coverage to
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tens of thousands of people. [applause] >> and if we keep working together, and keep listening to the people of new hampshire, new hampshire will stand with us again in 2014. [applause] it has been such a privilege to be your governor for the last 11 months. i get asked a lot how i like the job. the answer is, i love it. i get asked what my biggest surprise in the job -- is in the job. and i really think it is how much i love it. and i think the reason it is such a remarkable thing to have the privilege of doing is because of all of you. i am deeply aware of how hard
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each and every one of you works at so many things every day. you all have businesses and you we are aties. because get things done, all hands on workkind of state, you all not only in businesses and families, but you are coaching little league and soccer and driving carpools. you are doing all those things, and then you're making phone calls and knocking on doors and helping your friends and neighbors understand what is at stake in our civic life. you make our democracy what it is. i am so privileged to be inspired by each and every one of you. it makes my job so he. to be yourred governor. -- it makes my job so easy. thes keep listening to people of new hampshire, and let's get it done. thank you very much.
8:02 pm
[applause] >> copy shots fired off the off ramp -- >> it is hard to believe where the stream began -- where the stream began. drugs, or found despair.nd one city councilman ran, walking his streets. maybe it was here at the intersection of park heights and belvedere, the intersection of what was, what could be the cold. martin o'malley formulated an
8:03 pm
assault. he did not make a campaign to make the city safer. he made a pledge, and he kept it. mayor o'malley implemented a daily initiative called city stats, because you have to know what is there to get it done. biggest years, the crime reduction in any major city. drug overdoses were down. for most families in the city, things were finally looking up and this belief began formulating inside mayor o'malley -- if it was possible to turn things around in maryland's most troubled city, why not maryland itself? estate that had severely underperforming schools? each statistic told a story about a child needing a better education, a new father needing
8:04 pm
a job, a state worker needing ansion security, and community meeting neighborhood security. in 2000 seven, mayor o'malley became governor o'malley, it and things that were measured did get done and the things that got done got measured. marilyn's became number one in education, five years in a row. number one in holding down the cost of college tuition. number one in innovation and entrepreneurship. number one in research and development. number one in median family income. with a certain outlook official named number one in the country. holding off decades of decline and making it a healthier place -- ande crabs, oysters because governor o'malley annuity of each
8:05 pm
individual, he transformed other things. allowing two people who same -- who happened to be the same-sex to join in the same union as allyone and allowing americans the opportunity for the same dream for a college education. he was cutting the cost of statewide government, because sometimes you need to prune at present to foster growth in the future. way back when, martin o'malley forged a believe while walking the streets of baltimore, and the believe that changed the city changed the state and changed more than a few lives along the way. [applause] >> please welcome, the governor of the great state of maryland, governor martin o'malley. [applause] click thank you very much.
8:06 pm
-- >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [applause] you. my goodness. thank you. thank you so very, very much. here it is. it is really great to be with so many good friends here in new hampshire, and also to be in the company of not only so many good friends in new hampshire, but so many good friends who are marylanders who have come to new hampshire. [applause] so, governor hassan, senator shaheen, congresswoman shea porter, congo's mine custer, speaker of the house, speaker telly -- speaker terry novelli, chairman ray buckley.
8:07 pm
happy birthday, ray. [applause] clark, secondir vice chair solomon -- it is a great honor to be with all of you here in the granite state, a place that is very special to me, and also special to the people of our country. really the bed rock state in more ways than one. here a special honor to be tonight with democratic governor maggie hassan. [applause] last year, i had the honor and the privilege to be able to serve as chair of the democratic governors association, and the year.d a terrific we won five out of six competitive governors races, but no wind was so sweet as helping you and governor hassan when
8:08 pm
here in new hampshire. well done, maggie. [applause] she would be aew fantastic governor. but i am even more impressed with how quickly she and her team have gotten to work, how much she has gotten done in a short time. bringinghan one year, people together -- what a great idea -- to create good jobs, tax credit, r&d strengthening public safety, increasing funding for mental health, passing a bipartisan, fiscally responsible budget -- way to go -- and making college education more affordable for more families by freezing in- state tuition. all of that in one year. [applause] and none of us should be entirely surprised, because we know that she has the benefit of following in the tradition and the footsteps of another great governor who served you so very
8:09 pm
well in the united states senate , my friend jeanne shaheen. thank you for everything you have done for us. [applause] going to ber is huge for democrats in new hampshire, isn't it? [applause] and under chairman buckley's leadership, great things are indeed possibly. but the future is not inevitable. i had a meeting earlier today with a number -- many of you here in the room -- and my friends, a firefighter said earlier to me today, continued progress is possible, but we have to keep helping each other for environmental progress, for progress on workers rights, equal rights for all americans. these things are all connected and they can only happen if we continue to stand together, right? and help one another. so let's keep moving forward. [laughter]
8:10 pm
in our time together this evening, i wanted to talk with us, aboutthe story of the story of baltimore and new hampshire, of maryland and america, and i want to begin by thanking you for your indulgence in watching that little introduction video a few moments ago. i'm sorry some of you got you were about to watch another episode of "the wire." [laughter] age isw, the luxury of the giving up of vanity. and seeing a younger me with fuller and darker hair reminded me of the story i wanted to share with you at the start tonight. it was 14 years ago this month that i was elected mayor of baltimore. had that year sadly become the most violent, most addicted, and most abandoned city in america.
8:11 pm
at one of the very first community meetings we organized after the election in a hard-hit neighborhood of east baltimore, citizens assembled to talk with their new mayor. and yes, there was some tension and apprehension in the auditorium. i will never forget a little girl came up to one of the microphones. and she said this. she said "mr. mayor, my name is amber and i am 12 years old. of theause of all addicted people and all of the drug dealers in my neighborhood, there are people in the newspaper who call my neighborhood zombie land. and i want to know if you know they call my neighborhood zombie land, and i want to know if you are doing anything about it." was a bighere
8:12 pm
difference at that time between 20 baltimore carried in our hearts and the baltimore that we saw in our headlines and on our streets. and you know what, our biggest enemy was not even the drug dealers. it was our own lack of police. the culture of failure that had all of us wallowing in some sense that nothing would ever work and we all had countless issues for why we should not even try. that, to change that, we took action. we started to make things work. we saw trash in our streets. so, every day we picked it up. and wethe drug markets, began to relentlessly close them down. we saw neighbors suffering from addiction, so we actually expanded drug treatment and we took action to get more people into recovery. yearhen -- then, after a
8:13 pm
of steady hard-earned progress, we took direct aim at the heart of our own despair. and we launched a campaign that f."called simply "believ a commercialwas that the local news affiliates agreed to air simultaneously. picture this. a 10-year-old african-american boys warming his hands next to a homeless person. his thoughts are given voice and wesays "my grandmother says were all part of one big fire. i don't know if it is true, but i know that there is a fire inside of me." and then you travel with this little boy. you travel through his world. past a vacant houses, past drug pimpss and drug addicts,
8:14 pm
and prostitutes, and as night falls, you hear the boys say "my sister has gone to the store to buy some candy. i wonder what is keeping her." as the hymn removes down the street to a gathering crowd of people, and ambulance flashes emergency lights. you hear the announcer's voice a "the people of baltimore are in a fight. it is a fight for their future. it is a fight we have been losing one life at a time." and then the camera finds the little boy's sister lying in a pool of her own blood, another victim of a crossfire. her carefully braided hair, her lifeless eyes wide open. as the camera flashes on those andished faces -- black white, civilian, police -- the boy continues "there are some who say give up.
8:15 pm
we have lost. but for the strong, for the brave, this fight is not over." to make ait take stand together and say enough?" and then from that same corner fire where the story had begun, the stark white on black words "believe. at believe in yourself. baltimore. believe." uncomfortable and painful weeks we ran those ads. you can well imagine the angry calls we got. why do you run these ads? why? i will tell you why. we ran those ads to change the ofture, to awaken the spirit a great people, to make our city a safer and better place.
8:16 pm
people ran an ad calling to real individual and specific actions. mentor a child and our a week and save a life. believe.00- believe in the police department. get someone that you love into drug treatment. it works. 800-believe. and you know, it did work. the people of baltimore rallied. it was not about the bumper sticrs were the signs. it was about the belief that we share in our city that there is no such thing as this pair american. we continue to act on that belief and over the next 10 years baltimore went on to achieve the biggest reduction in crime of any major city in america. a [applause]
8:17 pm
governor hassan, like you, i am so very, very proud of the people i have had the privilege to serve. belief is important. belief drives action. in 1999, we as americans are going through a cynical time of disbelief. frankly, with a lot more excuses and ideology than cooperation or action. we seem to have lost that shared conviction we once had that we actually had the ability to make things better, and we have the ability to do it together. there are big differences, are there, between the america we carry in our hearts in the america we see too often in our headlines. the america we carry in our hearts is that land where
8:18 pm
anybody who works hard, who plays by the rule, who gets up early in the morning can make a better future for themselves and their children. but the america in our headlines is too often a place where corporate profits are higher than ever, the rich are richer than ever, but the paychecks of working families keep shrinking over time. the america in our hearts the mains that nation that created the greatest and strongest middle class in the history of the world. the america in our headlines is the nation were too many kids cannot afford to go to college and too many college graduates cannot find jobs after college. it reminds me of the story of the prizefighter who finds himself beaten against the ropes , being pummeled, getting the worst of it in the ring, pounded down by his opponents. trainer finally gets the chance to sit him down in the corner and looks them dead in the night and he says, you know what?
8:19 pm
the problem isn't what the other guy is doing to you. it is what you are not doing for yourself. whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right. you, but iw about have had enough of the cynicism. i have had enough of the apathy. i have enough of the giving into small solutions and low expectations of one another. let's remember who we are. for 235 years, we have been the country that drove the world, the country that has led the world. in large part while making ourselves stronger at home. don't you think it is time to do it again? [applause] and when others said it was impossible, when others said the odds were too great and it couldn't be done, we actually
8:20 pm
made it happen and we did it together. now america is the greatest job generating, activity expanding nation created in the history of the free world. and yes, we all know our country works better when both of our parties are actually working. [laughter] and functioning. but we as democrats, nonetheless , have an urgent responsibility today, and it is about jobs and it is about stronger middle class now and it is about giving our children a better future. at the truth is, the truth is that after hoover america needed roosevelt. after eisenhower, we needed kennedy. after reagan, we needed clinton. and after eight miserable years of george w. bush, we need barack obama. [applause]
8:21 pm
[indiscernible] fdr, nodent since aesident since fdr inherited worse economy, bigger job losses, as large a deficit as president obama did. but thanks to his leadership and to each of you, america is now moving forward again. but let's look at the alternative here we see on the other side of the aisle. the current crop of tea party republicans, funded by wealthy people haveole us, a very small view of america. we've seen this story before, right? who recalls supply-side economics? reagan called it trickle-down economics. george w. bush called it
8:22 pm
focusing on my base. [laughter] and we call it selling america short. [applause] you, but iw about have had enough of tea party republicans like ted cruz. haven't you? [applause] those guys are too much. twisting the words of our founders to justify their own mean-spirited, shortsighted, pro-shutdown ideology. cruz does not understand is that the patriots who founded new hampshire, the patriots who founded maryland, they did not pray for their president to fail. i prayed for their president to succeed -- they prayed for their president to succeed. [applause]
8:23 pm
and they didn't little intelligence. they did not belittle learning. the actually aspired to it and as well.ers would they did not appeal to america's peers. they brought forward american bravery. and they would never -- they never would have abandoned the war on poverty to declare a war on women, a war on workers, a war on immigrants, a war on the hungry and sick children. [applause] now i know, i know that people like mitch mcconnell and kelly ayotte -- [booing] tonow they have been trying distance themselves from the tea party ever since they nearly
8:24 pm
drove our country into default. but the truth is, sadly, there is very little difference today between the tea party and so- called mainstream republicans. just ask carol shea porter. annie custer. they see it every day in the now sadly unrepresentative house of representatives -- [applause] yes, there is very little daylight between the tea party and the republican party. think about it. both would have millionaires do less. multinationals. reduce social security benefits and medicare coverage, cut student loans, cut veterans benefits, in best lesson education, invest less in affordable college, do less to combat crime -- climate change, do less on gun safety, do less on immigration, and keep people
8:25 pm
trying to survive on the minimum wage from ever earning another penny. the only think they want more of -- the only think they want more of is rush limbaugh. [booing] rush limbaugh is not an applause line here in new hampshire, i see. but the real and serious question we have to ask one tother, the question we have ask one another as americans is this. how much less do we believe would be good for our country? education would make our children smarter? how much less opportunity will allow the next generation to succeed? how many hungry american affordn can we no longer to feed? you know, on veterans day just tot week, i had occasion
8:26 pm
deal with some of our nations finest at the world war ii memorial at our nations capitol. i was very humbled to be in the presence of four recipients of the congressional medal of honor. , like so my parents many of yours, they grew up in the depression. they won the second world war. my dad flew three missions over japan. my mom got a pilot's license to join the civil air patrol. [applause] our parents and our grandparents understood bs cents that we share -- understood the essence that we share as americans and it is the truth that lies at the heart of the american dream. the stronger we make our country , the more she gives back to us
8:27 pm
and our children and our grandchildren. , fight, not serve sacrifice, and in many cases die so their grandchildren to grow up in a country of less. they gave to us a larger and stronger country than that. a country of more. a country of more opportunity. a country of more freedom and more justice, a country we now have the ability to pass forward to our own grandchildren. stronger and better than we received her, if only we choose to do so. progress is a choice. job creation is a choice. have followede our president's call to make better choices so we can achieve better results. tohave done more, not less build a modern infrastructure. we have done more, not less to
8:28 pm
create new jobs in these emerging new industries. we have done more, not less to improve our children's education and to make college more affordable for more families for years in a row. the result? the result? more jobs. there is no progress without jobs. last month we reached the milestone in maryland of having recovered 100% of the jobs we lost from the bush recession. [applause] and last year, we achieved the fastest rate of new job growth of any of the states in our region. not only do people now are in the highest median income in the nation and our state, but we are one of the top states for upward economic mobility, and for the last two years in a row, the u.s. chamber of commerce, hardly a mouthpiece for the modern democratic party -- [laughter] the u.s. chamber of commerce
8:29 pm
named maryland number one for innovation and entrepreneurship. i share those with you because none of these things were the product of chance. they were the product of choice. hope drives belief. belief drives action. action achieves results. that is the sort of leadership that is moving new hampshire forward. that is the kind of leadership our country needs. that is why you'll have more democrats in new hampshire in 2014. [applause] and so, my friends, in conclusion -- not that it is ever over. america's work is unfinished, but in conclusion tonight. i want to share this final story. to brag and mye son. his name is william.
8:30 pm
he is 16. [applause] born a very old and wise soul from the first moments. i remove or distinctly when he was about nine years old. we found ourselves at home, watching a history channel special, and it was about rosa parks and civil rights and the montgomery bus boycott. as william watched the story, he turned to me and he said, "hey, dad. meanthen -- by which he sometime between the dinosaur and the paleozoic era -- he said, "back then somebody told you that some of you had to ride in the front of the bus and some of you had to ride in the back , and you guys actually listened?" [laughter]
8:31 pm
i said,id, you know -- well, it is hard to imagine, but that was just the way it had always been. then he turned to me with the clear wisdom of youth, and he said, "dad, didn't you guys realize that you are all going to the same place?" [applause] the truth is, we are all going to the same place. and we are all on the same bus. maryland,ire and california and mississippi, and we will move forward or slip back together. we will succeed or fail together. and we will rise or we will fall together.
8:32 pm
and we cannot allow ourselves to become the first generation of americans to give our children a country of less. this is not a matter of wishing or hoping. it is a matter of believing and taking action. we are americans. we make our own destiny. it means that new hampshire must stand up. it means that maryland must stand up. it means that each and every one of us must and up. it only takes one person and another and then another to stand up and say enough, enough. enough finger-pointing, enough obstruction, enough wasted time. let us achieve like americans again. let us lead like americans again. let us leave like americans again. in ourselves, in our nation, in one another. together, we can. together, we must. will.gether, we god bless you, new hampshire. [applause] ♪
8:33 pm
we take care of our own we take care of our own flown ♪this flag is >> wow. [laughter] i want to thank all of you for coming tonight. this indeed is a record. the largest jefferson jackson celebration we have had in over 10 years. thank you for being here. thank you to our sponsors. thank you to the staff. thank you all for coming. we will see you in a couple months.
8:34 pm
thank you all. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] wherever this flag is flown ♪take care of our own ♪
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>> thank you. thanks a lot. thanks for all you guys have done. thank you. hey, man. thanks a lot. hey, thanks.
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>> [indiscernible] [indiscernible] quick thank you. -- >> thank you. [indiscernible] >> thank you. thank you. where are you from?
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>> [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] you, thank you, guys. thanks for setting an example. what a great organization. >> [indiscernible] >> thank you for being here. hope to see you -- >> we should be at the
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commissary berry soon. >> yeah. >> [indiscernible] >> that was a great speech. >> things a lot. -- thanks a lot. >> [indiscernible] >> where are you from? >> [indiscernible] >> do you want to do a picture? hey, thanks, mayor. [indiscernible]
8:40 pm
there he is. he is back there. you didn't get the picture? really? you have got a good one here. thank you. you. lot.s a >> [indiscernible] critics i grew up and -- >> i grew up in prince george's county. >> great.
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did you move here to be with family? daniel, did you take her camera? [indiscernible] >> i'm thinking about it. you for being here. thanks a lot. >> [indiscernible] >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> great job. you should be very proud. let's see.
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i have another year on my tour of duty. >> good to meet you. >> thank you. >> [indiscernible] is a state's attorney. 's done a lot of work -- [indiscernible] yeah, a lot of bills. a lot of bills.
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it?t is amazing, isn't >> [indiscernible] >> thank you. >> [indiscernible] >> really great. >> think you. good being with you. you.ank , he is in california now.
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>> thank you. thank you. from cuyahoga county. i work with the democratic party. they will be back up here next year. >> thank you. >> [indiscernible] -- [indiscernible] >> thanks for being here. i wanted to say hi. >> thank you. yes?
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>> that would be a university decision. >> [indiscernible] >> it feels good. thanks a lot. good being with you. all right. thanks a lot. good to see you again. a good >> it's a great crowd. >> thank you. >> [indiscernible]
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if you are ever down in annapolis -- how are you doing? >> [indiscernible] really? where are they? >> [indiscernible] >> that is an irish name up there. isd? >> [indiscernible]
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>> thank you. >> [indiscernible] >> that's great. man?u know this >> [indiscernible] >> smile. , thanks. thanks. >> thank you for your good work.
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we kept telling people the truth. >> [indiscernible] >> hey, thank you. thanks. >> [indiscernible] >> yeah. >> i was really proud to be there. >> [indiscernible] very nice.
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>> thank you. thanks a lot. you are an inspiration. >> hey, thanks a lot. >> thank you very much. [indiscernible] >> glad you are here. thank you. >> thank you. >> [indiscernible]
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>> thank you guys. so, you know every block of the state? >> we do. >> thank you guys. >> [indiscernible] could you write something that we could put in the press? >> i am just out of fort mchenry. up.hanks for coming >> hey, we've got it. thank you. >> [indiscernible]
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>> thank you. it is still a work in progress. it is a great city. >> [indiscernible] >> it is no longer finley south. -- now it is -- >> [laughter] >> this extends to fenway actually, too. we are very proud of that stadium. >> you are always welcome. >> thank you. >> [indiscernible] >> ok. >> i wanted to talk to you about it, so -- >> [indiscernible]
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was the mayor. you did not tell me you were the mayor. >> i was. [indiscernible] it is great. i was recently in orlando. >> yeah, does not care about whether it is democrat or republican. jo is getting the job done. just getting the job done. thank you for being here. >> thanks a lot. >> we will see you. i'm a state representative here in new hampshire. i want to tell you i was very impressed, number one by your machine -- by your speech.
8:56 pm
pam -- bam -- >> will thank you. what is your name? governor, governor -- is my favorite place. i go down to the soundgarden -- >> soundgarden? >> is this being recorded? >> yes, this is c-span. >> he is right there. >> [indiscernible] >> yeah? oh, i don't drink. them a here is what i want to
8:57 pm
say to you -- political expiration, i would try to figure out, and i asked conservatives, show me a country that has the principles you espouse and show me their success. and of course, that is pakistan. so, i appreciate your speech, because it is all about success. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> [indiscernible] thanks a lot.
8:58 pm
i loved seeing your dad. [laughter] thanks a lot. >> [indiscernible] you were great. that was a great speech. it was great to look out and see you there. do a lot of things together with the people, you know? >> the people need to hear this. [indiscernible] you need a nation's fast. >> nation test? great job. great job, great speech. >> nice to meet you. your waterfront it reminds me very much of baltimore.
8:59 pm
we were not offered the same challenges you were offered, however, so i am impressed with what you have done. i wish you well. >> thank you. >> see you later. >> [indiscernible] thank you. , i am actually the head of the university of maryland alumni club here in new england. we had a big day today. >> yeah, we had a big day. the alumni association, we are going to come and speak again. my company shop i appreciate everything that you do in the state.
9:00 pm
every one of my friends in the university appreciates your leadership. >> we are doing good things. is more about the commercialization -- >> i have heard that there have push. polite they can't get down on state dollars. i understand the biotech park -- part. i appreciate it. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> wrapping things up here in manchester. maryland governor martin o'malley


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