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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 17, 2013 4:00am-6:01am EST

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is also the cofounder of such organizations as the national women's political caucus and the women's media center, which focus on issues related to gender equality. her remarks will be live monday at 1 p.m. eastern on c-span three. >> mrs. johnson as first lady love to show off her home. the guests to the rents would often gathered here in the den and various heads of state came to visit. we do have a few things that speak to her connection to the room here. what of the things that she wanted to highlight was the native american heritage here in the hill country and we do have a small collection of arrowheads
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over there. she had an eye for copper and collected various items through the years and had gifts from various friends. mrs. johnson gave a tour of the house in 1968 that was filmed where she featured the china that was purchased in mexico, very colorful. spent a lotohnson of time here at the ranch. it provided a lot of respite from the turmoil of washington. >> first lady, lady bird johnson, monday night live at 8 p.m. eastern. >> on this weekends newsmakers, vermont senator patrick leahy is our guest. he is the chair of the senate judiciary committee and he talks about the ongoing debate in congress over the nsa surveillance program as well as efforts by his committee to
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provide additional oversight to the programs. there is a preview. the question is how far does this go? let me give you an example. if we follow this to the obvious conclusion, that there is the right to do all kinds of collection, it could be your , a family member posner correctors, year children's medical records at school, your employer's records if you were turned down for a job and you never know why because somebody had something in the employment record that has been misread or read .orrectly it is easy to say that people want to support all of this stuff and say well, we want to keep from having another line 11, -- from having another 9/11.
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they dropped the ball. say we have got to spy on you on everything you do to stop another 9/11. the question to ask. the question is, how much of your privacy do you want. on thew when he walked street they have surveillance cameras. but how much of your personal privacy will you give up and secondly if you give up everything, and have you gained? youd me the question, if give up all your privacy have you really made yourself safer? i would answer no. >> you can watch entire interview with senator leahy today at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> with the war in europe turning hot, when the blitzkrieg took place in the low countries,
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the u.s. was totally unprepared and george marshall, chief of staff of the army came to president roosevelt and said, we can't do things as we have done in the past. we have to act now and we have to act decisively and you have to do today. so roosevelt went to congress the next week and said the u.s. us build 50,000 airplanes to protect itself. manufacturersne were given projects. ford motor company was given the beach before bomber which was a problematic airplane. it was the newest airplane we had come it was still in development stages and they wanted to mass-produce this airplane. , i'm not just going to build parts come i'm going to build complete airplanes. original what had been pieces and took the original drawings and designed it to within 210,007 inch. a massive press would knock out thousands of these pieces that
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would then go on to the assembly line and basically unskilled assembly workers who had just a little bit of training could assemble these airplanes. between january and june of 1944, 35% of the bombers bills in the united states were delivered here at low -- at willow run. >> saving the little piece of this plant is so important to that story is just beyond words, i can't describe the feeling we will all have the big smiles once we pull this off. we did something here in detroit that was not done anywhere else in the world. it literally saved the world from the axis powers. >> michigan's yankee air museum is currently trying to save part of the willow run plant and has plans to turn the abandoned plant into its new home. find out more this weekend as book tv and american history tv look at the history and literary life of ann arbor.
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throughout the weekend on c-span two and today at five on c-span three. >> now maryland governor martin o'malley in manchester new hampshire. he was the keynote speaker of saturday's jefferson jackson dinner hosted by the new hampshire democratic artie. it also included remarks from senator jeanne shaheen and new hampshire governor maggie hassan. his is part of c-span's road to the white house 2016 coverage. it is a little more than an hour and a half. [applause] [applause] >> thank you, thank you all very much, thank you. [applause] thank you, donna.
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for that great introduction. i told her i would pay her extra if she got me to standing ovations. thank you all. it is so wonderful to look out and see such a great crowd of enthusiastic and noisy democrats. [applause] thank you to ray and to all of the team in new hampshire at the democratic artie for your work in putting together this dinner tonight. it is no surprise that was such a great team we had a very successful election day this in towns andf year cities across the state.
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now, you can't rest on your laurels, however, because 2014 is coming up and it is really important to a lot of us. [applause] i want to just take a moment of personal privilege tonight because i want to introduce my husband billy, who is here with me [applause] . and i also want to introduce the newest elected official in the shaheen family, stephanie, who is a newly elected counselor from portsmouth. [applause] she is here with her husband craig it is great to have both of you here with me tonight. to haveally wonderful
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my old friend martin o'malley here this evening and all of the marylanders who are joining us, thank you all for being here. i have known martin since the gary hart presidential campaign in 1984. i was the campaign manager and he was the young field staffer. i promised him that i wouldn't tell any of the stories about those days. we knew back then that martin had a great future. is a terrific governor in maryland. i get to hear the maryland news all the time in d.c. and he has really done wonderful things in his state. and we appreciate his being here tonight to help us kick off 2014. [applause]
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and i really think we might be hearing more from him soon. know, we have got an historic opportunity in 2014 to keep our all women delegation in congress. my two colleagues, carol porter anyany custard, -- and tester. day forfighting every the people of new hampshire. they're making a difference for working families across this state. it isrse, this -- wonderful to be here with our great governor maggie hassan. is doing such a cheater for job -- she is doing such a terrific job no one is going to take her on.
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[applause] of course, you all know that i am running for reelection in 2014. [applause] and you might have heard that from massachusetts is still thinking about running against me. >> bring it on! somethingt me say nothing nic nice about scott brown in case he becomes a fellow citizen. [laughter] will give you the shirt off his back and i have seen the photos to show it. [applause] thatone of the big issues
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congress has been dealing with is immigration reform. peopleople think that are sneaking across our borders, trying to get jobs they don't .ualify for that is enough about scott brown. [applause] you know there are two announced republican candidates for the united states senate, jim rubin and karen testament. that should be quite a primary. for those of you worried that dancing with the stars might go off the air, this will be a new source of entertainment. but to get serious tonight, the
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republicans think that the difficulties we have had with enrolling people in the new going toe care act are be their road to victory in 2014. but let me tell you something. and we all know this in this room. every american deserves a affordable quality healthcare. [applause] and that is why we are going to make the affordable care act work and i am not going to back down from a fight to do everything i can to make this law work to make sure that people have access to the health
5:13 am
care they need and i am not going to be intimidated just like the rest of you democrats in this room are not going to be intimidated by the lies and attacks. [applause] because, to the republicans plan to make healthcare more affordable for more available? no! you know what their plan is? they're going to fight for your right not to see a doctor. they're going to fight for your right to be discriminated against by your health insurance carrier. to fight for your right to lose your health insurance when you get sick. that is not a plan, that is a return to the same old broken system we had before and we are not going to go back. [applause]
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we just saw in washington that a small group of tea party republicans were willing to shut down the government and bring us to the verge of default. they want to repeal the affordable care act. this country to lurch from one manufactured crisis to the next instead of giving small businesses and families the certainty they need. here in new hampshire, tea party republicans blocked a state run health exchange, now they are trying to block medicaid coverage for tens of thousands of people in this state who need healthcare. well, we can't back down. we always have families and small businesses to keep fighting for good health care, to keep fighting for good paying jobs, too good -- to keep fighting for affordable higher education, to keep fighting for
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a woman's right to choose, to fighting for veterans the defenders every day, to keep fighting for civil rights and lgbt writes. [applause] in just six weeks is going to be 2014. id it is a sa critical election year. it will determine whether this country will continue to move forward or whether we will move the clock back. i am honored to be holding one of your united states senate seats. it is your senate seat. you decide who gets to hold it. have earnedhink i the privilege of holding it for another term. thank you very much for
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everything you do for the democratic party in this country. thank you. [applause] >> let's hear it for senator jeanne shaheen! [applause] >> there are those out there, especially in the tea party, who think that the working men and women of this country are the enemy. there are those in the tea party who believe that the causes of organized labor is not the cause that they should stand for. well, i want every member of to stand tonight
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and i want you to thank them for the work that they do each and every day. [applause] the cause of organized labor is the cause of the working man and woman is the cause of the democratic party. there is no separation. we stand with you and we will always. thank you from all of us to you for the work that you do for everything. also thank the finance committee of the new hampshire democratic party, starting with the finance chair, senator judd reynolds. [applause] senator martha philip park. mark connolly.
5:18 am
senator jackie delete. senator donna souci. and larry stillman. let's give them all a big round of applause. [applause] also i want to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff of the new hampshire democratic artie. i know the senator did, but let's give them another round of applause for all the work they have done. [applause] i would like to thank the sponsors of tonight's dinner. majority makers. i really want to thank. sarah martha park and dr. jeffrey clark. [applause] ahmad to bury. the democratic governors association. bruce cherished. i would like to make a special thank you to the new hampshire firefighters.
5:19 am
let's give them a round of applause. now, you might want to reach under your seat, because a lucky few of you have a new hampshire firefighters first of the nation primary t-shirt taped to the bottom of your seat. i hope, anyways. did anyone get one? again, i'd like to thank the dinner cochairs, representative susan all need. american federation of teachers. cole, larryer, john drake and joan jacob.. hassan
5:20 am
enbridge communications. international union of international trade. air traffic controllers association. the national association of letter carriers. the northeast lyrical action committee. damien o and stephen carrying. jessie singh and tj terror. united food and commercial workers and waste management. let's give them all a big round of applause [applause] the host committee, phil dubois, ricketson, bob parker day, the ics tea. the laborers international union. and you're white. let's give them all the big round of applause. [applause]
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and our sponsors american postal workers union, john black word and his family by court. cnn shanley. curran, and house and. senator andrew. john lombard and william noyes. senator sylvia larsen, senators betty huskey and senator peggy gilmour. mutual, jason lyon, christopher meyer, paul montrose, magical -- next year energy, mark fuentes. sutton, donna m souci. elsie van buren. drawsr table sponsors charles kuntz.
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sponsoring.l for jason lyon and the common man resort. doug reynolds and mike conklin. bernie ran in vivian kogan. teresa mueller, let's give them all the big round of applause. [applause] you know, senator shaheen mentioned the former senator, to your senator, you know how long he was a senator massachusetts. i'm feeling pretty good. he came into new hampshire the weekend before the city elections and campaign for the two candidates.
5:23 am
the second was major mayor tj genes opponent. the victim -- the break was from 75% to 25%. come on up and let's get rid of all those republicans and 2014. >> it is now my honor to introduce the executive counselor from district for, christopher pappas. please welcome him to the podium. [applause] >> thank you, raymond, thank you democrats. welcome to district for by the way. i just have to say as we look out to all her successes as a party. i think it is no accident that democrats have one eight out of the last nine gubernatorial elections in the state of new hampshire.
5:24 am
2012, governor shaheen and lynch will the track record for that future of the party. i think it is also no accident that a republican challenger to has yetnt governmeor to materialize. governor hassan has turned the page after two long years of bill o'brien and the tea party in control in concord. she is working in a cooperative consensusbuilding fashion with the legislature with us on the executive council with a great team of commissioners and state leaders. against the backdrop of this function and manufactured crises in the republican capital in washington, our governor has stated to work in the which has results. just look at some of the things
5:25 am
she has worked on. she's leaving -- leading an effort to expand our economy. she signed a historic bipartisan budget that begins to reinvesting key priorities. she is lanced a plan to repair new hampshire is mental health system. she will do the responsible thing by expanding medicaid to cover those 50,000 individuals that needed a new hampshire. and she has won an unprecedented , opening up the doors to education and making it within reach. france, this is just the start. proud as i am,as to stand with governor hassan. i am happy to work with the enclosed places. i'm glad she is our governor and am so proud of the work she does on behalf of the citizens of our state each and every day. ever hassan come up thank you for being with us and please give a warm rousing welcome to
5:26 am
our governor maggie hassan. [applause] thank you. thank you very much. please be seated. thank you. well, thank you chris pappas for the introduction. more importantly for her dedicated service for the people of manchester and new hampshire on the executive council. [applause] chris, it is a real pleasure to work by your side. and a belated happy birthday to our chairman, the one and only ray buckley. [applause] that all you wanted ray, for your birthday, was a packed house for the jj's. mission accomplished.
5:27 am
and congratulations to you and to the tireless staff of the new hampshire democratic party. for putting together another fantastic event and for your work day in and day out. thank you. ray, you and your staff have continued to make our victories possible. with democratic wins across the state just as much. including a huge win for our newest state representative from nashua. [applause] thank you as well to my friends speaker tearing a rally and senate democratic leader sylvia larsen. [applause] and to all of the hard-working democratic senators and representatives with us tonight.
5:28 am
thank you for standing up for the priorities that matter to granite stators. and taking a constructive, open- minded approach to addressing our challenges. also want to acknowledge our amazing women leaders who represent our state in washington. genie, it is no surprise that you got to standing ovations, one for governor one for senator. a special thank you to congresswomen carol shea order .nd and mclean custer [applause] given the tea party driven dysfunction down in washington, you've all got tough jobs. to you're fighting every day bring commonsense sense solutions to congress. thank you. [applause]
5:29 am
and it is really great to welcome my friend and fellow governor, martin o'malley. [applause] thank you, governor o'malley so much for your support, advice and guidance. through our campaign in 2012 and for being a true friend of new hampshire. a governor o'malley knows i'm whenever i meet with our counterparts from other states, i always tell them that i truly believe that new hampshire does democracy better than anywhere else. [applause] year, 424 citizen legislators go to concord, they get paid all of $100 a year to represent their neighbors in the community. even more importantly, citizens
5:30 am
from all walks of life him to concord to testify and not only that, they actually expect their legislators to listen to them. through most of our history as a state that was born of experience. unfortunately, that wasn't the case in the dark days of the o'brien tea parties legislature. they were a different breed. focused more on a device of ideology than listening, solving problems and helping middle- class families. but all that changed one year ago. [applause] yeah, you can clap for that. [applause] ago, we listened to the people of new hampshire and the people of new hampshire responded by voting for democrats up and down the ballot. [applause]
5:31 am
now, the traditions of hard work , collaboration and commonsense problem-solving have returned to concord. no more deep budget cuts that hurt our businesses and economy. we are working to help businesses grow, innovate and create the jobs i can support a strong middle class by doubling the research and development tax credit and freezing college tuition. more slashing safety net for our most foldable. we have restored health of the most vulnerable children and we are working to fix our mental health system. no more threats to hurt our hard-working families with right to work for less.
5:32 am
instead, we are helping people access higher education and job training so they can work for more money in better jobs. no more talk about taking away the right of women and families to make their own health care decisions. we are fighting to expand health leverage for our working families. arehampshire democrats listening to the people of our state and focusing on what matters to them. ,ow we can improve their lives and that is what a great democracy is all about. our founders envisioned this idea of being a truly self- governing and successful people where ordinary people could have an equal voice in decision-
5:33 am
making. it was at the time considered revolutionary, but our founding fathers recognized that the freedom to self govern and ability to succeed economically are not necessarily intertwined. napster genius. but it only works when we listen to those who represent and take steps that will make a difference in their lives. we have the opportunity to make a difference for more than 50,000 hard- toking people by accepting $.5 billion in federal funds to expand medicaid. -- by accepting $2.5 billion in federal funds to expand medicaid.
5:34 am
[applause] we know it is right thing to do for the health and economic security of our families and we are strengthening and a recovering economy. i believe that this is one of the most important and meaningful steps we could possibly take for the economic future of our state and the well-being of our families. we all want medic caved expansion to move forward. the people of new hampshire want medicaid expansion to move forward. [applause] that is why kerry, sylvia and i have been willing to offer the significant compromises we have put forward on the framework for expanding health coverage for our working families. coverage for health care, coverage for teaching
5:35 am
assistants, coverage for retail -- fours, coverage form restaurant workers. real people, real lives. [applause] accept theered to senate's framework for expanding coverage. but only in a way that will actually ensure that our working families have timely, consistent, reliable access to health insurance. now two bills on expanded coverage that legislators will consider this week. are very what separates them now is not philosophy it is reality. in reality, we can only sees this opportunity now for
5:36 am
expanded coverage if we have a plan that works. as everyone in this room knows, the republican bill simply doesn't. and listening to the people we represent means understanding that they don't want us to pass something that will end in failure. as much as we want to pass expansion, in this case the bad deal that the senate republicans are offering will hurt our citizens and our state more than no deal at all. we can't put working people in a situation where their health coverage will be taken away because one party insisted on arbitrary, unrealistic deadlines. we can throw away the
5:37 am
opportunity to bring competition to our health insurance marketplace. competition that will help make private coverage more affordable for all of our businesses and all of our families. [applause] cannot and we will not accept a flawed plan that sets our state and our families up for don't have to. democrats have put forward a compromise that works and we are going to keep focused on and insisting on a plan that works. if we stand together and stand up for people, we will keep moving our state forward and making a difference for middle- class families. if we keep working together, we will expand health coverage to
5:38 am
tens of thousands of people. [applause] and if we keep working together and keep listing to the people of new hampshire new hampshire , will stand with us again in 2014. [applause] it has been such a privilege to be your governor for the last 11 months. i get asked a lot how i like the job. the answer is, i love it. i get asked what my biggest surprise is in the job -- and i really think it is how much i love it. and i think the reason it is such a remarkable thing to have the privilege of doing is because of all of you. i am deeply aware of how hard each and every one of you works at so many things every day.
5:39 am
you all have businesses and you have families. because we are at get things done, all hands on deck kind of state, you all work not only in businesses and families, but you are coaching little league and soccer and driving carpools. you are doing all those things, and then you're making phone calls and knocking on doors and helping your friends and neighbors understand what is at stake in our civic life. you make our democracy what it is. i am so privileged to be inspired by each and every one of you. it makes my job so easy. i'm so honored to be your governor. let's keep listening to the people of new hampshire, and let's get it done. thank you very much. [applause]
5:40 am
>> copy, shots fired off the off ramp -- all the crime, drugs, profound despair. one city councilman ran, walking his streets. maybe it was here at the intersection of park heights and belvedere, the intersection of what was, what could be unfolded. martin o'malley formulated an
5:41 am
he did not make a campaign to make the city safer. he made a pledge, and he kept it. mayor o'malley implemented a daily initiative called city stat, because you have to know after 10 years, the biggest crime reduction in any major city. for most families in the city, things were finally looking up and this belief began formulating inside mayor o'malley -- if it was possible to turn things around in maryland's most troubled city, why not maryland itself? a state that had severely underperforming schools? each statistic told a story about a child needing a better education, a new father needing a job, a state worker needing
5:42 am
pension security, and a community meeting neighborhood security. mayor o'malley became governor o'malley, it and things that were measured did get done and the things that got done got measured. maryland's became number one in education, five years in a row. number one in holding down the cost of college tuition. number one in innovation and entrepreneurship. number one in research and development. number one in median family income. with a certain outlook official holding off decades of decline and making it a healthier place for blue crabs, oysters -- and because governor o'malley believes in the dignity of each individual, he transformed other things. allowing two people who happened
5:43 am
to be the same-sex to join in the same union as everyone and because sometimes you need to prune at present to foster growth in the future. way back when, martin o'malley forged a belief while walking the streets of baltimore, and the belief that changed the city changed the state and changed more than a few lives along the way. [applause] >> please welcome, the governor of the great state of maryland, governor martin o'malley. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you.
5:44 am
thank you. [applause] thank you. my goodness. thank you. thank you so very, very much. here it is. it is really great to be with so many good friends here in new hampshire, and also to be in the company of not only so many good friends in new hampshire, but so many good friends who are marylanders who have come to new hampshire. [applause] so, governor hassan, senator shaheen, congresswoman shea- porter, congo's mine custer, speaker of the house, speaker terry novelli, chairman ray buckley. happy birthday, ray.
5:45 am
[applause] first vice chair clark, second vice chair solomon -- it is a great honor to be with all of you here in the granite state, a place that is very special to me, and also special to the people of our country. really the bed rock state in more ways than one. it is a special honor to be here tonight with democratic governor maggie hassan. [applause] last year, i had the honor and the privilege to be able to serve as chair of the democratic governors association, and the dga had a terrific year. we won five out of six competitive governors races, but no win was so sweet as helping you and governor hassan when win here inere --
5:46 am
new hampshire. well done, maggie. [applause] of course, i knew she would be a fantastic governor. but i am even more impressed with how quickly she and her team have gotten to work, how much she has gotten done in a short time. in less than one year, bringing people together -- what a great idea -- to create good jobs, doubling the r&d tax credit, strengthening public safety, increasing funding for mental health, passing a bipartisan, fiscally responsible budget -- way to go -- and making college education more affordable for more families by freezing in- state tuition. all of that in one year. [applause] and none of us should be entirely surprised, because we know that she has the benefit of following in the tradition and the footsteps of another great governor who served you so very well in the united states senate, my friend jeanne shaheen.
5:47 am
thank you for everything you have done for us. [applause] so, next year is going to be huge for democrats in new hampshire, isn't it? [applause] and under chairman buckley's leadership, great things are indeed possible. but the future is not inevitable. i had a meeting earlier today with a number -- many of you here in the room -- and my friends, a firefighter said earlier to me today, continued progress is possible, but we have to keep helping each other for environmental progress, for progress on workers rights, equal rights for all americans. on women's health. these things are all connected and they can only happen if we continue to stand together, right? and help one another. so let's keep moving forward. [applause] in our time together this
5:48 am
evening, i wanted to talk with you about the story of us, about the story of baltimore and new hampshire, of maryland and america, and i want to begin by thanking you for your indulgence in watching that little introductory video a few moments ago. i'm sorry some of you thought you were about to watch another episode of "the wire." [laughter] you know, the luxury of age is the giving up of vanity. and seeing a younger me with fuller and darker hair reminded me of the story i wanted to share with you at the start tonight. it was 14 years ago this month that i was elected mayor of baltimore. baltimore had that year sadly become the most violent, most addicted, and most abandoned city in america. at one of the very first community meetings we organized
5:49 am
after the election in a hard-hit neighborhood of east baltimore, citizens assembled to talk with their new mayor. and yes, there was some tension and apprehension in the auditorium. i will never forget a little girl came up to one of the microphones. and she said this. she said "mr. mayor, my name is amber and i am 12 years old. and because of all of the addicted people and all of the drug dealers in my neighborhood, there are people in the newspaper who call my neighborhood zombie land. and i want to know if you know they call my neighborhood zombie land, and i want to know if you are doing anything about it." you see, there was a big difference at that time between
5:50 am
the baltimore that we carried in our hearts and the baltimore that we saw in our headlines and on our streets. and you know what, our biggest enemy was not even the drug dealers. it was our own lack of belief. a culture of failure that had too many of us all wallowing in some sense that nothing would ever work and we all had countless issues for why we should not even try. so to respond to that, to change that, we took action. we started to make things work. we saw trash in our streets. so, every day we picked it up. we saw the drug markets, and we began to relentlessly close them down. we saw neighbors suffering from addiction, so we actually expanded drug treatment and we took action to get more people into recovery. and then -- then, after a year of steady hard-earned progress,
5:51 am
we took direct aim at the heart of our own despair. and we launched a campaign that we called simply "believe." the first ad was a commercial that the local news affiliates agreed to air simultaneously. picture this. a 10-year-old african-american boy warming his hands next to a homeless person. his thoughts are given voice and he says "my grandmother says we were all part of one big fire. i don't know if it is true, but i know that there is a fire inside of me." and then you travel with this little boy. you travel through his world. past vacant houses, past drug dealers and drug addicts, pimps and prostitutes, and as night falls, you hear the boys say "my
5:52 am
sister has gone to the store to buy some candy. i wonder what is keeping her." as the camera moves down the street to a gathering crowd of people, an ambulance flashes emergency lights. you hear the announcer's voice a "the people of baltimore are in a fight. it is a fight for their future. it is a fight we have been losing one life at a time." and then the camera finds the little boy's sister lying in a pool of her own blood, another victim of a crossfire. her carefully braided hair, her lifeless eyes wide open. as the camera flashes on those anguished faces -- black and white, civilian, police -- the boy continues "there are some who say give up. we have lost.
5:53 am
but for the strong, for the brave, this fight is not over." what will it take to make a stand together and say enough?" and then from that same corner fire where the story had begun, the stark white on black words "believe. believe in us. believe in yourself. baltimore. believe." for three very uncomfortable and now painful weeks we ran those ads. you can well imagine the angry calls we got. why do you run these ads? why? i will tell you why. we ran those ads to change the culture, to awaken the spirit of a great people, to make our city a safer and better place. we then ran an ad calling people to real individual and specific actions.
5:54 am
mentor a child an hour a week and save a life. call 1-800-believe. join the police department believe in yourself believe in us. get someone that you love into drug treatment. it works. call 1-800-believe. and you know, it did work. the people of baltimore rallied. it was not about the bumper stickers were the signs. -- or the signs, it was about something deeper. it was about the belief that we share in our city that there is no such thing as a spare american. we continue to act on that belief and over the next 10 years baltimore went on to achieve the biggest reduction in crime of any major city in america. [applause] governor hassan, like you, i am so very, very proud of the people i have had the privilege to serve.
5:55 am
belief is important. belief drives action. like baltimore in 1999, we as americans are going through a cynical time of disbelief. a time, quite frankly, with a lot more excuses and ideology than cooperation or action. we seem to have lost that shared conviction we once had that we actually had the ability to make things better, and we have the ability to do it together. there are big differences, are there, between the america we carry in our hearts in the america we see too often in our headlines. the america we carry in our hearts is that land where anybody who works hard, who
5:56 am
plays by the rules, who gets up early in the morning can make a better future for themselves and their children. but the america in our headlines is too often a place where corporate profits are higher than ever, the rich are richer than ever, but the paychecks of working families keep shrinking over time. the america in our hearts the mains that nation -- remains that nation that created the greatest and strongest middle class in the history of the world. the america in our headlines is the nation where too many kids cannot afford to go to college and too many college graduates cannot find jobs after college. it reminds me of the story of the prizefighter who finds himself beaten against the ropes, being pummeled, getting the worst of it in the ring, pounded down by his opponents. and his trainer finally gets the chance to sit him down in the corner and looks them dead in looks him dead in the eye and
5:57 am
he says you know what? the problem isn't what the other guy is doing to you. it is what you are not doing for yourself. whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right. i don't know about you, but i have had enough of the cynicism. i have had enough of the apathy. i have enough of the giving into -- of us giving in to small solutions and low expectations of one another. let's remember who we are. for 235 years, we have been the country that drove the world, -- that thrilled the world the , country that has led the world. in large part while making ourselves stronger at home. don't you think it is time to do it again? [applause] and when others said it was impossible, when others said the odds were too great and it couldn't be done, we actually made it happen and we did it together.
5:58 am
now america is the greatest job generating, opportunity expanding nation ever created in the history of the free world. and yes, we all know our country works better when both of our parties are actually working. [laughter] and functioning. but we as democrats, nonetheless, have an urgent responsibility today, and it is about jobs and it is about a stronger middle class now and it is about giving our children a better future. at the truth is, the truth is that after hoover america needed roosevelt. after eisenhower, we needed kennedy. after reagan, we needed clinton. and after eight miserable years of george w. bush, we needed barack obama. [applause]
5:59 am
no president -- no president since fdr, no president since fdr inherited a worse economy, bigger job losses, as large a deficit as president obama did. but thanks to his leadership and to each of you, america is now moving forward again. but let's look at the alternative here we see on the other side of the aisle. the current crop of tea party republicans, funded by wealthy economic royalists, people who have a very small view of america. we've seen this story before, right? who recalls supply-side economics? reagan called it trickle-down economics. george w. bush called it "focusing on my base." [laughter]
6:00 am
and we call it selling america short. [applause] i don't know about you, but i have had enough of tea party republicans like ted cruz. haven't you? [applause] those guys are too much. twisting the words of our founders to justify their own mean-spirited, shortsighted, pro-shutdown ideology. what senator cruz does not understand is that the patriots who founded new hampshire, the patriots who founded maryland, they did not pray for their president to fail. they prayed for their president to succeed. [applause]


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