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tv   Question Time  CSPAN  January 19, 2014 9:00pm-9:34pm EST

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>> without question, the communications act is not keeping pace with where the market is. sec should do what it can to calibrate its regulations to fit the time. if a stature requires us to do the contrary, we are essentially stuck. we have reached the point, given the intermodal competition that we see, that the sec needs to be needs to- the fcc bring its actions into the 20 first century, require telephone and cable companies and wireless companies differently.
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verynk an update would be use full and i have worked closely with our colleagues in congress. >> monday on "the communicators." >> coming up next, "question at the british house of commons with prime minister david cameron. after that, a discussion about the future of the internet. and then another opportunity for a" with new york times photographer doug mills. during "question time this week, prime minister david cameron , sayingd to ed miliband that the royal bank of scotland should be granted from giving bonuses to bankers. they also talked about fracking and legislation to reduce the
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amount of sugar content in food and drink. >> questions for the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this meeting, i had -- this morning, i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others and i shall have further such meetings dated today. rex launched at sugar, aimed to reduce the sugar content by up of the epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes. , however well- intentioned, have not worked. will the prime minister meet with the delegation of health experts to discuss this issue? and can we ask them to give up sugar and sugary drinks for one day this week? >> the last proposal has the
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strong support of mrrs. cameron. i will take that up if i possibly can. i commend the honorable gentleman for raising this issue and speaking out on the issues of diabetes and obesity for -- with such consistency. they are major health concerns and we are taking them very seriously. we are rolling out the nhs health care program to identify all of those between 40-74 at risk of diabetes. childhood obesity rates are falling. i am happy to have the discussion between him and my friend, the health secretary. we take this issue very seriously. there is more to be done. week, i hader, last the honor of opening the new network rail regional operating center and three bridges in my constituency. can my right honorable friend's
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say what investment they are putting in as part of a long- term economic plan? my honorable friend is exactly right. investing in infrastructure is a key part of our long-term economic plan to make sure britain's economy can be a success now and in the future. we have seen major investment with the cross well, east-west rail. all of them will bring new services. 0, we are015 and 202 planning to invest over 56 billion on roads, rail, and local transport and it is important to make the know that that is three times as much as the plan investing -- invested in hs2. three times as much will be stop -- will be spent elsewhere. d. ed miliban to ask theexpected
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government to approve bonuses of over 100% of multimillion pound salaries. does the prime minister think that is acceptable? >> what i can tell the right honorable gentleman about rbs is that we continue with our plans that have seen bonuses come down by 85%. of bonus pool at one third the level that it was under labor. i can confirm today that, just as we have had limits on tax bonuses of 2000 pounds at rbs this year and last year, we will do the same next year as well. >> i think we can all agree with the general sentiment about bonuses. today, i am asking a very specific question. rbs are talking to parts of the government about the proposal to pay over 100% bonuses. he is the prime minister. the taxpayer will foot the bill. will he put a stop to it right now by telling rbs to drop this idea? whatwill tie you exactly
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we are saying to rbs and it is this. if there are any proposals to increase the pay that is paid as a bonus bill at rbs, at the investment banks, any proposals of theirs, we will veto it. what a pity the party opposite was never approached by that. >> mr. speaker. speaker --, mr. takes,atter how long it the questions will be heard and the answers will be heard. aboutm not asking increases in pay of bonuses. i am asking a very simple question. isut the proposal that expected to come forward from rbs, which is to pay more than 100% bonuses on pay. have beenhen rbs
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failing small businesses and these kind of bonuses, we know it should not be allowed to happen. are ordinary families facing a cost-of-living crisis, surely he can say that the people near a million pounds, a bonus of one million should be quite enough. is not asking me about the overall pay and bonuses at rbs, why isn't he? that is what he should be asking about. what i have said very clearly is that the remuneration, the total paid bill, at the investment bank must come down. i have to say, to get a lecture from the right honorable gentleman when we had the biggest us anywhere in the world mortgages,e had 125% all of the embarrassing -- all of the embarrassment. he comes here every week to complain about a problem created by the labour party.
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last week, it was betting. this week, it is banking. he rises up the moral authority of reverend flowers. where is the apology for the mess they made of rbs in the first place? >> the last two years, my councils opportunity for sudden growth created equity investment. record numbers of new businesses starting up. it is also the home of the institute for cancer research and the hospital. given that life sciences are an engine for innovation and growth , what support will the government give to realize the plan of a life time cluster a step on these world-renowned centers? >> my right honorable friend make a very good point.
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we have the patent box to attract life science businesses. we also have investment in apprenticeships. that is very important. and the office of life sciences is bringing the business and health departments together to help ring jobs here. working with local enterprise partnerships, i think there is a great opportunity for more investment in these very important businesses. >> the inquest concluded last week with a verdict of lawful killing. they also found evidence in the investigation. wallace admitted that he lied. does the prime minister accept it is now urgent that we reform the independent complaints commission? >> first of all, can i commend what he said about the read importance of people respecting the outcome of the interest? we have robert legal processes in this -- proper legal
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processes in this country and we should respect their outcomes. there is an ongoing investigation and we should let it do its work. i am always prepared to look at reforms of organizations like this. there was a big reform some much ago to make the ipcc more independent. he is shaking his head and saying it is not working. i am happy to take a look at the argument he i have to say, it was deeply shocking to see an e- mail that is purported to be someone who witnessed an event and it turns out it is a serving police officer. that was deeply troubling and disturbing. i am not saying all is well. i think the vast majority of the british police service to a magnificent job and put their lives on the line day after day. i am happy to look at proposals for how we can strengthen these arrangement. -- these arrangements.
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>> can i invite the chancellor for himself to see how, with d2n2 money, they are embarking on a first phase expansion program, increasing jobs by 20%. business of british and a long-term economic plan. myi am grateful for what honorable friend says. i think we have seen the regional growth fund produce some real economic success stories. that is being combined with our long-term plan to encourage businesses to take on employees, to put in place the infrastructure. exports in to back terms of britain's performance and get out there and sell to the world. >> given that we have recently heard that half a dozen terror suspects could be released onto our streets, and the prime minister gave an assurance to public safety that will not
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compromise the outlook once the latest experience with terrorism control expires? >> what i can assure her is that we will take every step necessary to keep the british public safety i think the measures are working well. it is a myth to pretend that control orders will be kept in place forever. many people were taken off control orders during the existence of that set of measures. , i listened very carefully to the head of the metropolitan police service and the security service who were involved in drawing up these measures to keep our country safe. >> last year, we benefited from the high number of business startups in our town. to claimant count is down 2.5%. will the prime minister join me with his entrepreneurial spirit
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to redouble government efforts to help more firms export question mark -- export? >> my honorable friend is exactly right. we are seeing an enterprise revolution in our country again. the point he makes about small businesses and exports is important. one in five of them export. if we can turn that into one in four, we would wipe out our trade deficit. i support the excellent work he dos and encourage them to everything he can to back britain's entrepreneurs. >> mr. speaker, there are sites all over the country with planning commissions and the capacity for 250,000 houses, nothing is happening. some of them being hoarded by developers. of use it or lose
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it. the prime minister says the policy was not. does he still believe that? map.e demonstration of the no wonder we had banks collapsing and all of the rest. what i would say to the honorable gentleman is that housebuilding is picking up. we are seeing a big increase in housing starts. a big increase in housing completions. is, as hek his policy kindly put it, nuts, is this region -- is this reason. they will not go ahead with the building in the first place. it will put a freeze on the whole development rather than getting britain buildings, which is what we need to happen. -- housinglacent
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wiseman's are at their lowest are at theirements lowest level since 1994. his own minister says the policy might make a contribution. we should be able to have a use it or lose it caused. developers should be under no illusion that they can sit on their land and wait for prices to go up. in the policy nuts or is it the right thing to do? >> it is the policies of this government that are seeing house noting increase. -- housebuilding increase. housing starts in the last quarter were at their highest level for five years. when heer than 2009, was sitting in the cabinet. a 16% increase over the last 12 months compared to the year before. here is the question he needs to answer. his shadow ministers go around opposing our planning reform even though they are important to get britain building.
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time and again, they are criticizing proposals that are helping our french -- our fellow countrymen and women realize ownership. why not make those labor councils get on with selling houses to hard-working people? >> and labor councils, there would be far more houses than inventory councils. i am's -- than in torie councils. his housing minister says he supports it. here is the reality. he is not doing enough to close the gap between supply and demand. the truth is that a number of social housing starts are down. he has shelved his plans and rates are rising. does he accept that britain is building 100,000 fewer homes and we need to meet demand?
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>> of course we need to build new homes. that is why we reformed the planning system, which they opposed. that is why we are helping to get britain building. what we are seeing is he is now having to jump around all over the plight -- all over the place. it started with the deficit reduction not going to work. now he cannot make that argument. then it was we needed plan b. he cannot make that argument. then it was a cost-of-living. yesterday, we saw inflation fall to 2%. we have a government with a plan and an opposition that does not have a clue. >> can i welcome that my local community has benefited from shale gas? can i urge the prime minister to do more to encourage open and the scientific community to do
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to settle legitimate concerns that residents have over the technology and the attentional environmental impact? friend is right to raise this and make the remarks that he does. i think that shale has a huge potential for our country. seven percent of the reserves would provide us with gas for 30 years. we have got to do a better job at explaining the benefits and talking frankly about the process. there is a huge amount of myths that are being put around in order to frighten people about shale gas extraction. in the united states, we have seen that they can be extracted safely and cleanly, reminding effective local and green energy for homes, businesses, and making our country more competitive at the same time. thes you have said here, six british nationals include
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nick dune, a former paratrooper. will the prime minister agreed to meet with me and other representatives to discuss this issue and see if we can get these former paratrooper's releas? -- paratroopers ed. >> i raise this question when i was recently in india. i will go on making sure that we do everything that we can. if a meeting needs to be raised between members of this house of commons representing the constituents and i believe the oneign secretary represents himself, i am happy to do that. >> innovation is essential for our economic future. does the prime minister agree that the universities need smart city research objects to increase infrastructure? it is one example of securing
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our long-term economic plan. university ande it is extremely impressive. it is also needing a very important export drive in terms of our university. i congratulate bill for the representation and what the open university is doing. there are many opportunities, as the least provided by hs2 well. i look forward to discussing it in the future. afford food,not cannot afford to put gas in the car to go to work. will the prime minister set the cost-of-living to the breaking point? i accept that we are still recovering from the great took 3000 pounds out of a typical family's income. we are seeing more people in work on my including in wales. we are seeing real wages starting to rise.
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i think we can be confident. yes, it is hard work, but the economy has grown and we want that to be the recovery for everyone in our country. thathe number of people have received a jobseekers allowance fell 31% between november of 2012 and november of 2013. youth unemployment fell by an even more impressive 40%. --s the prime minister shale share my view that the plan is already working? >> i am grateful for what my honorable friend says. the absolutely key part of our long-term economic plan is to see a growing number of people working in our country. in the west midlands, employment has risen by 60,000 since the election. go,e is still further to particularly in the west midlands, where we need to get young people back to work. the figures are still very encouraging.
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>> instead of ordering civil service to investigate, why just't the prime minister agree with margaret thatcher, whether it had anything to do with the westland helicopter deal at the time? honorablethe gentleman might have gone a conspiracy theory too far on this one. it is very important that we get to the bottom of what happened and that is why i have asked the cabinet secretaries to reread this review. we will establish the facts. the process is underway. i wanted to be fast and find out the truth. the findings will be made public. i will never forget my own visit to the golden temple. one of the most beautiful and serene places anywhere on this planet. what happened 30 years ago led to a tragic loss of life. it remains a source of deep pain . the prime minister is right to
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apologize for what has happened and i understand the concerns. let's wait for the outcome of the review by sir jeremy hayward. far, itnote that, so has not found any evidence to contradict the insistence by senior indian army commanders responsible at the time, it was planned and carried out solely by the indian army. so we can an inquiry get to the bottom of this. january, i0th of will be hosting 70 businesses olds with 14-25-year- training and job opportunities. will the prime minister give his support to this event and confirm that he will remain committed to training the young so that they benefit personally?
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my honorable friend for what he is carrying out in carlisle. i think these jobs fairs and skills affairs and encouraging young people to think about apprenticeships and encouraging businesses to train people in apprenticeships are some of the most important things we can do. we have 1.5 million apprenticeships that has started since the election. over 200,000 have started in the northwest under this government. we will keep up this good work create -- this good work. >> is the prime minister aware of the grave concern among british sikhs about the u.k. involvement in the operation to storm the golden temple? he will also be aware of the broader events in 1984 in india resulted in the death of thousands of innocent sikhs. painft lasting grief and in the sikh community here in the u.k. and around the world.
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this is an open wound which will not heal until the truth is told. i will ask him whether he will ensure that the full disclosure of all government papers and information from that time and that is also following a proper statement in this house, where ministers can be question. >> first of all, i agree with him about the deep scars that this event left and the incredibly strong feelings that exist to this day. anyone who visits the golden temple sees what an extraordinary place of these and tranquility and what an important site it is. thisotice how powerful point is. we are going to make sure this inquiry is held partly. -- robert lee. -- properly. people should not take away the responsibility from the people who are properly
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responsible for them. in terms of holding a statement and revealing this information, the findings to the house, i will listen carefully to what he says, but i think this statement would be the right approach. the funding resulting from incentives for fracking, so that those committed to feel the impact are those who choose how the money is spent rather than having to compete with districts and councils with other priorities. makes anorable friend important point. we have set out the overall level of support so 100,000 pounds when a well is dug. one percent of revenue that is paid. it is absolutely vital that, with 100% retention rates, we could have a very large effect on finance. how do you divide that up between parishes, districts, and counties? do you look at individual payments to households who may
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be inconvenienced? we should look at local options so that individual people will benefit. i think it is something that colleagues will want to discuss and think about so we can help this industry to take off. >> i am not sure if members are aware that anyone joining the police force will now have to pay 1000 pounds for a certificate or they even fill in the application form. 1000 pounds will make it hard for the police to look like the community that it serves and i represent. it will put off young people from poor backgrounds and ethnic minorities from joining the police. we know the prime minister -- but talking to army commissions, why is it being introduced for the police in the 21st century? do ist we are trying to
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even further professionalize this vital profession. i will make sure the secretary talks about this issue. >> what is the point of anyone ainging to a plan b when plan is so obviously working? >> it is not just plan b we are not hearing about anymore, they seem to have stopped talking about the cost of living. the deficit would knock come down, remember when they told us wrote will never come. they told us we were going to lose jobs. affirmation of all is the silence of the shadow chancellor. there is a big debate that he was not allowed on the radio. he will not be speaking at the house of commons.
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they have another idea. you hide your shadow chancellor by leaning on the front bench. there we go. >> the prime minister has shown considerable leadership with victims of state violence in northern ireland. unfortunately, the main balance can be made up by the troubles of the people and has no access to such a policy. does the prime minister agree that the proposal for dealing with the past offers the best opportunity for veterans and survivors to receive truth and justice and will he commit to backing the proposals by cooperating? >> what i would say is that i marriagere is a lot of in the proposals. he did some excellent work. he described them as providing the architecture for future agreement and discussion.
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i hope we can take he were, including the very difficult work done on the past, and take that forward with all sides trying to agree. >> i am not sure if the prime thester has followed benefit street, but if he is, he would know that there is a street like this in every constituency. our long-term economic plans, we make sure that the benefits system is therefore people who need it. it is a choice so people do not get trapped in it. >> i only managed to catch a small amount of this program. i think it brings home two vital points. we need a welfare system that make short work always pays. the second point is that many people in our country have multiple disadvantages and problems where you need help to get people out of poverty and benefit dependency. it is not just about tailoring
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benefits, it is making sure we intervene in people's lives and correct the things that are keeping them out of work and earning a decent living. >> may i say to the prime minister as someone who strongly supports shale gas extraction by fracking, that however well his intentions, his current packet will not persuade local communities. why can't he and the chancellor crosst down with the party local government association and negotiate with them on their proposal for 10% of revenues to be shared with local communities? thought the proposal was that it should be 10% of profits. 1% of revenues start running the moment that she'll start coming out of the ground could be a better offer. i am happy does it down with anybody and discussed this issue
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because i think shale is so important to the future of our country. the point i would make, yesterday, the oil platforms that are already there, it is worth making the point that those went ahead without any sort of community benefits that we are promising with shale. 1% of revenues, which could be 7-10 million pounds for a typical well. 100% retention of business rates, which in second wells, could be 1.7 million, maybe 2 million pounds. taxk about how much cancel a small authority raises and how much 1.7-2 million pounds, what a difference that could make. by all means, let's talk about the facts and the figures and what we can do. we also need to persuade people that this can go ahead without
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environmental damage, without problems that people are worried about. >> the leader of the opposition has said that what they are doing in france, i want to do in britain. [laughter] given recent events across the channel, does my right honorable friend agree with me that he is completely at odds with our long-term economic plan? >> i did not catch all of resident hollande's press conference yesterday. one thing i did notice is that the french proposals now are to cut spending in order to cut taxes in order to make the economy more competitive. perhaps the shadow chancellor and his new silent form will want to consider some of these ideas and recogni


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