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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 2, 2014 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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individuals. we have also read reports of clashes are in a pro-unity demonstration in a southern city in odessa. >> mr. president, established members of the council, i would like to share with you key elements of the secretary-general's statement that is being issued at the same time that we are meeting. the secretary-general reiterates his grave concern over the situation in the southern ukraine. reminder of how situation has become. expansion of militia activities and ongoing siege is a public buildings by unidentified armed groups undercuts the letter and spirit of the 17 april geneva statement.
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are therefore urging all sides to exercise maximum restraint and appeal to those with grievances to voice them peacefully so as to avoid bloodshed. we call for all parties to expect -- respect ukraine's sovereignty. secretary-general once again calls on those responsible for the capture and detention of military monitors and the company ukrainian staff to release them immediately, unconditionally, and unharmed. statecretary-general of says this is the only way out of the crisis and both sides must redouble their efforts to revitalize the spirit of compromise during the geneva talks. you,ly, it as i informed given the deteriorating situation in the country, the secretary-general has asked me
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to go back to key of next week. -- kiev next week. immediate return to dialogue. thank you. >> i want to thank him for his briefing. i give the floor to the members of the security council. i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, mr. president. the russian elevate -- ,elegation convened today having to do with the resumed punitive knowledge terry operations with the use of terrorists from the pro-fascist right sector as well as other national organizations against their own people in the southeast of the ukraine by the government in kiev.
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the ukrainian forces using tanks and other heavy artillery with military helicopters striking and entrenching fighters. the first blood has been let and there is information about the wounded and killed. if the criminal misadventures are not stopped, the catastrophic context for the ukraine cannot be avoided. against theirres to carry out its obligations under the geneva separation for a swift halt of all violence and the launching of broad national dialogue and political forces. if someone was shouting, it is
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definitely clear that the many declarations of the so-called government to begin a nationwide dialogue. we know these declarations are nothing but hypocrisy. violating the obligations from 17 april which were quiet to halt all violence. taking efforts to de-escalate , and with our them under --ds for finding a solution on the issue on the held military specialists. kiev regime with the use of
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military force effectively annihilating any hope. the particular concern is information that during the punitive operations and the altar nationalist groups, there waves.lish on the radio english speaking foreigners were noted. on the inadmissibility of outside interference. it is time for western colleagues to think twice and reason with those that stop toying with the destiny of the ukrainian people. how else would we interpret another example of double standards used by the u.s.? washington may times attempted to tell russia where and how
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military troops should write. the white house was insulted by our appeal to the government to withdraw from eastern ukraine. washington has always requested elected in ainely coverage. logic is very strange used against civilians. and by a government that has no legitimacy. the representative of that you did not go much further than the american colleagues. talking about the state's monopoly over the use of force. this statement can only be called provocation. it seems that the high representative not only did not was supportingt
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those that perpetrated the coup d'état. the u.s. and the eu, their great responsibility is strong in the past. the categorical refusal of washington is totally non-fortuitous. running counter to the geneva declaration of 17 april. dialogueontinuation of . what could be a more striking force? of the use of and the signers of the geneva declaration, to not commit a look atror and take a possible consequences of their
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actions. and stop the district of policy with respect to the ukraine. and basically halt alternative operations and ensure full freedom. this would be a genuine process if there is a need for a swift organization of authentic political dialogue. to draw mutually agreed up on , pretending to draw reforms in a small circle with the government of winners. ordero gave the criminal to unleash bloodshed will therefore responsibility. representative of the russian federation, i give the floor to the representative of
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france. >> think you, mr. president. i would like to pay tribute to the presidency of the security council for last month and to our colleague in nigeria and her entire team. here we are once again, grappling with the ukrainian crisis. council isthis this unfortunate country is steeped in anarchy. ukraine, roofs are aggressively taking over cities. thatnot really a crowd supports this effort but just a few hundred demonstrators. heavy weaponry which excludes the possibility of any sympathetic members of the crowd, russian officers on local
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television, the taking of hostages. andof whom are being held allegations have increasingly been proven of forced disappearances. these thugs have refused to implement that agreement which was supposed to be the restoration of the ukrainian state on its own territory. and what is ukraine doing? after having shown great restraint that no other state inld've been able to show, the face of organized attacks, it was supported and justified by a neighboring country and decided to use its army and police against the armed groups which are establishing security at the expense of the people who do not support them. are notmed groups spontaneous local groups, but actually capable of shooting
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down a helicopter. equipment one normally doesn't find on the markets. what right do we have to meddle in the internal affairs of the state that is trying to restore its best merged suffering? we can, at the very least, recall the need for acting with restraint. but nothing is proving that it's not doing so. to go even further would be a violation. and i know we are not there anymore. principlempled on the of states, we might do the same with the principle of internal affairs. it is only difficult to take the first step. russia is announcing one principle after another which is the very foundation of
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nternational life. trying to point the finger at the other and in folks the 21st of february which was discovered too late. and the agreement to geneva which it consented but made no effort. and finally, accusations that according tocal the english speakers among the ranks of the ukrainians. and finally, the european union's would be responsible according to these allegations. russia has opened a pandora's box and allowed out the demon of nationalism. thugs released bands of and offers key of a difficult between partitions and we
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are discovering this mixture might escape their control. toionalism might compel them do what they don't want to do. that the thugs might behave like thugs and that the ukraine, given this impossible choice, might end up full doing. fireman situation is what we have here. screaming in order to make us forget that this path was set long before. we are prepared and we have been find a way to de-escalate the situation. that russia would calm the armed groups and provide support for the observers. and open negotiations to the ukraine that free elections be held under international
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oversight in order to provide irrefutable legitimacy to key of. between the ukraine and russia, compromise is possible. everyone knows what it stake. and the europeans first concerned by this crisis are also prepared. principles that will respect the sovereignty of the ukraine is still conceivable. but to that end, what first from a bad a stop spy novel. ,he ministry of foreign affairs we don't need an amateur james bond drinking vodka nor diplomats. we need to come back to the principles that are the foundations of international life.
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i think the representative of france and give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. republicratulate the for assuming the president is here on the security council in the month of may. esther president, thank you for convening this meeting. the russian federation has described events as a punitive military operation against peaceful activists. this is yet again a gross distortion of the facts. the ukrainian government has the right and the responsibility to uphold the rule of law and in its own citizens territory. it should do so in a proportionate and measured way. the actions undertaken this
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morning by ukrainian security forces in and around appear to have been just that. in an effort to relieve the city from armed groups that have been terrorizing the local population. we urge them to continue to take every effort to ensure that the risks to civilians are minimized. let's be absolutely clear. there is no council sitting around this table that would allow its towns to be overrun by armed militants. none of us would advocate responsibility for the protection of citizens on her own territory that are being intimidated and brutalized by heavily armed groups backed by a neighboring country. proportionate is not the same as passive. the scale of russian hypocrisy is breathtaking. they support and arms the most oppressive regimes in the world, notably syria, a regime that
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brutally represses without any sense of restraint or concern for the protection of civilians. the indignation of a ukraine's proportionate and measured actions and ventas no one. russian claims that these are peaceful activists and are simply not credible. peaceful activists do not have the means or capabilities to shoot down three ukrainian military helicopters reportedly using man pads. the use of such sophisticated weaponry against ukrainian forces reaffirms our assessment that the armed groups in eastern ukraine include professionals funded, equipped, and directed by russia. situation in, the the eastern ukraine has continued to deteriorate. our groups stormed the prosecutor's office -- office, increasing the number of government buildings occupied since the 17 april geneva agreement. we remain gravely concerned by
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the kidnap and continued detention of the vienna document inspectors and call on russia to condemn this criminal act and use its influence over those holding these inspectors to bring about their immediate, safe, and unconditional release. we are deeply disturbed by reports of journalists reporting from east ukraine. the council discussed journalists in an open debate last year. care -- clearest conclusions was that the importance of safeguarding free media so that facts and truth can be told. we're seeing is disinformation and propaganda. councilers of this emphasized the importance of the agreement and its implementation. abiding by that agreement remains the best way to de-escalate volatile and
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dangerous situations in eastern ukraine. regrettable that russia's presidential press secretary said this morning that russia did not think it any longer possible to implement the 17 april agreement. we urge russia to step back, to insist from the inflammatory propaganda and commit de-escalating a perilous situation. urge russia to throw its full weight behind the 17 april agreement and rain in the militants armed groups which it supports and which are responsible for the current crisis. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united kingdom for his statements. i now give the floor to the representative of the united states. >> thank you, mr. president.
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this council has met on more than one dozen occasions regarding the ukraine. we have urged respect for ukraine's territorial integrity, adherence to international law, and steps to reduce tensions and de-escalate the crisis. we met to discuss the next usable failure to fulfill its obligations. to monumentaling falsehoods right now. is that thelsehood ukrainians are carrying out a large-scale uncontrolled violent attack on unarmed civilians. this is false. ukrainian government is carrying -- a targeted effort to paramilitary violence in an effort to deliver security for the ukrainian citizens. there is horrible violence in the eastern ukraine and that violence is coming as it has been for weeks now.
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the second monumental falsehood is that the russian federation is deeply concerned by the insecurity in the east. they are severely and deeply concerned. despite the rhetoric, russia can't be because russia is causing the instability. concern is cynical and disingenuous and meant only to distract us from the realities playing out before our eyes. i want to focus on one main point. from the outset, the government -- this policy restraint continued after russia subverted crimea, orchestrated and undemocratic separatist vote , invaded crimea and announced to the world it had annexed crimea. ande lying about intentions its presence in crimea every
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step of the way. as far as the operatives have moved to the homeland. >> day after day, it has shown remarkable almost unimaginable restraint. it has done is this council has asked. it has refrained from military to aggression even as they announced it. and yet, in return for the reasonableness, russia has to stabilize, threaten, and terrorize. playede scenario that itself out as been repeating itself in parts of eastern ukraine. the same sudden appearance of
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unfamiliar men and new armaments. and the same denials of russian involvement. the same cries of outrage. the ukrainian people and government have embarked on an effort to reclaim one city in the eastern part of their country. it is what any one of our countries would've done in the face of this threat. imagine, for a moment, if 26,000 square kilometers of russian territory were seized by another country. would moscow show restraint week after week. how would president clinton responded parts of this country were seized to request to remove
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his army from those parts of the country. some irony in russian demand given the manner in which it would deal with separatism within its borders. been 63 days since russia began its campaign to annex crimea. the ukrainian government has chosen peace day after day. russia, day after day, has chosen to pursue more territory. consider the following facts. it stopped almost all train movements. that is an illegal act. it is an illegal act. to russian activists beat up
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journalists near the administration building. we can go on and on about the illegal acts. 32 buildings are under occupation. officialsen dozens of legally detained. and the group of eight monitors objected in direct defiance. alongside all this action, we have heard the russian federation building its case for intervention. we were not even part in the ukraine in the good old days.
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invoking article 51 and self-defense as activated during the russian takeover. in the context of the crisis in eastern ukraine, it has the right of self-defense, ukraine. the intervention is a clear violation of international law. peacekeeping as a cover for him lawful military intervention. there is no evidence that the ukrainian government has targeted officials or threatened russia in any way. contrast to the actions to destabilize ukraine. it should come to the un security council and cq n peacekeepers. the right to not being threatened, their ability to use
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language and have it recognized by the government is not being threatened. it is their methods that have been intentionally provocative and threatening. they are not pressing their case peacefully. they use clubs and knives. these are armed operatives. of thise beginning crisis, the ukrainian government has acted in good faith and with admirable restraint. the area around city hall is clear of barricades and protesters. ukraine voluntarily suspended its counterterrorism initiative, choosing to de-escalate for its own people. ton today, as it tries lawfully restore order, ukrainian security forces are operating in a cautious and restrained manner. ukraine has cooperated fully with the special monitoring mission and allowed observers to operate in regions to which
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moscow had voiced concerns are guarding the treatment of ethnic russians. obloquy committing his government to far-reaching constitutional reforms and will strengthen the power of the regions. they have appealed personally to russian speaking ukrainians and to protect those who use it. he announced legislation to grant amnesty. takenct that ukraine has steps to restore order is to be expected. and what eachd and every one of the states represented would do and would probably have done far earlier. russia has chosen to call an emergency session in protest is an indication that the authorities either underestimate the intelligence of the world community or they are trying to exactly replicate the charade they were responsible for in crimea. are not fooled.
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just as allies engage in a dramatic and dangerous campaign in eastern ukraine, the russian government is spreading some of -- over the course of this aggression, those entrusted with carrying out in the government and those reporting impartially on the facts have begun to slowly disappear. and policeil members and journalists are held by armed operatives. international observers are being held in a hostage. ande that have an interest a mandate are being silenced. that is being filled with relentless russian propaganda that they hope will justify whatever actions they decide to take. today's russian foreign ministry , the ridiculous and false would not be so alarming if it did not suggest moscow was looking for something
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-- nothing short of a pretext to invade. it may even have the power to abuse its veto but it cannot veto the truth. if there is hope to de-escalate, russia must pull back its troops . to really see onernational observers behalf of moscow's agenda. annexation, this council implored the ukrainians to demonstrate restraint. we asked russia to stop invading its neighbor but it did not. i reiterate the support of my government for the principles of the u.n. charter. it will enable the people of
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ukraine to choose leaders freely and fairly. we continue to seek a peaceful democratic. russia to cease provocative acts and instill commitments through which it has walked away. >> we give it to the representative of luxembourg. thank you very much, mr. president. in the east of ukraine is worsening. we are deeply concerned by the activities of pro-russian military separatist.
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they seem to be aiming at destabilizing the country and tempering the holding of presidential elections. the sovereignty and territorial integrity, they have demonstrated restraint. in the military manage the occupation or annexation by russian federation. up until yesterday, the response of the ukrainian authorities regarding numerous cases of seizure of public buildings by armed militia, a growing number of attacks and violence against those peacefully protesting for unity in ukraine and the east of the country are responsive to these acts. it has been absolutely moderate. that they canet
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drain a protest in odessa. we reiterate our appeal for de-escalation. as well as restraint kit be demonstrated by all parties. adopted by the head of diplomacy. let us not see this declaration in lossrather be born of human life. it all parties had done everything necessary to implement. timee together today at a when we must understand the monitors from the united nations factse osce to establish
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as well as propaganda. observing in a neutral manner and reporting on facts is a way to create conditions conducive to an invasion. the special monitoring mission on plansay a full role for de-escalation measures. the security of international monitors deployed should begin indeed by all parties. guaranteed by all parties. hostage taking of a team of , we ready or ars -- we reiterate to ensure that the monitors are free.
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for amonitors being held week now as well as the ukrainian staff accompanying them. isembourg believes it possible to find a peaceful solution to the crisis. no substitute for substantive dialogue. for a diplomatic way out. to ensure the dialogue takes , we hope that the forthcoming visit in moscow and kiev will contribute to this. >> i think the representative of luxembourg for her statement and i now give the floor to the representative of argentina.
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>> madam president, i would like to reiterate my delegation of argentina's confidence in your leadership during this month of your presidency and i express our gratitude to the presidency of nigeria for last month's efforts. i like to thank the secretary general for his briefing on the situation in the ukraine and recent events. to say we are meeting a second time in a week to discuss the alarming situation in the ukraine is a demonstration of has act that this council responsibility to express itself. to reiterate our views about what is happening with regard to the bitter confrontation due to the escalation of tensions. coming appears that
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daily confrontation and reality has a serious risk of a spiral of violence with serious consequences for ukraine, and the international community. argentina condemns violent acts reported in the eastern ukraine and which has left the loss of human life in its wake. obviously, the voices of members of this council have not been heard. to bringn all parties the situation under control and begin a constructive dialogue. hasspirit of compromise unraveled very quickly and is imperative to find that spirit and find a diplomatic and political solution. it should be clear to all parties that a peaceful way out is not possible in this
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difficult situation. all parties should respect international humanitarian law and human rights. strictly upholding international law. the only solution in argentina , toesirable and necessary find a solution to inclusive dialogue that involves all parties. however, to begin this process of dialogue and work towards a peaceful reaction is key to establishing conditions conducive to the negotiations and build trust among different communities and provide security for all people in the ukraine his main concern is that their needs are met. respecting ukraine's right to
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conduct internal affairs. witness to the rhetoric of confrontation. , hostility, and violence. and reactions that only lead to escalating tensions. all of this to bring the parties to the table for constructive dialogue. it is key and important that all a way ford constructive diplomacy and stop confrontational rhetoric or the parties that there can be an effective implementation. to find a wayy out of the crisis. their lives are in danger.
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is the principal of territorial integrity. this security council has met on numerous occasions in order to discuss the situation. tohave not shown the ability play a constructive role. it has no effect because they are not consistent and have not been able to send a single message or have any unified reaction. but it is not too late. the same terms in the same -- we must assume
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responsibility to maintain peace and international security. >> i give the floor to the representative of australia. >> when we met on 29 april on the situation in the ukraine, we urged russia to abide by the commitments it made on 17 april including to refrain from violence, intimidation, and provocative actions. situation hase further deteriorated severely. this plan and coordinate a destabilization could not happen without external support. the shooting down of ukrainian helicopters today by
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surface-to-air missiles is dramatic further evidence of that. we are witnessing well armed and well-trained personnel using military weapons that are intent on armed provocation. takeover by further our militia groups right across eastern ukraine. orchestrated violence is today spread to odessa. there are kidnappings and torture. they are still being held hostage a week later. is an affront to the entire international community and must be released immediately. not aactions are clearly legitimate protest or in attempts to protect russian speakers from alleged or serious threats.
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cynical,calculated, and highly provocative act shims designed to undermine the ukrainian state of authority to intimidate and destabilize. they make a mockery of what russia has committed to in the geneva agreement. ukraine itself is working to implement commitments and parliament, amnesty and protest. constitutional reform aimed at decentralizing power. >> in response to the extreme provocation the ukraine is facing, authorities have the right and responsibility to seek to reinstate state authority and restore public order overall. authorities have giving clear messages.
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administrative buildings and municipal infrastructure. taking measures to try to ensure security and protect its own citizens and its own territory. what is destructive? russia's reckless interference. destructive of the geneva agreement.
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destructive of russia's own standing and credibility. to ensure militia groups in the armed rebellion in plymouth the geneva agreement. claim they have no further territorial ambitions on the ukraine. >> i think the representative of australia. i give the floor to the representative of china. appreciation for the master of nigeria for their -- this is a matter
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of concern to china. and avoid further deterioration of the situation. solution is the only way out of the crisis in the ukraine. they need to take into consideration that both history and contemporary situations will accommodate the aspirations of various regions and ethnic groups within the ukraine as
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well as both parties. time, they have worked actively to facilitate negotiations. the house in geneva around the russian federation have agreed on measures. forcibly promoting the settlement. .nd realizes it is possible we will continue to support international offices.
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>> i think the representative of china for the statement and now give the floor to the representative. >> thank you, madam president. we wish to you and the entire team every success in your endeavor. tributealso like to pay for their excellent stewardship. mr.uld also like to thank phelps for his briefing. chad notes with alarm that the situation continues to
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andriorate both politically in terms of security in the east. -- to open the way to dialogue. they led to a number of deaths and significant material damage. situation,serious chad would reiterate its call .or immediate halt to combat we call for nonviolence by government forces and
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separatists. observers are still being held. convinced that the solution to the ukrainian be bu it must be sought in the respective territory and sovereignty and unity of ukraine. in keeping with the united nations charter. chad would also reiterate its for the situation to be de-escalated. countries invite having an influence on the parties present to use all means establishn order to
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direct dialogue. in mind, we encourage the international community and the secretary-general of the united nations to step up their -- betweenbring out the parties to find a peaceful solution to the ukrainian crisis. thank you. >> i think the representative of chad for his statement and i give the floor to the representative of lithuania. >> i thank you, madam president. let me start by thanking the delegation. we wish you the best success during your tenure. i would also like to express my delegations appreciation and theitude to nigeria for council during the month of april.
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to thank the brief but troubling information. i would like to go to a question that has already been raised. what would your country do if group of people in your towns decided to break away and declare themselves above your country's laws and constitutions? ,ttack local government administration buildings, take killing. and practice if such groups were sponsored by countries abroad and with a massive campaign of propaganda and this -- demonizing the people, would you sit and wait for your country to be decimated? or would you act in your country's interests protecting the sovereignty, unity, and integrity.
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ukraine has taken blade and highly cautious actions. representeder state in this hall, it has the right to protect its sovereignty and territory and integrity by all means necessary. as far as punitive actions go, let's be frank. at least 33 people killed and wounded. many more wounded. the craft in an elementary school killed at least 20 other people including 17 children. act, by countless similar acts in the course of more than three years of ongoing war in that country.
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down in thewere mobile air defense system. another army helicopter was damaged. they used a portable air defense systems. they can shoot down helicopters or perhaps planes of some kind in the future. armed with heavy weapons and automatic weapons, they do not kidnap international observers. today, provocations have been carried them out -- carried out. they are there now. the separatists respected and carried out geneva -- had they not taken up arms against their own state, none of
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this would be happening. not be happening if russia, the only power with real influence, denounce these acts a aggression and accept peaceful path of talks with the central government. instead, russia put the blame on ukraine, the only site taking some steps at gunpoint to implement the geneva statement. those that had been referred to amnesty laws ago, and decentralization. dan asked the government will submit to the parliament on referendum and destabilization that will be held together with presidential elections. grant additional guarantees to russian speaking
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populations as well as members of ethnic minorities. they don't know that it exists. they have drowned the voice of key of -- kiev. a simply won't be allowed to know that alternatives exist on the path of war. and proceed with ukraine's dismemberment under the forced referendum. we have to watch very carefully when the self proclaimed people have announced the referendum. . would not be surprised discusses the
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attempts to invalidate intentions and the threat to use armed forces. last time, a couple of days ago, we called for support of the secretary-general's initiatives and called for setting up international mediation. we welcome the fact that they will be going to the region and we fully stand behind these efforts to de-escalate the situation. like luxembourg has said. work tobe allowed to understand what is happening there and help de-escalate the
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situation without going. they must prevent this crisis from turning into a real bloodbath. horrifying andw -- we have seen that in the south african republic and elsewhere. in the middle of europe, two slavic orthodox nations may start killing each other. they are both orchestrated by the kremlin. we should go back to that. we have to let it work. it is in the interest of all of us. i think the representative of lithuania for her statement and they give the floor to the representative of nigeria.
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>> madam president, i want to thank you for accepting to shepherd this council in the month of may. i delegation wishes -- wishes you green pastures. for the nature of the , the generation of the crisis into full-blown military confrontation. this is even more pertinent today as developments on the have created another dimension.
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the two ukrainian military helicopters, there is the control center by unidentified armed groups. taking control of public establishments by armed groups have led to the response by the government of the ukraine. we acknowledge the responsibility to maintain rule of law. it is also possible to restore public order in a measured generationvoid a a into a full-blown conflict. i call on all parties to de-escalate tensions. we need to reiterate our position that the outcome of our ukraine, theen ,ussian federation, the e.u.
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and the united states provides the path for the resolution of this conflict. there are prerequisites, however, for this. all sides must refrain from violence, intimidation, and provocative action. all armed groups must disarm. the diplomatic solution's doors , and allin open parties must remain engaged and committed to find a peaceful solution that takes into consideration the interests of the people of ukraine. we would like to see ukraine return to peace, security, and stability, and it's independence independence respected
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in accordance with the charter of the united nations. the alternative will be falling dominoes, not only in that region, but in every other region in the world. [indiscernible] this for us is simply [indiscernible] it is a collective responsibility to prevent the domino theory from being replayed in our time. i thank you. >> i think the representative from nigeria for her statement. i now recognize the representative from jordan. >> thank you, madam president.
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we would also like to congratulate you on taking up the presidency this month. we thank the delegation of nigeria for everything done last month. we thank the undersecretary general for political affairs for his briefing. share itsld like to deep concern regarding the most recent developments in the east in addition into the spillover violence in other cities in the country, including odessa. we call on all parties to exercise restraint to bring about a return of calm. de-escalation and fully cooperate with monitors.
5:04 pm
reiterate our appeal for the freeing of all hostages. including osce monitors. in the east of ukraine is not a civil war, but -- er the action of the rebels are in , and thisof the law includes the continuing occupation of seized public and government buildings, the use of force, intimidation of civilians , and threats to their life and security. said, the continuation of
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running counter to the letter and spirit of the signed ineement april. we would urge ukraine to take effect it measures to halt file nations in the eastern part of and retain its in thend sovereignty security of civilians, uphold constitutional and legal order. the same time, we would call upon the ukrainian government to work towards a peaceful solution . as well as to work within international criteria to deal with the issue.
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it is important to uphold relative human rights principles inwell as to spare no effort immediately engaging in dialogue with stakeholders. let us not lose the opportunity brought about by the geneva agreement. this agreement is a safeguard for calm in the east of the country and the territorial unity of ukraine. he would appeal to stakeholders to implement the agreement and to bring pressure to bear on the rebels to end the crisis. rebels and all active stakeholders in ukraine should refrain from racist speech or
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hate speech. the need to guarantee to a return to stability in the country, we would call on all players to help ukrainian endeavors,in these to guarantee this success on the political transitional process. coming to comprehensive and direct dialogue with all linguistic groups. finally, we would underscore the importance of respecting the legitimate aspirations of , to ensureeople presidential elections are held within the set time frame in may, 2014, in line with these
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that anons and ensure acceptable future is set forth for the ukrainian people with comprehensive and effective dialogue. thank you very much. >> i think the representative of jordan for his statement to resign now give the floor to the representative of chile. mr. president, we would like to congratulate you on your suction of the presidency of this council, and we would like to reiterate our commitment to ongoing support in your stewardship. we would also like to thank capablefor their presidency during the month of april. we value the briefing by undersecretary general mr.
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sullivan. since the last time when the council met to discuss the situation in ukraine, just three escalatedthe crisis and once again we see acts of violence and file link -- involving separatist groups. this crisis is very quickly entering a dangerous and unpredictable phase. we regret and would like to express our deep-seated concerns in the recent events. contribute toust a maximum restraint and moderation by the parties, and partiesrate our call on to find a peaceful settlement for the crisis through inclusive
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political dialogue. also extremely important that parties focus on a peaceful way out of this crisis through direct dialogue, that they refrain from -- and they support international mediation efforts in keeping with the resolutions of the general assembly. in this context, we reiterate our condemnation of the kidnapping of osce observers, and we reiterate our call for them to be immediately and without conditions released. mr. president, now more than ever, it is final to work in the spirit of compromise as was conceding -- as was seen in the geneva talks on the 17th of april, which led to the joint decalin aeration of the ministers of foreign affairs.
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lays out specific steps in order to reduce tensions and restore security , such as refraining from the use of violence. groups, andof armed returning illegally occupied the occupied buildings. we reiterate the need for respect, and territorial integrity of ukraine. he would also add to that responsibility incumbent on members toons restrain the use of force against territorial integrity or -- but it is necessary to strengthen the possibilities for a diplomatic solution to be found. support the efforts of
5:12 pm
the united nations and we welcome the visit of the toersecretary feltman russia, and we believe it is at this time a priority. it is the priority from and we should avoid any further escalation of the crisis by beginning dialogue and confidence-building measures with a view to contributing to on of peace and stability that the elections can take place on the 25th of may. i can. representative of chile for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of were wanda. -- rwanda. president, andr. i also thank jeffrey feltman for his briefing. the situation in ukraine
5:13 pm
has deteriorated. the rebels have continued to seize public buildings in cities in eastern ukraine. they even shot down two ukrainian helicopters killing two crew members. military observers are illegally detained. we of course are deeply concerned by all these developments, which further deter it he already delicate situation in ukraine. ce strongly condemn the violen used by the armed separatists, by we call for a response the ukrainian forces. however, we should put our full
5:14 pm
support behind the good offices of the secretary-general in resolving the crisis in ukraine, and we are happy to hear that mr. feltman is going to ukraine and moscow. i call on all council members to trust his voice and give him the means and the political backing necessary to conduct a meaningful the day she should. the strongest condemnation of rwanda or any of the other member on the crisis, we will not solve the ukrainian crisis. we all know that only a genuine dialogue by the ukrainian parties on the basis of the geneva -- and those who have influence on their who needs to ensure that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine
5:15 pm
are observed can solve this crisis. otherwise, the situation will and it willlated, be useless to continue convening emergency public briefings of the security council if concerned parties and countries are not willing to be responsible and solve the conflict. to president, we need here scale down the rhetoric. i thank you. >> i think the representative of rwanda for his statement. make a statement in my capacity as the representative of the republic of korea. i think undersecretary general feltman for his briefing. korea is deeply concerned over the continuing tensions in eastern ukraine. despite the agreement reached in
5:16 pm
geneva on 17 april, the situation in ukraine is showing no sign of abating. we are particularly alarmed by the fresh violence erupted in a city overnight, including file it attacks targeting two government helicopters i illegal armed groups. we strongly condemn these attacks that have resulted in ukrainians. tw0 such situations are s deteriorations. in light of the ongoing situation in ukraine, we reiterate that constructive dialogue between all concerned parties will be the only way to achieve a peace. lucian. in this regard we call for all parties to the geneva statement to implement their commitments.
5:17 pm
we also fully support the secretary-general's good offices and diplomatic initiatives. upcoming visit to ukraine and russia will contribute to de-escalation of tensions on the grant. with important elections scheduled in may, it is still all the more important to ensure the environment conducive to free and fair elections in the country without intervention or influenced by outside forces. we'll ukrainian government -- we hope the ukrainian government leads an inclusive process. we support ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. i resume my function as president of the council. i now give the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> thank you, mr. president.
5:18 pm
mr. president, let me start by congratulating you on your presidency of the security council for the month of may. we wish you all the success in fulfilling this duty. we also want to thank the nigerian delegation for the successful presidency last month. extend ouro like to thanks to the security council -- delegations for your support and solidarity for the government and the people of ukraine. feltman, for. today'. mr. president, ukraine remains committed to the implementation of the agreements reached at the meeting of foreign minister of ukraine, the russian federation,
5:19 pm
european union, and united it in geneva on april 17. free and fair presidential elections on may 25 remain a top priority of the government of ukraine. we reject all attempts of russia to name the government of ukraine for allegedly failing to implement the agreements, and we state that despite numerous calls of international community, the russian federation has taken no efforts to de-escalate this is your nation. strongly supports military groups operating in and creating an atmosphere of terror and violence. security as well as protection of rights and fundamental freedoms of all people of a top priorityd
5:20 pm
for the government of ukraine. therefore, the purpose of the counterterrorist operation that -- face has been renewed in is to isolate militants from the civilian population of the city. the commandment of the counterterrorist operation is required from the heavily armed illegal military to to immediately free all hostages, monitors, toe release all buildings, and stop violence and massacres. authorities are ready to arrest all those members of those groups who have not committed serious crimes. tical dialogueliit remains a top rarity for the ukrainian government.
5:21 pm
knowsicially state that tanks or missile are used against civilians. the russian statements about participation of nongovernmental armed groups in the counterterrorist operation is not true. cynical and falls are russian statements of english-speaking involvement. we officially claim the the only foreign military in eastern ukraine are russian mercenaries. president, ukrainian side as well as the russian embassy in kiev was not duly informed on the arrival in ukraine of the so-called representative of the russian president, whose mission is as he says to contribute to the liberation for the hostages
5:22 pm
taken in the eastern ukraine. ofpite the circumstances putin's arrival and taking in to account the highest priority of the ukrainian government released all hostages, we are ready to discuss with him as well as with other interested mediators the practical contribution in order to resolve this problem. this to president, let me remind you that do to the particularly dangerous situation in -- in accordance with the law of 2003 on counterterrorism,, the national security and the defense counsel is ukraine has set up a decision to launch a large-scale counterterrorism operation. due to increasing threats to civilian publishing, this morning the face of counterterrorism operation has
5:23 pm
been renewed in cities. where the units of the ministry of internal affairs, national guard from and -- were engaged. the counterterrorist operation is implemented exclusively by the enforcement agencies of ukraine. at the moment, nine terrorists checkpoints have been taken under the control by the ukrainian law-enforcement agencies. the illegal elephants, many of scenariosoreign more use armsaries, have against ukrainian special forces. they have shut down two ukrainian helicopters and antiaircraft guns. two officers have been killed, seven wounded. the terrorist not hesitate to use the local population as live
5:24 pm
shills. firing from residential buildings, these brutal tactics are used widely in -- by terrorists who are well aware about the appropriate government instructions to influence agencies cannot not to open an answer fire toward residential buildings. also, i would like to mention that tonight there were attempts to rate through the state border by groups of russian armed saboteurs who were stopped by our guards. president,, not mr. we call upon our russian problem -- partners to stop all the illegal militants in the territory of ukraine and other actions aimed at undermining authority and territorial integrity of my country. mr. president, in conclusion, i todaylike to quote prostate of the acting president of ukraine.
5:25 pm
terrorist saboteurs and all those who raised arms in our country laid down their arms, sir and are free hostages, and released their buildings. those who lay down arms and are not involved in serious crimes will be subject to amnesty, but those perpetrators accused of murder and torture will be finished. seek peace and stability despite all attempts to organize revocation and unrest to destabilize the situation and other areas in the east and south of the country. particularly, in odessa. i would also like to appeal to the leadership of the russian federation to stop hysteria about events taking place in ukraine as well as to stop
5:26 pm
threats and intimidation. about the concerned violations of the rights of citizens, then protect them in your own country, where the violation of human rights is systematic. on -- call on russia to stop provocations against our country and not to use terrorism, sabotage, and threats as a form of pressure on our country. all the problems and opposition we will in short piece and stability in our country and stop the terrorist threat in the east of ukraine. i thank you, mr. president, for your attention. >> i think the representative of ukraine for his statements. -- i think the representative of thank the i
5:27 pm
representative of ukraine for his statements. hasrepresentative of russia requested the floor. >> thank you, mr. president. educated, andic, collect from france gave us an theresting quotation, that first step is the hardest, and in the history of the very just begun -- 21st century, there is confirmation of this wisdom. the 21st century, among other thegs, gifted to humanity international committee that idea forceful change of power. that is imposing the political vision of other people of the world. it is clear that all of those countries [indiscernible]
5:28 pm
beginning in the 21st century have always led to huge destabilization. for the first steps, for those who use the new practice, the first step is a gateway way and it just let the other steps. and for the destabilization, such as the one we're talking about today in ukraine. i recall that over the few months of the crisis, the 21st,mate power of the 22nd of february cannot our colleagues call for the establishment of a government and other parts of ukraine against the legitimate government. heard them tell president so to ensure law and order in the country. now those appeals are being made to the current people in kiev.
5:29 pm
from the very beginning of the crisis, large has and for resolving everything. we suggest talks be conducted between ukraine, the e.u., and russia [indiscernible] regarding the signing or not of the agreement with thee.u. that was our proposal. for some reason it was not acceptable for the e.u. andre the implementation, we are beginning to feel today that [indiscernible] justified and that they should be followed if we hope to bring country out of the political crisis. [indiscernible] the geneva agreement of 17 april.
5:30 pm
an it paves the way for escalation of the crisis, and the only thing that has to be done is implement the document. people inhocking -- -- they of the country are in a situation where there is an illegitimate situation in the capital. people want a guarantee of their rights. perhapsvery long time, two months after the toppling of the legitimate government, no one took up weapons. for aere waiting constructive response from kiev regarding the requirements to ensure their legitimate interests. not one time did we hear any reasonable initiative or reaction from kiev. aboutolleagues have spoke
5:31 pm
saideclaration -- where he it was striking that on 25 may when there would be presidential elections, the president would be appointed, that there be some sort of survey conducted regarding decentralization. people are there katie, but we need a survey to know their opinion? from the discussions today, more how concerning, how colleagues spoke about those operations which are currently being. being carried out by the kiev government. there is the impression that almost all colleagues can't read minds of the government in kiev, so they are talking about [indiscernible]
5:32 pm
visit led to a situation where the situation further escalated -- and a more forceful turn of events, a violent return of events. it is not surprising that it was said in the declaration did not want the osce to -- ,hat is to bring about dialogue organize a roundtable between representatives of different regions of the government in kiev. why did the u.s. not what the osce to do that? in fact, over the crisis, russia several times suggested a different format for the organization with such dialogue
5:33 pm
between the government and forces in the region. we suggested a constitutional -- mbly they said they were not ready to organize that. when the 17 april meeting was --pared from you suggested we suggested that some representatives of the region fourd come and that the parties would sit, at least he ande.u., the u.s., russia, and ukraine would conduct talks, but that was rejected. they were told they should not, but tanks should be brought out to other cities in the east of the country. [indiscernible]
5:34 pm
one colleague said that russia is refusing to implement the document. deny theia would never implementation of any useful document agreed upon during the crisis, war supporting the 21 february agreements, nor would it deny the implementation of the 17 april agreement. all the political components indeed are quotations from the -- [indiscernible] perhaps we might ask our statement --make a stating that the security council called for a swift halting of violence, including the use of force in the eastern
5:35 pm
cresud and appeals implementation of the geneva , a comprehensive implementation of it. if you would be ready to support that, we would, too. thank you, mr. president. i think there'll presented of the russian federation for his state its. states?ed >> i would just like to offer a couple points in response. blame for the russians to ukraine for ukraine's actions in defense of its own people and its own territory, really is starting to remind me of the story of the schoolboy who returned home with his nose bloodied and his shirt torn and asked by his mother, how the fight started, he said, it started when the other we hit me
5:36 pm
back. [laughter] to be clear about cause and effect here. and many council members, including myself, have already gone through the facts that brought us to this point. my second point is to just debunk one more of the lies that have been told in this chamber, because it relates to my country, to the united states. people in this chamber have heard many times, including just now, that the united states and other countries, but i will speak only for my country, never maidanon protesters in to avoid violence. the implication is we hold russian separatists to a different standard. i would just like to correct the 15, 2014, wery condemn the actions of writers
5:37 pm
outside of the kiev court building on january 10, january 22, 2014, the aggressive actions of members of the extreme right group are not acceptable and are in claiming conditions on the street and undermining the efforts of peaceful protesters. we condemn the targeted attacks against journalists, and unofficial groups. protesters have occupied some regional administration buildings and we reiterate our call for all protesters and government forces to refrain from violence and the distraction of property. condemn, we have also made clear that we condemned the use of violence to cease government buildings such as the taker of a ministry of justice building that happened over the last couple days in a public exhibition hall and continue to reiterate our call to refrain from violence and the distraction of property. these are just a few of the statements that we have made, but if we could just take that
5:38 pm
particular lie off the table that would the helpful and a little more constructive. what is more important is where do we go from here. what i would ask my russian makeague is will russia public statements and will it work privately behind-the-scenes to urge russian separatists to negotiate peacefully their departure from public holdings? that does russia assess russian separatists who claim loyalty to your government and who wear uniforms just like those of your soldiers obtain weapons and training capable of shooting down you craving helicopters -- ukrainian helicopters? takes aim atia the elizabeth government in kiev, but refuses technology ever in the sessions that it did not embrace the february 21 agreement when it was negotiated. a goldenwe have opportunity on may 25 for the people of eastern ukraine to
5:39 pm
have their voices heard, for them to choose their leaders, for us to get to a universally legitimate government, respected and chosen by all the people of ukraine, and yet russia will not come out in support of these elections and work with us to ensure that the selection take place, which would be the best ing autonomy for the people of ukraine. >> i think the representative of the united states. i would like to ask the representative of the russian federation whether his idea about a presidential statement to support the geneva agreement is a former proposal or was just an idea? >> uh -- first, i did not want to say that a lie cannot only be a distortion of fact, but also a selective interpretation of
5:40 pm
one's own position, and that is what we just heard from my american colleague. what we heard from washington [indiscernible] all,ly has demonstrated to including the government in kiev, that the united states has taken an approvingly to a forceful change of power, which in the end does people.e the ukrainian regarding my proposal, yes, i think it would be good to end our meeting with that statement, not ask every allegation what it is going to declare, but rather make a statement altogether that we are calling for a swift halt to all violence, including the use of military force in the east of the country and
5:41 pm
seriously take up the implementation of the geneva document fully. representative of the russian federation or his statement. ask ourroposal, i will coordinators to consider that and to work on it. --there are no more inscribed on the list of speakers, the security council has thus concluded the present stage of its consideration of the item on its agenda. the meeting is adjourned. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
5:42 pm
>> the russian intervention in ukraine was also a topic at today's joint press conference with president obama and the german chancellor angela merkel. here is a look at the president's comments. there is a deep and public it is history between russia and ukraine, so of course, mr. putin possibly you should be taken into account. . what cannot be taken into account is mr. putin's suggestion both through words and actions that he has the right to violate the sovereignty to violate iuntry ts territorial integrity, to dictate the economic policies or foreign policy of a sovereign country. that is not acceptable. our view from the start has been that the ukrainians should be
5:43 pm
able to make their own decisions. i am very confident that if they are allowed to make their own decisions, they will have a good relationship with russia and with europe, that they will want to trade with russia and with europe. but what they cannot accept, understandably, is the notion that they are simply an appendage and that the kremlin has veto power over decisions made by a duly elected government in kiev. so if mr. putin's goal is to allow ukrainians to make their own decisions, then he is free to offer up his opinions about what he would like the relationship to be between ukraine and russia, and i suspect that there will be a whole lot of ukrainian leaders
5:44 pm
who will take those views into consideration. but it cannot be done at the barrel of a gun. it cannot be done by sending masked gunmen to occupy buildings or to intimidate journalists. one of the biggest concerns we have seen is the russian propaganda that has been blasted out nonstop, suggesting that the ukrainian government is responsible for the problems in eastern ukraine. the ukrainian government has shown remarkable restraint through this process. the notion that this is some spontaneous uprising in eastern ukraine is belied by all the evidence of well-organized, trained, armed militias with the capacity to shoot down helicopters. generally, local protesters don't possess the capacity of
5:45 pm
surface-to-air missiles or whatever weapons were used to shoot down helicopters, tragically. we have seen the attempts of osce monitors who were approved not just by europe or the united states, but also by russia, being detained. and somehow russia is suggesting that kiev is responsible for that? we have heard mr. putin say that kiev has to do a better job of reaching out to eastern ukraine. you have seen attempts by kiev in a very serious way to propose decentralization of power and to provide for local elections and for them to offer amnesty for those who have already taken over these buildings. none of that has been acknowleged by mr. putin or the various russian mouthpieces that are out there.
5:46 pm
you have seen suggestions or implications that americans are responsible for meddling inside ukraine. i have to say that our only interest is for ukraine to be able to make its own decisions. the last thing we want is disorder and chaos in the center of europe. so, for the german audience who perhaps is tuning into russian tv, i would just advise to stay focused on the facts and what has happened on the ground. a few weeks ago, mr. putin was still denying that the russian military was even involved in crimea. then a few weeks later, he acknowledged, yeah, that was our
5:47 pm
guys. there has not been the kind of honesty and credibility about the situation and a willingness to engage seriously in resolving these diplomatic issues. and our hope is that mr. putin recognizes there is a way for him to have good relations with kiev and good relations with the europe and the united states. but it cannot be done through intimidation and coercion that we are seeing right now in eastern europe. theeminder you can see all news conference tonight at 8:00 eastern. this weekend, it is the white house correspondents association dinner. our coverage begins with 6:00 p.m. eastern, and president obama will be speaking.
5:48 pm
lots of coverage on c-span, live coverage. look for more coverage on facebook and twitter. extra pictures and more beginning tomorrow night at 6:00 eastern. congress will be back on monday. any of them attending the dinner. the senate back on monday. the house back on tuesday with a number of things on the agenda into the house and senate. cusack.. to bob to sa >> the house speaker says he appoint a select committee. john boehner tweeted about this saying americans deserve the truth about the benghazi attack that killed our ambassador. bob cusack is managing editor of "the hill." what is the point of forming this committee?
5:49 pm
>> the point is to give more power and political pressure for republicans to address this issue. john boehner had previously not jumped on this legislation, legislation that was called for by frank wolf, the republican from virginia, who said we need to have a select committee to look into this. boehner had deferred to chairmen looking into benghazi, but the e-mails that have come out this week have changed the dynamic, putting more pressure on boehner. 189 republicans have already signed on to that legislation, and today boehner indicated we will go forward and move the select committee. we are still getting details, still to be determined, but boehner is going forward. >> the house will vote on this in the coming week? >> it has to go to the house floor, and this is going to pass. it will mostly be a party-line
5:50 pm
vote. you may get a few democrats who vote for it, but most democrats say republicans have politicized benghazi and will say no. >> darrell issa has subpoenaed john kerry. he has not testified before? >> darrell issa wants to know why these documents were obtained, had to be obtained through a lawsuit brought by a conservative group and were not given to congress. the administration has indicated a couple reasons for that. one that it was classified, and there was a question about those e-mails were classified, but the other reason was they were not about benghazi specifically. issa wants to get answers from kerry specifically who is not leading the state department at the time, but has been involved with documents delivered to congress. that will happen later this month. that will be quite a combative hearing.
5:51 pm
>> another issue, the contempt of congress citation for lois lerner, the former irs official. this comes to a vote next week. what does that look like? >> another party-line vote. republicans have been frustrated. there has not been a lot of new news in the irs investigation. we are approaching the 1st anniversary. the reason is lois lerner is a key figure, and she is not talking. now the republicans are bringing this measure, went through the committee on a party-line vote because they want to get more answers, and they think there is a lot more to this story. they will have the vote, it will pass, and then it will be referred to the justice department for putting pressure on the justice department to seek criminal charges. that does not mean it will happen, but it does put more pressure on the doj to look at this. >> the senate, there is word the senate may take up the keystone
5:52 pm
xl pipeline and call for the opening of the pipeline, at least overruling what the administration wants to do. how did this come about? >> fascinating politics. a lot of the red-state democrats up for reelection in six months support the approval of keystone. but most democrats, certainly democratic leaders, do not. this could give them political cover. the question is will this be a binding or a nonbinding vote. that is saying ok we will move forward on keystone. one thing to what is the house has already passed a keystone bill, and in the senate, even if a binding bill, they will have the votes, but not have a veto-proof majority. this could give senate democrats cover, but at the same time it will not overrule the president who has not decided and has repeatedly delayed the decision. it looks like it will happen now after the election. for the democratic standpoint, this could be a good thing because it gives them political cover. republicans, it advances the
5:53 pm
ball. that is why there is a potential compromise here. >> bob cusack is managing editor for "the hill." thanks. >> thanks. >> the senate back on monday and the house back on tuesday. as we have mentioned, angela merkel is in washington for talks with president obama. one of the topics on their agenda is the russian intervention in ukraine. and also today at the woodrow wilson center they hosted a discussion on ukraine with former diplomats from germany, russia, and poland. they also heard today from chuck hagel. margaret warner moderated the discussion. . harmon and secretary hagel iterated this morning, i would remind you we are here to
5:54 pm
look at really 20 years ago at this fateful decision was taken in january of 1994 which was at it to offer a partnership for peace to russia, warsaw pactwer states. any on this panel i will at thece in this panel, time, the czech republic and hungary were clamoring for an nato membership. this was a compromise suggested by the administration. beginning in 1997, nato started thosembership first to three countries, and today it is 12 countries among larger than it was, the 16 members at the time. this obviously sticks in president putin's craw. in his telethon, i do not know how many of you watched this, he talked about it repeatedly.
5:55 pm
he said we were promised after germany's unification, nato would not spread eastward. when we said why are you doing this, we hurt in response this does not concern you. nations and countries have the right to choose a way of ensuring their own security. issaid, that is true, but it also true when the infrastructure of a military borders,oaches our we have questions and we must take certain steps. no one can deny us this right. he went on to say how nato and western leaders had lied to russians many times, made decisions by their backs, and placed before us the compost fact, and that is what happened with the nato expansion. examine we want to whether nato and the newly expanded nato alliance, that is, over the last 20 years, is reaping the whirlwind of that decision in ukraine, and we have distinguished panel of people
5:56 pm
today who were essentially present at the creation. you have biographies in the program, but i will briefly -- the former prime minister and perhaps the first prime minister and then foreign minister of -- i'm going to mangle your first name -- wlodzimierz cimoszewicz on my immediate left. he was prime minister of poland in 1997 when in fact poland was first invited to join nato. who wasandrei kozyrev the foreign minister in the waning days of the soviet union, to russia,96 to 1996 and was involved in this drama. to as many ofnger you knew was a master the united
5:57 pm
states -- was ambassador to the united states in the 2000's. as i recall, during unification discussions, was deeply involved in all that this. cross was for 20 years you were at the george marshall european center for security studies in germany, and a close student of everything from the partnership for peace to russian and western relations. shea,y on -- jamie familiar to us, who covered the kosovo war. for manyen at nato years and a lot of important positions, including you were director for policy planning in 1994, if i'm not mistaken them but is best known perhaps as an ever present spokesman for nato, explaining what nato was doing
5:58 pm
especially throughout the 1990's. let me start and i will start with ambassador ischinger. to this decision, this fateful decision in january of 1994 to begin this partnership for peace. many picksy, as suggested at the time, as ms. fact has whatr in has happened in ukraine proved that it was prescient and necessary? >> margaret, thank you for bringing us all together here. i think this is a wonderful opportunity. know, ifs that, you one imagined a world in which we had not taken these decisions in 1994 and then going forward a
5:59 pm
few years, the first round of nato enlargement, where in fact poland was invited in and two other countries, and the subsequent enlargement runs, if we had not done that, what kind of chaos could possibly exist in europe today? evenuld have continuing or 's of division in europe, the very idea was that how could we , thet the interests claim, the aspiration of newly independent countries like our immediate neighbor to the east, poland, can we be part of our club? what would have legitimized us to say no to that? if we wanted to create over time a europe free and united. i think it was actually was the
6:00 pm
only alternative. the question was, did we use the right methods? did we communicate perfectly with our russian -- first soviet, then russian partners? that is a big question. i believe the decision in 1994 and the subsequent one in 1997 it was a necessary decision. >> how was it seen in russia at the time? how would you answer that question? i will answer it today the way they answered it in that time. one of my russian compatriots -- 9.celebrated v-day on may