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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 3, 2014 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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to mystically, we have tried to provide additional assurances to the american people that their privacy is protected. what i have also done is taken the unprecedented step of ordering our intelligence community to take the privacy interests of non-us persons into account in everything they do. it is something that has not been done before and most other countries do not do this. i have said that the privacy interests of non-us citizens are deeply relevant and have to be taken into account and we have to have policies and procedures to protect them, not just u.s. persons. we are in the process of implementing a whole series of those steps. we have shared with the germans the things we are doing. i will repeat what i have said before that ordinary germans are not subject to continual surveillance and are not subject
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to a whole range of multi-data-gathering. i know the perception among the public sometimes is that the united states has capacity similar to what you see on movies and on television. the truth of the matter is our focus is principally and primarily on how we make sure terrorists, those who want to proliferate weapons, transnational criminals are not able to engage in the act entities they are engaged in. in that, we can only be successful partnering with friends like germany. we will not succeed if we are doing that on our own. but i have pledged to chancellor merkel has been, in addition to the reforms we have already taken, in addition to saying we are going to apply privacy
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standards to how we deal with non-us persons as well as u.s. persons, in addition to the work we are doing to constrain the potential use of bulk data -- we are committed to a u.s.-german cyber dialogue to close further the gaps that may exist in terms of how we operate and how german intelligence operates to make sure there is transparency and clarity about we are doing and what our goals and intentions are. these are complicated issues and we are not perfectly aligned yet but we share the same values and we share the same concerns. this is something that is deeply important to me. i am absolutely committed by the time i leave this office, we
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will have a stronger legal footing and international framework for how we are doing business in the intelligence sphere. i will say that i don't think there is an inevitable contradiction between our security and safety in our privacy. the one thing i have tried to share with chancellor merkel is the united states historically has been concerned about privacy. it is embedded in our constitution and as the world's oldest continuous constitutional democracy, i think we know a little about trying to protect people's privacy. we have a technology that is moving rapidly and we have a very challenging world we have to deal with and would got to adjust our legal framework. she should not doubt and the german people should not doubt how seriously we take these issues. i believe we will be able to get them resolved to the satisfaction not just of our two countries but to people around the world.
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>> under the present conditions, we have possibilities as regards differences of opinion to overcome those differences in the medium term and in the long-term. one possibility is to enter into cyber data which is important which gives us a form to have longer discussions as to where we stand individually and what the technical possibilities and ramifications of eric set the logical events as our. secondly, there are two strands of the european union -- there is the safe harbor agreement and the data protection and privacy accord. in the course of the negotiations, it works out fairly what differences of opinion there are and what different perspectives there are. i think it's of prime importance for us to bring these new decisions forward as a process
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and bring it to a successful conclusion. something else comes into play -- i heard this this morning when i had a breakfast meeting with people who are closely in contact with the parliament. they suggested that our parliament should have closer contact on this and that is important not only for the governments but also for the broader public. these could be three possibilities as to how to address this and understand each other's motivations better. >> is it possible to agree on a no spy agreement? what kind of assurances could you give chancellor merkel with regard not only to ordinary citizens but to government members, some of them sitting here, that they are not under u.s. surveillance anymore?
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>> when the french president was here a few weeks ago, after his talk with president obama, he said trust as regards the nsa has been rebuilt. can you say the same thing? >> it's not quite accurate to say that the u.s. government offered a no spy agreement and then withdrew it. what is accurate to say is that we do not have a blanket no sp[y agreement with any of our closest partners. what we do have are a series of partnerships and procedures and processes that are built up between the various intelligence agencies. what we are doing with the germans as we are doing with the
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french and we do with the british or the canadians or anybody is to work through what exactly the rules are governing the relationship between each country. we want to make sure there are no misunderstandings. i think we have gone a long way in closing some of the gaps. as chancellor merkel said, there's still some gaps that need to be worked through. i think what we can be confident about is that the basic approach that we take with germany is similar to the approach we take with all of our allies and all of our friends. it is that during the course of the last several years as technology advances, i think there was a danger in which traditional expectations tipped over because of new technologies and what we have tried to do is make sure our policies reflect increased capabilities and as a
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consequence, increased dangers of intrusion on privacy. let me put it this way -- our interest in working effectively with the germans and making sure that german governments as well as the german people feel confident about what we do is as important to us as any other country. germany is at the top of our list in terms of friends and allies and colleagues. we are not holding back from doing something with germany we somehow do with somebody else. >> i think the whole debate is that the situation is such that we have a few difficulties yet to overcome. this is why there is going to be
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a dialogue between our two countries. this is also why there needs to be and will have to be more than just business as usual. looking at this and the german parliament but also among members of the german government and also in the german public, we need to do that. it's good we have taken these first steps and what is still dividing us like issues of proportionality and the like will be addressed. we will work on this and it will be on the agenda for the next few weeks to come. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> on next washington journal,
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the common core standards initiative and what role it plays in overall education policy. jesse eisinger on his recent article looking at government efforts to investigate and penalize those risk want over the 2008 financial crisis. plus, your phone calls and facebook comments. washington journal is live on c-span at 7:00 a.m. eastern. saturday, live coverage of the 2014 white house correspondents dinner. we will hear remarks from president obama and joel mchale as they speak to journalists and celebrities. 6 p.m.verage starts at eastern followed by the dinner. see it all on saturday here on c-span. >> almost 5000 students entered
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this year's c-span student camera competition on the most important issue congress should consider. we talked to the top five winners about their documentaries. >> we decided this would be up -- a topic is when there was an article about fracking. that said how it was happening to hospira my house so it is a national problem and it is a local problem. we were very passionate about the subject. >> food is essential to life. it transcends everything. the fact a lot of people do not know what is being done to our food supply and they just eat the food regularly without knowing what is inside it -- i found that very concerning so that is why i chose the topic. >> there was more that you don't know and it is hard for the average person to know exactly what is going on because they don't know what is going on.
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i think it depends -- do you value your security over your privacy or your privacy over your security? >> hear more saturday morning at 10 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> earlier today, the united nations security council held a meeting on russia's intervention in ukraine and the recent violence there. we heard remarks from u.s. ambassador samantha power but begin with comments from the israeli ambassador -- ambassador. this is about an hour and a half. >> it has to do with the punitive military operations with the use of terrorists from the co-fascist right sector as well as other national -- organizations against their own people in ukraine.
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the subunit of the ukrainian force is using tanks and other -- and other heavy artillery. striking protesters and entrenching fighters. misadventures are not quickly stopped than the cottage gothic context cannot be avoided. punitive measures against their own people, to carry out its obligations under the geneva ss to the inability or lack of desire to carry out its obligations under the geneva declaration for a swift halt of all violent and launching a broad, national dialogue with regis and political forces. if anyone is doubting, now today
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it is definitely clear that the begineclarations need to nationwide dialogue to the far-reaching crisis. we know that these declarations -- the regime is violating and now it is violating the require a mostt urgent step to halt all violence. at a time or russia's taking efforts to de-escalate the crisis. request of our partners -- issue ofions, the military special with a number of european countries. the cap regime with western andsors started force
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annihilating any hope in the geneva agreement particular concerns of information that during the punitive operations of the ukrainian armed forces and the nationalist group there was english on the radio waves. foreigners onng the inadmissibility of outside interference. it is time for western colleagues to think twice and reason with those that stop toying with the destiny of the ukrainian people. how else would we interpret another example of double standards used by the u.s.? washington may times attempted to tell russia where and how military troops should write.
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the white house was insulted by our appeal to the government to withdraw from eastern ukraine. washington has always requested from the genuinely elected in a coverage. but it is very strange logic used against civilians. and by a government that has no legitimacy. the representative of that you did not go much further than the american colleagues. talking about the state's monopoly over the use of force. this statement can only be called provocation. it seems that the high representative not only did not participate, but was supporting
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those that perpetrated the coup d'état. the u.s. and the eu, their great responsibility is strong in the past. the categorical refusal of washington is totally non-fortuitous. running counter to the geneva declaration of 17 april. it is a continuation of dialogue. what could be a more striking example of the use of force? and the signers of the geneva declaration, to not commit a fatal error and take a look at possible consequences of their actions. and stop the district of policy
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with respect to the ukraine. and basically halt alternative operations and ensure full freedom. this would be a genuine process if there is a need for a swift organization of authentic political dialogue. to draw mutually agreed up on agreements, pretending to draw reforms in a small circle with the government of winners. for who gave the criminal order to unleash bloodshed will bear full responsibility. >> i thank the representative of the russian federation, i give
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the floor to the representative of france. >> think you, mr. president. i would like to pay tribute to the presidency of the security council for last month and to our colleague in nigeria and her entire team. here we are once again, grappling with the ukrainian crisis. every time this council is divided, this unfortunate country is steeped in anarchy. the east of the ukraine, roofs -- groups are aggressively taking over cities. it's not really a crowd that supports this effort but just a few hundred demonstrators. heavy weaponry which excludes the possibility of any sympathetic members of the crowd, russian officers on local television, the taking of hostages.
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all of whom are being held and allegations have increasingly been proven of forced disappearances. these thugs have refused to implement that agreement which was supposed to be the restoration of the ukrainian state on its own territory. and what is ukraine doing? after having shown great restraint that no other state would've been able to show, in the face of organized attacks, it was supported and justified by a neighboring country and decided to use its army and police against the armed groups which are establishing security at the expense of the people who do not support them. these armed groups are not spontaneous local groups, but actually capable of shooting down a helicopter.
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this is equipment one normally doesn't find on the markets. what right do we have to meddle in the internal affairs of the state that is trying to restore its best merged suffering? we can, at the very least, recall the need for acting with restraint. but nothing is proving that it's not doing so. to go even further would be a violation. and i know we are not there anymore. having trampled on the principle of states, we might do the same with the principle of internal affairs. it is only difficult to take the first step. russia is announcing one principle after another which is the very foundation of international life.
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trying to point the finger at the other and in folks the 21st of february which was discovered too late. and the agreement to geneva which it consented but made no effort. and finally, accusations that would be comical according to the english speakers among the ranks of the ukrainians. and finally, the european union's would be responsible according to these allegations. russia has opened a pandora's box and allowed out the demon of nationalism. it has released bands of thugs and offers key of a difficult choice between partitions and we are discovering this mixture
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might escape their control. nationalism might compel them to do what they don't want to do. that the thugs might behave like thugs and that the ukraine, given this impossible choice, might end up full doing. a pyromaniac fireman situation is what we have here. screaming in order to make us forget that this path was set long before. we are prepared and we have been repeating to find a way to de-escalate the situation. that russia would calm the armed groups and provide support for the observers. and open negotiations to the ukraine that free elections be held under international oversight in order to provide irrefutable legitimacy to key
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of. between the ukraine and russia, compromise is possible. everyone knows what it stake. and the europeans first concerned by this crisis are also prepared. constitutional principles that will respect the sovereignty of the ukraine is still conceivable. but to that end, what first happened is a stop from a bad spy novel. the ministry of foreign affairs, we don't need an amateur james bond drinking vodka nor diplomats. we need to come back to the principles that are the foundations of international life. >> i think the representative of
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france and give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> i congratulate the republic for assuming the president is here on the security council in the month of may. esther president, thank you for convening this meeting. the russian federation has described events as a punitive military operation against peaceful activists. this is yet again a gross distortion of the facts. the ukrainian government has the right and the responsibility to uphold the rule of law and protect its citizens in its own territory. it should do so in a proportionate and measured way. the actions undertaken this morning by ukrainian security
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forces in and around appear to have been just that. in an effort to relieve the city from armed groups that have been terrorizing the local population. we urge them to continue to take every effort to ensure that the risks to civilians are minimized. let's be absolutely clear. there is no council sitting around this table that would allow its towns to be overrun by armed militants. none of us would advocate responsibility for the protection of citizens on her own territory that are being intimidated and brutalized by heavily armed groups backed by a neighboring country. proportionate is not the same as passive. the scale of russian hypocrisy is breathtaking. they support and arms the most oppressive regimes in the world, notably syria, a regime that
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brutally represses without any sense of restraint or concern for the protection of civilians. the indignation of a ukraine's proportionate and measured actions and ventas no one. russian claims that these are peaceful activists and are simply not credible. peaceful activists do not have the means or capabilities to shoot down three ukrainian military helicopters reportedly using man pads. the use of such sophisticated weaponry against ukrainian forces reaffirms our assessment that the armed groups in eastern ukraine include professionals funded, equipped, and directed by russia. mr. president, the situation in the eastern ukraine has continued to deteriorate. our groups stormed the prosecutor's office -- office, increasing the number of government buildings occupied since the 17 april geneva agreement. we remain gravely concerned by the kidnap and continued
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detention of the vienna document inspectors and call on russia to condemn this criminal act and use its influence over those holding these inspectors to bring about their immediate, safe, and unconditional release. we are deeply disturbed by reports of journalists reporting from east ukraine. this council discussed the journalists in an open debate last year. one of the care -- clearest conclusions was that the importance of safeguarding free media so that facts and truth can be told. instead, what we're seeing is disinformation and propaganda. all members of this council emphasized the importance of the agreement and its implementation. abiding by that agreement remains the best way to de-escalate volatile and dangerous situations in eastern ukraine. it is regrettable that russia's presidential press secretary
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said this morning that russia did not think it any longer possible to implement the 17 april agreement. we urge russia to step back, to insist from the inflammatory propaganda and commit de-escalating a perilous situation. we urge russia to throw its full weight behind the 17 april agreement and rain in the militants armed groups which it supports and which are responsible for the current crisis. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united kingdom for his statements. i now give the floor to the representative of the united states. >> thank you, mr. president. this council has met on more than one dozen occasions
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regarding the ukraine. we have urged respect for ukraine's territorial integrity, adherence to international law, and steps to reduce tensions and de-escalate the crisis. we met to discuss the next usable failure to fulfill its obligations. russia is pushing to monumental falsehoods right now. the first falsehood is that the ukrainians are carrying out a large-scale uncontrolled violent attack on unarmed civilians. this is false. ukrainian government is carrying out a targeted effort to -- paramilitary violence in an effort to deliver security for the ukrainian citizens. there is horrible violence in the eastern ukraine and that violence is coming as it has been for weeks now. the second monumental falsehood is that the russian federation is deeply concerned by the
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insecurity in the east. they are severely and deeply concerned. despite the rhetoric, russia can't be because russia is causing the instability. the express concern is cynical and disingenuous and meant only to distract us from the realities playing out before our eyes. i want to focus on one main point. from the outset, the government of the ukraine -- this policy restraint continued after russia subverted crimea, orchestrated and undemocratic separatist vote, invaded crimea and announced to the world it had annexed crimea. while lying about intentions and its presence in crimea every step of the way. as far as the operatives have moved to the homeland. >> day after day, it has shown
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remarkable almost unimaginable restraint. it has done is this council has asked. it has refrained from military responses to aggression even as they announced it. and yet, in return for the reasonableness, russia has to stabilize, threaten, and terrorize. the same scenario that played itself out as been repeating itself in parts of eastern ukraine. the same sudden appearance of unfamiliar men and new
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armaments. and the same denials of russian involvement. the same cries of outrage. the ukrainian people and government have embarked on an effort to reclaim one city in the eastern part of their country. it is what any one of our countries would've done in the face of this threat. imagine, for a moment, if 26,000 square kilometers of russian territory were seized by another country. would moscow show restraint week after week. how would president clinton responded parts of this country were seized to request to remove his army from those parts of the
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country. there is some irony in russian demand given the manner in which it would deal with separatism within its borders. it has been 63 days since russia began its campaign to annex crimea. the ukrainian government has chosen peace day after day. russia, day after day, has chosen to pursue more territory. consider the following facts. it stopped almost all train movements. that is an illegal act. it is an illegal act. for russian activists beat up to journalists near the administration building. we can go on and on about the
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illegal acts. 32 buildings are under occupation. we have seen dozens of officials legally detained. and the group of eight monitors objected in direct defiance. alongside all this action, we have heard the russian federation building its case for intervention. we were not even part in the ukraine in the good old days. invoking article 51 and self-defense as activated during the russian takeover. in the context of the crisis in eastern ukraine, it has the right of self-defense, ukraine.
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the intervention is a clear violation of international law. peacekeeping as a cover for him lawful military intervention. there is no evidence that the ukrainian government has targeted officials or threatened russia in any way. in stark contrast to the actions to destabilize ukraine. it should come to the un security council and cq n peacekeepers. the right to not being threatened, their ability to use language and have it recognized by the government is not being threatened.
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it is their methods that have been intentionally provocative and threatening. they are not pressing their case peacefully. they use clubs and knives. these are armed operatives. since the beginning of this crisis, the ukrainian government has acted in good faith and with admirable restraint. the area around city hall is clear of barricades and protesters. ukraine voluntarily suspended its counterterrorism initiative, choosing to de-escalate for its own people. even today, as it tries to lawfully restore order, ukrainian security forces are operating in a cautious and
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restrained manner. ukraine has cooperated fully with the special monitoring mission and allowed observers to operate in regions to which moscow had voiced concerns are guarding the treatment of ethnic russians. >> obloquy committing his government to far-reaching constitutional reforms and will strengthen the power of the regions. they have appealed personally to russian speaking ukrainians and to protect those who use it. he announced legislation to grant amnesty. the fact that ukraine has taken steps to restore order is to be expected. it is justified and what each and every one of the states represented would do and would probably have done far earlier. the fact that russia has chosen to call an emergency session in protest is an indication that the authorities either underestimate the intelligence of the world community or they
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are trying to exactly replicate the charade they were responsible for in crimea. we are not fooled. just as allies engage in a dramatic and dangerous campaign in eastern ukraine, the russian government is spreading some of its -- over the course of this aggression, those entrusted with carrying out in the government and those reporting impartially on the facts have begun to slowly disappear. local council members and police and journalists are held by armed operatives. international observers are being held in a hostage. those that have an interest and a mandate are being silenced. that is being filled with relentless russian propaganda that they hope will justify whatever actions they decide to take. today's russian foreign ministry, the ridiculous and false statements would not be so alarming if it did not suggest moscow was looking for something -- nothing short of a pretext to invade. it may even have the power to abuse its veto but it cannot
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veto the truth. if there is hope to de-escalate, russia must pull back its troops. it must work to really see international observers on behalf of moscow's agenda. in the face of annexation, this council implored the ukrainians to demonstrate restraint. we asked russia to stop invading its neighbor but it did not. i reiterate the support of my government for the principles of the u.n. charter. it will enable the people of ukraine to choose leaders freely and fairly. we continue to seek a peaceful democratic. we call on russia to cease provocative acts and instill commitments through which it has walked away.
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>> we give it to the representative of luxembourg. >> thank you very much, mr. president. the situation in the east of ukraine is worsening. we are deeply concerned by the activities of pro-russian military separatist. they seem to be aiming at destabilizing the country and tempering the holding of presidential elections. the sovereignty and territorial integrity, they have demonstrated restraint. in the military manage the
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occupation or annexation by russian federation. up until yesterday, the response of the ukrainian authorities regarding numerous cases of seizure of public buildings by armed militia, a growing number of attacks and violence against those peacefully protesting for unity in ukraine and the east of the country are responsive to these acts. it has been absolutely moderate. we deeply regret that they can drain a protest in odessa.
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we reiterate our appeal for de-escalation. as well as restraint kit be demonstrated by all parties. the declaration adopted by the head of diplomacy. let us not see this declaration die but rather be born in loss of human life. it all parties had done everything necessary to implement. we are together today at a time when we must understand the monitors from the united nations and the osce to establish facts as well as propaganda. observing in a neutral manner and reporting on facts is a way
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to create conditions conducive to an invasion. the special monitoring mission should play a full role on plans for de-escalation measures. the security of international monitors deployed should begin indeed by all parties. -- should be guaranteed by all parties. the hostage taking of a team of military monitors, we ready or a -- we reiterate to ensure that the monitors are free. these monitors being held for a week now as well as the ukrainian staff accompanying them. luxembourg believes it is possible to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.
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there is no substitute for substantive dialogue. for a diplomatic way out. to ensure the dialogue takes place, we hope that the forthcoming visit in moscow and kiev will contribute to this. >> i think the representative of luxembourg for her statement and i now give the floor to the representative of argentina. >> madam president, i would like to reiterate my delegation of argentina's confidence in your
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leadership during this month of your presidency and i express our gratitude to the presidency of nigeria for last month's efforts. i like to thank the secretary general for his briefing on the situation in the ukraine and recent events. to say we are meeting a second time in a week to discuss the alarming situation in the ukraine is a demonstration of the fact that this council has a responsibility to express itself. to reiterate our views about what is happening with regard to the bitter confrontation due to the escalation of tensions. the news coming appears that
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daily confrontation and reality has a serious risk of a spiral of violence with serious consequences for ukraine, and the international community. argentina condemns violent acts reported in the eastern ukraine and which has left the loss of human life in its wake. obviously, the voices of members of this council have not been heard. calling on all parties to bring the situation under control and begin a constructive dialogue. the spirit of compromise has unraveled very quickly and is imperative to find that spirit and find a diplomatic and political solution. it should be clear to all parties that a peaceful way out is not possible in this
12:48 am
difficult situation. all parties should respect international humanitarian law and human rights. strictly upholding international law. the only solution in argentina is desirable and necessary, to find a solution to inclusive dialogue that involves all parties. however, to begin this process of dialogue and work towards a peaceful reaction is key to establishing conditions conducive to the negotiations and build trust among different communities and provide security for all people in the ukraine his main concern is that their needs are met. respecting ukraine's right to
12:49 am
conduct internal affairs. we have been a witness to the rhetoric of confrontation. speeches of hate, hostility, and violence. and reactions that only lead to escalating tensions. all of this to bring the parties to the table for constructive dialogue. it is key and important that all actors find a way for constructive diplomacy and stop confrontational rhetoric or the use on the parties that there can be an effective implementation. it is necessary to find a way out of the crisis.
12:50 am
their lives are in danger. it is the principal of territorial integrity. this security council has met on numerous occasions in order to discuss the situation. we have not shown the ability to play a constructive role. it has no effect because they are not consistent and have not been able to send a single message or have any unified reaction. but it is not too late. the same terms in the same spirit -- we must assume responsibility to maintain peace and international security. >> i give the floor to the representative of australia.
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>> when we met on 29 april on the situation in the ukraine, we urged russia to abide by the commitments it made on 17 april including to refrain from violence, intimidation, and provocative actions. since then, the situation has further deteriorated severely. this plan and coordinate a destabilization could not happen without external support.
12:52 am
the shooting down of ukrainian helicopters today by surface-to-air missiles is dramatic further evidence of that. we are witnessing well armed and well-trained personnel using military weapons that are intent on armed provocation. we have seen further takeover by our militia groups right across eastern ukraine. orchestrated violence is today spread to odessa. there are kidnappings and torture. they are still being held hostage a week later. this is an affront to the entire international community and must be released immediately. these actions are clearly not a legitimate protest or in attempts to protect russian speakers from alleged or serious
12:53 am
threats. they are calculated, cynical, and highly provocative act shims designed to undermine the ukrainian state of authority to intimidate and destabilize. they make a mockery of what russia has committed to in the geneva agreement. ukraine itself is working to implement commitments and submitted to parliament, amnesty and protest. constitutional reform aimed at decentralizing power. >> in response to the extreme provocation the ukraine is facing, authorities have the right and responsibility to seek to reinstate state authority and restore public order overall. authorities have giving clear messages. administrative buildings and
12:54 am
municipal infrastructure. taking measures to try to ensure security and protect its own citizens and its own territory. what is destructive? russia's reckless interference. destructive of the geneva agreement. destructive of russia's own standing and credibility. to ensure militia groups in the armed rebellion in plymouth the geneva agreement.
12:55 am
and they claim they have no further territorial ambitions on the ukraine. >> i think the representative of australia. i give the floor to the representative of china. >> i express appreciation for the master of nigeria for their outstanding -- this is a matter of concern to china. and avoid further deterioration of the situation. the solution is the only way out
12:56 am
of the crisis in the ukraine. they need to take into consideration that both history and contemporary situations will accommodate the aspirations of various regions and ethnic groups within the ukraine as well as both parties. for some time, they have worked actively to facilitate negotiations.
12:57 am
the house in geneva around the russian federation have agreed on measures. forcibly promoting the settlement. and realizes it is possible. we will continue to support international offices. >> i think the representative of china for the statement and now give the floor to the
12:58 am
representative. >> thank you, madam president. we wish to you and the entire team every success in your endeavor. i would also like to pay tribute for their excellent stewardship. i would also like to thank mr. phelps for his briefing. chad notes with alarm that the situation continues to deteriorate both politically and in terms of security in the
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east. we contribute -- to open the way to dialogue. they led to a number of deaths and significant material damage. given this serious situation, chad would reiterate its call for immediate halt to combat. we call for nonviolence by government forces and separatists.
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observers are still being held. we remain convinced that the solution to the ukrainian situation can be political. it must be sought in the respective territory and sovereignty and unity of ukraine. in keeping with the united nations charter. chad would also reiterate its call for the situation to be de-escalated. chad would invite countries having an influence on the parties present to use all means possible in order to establish direct dialogue.
1:01 am
with this in mind, we encourage the international community and the secretary-general of the united nations to step up their efforts to bring out -- between the parties to find a peaceful solution to the ukrainian crisis. thank you. >> i think the representative of chad for his statement and i give the floor to the representative of lithuania. >> i thank you, madam president. let me start by thanking the delegation. we wish you the best success during your tenure. i would also like to express my delegations appreciation and
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gratitude to nigeria for the council during the month of april. i also want to thank the brief but troubling information. i would like to go to a question that has already been raised. what would your country do if group of people in your towns decided to break away and declare themselves above your country's laws and constitutions? attack local government, administration buildings, take hostages, and practice killing. if such groups were sponsored by countries abroad and with a massive campaign of propaganda and this -- demonizing the people, would you sit and wait for your country to be decimated?
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or would you act in your country's interests protecting the sovereignty, unity, and integrity. ukraine has taken blade and highly cautious actions. like any other state represented in this hall, it has the right to protect its sovereignty and territory and integrity by all means necessary. as far as punitive actions go, let's be frank. at least 33 people killed and wounded. many more wounded. the craft in an elementary school killed at least 20 other people including 17 children.
1:04 am
this punitive act, by countless similar acts in the course of more than three years of ongoing war in that country. helicopters were down in the mobile air defense system. another army helicopter was damaged. they used a portable air defense systems. they can shoot down helicopters or perhaps planes of some kind in the future. armed with heavy weapons and automatic weapons, they do not kidnap international observers. today, provocations have been carried them out -- carried out. they are there now. in odessa, had the separatists respected and carried out geneva -- had they not taken up arms against their own state, none of this would be happening.
1:05 am
this would not be happening if russia, the only power with real influence, denounce these acts of aggression and accept a peaceful path of talks with the central government. instead, russia put the blame on ukraine, the only site taking some steps at gunpoint to implement the geneva statement. those that had been referred to a couple days ago, amnesty law and decentralization. dan asked the government will submit to the parliament on referendum and destabilization that will be held together with presidential elections. they would grant additional guarantees to russian speaking populations as well as members of ethnic minorities.
1:06 am
they don't know that it exists. they have drowned the voice of key of -- kiev. a simply won't be allowed to know that alternatives exist on the path of war. and proceed with ukraine's dismemberment under the forced referendum. we have to watch very carefully when the self proclaimed people have announced the referendum. i would not be surprised. my government discusses the attempts to invalidate intentions and the threat to use armed forces. last time, a couple of days ago, we called for support of the secretary-general's initiatives and called for setting up international mediation. we welcome the fact that they
1:07 am
will be going to the region and we fully stand behind these efforts to de-escalate the situation. we also think like luxembourg has said. it must be allowed to work to understand what is happening there and help de-escalate the situation without going.
1:08 am
they must prevent this crisis from turning into a real bloodbath. we have seen how horrifying and inhuman -- we have seen that in the south african republic and elsewhere. in the middle of europe, two slavic orthodox nations may start killing each other. they are both orchestrated by the kremlin. we should go back to that. we have to let it work. it is in the interest of all of us. >> i think the representative of lithuania for her statement and they give the floor to the representative of nigeria.
1:09 am
>> madam president, i want to thank you for accepting to shepherd this council in the month of may. i delegation wishes -- wishes you green pastures. i thank you for the update. the delicate nature of the conversation, the generation of the crisis into full-blown military confrontation. this is even more pertinent today as developments on the ground have created another dimension. the two ukrainian military
1:10 am
helicopters, there is the control center by unidentified armed groups. taking control of public establishments by armed groups have led to the response by the government of the ukraine. we acknowledge the responsibility to maintain rule of law. it is also possible to restore public order in a measured manner to avoid a degeneration into a full-blown conflict. i call on all parties to de-escalate tensions. we need to reiterate our position that the outcome of our
1:11 am
meeting between ukraine, the russian federation, the e.u., and the united states provides the path for the resolution of this conflict. there are prerequisites, however, for this. all sides must refrain from violence, intimidation, and provocative action. all armed groups must disarm. the doors to a diplomatic solution doors must remain open, and all parties must remain engaged and committed to find a peaceful solution that takes into consideration the interests of the people of ukraine. we would like to see ukraine return to peace, security, and stability, and its independence respected in accordance with the charter of the united nations. the alternative will be falling
1:12 am
dominoes, not only in that region, but in every other region in the world. [indiscernible] this for us is simply -- it is a collective responsibility to prevent the domino theory from being replayed in our time. i thank you. >> i thank the representative from nigeria for her statement. i now recognize the representative from jordan. >> thank you, madam president.
1:13 am
we would also like to congratulate you on taking up the presidency this month. we thank the delegation of nigeria for everything done last month. we thank the undersecretary general for political affairs for his briefing. jordan would like to share its deep concern regarding the most recent developments in the east of ukraine, in addition into the spillover violence in other cities in the country, including odessa. we call on all parties to exercise restraint to bring about a return of calm. de-escalation and fully cooperate with monitors. we reiterate our appeal for the
1:14 am
freeing of all hostages, including osce monitors. what we have in the east of ukraine is not a civil war, but rather -- the action of the rebels are in violation of the law, and this includes the continuing occupation of seized public and government buildings, the use of force, intimidation of civilians, and threats to their life and security. as was said, the continuation of these actions running counter to
1:15 am
the letter and spirit of the geneva agreement signed in april. we would urge ukraine to take effect it measures to halt -- in the eastern part of the country and retain its unity and sovereignty in the security of civilians, uphold constitutional and legal order. at the same time, we would call upon the ukrainian government to work towards a peaceful solution. as well as to work within international criteria to deal with the issue.
1:16 am
it is important to uphold relative human rights principles as well as to spare no effort in immediately engaging in dialogue with stakeholders. let us not lose the opportunity brought about by the geneva agreement. this agreement is a safeguard for calm in the east of the country and the territorial unity of ukraine. we would appeal to stakeholders to implement the agreement and to bring pressure to bear on the rebels to end the crisis. rebels and all active stakeholders in ukraine should refrain from racist speech or hate speech.
1:17 am
the need to guarantee to a return to stability in the country, we would call on all players to help ukrainian government in these endeavors, to guarantee this success on the political transitional process. thus, coming to comprehensive and direct dialogue with all linguistic groups. finally, we would underscore the importance of respecting the legitimate aspirations of ukrainian people, to ensure presidential elections are held within the set time frame in may, 2014, in line with these aspirations and ensure that an
1:18 am
acceptable future is set forth for the ukrainian people with comprehensive and effective dialogue. thank you very much. >> i think the representative of jordan for his statement to resign now give the floor to the representative of chile. >> mr. president, we would like to congratulate you on your suction of the presidency of this council, and we would like to reiterate our commitment to ongoing support in your stewardship. we would also like to thank nigeria for their capable presidency during the month of april.
1:19 am
we value the briefing by undersecretary general mr. feltman. since the last time when the council met to discuss the situation in ukraine, just three days ago, the crisis escalated and once again we see acts of violence involving separatist groups. this crisis is very quickly entering a dangerous and unpredictable phase. we regret and would like to express our deep-seated concerns in the recent events. this council must contribute to a maximum restraint and moderation by the parties, and we reiterate our call on parties to find a peaceful settlement
1:20 am
for the crisis through inclusive political dialogue. it is also extremely important that parties focus on a peaceful way out of this crisis through direct dialogue, that they refrain from -- and they support international mediation efforts in keeping with the resolutions of the general assembly. in this context, we reiterate our condemnation of the kidnapping of osce observers, and we reiterate our call for them to be immediately and without conditions released. mr. president, now more than ever, it is vital to work in the spirit of compromise as was seen in the geneva talks on the 17th of april, which led to the joint declaration of the ministers of foreign affairs. the agreement lays out specific
1:21 am
steps in order to reduce tensions and restore security for all, such as refraining from the use of violence. disarmament of armed groups, and returning illegally occupied buildings. we reiterate the need for respect, and territorial integrity of ukraine. he would also add to that responsibility incumbent on united nations members to restrain the use of force against territorial integrity or -- but it is necessary to strengthen the possibilities for a diplomatic solution to be found.
1:22 am
we support the efforts of the secretary-general of the united nations. we welcome the visit of secretary general feldman to russia. we believe it is time that it is a priority. it is the priority and we should avoid any further escalation of the prices by beginning dialogue with a view to contributing to peace andation of stability so that the elections can take place on the 25th of may. >> i think the representative of statement. >> thank you, mr. president. president, the situation in ukraine has. it in the past few hours.
1:23 am
launched forces have have continued to seize public buildings and cities in eastern ukraine. the prosecutor's office is even occupied by the militants. they killed the two crew members. the osce military observers are still illegally obtained -- detained. we are deeply concerned by all these developments which further deteriorate the delicate situation in eastern ukraine. we strongly condemn the violence and by armed securities call for the appropriate response by the ukrainian forces.
1:24 am
put our fullhould support behind the good officials of the secretary-general in resolving the crisis in ukraine. mr. feldman is going to ukraine. i call on all the council members to trust him and to give them the means and the political backing necessary to conduct a meaningful mediation in ukraine and the region. of any other council members on the crisis will not solve the ukrainian conflict. a dialogue that only by the ukrainian people on the the geneva treaty and there was a strong commitment for those who have influence that need to ensure the sovereignty and territory of
1:25 am
ukraine is observed. otherwise, the situation may further escalate and the conflict will become regional or worse. continuee useless to emergency public briefings of the situation if concerned parties and countries are not willing to be responsible and solve the conflict. need to scale we down the rhetoric. i thank you. >> i think the representative of rwanda. inhall now make a statement my cap pacitti of representative of the republic of korea. i think the secretary-general for his briefing. korea is deeply concerned over the continuing tensions in eastern ukraine. despite the agreement reached in
1:26 am
geneva, the situation in ukraine is showing no sign of stopping. we are large by the fresh violence corrupted in ukraine overnight, including violent attacks targeting to government helicopters by illegal armed groups. we strongly condemn these attacks. it resulted in the death of two ukrainians. such instance points to a serious deterioration in the situation or provocative actions and hostile rhetoric aimed at destabilizing ukraine must cease. in light of the ongoing situation in ukraine, we reiterated that instructive dialogue between all concerned parties will be the only way to achieve a peaceful solution. we call for all parties to the geneva statement to of lament
1:27 am
their commitments. we also fully support of the secretary offices and diplomatic initiatives. we hope that his upcoming visit to ukraine and russia will a contribution -- will contribute to de-escalating on the ground. with the importance -- important election scheduled -- scheduled in may, it is important to ensure the environment conducive to the air -- to fair and free elections without any intervention by outside forces. we hope that ukrainian government leads in inclusive and cons -- transparent process. support forour full ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. i resume my function as president of the council. i now give my floor to the representative of ukraine.
1:28 am
>> thank you. mr. president, let me start by congratulating you on your presidency for the month of may. all the success in the filling is -- we want to thank the delegation for the successful presidency last month. extend ouro like to thanks to the security council andgation for your support the solidarity of the government and people of ukraine. thank you for your briefing today. canaan --ent, new ukraine remains committed to the implementation of the agreements reached.
1:29 am
the russian federation, the european union, and the united states in geneva on april 17. presidentialthere elections remain a top priority of the government of ukraine. all attempts of russia to blame the government of ukraine or allegedly ailing to implement their agreements and we state that despite numerous calls from the internationalist community, the federation is taking no efforts to the escalate the situation and implement the geneva agreement. instead, russia's strongly -- and russia strongly supports extreme groups operating in the eastern regions of new ukraine. endangering civilians, taking hostages, and creating an atmosphere of terror and violence. as well as protection of rights and fundamental freedoms of all feed him of ukraine remain a top priority
1:30 am
for the government of ukraine. therefore, the purpose of the counterterrorist operation has been renewed and it is to isolate illegal militants from situations. thecommandment of operation as required heavily armed illegal militants to immediately free are hostages, including osce monitors and to stop violence and massacres. ukrainian authorities are ready to amnesty all those members of militant groups who have not committed serious crimes. including the lyrical dialogue ofh protesters remains product -- a top priority for the government.
1:31 am
noofficially us data that missiles or tanks are used against civilians. the russian statements about participation of governmental groups in the counterterrorist operation is not true. thoughtsf the cynical of english-speaking foreigners involvement, the officially claim the only foreign military in use -- and used in ukraine armor -- are russian. the ukrainian side as well as the russian and the seam was not duly informed representative of the whose missionent theo contribute to
1:32 am
liberation of the hostages taken in eastern ukraine. of the the circumstances arrival and taken into account the highest priority of the ukrainian government to make illegal militants to release all hostages, we are ready to mediators the practical contribution in order to resolve this problem. president, let me remind you that there is a dangerous situation. in accordance with the law of 2003 on counterterrorism, the national security and defense allowedof ukraine has the decision to launch a large-scale counterterrorism operation. due to increasing threats to civilian population, this the counterterrorism
1:33 am
operation has been renewed in the area in ukraine. of ministry of internal affairs, national guard, and the service of ukraine were engaged. the counterterrorist operation is implemented exclusively by the enforcement -- by the law enforcement agencies of ukraine. in the moment, check points have been taking under control by law enforcement agencies. areillegal militants who heavy firearmsng against ukrainians. ukrainianshot down to melekeok -- helicopters with missiles and antiaircraft guns. two officers have been killed, seven wounded. the terrorists don't hesitate to use peaceful populations as life
1:34 am
shells. this brutal tactic is used by the terrorists who are very well aware about of the appropriate instructions to influence agencies not to open up fire towards residential buildings. also, i would like to mention that tonight there were attempts to break through the state border by groups of russian .rmed saboteurs that is why we call on our and actionsners aimed at undermining sovereignty and territorial integrity of my country. mr. president, in conclusion, i would like to quote today's statement of mr. alexander, the
1:35 am
acting president of ukraine. terrorists seven tors and those who raise arms in our country lay down their arms, surrender free hostages, and let go of the buildings. those that are not involved in serious crimes will be subject to amnesty, but those perpetrators accused of murder and torture will be punished. to build peace and is -- and stability despite all efforts and attempts to organize collocations and armrests to destabilize the situation in the country, particularly in certain areas. i would like to appeal to the leadership of the russian federation about the events taking place in ukraine as well
1:36 am
as the threats and intimidation. you are concerned about the violations of the rights of citizens, then protect them in your own country. the violation of human rights is systematic. call on russia to stop provocations against our country and not to use terrorism, sabotage, and threats on our country. despite all the problems and we will ensure peace and stability in our country and stop the terrorist threat in the east of ukraine. "
1:37 am
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] the biggest challenge in the house where redistricting occurs, the biggest challenge that a republican is going to face is in a primary from someone more conservative than he or she is. in almost every district, that is the case. they're worried about being challenged from the right. political interest to reach across and make tough compromises. we have a system that we designed as a country. when we created these districts -- i'm not even sure that the people who created them fully
1:38 am
realized how exactly profound of the implications are. to some extent, some democrats, particularly minority democrats have been in on this. there have been in some states african-americans want to make largehat they have a reset digit african-american voters so they can be sure they have representation in congress. from theis weekend, anti-defamation league, changing demographics, redistricting, the republican party saturday morning just after 11:00 a.m. eastern. the white house correspondents dinner saturday night. resident obama and joel mchale from "community." that is live at 6:00. former gang member, community activist, luis rodriguez with
1:39 am
your calls and comments in depth noon on c-span 2. a hiss free of hawaii in the sugar industry. sunday night on c-span 3. both chambers of congress are in session. the house returns tuesday for legislative work with the votes at 730 p.m. to hear more about the week ahead, we spoke with a capitol hill reporter. clicks house speaker john banner says he intends to have them both for a select to midi to look into the 9/11 then ghazi attack. -- then ghazi attack. bob cusack is the managing director of the hill joining us for a look ahead.
1:40 am
what was the point of forming g? committee, bob cusack cap previouslyner had not jumped on this legislation, legislation that was called for saying we need to have a select bipartisan committee to look into this. she deferredthat but the e-mails that have come out this week putting more pressure on john banner. 180 nine had already signed onto that legislation. now indicating that they will go forward and moved to the select committee. the makeup and the details are still to be determined. john banner is going forward with this. >> is it likely they will vote this week? measures,n the town
1:41 am
this will pass. i will imagine this will be mostly a partyline vote. most democrats say that they have politicized then ghazi and vote no. hasks their ally some subpoenaed john kerry on the investigations. has he not testified before you g? brought by the judicial watch group and were not given to congress. one reason was classified and the reason why those e-mails were classified. tee them, they were not really related to then ghazi -- then benghazi pacific league.
1:42 am
i imagine that will be quite a combative hearing. >> the headline looks ahead to another combative issue, .esolution on lois lerner if that resolution passes the house oversight and government reform committee a few years ago and -- a few weeks ago and comes to a head. what will that look like you ? >> that has not been a lot of news. we're approaching the one-year anniversary. lois lerner is a key figure and she is not talking. republicans are bringing this measure. they want to get more answers. they think there's a lot more to this story. they will have this vote. it will be referred to the justice department for putting pressure on the justice department to seek criminal charges. it does put more pressure on the
1:43 am
doj to at least look at this. >> interestingly, there is word that the senate may take up the fortone xl pipeline in call the opening of the pipeline and overruling with the administration wants to do. how did this come about yo? >> a lot of the red state democrats support the approval of keystone. most democrats and democratic leaders do not but this could give them political cover. will this be a nonbinding vote, a binding vote? it's a bipartisan commission saying they will move forward. passed a has already keystone bill. even if it is binding they will have the vote that they will not have a veto-proof majority. this could give some cover but at the same time, it will not overrule the president rather than decide the repeal.
1:44 am
it looks like it will happen now at the election. gives political cover. that is what is a potential compromise here. it's not a gun -- a done deal yet. >> you can find him on the and on twitter, bob cusack. next, german chancellor angela merkel talks about relations with germany in the transatlantic trade partnership. at the universe -- at the chamber of commerce, this is one hour.
1:45 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome her excellency, dr. angela merkel, chancellor of germany. [applause] >> >> chancellor merkel, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the chamber of commerce of the united states. my name is tom donohue. i and the president and ceo of this fine institution. i want to thank you for being here. i would like to extend a special welcome to those of you visiting our headquarters for the first time.
1:46 am
the chamber is a 102-year-old organization. this building serves as the central rallying point for the u.s. business community. we host several hundred meetings here in this room alone every year. the room we are gathered in today, the international hall of flags is rich in symbolism and history. the room takes its name after the overhead banners of 12 great explorers who blazed the first halves of trade. they planted the first seed of commercial and industrial growth in the new world. they planted the first seeds of commercial and industrial growth in the new world. these flags remind us that the transatlantic relationship has been around for a long time. today, we are reminded just how essential this relationship is. alliance is.-eu critical to global stability, peace, and freedom.
1:47 am
this has been proven time and time again throughout recent history. the world is always changing and the transatlantic partners are being test it in new and difficult ways. competitorsrtive who are vying for natural resources, human talent, markets, economic, and geopolitical influence. to meet these challenges, we must step up and offer strong, smart, and positive global leadership in commerce, diplomacy, geopolitics, security, and advocacy of our most cherished values. if we do not, others will fill that void. this brings me to our special .uest chancellor merkel since she assumed the office in 2005, she has not only
1:48 am
revitalized germany's massive economy, the largest in europe and the third-largest largest in the world, but has put u.s.-german relations on a sounder fruiting. she has displayed exemplary leadership on transatlantic issues. she has been a forceful opponent of the transatlantic trade and investment partnership which we call ttopip. it will set the gold standard for straight -- for trade that will ensure the free flow of capital talent and goods and data and will ensure a more level playing field by reforming procurementroles -- rules and forcing regulatory corroboration. with the chancellor on the importance of this agreement. we are pressing for its
1:49 am
advancement every day in washington. we will hold for global conferences and key countries, including germany, to demonstrate to the business communities unity on this important ttip. chancellor merkel understands we need prosperity to pay for security and without security, we cannot have prosperity. is critical to strengthening the economic foundation of our alliance and that is critical to demonstrating our global leadership. that europeggested needs this trade agreement more than the united states does and that is fundamental nonsense. let me be crystal clear -- american needs europe and we need this agreement for our own economy and to strengthen the partnership that has done more than any other to advance the liberty,prosperity,
1:50 am
and peace in the world. the world is watching period from moscow to beijing, the actions of the transatlantic partners are being scrutinized very closely. is a time of uncertainty, there are some things we can be sure of. we can be certain that went united states and the eu at gather, we make a tremendous difference in world affairs. we can be certain that expanding our commercial relationship is key to our ability to exert global and lawrence. we can be certain that chancellor merkel will continue to provide real leadership and commitment to a stronger and deeper transatlantic partnership. i had the honor of seeing the chancellor on the opening day of the world's largest industrial fair in hannover last month where she spoke out strongly about this relationship. it is my great pleasure to
1:51 am
welcome her back to the u.s. chamber of commerce. we're looking forward to hearing her message. ladies and gentlemen, the chancellor of germany, angela merkel. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, i am delighted to be back in .ashington today i am equally delighted to be year at the u.s. chamber of commerce. we look at the fact how we are linked. it provides the political
1:52 am
context and economic context. our relationship rests on shared values and aren't shared interests. we know that only together can mass of the great economic and political challenges in this globalized world of today. about a quarter of century ago, 25 years ago, the berlin wall fell. the confrontation of the two blocks was prevalent during the days of the cold war and some even talk about the end of history as we know it. with the crisis of ukraine 25 orderafter, the postwar after his button to question. the rest on the acceptance of the principle of territorial integrity. , borders arers at changed by someone pitting the law of the stronger against the
1:53 am
law. it was due to the annexation of the crimean immense love but i am convinced in the end, the rule of law will prevail but we this --ff that does steadfastness in we need resolved to pursue our transatlantic partnership and standing up for our values. the since the beginning of crisis of ukraine, both europe and the united states gather -- together our resolve to stand up for a democratic order for keeping the rule of law. by the ukrainian people a reason if they are to decide their own future.
1:54 am
for the social orientation of the country. open.ains in ukrainesituation however be further destabilized, all of the partners in europe and the united states will not be weakened in their resolve. i discussed this issue with president barack obama. is most important event here the actions of the 23rd of may which actually take place on the same day as elections. ukraineir elections in can read and reviewed -- can mean a new beginning. they can prepare the ground for constitutional reform that includes all of ukraine.
1:55 am
whoever wants a good future for ukraine will contribute towards elections on the 25th of may taking place in a secure environment. the osce is giving a very important contribution to this. also, through the admission that we created just for ukraine. we must not forget overseas support for ukraine. the european union, the imf, the u.s., japan have earmarked a substantial financial support for ukraine. right now, all eyes are on ukraine. we must not forget the transatlantic partnership also is called upon to bring a conflict. to the iran there is a settlement bring -- being brought about.
1:56 am
they need to go beyond abiding by the geneva joint plan of action. it needs to match its words. notld iran and not -- fulfill his obligations, we continue to stand ready to actually call this abstention -- of the suspension of sanctions and adopt a more far-reaching sanctions. right now, i thought -- i think we ought to give them a chance. the civil war that has raged in syria for three years also calls upon us to stand together. catastrophe has taken the lives of many people already. millions of people have been turned into wretched -- refugees. the region is in need. accept this state. germany is participating in the national protection mission that
1:57 am
is to destroy the inhumane and a number of the chemical substances will be rendered unusable in germany. we cannot and must not accept the syrian tragedy the is -- because human rights and human dignity. be individual freedom and rule of law is indeed the foundation on which our countries on boats bass on both sides of the atlantic rest. this is the foundation that our partnership. as regards to debate armed collection of data in germany and other countries, this turned out to be the case. -- in political responsibility is well aware of
1:58 am
the wealth of intelligence is absolutely indispensable security safety and freedom are .eople we are responsible for the protection of our citizens against a terrorist threat. also, we are responsible for attacks against the privacy of our individual citizens and that is in tune with our shared values of freedom. we all know there has always been a conflict with each other. to strikere important a balance and redefine it bounced between individual rights and protection and security and safety. it issued today with the digital revolution. our citizens are expecting that a state needs to abide by the principles of proportionality in all facets. --'s be blunt about this
1:59 am
over the past few months, we've seen considerable differences of opinions and interests between germany and the united states over these issues. think we willi do not fully overcome those even after. we cannot actually come to a reconciliation just by contacts between the intelligence communities. a need to enter into political dialogue where we are clear about the dramatic changes in instances of the digital revolution, not only on the intelligent work, but generally around the changes that this means for our societies, the way we do business, politics. u.s. was initiate a dialogue between the two countries. know thisfied to project. we need to be clear in our minds that it is a very ambitious task to have the potential of the international data flow, but also to see that we continue to
2:00 am
be in a position to be able to protect the freedom of people. this is what democracies are all about, protecting individual rights, protecting the dignity of man, and protecting the safety and security. nutshell, andn a end never justifies the means in everything that is not technically feasible should be done. discussed on the balance between freedom and security and the rights of the individual. on.s a debate that is going in spite of all the differences, i continue to abide clearly by the principle that europe, germany, and united states could not wish for a more reliable partner respectively than we have in the transatlantic alliance.