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tv   Michael Powell Remarks  CSPAN  May 10, 2014 12:00pm-12:28pm EDT

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on the earth that do that better than americans. [applause] we will be showing all of senator rubio's remarks tonight at 8:00 eastern time. angeles, leaders in the cable industry came together to talk about the latest technology and other issues at the 2014 cable show. the opening session included remarks by time warner cable ceo rob marcus, good morning, sports fans. no better way to get this started them with a marching band. think they will get a little satisfaction this year on the gridiron. it is now a two football
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teasm town again. we are pleased to be with you here. >> thank you. that you can be here in the southland for the cable show 2014. we arenership with ntca happy to roll out the red carpet. where were charred to make this a fun and productive show for everyone -- we worked hard to make this a fun and productive show for everyone. we are demonstrating the innovation of cable and the power of broadband. >> the theme of this year's show is "inspiration everywhere." the hotspots will come in handy. thank you for the work. just like our friends at time warner cable, i want to thank
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the members of the convention committee. they put forward a big effort to inspire you. there are more than 250 companies demonstrating the future of cable. we're going to have dozens of education sessions which will set the stage for inspired learning and dialogue and see an engaging display on the internet. [indiscernible] it is all sponsored by time warner cable. >> we have center of the new features this year. -- we also have new features this year. four student teams are being mentored by some of the best companies. they're going to create a 4-7 minute film that will be judged by how they would finest.
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what better way to connect to the creators of carmarthen or industry today? present their best ideas for launching new products and services in an interactive competition. congratulations to the team from the university of denver, which earned top honors and whose work may be coming to you. >> i think we just heard from the university of denver over here. we will also be hearing some from tom words wheeler. his fellow commissioners are here. we are happy to be hosting more than 50 legislatures in utility commissioners from a variety of states and suffers from others frome sec --
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congress and the fcc. throughout our sessions and on screens around the convention center, you will get to see and hear from these proud american veterans who are enjoying their new careers in our industry. the result is to generate new careers with the launch of a special task force and chaired by michael powell to recruit even more veterans into our ranks. >> we would like to do a quick shout out to all the cable organizations that have helped make this cable show a success, sete.le center, cathra, they are all great industry groups. each of them has a stake in this year's show with inspiring special programs and activities. keep your eye on the program are
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these and many more highlights of the cable show 2014. >> that sounds great. it is time to get started with a great opening session. do not get too excited. 2/5 of that is rob and i. speaker is none other than the name of the city of los angeles. welcome erict's bursetti.he -- eric >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the city of angels. i am pleased to welcome you here. it is a perfect kick up.
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this is the creative nexus of the world. for ever.s been keen we understand technological innovation. -- king forever. we understand ecological innovation. i want to thank you for what you do. 10,000 years ago we might have all been cave men and cable women sitting there watching the off the cave walls. today we put them in new media. film, them previously in digital, streaming. you bring the stories we still have in our hearts. here in los angeles we have always been defined as a place that has the very best storytellers and makers. while you are here, i hope you will connect with them. the folks who are lucky enough to be here or come here. to tell the stories in so many different media. change, the industry
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has created jobs, innovation, and always getting down to that story, whether it is news, arts , orculture, drama or, comedy. we come to cities in order to be safe. once we are in the cities, that is not the end goal. it is to define the good life is to each of us. in l a we know that means creating a platform. platform forest experimentation. we have known if you have a story come to l.a. to tell it. if you have a project, something is want to try, this probably the most diverse place that has been assembled. 130pulation comes from over areas.
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they have the population outside their home country living in one place. that story works here. you know it will work worldwide. that is what los angeles has been about, making sure we sits at the crossroads geographically and conceptually. if we did not have a city here, we would have to build when given the world economy and where it is at today. we're the only city in america with top three universities. have moree that we intellectual capital coming out of los angeles than any city on the face of the earth. we need you to make sure the ideas and the stories that are happening makes it way to the screen. makes its way to the boxes. makes its way to the different media we carry around in our pockets and briefcases and purses. so much the fixed point on the horizon that will
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define your success. it is your nimbleness. your ability to adapt quickly. it is the same for us in government. i am trying to lead a back to basics agenda that will welcome business investment like years. i want to thank the cable industry that has been on the leading edges so many things. you as a veteran myself for the work you're are doing hiring veterans. you have set the bar are really making that happen. we welcome your corporate citizenship to expand here in the city. we are trying to bridge that gap that so many americans are talking about. nagging, bottom part of low-wage jobs. that is a bridge we can build together. i'm confident that the end whether it is a veteran who is homeless on our streets, whether it is a young person who's debating whether or not to go back to school with programs like comcast is doing. i have seen the work you do.
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here in los angeles we are building a summer of success in which young people usually fall behind in the summertime will be given three opportunities. one to be the part to stay open late at night. during the daytime, 10,000 new jobs, something i modeled on tom menino's program. three summers to work here and i hope some of the jobs will be with you right here in the cable industry. they can learn and expand. the third part is the summer of learning. we're getting young people digital adages which will keep a digital resume so when they go haveto school they will skills just like boy scouts and girl scouts used to get with their merit badges. -- to become peter computer coders, an electrician, an engineer. the things that will allow them to be ahead of the game and to
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make sure the economy fills in the middle class once again. many things happening cable. i apologize. we love time warner. sometimes people are caught in the middle. i want to say i hope we can resolve the fact that our nottown baseball team is currently seen in all of our box sets. we love the dodgers. we love time warner. icon everyone to resolve a not so i can get my dodgers every single day. despite that, cities do not regulate hearing california anymore. mayorsmmitted with the of this country. 16 of us were elected to big cities this past year. we came together at the white house to talk about an agenda. there is a book out right now called "if mayors ruled the world."
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we sometimes assume it is innovation will happen at the local level. i invite you to innovate. get a new program, access to a new audience that is not your users. bring a tear. if you have a company like showtime, we want you to film here. we are working with showtime to sex" back tos of los angeles from new york. i hope that you will look at what you can create in the content you are making. forangeles has always stood openness. it is always did for the diversity of this world. we welcome you here. i know you're here for business today. i want to end it with one last note. angeles is perhaps the hottest new neighborhood again in america. magazinescribed by gq
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as "america's next great city." s museum.asegee we have a great deal at the beach and in the evening come downtown and see a symphony. los angeles literally has something for everyone. come back. in best. let us know what we can do to be more business friendly. , we wantos angeles your ideas to get out there quickly. there are many tech companies in los angeles. one is being created every 40 hours and l.a. understand the intersection between tech and content. slick onlywood and valley coming together. we are ranked number three in tech innovation.
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ird mentioned our three universities which are three of 15 that are here. usc.ech, ucla, they're grading more patents than any other place in the world. bring your people here. come back and visit. is a city where we understand content is king and we cannot deliver that without you. thank you. i hope you have a great time while you're here. enjoy los angeles. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president and ceo of ncta michael powell. >> good morning. the world is an ailing
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place. too many people live in poverty. too many people are hungry. too many people are receiving inadequate education. american ideal that our nation is a land of opportunity is being written to. our economy -- is being threatened. our economy is not producing jobs americans need to get ahead. in washington, the seed of our federal government, our leaders struggle to make the country a better place. rather than compromise, we see battlet as warring sides over who's a mix of ideas and policies are best, causing most legislative efforts to wither. i am not wise enough to know what cocktail of policies will take us forward. i do know that the path to a better society will ride on the
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bedrock of strong communities, it's shared experience, collective consciousness, and mutual destiny that drives people forward. these forces triggered transformative movements, whether the civil rights movement or the map -- rapid change in attitudes toward gay marriage. one nation under god indivisible is the pledge of the people that and its unityiny and not in its division. humanistinguishes the race is our ability to communicate with one another and to feel the pain and emotions of one another. you might say we talked therefore we are. -- talk therefore we are. what is this any of us have to do with all of us assembled here? it is the fact that building
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communities of shared values requires a network. needs a fabricon that empowers and enables the best nature of man to discover, connect, and act, tying those together ties families together. it ties communities together's. it even ties nations together. there is an experiment called "the global consciousness project." it has set up random generators all around the world. scientists have observed when there are major world event, the focus of the thoughts of the world population like the attack of 9/11, number stop being random. they show clear patterns. evidence of multiple mines thinking-- minds thinking as one. it blows away facebook and initter for sharing thoughts
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what seems like money down the drain. well maybe someday these experiments will prove our ability to communicate directly through our thoughts but for now we lack the ability to harness telepathic communications. we rely on man-made networks with its fiber strings, powers, polls, routers, airways that are provide. when we deploy networks to our citizens, we strengthen the bonds of families and communities. we lay a platform for collective learning. we sparked the cylinders of innovation. to be dramatic, we help light the lamp of hope that we be people can find solutions to the problems that plague our society. the 1500s, ships began to cross the sea.
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the oceans and waterways accelerated the flow of information. from horse carriage to steam engines to the telegraph and the two fiber optic cables today. the power of networks has grown exponentially. the human voice can only travel 600 feet. technology it can travel the globe at the speed of light, carrying the word of commerce, the learnings of academia, the sadness of a loved one's passing , and the joy of the baby's birth. in the industrial age, human knowledge doubled every 150 years. today it doubles every two years. by 2020, it is expected to double every 72 hours. human knowledge and learning, the potential for a vibrant, just, and inclusive society grows. power,e sees the
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potential, and importance of the internet. it is the internet essential nature that fuels a very heated a verye debates -- heated policy debate and should publiclated as a utility. the appeal of these arguments is understandable. the pothole is visible through your windshield. the shivering in a cold house after a snowstorm knocks out your power and the water breaks a longer commute should restrain one from embracing the virtues of public utility regulation. these systems were built with the help of the government. as was the internet. they have suffered terribly from chronic underinvestment. roads three major u.s. are in mediocre conditions.
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one in four bridges are either functionally obsolete or structurally deficient. the federal highway administration estimates that $170 billion is needed annually just to fix our crumbling roads. most americans are chunking water infrastructure is nearing the end of its life. there is an estimated 240,000 water main breaks per year. reports say the water system needs one trillion dollars and improvement. america's electric grid is no better. ilionperately needs a 760 dollar shots in the arm by 2020 to keep it from failing. the number of massive blackouts? have increase. were 76 major blackouts. .n 2011 there were 307
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can you imagine if the internet blackout 300 times a year? no. it does not. the internet is not regulated as a public utility. thrives, watered by private capital and a light regulatory touch. it does not depend on the political process for its growth rate. this is why broadband is the facet -- fastest t in our country. the speeds have increased 1500% in the last decade. america's internet providers have invested $1.3 trillion since 1996 to make america's internet world class.
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regulators overseas have begun to envy this level of investment. eu digital agenda commissioner has said the writing is on the wall. many eu leaders are abandoning their approach and looking to the american broadband model of infrastructure-based competition and private investment. the contrast is striking. we should not be complacent. we must continually prove that the private sector can achieve public goods. we need to continue to build a faster and open internet and produce content that entertained and delights. me to keep prices reasonable and the value of our services high.
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we need to deliver second to none customer service. we need to be good corporate citizens. this is not enough to move people. the contents is an intentional agreement to progress. we are all sitting here in the land of television and movie magic. a deeplytorytelling is human need as well is a powerful tool not just to entertain but also to raise consciousness, to find communion with our fellow man to move us to empathize with the plight of others. visual arts open our senses. today writers, actors, and direct turners are at the very -- directors are the very top of the game. television has become literature and our modern society. we knitocation, forces, these powerful
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network and story. it is a spectacular combination that too many take for granted. we spent time talking and fighting about regulatory gains and losses. we spend a lot of energy debating how the spoils of profit are divided, all necessary. there is a higher value and what we do. we leave the webs of wonder in possibility. makecome together and change. i believe the cable industry can and does make the world a better place. i believe our work is a good this nest but also serves the higher purpose. it provides hope and opportunity and a better future. we are able stewards of that future. us. is being asked of we strive rightfully and earnestly to answer that call.
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celebrate our children and opportunities but we also congregate. challengeo talk and one another and bring new ways to bring communities closer together. if we remain faithful to this mission, policymakers will always understand this is a critical part of the solution to what ails us. they will see us for what we are. stalwart partner and pursuit of a better path. in key. have a terrific show. [applause] >> a group of industry leaders discussing some of the challenges they face. included competition from digital providers like netflix and amazon. the need to offer them more
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affordable programming with easier access to mobile devices. this is just under half an hour. ntca foryou to the have any hosts this wonderful panel. the i interviewed and others i've been wanting to interview. i'm glad i have this chance to do that. let's get started. the most important personal question i have is for rob markets. -- marcus. after the deal gets done, what are you going to do? >> you are always picking on me. i get that asked a lot. i said the same thing to everybody. it is way too early for me to start on the next chapter. i have a lot ahead of me between now and closing. i will focus on that and not allow myself to be distracted. >> rob and i are neighbors in new je


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