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Mitch McConnell
  Senator Mitch Mc Connell Primary Victory Speech  CSPAN  May 25, 2014 6:48pm-7:07pm EDT

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sometimes the somebody is you during just as the somebody was me in this instance. take this challenge and run with it. walk out of here, run out of here, keep your heads up. stay engaged. support the solutions this party needs and the state needs and this party needs. don't feel you have to disburse. this is a good look of -- good-looking group of people. stay here. share stories. i know some of you do have tight time frames, but before you do, introduce yourself to at least one person you do not know. take a moment to introduce yourself to one person you have not met. ask them why they are here. ask them what drew their attention to this. take that away. we are the tapestry. we are the fabric of america. we are the future of america. i thank you for being here and i
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thank you for your support. thank you very much. [applause] [country music plays] >> thank you.
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thank you very much. something must have happened today. i'm not sure what it was. [laughter] my friends, tonight we begin the process of putting kentucky first again. [applause] for 5.5 years, the powers that be in washington have treated the people of the state with contempt. tonight, i have a simple message for them. those days are numbered.
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[applause] a little while ago, i spoke to my opponent and congratulated him on a hard-fought campaign. he brought tenacity to the race. he made me a stronger candidate. the race is behind us. it is time to unite. to my opponent's supporters, i hope you will join me and know that your fight is my fight. let's have a big hand for him. [applause] this race has always been much bigger than one candidate. it is about the kind of state we want. it is about the kind of country we want.
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it is about restoring america. it starts tonight. [applause] i am so happy to be joined by my wife. [applause] many of you know the story, but it bears repeating. elaine came to this country and the whole of a cargo ship which was eight years old. when she injured a public grade school, she didn't speak a word of english. yet less than 40 years later, she was sitting at the cabinet table devising the president of the united states. the only kentucky woman in history to be a member of the president's cabinet. [applause]
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she is not just my wife, she is an inspiration. i am lucky to have her in my life. i can't help but think of another woman who helped to get me here. that was my mother. my mom and dad were wonderful people. they were wonderful parents. when i was two years old, i contracted polio. it was a frightening diagnosis in those days. my mom responded with uncommon determination. through her patients, tenacity, she gave me what every child wants. the normal childhood. she gave me an example i would never forget. i have tried to bring that same determination and tenacity to every cause i have take up on
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behalf of the people of the state. whether fighting for people who had been exposed to radiation at the radiation enrichment plant or doing battle with those who want to destroy coal, i learned this from my mom. the only way to fail is to die or stop trying. [applause] when it comes to fighting for the causes and principles i believe in, i never let up. ever. [applause] i fight for good kentucky jobs every single day. i fight for policies that will make us more competitive. that make our state better, safer, more beautiful place to
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live and work. and raise a family. every day, i fight against policies that make life harder for the people of kentucky. then, there is my opponent. my opponent is in this race because barack obama and harry reid want her to be in this race. there is a reason, my friends. a reason every hollywood liberal is sending her a check. it is not because they care about kentucky, i assure you that. it is because they know as well as we do that there is a dime's worth of difference, not a dime's worth of difference between a candidate who puts harry reid in charge and harry reid himself. [applause] a vote for my opponent is a vote
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for a guy who says coal makes you sick. it is a vote for a guy who thinks nothing for the state if he thinks about it at all. a vote for my opponent is a vote for obama care and the president who sold it to us on a mountain of lies. that is why this race is not about one party against another. it is about a government that thinks it can lie to its own citizens and get away with it. [applause] it is about holding the people who did this accountable. this race is about vindicating people like angela, a mother of five girls from from owensboro. she was at her wit ends when she wrote me this year.
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after being told up and down she did not have to worry about a result coming out of obamacare that she did not favor, she was told -- she found out she was going to lose her doctor and her plan. her premiums had more than tripled. she was out of patience. obamacare agents told her she was out of luck. when she spoke up about it, harry reid told her she was a liar. another woman wrote me saying her deductible went up sevenfold. she said, she is a democrat and she is furious. i feel deceived, she wrote. another woman wrote saying that in order to pay her new premium under obamacare, she would have to either reduce payments or stop contributing to her 401(k).
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all these women have something in common. they got a raw deal and they've got nothing but a blind stare from the people that did these things to them and their families. that is how this crowd operates. they think they can get away with it if they just push ahead. if they can just make it through the next news cycle or election. i've got news for them. the american people have had enough. they are running out of time. [applause] barack obama's allies have one goal this year. just one. to cling to their power. they have made an art form of handpicking candidates who pose no threat to the power whatsoever. this is how obamacare became law.
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every single candidate that barack obama and harry reid selected to send to the senate fell in line to pass a bill the american people do not want. if you look at my democratic opponent, it is clear she would be no different. she is a partisan's person who has been practicing party politics since she learns to talk. i mean, let's be honest. anybody that learned politics at at the school of jerry lundergan will not be a model of bipartisanship. [applause] his candidates preach independence but they practice loyalty. i am confident that kentuckians are not going to be deceived. she is barack obama's candidate.
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they know it. they will issue the same verdict. they cannot afford to empower the people that have been waging a war on jobs for the last 5.5 years. [applause] tonight, i ask every voter to help us win this race. put kentucky first. the people who hand-picked my opponent are not on your side. they don't care a whit about kentucky. let me tell you what i am talking about. the obama administration said we could not raise the water level down at lake cumberland because it might disrupt the natural
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habitat of a minnow. they wanted to keep the water low, throw people out of their jobs, and destroy one of the most popular tourist spots to help a two inch fish. this is the only time anybody has tried to save a fish from too much water. [laughter] [applause] i fought back and we won. [applause] i will keep fighting this and every other attempt by the obama crowd to tell kentuckians how to live their lives. send me back to washington and
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kentucky will always have a champion in the capital. [applause] if the american people give republicans the majority of the senate, you will be proud of the united states senate once again. [applause] i will never say one thing and do another. i will restore the senate as a place of high purpose. i will carry out my office with dignity and respect. these are my values and i intend to practice them. when i travel around, i can see it in people's eyes. the sense that washington does not care about them. they view people as an obstacle
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to overcome rather than someone to help. the government is working against them. the question before us how to we change that. how do we get america back on track? we can take the reins of power away from harry reid and make this president accountable. [applause] make me the majority leader and kentucky will lead america. [applause] put this son of the commonwealth in the senate.
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[applause] i will do everything i can to repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] i will keep the liberal judges from rewriting our courts. i will hold the bureaucrats who are waging war on our people and our way of life to account. [applause] kentucky, my friends, will lead america. [applause] i will put the concerns of working and middle-class americans ahead of the liberal
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interest groups. [applause] i will make the people of the state proud. kentucky will lead america. [applause] we have had a president and a party in control of the senate. it doesn't care what you think. tonight, we begin the work of changing that. i have stood up to this president. i will make sure he is forced to think about what he's doing to the people of kentucky every day. [applause]
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i don't care what party you are in. it doesn't make a difference. i am asking you to join me in this effort. when the pundits and historians look back on the last two years of barack obama's presidency and try to explain how to in administration that started out so extreme was finally made to listen, they will say it started right here in kentucky. [applause] they will say this very night the people of kentucky began to fight back. [applause] together my friends, we will renew this country.