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tv   University of Southern California Commencement Address  CSPAN  May 26, 2014 3:13pm-3:36pm EDT

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lawyer someday. evan back on all the experiences i can have. take this as a result of taking that chance as a 23-year-old kids. i am glad that i took that chance. each of you will have opportunities to make decisions like that when as your lives move forward during. taking every risk that comes her way is not rise. another is every opportunity out of fear of risk or the unknown. finally, my last piece of advice is a follow-up on the previous two. you takee bold and chances, let me tell you something. you are going to fail. you're going to experience rejection at times. please. do not be afraid to fail. that makes the difference with so many folks.
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they are afraid to fail. don't. few people are more qualified to offer this piece of advice than i am. recall, i you may actually applied for my current job more than once. yup. [laughter] in 2009 i decided to run for governor because i i can make a difference in the commonwealth, make it a better place to live. for me iteat life. was the right chance to take. i started a campaign and brought this to the virginia voters. ideas9 i talked about big and how we needed to move virginia forward. i talked about high-speed rail, wind turbines in the atlantic ocean. renewable energy standard. like my bigu do not ideas, do not vote for me. and you do.
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that is all right. i had a great time. i still remember waking up that next morning. i do not like to fail. nobody does. but deciding if i meant what i said during that campaign that i believed i could create jobs and for myis a better place family across virginia and i could not take no for an answer. i got out of bed the next day. i dusted myself off. i spent the next four years visiting every nut and cranny in virginia. i can tell you without a doubt that the things i learned in the people i met in the stories i heard jenny ideas that i formed were indispensable to getting me here today and helping me on the job. the real question is will you do
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the next day? when you get knocked down you keep yourself back up the next day. you get yourself back in the arena. they know neither big tree or did feet. don't you ever be one of the cold and timid souls. the next chapter of your life, i hope you will adopt some of these issues i talk about today. the big. take chances. he not be afraid to fail. a closing, i will share -- i've learned along the way. there's no such day as a bad day. everyday has the potential to be a great one. if you have a bad day, guess what? you are in the wrong line of business.
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do something about it. never take yourself too seriously. always be positive. people want to be around winners not whiners. roll with the punches and always be flexible. you may miss opportunities if you're too rigid. do what you want to do with your life. you only live once. sleep i'm best mottos? .hen you are dead finally, if you remember one thing from this speech and whatever you do, always have fun. thank you. congratulation to the class of 2014. [cheers and applause] >> scott walker addressing
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graduates at concordia university. he talks about some of his recent experiences. governor walker was elected in 2010. he face a recall election in 2012. he is up for reelection in november. his remarks are 20 minutes. good evening. good evening. good evening to you and members of the leadership, the board of regents, to the faculty and staff, to all of the wonderful family and friends and loved ones, to the student body. it is an honor to be here
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tonight, particularly to the graduates of 2014, congratulations. it is quite a night. [applause] actually, i was thinking about the reference to my mother. i will tell you one thing but i will tell you more. not much. if you remember nothing else, remember a lesson my mother taught me a long time ago. if you want to do well in life, you need to do good for others. if you remember nothing else, remember that. it is an honor to be back here this evening. last summer i was in this hall for a ceremony like this was literally a decade ago. another walker was on the stage. the 43rd president of the united states.
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he gave the commencement address last night and is honored to be here. it is an honor to be here a decade later to share with you. it really is an honor. about a way to hang to capture not just the moment tonight but all the education and training up to that point. going to share a quick story for you. you think what does this have to do for the commitment. love the beginning and made. it eventually gets warmer although i have yet to see that here in wisconsin. every year at the beginning of to do fun things related to tourism. i get to drive sports cars in the dells. it has a roller coaster.
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i get to go to other places around the state. in brown county outside of green this is called the new z were they opened the new adventure park. would you be willing to come and help us open up the new adventure park? we want you to break the ribbon. he must have gotten confused. he said that because the main attraction in their new adventure park is a zipline. he wanted me to come through the zipline with him and break the ribbon. much to the chagrin of my staff i said yes. tonight i want to share with you
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for a moment about the experience and how it relates. bear with me for a moment. there were three simple stages. the first was the trading. we came in little bit earlier before the public had arrived. lodge theya little had. things like i was informed that they had trained on this a little bit. i was not literally the first one. these are people who had been involved with the blinds before. they got the gear out. they gave me the helmet. they put me in the harness. they had it all tightened up. he showed me the hooks and barriers. end.ow i'd end up at the they gave me the training that i needed. iter i was done with that, had to sign a little disconcerting.
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i went from the training part to the tower. onbe some of you have been the blinds elsewhere. this will go straight tower that has been there since the 1950's it is an old lookout tower in the 1950's. up there. was it was about 50 feet in the air on top of the a really high hill. 50 feet up in the air. there were switchbacks. there is little cut in the trees. and it goes over a pond ends up about 1000 feet down the way to where there is this touchdown pass. that was the tower. the last part is you get down to the touchdown it felt. after you have the nerve to jump off that with your harness after your training, it you get it occurs to jump. you go down the line.
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the zipline takes you down and you land at a spot which i was happy to hear has some things to slow you down because you're going about 35 or 40 miles per hour. it slows you down. you actually land on a stand about the size of this podium. that was the process. i am pretty fearless. i'm not afraid of heights. after all the training and i got up to the top, there is a moment when i "what if i got myself into?" maybe this is a little bit too much. tonight i want to share with you how that experience in a small way relate to what our graduates have gone through and where you are headed. let me give you a couple of examples. blessed as part of the various graduate programs to have a chairman this opportunity
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to gain the training and skills of education that you will need to succeed. you have been supported by wonderful family and friends. and a much better way than my limited experience, you have that extended training that you need. and got someh information from the university. it is a nice process. 512 graduate tonight. additionalith professional degrees in education, business administration, health care. even in church worship. is isn't. these big areas. you got folks getting graduate degrees in education. 128. it is a great time for that.
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you agree with a private school. whatever type of educational opportunity. there is a tremendous opportunity in the state and around the world in terms of of revenue openings that the doors open right now. you do not need to wait. you can break right into passion right away. you can have impact. there are some great successes happening. these continue some the best scores in the country. reading and math scores are up. that is a tremendous success store. there are still too large of a disparity between kids doing well in his that are not. there is a great opportunity to
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do well in education. how can i useout this education? how can i apply it in a way that will challenge me and have an opportunity to help not just the kids in my school or environment but challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone and find a way to help others that have historically been disadvantaged. a group will take their degree in education and training and be prepared to go out and have a true impact. then there are others. .here are 120 mbas it a great time to be in about four years ago when i was looking at things like this, at that time every year our statewide chamber of commerce has lawyers. but some percent of the surveyed said headed -- wisconsin was
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headed in the right direction. today it is up to about 95%. great. we want to build off of that. four years goes -- 40 years ago we were about place to do business. for those at that your mbas, whether you're charging out for a job where -- or are in a job now, it is a great time to the in business. there is so much more we can do. you can help create more jobs. there is someone somewhere in the states you today looking for a job or better job that will benefit because of our mbas here tonight and the expertise and training they got that they can put to use. there are so many of you tonight in health care.
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class, the first generating class of the school of pharmacy, the first lutheran school to have a school pharmacy in the entire country and the second school in the state. tour a little to bit. he has been passionate and telling me about it. i am excited to see it. it is a great team effort. this class started four years ago. now you are graduating. you will have an impact. you will help health care. not just with pharmaceutical companies you will have an impact on real people's lives. you will help them do well. not only for those in the pharmacyne school -- school. when under 49 if you are getting graduate degrees in nursing. -- 149 of you are getting graduate degrees in nursing.
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i hear the nursing class there. saying thatt keep during the speech. how about that nursing class? [cheers and applause] see? mugabe state and the state but i will keep any of nursing again. besides those, there is at least one who is getting a doctorate in nursing this. there is others as well. you have a whole group getting doctorates in physical therapy. stage, to far off on the i may need some physical therapy after the chair falls off. saw you have another group getting masters in occupational therapy, 16.
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if i would have known this earlier. the education folks are a little behind. you can cheer again. then i thought there are five more. we getting science masters degrees during there are two that are getting professional degrees in church music which i would argue that is not just about the others or helping you physically get well of helping take care of your body. they're helping the your soul physically well as well. for all of you, as much as i was getting trained to go on the zipline, you got the training that you will need to go off and not just do well at your jobs but to do good for others. take your skills. take your training. take what if part of your. many of you have different stories. for graduate students there are some that have gone on to
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graduate school. it is all you have done. that is great. there have probably been a lot of parents that say when are they going to get out and get a job? i have two kids in college. i understand. there have been others that maybe your undergraduate degree with out to work and you had to come back. maybe it was full-time or part-time. you have had your own unique experiences and it has not an easy but you are here. had a bit of suffering. paul talked about how suffering leads to perseverance. that you have seen the leaning of tonight is the night you are really excited. not just to further your job or your career but to do well by doing good for others, how you
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can apply them in a way that will make a difference. the second part is where you are tonight. tower, climbing that about to take that big leap. experience is not unlike i did experienced training. and you it was safe. any people had done this before. am, i got to the top of the 50 foot tower and let it down and i thought maybe i have overdone it. the heart started to pump a little bit. i started to think what am i doing? some of you may be like that tonight. you're thinking this is great. i've gotten all the six earrings. what am i going to do next? worst part was not
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just the height. it was the fear of the unknown. i like to be in control of things. i do not mind things as long as i know what will happen next. i know roller coasters because i know it'll go up and then down. it is the fear of the unknown. for many of you tonight, it is the fear of the unknown. leave for a job? is this going to lead to the next job? is this going to be a family? what are the things that are next on the horizon? you are standing at the top of the tower tonight. you are looking out. you are looking down and what have i gotten myself into? what is going on here? am i ready?
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i know i have the training and expertise there's a little bit of the fear of the unknown. last part. say we had training and then the tower itself. and then the way i was able to let's goortable i said here and we will jump. reason i was able to do that is i remembered back to something that is interesting. timere talking about this when paul references christ's word he talks about my gracious fish and sea for you because my power is made perfect in weakness. the soweto minute. i do not know what is missing. i am feeling uncertain about the unknown.


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