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tv   Kentucky Senate Race  CSPAN  August 2, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> please return your receivers outside. >> speeches by the candidates running for the u.s. senate seat in kentucky. aboutthat, a discussion conspiracy theories and their impact on national security. the annual fancy farm picnic was held today in kentucky. i'm the speakers, republican senate leader mitch mcconnell grimes.son other speakers included steven beshear and senator brand paul. it comes courtesy of kentucky educational public television.
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>> thank you. thank you very much. excuse me. just one minute. [laughter] i'm sorry. i had to get one last photo of the senator before kentucky voters retire him in november. [boos and cheers] and retire him they will. because kentuckians are tired of partisan bickering.
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they are tired of dysfunctional government. they are tired of name calling. they are tired of obstructionism . senator mcconnell and has been chief obstructionist for 30 years. time for a change. it is time to send allison grimes to the united states senate. now, in contrast to washington dc, we still know how to make democracy work in the commonwealth of kentucky. stateicans control the senate. democrats control the state house. so we are a divided government. yet kentucky passes balanced budgets.
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we have improved funding for schools. we raised our dropout age. substance abuse treatment and crack down on prescription job abuse. system.ted our pension we expanded preschool access. is, the scary thing scary thing is all of that cooperation comes -- come november could vanish in the blink of an eye. republicans have set their sights on taking over the kentucky house in november. [boos and cheers]
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that's all right. republicans in the state house have a track record. that track record is voting against progressive government and progressive ideas. if they get control of the house, kentucky will no longer be a progressing -- no longer be progressing around this country. you don't have to take my world for it. look at their record. i proposed raises for our teachers. republicans voted against those raises. houston the kratz who control the house joined with senate republicans and past teacher raises. they need those raises. when it comes to increases in classroom funding, school
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safety, textbooks, technology, house republicans said no. who control the house, joined with senate republicans, and they stood up and said yes to our kids. comes to bridges, the new bridges we are starting to , housever kentucky lake republicans voted against funding those projects. house democrats stepped up with senate republicans and we are funding those bridges and we're going to see them. [applause] i-65,t comes to widening house republicans said no. houston the kratz joined with --ate republicans and voted house republicans joined with senate publicans.
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expand came time to high-speed broadband and create jobs, house republicans said no way. house democrats joined with senate republicans and they passed broadband access. we are going to create jobs in the 21st century. [applause] look at the record. control ofans take the state house they will try to mitche state just like mcconnell tried to run washington. by saying no to progressive ideas. by being divisive. andutting partisan politics personal power above everything else. be good for kentucky just as it hasn't been good for the united states of america.
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kentucky needs leaders who care about kentucky families. we need leaders who think that it is their job to create jobs. that is why we need allison grimes in washington d. c.. keep the house in the hands of the democrats. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you. thank you for hosting the 134th annual fancy farm picnic. it is great to be back in west kentucky. crowd for senator mcconnell's retirement party. you sure know how to throw a party. [applause] .he barbecue smells so good senator mcconnell, with all this great barbecue, there is no way i'm going to leave here today and empty dress. you know, it's not easy being mitch mcconnell. he has been in washington, d.c. so long, he thinks duke is in kentucky and cloverlick's not.
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i have good news for the folks in clover lick. if mitch mcconnell does not know where your town is, it just makes it harder for him to ship your jobs overseas. [cheers and applause] but don't worry, clover lick, you're not alone. it's mcconnell forgot about most kentuckyans a long time ago. it has been a hard year for mitch mcconnell. 35 is my age. that is also senator mcconnell's approval rating. you know the senator is worried about the results in november when you see his campaign manager wearing a mitch for governor 2015 button. sorry, al. sorry, jamie. when you finally see senator mcconnell and i on the same stage, you realize only one of us believes women deserve equal pay for equal work. [cheers and applause] if mitch mcconnell were a tv show, he would be "madman,"
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treating women unfairly, stuck in 1968. [cheers and applause] ending this season. i don't know what is more dysfunctional, senator, the way you run your campaign or your washington, d.c. after three decades in washington, you have just given up. you don't care about us anymore. thanks to you, d c for "doesn't care." when it comes to giving kentuckians a fighting chance of surviving by increasing the minimum wage, mitch mcconnell doesn't care. i do. it's not a minimum wage. it's a living wage that all kentuckians need and deserve. [cheers and applause] when it comes to supporting our seniors, mitch mcconnell doesn't care. i do.
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our seniors, like my grandmother, deserve to have the united states senator that will fight to protect medicare and social security, not dismantle it. when it comes to our students being able to afford college, it's mcconnell -- well, he doesn't care. i do. mitch mcconnell may bail out wall street, but i will have the backs of our students and graduates. students like clay williams in fault county deserve the opportunity to earn degrees, not that. -- debt. when it comes to being a woman and being treated equally here in the commonwealth of kentucky, mitch mcconnell doesn't care. i do. senator, the women of kentucky are here today to send you a message. the barriers to women have not all been lowered.
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76 cents on every dollar is not acceptable. equal pay for equal work is not preferential treatment. this is not a women's issue. this is a family issue. [cheers and applause] when it comes to labor, mitch mcconnell doesn't care. i do. collective bargaining is a fundamental right of our american workers. it is workers like chase williams that will help us grow the middle class. when it comes to our kentucky coal miners, mitch mcconnell doesn't care. i do. i stand here today proudly, endorsed today by the united mine workers of america. they are standing shoulder to shoulder with me because they are tired of the hot air from senator mcconnell. they are ready for a senator that will fight for their jobs. when it comes to the jobs that
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we so need here in kentucky, mitch mcconnell doesn't care. i do. while mitch mcconnell may not think it is his job to bring jobs here in the commonwealth, as your u.s. senator, it will be my number one priority. [cheers and applause] kentuckians like david deserve to have a senator that will put them back to work. now, what you to put aside the partisan attacks and you will see, one of us represents the washington establishment. one of us represents kentucky. [cheers and applause] one of us represents the past. one of us represents the future. one of us knows kentucky deserves better. kentuckians are asking, if you are a woman who wants to be treated equally and paid fairly,
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who do you think speaks for you? students are asking, if you dream big and don't want to settle for second best, who do you think will share your vision? kentuckians are asking, if you are a worker and you are worried about your job going overseas, who do you think will fight for you? kentuckians felt the pain of a washington, d.c. that is not working for far too long. 30 years is long enough. gridlock has consequences, from infrastructure to agriculture to education, to manufacturing. it is time we had a senator who represented the people of this state instead of partisan political interests. [cheers and applause] folks, i want you to take a look at the two of us on this stage. if mitch mcconnell has his way,
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it is the last time you will be willing to appear with me. senator, i will be at the kentucky farm bureau and the kcc debate. you should be, too. senator, you seem to think another president is on the ballot this year. he's not. this race is between me and you and the people of kentucky. you can run from the people of kentucky. but senator, you cannot hide from your records. i intend to hold you accountable. i don't need hound dogs to track you down. thank you. god bless you, and kentucky, and each and every one of you. [cheers and applause] >> all right.
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ok. for all of you out-of-towners, this is a place where republicans tell it like it is. jack conway curses. governor beshear drones on about obamacare. and alison grimes unveils her foreign policy. fancy farm is fun, but there are serious problems confronting our country.
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the president acts like he is on a pga tour. obama would not go to the border to see the immigration crisis for himself. he said he did not like photo ops. he has taken more selfies than [indiscernible] i got to give my opponent credit. she knows barack obama cannot be counted on to do anything about the crisis on the border. listen to this. this week she came up with her own plan to keep folks from streaming into our country. missile defense. the reality is that the obama administration and their liberal allies are making america weaker at home and abroad by any standard.
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barack obama has been a disaster for our country. [cheers and applause] now, if you think about it, that is what you get for electing someone with no experience. he was only two years into his first job when he started campaigning for the next one. sound familiar? his campaign raised millions from extreme liberals. sound familiar? he really didn't have any qualifications at all. sound familiar? every time he got in trouble and every time he got in trouble and his inexperience became obvious, he called in bill clinton. sound familiar? [cheers and applause] look, the lesson we learned is that we will never make that mistake again.
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here is kentucky. we need leadership that understands that a doughnut burger is not a reason to ruin our health care system. with so much term royal around the world, we cannot afford a leader who thinks the west bank is a hollywood fundraiser. you think kentucky is under attack from barack obama's administration, and we need to fight back. now, look. there is only one thing barack obama needs to keep his grip on power. he needs the u.s. senate. that is why all these people from the "new york times" are out here in western kentucky. for obama and his liberal buddies in the media, coming to kentucky is like foreign travel. these guys can't tell the difference between a coal miner and a european male model. they think they know what is
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best for all the rest of us. they know that as long as they can hold the senate with their kentucky candidate, they can do anything they want. they make fun of it at cocktail parties. they say we are bitter countryfolk who cling to our guns and our religion. i've had about enough of that. we are not going to take it anymore. we know what obama needs to wage his war on coal. we know what we need to do to stop them -- stop him. they know they need to force obama care on us -- obamacare on us. we know what we need to do to repeal it.
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they know they need to keep continual mocking our values. and we aren't going to let them [indiscernible] look, we hold our values every single day. in time -- it is time, my friends, to rise up and fight back. we have got people who are hurting out there, and need us. there's only one way, just one way to change america in 2014. there's only one way to begin to go in a different direction. that's to change the senate and make me the leader, and take america in a different direction!
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>> ladies and gentlemen, i want >> thank you. thank you. can we have a moment of silence for a poem? there once was a woman from
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kentucky who thought and politics she would be lucky. she flew to los angeles for a hollywood bash, she came home and a flash with buckets of cash. whispers coal makes you sick. and kentucky she claims coal makes us take. to the liberals she sells her soul the same ones who hate , kentucky coal. one thing that we know is true, one thing we know is guaranteed, she cast her first vote for harry reid. grimes' real pledge is to obama. her first vote is to reid. as for kentucky, if that happens, it is too bad indeed.
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i wish it were only a limerick. i wish it were a bad dream. but i'm only worried, i'm truly worried that kentucky could let hollywood select our next senator. does anybody want hollywood to pick our next senator? millions of dollars are flowing from the west coast to the grimes campaign. environmental extremists who are trying to kill kentucky jobs are bankrolling the grimes campaign. imagine the nightmare if grimes were elected. her first vote is for harry reid. this would effectively kill any initiatives to protect kentucky jobs. for four years, senator mcconnell and i have proposed
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getting rid of the overzealous regulations of the obama administration. harry reid killed every one of those. when she takes a first vote for harry reid, she kills any chance of resurrecting the kentucky coal industry. does anybody here want president obama to pick our next senator? president obama did not try to trick us. he was quite explicit. he said he would bankrupt coal, and he's doing everything he can to get it done. it is happening before our very eyes. just travel to the coal country, and you see the despair on the faces of those who are unemployed. do you want a supporter of obama
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and reid to be your next senator? if god forbid, ms. grimes were elected, her first vote would be for harry reid. that vote would effectively kill any chance of us ever trying to protect those kentucky jobs. a vote for grimes is essentially a vote for the obama-reid agenda. we can't let the president continue to kill kentucky jobs. barack obama has one goal this year, to hang onto the senate. barack obama needs a grimes. and in to stop barack obama, kentucky needs mcconnell. to implement obamacare, obama needs grimes.
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to repeal and replace it, kentucky needs mcconnell. to continue waging war on coal, obama needs grimes. to fight back and defend coal, kentucky needs mcconnell. to spend every last dime of our money, obama needs grimes. to balance the budget, to let taxpayers keep their paycheck, and talking needs mcconnell -- kentucky needs mcconnell. obama needs grimes. kentucky cannot afford her. kentucky needs mcconnell. kentucky needs a commonsense conservative. to defend our jobs, to defend our values, to defend our way of life, there is only one choice
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for kentuckians this year. mitch mcconnell. >> next speaker is attorney , a conversation with one of the founders of architects and engineers for 9/11 truth. then the president and first with the metals of art ceremony. david vader, the ranking member of the environment and public works committee talks about the epa and carbon roles, and the situation with migrants at the southwest border.
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>> she was so beautiful and smart, and witty. she was always a resistible to men. i never saw her in old age. a columnist without the party and they sat together having coffee. she began to stroke his beard. neverd afterwards, i've known an 8080 oh -- an 80-year-old i wanted to leap into bed with. she had a vamp-ish quality her life. >> next, a discussion with the founder of architects and engineers for 9/11 truth.
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thi host: we want to introduce you to richard gage. the founder of a group called architects and engineers for 9/11 truth. of 2200e are a group architects and engineers dedicated to finding out what really happened at the world trade center with the destruction of all three towers on that day. host: what do you have doubts about? guest: the architects and engineers that i represent have found evidence that has not been told to the american people by the agencies tasked with .xplaining these towers evidence of controlled demolition. particularly with the third high-rise that collapsed on that day. world trade center seven. we're looking forward to


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