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tv   2014 Senate Races  CSPAN  August 7, 2014 8:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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to help explain to us one what are the sensitivities and what messaging needs to get out and then helpinhelping with the moans ofe communicate but not the -- means of the communication but not the message because they know best what they need. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] >> as you look at the 2014 senate race map on c-span campaign 2014 coverage you can see that there are just over seats.dozen open 14 republican seats on the ballot. 21 democratic seats. a third of the senate up for grabs and, of course, a shift of six of those seats could also from the democrats to the republicans in 2015. willht here on c-span we
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turn our attention to the battle it is ground races and joining us in the next hour, nathan of the roth enberg political report with an competitivethe most senate races. tweetsone calls and during the conversation this evening. turn our attention first to hawaii. a primary taking place this saturday amis two storms also hitting the island. primary in the senate race. appointedhatz who was by the governor and hanab u.s.a.e we will be gin with some of the thest ads on the air in democratic race. >> aloha. this election is about many things. it is also about our long held values. worry that/100 is becoming more and more like everywhere else and less like the place we loved. we never want to lose the things special prideii
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in our tradition and hopes for the future. mahalo for your support. hanabusa and i ask for your support. schatz for brian senate. the next champion protecting seniors patriots'ing his middle class stands. the hawaii realtors endorse schatz. joining our police, firefighters and nurses. >> i approve this message. sharedn honor to put our values to work as you senator. i'm profound any humbled to ask for your vote. >> the latest ads in the hawaii senate race and this from aaron make of the washington post says hawaii where good polling goes to die. the phoneg us live on is blake, also senior reporter
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contributor to the washington post blog. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me steve. >> talk about the polls in the senate race. up by 6 or 7z points and another showing hanabusa.tive >> tell us about the polling so pollconflicting in the state. >> they will often watch up two democrats. a asianucasian and a's ran american and the difficultess of different hazlett to results depending on which pollster you look at. a 16 point difference. schatz up by eight and another shows hanabusa up by eight. the pollsters have been wrong before and have been very wrong before.
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we tonight know exactly where at right now. the polling is only as good as sample and in hawaii it is difficult to sample for a lot of least of which because it is a little harder to communityian american there to respond to polling questions. >> and so with this there is also the storms that are hit the island tonight and tomorrow. there has been early voting. stormspact could the have on saturday's primary. straddling there primary day. hurricane iselle heading for the tonight actually and expected to make landfall in the coming hours here. this and the thought is that it will decrease in power and no longer be a arricane but instead be tropical storm by the time it makes landfall. hitthis is the first direct that hawaii has seen from one of these storms in a couple of
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decades. tropical storm/hurricane we are watching is hurricane julio. the sitexpected to hit and the islands on sunday which primary.y after the so those are concerning things effected officials in hawaii and hopefully will not interfere election day but obviously the state and the people of the state will come before any we ares which is why seeing a lot of these candidates halt their campaigns in what would otherwise be a really hectic time down the stretch run. >> we will share with you the final debate that took place on courtesy of hawaii news now. let me ask you about the buff's race. aboutn't talk about -- the governor's race. you can't talk about the senator about his owng primary challenge and repercussions from the late inoway and his family with their desire to have
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representative hanabusa as his successor in the senator in a way when he passed away after election his supporters they wantedn that hanabusa to succeed him in the senate. his death bedd to be wish. the governor instead appoint his lieutenant governor who was the time and hanabusa's supporters were not very happy about that. that this went against a very beloved long-time wishes.s and so that fed in a little bit abercrombie's own primary. he is shown to be unpopular at least to the extent this you recent the polls and all polls have shown him trailing state senator david igy. governor and a senator potentially lose. it is unusual to see even one
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we couldthe fact that see even two lose shows how kind of torn the hawaii democratic party is right now. >> i want to ask you about late today.s senator john walsh who was the see the fulfill left vacant when nate backus became the u.s. envoy to chin will not seek a full term. in light of the plagiarism issue came up late last month. surprised by the announcement and what toes this mean for democrats? >> i don't think people were terribly surprised. canceling campaign events in recent days. it was pretty well known that wasstate democratic party looking into how to replace him on the ballot. issuesost plagiarism tend to be rather minor if you plagiarize in a book or a speech get a little more benefit of the doubt. he was case it was as earning his ms. territory's degree. it was a -- master's degree.
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issue.a military i think he has unresolved issues here and he was resisting to apologize for this because he could open himself up to a number of different things. ani think it was kind of untenable situation and given that democrats were already facing an uphill battle in that district they real hi couldn't afford a follow-up like that -- that.p like i think the idea right now is that they are getting him off the ballot and getting rid of the distraction and hopefully get somebody qualified to run in their case. they can't at east they don't have to keep keelin dealih questions. >> talking with aaron blake. that willatic primary take place on saturday in hawaii, what are you hocking for and what is your -- looking for what is your best poll to give you seans of who is going to win on saturday? is really difficult to say. i think that the conventional in washington has senator
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schatz winning the race probably by a narrow margin. is favored or obvious has as, the incumbent and good reputation. as cbs who could be a member some day. predict.s very hard to the storms are throwing a huge wrench in up a this of. i think that anybody who claims know presizely what is going -- precisely what is going to happen on saturday probably sure oftle too themselves. >> we will look for you work he is following the hawaii senate race including this story good pollingre goes to tie. hanks for joining us here on c-span. >> thank you, steve. a one hour debate as part of our coverage of campaign 204. in mid july.ce it was the final debate among the two senate candidates and news nows to hawaii for ahowing us to carry this one hour debate.
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congratulations senator, and welcome. this is the first time that the people of hawaii have a say in theto succeed and serve out remaining term of senator inowaa. >> both candidates say ultimate li it comes down to trust.
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they know.d who particularly in the united states senate it comes down to getting along with colleagues with them and establishing that trust. >> tonight, a senate showdown. >> good evening. welcome im. i will be the moderator for the debate. a special thanks to the democratic front runners for now the rules for tonight's debate are simple. each candidate will have one minute for the answers and 30 seconds for any follow-ups. we will we watching the clock sure they get a fair sure of questions and time to respond. the kepts field questions from each other, social media and panelists. kristawaii news now, tanaka and brace lee. and self lay-inning us through in the web center right now asking the candidates your questions from social media. willou tell us how that work?
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t afl envelope nya. we will be looking out for your viations for the candidates twitter, facebook and the station e-mail. it is ease to to get involved if twitter.n include hashtag high senate. facebook, news now and to send us an news at hawaii news we will be looking out for your questions. back to you. >> before we get to the panelists i had the honor of having the first question to get started for both tonight. a june poll says only 7% of the american people have great confidence in congress. of course, you are part of this body. they are talking about you. the american people wrong? senator schatz first? thank you toand hawaii news now and the star advertiser for putting on this important debate. wrong.hey are not i think people have an absolute right to be tow it wily frustrated with the performance the congress and it is not just that they haven't gotten
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important things done. in termsot work to do of infrastructure and in terms of clean energy and in terms of policy.ion but, last year especially it we didn'tt that accomplish very much it was that we affirmatively inflicted harm on the economy. that through sequestration. we did that through the shutdown, through the threat of so i think people's frustration is well justified. what i try to could is work the aisle where we can find common ground. i have been able to work with colleagues across the country and across the aisle to find ways to collaborate and get is what ie and that think this senate race should be about is who is most effective things done for the state of hawaii. >> representative hanabusa, the to you.stion the lowest in history that we had confidence in our congress. your response? is unfortunate but it is true and a lot of it is because totallyk upon us as a disif you canal body not in touch with anybody and not
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hearing what the people want. the most amazing things about this particular race and how it affects us in hawaii is seem to be so engaged. and i think it may be a variety reasons. one, they feel that this election is very important. a nationalboth feeling when you take these national polls but there is also locally as well. i think that what people need to feel more than anything else is a sense of hope and that is what we are here to do. at the end of the evening we are to trust one of us to represent them because i believe trust is what this whole election is about. not trust of colleagues in congress but trust of the people. upwhat we have got to build and that is what is going to make the difference for the upcoming election. get in gagedot to and i'm hoping that an election exactly thell be impetus that we need. >> now to the panel. grace lee the first question for representative hanabusa. >> good evening to the two of you. the question is for
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representative hanabusa. reason the governor said he did not appoint you was a republican could win you seat in the house. that scenario is very real. with a strong campaign. will you accept responsibility can inflict ont your party if that seat in fact goes to a republican in the election? that i should be as -- i think that i should be as responsible as the governor was. was theh pressured governor actually triggered the special election and he stepped down to run for governor. and that is when we have the special election with what i into the united states house of representatives the first time. this is -- this is an issue of and who thele want people will feel should either should succeed nor innoy in the remainder of the term that we have here. not forget that. this is an election that people will have the first opportunity should succeed senator inoway.
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i have full confidence in the people of the state of hawaii that they will vote who they is the best person not only o succeed but also to succeed me. i know all of the temperature crates who are -- democrats who are running and i have confidence that they will mount a campaign and i hope to see one of them succeed. nort was your choice to run the senate seat as opposed to staying in the house and that is the question. do you take responsibility if your current seat goes to a republican. necessarily about the governor. >> as i said, it is really the people's choice and the people make that decision. if it is a republican, if charles for example wins and i vacated the see the just like kneel are better crop abercrombievacated his. a matter of which party has to stay. it is a matter of who the people
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in the state feel confident in want to have represent them. >> one minute to respond to the initial question. criticallyit is important that we democrats at the primary rally behind is the nominee and that is something that i will make a priority for the democratic really think it is important that we help nancy and try to buttress the democratic current minority in the u.s. house but look, colleen run for any office she wishes to run for and i think choices and to have so i don't fault her for making this his. i think this race ought to be simple thing. which is our records in the congress. record in the united states house. i have a record in the united states senate. i believe i have shown that i'm effective than colleen in the united states congress in terms of building the terms ofhips in garnering the appropriations that are important and in terms values ofnting the the people of the state of hawaii. and i think that is the ground on which we ought to have our
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debate. >> well, let's move on to the next panelist. question is for senator schatz. >> despite the faith placed in abercrombie the campaign website makes no photos of him, no him. deliberate omission or not? what does this say about highway you value loyalty? against i am running colleen hanabusa and colleen running against me. we both have to stand on our own. stand on her own. i have to stand on my own. this is an important race and i think the basic question in front of the people of the state of hawaii is who has been more job.tive in the i have been more effective than colleen in the job. threend aer the last half years has been not a terribly active legislator. she hasn'tust that passed very many bills but also that she hasn't necessarily
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on key areas that i consider to be important like social security, like clean energy. like college affordability. you have to legislate and work hard and i think that is the on which this debate should carry forward. toontinue to be highwayial moi friends in politics, but that is not what this race is about. is about who is best going to represent hawaii in the senate. >> we have to cut you off there with time. and representative, i feel you chaness to answer that. >> thank you. i will think that brian should he wasedge the fact that appointed by the governor and what it means. he would not be in the united it wasn'tate today if for the governor. maybe it is just the way we are and how we look at loyalty and honor. that says a lot about the candidate. goes off about being in the senate. when you are in the majority it is different. to hisput my record next
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any time especially when it comes to who brings it home for in the one area that has been able to stablize our economy and that, of course, is for sample federal spending and the military as well. say that when you are in the majority of the senate that you foal you are more effective, not the challenge we face. the challenge we face is how do you perform under all circumstances and i have the best record and the best training being a member of the minority party. >> richard has the next questions directed for representative hanabusa. both of you representative hanabusa, in you campaign commercials and during you stress the fact that you were a legislative leader. give some examples of whatlative leadership and specifically you did?
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>> first and most important i'm electedt woman to be aces the senate president in the history of the state and the and theian nationally first woman to head any house in legislature.ate before that when i first got kyatono was versus decided by the supreme court and we took hearings statewide for the first time with the senate. in a addition when the state was the investigative degree i and consent led that investigative committee. when we were facing the crystal did that special task force and came up with pieces of legislation that we believe around at that time. and when the youth correctional we didy was in trouble that as well. in addition to that health changes,civil service all pieces of legislation which have my fingerprints on it. are examples. >> senator, one minute to respond. >> i think you will notice that
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colleen focus really zeros in on the state legislative record and in front ofquestion voters is how have we performed in the congress. introduced 28ave bills and about 3 1/2 years that is a bill about every six months. four or five of them have been ceremonial in nature and exactly passed which is to rename a post office. do not have an active record congress.lator in the you do not have a distinguished record as a legislator in the united states house. hand, i hit the ground running. i'm now the chair of the tourism the chair of the water and power committee. i have been able to farer in are key forns that hawaii like the east west center and when it comes to values i thingsen prioritizing like sores security and clean energy and college affordability and you will notice that colleen talk about her record in the legislature rather than her record in the u.s. house.
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talking you are both about record and effectiveness, i think i counted the word at times here. can you each give yourself a letter grade on how you have yourrmed and grade opponent as well. senator first. >> i'm not ready to grade myself. hit the ground running in the united states senate. certainly you have to learn the specifically when it comes to the senate and when it comes to the procedure because there like thece quite senate in terms of the arcane rules. but the other thing that i have friends. to to is make you can't run people over in the u.s. senate. people.t team roll you real hi have to -- steam roll people. you have to develop the are aonships and there few freshman senators i have become chose with but some of senior members who have taken me under the wing. >> and grade your opponent. >> my basic criticism of colleen the u.s. house is she has not been terribly active. not just a question of not
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but also als question of not even legislating at all. not even introducing legislation like clean energy and social security and areas like college affordability. to stay about what is wrong with the legislation i have introduced but hasn't ton much in the key priority area. >> ile take that as failing opponent.our representative, same question. a letter, please. would have tot i grade brian, give him pretty grades for just simply saying things because he doesn't have the record that he claims he has. claims to be the chairman of the tourism committee. he had one hearing. appointed 2014 in february of 2014. one hearing. one of the most critical issues faced in hawaii. and look at what happened. hearing.out of that now he says i don't have a record. lock at the national defense authorization act. you don't need to have a bill like his social security bill
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wantse says that he people to sign on to that he only convinced two other to.tors to sign on look at what actually passes for hawaii. position positions on the pivot to asia pacific and portions of the national defense act that incorporates it. that is what it is and that is what counts. grades.tter and perhaps on social immediate where you would like to take like tomedia you would take the time to grade the congressional delegation. with stephanie who is manning the web center to tell us what people are asking on facebook and twitter and hawaii >> pretty busy. we are been getting a number of questions, and even comments candidates. and for the candidates. here is a question from our e-mail.ews now the crisiswould consider the crisis in gaza escalating what is your position involvement in the region militarily and montori tarely u.s. aid to israel is
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billions. the response first to nascar schatz. quickly.s escalate is a ground invasion of the israeli forces i forces in gaza and right to israel has a defend itself. we hope it is limite limited ine and time. hope their objectives to shut down the tunnels which were the conduits through which materials properties were transported and if it is narrow and time limited, then that scenario.he best case it is not in israel's best interest, certainly not in the liveest of the people who in georgia standings and its not interest if best ground a long-term invasion or operation. the best scenario is that egypt a role brokering an initial cease fire and then
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peace. would hope that the i.d.f. meets limited objectives and then pulls out. representative? >> the way we have to fix gaza d. a. be a ceases got to fire. no question about that. and i believe the country that is egypt. it and the reason why is not because of the tunnels that are going from gaza to israel. it is the tunnels that go from egypt. when the egyptians shut the lot of then where a trade goes through when they did it by putting sewers in it, this afternoon seegood the problem and conflict arise. so egypt plays a critical role you see even the vice president and secretary conceding to egypt. we need to have that steps being taken. up -- step upet to the plate because they are the ones who can actually affect it. question israel has a right to defend itself but we
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need to stop the killings and we need to stop the bombings so we who reallye someone has what gaza wants, to bring them all to the table. >> another facebook question. this will be first for representative hanabusa. facebook question on sovereignty. would you as senator support the interior's efforts to crowiate a distinction as a federal recognition for native hawaiians? what about the native hawaiians disagree? >> i do not believe that the native hawaiians should be treated as a tribe. know on the department of occuror's website it did and something was put there for a couple of years that sid there would be four tribes. that is not also what i believe the department of interor is here to do. they are here to ask the question. should we re-establish the relationship of a government to the nativewith hawaiian communities. that is the question. it is not the creation of a
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tribe. so the next step has to be that the department of interior must come back. an advanced rule. they were asking the question defined what-- would be re-establishing and that nation to nation relationship and who are the native hawaiian communities? we still have many questions to whonswered and those disagree with any of this you must participate, you must make your feelings known pause that is the only way -- because that department way the of interior will actually at least make the right decisions. have 60 >> this is a question of justice. a question of making sure that native hawaiians are on an equal footing legally with the and alaskadian natives. it is good that the president and the department of justice and department of interor are moving forward but they didn't move too quickly. of then't move in front native hawaiian community meanse self-determination
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self-determination. in other words, the configure rakes of the native hawaiian governing entity has to be determined by hawaiians in hawaii and there is not consensus yet. of an best configuration entity, and how that into the would interact with the state, county, and federal governments, i have confidence that we will be able to move forward. this will take several years to get to the place we need to go. it is good the president has started this conversation. >> time for more questions from our panel. recentlytional journal rated you as one of the three most liberal senators and the nation. do you think that stance accurately reflects the philosophy of the voters over why?
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>> we joke about this ranking on the senate floor. i am a strong democrat. i've believe strongly in the values that people across the state of for white believe in. ranking hadar, that me at 36, bernie sanders at 37, i think those rankings get a little goofy sometimes. i believe in democratic values. some times you have to lay down your partisan arms and work across the aisle. i've been able to do that on the defense bill, native american veterans act, which was passed into law. that i havedoubt
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used that are left of center. i can work with republicans. reflect yourhat constituency? do you think you are more or less liberal? sounds like a poll question. i am not sure how to answer that. i think that hawaii believes in progressive values, clean energy, social security, shall so safety net -- social safety net. i don't always agree with our president. we are proud of him. we agree with him on many issues. i take those values to the united states senate. youepresentative hanabusa have one minute. >> do you have a ranking for me? one of the things that i have done is to remember thatve
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to act in a bipartisan manner. on atisan has taken negative connotation. i and the ranking member of the native affairs committee. , not because they create the committee for me, but my colleagues felthat is who should be there. in addition to that, when it came to looking to the pivot at met -- mayequest was that i would either ranking member. represent whati the pedal -- people of hawaii want. >> grace has the next question. >> you have just loaned your campaign $117,000.
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you've managed to raise only half as much as senator schatz. is that a sign that more people believe in him? >> i don't believe so. i think it is a sign of what it means to be an incumbent. ranked because, when you look at what he votes for, i think he votes with the leadership. that is something you get rewarded for. i don't do that. i am not an incumbent. brian was elected by one person, governor abercrombie. i must raises funds from those who believe in me. the fundraising component is not going to make the selection. it will come down to the people. it will come down to how they feel. it comes down to whether you have grassroots out there.
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all the different islands will be there for you. that is what this campaign is about. it is about the people of the state. i have full confidence in the voters. >> senator, one minute. overwhelming that the idea that 3000 people across the state of hawaii have contributed something financially to the campaign. a two dollar check. sometimes you get something bigger. 3000 people across the state of the hawaii believe in the message we are caring, but it is not just the donors. it is people on facebook, twitter, pounding in yard signs. i can think of all the po -- ,eople who are doing that
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getting turned down, getting yelled that. that is what a campaign is about. i am so thankful for the support that we have been able to garner. we do not take it for granted. we've got to work hard. i am honored for every bit of support that i have been able to get. earlier -- early voting starts. mentioned, you just that you have support for president obama. his approval rating is flagging based on what you read. can you name one major policy difference between you and him? >> everyone knows i am a strong supporter of the president. when it comes to offshore drilling, we have a difference. i do not know what he is going to do with respect to the keystone xl pipeline. it would have given the authority to an international
8:37 pm
trade agreement that supersedes federal law. i oppose all of that. you can be a supporter of a particular political leader, but not necessarily agree with them. been able to find time to support his agenda. there are certain important issues where we differ. it means to be a good united states center. -- senator. >> representative, you can respond. syria,es such as libya, and iraq. the only amendment that passed in the house was an amendment ift i proposed which says the president invokes the war powers act, he must come back to congress and seek approval. i also felt the same way when he proposed syria.
8:38 pm
i said he did not have the authority. he changed his position and said i will come back to congress and ask them for their authority. tpad not support his request. it gives them the ability to center congress an up-and-down vote. i did not support that. i believe we have our differences. i vote for one thing, what is an wise best interests. >> it is time for each candidate to ask a question. the ruby 30 seconds for rebuttal. has thetative hanabusa first question. >> inger leader -- being a leader means you have to stand up. i do not support troops being sent. with no exit strategy, why do you put that support president theses decision to send
8:39 pm
things. difference -- -- wes the way we have to have to protect the embassy. let me be totally clear, there is no military solution in iraq. there is no difference between us except that you seem to be focused on criticizing the president's foreign policy.
8:40 pm
you find a way to never agree with the president on foreign policy. say -- if our embassy is in danger, you should support the withdrawal of the -- look'm not saying .hat the president is doing can't you see it? sign on to my iraq amendment. are you suggesting that we pull up stakes? either we have an embassy and we -- protected. if you're saying we should
8:41 pm
withdraw personnel, that is a radical position. if you're proposing that we keep an embassy there, but don't protect personnel, that is a radical position. quick senator, it is your return -- your turn. -- >> senator, it is your turn. >> veterans i talk to don't understand this. can you tell hawaii's veterans how a time-consuming project on guam could help them. ? forhe one thing i know veterans is they will all veterans to be taking care of. -- taken care of. still a lot there.
8:42 pm
a lot for our from guam. note that the guam hospital idea is how we fixed this whole issue of serving our vets. not take our eyes off the bouncing ball. how do we get service to our vets? wait list is one that we can resolve. 303 still explain there. 83 are from guam. >> it seems to me 83 is too many. it is not worth building a new facility in partnership with a naval hospital on the island of guam. we have 127,000 veterans in the asia-pacific region. hundred 17,000 of them are in a white. --have doctors and nesters
8:43 pm
nurses, and facilities on guam. it will take forever. it will get hung up in the review process. in the meantime, our local veterans will be waiting. >> that is not true. you know there will be a bill for money, doctors, nurses. look at what you're saying. we have a situation, and to make a representation that we will not be able to do it, the hospital is already there. we need to modify it a little bit. you say that it would take more money and each along? >> grace lee has the next question. you have been criticized for wasting your time in office as a center -- senator.
8:44 pm
what is the most important thing you have a conference? i have this today because of senator schatz. >> one of the things that makes me most satisfied is not the policy and politics. sometimes you can make a difference in people's lives. airlines wereited being told that they're going to have their jobs cut. year,ere making $60,000 a and many worked for 30 years for the airline. they were going to be told that it was minimum wage. commercee senate community. we got involved. we told them there would be oversight. united airlines and the international airlines association announced they have a new deal.
8:45 pm
jobs across the islands have been saved. it wasn't perfect. people can now support their families. that is why i love doing this job. sometimes you can get something done. >> when you said that your but it was wasting time, were you implying that he was lazy or ineffective? -- talking about the fact that he says he has , that he gotees the appointments, but also, he had one hearing the whole time. the tourism committee, one hearing. there are no bills offered from that committee. that is what i was referring to. ,hen we serve our members people of the state. we need to be cognizant of what is important to them.
8:46 pm
atpent a lot of time looking that would build this economy, what are the jobs we can create to the people, not just pie in the sky ideas. concrete ways that people will feel there is a better tomorrow for them and their families. >> are you saying he is exaggerating the roles or lying? >> i don't think he lies about it. i think he may embellish and exaggerate. for example, when he talks about the social security bill. it has not had a hearing. i said i was looking at it. i can tell you there are only two other senators who have signed up for. members in the house who have signed onto a companion bill. if you're working so hard, this is an important issue, why? , i did getbe clear
8:47 pm
appointed to the tourism committee because of a chain reaction. available.n became there is also free clearance from quarters -- for customs and border protection. visitors will be a to do customs in japan and arrive in honolulu, get their bags, and start spending money. we have made progress. >> let's move on to our panelists. >> congresswoman, you have said in the past that you disagree at the now that you know the extent of feelroblem, do you still
8:48 pm
he should not have been held accountable? >> my position has been that i believe that the president should have afforded him the same courtesy by allowing him to tender is a recognition -- resignation. s'resignation was not accepted. it is not something that occurred overnight. it just arrived and people got to see it when the situation happen. think that heg, i would have been able to address it. he would have been able to hit the ground running. he would have been able to have the same courtesy that sibelius
8:49 pm
had. >> he would be an extended opportunity to fix it. how much time should he have been allowed? >> i think kathleen sebelius was given a year before she resigned, and the time she knew there was a problem. look at the regional head. he said he would be able to make our way time in a white the 30 -- in hawaii down to 30 days. saying sheto simply does not have the opportunity to fix this. >> 60 seconds for you. >> i don't think they are the issue. the issue is what is effective for veterans. these people put their lives on
8:50 pm
the line. they come home and they have to wait in line to get basic medical care. not the politics are what republicans and democrats say about leadership. the question is what we are going to do now. i support doubling the clinical services, hiring your doctors fireurses, and allow us to incompetent or dishonest managers. we have a tendency in politics to try to play the blame game. that is between him and the president. our job is to focus on veterans and getting them the care that they need. >> the next question goes to senator schatz. >> we are exploring the iraq war question. if the president announces increase troops on the ground,
8:51 pm
what is your reaction? >> i do not think there should be additional troops on the ground. i think they have sufficient troops to keep the embassy safe. i think anything else would be in the category of potential mission creep. i would not support it. there are two thresholds. first, the total number of trips. now they have enough to protect the mission. second, whether these men and women are engaged in hostilities. either of those triggers are met, i would be among the first to oppose the president's proposal. i don't think president obama for increasedte military engagement in iraq very -- i rock -- iraq.
8:52 pm
>> representative, one minute. >> let's be clear. if the embassy is in danger, they should be withdrawn but we should not put into troops -- troops there. if brian would look at what is going on, he would not make those statements. , trained000 troops commandos, there to help with different anti-terrorism actions. if you think that 1000 troops on the ground does not mean that where there to put boots on the ground, you are wrong. what he has proposed. why do we have drones? what a we have apache helicopters? they want to use them. >> onto another panelists
8:53 pm
question. by 2020, 200 80,000 residents 280,000 residents will be 65 and older. thing that we have not enforced is a precision of --macare -- is a provisional provision of obamacare. it shall be reinvested into medicare and go to the reduction of premiums for the elderly and the provision of service. the one thing that mitt romney and the president agreed to was billionre was a $700 savings attributed to medicare. what happened to that money?
8:54 pm
people put into deficit reduction versus what it was intended to. on medicare, if we can hold people's feet to the fire, the savings will keep medicare alive. they all use it for deficit reduction. obamacare says it shall be reinvested in medicare. that is what it says. if both sides say we will use it , they will be doing a great disservice. that is the reason why i felt that obamacare would assist in the preservation of medicare. >> senator, one minute. >> the affordable care act is beginning to work. people with pre-existing conditions can get health care, stay on your parents plan until you're 26, a number of other print visions that provisions.
8:55 pm was a debacle. work.ithmetic doesn't we have too few people for dissipating in this. toview is that they have reconfigure their business model. if not, they have to pursue injunctions at the administrative or legislative levels to try to reform the connector. they have brought down a little bit more than $200 million from the federal government for the implementation of the connector. they need to stop spending money. there are policy choices to make . our operational choices to make. senator, the next question from grace. >> there has been a lot of scrutiny on the nsa.
8:56 pm
a lot of americans are concerned about their privacy. where would you draw the line on the issue of domestic surveillance and data mining. ? what is ok? >> we need a surveillance program, but this is an area where we have different opinions. basic reason is that it did not protect privacy rights under the fourth amendment. i supported certain amendments that ended up failing, but they were bipartisan. they would have provided more transparency into the fisa court. someone in always be the secret court system who represented regular people, our privacy interests. you had the nsa submitting something and fisa rubberstamping and approving
8:57 pm
every request for a wiretap. there'll --le to so ey the entire american public. >> time. >> representative, one minute. >> he talked about the connector , but your question was about medicare. when we talk about the nsa, the most important thing to remember is the patriot act. remember the patriot act? into the office in 2011, i voted against the extension of pfizer, section 215 fisa, section 215. to 2017. us
8:58 pm
i don't remember the senate voting on that. the amendment that brian talked about is completely different. the amendment he talks about was because he was extending the right of the president. you cannot have that. it is worse. >> time. you have a chance to ask each other a question on any topics. in 2011, you voted against epa air quality standards. to eliminate mercury, acid gas. these standards would have prevented a thousand premature deaths and over 5000 artifacts per year. you reject this vote? it -- irded against
8:59 pm
voted against it for one reason. it would have caused the demise of the last sugar plantation we have. they did not comply with the standards. if you really understood what happened, you would also know that the epa has subsequently in 2013 change that rule. by environmental groups. they had to implement the rule. in addition to that, what they did do is they created a specific category. it takes into consideration sugar. it keeps that company and a hundred plus jobs on the island of maui alive and well. you have to understand what you're talking about before you make the statements. >> senator, 30 seconds. >> i understand the decision perfectly. the disagreement is this. you say we have to choose
9:00 pm
between air quality standards and the survival of this company. the proof is in the pudding. the epa standards got implemented. in 2011, they have had a couple of successful years. it goes to prove that you don't have to choose between the economy and the environment. >> represented, 30 more seconds. >> he is absolutely wrong. when we passed that amendment, we passed it after discussing it with the senators in the senate. they said this will send a message to the apa that they cannot simply enforce rules. that was what this was about. them if have killed that rule went through. -- they came up
9:01 pm
with the rule. >> representative, your question. the abercrombie administration wanted to balance the budget on the back of others. when it mattered, you did nothing to stop governor abercrombie. why would you not speak up in public? --'t you stand up to mentor to your mentor? >> this is an area where we disagree. to oppose a pension tax. this is another example of your desire to talk about everything under the sun except a record.
9:02 pm
opportunity to serve a three and half years. you have introduced 28 bills, one of them has passed. it is the renaming of a post office. you don't want to talk about your record when it comes to protecting the elderly, because you're one of the very few democrats that voted to undermine social security by raising the retirement age and reducing the cost of living adjustment. way that you have been operating to try to talk about everything you can come up with except a record in the congress. >> i'll talk you any day about my record, especially in the area when it comes to jobs and creating jobs. let's be very clear. you keep saying i opposes governor. you never did. every single testimony that was given, you never oppose the governor.
9:03 pm
-- you never oppose the governor. the bottom line is you are always willing to balance the budget on the backs of others. >> senator, 30 more seconds. >> that is ridiculous. oft is another example furthering the kitchen sink at me. i am used to it. i am sure we will be ok when this is over. advocateen a strong for our seniors. i have been a strong advocate for reforming the medical or -- medicare program. i've been a strong advocate for strengthening social security very -- social security. she is relentless in making these issues confusing. she has not been there in the congress when it comes to our seniors. chris we are running short on time. -- >> we are running short on time.
9:04 pm
you support obamas immigration policy? >> yes. that partt support that will be used to deport. of yourpreciate both responses denied. to help educate voters. you have 90 seconds for closing remarks. >> from the first day in office, i studied and read the bills because i realize the details matter. the first woman to head either chamber in the legislature. the united states and it is the greatest in the world. anyone knows what it takes to be it is to senators,
9:05 pm
between and 71 years of service. i am honored to have their support, trust, and confidence. if i am fortunate to be elected, i will take their values, your and artworkumility with me. -- and hard work with me. , when i think about it, my contribution to you is your daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and sisters. journey, look at my when they see that girl making that journey, they will say they can do it. this election will come down to one word. trust. i am the person you can trust to carry forth. thank you very much for listening to us this evening.
9:06 pm
i humbly ask for your vote. >> senator. >> thank you. let me tell you why i love doing the work that i do. we had a lot of good debates. we had a lot of good conversation about politics and policies. my favorite moment of the last three weeks was when i found out for sure that those 220 jobs across our neighbor islands would be saved. three months ago, we found out there are going to be moved to minimum wage. we had a lot a difficulty. we had to work with a number of partners. the unions, united airlines. to be ableare going to support their families on the neighbor islands with good quality jobs. that is the kind of thing that i am so passionate about. that is the kind of thing that i
9:07 pm
know my wife is passionate about. that is why we make the sacrifices that we do to run for office, to serve in office. i love serving you. i love fighting for you. i want to continue to do that. i need your help. the election is coming up on august 9. i will be honored by your support. i humbly ask for your vote. >> thank you to both candidates. that brings us to the end of our senate showdown. , grace lee, my colleagues. join hawaii news for life team coverage. we have heard a lot from our candidates. you have the final say. on behalf of hawaii news and amolulu star-advertiser, i chris tanaka.
9:08 pm
>> are things to hawaii news now. early voting in. the primary is on saturday. we are keeping an eye on other senate races, including tennessee. republican voters are going to the polls. lamar alexander seeking another six-year term. he is ahead with 52 and half percent of the vote. -- 52.5% of the vote. we will keep an eye on the tennessee senate race and other races. >> thank you for having me. >> let's begin with the tennessee senate primary. there is a lot of speculation. based on the early results right points to 18 points behind. carr had some significant
9:09 pm
hurdles. failed to consolidate that anti-establishment vote. i think that caused some traditionally outside groups to pause or stay on the sidelines and not heavily in based in the race. -- and not heavily invest in the race. focus was on kentucky. in tennessee got pushed to the back burner. those races never made it to the front burner. it did not get the resources. map, there arehe six republicans on the primary ballot in tennessee. there are only two in the city.
9:10 pm
-- there are only two in mississippi. >> there is no runoff position. he benefits from that. he can win with the plurality. he might get 50% on the but he does not need to. >> we will look at one of the most competitive senate races as we continue our coverage on c-span. our phone lines are open. those phone numbers are on your screen. you can follow us on twitter. let's begin with iowa. this was a sleeper race. tom harkin says he was stepping down. it is a true tossup. >> this is an open seat. it creates an opportunity for republicans. had runor tom harkin
9:11 pm
for reelection, this would not be a race. it is now a tossup. nominee is ac little bit further along in the race. he has made things more difficult. statements that have come back to haunt him. he stumbled more than we expected a congressman to do in the race. he was is uprising primary victor. it did not have to go to a convention. democrats are going to be forced to define her and bring her image down, try to drive up her negatives. >> let's look at some of the now on the air on the senate race. i am joni.
9:12 pm
i approve this message. the church i grew up in is the church where we were baptized. artwork, love of country -- hard work, love of country, greatest comes from people, not government. it is a long way from red oak to washington. i am asking for your vote. i will take our values there, instead of the other way around. >> i am bruce, i approve this message. support a minimum wage. >> joni oeste does not think there should be a national minimum wage. what does he think is right for iowa? iowans caneves survive and $15,000 a year. ernst, extreme ideas, wrong
9:13 pm
for iowa. >> is one of the things that motivated me to want to become a lawyer and fight for people. we have to go to our homes. get to know them. talk to their families. you have to get to know people to be an effective voice for what they care about. i spent my life trying to be the voice for someone who has a problem that they cancel by themselves. i approve this message. braley is already running a dirty campaign. insults farmers. he even mock someone for not having a law degree. >> stop his false attacks. i approve this message. i'm in a have a law degree, but i have something that washington needs, iowa values.
9:14 pm
>> the very latest ads in the i wasn't the race -- iowa senate race. >> you struck a chord. not tied a candidate to washington. she is a state legislature. she gets to run against bruce braley. she has that opportunity to run as an outsider. that is what they're trying to focus on. ads is talking about raising the minimum wage. that is one issue that democrats believe can work in multiple state to try to energize the base. >> tom harkin's influence in this race? >> he is popular among democrats. the question is does he have the machine to win this type of race
9:15 pm
? i don't know if he will be the difference maker. >> us talk about what happened today in montana where senator john walsh said he will not seek a full term. this is the editorial. senator john walsh is response to plagiarism has destroyed our faith in him. >> the montana senate race has been a difficult route -- road. it started to become this multiple bank shot. he is the underdog. charges havem become too much. now he is not running. they will be able to replace him on the ballot. there is a convention. they have to do it by august 20.
9:16 pm
we are counting this in the republican column. >> he issued a statement saying that this plagiarism issue with the distraction. >> there are multiple people that say it was a distraction. he has not apologized. there is an ongoing investigation into it. i think that you will see national attention move off of this race and into other places more critical of the senate control. what is this for montana democrats? >> they want to get a respectable, credible candidate. they are still holding out hope that they can win the at-large seat. that is a long shot in this midterm cycle, but that was the fear. to at least get someone credible. we will have to wait and see.
9:17 pm
he tweeted tonight that he was taking himself out. the hour.tes past we are keeping an i on a couple of things. in tennessee, lamar alexander is comfortably ahead in a six way primary as he seeks another six-year term. we hope to hear from senator alexander later this evening. also, at the white house tonight, the president is expecting to have a statement on u.s. air support in a rock -- iraq. that will come later. we'll get it and hear from the president, and then come back and continue our conversation. let's turn our attention to louisiana. this is a democratic seat. democratics -- the democrats need to see their candidate elected. >> i think louisiana is one of
9:18 pm
the most difficult races to handicap very handicap. . are having an open primary. if no candidate gets 50%, it goes to a december runoff. right now it is most likely that we will have a december runoff. we moved to december. it all depends on what is writing on louisiana at the time. >> did the republicans fall short? >> it would not really matter. she is going to be in the majority. that is necessary for the state. that will resonate. if louisiana is the deciding race for the majority, republicans have a better chance. republican support again the majority in november, then they will make the case.
9:19 pm
the skin to be difficult. -- those get to be difficult. the congresswoman is one of the least flashy nominees the i think it have, will be a tight race. >> we will look at the advertisements from louisiana in a moment. i want to remind you of our phone numbers. let's show you some of the latest advertisements from louisiana. >> with a position as chairman of the energy committee, fighting every day to bring thousands of good paying jobs with good benefits to this area. expansions in the with that will-
9:20 pm
come expansions in the petrochemical industry. to lose her.ord she is doing a good job for us. we have to keep her. that is why we are with mary. >> we are definitely with mary. 29, 2010, on the for the united states senate, a resolution to stop the cancellation of any health care insurance a cousin obamacare. watch her vote. >> no. >> that was three years ago. that was when she had a chance to stand with you and make sure you can keep your health insurance. all she had to do was vote yes, but watch it again. >> no. >> millions are having their health insurance canceled because of her vote. it will only get worse. she is responsible for. she sided with barack obama. that is no surprise.
9:21 pm
she has always been barack obama's rubber stamp. now she is trying to get out of her vote. the news media calls her efforts a charade. don't be fooled. choose, you they lose. bill cassidy is the choice. a check on barack obama, not a rubber stamp. >> i am a doctor who worked for 20 years. i know that health-care reforms are needed. obamacare andpeal replace it with commonsense reform that includes health coverage, lower cost, and powers the patient, not the bureaucrats and politicians. >> for 25 years i cared for patients. i saw that when politicians and aircraft control health care, your care suffers. politicians know this. some in congress exempted staff
9:22 pm
from obamacare. it's good enough for us, but not them. that is what is wrong with washington. at's replace obamacare with health plan that gives priority to you, not bureaucrats and politicians. i approve this message. i am with you. voted to cut $700 million from your medicare. the savings are still sought. >> actually, i voted to do that. >> a look at the louisiana senate race.
9:23 pm
it is hard not to notice the use of c-span video and the spots. >> what we saw in those ads is the race within the race, the race to define bill cassidy. he was to define himself as a doctor who has cared for people and knows about health insurance law. what democrats want to try him as -- want to portrayed him as is as a nether politician. that is part of what you are seeing. -- another politician. >> let me talk about the campaign she has always one. -- let me talk about the campaign. she has always one. >> she has consistently won. you cannot take that away. this is going to be a more difficult race. this is a midterm. is part of that swap the states where the president is unpopular. -- louisiana is part of that
9:24 pm
swath of states where the president is unpopular. she has to use that clout in washington, independence from the president. she will have a difficult time. >> here are the numbers to call. we also have a line for independence. let's take a look at the results in tennessee. joeimary challenge against carr. lamar alexander holding steady. 52% versus 39%. >> we have to wait and see more results. i believe that some of the initial results are from middle tennessee, which is where joe carter should be performing best. should ber performing best.
9:25 pm
be thepresident seems to person republicans are running against. that is what we heard from mitch mcconnell. that was in kentucky last saturday. >> if you look at the senate map, republicans need to win the states that mitt romney carried in 2012. evenget the advantage, though the president's popularity is in the low 40's nationwide, and the states where it is being fought, even in the 30's. that is why your seeing republicans trying to make him a focal point. ascolleague wrote this week those foreign policy numbers tick down, it has an overall effect. it makes it easier for republicans to make a check and balance argument. why send another democrat to washington to support the president if you don't like the job the president is doing? calls on all your
9:26 pm
of the key races, senate, house, governor. unfoldpaign continues to in september and october. donald is joining us. good evening. >> good evening. i guess i wanted to comment on not on any particular race, but there seems like there's relentless attacks against barack obama. i have been around politics for a lot of years. i am a senior citizen. i have been an observer of politics for a long while. i don't think i've ever, i don't thek no one has ever seen attacks that a sitting president has taken from elected officials. it is one thing for john q public to criticize, this is the first time in my memory that a
9:27 pm
president is objected to the .inds of criticism that has never happened in the history of the american republic. >> donald, thank you for calling. has seen moreald than i have. i think we tend to have short memories about previous presidencies. response of the union that he referred to, they were relentless on their tax -- on their a tax. that is our politics today. attack. attack.
9:28 pm
attack. will likely be the most expensive senate race in the cycle. the next caller is from kentucky. good evening. >> how're are you doing? >> fine thank you. -- fine, thank you. >> i am a conservative. i am a democrat. obama is going over the constitution. he is not stepping up to the right things. we as christians need to stand conservative , like ins in office tennessee now with lamar alexander. >> andy, thank you for the call. >> i think he might've said conservative democrat. i think that is what is going to
9:29 pm
need to defeat mcconnell. mitch mcconnell, if you look at his polling, he is not popular. his job approval rating is low. >> nathan gonzales, we will come back to this. live, the president is about to speak. we were him as he enters the room. he will be talking about the situation in iraq. is providingates additional air assistance on a humanitarian basis for the people in iraq. the president is expected momentarily.
9:30 pm
>> good evening. today i authorized two operations in iraq. targeted air strikes to protect aerican personnel and humanitarian effort to save thousands of iraqi civilians trapped on a mountain without food or water facing certain that. -- death. let me explain the actions we are taking and why. i said in june, as the terrorist group isil again advancing --
9:31 pm
began advancing, the u.s. would be able to take targeted military action if and when the situation demanded it. neared arists have city where american diplomats serve and personnel advance iraqis forces. military toted our take targeted strikes against the organization if they move toward the city. we will take action if they threaten our personnel or forces including air consulate and embassy in baghdad. we are providing assistance to the iraqi government and kurdish forces so they can effectively wage the fight. at the request of the iraqi operations we began
9:32 pm
to save civilians stranded on the mountain. as the group has waged -- marched across iraq, they have waged a brutal campaign. they have been especially barbaric against religious minorities. calais iraqis have been displaced. -- countless iraqis have been displaced. massts described executions and the enslavement of women. women, men, and children have fled for their lives. tens of thousands are hiding high up on the mountain with you but the clothes on their backs. they are without food, water, people are starving. children are dying of thirst. isil forces have called for the disruption of the people. which would constitute genocide.
9:33 pm
these innocent families are faced with a horrible choice. descend the mountain or be slaughtered or state and i of stayr and thirst -- or and die of hunger and thirst. let me be clear about why we must act and act now. when we face his tuition like we do on the mountain, with innocent people facing the prospect of violence on a horrific scale, when we have a mandate to help, in this case a request from the iraqi government, and we have the capabilities to a vert a massacre, the u.s. cannot avert a blind eye to read he can act to prevent an act of genocide. that is what we are doing on the mountain. targetedthorized andtrikes to help forces
9:34 pm
protect the civilians trapped there. american aircraft have begun humanitarian drops. earlier this week, and iraqi cried, there is no one coming to help. today, america is coming to help. we are also consulting with other countries who have called for action to address this crisis. i know that many of you are rightly concerned about any american military action in iraq. even limited strikes like these. and stan that. -- i understand that. iran for this office to end the war and welcome troops home, which we have done. i will not allow the u.s. to be fighting another war in iraq. even as we support iraqis as they take the fight to these terrorists, combat troops will not be returning to white in iraq. -- to fight in iraq.
9:35 pm
there is no american military to the crisis in iraq. the only lasting solution is iraqis. support moderate supporters of that can bring stability. ease in -- even as we carry out these missions, we will pursue a broader strategy that allows iraqis to address this crisis. they can fight back against threats like isil. iraqis have named the new president and are seeking consensus on a new prime minister. this is the progress that needs to continue to reverse the momentum of the terrorists who prey on iraq's divisions. once they have a new government, we will work with it and other countries to provide increased support to deal with the humanitarian crisis and counterterrorism challenge.
9:36 pm
none of the neighbors have an interest in this terrible stable -- suffering or instability. we will continue to work with our allies to help refugees get the food and shelter they need. to help iraqis push back. the advisers will continue to toess what more we can do help train, advise, and support iraqi forces. as a consultant with congress on the decisions, we will continue to do so. the worldamericans, is confronted with many challenges. well america -- while america has not been able to right every wrong, we have made the world in more secure and proper us -- prosperous place. we do so by adhering to the principles -- core consoles --
9:37 pm
principles. we strive to stay true to the fundamental values, the desire to live with basic freedom and dignity, that is common to human beings wherever they are. that is why people look to the u.s. to lead. that is why we do. close by assuring you there is no decision i take more seriously than the use of military force. we have brought the majority of andps back from iraq afghanistan. i have resisted calls to turn to our military again. we can also lead with diplomacy, economy, and our ideals. livesen the lights of --
9:38 pm
of citizens are at risk, we will take action. when many thousands of civilians are faced with the danger of being wiped out, and we have the capacity to do something about it, we will take action. that is our responsibility as americans. wet is who we are tonight, give thanks to the men and women in uniform. especially the brave pilots and crews over iraq protecting fellow americans and saving the lives of men, women, and children they will never meet. they represent american leadership at its best. we should be proud of them and our commitment to uphold our security and the dignity of our fellow human beings. god bless our armed forces and the u.s. >> how many airstrikes have happened?
9:39 pm
>> live coverage from the state dining room. as the president delivers remarks on a story developing over the couple of days. humanitarian assistance for the people of iraq. we will continue coverage of midterm election politics. let me ask you but the president's comments. the killing of a u.s. general in afghanistan. ukraine, the middle east. these are bubbling up. president to deal with and voters to assess his presidency. defined by howre you react to something, not just how you act. he struggled going from campaign mode into reacting to the different things that come up during a presidency. one of the things he is struggling with is he lost the benefit of the doubt.
9:40 pm
when things pop up, or he gives another speech, voters are waiting to see what is the result. in a midterm election, if they don't like the job he is doing, they have another option. senate in the house and elections. that is where democrats are struggling. >> i looking at the ads in louisiana. when mitch mcconnell was delivering his speech, it was as much in that barack obama -- path totch mcconnell's victory. if the vote is just, do you like mitch mcconnell? he loses. his opponent to president obama, that is the kind of race he can win. the president is extremely unpopular in kentucky. he would be -- rather it be a referendum on him. >> how much is foreign policy an
9:41 pm
issue in midterm politics? >> it doesn't rate highly in terms of issues voters are caring about. it fits under the overall job of, how good a job do you think the president is doing? that is definitely a factor in the midterms. >> the remarks from the white house available on our website at is one of the evenings when we had planned to spend the entire night talking about announcement this -- we will continue to look at that tomorrow morning on washington journal, which can be heard on c-span radio in seen on c-span television. let's go back to midterm election politics. the onto tennessee, where race has been called. lamar alexander with 52% of the vote.
9:42 pm
21% now reporting. if you take a step back, you had the primaries. the number of incumbents who won competitive primary elections, from mitch mcconnell to pat roberts. lindsey graham. lamar alexander. mitch mcconnell still has a competitive general. oneou had said, would itublican senator go down, has not happened in 2014. it is a testament to some of the republican strategists getting the older senators up to speeds to the 21st century. of their campaign apparatus. >> first time since 2008 an incumbent senator has not lost in a primary.
9:43 pm
>> we had bob bennett or luger. it is remarkable we have not had one. fromt's go to seth, kentucky. good evening. say one of ourto allisontatives -- lundgren grimes. she is a good candidate for kentucky. mitch mcconnell -- >> that connection. -- bad co nnnection. calling on the democrat line. how does she do feet mitch mcconnell? what is her path to victory?
9:44 pm
>> she has to declare her independence from president obama. we saw president clinton come to state. bill clinton is more popular in the state and someone, a democrat with more of a proven track record then president obama. it is up to allison to keep the focus on mitch mcconnell. off president obama. could those conservative democrats in the fold. keep those conservative democrats in the fold. and even some republicans who are disaffected from mitch mcconnell's long-time tenure in washington. >> what has his rate of victory than in previous cycles? he was first elected in 1984. >> he had a fairly competitive race in 2008 during he ran against a wealthy candidate. it was not wire to wire.
9:45 pm
usually in kentucky, more the other senator's close races. >> allison lundgren grimes and mitch mcconnell in the race. >> hi, i am allison. i want to take a moment to talk about why i am running for senate. this is a frustrating time in our country. the economy is still troubling and people are working harder for less. we feel it more in kentucky than most. nothingr what happens, gets better in washington. a lot of that is because of the bothe in the top in political parties. if we keep sending them back, nothing will change. we need a senator that works with both democrats and republicans to do what is right for kentucky. promoter who the president is, i will not answer to them.
9:46 pm
i will only answer to you. i approved this message because it is time washington put the good ahead of the bad. we have had too much of that for too long. it can all start here. >> have you ever noticed how some liberals feel entitled to speak on behalf of all women? as if every woman agrees with barack obama? also lundgren grimes attacks are desperate and false. ofmitch mcconnell support the original violence against women act. he has voted for stronger protections than obama's agenda will allow. >> i mitch mcconnell and i approved this message. >> fishing has been a big part of my family tradition. >> small businesses and family owned businesses depend on fishing into her is him. and tand towards him -- ourism. >> is set of they were going to
9:47 pm
restrict fishing. this would have been devastating. >> this would've taken away $4 million for our economy. >> i would have been out of a job. >> it takes money out of the community. >> the army corps of engineers. of not care about our point view. >> it was a fight for survival for our community. >> senator mcconnell saw this as an abusive government power and helped us fight back.. >> it protected our economy. it protected our local businessman. his leadership position was essential in passing freedom to fish and pushing it over the top. >> i mitch mcconnell and i approved this message. >> if mitch mcconnell was a tv show, he would be mad men. treating women unfairly and stuck in 19 city eight -- 1968.
9:48 pm
the ads from the kentucky senate race. we will featured -- show you the remarks of mitch mcconnell and allison lundgren and grimes. each speech is running about seven minutes each. you get a sense of the politics of this race. mitch mcconnell made a comment about, it is not his position to create jobs. refuting that claim. >> that is one of the key message points the graham campaign is using three he -- is
9:49 pm
using. 35 years old. record to goe after. she is also not a political newcomer. she comes from a political family to read close to the clinton -- from a -- she comes from a political family. she is close to the clintons. >> if we go back to the map and look at only a handful of open seats. more democratic seats in replay -- in play than republican seats. a couple of asterixs. georgia is one. which is normally a solid republican state. it is not a wave election, that
9:50 pm
could change the plans for republican senate control. >> even when you boil it down to what are the most competitive senate races, you are looking at a dozen. of those dozen, 10 are currently and two byocrats republicans. of the 12, republicans need to win eight out of 12 took it to the majority. georgia is an interesting race. you are seeing republicans come out of the runoff. david purdue came out. now you're seeing the national a ad buy.start and -- michelle nunn has proved to be an incredible fundraiser.
9:51 pm
she is ready for the general election. >> if you're just tuning in, we are keeping an eye on the tennessee senate by mary. -- primary. in nashville and we will share with you the victory speech. this is live coverage from a pizza shop. his opponent in a six way race. we will have the result on the bottom of your screen. let's go to mike join us from banger, maine. >> good evening. i have a question for mr. gonzales regarding the benefit of the doubt. of president obama. i am wondering what exactly the president is ever going to do right for any american if he is
9:52 pm
going to be criticized at every turn. he should have gone left instead of right. when are the american public, who i see as deeply frustrated, going to stand behind a president and say, he is doing the best he can? >> there is a certain portion of the electorate that is never going to be with him. conservative republicans are going to oppose him on anything he is doing. i think for those voters in the middle, giving a sense that the economy is headed in the right direction. not just pointing to numbers but peopleumbers, feeling like the economy is heading in the right direction would smooth over some of the other readings as -- grievances. right now there's not a lot of confidence in the president domestically or internationally with the hotspots.
9:53 pm
people is responsible, are looking to the president for solutions. the majority of the country does not approve of the job he is doing. you can send us a tweet or call our lines. william joining us from chillicothe, ohio. go ahead, you are on the air. >> i wanted to talk about a couple of things. one, where good moral christian values began and then where a hypocrite begins. we have with obamacare a bunch of americans now have health insurance. they wanted to port all these young refugee children -- they want to deport all these young refugee children.
9:54 pm
what i am trying to say is, obama has done a bunch of things right. he has passed obama care. recently, we got the usa and africa summit. i'm looking forward to what we are going to get out of that. he has done some good things on immigration. i feel a lot of the things he could have gotten done were blocked by the republican majority. >> thanks for the call. there seems to be a theme. attacks against the president. >> william brought up a point. they want voters to focus on is the republican congress. they went to point to the obstruction of republicans. there is a long list of extremist right-wing that goes along with tea party when you go along -- when you talk to democrats. >on the affordable care act,
9:55 pm
where the president made his life more difficult was with the line, the campaign line about, if you like your plan, you can keep it. if he hadn't pushed it, it would give republicans less a munition. -- any nation. -- ammunition. >> it is primary date in tennessee. a lot of attention on the republican primary. lamar alexander declared the winner. he is expected to address supporters in the next hour or so. providing us a live picture of his campaign headquarters. a restaurant in nashville. join us live is jessica taylor, who knows a lot about tennessee politics and is now a campaign editor for the hill. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about tennessee three and four. two closethree --
9:56 pm
house races. >> out vendor did cruise to victory. did cruise to victory. but the house races are interesting to read you have a very and battled incumbent. saddled with charges he an ex-wife to have an abortion to rid this is a socially conservative district. he was hit for going against the values they believe in. they expected him to lose. state senator got a lot of establishment support. the race tightened in the closing days. he picked up a lot of role support -- rural support. rutherford county is the base of
9:57 pm
the district. rutherford county, the early that came in for tracy -- going to be close, but tracy has a slight edge. >> the other house race? >> this is chuck's to strict. he is a sophomore congressman. in tennessee primaries, there is no runoff. when you have a open seat like this -- in 20 10, it was an open seat. he won with just over 30% of the vote. ast time, he won three-way primary with the high 30% number. weston is 27 years old.
9:58 pm
running against him. it was a one-on-one race. this is going to be the surprise of the night. the big squeaker. he never had a solid hold on this district. one of the mistakes people were telling me that they thought is he debated. you didn't think a 27-year-old challenger would have much clout. he had named id. to the he is running to the center of him, which is not what we have seen in a lot of primaries. he is making a play for democratic voters and younger voters. this could be one of these rises of the night -- one of the surprises of the night. they have contrasting personalities. the incumbent is businesslike and a little awkward.
9:59 pm
on the trail a couple of weeks ago following the race. he is not a great retail politician. he takes his job seriously. you can tell he loves that. debate a couple of weeks ago. one republican consultant said it was almost like the nixon kennedy debate. candidate, the young which made a difference in a lot of voters minds. >> i want to turn to the senate race. let's turn to lamar alexander as he declares victory. stay with us, is a good tailor -- jessica taylor. [applause] thank you very much.
10:00 pm
still a little wet outside. thank you very much. thanks for being here tonight. thanks for everything. about half an hour ago, the they called and said we were winning, and i'm here to thank the voters of tennessee. [applause] dd [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captions performed by national


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