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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 3, 2014 2:00pm-4:01pm EST

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you're looking for a republican to tell someone on the right you're going to have to violate some of your ideological principles to get a democrat on board, sign me up. i believe after this election, there will be a desire by americans in general to elect people to give them the political cover. as to the chamber, you were there for immigration, and i will never forget it. how did we do immigration? room, andple in the we got the chamber in the room, and we found a way to come up with the guestworker program to border,e problem on increase legal immigration and actually deal with 11 million. when i talk about these things, it is just not talk. i have been in the room where hardheaded people were able to introduce an immigration bill from the left or the right, and the way you do it is you find reliable partners who are willing to take a few arrows.
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senator, i know it is hutto. the key to bipartisanship? you have been in the statehouse. >> well, i don't disagree with who about getting people have some ideas in a room and have them sit down and stay there until they work it out. it is how you resolve these issues. ,ou know, taking hard positions posturing for the media, going out and having press conferences, that is not how you resolve it. you have to bring people together who want to work who are willing to give up something and willing to give something. that is the whole nature of compromise.
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the process he described, that is what we have to do, and the problem is he has been there 20 years, and some of these problems still exist, and while he is talking like he wants to do with comment and he has done it on some occasions and on some not, it they cannot come to an agreement, they have to do it. >> i think it is important to another issue. senator graham or senator hutto, do you have a sense that they are getting to a tipping point when it comes to relations in d.c. war at the statehouse? i they getting to a point where there is not going to be blood in the streets, but there will be something like occupy charlotte or occupy columbia? only hope that voters would get that engaged, because i think that is part of the problem now, that we have some
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voter apathy. i would like it if every voter had a working issue of what the issues are so that when we talk about them and engage them, they know exactly what we are talking about. what we will see in a daze, probably half of the state is not even going to vote. we have to engage the voters, but to the point that i think there is going to be any violence or anything, no. actually, our democratic system has worked over the years, but i do think we need to have inspired people on both sides that espouse their positions, but in the end, they cannot have the my way or the highway approach. in the end, they can talk about what they perceive. and, look. every time i go in a room, i probably have a preconceived notion, but i am not the only vote in the room. guy or a twonother guys, we have got to come together, and that is something i think is going to take working
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together across the isle, being independent, not being controlled by your party or anybody else for that matter. someone who will come up with the best you can come up with for the good of the people. as worse as it has ever been? >> it really does shape the debate. if you reach across the isle, there is some group out there who does not want you to do this or that, whether it be or aarp or others. the point is to trust the public, and i and going to give you an optimistic view of things in south carolina. i have six primary opponents. i voted for democratic judges who i thought were qualified, but i would not have chosen them myself. so how does a conservative get their judges if liberals do not have the ability? theve always thought that
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worst thing i could do is go to washington and his story the issue by overly politicizing it. they did not want to default. the easiest path for me is to just say no. i have worked on immigration with bush and obama because i know if we do not get immigration fixed in a rational way, it is going to hurt our economy, because we need workers in the future. it is a national security problem. it is a cultural problem, and -- all of the attacks these attacks were directed at me. they rewarded a guy who went down the road or the path of least resistance. i think the general election voters of south carolina are going to pick up where the republican primary voters left off. you should be encouraged by the oft that in our state, all
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our sins of working with the other side when it made sense, doing what i thought was best turned out to be an asset, not a liability. >> senator, i am going to read from my notes to be accurate on this. the federal highway funding notslation has been reauthorize. does not reauthorize this, especially with some of the work that has been done about roughly $800 million of the bond issue to do something about the roads and south carolina, if this does not happen, what will you do. what will you do in addition to make sure this funding is authorized? >> the highway trust fund is running out of money because of the two thanks i told you about before. we need to look at the trust fund, and we need to look at the sources outside of the gasoline tax. if you have electric cars that will be plugged in at night,
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maybe we have to talk about replenishing the trust fund, but the money i think that we can capture in the short-term is the deal between republicans and democrats, and barbara boxer boxer is the real deal when it comes to democrats, but i like barbara. and we are talking about a deal about american corporations that have already been taxed once. it is going to come back into the country again at 35%, and they are not going to bring it, because that is just bad business. dealing a 10% and dedicating the entire revenue stream for the highway trust fund, with the infrastructure. that is a start. but bob corker had a bill, looking at the trust fund, of raising the gas tax but cutting it other places to generate more revenue. that affects the economy, but the highway trust
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fund is a great opportunity for republicans to break deadlock allcreate jobs because we drive on roads and bridges, and our infrastructure is falling apart. >> senator? >> we definitely need to invest. the highway trust fund is something that needs to be we authorized, and we need to see if it is fully funded. some of you probably drove in charleston, and what is that, eight, 10 miles of road? we have got bridges that have not been worked on in years and years and years, and there is a great opportunity. fix our infrastructure but provide jobs. every time you look at the work that is provided out there, there are men and women doing work, and companies that are making money, so is it time for us to invest in ourselves?
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we have spent not millions but trillions of dollars on the roads over there. we have built airports over there. it is time that we invest in this country, and, yes, we need to invest in the trust fund. now is the time to do it and put people to work. >> all right, thank you, gentlemen. workforce development. we call it the skills gap. you hear it over and over again. that is the kids, the folks, the people coming out of college are not completely married off with the skill set married up for the new technology, whether it is billing or michelin or the manufacturers. or automotive. so how do we fix this? senator? >> you do not do it overnight, that is for sure, and you're going to have to invest in the school system. we have to make kindergarten universal, and we have to look below that at zero to three. the children we put in the
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pipeline dictate the students that come out in the end, so let's get them at an early age. it is important and will cut down on the number that will end up in prison. now becauseills gap of the infrastructure that is backed up the pipeline. you cannot start investing in ninth graders and turn them around and expect that by the time they in graduate that all of a sudden, they will have uplls that mary -- marry with the needs. the children, you have to invest in them. you have to make sure they have an intellectual and vibrant teacher in the classroom, one you killed -- cares about those kids, and we have to make sure they have the technology. it is one thing to put a computer in the classroom or give them an ipad, that if they do not have the ability to access the internet at home, that is not going to help them, so we need to take a look at the
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technology to make sure that our children have the technological needs they have not only at school but at home, and having a great technical college system in this state, and we need to make sure they are fully funded. >> these skills gap, senator kerry >> we need to reorganize workforce development, and we are doing a good job there, and i think they have been doing terrific. federalication at the level is just incredible, sir tim is doing a good job there. at the end of the day, where the school fails your kid, do something about it. andhrow money at schools washington, d.c., and what do you get for it? parents are lining up around the schools, to have a charter school to have a choice other than a failing school or a lottery. i am the first person in my family to go to college, but the worst thing to do for a child in
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any state anywhere is to allow the teachers union to basically stop progress because the kids are the biggest losers, so to shake things up. fundamentally go after the education infrastructure, and where it is working, rewarded. as for workforce development, it only works if you can get a job. one thing you can do for a kid is give them a job when they are in high school during the summer so they will have a resume of working, and when they get ready to go out, you can say they were orbacking groceries whatever, and you will have the employer saying, yes, he or she was a good kid. raising the minimum wage is the worst. it is not the minimum wage going from seven dollars 45 cents to $10.10. it is everything else that business has to contend with. you need to raise the minimum wage, where obamacare is coming into effect. to pay theer going
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fine, or your health care costs are going to dramatically increase. if the epa regulations go into effect, 50% of our power comes from coal in south carolina. epa is going to make it hard for anybody in the state who manufacturers to stay in business. between the epa and obama regulations and minimum wage, you will make it almost impossible to hire a young person in south carolina, so that is my view, to create a job for them once they get the education and take on the education bureaucracy. cannot let that one go. i have to ask you obamacare. >> obamacare is a job killing bill. it is not about the 30 million. you all know that. it is about taking over health care. the goal of this bill is that you make it so costly that you drop coverage on your employees. a go into the exchange. up arethe people signing
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entitled. all you have to do is fill out a piece of paper. talk about fraud and abuse. we really do need income verification. thatld take that part out, you cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing illness, and i would start over again, because of your hiring somebody at 40 hours today, and they are covered under obamacare to40, and you reduce them 29, you are going to do it. you are hurting the people you want to help the most. thousands are going to become part-time because of obamacare, not because of the economy. the company had to drop health care to go into the exchange rate you get what the government gives you when they decide to do it. this is an absolute nightmare. it is not going to work. it helps grow the government. it destroys it, and it has never been about the uninsured. it has been about a single-payer plan, and i'm going to go back
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and fight the hell out of it. >> so you hear the passion and senator graham's voice. his words.ard senator graham said if you can't go back and change obamacare, but we cannot go back and change obamacare. what do we need to be thinking about or doing differently about obamacare now? >> you cannot live in the greatest country of the world and have a system set up where you get sick and go broke, and that is what we have. if you mean by obamacare that we can now keep children on our policy until we are 26, then no. if you mean that we would have lifetime benefit so if you happen to have a sick child that there benefits are exhausted by their first birthday, then i am for it. if you mean by obamacare that you cannot be denied coverage by pre-existing conditions, i am for it. i hear him say it is a job killer. maybe he should talk to the governor about that. i have heard him say the
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opposite. the number of jobs in the state has gone up tremendously. i do not see it being a job killer. what it is though is it is not perfect, and neither is any major piece of legislation that we have had in this country the first time it is past. he wants to go back and just fight it. i want to go up there and fix it, and that is what needs to happen. we cannot go back to a time where we did not have safeguards in the system that protected people who did not have insurance. under the affordable care act, what was supposed to happen was we were supposed to have 300,000 people in south carolina now on medicaid, but because of the actions of our government, we do not have that. you have to fix that. we have got hospitals in rural south carolina have closed in my district and have closed in chesterfield, fairfield, some of them on the brink. we cannot have small communities lose their local hospitals.
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creators, those local hospitals are therefore economic moment and are therefore patient health and safety. we cannot have these rule hospitals close, and that is what is going to happen if we do not fix obamacare, the affordable care act, get the thousands of people in south carolina insured. create the new jobs. it is not going to be a job killer. it is going to be a job killer. >> senator graham, is it fixable? >> absolutely not. the reason we have not lost the job is because he has delayed it due to the election. guess when the mandate is? january 2015. that's what is going to happen to your company if you are a covered entity? you are now going to have to be covered by the mandate. i am telling you this is a train wreck in the making. the worst is yet to come, and when you get your obamacare bill, you're going to have to look an employee in the eye that you have had 20 years, and
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you're going to have to say, i am sorry. we cannot afford this. here is the money. go to the exchange. is that what we want? 80% of americans felt good before obamacare about their insurance. you're not going to feel good about it after obamacare, and at the end of the day, i hope republicans are smart enough to make sure we challenge democrats. would you vote for a 40 hour work week to be 40 hours, not 29? the first thing i want to change is to have somebody work in your company at 40 hours without making them a full-time employee under obamacare, so what good is it to reduce that person's work hours for insurance purposes? it is destroying the goose that laid the golden egg when it comes to helping americans with illnesses, and the medical device tax, 17 democrats on board for repealing that. the mandate is going to hit in
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january. it is going to go like sherman george in your-- business. i want to turn this around while we still have time, and cover everybody. let's do it. i was on that bill. this is not about health care, folks. this is about government owning health care. leftw much time do we have in the program? ok, we have five minutes left. senator, wrapping it up on obamacare. senator graham is good at fear mongering. he is doing it again now. i mean look. january 15 is going to come, and everybody is going to be fine. i have heard this. he is good at the sky is falling, the sky is falling. you would make a good chicken little. but obamacare is not going away, even if republicans controlled the senate in november. it is not going to go away. the president is going to be
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there, and he will veto anything that comes through. it needs to be fixed created needs to be taken care of, but fighting it advances the ball not an inch. what we have to do is work together to come up with solutions that will ensure that people have insurance. he said 80% of people were satisfied with their insurance. that was the 80% of those who had insurance. a lot of people did not have insurance. people excepting the medicaid dollars. it will create new jobs. this is not a the sky is falling scenario. it does need to be fixed. there are some things and he is talking about that need to be tweaked. that is fine. but fighting it does not -- is not right. you deal with them. that is what i would like to go to washington to fix it. >> the import export bank is an whortant spine through many
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produce services. it seems like every time the bank comes up for funding, it is always at risk. ?ow can we authorize in other words, how can we fix this process, senator graham? >> the challenges mostly come from iparty. there are people in my party who rightly are concerned about the role of government in business. there are people in the party that say it is not right, it is not pure capitalism to have a government-backed bank to make loans. everything should be done in the private sector. well, that makes sense to me from an ideological point of view, but i live in the real world. you need republicans who beststand that going, the thing that has happened to south carolina in a very long time, there are things made in
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charleston, south carolina, that are eligible for that financing. against?boeing compete airbus. they have two banks. china has a bank that helps sell that has a loan volume greater than france, canada, and others combined. canada has a greater volume than us. for the made $1 billion taxpayer over the last five years. it actually makes money, and i live in south carolina, and i am not going to put boeing at risk, because when they go into an overseas market that is a risky market, without that financing, they cannot close the deal. they will go to airbus because france will help make that deal a reality. theyf the gas turbines make in greenville, some of those are legible for financing. the way you get it reauthorized it to get republicans and
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democrats speaking truth to power. i am not going to disarm internationally. i am not going to put my companies at risk because of an ideological argument. i am all in for the bank. i was the leading republican to get it reauthorized the first time. i see the value of the bank, and the ideological argument being made to me makes sense in a pure world, but not in the world in my head isve and, in not in the sand about the bank. my head is not in the sand about obamacare. my head is not in the sand about the threats made by radical islam. wide-eyed, and am i worried? you better believe i am worried about where we are going. >> senator? >> with the import export bank, i said when he talks like a democrat, we all like him. the problem with the attacks on the bank is not coming from
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democrats. it is coming from republicans. it is an integral part about how .e export our products overseas absolutely, it needs to be reauthorized, and recognized. >> is there a creative way to keep it from coming up every two years and being in crisis every two years? >> get rid of the tea party republicans that are causing the problem. >> that is not fair. president obama authorize the bank when he was in the senate. recent criticism is coming from our corner of the party. but i would like to do is reauthorized the bank. save the day they get out of the business is when we get out of the business. see the world as it is, not the way you want it to see. 10, onescale of one to being the best and 10 being the worst, how would you rank the
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governor and the president? >> neither one of them has lived up to the expectations that think we have for both of them. put them bothld at around a five. they have both done some things that you can point to and say they have been good things, and they have both done things that have disappointed us. i support president obama and the senator, so i do not think there is any doubt in the room that i am a democrat, and i do not think there is any doubt that energy graham is a republican. either have lived up to our expectation. >> you can always do better, and you can always do worse, so i am going to give obama a one. and i would give the governor and eight, because i think she has done a very good job, and i think i would probably give myself and eight, because i believe you can always do better. i am a better senator today than i was six years ago because i
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have learned from mistakes, learn from the world that i think is a very dangerous place, and somebody has got to go out there and engage it, and president obama has been a great disappointment. his policies have blown up. i think the governor has done a good job in writing the ship. brad is a good guy. he has done a good job in the state house, and we will keep him there. fromowest ranked person the chamber's point of view in the state house, the senate, a republican. i ran against him. and he has 100%. i'm going to end this on a positive note. i really appreciate the fact that you have worked with business in the state house. it makes our state better. god bless you. >> in the interest of fairness, anything you want to say about
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the world? >> with the world, obviously the situation in the world with ices, they are a bunch of thugs, and they need to be eradicated. i think senator graham and i agree. we are the greatest country in the world. we have overcome many things in the history of this country. we had the greatest generation that dealt with world war ii. if we can deal with those things, we can deal with isis. i also want to thank the chamber. it has been great to have this. obviously senator graham and i disagree. we disagree on minimum wage and equal pay and some women's issues, but those are things that the voters will have to sort out in a days, so i would just encourage everyone here to get out and vote and make sure that your friends and neighbors get out and vote. >> senators, your honors, thank you for your public service, and also thank you for showing us some congenial south carolina politics. ladies and gentlemen?
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[applause] for joining us. and thank you for watching. >> nicely done. >> thank you. >> and on the keys of the midterm elections, we are doing an election the preview featuring the most recent debates from key races around the country, and also taking your phone calls and getting your reaction on twitter and facebook, and we will look at the political headlines getting underway at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. c-spanout camping 2014, has brought you more than 130 candidate bates from across the country, in races that will determine control of the next watch the c-span live election night coverage to see who wins, who loses, and which party will control the house and senate. our coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern with results and analysis, and you'll also see
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concession speeches and some of the most anticipated races. we want to have your calls, facebook comments, and tweets. for 14 election night coverage on c-span. televisedthe final debate, the senate seat in new , both were asked about the beheading of the journalist by isis, and here is a look at their answers. like senator, the mother of james foley, who was beheaded by isis, tells abc news that the state department and national security officials repeatedly threatened her family with prosecution if they paid ransom to save their son. , orthis hard line necessary did the government missed treat -- mistreatd treat the foley family? the barbarous
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murder of both of them, both with ties to new hampshire. .his brought home the threat i had the opportunity to question both secretary of state kerry and secretary of defense hagel about the hard line that needok, because i think we to look at how we are helping families who are faced with a foley familyat the was facing. i do not think we should pay ransom for americans come because that puts at risk americans who are serving around the world, but i think it is very important that we treated families with respect, that we do everything we can drop negotiate a release of any americans who are held prisoner. >> can i imagine if that happened to your child? i can't even imagined. when that happened every one ever us was deeply saddened. senator shaheen and i went to the memorial service for the
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foley family. what the state department did was unconscionable. the fact they would use the strong arm of the federal government once again chipping away at our rights and freedoms and trying to do something important for the family to heal, also to have the glimmer of hope to get their child home, i would have done anything and everything to get any one of my children home or friends of anyone that i knew. that's the problem with the federal government right now. chipping away at our rights and freedoms. they are telling us what to do, how to to it, and we should just sit down and be quiet. with respect i disagree with that. >> the cook political report rates the race a tossup. an average of recent polls shows senator shaheen ahead by less than an a percentage point. we post add question today, which party should control congress. here are a couple of today's responses? how about no party? just a group of elected people working together for the good much our country and kirk responds to mike and says, mike,
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we are all individuals not an ant colony. therefore there's no such thing as the common good. the duties of congress are well documented in article 1 and article 8 of the constitution. i want them to stick to those constraints. on now to a debate between illinois democratic governor pat quinn and his republican challenger, bruce rauner. governor quinn has served as governor since 2009. after then rob blagojevich was impeached and removed from office on scruppings charges. the cook political report lists this race a tossup. it took place if chicago. comes to us in courtesy of abc 7. t's about an hour. >> abc seven news presents vote 2014, debate in the race for governor. > welcome to the debate. our candidates are governor pat quinn and mr. bruce rauner.
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uestioning our candidates, abc seven political analysts laura washington. you will be limited to 60 seconds for each question and 30 seconds for each follow-up. in addition to our questions, you will have the opportunity to ask one question of each other. you will also have the opportunity for an opening tatement and by random draw to the opening statement goes to mr. quinn. >> thank you. the bureau of labor statistics issued its latest report on the illinois economy. it is a good report. jobs are up, unemployment is down, jobs in the last two months, 40,000 jobs. 300 thousand jobs since the last recession. you are unemployment is at its lowest level in the last six years.
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the steepest decline of any state in the union. we have had to make some tough decisions to make that possible. we had to cut the budget, $5 billion since i havewe have understood the been governor. importance of fiscal reform. i have to suspend the pay of the legislatures to get those reform. our economy is a lot better. we have been able to invest in education. we have invested $440 million in classroom education. it is the best way to keep our economy moving forward and jobs growing. that is what i believe in and that is what the best way to go forward is for illinois. >> thank you to the league of women voters, eyewitness seven, and univision. i look forward to going to work for the people of illinois. i love illinois and what illinois to be the greatest state in the greatest nation on earth. i have worked hard to build hundreds of successful businesses on behalf of teachers
2:35 pm
and their pensions, and the success we have driven in hat. we have donated tens of millions of dollars to public schools, to early childhood education, to veterans to support them. i'm running for governor as my opportunity to give back with my time and passion. we are going to get the state run right. i am financially independent. i can stand up to special interest groups. i can't be bought, bribed, ori'm not even going to take a intimidated. salary or pension. i'm going to move to springfield, shake up that culture down there and get the government running right for the taxpayers of illinois. >> i would like to begin with something i am hopeful will set the tone for the debate. a question about the last ebate. i would like to quickly ask you,
2:36 pm
in the last debate, the proposals make the temporary tax increase permanent after the next election. if bruce rauner is elected, would you as a lame duck governor still attempt to make that temporary increase permanent? pleas answer yes or no to begin and then explain for me. >> the budget called for the income tax rates to be maintain to fund our schools properly, to maintain our health care, to have public safety. i'm in favor of making sure we maintain our income tax level. and provide solid property tax relief every year to every homeowner in the state. that is what i proposed in my budget. more tax relief for working families raising children. i think we cannot have a budget that slashes are education, as my opponent suggests, by $4 billion, laying out one out of six teachers during that is the wrong way to go. we have to invest in education and properly pay for it.
2:37 pm
my opponent has been going around illinois telling tall tales about the budget. we have to pay our bills, invest in education, and the best way is with the income tax based on bility to pay. >> the other question to you, mr. quinn asked about a threat you made to a female employee. you are quoted as saying i will bury her, bankrupt her with legal fees. you said it was a disgruntled employee and pointed out the judge ruled in your favor on most of the aspects of that lawsuit. i didn't hear your answer about whether you said those things. >> i was clear. i did not ever say those things. that was false accusations and a frivolous lawsuit dismissed in court by a judge. there is no truth to that.
2:38 pm
unfortunately that story came out in the media encouraged by pat quinn's staff so they could run another false attack ad. i have been subject of vicious attacks not based upon facts, but distortions. the subjects of these false attacks, i'm going to shake up the system. i scare the status quo. pat quinn will do anything to hold power. he will resort to any distortion or exaggeration. i'm out to change the system. i can't be bought, bribed, or intimidated. it is hard to deal with these distortions but home is worth fighting for. that is why i am running. >> good evening. about the ad in this campaign, ccording to the illinois board
2:39 pm
of elections, in 2014 your campaigns combined have amounted to $35 million in advertising. most we have seen, they are negative attacks of each other on your previous work, moral character, and at this point in time many voters are actually wondering why either of you are qualified to run the state? how can you change that perception? >> i have been a leader my whole life. i have been a business builder. i have worked hard to give back with the community. we need success in springfield. i'm not running for office because i need a job. i'm not looking for a political career. i'm doing this because i love llinois. we have the greatest state in america. the best location. the mostwe are the worst run
2:40 pm
stay in fertile farms. america. jobs are leaving. companies are leaving. the latest survey has 50% of families in illinois thinking they should leave the state. we are the worst run stay in america. we deserve better. i can change the system. i'm independent. i have been a driver of results my whole life. i know how to grow the economy. my opponent does not know anything about business. i will grow the economy and create jobs. will cut taxes. >> ford knows a lot about business and i worked with for to create lots of jobs here in illinois. the same way with chrysler and many companies. my opponent doesn't understand facts. he thinks his money can buy facts. the illinois economy is growing. we have more work to do. we have worked with ford to take the company that had ne shift, they now have three ships.
2:41 pm
chrysler had 00 jobs, they now have ,500,000that is getting the job jobs. done. my opponent talks about being a business builder he is the person who built a business teaching other businesses to outsource jobs to foreign lands. that is not building jobs in illinois. my opponent is a job eliminate or. i'm a job creator. the record shows for that. my opponent has made a fortune out of the misfortune of many other people. it is important the record shows that. my ads are positive we talk about what we have done with ford and workers across illinois. >> a follow-up? >> can you give a specific example of successful companies owned by you that have created jobs? and how you are going to use that experience to attract businesses into the state and create jobs. >> we have built one of the most
2:42 pm
respected, successful companies in america at my firm. we have helped create successful usinesses. 20% annual returns for teachers retirement. pat quinn is a miserable failure on jobs. illinois is one of the lowest job creating states in america. we have lost 48,000 manufacturing jobs during his enure. we have lost 2500 jobs just last onth here in illinois. >> let's take a look at the record. those are the facts. my opponent has had 12 companies go bankrupt under his watch. he he had six of his former executives in jail, two are under indictment. 150 lawsuits against him for the nursing home chain that treated people so poorly, including causing death. that is not a good business record. if that is it for the people of
2:43 pm
the one no thank you. we don't need that at all. we need to have a governor who understands everyday people, the need to invest in education and skills and training. >> question in follow-up to charles thomas. -- >> if the illinois supreme court should strike down the pension reform bill passed last year as many credible, legal experts predict, what is your plan to resolve the growing ension debt? i have heard you say you don't take an aspirin until you get a headache but the voters of this state want and need to know what will you do if the court says the headache never went away. >> my father taught me about never taking an aspirin before you get a headache. that's sound advice before a case is even argued before the supreme court. i do believe the law is constitutional. it's a bipartisan measure. my opponent tried to sabotage it.
2:44 pm
what i would do is work again with the members of the legislature, both parties on a plan that the supreme court outlines is constitutional. that is what you do when you uild a majority. my opponent wanted me to veto that bill and i signed it because it was the right thing to do. we passed a bill to make sure that we protect pregnant women on the workplace. they are being discriminated against. i got the legislature to passi signed it into law. that bill. any time there is a need to get a law passed i know how to work. i have a record. my opponent demonizes legislators and public employees, public health workers. that isn't a way to get anything one. >> mr. rauner, what will you do if elected to resolve the situation if the courts stay it's unconstitutional? >> pension issues is one of the
2:45 pm
biggest challenges we have faced as a state. he dumped it in the lap of the ssembly. i believe the pension changes made are unconstitutional. i oppose them. i do not believe it is fair to reduce the pension benefits for people who are already retired and i do not believe it is fair to reduce benefits of hard-working folks. the right answer is to create a second pension plan for future work, it is not privatized as quinn has tried to spend. it is more affordable. it will allow our economy to grow. so we can fund the old pension liability over time. he is desperate to bring up social issues because he can't run on financial issues. he can't run on taxes and jobs and education orhe has failed on what corruption. matters.
2:46 pm
>> i have a follow-up to irika's question. you didn't give us a company where you created any jobs. >> i would encourage you to go to the website for my old firm. there are hundreds of companies there. >> you don't remember. >> there are so many. we couldn't have been the most successful investment company, mong the top performers. as the board for the illinois state pension vs. said,we are one of the top investment companies, generating great returns. there are hundreds of companies with great performance. >> his company laid off 1100 workers and gave a huge bonus to an executive who was running the company, an gave $20 gift cards
2:47 pm
to laid off workers. he has a record of laying off workers, outsourcing jobs, and running around illinois wanting to cut the minimum wage. this is not the way to treat people. he has no record of doing the right thing when it comes to obs. >> since you didn't specifically answer that last question about how many jobs you have created i'm going to try another one. you said you will increase education spending. how much do you increase spending by in the next budget, and where will those support come from? >> this is the most important topic we can discuss. education is the key to the merican dream. i have a proven record over 25 years of being an education reformer and advocate. i have donated tens of millions of dollars to improve public education.
2:48 pm
bonuses for teachers. i have been dedicated to education. we have a $36 billion state budget. there is money the budget for education if leaders make education the priority. pat quinn has been a disaster. he has been in springfield for over 30 years. education been nowhere on his personal agenda except as governor. he has cut into education funding by half $1 billion. i will increase it by half a billion dollars. it's the number one priority weigh should have for our taxpayer dollars. >> money cannot buy facts. we have increased classroom spending. every fact checker has said that. my opponent would cut it by $4
2:49 pm
billion laying off one out of every six teachers. he has demonized teachers. i believe in teachers. it is important we invest in education. that's the best way to help the most people. and that's exactly what we have done. our latest budget would give the biggest investment in early childhood education in the history of illinois. the biggest budget for classroom ineducation in the history of our state. we would increase our scholarships for our students to go to college. my opponent would wreck that. he has a plan that will give himself $1 million tax cut while slashing the education udget. savage cuts to education so he and his millionaire and billionaire friends can get tax cuts. i'm against giving tax cut to the wealthy. >> you say you will increase the budget by half a billion dollars. you think you can find the money somewhere in the budget. where do you intend to cut the budget in order to come up with
2:50 pm
that half billion dollars? >> cutting wasteful spending and having a growing economy. we are one of the bottom growing states in america underpat quinn has a massive wasteful spending. pat quinn. experts of estimated illinois taxpayers pay half a billion ollars in taxes. he's been under federal investigation, two federal investigations for illegal use of taxpayer dollars. we have rampant corruption under pat quinn. we do not have a growing economy. his own answer is to raisei will get our economy growing. taxes. >> i want to pay our bills and make sure we are true to our kids. it means investing in public ealth. we always to -- have to make sure we have good health, especially in these times. my opponent would have savaged cut across the board and public safety, public health, and schools. i have the courage to tell people what they need to know. we've got to use our income tax
2:51 pm
revenues in a proper way to make sure we have good schools, that we have students who graduate from college and don't have huge college loan debts. >> thank you. next question is pensions. mr. quinn, mr. rauner wants to put state workers in a 01-style defind contribution plan which many private businesses do use. what's wrong with that? >> i don't think a 401(k) plan is the way to go in illinois. the best way is to reform the system we have. that is what i got done. if we had a liability that i did not create, although as governor every year i paid the proper amount into the pedges system. that didn't occur before i became governor and that's why we had the liability. we enacted reforms in a bipartisan way. my opponent was trying to hurt that. now we don't go forward and make illinois a better state. i believe it is constitutional.
2:52 pm
the bottom line is you have to take on hard things on behalf of the common good. my opponent is about easy street. he wants to get himself a tax cut and hurt our children and workers all across illinois. i do not think that is the way to have a better state. i think the minimum wage is a good way to help hard-working people live from paycheck to aycheck. >> we have a massive economic failure in illinois. governor quinn is running on scare tactics. he's making up numbers about a budgeti will increase education for me. funding. he's saying false things but he can't run on the truth. the truth is illinois is failing on jobs and taxes. his own answer is to raise more taxes. he wants to take away another paycheck out of every working family. that is what his tax hike does. every working family loses one
2:53 pm
more week of pay. that's not fair. while pat quinn's been governor, real estate taxes in illinois have gone up 30%. his only answer is more taxes. that is not the right answer. the answer is growth and cutting wastefulpat quinn has been governor for spending. six years. he and mike madigan have controlled the system and failed. we need to go in a another direction. we need a two-party system. we need a leader who can stand up to partyi will get that job done. interests. >> the state treasurer has $6 billion in unpaid bills. state doesn't have the money to that means social service pay them. agencies and hospitals, and not profits not only don't get paid, they have to borrow the money, and lay people off. that is embarrassing. >> our state has made progress at paying the bills. we have paid down the bills.
2:54 pm
now they are closer to a 30 day cycle, which is what most businesses do. we have more work to do. if we adopt the plan of my opponent we will go back to where we were. we have been able to pay down those bills to service gencies. keep in mind my opponent says he doesn't want the income tax. he wants the bruce rauner, a tax on services of everyday people across illinois, including trash collection. that's what billionaires do, shift the burden on>> pat quinn has failed. ordinary people. on jobs, taxes, schools, and corruption. he keeps making up stories, keeps making up false attacks. it's outrageous because he can't run on the truth. here is a fact. we are losing jobs. taxes are crushing our economy. yes taken away one week's paycheck. he has not solved any problem in his six yearswe are at the
2:55 pm
bottom of economic growth. as governor. we have lost 48,000 manufacturing jobs. we are one of the lowest economic growing states, job creation states in america. all he criticizes is my success, which i am proud of. >> what is your opinion on right to work laws as they apply in other states, and would illinois be better off as a right to work state? >> as i have indicated, right to work could be a local control issue. i am not advocating for that. that is not a priority. there are other priorities. bringing down tax on corporations and growing our economy. i have been a business wilder and i'll get that done -- builder, and i'll getpat quinn has been a disaster on job creation. that done. he has taken the time, his answer is i'm a millionaire and i am bad.
2:56 pm
you don't judge a person's heart by the size of the wallet. the roosevelt family was very rich. the kennedy family was very rich. he criticizes me for being a self-made guy. i didn't inherit a nickel. i made my way through school and work hard, build a lot of successful companies, make great money for the teachers and police officers of illinois. my wife and i have given back tremendously. we love chicago and the state of illinois. we have got to have success down in>> look at his business springfield. record. he made all that money and went around illinois the last couple years advocating the elimination of the minimum wage. people who work hard, very hard, hard jobs, making $8.25 an hour. he wants to cut their aluminum -- minimum wage. it is not right that my opponent started a company to show other companies have to outsourced obs.
2:57 pm
he has laid off thousands of people, giving them little or nothing. i don't think that is a way to grow the economy. the facts are clear. look at the bureau of labor statistics, mr.illinois jobs are out. rauner. thousand jobs created in two months. those are good jobs to be a decent wage. instead of trying to cut the minimum wage you ought to try and keep illinois people working. >> the question was about right o work laws. you said you favored right to work zones. hat is that? >> they are opportunity zones is what i call them. we have brutally high unemployment. >> you have a website that called them that earlier this year. >> i believe in creating opportunity zones. governor quinn has led huge
2:58 pm
unemployment problems in so many communities. >> unions would not have any power, jurisdiction? >> we create areas where the taxes are extremely low and the business regulations are extremely -- so we can grow jobs there. we have brutally high unemployment in the african-american neighborhoods and latino neighborhoods. pat quinn has failed. likes could you address? >> my opponent wants to bust in this state. he wants to harm people getting wages, decent benefits. that's what this right-to-work is all about. says less regulation, it means billionaires like him can atw their own bank account the expense of everyday people. i believe in the right to union, be in a union. my opponent is running around
2:59 pm
demonizing teachers. that's one of the most important vocations in our whole planet, make sure we impart knowledge to our students. teachers have a union so they and speak their minds. >> question on follow-up. >> on the subject of wages, your opponent in the last debate made a point about the minimum wage referendum, you've been pushing for very hard. he said that he wondered why you anything about getting a minimum wage bill passed in springfield until now. been governor for a long time. why haven't you taken action sooner? that,ven't you done governor? >> i worked on raising the minimum wage on many occasions. it.003, we did in 2007, we did it. i put a referendum on the ballot. it.o you worked on but you didn't get it through. >> i think the best way -- this is how we pass the citizen utility board 32 years ago. we put it on the ballot. people voted for it. convinced legislators this is the right way to go. we're going to raise the minimum
3:00 pm
wage this year. get it done.o we have people with a chance to veryat the ballot box and important economic issue. advocating the elimination of the minimum wage. a person with all that money wants to cut the minimum wage people doing -- on people doing the hardest job in our society. i know how to build a majority. and we're going to get it done. i was able to raise the value of the earned income tax credit, really for working families. we did that by building a majority. we're going to do it with the minimum wage. there's a principle as old as the bible. if you're working hard 40 hours toeek, you shouldn't have live in poverty. >> mr. rauner? >> pat quinn has been a failure wage just like he's been a failure on our economy, on our schools and our taxes. to bead six years governor. he could have led a minimum wage increase. not.s he's a phony on the minimum wage. he's playing political football
3:01 pm
to make it a political issue in the campaign. i will get the minimum wage increased. but i will do more than that. will make it so the families of illinois are out for their justum opportunity, not the minimum wage. we shouldn't be a high unemployment state like we are where people are hoping to get to the minimum wage. we shouldn't have an economy where people are stuck at the wage under pat quinn. i'll get a booming economy. i'll become pro-business and pro-growth so people can rise past the minimum wage and be all be. can pat quinn is a phony on the minimum wage. he's also a phony on term limits. he used to say he's on term limits, until he got power. in office sixeen years. he wants ten years. a disaster for fo phony on this. >> follow-up? quinn, what will you do the day after you're
3:02 pm
reelected? wage referendum passes. what specific steps will you take, again, after trying over again over a number of years, to actually get something done? build a majority in the months of november and december and we'll have by of aty 1st a minimum wage least $10 an hour in illinois. i just heard my opponent. caller.hampion name all over illinois, he thinks the way to get ahead, i guess, is differentther guy names. i've been for term limits since 1994. i got 500,000 signatures for that and he wasn't around at all. came up this year and says now he's for term limits. i think a record of sticking to issues -- i was able to get recall adopted in in illinois in our constitution, by sticking to and that's how i'm going to get the minimum wage done, because we stick to it and legislators, using the power of referendum, the voice of the people, to get the done. >> mr. rauner? >> we need leadership.
3:03 pm
failed.n has term limits will get done. i will drive redistricting reform. the politicians aren't picking their voters. there's a reason that i've been of thed by eight prominent newspapers here in illinois. they know i'm a leader. i drive results. pat quinn has had no endorsements from any of the newspapers in this state. i've also been endorsed be i the illinois chamber of commerce, by national federation of independent business. they know i'll drive economic growth and job creation. they know i'm a leader and i'll get things done. >> gentlemen, we've reached that you may each ask a question of the other. >> mr. rauner, you've talked a lot about your company and the fact that you've made so much money with that company. if you look at your website, you 51 executives in that company. there was one latino, and no african-americans. now, one person -- not one person, not one executive of african-american. when channel 7 asked you about
3:04 pm
this, you said you couldn't find any. where didn to you is, you look? hiredanswer is i've african-american members in our firm. i've hired latino members in our asian-americans and many other minorities. and as governor, i will drive minorities,ping members of families in every community get results. you've been a failure. african-americans are suffering youally in illinois under as governor. brutally high crime, low wages, deteriorating schools and a lack of social services. i'll get it done. latinove the first lieutenant governor in illinois history and i'm very proud of that fact. going to work for hispanic families. more jobs, better schools. you've been a failure. theyou are taking african-american vote for granted. you had a superstock who could governor,lieutenant stephanie neeley. i know her. she's talented. she's a superstar. a but after i win this race in november, i'm going to ask
3:05 pm
stephanieto join our administra. in our state. >> mr. quinn, rebuttal. >> i didn't hear anything about where he was looking for executives in his firm. 51 executives all making that that he talks about all the time, but not one african-american did he have in that firm. him where he looked, because he said he couldn't find any. state, with in this 13 million people, we have a lot of talented men and women. find anouldn't african-american executive to serve in his firm. i think that says a lot about of hiring he's going to do in government and the kind of hiring he's done in his private life. >> and mr. rauner, you have to opportunity to question mr. quinn. >> okay. to one of the most important issues of this campaign. pat quinn has not reformed our government. huge wasteful spending, corruption and
3:06 pm
cronyism. his onlines only answer is to re taxes. on november 4, and i'm all into win this race and turn our state around, after the election, if you lose november 4th, if you lose, will you to not raising the income tax, not getting that income tax lame duckin the session while you're still governor until january? >> what i'll commit to is making have a proper budget for our education, for our public crisis, toa time of make sure we've got public safety. we've got to pay our bills. think we need to have proper revenue. i'm going to work with the on my opponent has a tax, all right. it's his tax on services of everyday people, like having your garbage collected or getting a will in order to get a will, you'll have to pay the rauner tax. adopt a child,i it's the rauner tax. that's what billionaires do.
3:07 pm
huge tax cuts for themselves. $1 million in his case. in ourvage cuts education. i'm not going to go along with that. i don't think it's right. avoiding the question. we can't allow this to happen. pat quinn got the income tax through last time in the lame duck session with legislators who were leaving office after that vote. then he turned around and gave sweetheart government deals, government sweetheart jobs and special deals, to some of the legislators who voted for that income tax hike. when he's a lame duck governor for two months after he loses in it's not right that he might put an income tax hike on of taxes are already too high. i've talked to families who have week of pay away from them is crushing them. i've talked to families having because ther homes, real estate taxes are too high. he's a tax hiker. he has no other solutions. >> the next question in follow-up from erika.
3:08 pm
education, the following quotes come from students fellowship.a because there is no conclusive charter schools that they work better than schools that are well-funded, the students want to know, why does the state in a path toem to be on create more charter schools schoolsighborhood funding has been slashed and is closings.g if that is the case, would you moratorium if elected governor that stopped the creation of more charter schools? >> i believe charter schools are one option that we should offer to parents. the most important thing we can do for our parents is to have schools and allow options so parents can choose the best school that fits their appropriate way. charter schools are not perfect, not the ideal answer.
3:09 pm
at every charter school does great job. those that fail should close. but charter schools should be an option. standard also have public schools. we should allow various options. scholarshipve programs, which i've helped fund personally. we should have voucher programs, fund i've helped personally. we should have innovative ideas, so thatechnologies, classes can be offered from remote locations to students. and we should bring vocational back into our public school system so our young people can be trained for the jobs available. >> but would you -- >> i would not support a moratorium. need options for parents. we are failing in illinois cut school quinn has funding. it's a fact, even the national center for education data has per pupil funding in illinois has gone down roughly 10% under pat quinn. >> i do support a moratorium as least aded, at three-year moratorium on any
3:10 pm
charter schools. charterig fan of schools. i am not. i think it's important to understand that public education and soul of illinois's economy. we've got to invest in that public education. against ag billionaire who wants to give himself a $1 million tax cut and have savage cuts in our public schools. op ed saying teachers are paid too much. much, said he. i think that's plain wrong. praise.hers deserve our it's one of the most important vocations we have. need to invest in that. savage, radical extreme cuts in education, as advocated by my opponent, will never make it, as long as i'm governor. it's right at all. i think it's important to make sure that we have early childhood education. and we have k to 12 at excellent ourls and we also invest in scholarships for our college students. >> follow-up, erika?
3:11 pm
talkedrnor, you already a little bit about scholarships for higher education. to our students also want you --at are mr. rauner -- going to do if you are elected governor to actually education more affordable and that they can debt?te without record >> this is very important. we have a program in illinois that's been around for about 50 years. the monetary assistance program. map for short. i've invested in that program. in that program. i've proposed a budget that will double the number of scholarships under map. right now, 140,000 students get worth of million scholarships. the problem is there's 150,000 go tots qualified to college, admitted to college, but the money runs out. increase those scholarships, double the amount of money for scholarships. my opponent wants to slash the program. that's what his budget is all about.
3:12 pm
domr. rauner, would you something different? >> absolutely. pat quinn has been cutting higher education funding for years. one of the reasons we have in-stately high pat quinn hasause pa been cutting higher education funding. he is making up false statements because he can't run on the truth. he's failed. we need to increase state support for higher education but also need to cut the wasteful spending out of the bureaucracy, our publicd, in universities compared to other states. we have much waste. increase the waste, funding, we can have tuition that's affordable for families in illinois. follow-up for mr. quinn from charles thomas. >> governor, you made the point about mr. rauner not having any african-americans in his firm, executive ranks. but for the past 12 years, democrats have held majorities the illinois house and senate. a democrat has been governor.
3:13 pm
arguable that the parties most loyal constituent is african-american. how do you as governor explain the chronic unemployment, lack of business development, underperforming schools, and other deteriorating conditions in the black community? >> well, number 1, with respect to unemployment, my opponent is eliminator. as i said earlier, he's started hows to teach other firms to outsource. >> but we're speaking about the african-american community. how do you explain -- >> that hurts the african-american community and everybody in illinois, if you have somebody aspiring to be wants to outsource american jobs to foreign lands, that's the wrong way to go. record is one of laying off workers. that's how he's made all this money. a fortune out of the misfortune of laying off people. to createe best way jobs is what i'm doing. investing in excellent education for everyone. think it's also important to have a public construction
3:14 pm
program that puts people to work. insisted on a program called jorty illinois, that min workers -- that minority workers get a chance for trade jobs, bridges, schools. i was at the urban league for kickoff. i think these are the ways you help everyday people, including raising the minimum wage. with a lot of us people who work hard get a wage. >> mr. rauner? >> governor quinn has been the outsourcer in chief for the state of illinois. he has pushed jobs out of illinois. are one of the lowest job-creating states in america. jobsve lost manufacturing under pat quinn. that is a hard fact. we are not creating jobs. families.ushing all it especially hurts african-american families. a disasteras been for african-americans. deteriorating schools, lack of social services. he has taken the
3:15 pm
african-american vote for granted. see it every day. and we know it when he threw ticket.e neeley off his he could have had an african-american superstar. has got all the black votes and throws her off. i have been a lifelong advocate for the african-american community. 20 years ago, i end endowed a fl professorship to help educate african-american leaders around america. donated tens of millions of dollars, helped fund bonuses for african-american teachers in chicago. i care. >> follow-up? >> i want to start with mr. rauner. going to do to create jobs for young males, let'scan say? >> so we need to focus in the local communities. workedthe programs i've with is called the minority enterprise small business investment company. my firm worked with that program. as governor, i will create a enterprise small business investment company program for illinois.
3:16 pm
subordinatede loans and equity investments in minority enterprises, african-american-owned businesses, because we need local businesses in the communities hiring local students. a young person having to travel two hours to get to a job, job.s not a real i've got a real plan to help grow african-american jobs. my opponent just said he's a heelong advocate, yet couldn't hire even one african-american as an executive on his firm. one. on our administration, african-americans are leading manyepartments with different responsibilities. that's what i believe in. diversity. and he doesn't. it's also important when he talks about bonuses, yeah, he gives bonuses to corporate executives who lay people off or commit accounting fraud. that's the fact. opponent has been giving bonuses to those who are laying andamerican workers committing crimes. >> mr. rauner, i know you have
3:17 pm
things you've talked about when it comes to attempts to reduce violence. start with, would you support a ban on assault weapons? yes or no and explain, please. >> here's the simple fact. enforcing existing gun laws. we have tough gun laws in illinois. them.inn is not enforcing the most important thing we can do with dpun guns is to keep thm away from criminals. pat quinn is not doing that. pat is purchases that not stopping. we have police forces that properly equipped, staffed, under pat quinn. he is a disaster on gun and laws.ement but the other real driver of violent crime is lack of opportunity. really drives violent crime, because young people are so desperate to have theycome for themselves, resort to joining gangs. i will bring mentoring programs for the high schools, most vulnerable students in
3:18 pm
middle school, so they can get help them stay in school and give them advice on jobs. increase education funding to our schools. pat quinn has cut it. it. increase i'll bring vocational training back into our public high schools so many of our young jobse are trained for the available and they see a future for themselves. >> mr. quinn? increasingpect to education funding, which he cannot do with his budget, i hope he doesn't bring those executives who had to go to jail and who committed accounting he made his firm, where so much money at. but as far as the assault weapons ban, i am more banning weapons. my opponent is afraid of the lobby that protects assault weapons. think we need a governor who is strong enough to say to that lobby that we're going to get the law passed. related to that, i've signed many laws that put stronger penalties on those who commit crimes with guns, including one and year dealing with lost stolen guns. and i want to thank the senator
3:19 pm
for his leadership. i was with him when we signed a great policee was shot down. and i know his mom and i know his dad. youink it's very important have a governor who understands firsthand how important it is to protect everyone from violence, and i have. i understand it's very important how we need to make investments with summer jobs and after-school jobs to keep trouble.out of >> separate follow-ups. mr. rauner, why don't you want to say yes or no on an assault ban?n >> i want to focus on what's going to get results. we can get results. been a disaster on crime. you can see it. in his six years in office, crime,ad terrible violent crime, in chicago, in manyord, in decatur, in communities. violent crime is crushing the families of illinois. quinn has been a failure. he's been a failure on police staffing, a failure on enforcing gun laws, and he's been a failure at creating
3:20 pm
opportunity for young people in impoverished neighborhoods. i've got a plan. we're going to grow the economy. builder. a business he knows nothing about business or creating jobs. >> why don't you want to give a or no on whether you're going to push for making the income tax increase permanent election? >> i already talked about it in my budget. i said we should -- >> i don't understand not giving a yes or no. my budget six months ago very clearly. i've campaigned on that. we need to maintain the income tax. at the same time, give property to every single homeowner in this state. that's a specific, concrete plan. relief forludes tax working families, raising earnedn, through the income tax credit. that's what i stand for. i'm campaigning on it. confused, you are saying, yes, you need the permanent tax increase? in my budget, the proper way is to invest in
3:21 pm
we haven, to make sure property tax relief that's tocific annual, that goes people who need it the most. more than two million homeowners in illinois, every year, would $500 property tax refund budget -- under our budget. >> time is up. thank you very much. the next question, erika maldonado. >> governor quinn, the state legislature approved temporary forers' licenses undocumented immigrants. nevertheless, there are many residents that cannot get an due to the overflow of people in this system. governor, when it seems your hadnistration underestimated and underfunded this program. know, what areo you going to do to solve this safer,, so the roads are with people with drivers' licenses and insurance? actuallythe program is under the secretary of state's office.
3:22 pm
the secretary of state needs a budget money in order to properly handle this particular issue. i'm very open-minded to that, because i work with jesse white all the time. i think it's important that there be plenty of appointments for people to come and take their tests and prove that they're capable of drive. haven't you given them the resources? >> i proposed a budget that did revenue necessary to help the secretary of state, to help our state police. important that we not have radical and extreme cuts in our budget. wants.what my opponent he doesn't want to deal with the consequences of that, which is ourntimes agencies such as department of public health, right now it's got to be on the to protect all of us from contagious diseases. it's important that we properly in that. having false economy, just to dollarbillionaire a bill tax cut, that's what he's all about. he wants to give himself and his millionaires big tax cuts at the expense of our public
3:23 pm
health. our secretary of state, who maintains highway safety. i think it's very important we have proper investment in those agencies. >> mr. rauner, what other initiatives do you propose to life of immigrants in this state? pro-immigrant, immigration reform. i support the d.r.e.a.m. act. i am very pro-immigration. raised an important issue about pat quinn's failure in the process.license he is been a disaster in administering the government. we waste billions under pat quinn. he wants to fund the waste through further tax hikes, the waste mostly goes to his cronyism. even pat quinn's own people have said there's over a half billion dollars in wasted spending in procurement process in the bureaucracy that runs the state. has not done anything about it, because that's where
3:24 pm
patronage workers are. it's corruption. it's wrong. takes money out of our schools and out of our social services, like what you outlined. to lauragoing to go washington for question 12. >> mr. rauner, you once said have vetoed the same-sex marriage bill in illinois. the bill is now law. and supreme court rulings have recently opened the door to the law going through in other states. what would you do to assure lgbt families and couples that you would uphold the marriage law in illinois and ensure other protections, anti-discrimination familiesns for lgbt kw7. families? >> i want everyone at home to understand my position. marriage equality is the law in illinois. i support the law. with the law.e i do not support every changing it or repealing it, period. need to focus on is that's very important. it's done.
3:25 pm
now we need to focus on other reallynt issues that matter. we've got to focus on jobs, taxes, schools and ending the corruption. i will deliver results. pat quinn has been a failure, and he's desperate to have other issues come up. he and i are largely aligned on to choose,hts reproductive rights. trying to bring it up and make it an issue. he keeps trying to bring up the equality act. it's the law now. i'm comfortable with the law. move past that, protect it. it's done. we need to focus on what we can do now to grow jobs and improve schools. i'll get that done. pat quinn has six years of failure on that. >> mr. quinn? a lot like thes assault weapons. my opponent wants to have everyone having a right to have an assault weapon, a military-style assault weapon. those assault weapons. i have the courage to say that. when it came to marriage equality, i advocated for that, helped get it passed. opponent it passed, my
3:26 pm
said veto the marriage equality law. now he's a born-again supporter. lot of baloney. i think we have to understand that there are people in the government, such as the thernor, who have to lead legislature to do something important for the future of our state. and that's what i did with respect to marriage equality. on the issue of corruption, my opponent has a lot of explaining to do. one of his nursing home operations was found by the the u.s.georgia, attorney, to have to pay a $13 cheatingine for medicaid down there, and fraud. they took the money for vulnerableand left people helpless. that's what corruption really is all about. and that's what my opponent is about as well. he doesn't take any responsibility when things go wrong with his chain of companies. he just takes the money and runs. >> laura, in the interest of time, we're dropping the here so charles can get in one more question. charles? >> governor, how are you getting along with the house speaker?
3:27 pm
i ask because the speaker filed one action against you to restore lawmaker pairks. to restore lawmaker paychecks. is he the most powerful person state, and what have you done or will you do to restore the governor's power and prestige? >> i think they have a lot of power and i've used it wisely on everyday people. i was able to get the earned income tax credit. timeagree from time to with the speaker of the house. i suspended the legislative pay, my own,g his own, and in order to get an important reform passed. i think sometimes you have to be tough. and other times, you have to get along with legislators of both parties in order to get important laws passed. that's what i've done. i think it's important to have a get reform laws passed. i've done that. laws passed,thics that my opponent broke. >> mr. rauner, how are you going to get along with michael
3:28 pm
madigan, if you're elected? results, because i've got the ability to lead. pat quinn has been a failure. to know every member assembly.eral >> but you're calling them corrupt in your ads. >> you know what? inre's corruption springfield. everybody knows it. but when we come to work, i'll my leadership ability, the power of the office to get things done. thequinn is a failure with general assembly. president was quoted as saying he's irrelevant to most of the process down there. and i've had people say, we need someone like you as a leader -- are out of time for the questions, and it is time for closing statements. we'll begin with mr. quinn. >> i think it's very important keep our economy moving and our state moving forward. that's what i'm all about. take usent wants to back. he has a budget plan that will
3:29 pm
savage our education, a $4 cut.on he'll cut other parts of the budget with extreme and radical will harm our public safety. and it's important that we maintain our investment in education. what i proposed in our budget. from early childhood education all the way to college, and improving our scholarships for our college students. my opponent wants to cut that back. i don't think that's the right to go. i believe in raising the minimum wage. my opponent is adamantly against wage.nimum i have fought for everyday people, all my life, in and outside of government. i organized the petition drive for a referendum to set up the citizen utility board, illinois's largest consumer group. that's getting the job done. hard for veterans and all of our public servants, out there sacrificing for us. a friend iney have pat quinn. i've been endorsed by our firefighters, police officers kinds of public servants. they know i'll get the job done for the people. >> mr. rauner? >> i love illinois passionately.
3:30 pm
this is home. we've raised our six children here. i've built businesses here. i love illinois. how ourstand to see beautiful state is deteriorating quinn.overnor pat we have become the worst-run state in america. deficits, unemployment, crime, shredding social services. we deserve so much better. we can do so much more. i will lead. i will drive results. problem-solver, a team builder my whole life. we will get more jobs and a economy. we'll get the government efficient and transparent to reduce the tax burden. invest in education. i've dedicated 25 years to that goal. will deal with the corruption under pat quinn. we will rip the system out of roots. we'll get term limits done and redistricting. >> thank you. we have time only to say and please vote.
3:31 pm
>> and on the eve of the midterm elections, we bring you an preview tonight, featuring the most recent debates from key races. calls and reaction on twitter and facebook, also a look at some of the latest headlines. it gets under way at 6 p.m. eastern right here on c-span. us tomorrowoin night here on c-span for our live campaign 2014 election night coverage. at 8 p.m. eastern. we'll have results and concession speechers. and engage with us by phone, on c-span or at debate between hermbent mary landrieu and challengers, the candidates were state's standard of living. the first generation of americans who may not achieve
3:32 pm
the same standard of living as parents. that's a very frightening concept. what is the role of government, in ensuring economic prosperity for my generation and future generations? manness? >> i think the congressman was going to be first. it's senator landrieu. please note that the first real theof the night came from moderator. >> okay. arst of all, i think that's legitimate concern. that's one of the things i work hardest on in washington, is trying to lift the economic power of our country. as chair of the energy committee, i'm in a particularly great position right now on behalf of the people of louisiana to help create high-paying jobs so that your generation can benefit. in addition, i'm excited to be here at lsu where we have science, technology, engineering women andfor men, minorities as well, in the field of energy.
3:33 pm
but number two, i also think education is important. my opponent, bill cassidy, billes to sign on to a that i have to lower interest rates on student loans, which 21,000 average, 11,000 -- i mean 11% interest. and hefused to do that won't sign on my bill to double the opportunity for pell grants are smarttudents, who and want to work, but they come from families that simply can't afford the cost of education. >> congressman? you, thetell government doesn't create permanent jobs, and if it does, those are jobs you really don't have.o the greatness of our american economy comes from the american people, not from government. but government gets in the way. keystone pipeline, if the allow it tould just be permanented, would create 40,000 better jobs with better benefits. way, senator landrieu was tor first priority get a senate floor vote on
3:34 pm
keystone pipeline. he's not been able to do so. said she had done everything in her power. that just means she's not very powerful. but there's other things. the health care law is a damper on the economy. in thelook at those lowest fifth of income earners, the obamacare laws hammered them. 400incoln, for example, food service workers had their hours reduced from full to part because they couldn't afford the obamacare law. get creativity going, you're going to have a better job. >> well, the main thing senator landrieu has been able to accomplish on energy is to push through all of president obama's appointees. we certainly, in louisiana, don't need that kind of clout. pull obamacare out by the roots, because it's a job killer. i've talked to small business of thosed employees businesses all over, through 85,000 miles, and every one of me the same message. sir, you've got to do away with
3:35 pm
obamacare. we cannot afford the restrictions. we cannot afford the new fees, the taxes. creating the jobs we could, and we're cutting the jobs we had down the part-time the and that's hurting economic spectrum. that's exactly what obamacare was supposed to help. unleash our energy sector in this state so we can lead america to energy independence. that's what we should be doing here in louisiana, across the drill.drill, baby, >> and louisiana is an open which allstem in candidates for an office run against each other with the vote-getter winning the election. a runoff election will occur two real clear politics, by the way, shows the republican bill of senatorad landrieu, but neither has 50% support. the new hampshire governors debate with maggie her republican
3:36 pm
challenger walt havenstein. governor hassan was first in 2012 and is seeking her second term. listsok political report this race as leaning democrat, nh1. this debate is about an hour. >> tonight, the showdown for new hampshire. the incumbent democrat maggie hassan is running for a second term here in concord. her republican challenger, first-time politician, walt havenstein. recklesss her of spending. she says he's nothing but a failed ceo. debate starts right now. good evening. paul.litical director welcome to the third night of crucial debates in the state gubernatorial and congressional election. tonight, the race for governor.
3:37 pm
candidates.uce our maggie hassan was a lawyer in private practice before first being elected to the senate inire state 2004. she served three terms in the state senate. elected governor in 2012. he's the second woman to be elected governor. hassan, 56, lives in exeter. republican nominee walt thenstein is a graduate of u.s. naval academy and served a dozen years on active duty in the u.s. marines. officerhief operating of a defense contractor. havinhe lives in alton. will get onee minute to respond to the questions asked of them. their opponent will be allowed of rebuttal time. joining me in asking those is kevin and kiki and laura, host of the exchange on public radio. i'd like to introduce one of our
3:38 pm
other media partners as well, they are the telegraph, foster's daily democrat, the and the ruddman center. we begin with a story that's been dominating the headlines. attention to the video screens behind you. dozens were heard at the pumpkin festival. governor, this question is for you. authorities say they were event, even such an purchasing a bearcat to help control the riot situation, yet it still happened. should the trustees hold an investigation into how this happened? will someone other than the be held accountable? and what are you doing to make this doeshing like not happen again? >> well, thank you for the question and thank you for and to the panelists, and to you more moderating. and to mr. havenstein for agreeing to this debate.
3:39 pm
what happened in keane was and unacceptable. we need to make sure that the people who are responsible are accountable. while families and children were enjoying a pumpkin festival downtown, our law enforcement came together, local law enforcement, as well as state verye, to contain a violent situation where rioters bottles,wing rocks and and even pool balls. and there were a number of injuries. we're fortunate that there weren't more injuries. as we proceed forward, we need hold the people responsible accountable. that includes not only any whoents at keane state might have been responsible or citizens from the area but also people who came from other campuses or from around the region. ongoing.tigation is and i think it's going to be gather -- gather facts. videos are being shared so we can hold more people accountable. concerned that there seems to have been a social media
3:40 pm
company that really invited a particularle to a area in keane that they didn't have permission to invite them to. one of the things we need to do role that thathe company played and see if there's a way to hold them well, assuming that the facts show that they played indeed a role. >> anybody at the college or any authorities who should also be held accountable for what happened and for their preparedness? >> certainly there were good preparations in place. i think nobody anticipated the which social media drew this number of people. but certainly as we go through investigation, we'll be asking those questions and collegeing whether the had -- you know, had any responsible for what happened. the fact,roud of though, that law enforcement contained the situation. we didn't have to bring out a bearcat. families and children were kept safe while they were enjoying the pumpkin festival. very important. >> mr. havenstein? sad examplet is a of what can happen when people
3:41 pm
frankly,f control, and i was at the pumpkin festival when the events occurred. i was -- i would echo the fact that the local law enforcement great job in keeping the disturbance and essentially what a riot away from those of us festivalenjoying the there in keane. and it's a very sad situation, it puts in jeopardy the future of that magnificent festival. that absolutely those both responsible for the conduct, mustad be held accountable. but those also in authority at university must make sure that they do a lot of soul-searching in terms of their responsibility. we've seen situations where the universityke have to reset standards, reset expectations. thing is, in setting expectations for every
3:42 pm
incoming freshmen, they have a chance to reset things in a very, very positive way. >> thank you both. mr. havenstein, this question is for you. the governor claims you would seek to dismantle medicaid expansion. what would this mean for the 20,000 people who are getting this coverage and the up to for this newle benefit? >> my position is i would have never signed this medicaid expansion bill, primarily because the sunsetting of it jeopardy -- creates uncertainty for the people who are going on to the program now. and we have, as i understand, about 20,000 citizens who signed up. but there's uncertainty as to what will happen when the in 2017.unsets we need a fix. question of going forward as it is. thatve to fix it now so those who are in most need, and
3:43 pm
i've always supported making that those in need have to affordable health care. but if you have a program that is not funded out into the future, it creates a great deal of uncertainty to those folks. lucy and thelike football with charlie brown. roll around? to are we going to pull that benefit away? it now sogoing to fix there's certainty in the future and that the taxpayers foe exactly what they're -- know exactly what they're paying for in providing that benefit to other citizens of our state? >> governor? i'm very proud of the fact that the business community, democrats and republicans, came together to a bipartisan new hampshire health protection plan that health is bringing the and economic security that comes with health care coverage to $20,000 and will -- to 20,000 to 50,000. will come mr. havenstein has signed the
3:44 pm
pledged, which he said he will do everything he can to block all elements of medicaid, including expansion. he has said he will repeal it. we meanwhile have been working make ar to new hampshire-specific plan that make for ournes our citizens to sure that our citizens have not only the financial and health comes with itthat but also that they -- that we and heam healthy workforce good for our economy. not true.simply i have said, since that bill was passed, that my focus would be it.ixing we shouldn't be taking a victory lap with the idea that we're people on0,000 more to a government program. we should be finding ways to people make sure that they can rise above that. that's what the economic development plan that i put forward is all about, creating opportunities for people so they depend upon the government. we should be focused more on
3:45 pm
making sure people have opportunities not to be dependent on government, not celebrating success by bringing people onto the government programs. you.ank thank you both. let's go to laura. >> thanks, paul. this question is for you, mr. havenstein. you proposed reducing government making government more efficient by 2.5%. you say this will bring in $90 million in revenue over the two-year budget cycle. ort programs, positions services might be affected in order to achieve those savings? know, a laura, as you a bigmpany -- running company, i set efficiency and effectiveness targets of 3% to year after year after year. and we were able to meet those objectives and at the same time business. to think that the state doesn't efficiencies to be
3:46 pm
gained in our state government, ishink most people would say reasonable. so what i'm looking for is the leadership within the state identify their most that they think are susceptible to effective efficiency gains and frankly, been able to do this year after year in the sector, i can help them. i can teach them how to do that howhey frankly don't know today. but i believe most of our leaders in state government have whenof creating efficiency it comes to their departments. >> governor? clear that my be opponent's koch brother plan blows a $90 million hole in the budget before he even gets to efficiencylled targets. i'm very proud we passed the most bipartisan budget without a sales or income tax in over a decade in new hampshire and that we've been carefully managing a surplus. to my agency has actually carefully
3:47 pm
managed the 2014 budget to beat their sufficiency targets. 3.5% number. we already beat that expectation over the last year. what's really important for is that, inderstand addition to these so-called efficiency targets, my opponent $90 million hole in the budget, in addition to that, taking us rights back to the bill o'brien years. >> that's not true. the 2.5% efficiency goals that are in order to accommodate the tax reductions on businesses that are so essential structurally. i would also suggest that the governor is inaccurate when she's said she's met other 2014 budget. she didn't. she failed by at least 7.5 million in terms of the surplus that was expected. and she has identified already million in overspending in forealth and human services 2015. so frankly, my view of her
3:48 pm
she hasesponsibility, not earned a second term. >> governor, i think you want to respond. >> sure. we managed the budget to a surplus. we do has spending been approved by a bipartisan group of legislators, both members.and house we agree on those. we managed to a surplus. efficiency expectations to an extra $8 million. and moving forward, we're managing this fiscal year '15 budget carefully as we see the tax change from the o'brien legislature, those impacts on trendvenue lines see a downwards. we've already frozen out of travel, frozen hiring, frozen purchasing. fiscalre going to end year '15 with a balanced budget. >> again, this is not about revenue. our revenue numbers for 2014 were right on target. and our revenue numbers for the first quarter of this fiscal year are right on target.
3:49 pm we are spending more than was budgeted. have thely, we don't transparency you'd expect to from theh to month, departments. hasthe legislate cheor complained about it. and frankly, to suggest that this is a bipartisan budget is frankly not true. the senate republicans created passed this budget. >> thank you. very short answer, then we're >> the republican-led senate voted 24-0 for this budget. that's a bipartisan budget. i will eat add that, to the extt that the republicans in the senate are complaining about the budget, they are the one group that didn't meet their target by large margin. i think i've been overspending. >> thank you both. let's switch gears. kevin? >> thank you, paul. this question is for governor hassan. weeks, than two massachusetts voters are going to be asked whether they still
3:50 pm
three casinos that are online to be licensed in the next year. if they agree to support them, how are you going to be able to for one high-end facility here in new hampshire source ofliable revenue for the state? >> thank you, kevin, for the question. since entering office, i've worked with members of both parties in the business community to set in motion our innovation plan. pass aan has helped us bipartisan balanced budget. our freeze tuition system r&d tax credit. we've come together to pass a bipartisan plan to fix our roads and bridges and our medicaid expansion plan, all important for the foundation for the 21st century economy. we know that there will continue investments, especially around issues like holding down college education. toi think it makes sense capture the revenue that new hampshire folks who go to
3:51 pm
and makere spending sure we're funding our priorities here in new hampshire destination casino. the analysis shows this is a ifket for that casino, even massachusetts goes forward with its casinos. what's important here is i think most people in new hampshire that there are lots of their fellow citizens who go to and their revenues will be funding massachusetts' roads, ordges and schools, connecticut's and maine's. that doesn't make sense. cam blinge the casino gambling in our state. we see new jersey, pennsylvania now -- what was now cash cow casinos are burdens on the state. it doesn't seem to me that we need to be making those kind of a market that's dying. reason we're looking at a casino, and the governor is in
3:52 pm
sheort of it, is because wants the revenue. she wants to increase spending. frankly, it doesn't make any to be betting on a kation casi, because you're really gambling with the taxpayer's money. don't support casino gambling. when the economy is at 0.9% that's the reason we're having issues with revenue. we've got to get our economy moving. notkly, the governor does understand how to do that. casino, certainly the industry generally is strengthen. you are seeing some casinos that done well with the competition. they contract or fail. strengthen ining other casinos. but what's really important here makeat we be able to critical investments, for instance, in holding the cost of higher education down, as we did freezing tuition. my opponent has said that he more moneyve any ever to our efforts or higher
3:53 pm
education system and that's a real issue for our middle class families. >> i've never said that i wouldn't give money to our education system. that's -- frankly, that's simply not true. both.nk you let's move on. for that, let's go to a question from kiki. paul.nks a lot, today we is had a horrible tragedy in canada. this got us thinking about particular school security. last month we had a lockdown at west high school in manchester. a man walked into a school there with a duffel bag. and ahe had a pelt gun knife. fortunately, it ended peacefully. no one was hurt. my question is, in your opinion, what is our state doing to make sure students are safe in the classroom, and is it enough? >> well, i think it is indeed inortunate what we saw there manchester. i think the response by law enforcement and other officials was very, very good, from my perspective.
3:54 pm
i do think we need to keep making sure, if we're going to have security in eneed security -- we need security in crime prevention in everybody dimension. one of the things that concerns me is the fact that governor and sponsored violent bill that let criminals loose several years criminalshose violent created a 12.5% spike in violent crime in our state. be soft on criminals and then expect to create a in othervironment parts of our society. it just won't work. >> governor? >> well, a government's most important task is public safety. so i'm very pleased that i have received the support of the new hampshire state troopers association, the new hampshire thece association and professional firefighters of new hampshire. in terms of school safety, in our bipartisan budget, we increased funding for school safety measures so that schools
3:55 pm
communicationt with police departments. and just recently, we see the our cop syncf program 911 that improves safetye time for public officials. as far as the legislation that my opponent is talking about, he was bipartisan legislation supported by law enforcement, and that the crime talks about have been debunked. >> well, they haven't been debunked, frankly. simply not true. >> let us move on. to raise the state's heroin epidemic, we have lots more ground to cover in our debate. we will be right back.
3:56 pm
nh1 debate inthe the race of governor of new hampshire. i think it's fair to say, we've seen very tough ads on both sides in this gubernatorial contest. let's listen to one of them right now. >> bad management, fraud, wasteful spending, all on walt watch.ein's a failed ceo whose company aercharged taxpayers for project meant to train our first responders. on another taxpayer-funded havenstein went $5 million overbudget due to fraud. governor maggie hassan p budget, doubling our tax credits for businesses. aggie hassan, building innovative economy for our
3:57 pm
future. >> that brings us to our next question, by paul. >> governor hassan, your has repeatedly referred to your opponent as failed ceo walt havenstein. the allegation, the associated press wrote, the lost at,000 jobs science applications international corporation and a drop in the company's value wrong, but defense industry analysts and experts say the ads ignore key elements the full story, such as the nationwide recession, and cuts to the federal defense budget had effects across the industry. isn't it fair to say that the mr. havenstein's being a failed ceo is either wrong or at least overstated by your campaign? >> governor, let's start with mr. havenstein, i'm going to give you a chance as well to talk about this ad. >> well, my opponent has made experience as a ceo really the cornstone of the campaign. so then you need to look at what is. experience and under his watch, his
3:58 pm
implemented a strategy that he says was his strategy. of company lost thousands jobs. the stock value plummeted 30%. the company had to split in two, as he left. and then there were two major findings of fraud on the one overcharging training for first responders. and that doesn't speak to good management. and in fact, you know, he didn't the any action on either fraud case or the overcharging case until it became public and filed.ere charges >> it's a tough ad. running a lot right now. your response? glad this has come up. yearsct is that after ten of extraordinary performance, when i retired, i was recruited of directors at saic, to come in and set a new strategy, reorganize the company and make sure we were efficient
3:59 pm
forth intotive going what we all knew was going to be a difficult period for our industry. did.s exactly what i when i finished that job, i retired. in the time i was there, i uncovered the situation in new york city that led to the discovery of fraud. uncovered it. i fixed it, made sure the city made whole.was held those responsible accountable, that included firing three of the senior executives. and then we moved on. did involved a lot of leadership, a lot of execution. saic, the left chairman of the board praised me and mymanagement acumen leadership of the company. >> governor? aswell, in fact, mr. havenstein got to saic, the bey budget was supposed to about $100 million.
4:00 pm
they were overspending that point first year to the where they ended up having to settle that case for half a billion dollars. action untilnto after prosecutors filed charges. so that doesn't speak to good management. fact, what he would do, what somethingsaic is not we want him to do to the state of new hampshire. he's already talking about $90 million hole in our budget and taking us right back to the bill o'brien years, a person he praises >> it was all about leadership and facing problems, frankly, problems that needed solving and i solved them. now, in contrast, the governor is facing problems when it comes to unfunded pension liability and others that she's not willing to face into, not take aggressive action and frankly as a result, in my opinion, she's not earned a