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tv   Question Time  CSPAN  March 15, 2015 9:00pm-9:36pm EDT

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washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. to time on c-span -- 7:00 eastern time on c-span. monday night on the communicators, the fcc commissioner on their recent net neutrality ruling and the program lifeline. >> what i am proposing that we do is to overhaul the lifeline program and make it concurrent and in sync with the information age. challenge those providers to give more to their consumers. get those providers out of the certification business. that has been the number one problem that we have been seeing with the not so positive headlights. it is a vulnerability in the system that we need to plug. monday night at 8:00 eastern time on the communicators on
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c-span2. >> next, british prime minister david cameron takes questions from the members of the house of commons. then, ted cruz speaks from new hampshire. then at 11 p.m. another chance to see "q&a" >> the upcoming british elections dominated the debate during this week's questions. the opposition leader david miliband has accused the prime minister of chickening out of debates. this is 35 minutes. >> order. questions for the prime minister. >> thank you mr. speaker. i had meetings with colleagues
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and others. i shall have further meetings later today. >> thank you. our allies are warning of a dangerous gap between us in america. can the prime minister tell us what is more important for him protecting our armed forces or introducing tax cuts? >> combining economic security and national security. and the two go together. we inherited a 38 billion pound black hole in our defense problem. by this chance for this government, we have filled that gap, where our economy is strong and our country is safe. >> in the mediation scheme, the post office has just sacked the independent investigators, and
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told them to destroy all their papers. does my right honorable friend agree that it is essential that the second report should not be suppressed, but should be supplied to postmasters and mps starting with the honorable member and the this select committee? prime minister cameron: my friend makes an important point. he had raised concerns about the operation of the post office's id system. it is an issue the committee is taking evidence on and they should begin in the relevant information. the government should not interfere with the process, i will ask the business secretary to write to them about the concern and make sure the business committee can do its job. >> ed miliband. [applause]
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miliband: less than two months ago, the prime minister said in this house he wanted a head-to-head debate between me and him. he said it was game on. when did he lose his nerve. prime minister cameron: if he wants a debates, i am offering a date. the 23rd of march. why won't he say yes? miliband: i'm going to be at the debate. i'm asking him about the two-way debate between me and him, and him and me. the original proposal for a two-way debate didn't come from me. it came from him. he said this. "i have suggested we need a debate where two people directly debate each other."
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it is a good proposal then, it was a good proposal now. why doesn't he just name the day? prime minister cameron: he said any time, anyplace, anywhere. i've told him the 23rd of march. i tell him what has changed. we have a situation where it is obvious, you can't win without the snp. he says we need the two leaders who can call a truce the we -- a truce -- that is me and ale x hammond. miliband: he says it is all about leadership. he said it is about him and me. >> nobody in the house of commons, and nobody in the
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-- nobody in the house of commons should be shouted down. i have news for members, however long it takes. it is not going to happen. members will be heard. miliband: these are pathetic feeble excuses. there are no circumstances debate me head to head. he has no plans. he's got no team. he's not got a clue about how to run the country. labor are now saying, they cannot win the election. here is the leaflet they put out in scotland. the snp might be interested in it. we need to stop the tories being the largest party.
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they are just trying to crawl through the gates of downing street on the coattails of the snp. what he's got to do is prove that he is not a chicken and rule it out. there's only one person preparing for defeat and it is this prime minister. he is not going to be able to wriggle off this. this is what he said before the last general election. he said this. we have the opportunity to debate a prime minister's question. that is a different matter to a proper television debate during a proper campaign. he said when parliament is not sitting is when people will be most receptive to engage in discussion. why doesn't he just cut out the feeble excuses and admit the truth? he's afraid he might lose again.
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he wants to talk about the future of a television program. i want to talk about the future of the country. more questions three weeks ago talked about jobs. prime minister cameron: and he can't talk about an employment because it is falling. and he can't talk about inflation because it is at a record low. and to examine pockets. and is so confident why is he chickening out of the debate? everyone can hear. mr. speaker. i tell you why this matters. because it goes to his character. it goes to his character. the public will see through his feeble excuses, instead of these
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ridiculous tactics, why doesn't he have more backbone and turn up for a head to head debate with me anytime anywhere any place. prime minister cameron: i will tell him what goes to character, someone who is prepared to crawl into downing street, an alliance with people, -- with people who want to break up the future of our country what a despicable and weak thing to do. risking our defenses, risking our country, risking our united kingdom. if he had an ounce of courage. miliband: there is only one person with the integrity of the united kingdom, it is this useless prime minister. >> that question will be heard. the noise calculatedly being made by some members on both sides of the house is a disgrace to the house of commons. the right honorable gentleman will be heard and the prime minister will be heard.
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that is the end of the matter. miliband: there's only one person who is a risk to the integrity of the country and that is the prime minister. on a head to head debate, we learned something about him because like all bullies when the heat is really on he runs for cover. prime minister cameron: he won't take it. anytime, anyplace, anywhere, but he won't take it. the truth is they have nothing to say on politics, nothing to say on the economy. their only way into the downing street is on alex hammond's coattails. it is an alliance between people who want to bankrupt britain and people who want to break a up britain and the british people will never have it. >> thank you, mr. speaker. on the 25 of march, the inquiry
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which has been looking at the issue of contaminated blood in scotland will finally report likely with implications for the united kingdom. it is highly unlikely there will be a full response because of the timescale. with my right honorable friend who has taken a personal interest over 100 members of the house, given assurance the matter will not slip from his agenda or the government's agenda and as soon as possible in the new parliament there will be an intent at closing down this tragedy in our country. prime minister cameron: let me pay tribute to the right honorable gentleman who has led on this issue, but i suspect every constituency in the house have constituents who had hepatitis c or hiv because of contaminated blood coming to their surgeries and tell their moving stories. it is right to wait for the
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penrose inquiry and that is not an excuse because i want us to take action. not sure the deal will never fully satisfy those who want this wrong to be rated but as a -- wrong to be righted, but as a wealthy successful country we should be helping these people more, we will help these people more. we need penrose first. >> before the last election, the prime minister said he would cut immigration. immigration is three times higher than promised. why has he failed? prime minister cameron: we cut migration from outside the european union but inside the european union we created more jobs than the rest of the european union put together and so now what we need to do is to reform welfare to make sure the people who come to other european countries cannot claim unemployment benefits, leave after six months without a job
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and have to work four years before they get tax credits. that is what you get if you get a conservative government after the next election. >> barry mccloud. >> celebrating international women's day, the prime minister can be congratulated in making it happen for women. more at work than ever before. more females than ever before. given that women are poor for the long-term economic plan, support the women and equality select committee to make sure future governments do that. prime minister cameron: i joined her in agreeing to that, but there is still disadvantage and barriers we have to breakdown. there are more women in work then ever before. the pay gap has been eradicated. there is more we are doing to help with child care and people with caring responsibilities and
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also try to help women around the world not least by campaigning and working to cut out fgm and end the horrors of forced marriage. we have a good record in women's rights not just in the u.k. but right around the world. >> let me share my admiration for the charity that gave out 6000 food parcels to local families, and will he tell those families why 30 years after the miners' strike, our community is having to compensate for its heartless, hopeless government. is that why he won't go head-to-head in debating? prime minister cameron: i tell the lady what we inherited because we have seen unemployment come down by 44%. in the northwest we have seen 124,000 more people in work.
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those are people able to provide for their families. that is what is happening. a growing economy, after the mess left by the hon. lady and her party. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we could be rightly proud of our technology research base, but government spending in this important area is falling behind. when my right honorable friend is returned as prime minister, will he commitment to a increase in maintaining saving in sciences helping to create high-paying jobs we need to deliver our long-term economics. prime minister cameron: my honorable friend is right to mention science. we read the science budget during this parliament because it has been essential to fuel the modern manufacturing economy
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that we want to see. you will also see x initiatives, the alan turing institute, all of these big investments in science in the next parliament. >> caroline lucas. >> entrenching market structures in the nhs, pandering contracts into the private sector, and the 10 billion pounds a year, why don't you think that money would be better spent on patient care? prime minister cameron: what we have than is saved money by cutting out bureaucracy so we are seeing 4.5 billion pounds go into the nhs, but if the honorable lady is saying if there is no occasion at all where anyone from the independent sector or the charitable sector or the voluntary sector can help in our nhs, i think she is wrong. the marie curie cancer care helping the end of life, the idea that there's only one way to deliver health care in our brilliant and age as expanding under this government is completely wrong.
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>> despite record numbers of new jobs people with a learning disability can still find it tough to get into work. will the prime minister join me in welcoming and inclusion zone which will recognize the commitment of local employers to people with a learning disability, and the ability that are too often hidden. prime minister cameron: i certainly join my right honorable friend in praising the great work of the inclusions on which is launching this friday. we need to build on the success we have already with the employment of disabled people up 141,000 over the last year. but this is where we need not only a change in action but a change in culture, which is why the disability confident campaign is so important to encourage employers to give in and give employment to opportunities to disabled people. we now have over 1000 employers committed to change their practices and i want to see this go across the country.
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>> i am sure the prime minister will want to join me to congratulating titanic belfast. the competition from the london yeeye to the eiffel tower become the best international attraction. does he share my frustration and anger, the much bigger stability of economic progress is being jeopardized by promises made by the agreement. >> let me raise the titanic project exhibition. i have been to see it myself. it is brilliant in terms of a visitor attraction and another reason to visit belfast for people not just around the united kingdom but around europe and around the world. i agree with her that what matters is implementing the agreement and everyone should do what they signed up to do in that agreement. i know that my right honorable friend and northern ireland secretary is working hard to make sure everyone fulfilled
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their pledges. >> mark hunter. >> thank you. will the prime minister join me in paying tribute to the many dedicated health professionals who work at saint ann's hospice, and does he agree with me that the decision to do full -- decision to dieboldvulge 6 billion pounds of nhs spending prisons a tremendous opportunity to better integrate healthcare services and secure a more positive long-term funding arrangement for local hospices. prime minister cameron: let me agree with my honorable friend and the hospice movement is another example of something that provides vital health and social services in our country which is not necessarily owned and operated by the nhs. i am not parent who used to -- i'm amazed by the work that they do. we have allocated 100 billion of capital funding since 2010.
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this is in addition to the 10 million to the children's hospices. i would welcome both nhs money made of able to hospices, and the manchester decision, the greater manchester decision makes sure decisions are made between local authorities and the nhs, and made closer to the patients they are serving. >> thank you mr. speaker. a recent report shows a looming deficit of 200 million in forfeiture in three years time. 10 more of these were commission last year. after repeated stonewalling, health ministers are saying, quote, consultant found were not commissioned to the local health summit as described in the questions. can i ask the prime minister election or no election, why is the government engaged in a cover-up of what lies in store for large parts around the country. prime minister cameron: there's
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a pattern which is labor in staffordshire are determined to frighten people about the future of the nhs and they are the last people who should do it. after the appalling mess they made in staffordshire. we are seeing more money going into the nhs, a strong future which we continue as long as we are in this place. >> mr. speaker, this is the third time in four months i have raised a question. nhs england letting down the 180 or so people with diseases that are outside the house today who were failed by a flawed process. some of those children lose access to their drugs from may and their conditions will deteriorate irreversibly. we have two questions.
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can you tell me in that time will he announce if there will be funding for these drugs for children and people need? prime minister cameron: my friend's right to raise this issue. these are very rare and debilitating conditions and there are drugs that can help the children who have these conditions. my understanding having looked at this, and the health and science ministers, and i met with the families and drug companies, and my understanding is that nhs england is holding a review. the review will be completed by the end of april and the companies are currently funding these drugs until the end of may. i don't see any reason why there shouldn't be continuity of care and continuity of drugs. that is what i hope we can achieve. >> spending 2% of gdp on defense is not only significant as part of our nato commitment but an important commitment to be a reliable ally.
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only last september the prime minister still thought he was important when he lectured other nato countries in meeting britain's commitment, is it not just a little bit embarrassed about that? prime minister cameron: this country met nato commitments not only for 2% but to spend the money on deployable equipment and forces which is just as important a commitment. what i would say to the hon. lady is how does she feel about her leader contemplating a deal with the snp to strip the country of their defenses? that is what they're prepared to do. he says very clearly they are only trying to be the largest market, not to win a majority. that is the risk we face. no protection for our country. [indiscernible] >> with unemployment falling enterprises expanding, 310 new
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businesses being created. will my right honorable friend described to the house which government policies will see this recovery continuing so that the irresistible and unstoppable case for southland to be made a city, actually happens? prime minister cameron: i commend him on the consistency of his campaign to be recognized in this way. he asked me what policies will make a difference and bring businesses, cutting the jobs tax of businesses and charities, that is helping, the lowest rate of corporation taxes in the g-7. that is helping. we are abolishing national insurance contributions for under 21s, extending doubling the small business rate relief. all of these things, sticking to our long-term economic plan as the imf and the visit fis, to -- imf and others have advised us, to make sure the south end can continue to grow and perform well.
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>> in protecting universal benefits the prime minister says pensioners deserve dignity when they retire. retired constituents might say what is the point of a bus pass when there are no buses or even trains? [laughter] or even trains, as the conservative bourough counsel pocketed the additional money, which would have been used. will the prime minister do the right thing? >> the honorable lady needs to bring her question to a close, but that question notwithstanding a display of
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considerable rudeness, will be heard. that is the end of it. i don't care how long it takes. >> thank you, mr. speaker. will the prime minister do the right thing and ensure concessionary travel for all pensioners is fair and equitable? prime minister cameron: buses are the responsibility of the county council. i think the point made was a fair one. i talked about dignity and security in retirement because we have kept our commitments and upgraded the pension so pension -- the pension by the triple lock, so pensioners in her constituency will have 950 pounds more in terms of state pensions than when i became prime minister in 2010. we committed to keeping the free bus, and we have cap each and every one of those promises, or gone beyond that by saying to pensioners they don't need to buy an annuity, it is their money, their savings, they can spend it as they choose. this has been a government that recognizes people reserve the
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-- people deserve dignity and security and we delivered in full. >> 75% of our schools contained asbestos. more than 20 teachers a year are dying of exposure to asbestos. children are known to be particularly vulnerable. will the prime minister ensure the government publishes is completed policy review toward -- policy review before dissolution. prime minister cameron: the honorable lady raises a very important issue, which was well broadcast and covered on the media in the last couple of days. that is why we are carrying out an asbestos review going through all of the schools and we will publish it in due course and action will have to be taken. >> mr. speaker, i was thinking of raising with the prime minister the conservative long-term economic plan. [shouting]
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>> which like pinocchio's nose grows longer and less attractive either day. -- attractive i the day. i thought we would just two questions to go, i would ask the prime minister whether he shared my imminent release that neither he nor i will have to pencil in 12:00 noon on wednesday any longer. prime minister cameron: can i take this opportunity, as he will be shortly leaving this house, to pay to be to the right honorable gentleman. i will never forget as a new backbencher in 2001, seeing him in the light of the appalling terrorist attacks that had taken place across the world, the strong leadership he gave on the importance of keeping our country safe. he is a remarkable politician, a remarkable man. i remember once in the home affairs select committee even though he couldn't see what we
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-- see who we all were, he could see who was concentrating and who wasn't. i don't know how he has this extraordinary gift but he is an externally politician. i pay tribute to him. >> the prime minister warned those voters flirting with you that they could wha wake up with a member of the opposition on may 8. is it now the case that they could not only wake up with a leader opposition but also end up snuggled up next to alex sammond. prime minister cameron: who knows what you could wake up with, it may be nigel, it could be any one of the people.
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of course, that is an option. it all points to the difference between the confidence of the conservatives and the chaos of the alternative. >> gregory campbell. >> people in northern ireland once more have the sexual abuse issue put on the spotlight as members of the ira stand accused ira stand accused of holding kangaroo courts. will the prime mister helped to establish an inquiry in order to bring some form of closure and justice to young people who have been abused and the abusers have been sheltered by the ira? cameron: i will look at what was said. in the agreement, there are a set of measures and proposals to deal with the issues of the past in a fair and accountable way. this is one such issue that
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could be dealt with in that way. >> thank you. we have a proud history of supporting the armed forces. there are contracts for the helicopter fleet that will help companies. will the prime mister reassure us of his commitment to defense spending the defense industry, procurement, and defense jobs? cameron: the $160 billion equipment program is fully protected and will grow in real terms. we have been to portsmouth to see the docs put into welcome the queen elizabeth aircraft carrier. it is a tremendous investment going into portsmouth and our constituency will benefit from the chinook contract, which will
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pump money into the defense industry and lead to the training of apprentices and jobs for many years to come. >> mr. speaker, a couple with two children making 25,000 pounds and a woman making 10,000 pounds will be worse off in tax credits if they stay together than if they break up. if the attack on working families another reason you will not go head-to-head in a pre-election debate? cameron: what the government has done is lifted the first 10600 pounds. we allow a marriage tax allowance. i'm a member he voted against it. he cares about couples and commitment. he should vote with us. >> thank you, mr. speaker. it is an honor and privilege to
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be a member of parliament for the last five years. i am proud that, in that time, there are more doctors and nurses in the hospital. the number of schools is halved. unemployment has fallen to the most level since constituency records began in 1983. does the prime mister agree with me that this is not just empty rhetoric? this makes a real difference for people on the ground, gripping the economy and the deficit. cameron: i honor my honorable friend in all of the work she has done. the claims have come down 70% since the election. it comes down 64%. i know that, working with tracy who made sure the north benefited from the economic
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plan. >> this could be the last prime minister's question after 20 years representing. i'm making my retirement plants. -- plans. cameron: i congratulate him on his service and winning election. i remember an election not entirely happy from my point of view. we all have plans from after may 7. people we want to spend more and less time with. i think you have one to. -- too. >> the scottish national party has been in public with the prospect of blackmailing one of the two main parties for denying or abandoning [indiscernible] will the prime minister confirm
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that, if he is still prime minister -- [indiscernible] he will certainly ensure the contract performs if some brains are signed. cameron: i can reassure my honorable friend. it is nonnegotiable. it is absolutely vital part -- an absolutely vital part of the nation's security. this is a leaflet going out across scotland. it says that we need to stop the tories. they have given up. you have given up trying to win the majority. they want to be on the coattails and put the country at risk. the british people will never have it. >> mr. speaker 70,000 police officers have g


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