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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 7, 2015 8:45pm-9:01pm EDT

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wonderful work you do all across the country with your remarkable ministers. we hold this easter prayer every year to take a moment from our hectic lives for some fellowship friendship, prayer, and reflection. i know pastors here and had a very busy holy week, and so for you to travel here and take the time to spend with us is extraordinary after what i know is difficult. i can't say that our work during this season is comparable, but you should try dealing with thousands of people in your backyard on easter at hunts. [laughter] after that, you need quiet reflection. particularly because i had some of my nephews, six and four, in
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my house all weekend. . quiet reflection. [laughter] girls are different than boys. this morning we also remember a man of god we lost this weekend. a man known and loved by many of you, in american preacher, dr. gardner c. taylor. anyone at the privilege of hearing him speak knows what our he had -- what power he had. he was a civil rights hero and he was a friend of dr. king who used his spellbinding sermons to spread the gospel and open people's hearts and minds. he taught and mentor to countless young ministers. so as we mourn his absence today we also take solace that he leaves a living legacy, and that he is in a better place. i am no preacher.
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i can't tell anything to this crowd about easter that you don't already know. i can offer a couple reflections very quickly before we begin. for me, the celebration of easter puts our earthly concerns into perspective. with humility and with all we give thanks to the extraordinary sacrifice of jesus christ our savior reflect on the brutal pain he suffered, the scorn that he absorbed, the sins that he bore, his extraordinary gift of salvation that he gave to us. we try as best we can to comprehend what he endured that we might receive god's light. but even as we grapple with the sheer enormity of jesus tossed
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's sacrifice, on easter we can't lose sight of the fact that -- the story keeps on going. on sunday comes the glorious resurrection of our savior. good friday they occupied the throne for a day, dr. king once preached but ultimately it must give way to the triumphant beat of the drums of easter. the drums that beat the rhythm of renewal and redemption, goodness and grace, hope and love. easter is our affirmation that there are better days ahead. it is also a reminder that it is on us, the living, to make them so. through god's mercy, peter the
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apostle said "we are given an inheritance that is undefiled and unfazed kept in heaven for you." it is an inheritance that calls on us to be better, to love more deeply to serve the least of these as an expression of christ's love your honor. the spirit we feel is in the example of his holiness, pope francis, who encourages us to seek peace serve the marginalized, and be good stewards of god's creation. like millions of americans, i am honored to be welcoming into our country later this year. i want to quote him. he says we should strive to see the lord and every person who is thirsty, hungry, naked. to see the lord present even in those who have lost their faith. in the imprisoned, sick, unemployed persecuted, to see the lord and the less, body and soul who encounter
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discrimination. isn't that how jesus lived? isn't that how he loved? embracing those who were different, serving the marginalized? humbling himself to the last? this is the example we are called to follow, to love him with our hearts and minds and souls, and to love all people as ourselves. as it says in the first letter of john, "let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth." on easter, i do reflect on the fact that as a christian, i am supposed to love. i have to say that sometimes when i listen to less than loving expressions by christians i get concerned.
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but that is the topic for another day. [applause] where there is injustice -- i was about to be her off. [laughter] where there is injustice, we defend. where there is disagreement -- we treat each other with compassion and respect. where there are differences we find strength in our common humanity, knowing we are all children of god. today we celebrate the magnificent glory. i pray that we will live up to his example. i pray that i will live up to his example. i fall short so often. every day, i try to do better. i pray that we will be strengthened by his eternal love. i pray that we will be worthy of
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his many blessings. with that, i would like to invite amy butler to offer our opening prayer. doctrine your. amy butler: loving and gracious god, we come here today with the gratitude for your way of love, a love that death could not destroy and a tomb could not contain. without embellishment, we can set that we offer -- we struggle with the brokenness of our world and the responsibilities we bear to heal it. you came to proclaim good news to the poor, but too many of your children go to sleep with empty stomachs on cold streets. you came to give sight to the blind, and time and again, we failed to see you in the faces
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of our neighbors. we are easter people, but so often we live in the reality of crucifixion, just shy of resurrection. grant us the wisdom, courage and strength to live as resurrection people, not conform to the realities of this world but determined to transform it as agents of your justice, healing, and love. we pray in the name of the risen christ amen. >> amen. >> ladies and gentlemen, ms. amy grant. [applause]
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amy grant: what a pleasure to be here. on my busiest days, i make sure i pray one prayer -- god legally today to those i need, and to those that need me. let something i do have eternal significance. ♪ i don't know if any of you guys needed me, but i sure needed to hear what you have to say. ♪ ♪ thy word is a lamp unto my past ♪ ♪ ♪
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[laughter] [applause] >> coming up tonight, see c-span's profile of reuben galago.
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then, the modern history of afghanistan in photos. that's followed by the national conference of independent from new york city. wednesday, the latest on the iran nuclear negotiations and the newly announced framework agreement. a discussion from the national council on u.s.-arab relations live at 10:00 a.m. eastern. later, the irs commissioner joins a discussion at the brookings institute on the impact of irs budget cuts. that is live at 2:00 p.m. eastern. >> this sunday on "q&a," the senior editor for "the weekly standard," on his writing career and the gop candidates. >> they want somebody who looks like he has stood up for them. i am amazed at the degree to which primary voters on both sides are motivated by
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resentment. the sense of being put upon. those people really don't understand us, and here is a guy who does understand us, and he will stick to them. hillary clinton will give her own version of that. and i don't think that was true 30 years ago. resentment has always been part of politics, but the degree to which it is almost exclusively the motivating factor in truly committed republicans and democrats. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern. c-span's profiles of congressional freshmen continues tonight with arizona democrat reuben gallego. he earned a scholarship to harvard, but later dropped out to join the marines.
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he talks about his experiences his family, and his new life in washington. this is a little over 20 minutes. >> congressman seventh congressional district of arizona, a couple months as a freshman -- what is it like? >> it is fascinating. every day brings a new challenge. every day i get to do something very interesting and every day i miss home. but i am glad i am here -- i feel like i am doing good work. >> how that somebody who was born in chicago and up in arizona? >> i followed a woman out there who was not my wife. what happened was i was in new mexico with my wife, working in the 2004 election. while there, i got activated and sent to iraq. when i