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tv   Japanese Prime Minister State Dinner Guest Arrivals  CSPAN  May 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:05pm EDT

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will stop also, district maps and -- handles. also, district maps. order your copy today. it is $13.95 plus shipping and handling at japanese prime minister was in washington last week. he met with president obama and address a joint meaning -- meeting of congress. the white house hosted a state dinner. here's a look at that. >> emily, tell us about this past tuesday's state dinner. emily: a very formal affair. it was a lovely spring evening. it was nice to have some good weather. sometimes these dinners can be marred if there is some bad weather. a smaller dinner than previous dinners have an.
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fewer than 200 people gathered at the white house. it was also a slightly less glittery affair we have seen that other state dinners. heavy i love government. -- a la government. a little lower on the glitter factor which was nice. i think they had a hangover from that on the white house correspondents dinner. >> who was this held for? emily: in honor of the prime minister of japan and his wife. and for the celebration of honoring the alliance between the u.s. and japan. we get so caught up in the downs -- gowns and place settings but really it is to celebrate the licenses -- the alliances between two nations to do a public and high-profile
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demonstration of the bond between two countries. >> who in the white house hierarchy is responsible for posting these, planning them? emily: planning is incredibly detailed and it takes months. it is done by several different groups. the office of chief of a call coordinate with the white house social secretary. the first lady is heavily involved in the process. this begins months in advance. so many things go into this dinner. in crafting the guest list consulting with the guests making sure the menu reflects seasonal thoughts to both countries and that the guests are not allergic to something taking into account allergies and preferences. it is an incredibly difficult process.
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just imagine wedding planning with way higher stakes and incredibly -- magnify it by about 1000. >> welcome to the white house. tomorrow, the president will welcome the prime minister of japan, which will mark the official visit followed by a formal state dinner of the obama administration. the dinner will take place and will be followed by a musical performance here in the state dining room. the entertainment is the cast members of the film adaptation of "jersey boys." including, tony award winner john hammadi presidents council of arts and humanities.
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the to core will -- decor. you can see the orchids and terry blossoms. they represent this long-awaited season. in the dining room, there will be curtains, crystal that represents rain, which won't take long to get back to that if you were out at all this weekend. it is a welcoming for our visitors to spring and how much japan has brought us and how much we look forward to spring. with that -- >> i will be brief on some of the objectives of the visit.
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some of you may have seen our preview of this. this is the first such visit from the japanese prime minister to the u.s. in nearly a decade. president obama was able to visit japan. he hosted the state visit last year. we believe the u.s.-japan alliance is the cornerstone of our engagement with the asia pacific region. the president has made a rebound to the asia pacific region. making sure the u.s.-japan alliance is strong and growing stronger has been the key to the foreign-policy priority. he visit takes place as the 70th anniversary of the closing of world war ii. it is a testament to how far our countries have come and the ability to reconcile and develop an appreciation for our shared democratic values.
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that will be on display over the next couple of days. the leaders will be focused on a number of important issues. on our defense and security cooperation alliance there is a meeting taking place between our foreign and defense ministers that is focusing on how to revise and update our defense that went. we are welcoming japan increase their role in the alliance and we see this as a critical them, distort moment -- medical, historic moment. economically, the u.s. and japan are enormous trading partners and we are currently negotiating the trade agreement along with 10 other nations that have the ability to unlock even greater job creation for both the u.s. and japan and other countries in the asia-pacific region. i think we want to be looking across our entire relationship how we operate in the asia-pacific region and what are the people ties between our
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countries and the first lady was able to visit japan recently. a very good visit with the prime minister's wife where they discussed our shared commitment to the education of women. there are things we can do together in support of international girls education. our peace corps is cooperating with them. we're finding ways to foster growth education. this is something the first lady will continue to work on. this is an important visit with the prime minister but there are many other important elements that we will be hearing from now that i think will resonate with the japanese american public and is a testimony to how much we value this friendship. >> [indiscernible] >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. are social secretary -- for our
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state dinner, we are celebrating spring. for the forced course, we are doing a very classic american caesar salad with a japanese twist. this particular caesar salad has a japanese traditional way of wrapping gifts. we thought this would be a good combination of both cuisines. this is an absolutely or just plate. we ran to the garden this morning and grabbed all of the lettuce. we are using two bags of the lettuce planted by schoolchildren from around the country. for the main course, we are highlighting and accenting with
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some local vegetables. for some of these, we are highlighting oysters. some of the cheeses from vermont. a lot of great things we want to celebrate. thank you. >> good morning, everyone. i wanted to present to you, a silk and custard cake on the new dessert plate. a healthier version of cheesecake, american style with seasonal berries. we have petite hellos -- pillows.
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i have a sip of tea, a handcrafted teapot and surrounded with little cherry blossoms to celebrate the arrival of spring. we have strawberries and sweetie cups and tea and lemon take a. -- tea cake. >> doesn't seem to be fair after the chefs come up here. our services traditional american wine as has been the custom at the white house. we have an unusual, personal accident. the prime minister toasted him
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in conversations. the present that as a personal gift, we would bring sake in from one of the finest sake breweries and we serve that as the toast for this evening. in sake brewing, you refine the rice down to the center to bring out the starches, the fermentable parts. sake would be a 40%. this is down to 43%. we will be serving that at the toast this evening. the wind we has is nice. the white is out of sonoma.
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they purchased land in the sonoma coast area. the process is fascinating. the one we are serving is from a local winemaker. it signifies the full climate of the sonoma coast. and nice chardonnay. the p known war -- pinot noir is out of napa valley. we are following with a dessert course.
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it will help with the intensity of the desert. thank you. >> the white house curator. >> good morning. you see what will be unveiled for dinner tomorrow night for official use of the obama state china. it consists of 11 pieces. they were designed to draw a modern aesthetic to a new china while continuing to draw on historic and traditional elements. we have the service plate at the center. the center is the coat of arms. this is all the table is set when the guests arrived.
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we start and end the dinner with the presidential symbol. between, this color was created for this particular service. it is an honor of the waters off the president's home in hawaii. it is a modern and fresh color not previously seen on state china. mrs. obama's main goal was to create a modern service that was compatible with all of the historic china. that appears on most of the pieces. the one exception is the dinner plate at the far right. this is to blend the modern with the stork. -- with his stork. this is an 18 of six french china service purchased by james and dolly madison.
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it is a remarkably modern pattern for 200 years ago. it has been turned into this element which is seen here, a form never before been in a white house china service. specially designed with consultation between the first lady staff on what makes for good food service an interesting entertaining. this could be used for soup and dessert and any other dish that the chefs get creative with. thanks very much. >> every administration has its own china service. this was the first time the obama's publicly displayed the new obama state china service. it was made in the u.s. and it
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incorporated that it is very simple. the first lady explained that it was done that way so the white house could in the future next the service with the other services originated with other administrations. a mix and match kind of sense. they are very elegant even though they are described as a simple. they are not something i would eat a spaghetti or [captioning performed by national captioning institute] i dinner on. they did a preview of the service at the white house on monday. i was so amazed they had all of us behind a velvet rope. then they took the ropes away and said, you can come take pictures. we all stampede at and i was
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very nervous that someone was going to knock over the china. it was on display and there were cameras and tripods and people walking through the tables and i was trying very hard not to knock something over. i was very nervous being around the new china. >> walk us through the day, the evening. what happened and tell us about the program. emily: the evening begins with the arrival of the prime minister and there is a very formal welcoming celebration on the north quarter cup of the white house where you see the lovely white columns, the steps. the guest ascend the steps, they are welcomed by the president and first lady and everyone wonders what the first lady will wear. you go into the white house and the rest of the evening, reporters have access.
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we do see some of the guests that come in. we're in an area or many of the guests go by on their way to cocktail hour held before the dinner. we did get to see some but not all of the guests. some talk, some don't. you get a chance to see what people are wearing come what they're thinking about. the guest list for this state dinner was a little lower on the glam factor. many members of congress, secretaries, senators. among the more notable important guests, george tokai is a huge favorite of anyone on twitter. he practically owns the space. he is hilarious. he is a big supporter of gay rights. when i had a chance to talk with him, i asked him about the oral arguments at the supreme court.
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he is interested but has not gotten up to speed. i asked him if he would be live tweeting through the state dinner because he is a so big on social media. he said he was not going to do that. he was drawing the line ended without light. -- -- he said that was drawing the line. another guest was russell wilson. he arrived with ciaara. there was such a drama about this in the week leading up to the dinner. we heard they were dating and he was bringing her as his guest. it turned out, he brought his grandmother. seeing russell wilson and sierra -- ciara was their big coming
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out. his grandmother was back in virginia for the night.
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[cameras shuttering] ♪ >> the governor of hawaii.
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>> we have them looking forward to it. >> how are your chopsticks skills? >> i am really good at chopsticks. >> [indiscernible] >> thank you. >> we have trade missions. we go to a lot of foreign places in asia. >> is this your first state
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dinner? >> our seventh. >> you are pros by now. >> it is an honor and a privilege for us. i am the vice chair of the national governors association. >> how are you at chopsticks? >> not too good. >> are you going to try or play it safe? >> i am going to try. i like to get the food in my mouth. [laughter] >> thank you. ♪
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>> right now, it is just all the work. ♪ >> how many dinners is this? >> four.
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♪ [indiscernible conversations]
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>> the honorable mr. gregory.
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mr. george takei. >> will you be tweeting throughout the dinner? george takei: after. not the politest thing to do. >> did oyuyou follow the arguments? they had the oral arguments. george takei: we were traveling so we could not keep up.
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[indiscernible] george takei: thank you. [classical music playing] >> the honorable ron white and mrs. white.
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ron wyden: it will be challenging in that department. [indiscernible] ron wyden: obviously, there is a long way to go. but we had a strong vote in the senate. thanks everybody.
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[classical music]
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>> the honorable paul ryan and mrs. ryan. kevin mccarthy: my daughter is in virginia in georgetown. this is my son. >> have you been to the white house before? >> yes.
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>> are you setting up? kevin mccarthy: yeah, yeah. >> thanks so much. [classic music starts up]
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♪\ >> the dinner this time was held inside the white house in the east room. there is a tent erected on the lawn. i'm told it is not so much that the guest list dictates the venue, it is the other way around. the white house determines
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by consulting with the guest country whether or not they want to eat the white house or do a larger event outside. it seems that the fund minister and his wife preferred a smaller gathering in the white house. the max in the east room is 210 guests. that is how that cap came about. the toasts or another part of the evening, right before the dinner of course. this time, the toast was dlovely. i am told, i didn't taste it. the prime minister gets a toast. a mix of lighthearted but also quite sincere. the prime minister of japan in his toast talked about an american import that he very much enjoys in his country. he made mention of the fact that president obama enjoyed it as well, a cultural exchange
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moment. people raised to the classtheir glass of sake and then they ate. the food looked quite lovely. the white house chef had a celebrity chef to come help out. chef morimoto, who is mostly known through his appearances on "iron chef" within the white house kitchen. the first lady has died in his restaurant, as well as the prime minister. -- has dined in his restaurant. putting together the menu is very difficult. you have to take into account what produce is available. you also want to highlight american ingredients. they were also ingredients pulled from the white house garden that morning. someone actually went out and harvested things from the white house garden, which the first lady has been quite proud of.
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actually using produced from the garden in the white house. then there is dessert, and this one is spectacular. they are not a slice of pie at a white house state dinner. we are talking teapots made of sugars and little petits fours in the shape of tea. very fine food served this time and in many other state dinners. that is the least of previous administrations in modern history holding state dinners. the george w. bush administration i believe held about a dozen or so. the state dinner does feel a bit integrated. -- a bit antiquated. this is something we will see less of.
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there is a sense that it is a bit outlived in its usefulness as an everyday tool, other than a diplomatic tool that has taken the place of things that used to be accomplished at a state and dinner. there are more varied and casual ways to take care of diplomacy. they are still important, but we will see fewer of them. there is also the appearance and optics of it. the us are very lavish affairs. there are concern among voters about the price tag. we don't know what the exact price tag is. it is been estimated that it could be $500,000. that is probably conservative. anyone who has planned a wedding knows how expensive these things are. and multiply that by 1000. there is a little bit of restraint on the part of the white house.
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they know that black-tie entertainment, people don't really connect with that. >> jeremy bernard, the white house social secretary, has been a third social secretary of this administration. he's the first man to hold the job. he's also the first openly gay man to hold the job. he has been essential to the function of this white house which doesn't like to throw a lot of events. not necessarily big splashy ones like this, but schoolchildren and all sorts of groups coming to the white house. this first family has made that a big part of their agenda in really welcoming people into this white house. that has been a modern trend. george w bush and laura bush certainly thought that was important, and really tried to bring lots of people in what they call the people's house.
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he has been very busy and a key player in the administration. this is his last state dinner. when i spoke to them on tuesday i asked him if he was feeling nostalgic at all. he had so many details to think about that night, everything just has to go perfectly. you don't want a gaffe at a state dinner. he said i will feel nostalgic at 11:00, which is when of the last test leaves the white house grounds. -- last guest. then he will pour himself a drink, because this is quite something to pull off. he will be replaced by his deputy. we don't know a lot about her. she is not in old washington handed that often takes his kind of jobs. she is a philadelphia native, starting off at the white house as an intern and quickly rose through the ranks. she is been a jeremy bernard's deputy. he expressed quite a bit of confidence and her and thinks
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she is ready to take this kind of thing on. she probably will not have to pull of too many of these state dinners. i cannot imagine there would be more than 1-2 by the end of this administration. >> ♪ i love you baby ♪ ♪ and if it is quite alright ♪ ♪ i need you baby ♪ ♪ i love you baby ♪ ♪ trusted in me when i say ♪ ♪ oh pretty baby ♪ ♪ now that i've found you safe ♪ ♪ let me love you ♪ >> the evening's entertainment does not finish with dessert. the group then usually enjoys entertainment of some sort.
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it is often an american musical artist. this time it was the cast of "jersey boys," which seemed interesting. it was the cast of the movie version of the musical. they do 1960's retro music. i was told the reason they were chosen because they are big in japan. a lot of bands say that. but apparently the japanese love "jersey boys." so this was the evening's entertainment. is not an artist that has tie twoo the guest nation. last year, mary j. blige performed, and there was no real connection. it is an example of american arts and who is loved by the american people. they listened to this performance. there was no dancing is time, a function of remaining inside the white house as opposed to having the space in a tent, where you
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might have a dance floor. there was no dancing. not one of the wilder state dinners, if you could ever call a state dinner wild. that is what the state dinner looks like formrom soup to nuts. >> ♪ jerry ♪ [applause] >> here is what is ahead tonight on c-span. next japanese prime minister shinzo abe addresses a joint meeting of congress. than the swearing in assembly for loretta lynch. and then the discussion on lessons learned from the recent discussion in baltimore. join us tomorrow on washington
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journal when we examine another current topic. nicole austin-hillery will discuss the 1994 crime bill. then a discussion on the guantanamo bay detention facility. and then we will talk about campaign finance in the 2016 elections. washington journal, starting everyday at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. later sunday, it is newsmakers with texas republican mac thornberry. he talks about a number of topics, including the authorization for the use of military force against isis. here is a preview. representative thornberry: the question is, can there be support for another authorization to use military force against isis? i think we need to try. it is our job under the constitution. in addition to that, i think we
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have a bold obligation to the men and women we sent out on these dangerous missions to have the full cloak of constitutional authority and moral backing of the country in supporting their mission. i think we have a responsibility to try. i had some conversations today about next steps moving forward. i want to try and contribute to that debate. even though it doesn't technically come out of our committee. >> what are those next steps? mac thornberry: to me, there is an authorization to use military force that would work in the field, that could get the support of republicans and democrats enough to pass in the house and senate. there are a couple that have been introduced. i think there may be more discussions about that. i can't tell you all of the steps in the legislative process. it is my opinion however, that we really need to try to do this. for the reason we have just been
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talking about -- it is our job under the constitution. >> sunday night on c-span's q&a washington post national security reporter on the situation in the middle east and his opinion on the 273 invasion of iraq. -- 2004303 invasion of iraq. >> history has proved they were no experts on iraq. we look at things from our own point of view and get deceived by it. you can go back to vietnam, it is a great example of the first time we sort of did it openly. but we have a history of trying to think other people are like us, or want our standards. and the world is different. particularly in the middle east, it is a totally different culture.
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host: sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span's qnx. -- q&n. >> more now with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. he addressed a joint meeting of commerce. his remarks run just over 50 minutes. >> mr. speaker! the prime minister of japan. [applause]
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[applause continues]
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president hoop
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john boehner: i have the opportunity to present shinzo abe, the prime minister of japan. [applause] prime minister abe: mr. speaker mr. vice president distinguished members of the senate and the house distinct ladies and gentlemen. 1957.
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my grandfather standing right here as prime minister of japan began his address by saying and i quote "ist is because of our strong belief in democratic principles and ideals that japan associates herself with a free nation of the world." [applause] prime minister abe: 50 years have passed. today, i am honored to stand
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here at thes the first japanese prime minister ever to address your joint session. i offer my deepest gratitude to you for inviting me. i have lots of things to tell you. [laughter] prime minister abe: but, i am here with no ability nor the intention to filibuster. [cheers] [applause] prime minister abe: as i stand in front of you today the name of your distinct colleagues that japan welcomes as or ambassador comes back to me.
8:58 pm
the honorable mike matfield. walter mondale. [applause] and howard baker. [applause] on behalf of japanese people, thank you so very very much for sending us such shining champions of democracy. [applause] the ambassador also embodies the tradition of american democracy. thank you.
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you have done for all of us. [applause] prime minister abe: we all miss senator daniel who symbolized the honor and achievements of japanese americans. [applause] prime minister abe: ladies and gentlemen, my first encounter with america goes back to my days as a student. when i spent time in california.
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a lady named catherine let me live in her house. she was a widow and always spoke of her late husband saying, you know he was much more handsome than gary cooper. [laughter] prime minister abe: she meant it, she really did. my wife is here. [applause] prime minister abe: i don't dare
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ask what she says about me. [laughter] prime minister abe: she was cheerful and so kind, and lots and lots of people stopped by at her house. they were so diverse, i was amazed and said to myself "american is an awesome country." later i took a job as a film major and i was given a chance to walk in new york. here in the u.s., land and hierarchy are neither here or nor there. people advanced based on merit.
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when you discuss things, you don't pay much attention to who is jurninior or senior. you just choose the best ideas no matter whose ideas they are from. this culture intoxicated me. so much so, after i got elected as a member of the house, some of the old guard in my party would say, hey, you are so cheeky abe. and so, my family name. it is not "abe"." some americans call me that now
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and then, but i do not take offense. that is because, ladies and gentlemen, the japanese, ever since they started at the the very foundation for democracy. in that famous line, the son of a foreman carpenter -- former carpenter has become the president. that such a country existed woke up the japanese of the late 19th century to democracy. for japan, our encounter with america was also our encounter with democracy. [applause] prime minister abe: and that was more than 150 years ago.
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giving us a mature history together. before coming over here, i was at the world war ii memorial. it was a place of peace and calm. the air was filled with the sound or f order in the fountains. in one corner stands the freedom wall. more than 4,000 gold stars shine on the


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