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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  May 9, 2015 5:45pm-6:31pm EDT

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louisiana down on the bayou. he grew up through louisiana's oil bust. he is a very conservative person. one of my mentors when he was in congress. a little bit about him he is a veteran of desert storm and left the military with the right of sergeant. he received the army achievement medal, the national defense ribbon, overseas training ribbon and louisiana were cross from his 11 years of service as a member of the louisiana national guard. he may be difficult for us to understand because he does have a cajun accent, but you're going to love him like i do. former congressman jeff landry, the future attorney general from the state of louisiana. jeff. [applause] ♪ ♪ jeff landry: thank you very much
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for that warm welcome. more importantly, thank you for being here today. congressman duncan thinks i have an accent. i cannot understand why. but if you have trouble understanding me, i will put the text of my speech on jeff how about that? i am happy to be here. i'm happy to be with fellow conservatives who believe in constitutional liberty. i'm happy to be with those individuals who believe this nation and our principles are worth fighting for. [applause] jeff landry: i tell you what, y'all deserve a round of applause. give yourselves a round of applause. give yourself a round of applause. [applause] jeff landry: you see, you are the leaders who ensure conservativism wins in 2016.
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you have taken your time and treasure this weekend. what a great group of speakers we have today. our slate includes men and women from across the country with diverse backgrounds, experience, and solutions to the problems facing our country. it is this diversity that makes conservativism so strong. it is not just these speakers, but our entire membership that represents all that is great with america. we believe in an almighty god. that is he who has laid his hand on this country. [applause] jeff landry: and that it is his law, natural law, and it is not subject to amendment modification, or revision by man. [applause]
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jeff landry: we believe all life is sacred and we all have the right liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we believe in individual, not the government. we want people to have the freedom to create and achieve. we believe small business owners and hard work grow our economy not government bureaucrats or crony capitalism because we built this country. [applause] jeff landry: we believe all people should have equal opportunity. but that equal opportunity does not guarantee equal results. and that is ok, because we know people create prosperity and wealth. not the government. we believe compassion is measured not by how many people
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are on the government assistance, but how many people no longer need government support. [applause] jeff landry: we believe a person should be measured by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. [applause] jeff landry: we are thankful for the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and their families. [applause] jeff landry: we believe in the strength that comes from the family unit. that parents, not politicians noknow best. we believe education starts in the home and is fostered in our local communities. our students should be empowered. our teachers should be protected
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from big government, and our parents given educational choices. [applause] jeff landry: we believe in checks and balances that the founding fathers designed to keep sacred the rights of the individual. we believe our duly elected representatives should determine rules and laws, not appointed bureaucrats working for the executive branch. and we certainly do not believe we are a free people when our government is being run with a phone and a pen. [applause] jeff landry: we believe in the rule of law. and nobody, including our elected officials, i.r.s. directors, or secretaries of state, is above the law. [applause] jeff landry: we believe patients
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and doctors should make medical decisions, and not government appointed panels. [applause] jeff landry: and finally, we believe the constitution should be preserved protected, and defended. and when conservatives win that is what we expect. [applause] jeff landry: conservativism is strong because of you. as someone who has served, i know we are all in this together, one nation under god, he indivisible -- indivisible with justice for all. together, let us restore our republic. as they say down in louisiana -- let the good times roll! thank you all so very much.
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[applause] ♪ ♪ jeff duncan: everybody enjoying themselves so far? all right! our next speaker has been a leading conservative voice in his home state of new hampshire for over 10 years, taking the fight for limited government and fiscal sanity to the liberal left. 10 years ago he won election to the new hampshire house of representatives where he rose to the position of speaker of the house, making the new hampshire house a force for conservative reform. he pushed through fiscally -- a fiscally responsible budget that sent the liberals crazy. he has been an outspoken critic of obamacare from the beginning
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pointing out the disastrous law gave the government unlimited power over people and the ability to take away health care they wanted. over the past few years, i have gotten to know bill o'brien well. and i respect him because he is a man of character who never strays from his guiding conservative principles. i'm proud to report bill o'brien has spoken at our new hampshire freedom summit and iowa freedom summit. i am so grateful he wanted to come here to south carolina. i'm glad he is here today because he understands the importance of highlighting conservative leadership in our first three primary states. please join me in welcoming the former speaker of the new hampshire house of representatives, bill o'brien. [applause] ♪ ♪
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bill o'brien: do we have any fellow tea party patriots with us today? [cheers and applause] bill o'brien: greetings to you from new hampshire. i want to thank my good friend dave. i'm honored to be here and speak today. i want to thank congressman jeff duncan and citizens united for hosting this event, and to the many great organizations sponsoring it. there are so many inspiring people who will be here today. it is a most impossible to thank them all. the most important attendees are all of you, conservative activists from across south carolina who are here today. it is the opportunity to speak with you that brought me here today from new hampshire. but my message is not important because i am a former speaker and new hampshire.
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it is not important because i'm currently than hatcher house republican leader. it is important because like many of you, i am a conservative activist. it is as an activist that i speak to you. in new hampshire, we have 400 state representatives. it pays $100 a year, so you don't get many career politicians in the new hampshire legislature. [laughter] o[applause] bill o'brien: it just does not pay enough. instead, our activists become state representatives. i am one of those activists. like many of you, over the years i have heard establishment party members and the liberal media tell us who we must nominate for president if we are going to win in november. and then having convinced too many of us to put aside our conservative principles when we
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vote in the primaries the liberal media turns the remainder of its job -- to the remainder of its job. that is to promote the latest liberal disaster in the general election and destroy another chance to return america to greatness. [applause] bill o'brien: so i am here today, and i have been to iowa to spread the message that new hampshire grassroots activists are steadfast in our commitment to conservative decibels and -- conservative principles and candidates. we are committed to limited government and free market. we are committed to personal sovereignty. we are committed to our unalienable right of self protection. we are committed to the right of every child born and unborn to life. [applause]
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bill o'brien: and we are committed to stop the government war on religion. [applause] obill o'brien: because of those convictions that many of us share, we ask you to join us to make sure a conservative candidate wins next year's presidential primaries. [applause] bill o'brien: we conservatives in the early decision states of new hampshire and south carolina must ensure there is at least one party led by a conservative presidential candidate in 2016. [applause] bill o'brien: we must not fall again to the head fake that starts off with the establishment and liberal media telling us to nominate a moderate so we can win and ends
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with that moderate losing because he cannot draw any distinction between himself and the liberal party candidate. [applause] bill o'brien: we must not vote for second-best or compromise. we in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, must not sin forward another candidate into another presidential debate with the democrat nominee who does not have the courage of his convictions or has no convictions at all. [applause] bill o'brien: let us nominate a candidate with conservative convictions that match our own. i don't know what is worse. both parties nominateing candidates because they have well-known, dynastic names, or the conservative party nominating a candidate that will run for big government, european
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solutions in the federal election. are we going to do that again? are we going to again have the liberal media laughing at us when they fake us into nominating someone who is too liberal for the country? when we win -- we win when we directly and unapologetically present our philosophy of liberty founded on individual sovereignty. we lose when we nominate rhinos. [applause] bill o'brien: let's make sure we win and america wins this primary season. will you join us in new hampshire and iowa and make sure that happens? [applause] bill o'brien: thank you.
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thank you and god bless you. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> a great lineup of speakers. the energy backstage is incredible. the next person i want to introduce is a colleague of mine from washington, someone that probably needs the introduction. someone who hosted the iowa freedom summit, someone who is rock solid in his belief in the constitution of the united states, and his belief in america. please welcome my good friend from iowa, congressman steve king. [applause] ♪ ♪
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steve king: thank you for the south carolina welcome. i am so pleased when folks from south carolina come up to iowa, and we have a chance to interchange our activities. when jeff duncan agreed to give a speech there he also brought his shotgun so we had to do a little of that. you can say i am for the second amendment. but if you practice it every chance and create opportunities, nobody wonders. jeff duncan stands on constitutional principles constantly, every single one of them. [applause] steve king: i wanted to talk with you about the early states and how this works, how much it matters. that is not that i just woke up
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yesterday and decided i would like to getting gauged in this. i have been engaged in this for presidential cycle after presidential cycle. we organized events. we sat down in january on one of those years and decided we would do an event in iowa and new hampshire later on. it culminated in an event here on labor day in the same year. jim demint did each of those stops along the way. this year, we did our event generally 24 -- january 24 and a now in south carolina. that is because when the nomination process starts, the people engaged early, the activists in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, we have more to say about who will be the next president on a per capita basis than anybody else in the country. [applause] steve king: if we get it right, the country is the beneficiary
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of the decisions we make. these presidential candidates i get to know all of them in a personal way if i can. i can tell you when they look at running for president they don't always know what their platform will look like. they have their principles, but they might layout 25 planks and then they find out there is one you don't like, when you insist on. by the time they do their campaigning in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, we have helped them select the planks for the platform. we have shaped those planks and bolted them down. in iowa, we hope to put one or two candidates on the platform and write off because -- after the caucus ship them off to new hampshire. in new hampshire, they will shape it and maybe we will concur. if they come down here to south carolina, you look at them and
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say what kind of job do they do in iowa and new hampshire? we have this other plank we did not get. let's make the platform different. let's empower this candidate more strongly. i look and make a recommendation. new hampshire can make a recommendation. but south carolina can put the kiss of the nomination on the candidate of your choice. [applause] steve king: that is why this is important. if the candidate comes out of south carolina with a resounding victory, all of that will take your recommendation. our values arrived in the oval office with a president who believes like we do. [applause] steve king: all of the things i have the privilege to do like writing legislation and try to
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get them passed into law, all of that pales in comparison to what all of us together can do to get the right president. if you don't think about that the way i do, i will say look at how much president obama has affected policy in this country from the oval office. not very much if you took out the unconstitutional stuff. [laughter] steve king: but the unconstitutional stuff is a very troubling component of this. most important thing the next president must do is restore this constitution back to the text of its original meaning. [applause] steve king: that has to happen. president obama has violated this constitution over and over again. multiple times on obamacare. multiple times on immigration. i have asked the question. he has defied article one, the congress and the law and
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decided he can make up his own laws. and he has also decided he will ignore the laws he does not want to enforce, even though he takes an oath to take care that the laws are faithfully executed. and seven when -- and so, he we know he defies article 12 congress. i have been asking the question. what happens when there is a confrontation between president obama and article three with the courts? will he defy the courts? we know he has. they continue to issue the unconstitutional amnesty work permits even though the judge ordered them to stop. time is short to accomplish that. [laughter] steve king: but we need to restore this constitution. the next president needs to do that. i want to give you a piece of hope.
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it works like this. a lot of people will agree jimmy carter was not a great president. but maybe the best thing he did was he prepared this country to vote for a conservative, principled president. and he gave us ronald reagan. [applause] steve king: now, if that makes you happy, think of this. when i compare jimmy carter to barack obama -- [laughter] steve king: i never thought it would say this, but i miss jimmy carter. but if jimmy carter gave us ronald reagan, think how great our next president will be! [applause] steve king: our next president will give us a strong national defense. he will be a president who will
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identify our enemy, radical islam. [applause] steve king: our next president will identify how we defeat the ideology of radical islamism that will have the comfort of knowing the united states defeated a number of ideologies within a half of the century in the 20th century. defeated japanese imperialism and italian fascism and german nazi-ism. it took 45 years of the cold war to defeat the ussr in the cold war. we should not think we cannot defeat an ideology. yes, we can do that. [applause] steve king: we need to do cyber warfare against them, offensive and defensive. shut off their money wherever it comes from and wherever it goes. we need to shut down their misinformation educational effort all over the world
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wherever we can. we need to build a strong alliance with moderate muslim countries so they will work with us. we need to improve our global human intelligence so when we target our kinetic action, it is as effective as it can be. we need to honor our noble military wherever they are however they serve our country. [cheers and applause] steve king: and then, people expect me to bring up the topic of immigration for some reason. i just don't think i need to say that much. but here is how i describe it. i want to build a wall and fence on the southern border. we are building four-lane interstates across our way -- iowa through cornfields. reengineer it and pay for the archaeological and environmental performing dollars a mile. near spending $69 a mile for
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every mile of the southern border every year and most of it does not have a fence. i say build it until they stop going around. that is how we will figure out how long we have to build it. [applause] steve king: and we need to restore respect for the rule of law. [applause] steve king: so often, there will be things come out in the press that says steve king is anti-immigrant. you can find no statement i have ever made that would support that allegation. they are trying to get you not to be able to think straight. you do, they don't. you think straight, they don't think straight. there is a way i can make an accommodation. i did this in a debate when
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an opponent challenged me. i said i am for open borders. that did get their attention. i said every time letting immigrant in, we will deport a leftist. i will make that deal all day long. [applause] steve king: we can build an even greater country if we can do that. we will ruin a lot of others by shipping them out. but we can build an even greater country. here is what i'm going to ask you to do, what i do. this country needs its soul restored. it has been badly damaged over the past six years. my prayer is that god raises up a leader whom he will use to restore the soul of america. god bless you all. [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> how about that steve king? [applause] >> our next speaker is someone who knows how to communicate our conservative values. kelly and conway has devoted her life to taking -- making conservative leaders into great communicators. conducting extensive research into the opinions and beliefs of the american people. she has equipped leading conservative voices with the research and knowledge they need to be effective including michele bachmann, mike pence
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steve king, and newt gingrich. in 2014, she led the effort to dismantle the left's dishonest war on women. she helped defeat the left, liberal attacks. they fell on deaf ears because the public is not buying it anymore. it is in large part because of the work of kellyanne conway. in addition to being a wife and mother of four, she has built one of the most respected polling and public research firms in america, proving conservative values like hard work and perseverance really do pay off. her understanding of the free market and opinions of everyday americans give her unique insight into how we can win our country back from the liberals, like barack obama, hillary clinton, and the hollywood
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elite. she is a person we should all listen to. i am excited she is here with us today to deliver remarks about the state of the conservative movement. ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to my friend, kellyanne conway:. ♪ ♪ [applause] kellyanne conway: good morning, south carolina. thank you for having me here today. my 10-year-old daughter is with me. i am so tired of hearing about the demographic challenges. i was just backstage with people who have four children each. that is one answer to the demographic challenges. today, we celebrate the one thing that binds all of us. that is freedom. this is the freedom summit.
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today we honor and think about the schoolchildren giving the pledge of allegiance every morning. the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to get out of the daily grind and convert her passionate hobby into a business. we honor the 27-year-old who wonders why he paid a penalty to not by government health care he does not want and cannot afford. [applause] kellyanne conway: we think about the freedom that drives the peaceful protesters, the faithful worshipers, the father with a firearm close by to protect his family. and of course, we think about the elderly veterans who sacrificed so much so we can sit in a place like this and speak freely who is now facing his most formidable challenge walking into a corrupt and
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apathetic v.a. hospital that should give him a hero's welcome instead of red tape and the runaround. [applause] kellyanne conway: conservativism, freedom is on the ascendancy. look at the last election results here. with at this week's results in the u.k. -- look at this week's election results in the u.k. [applause] kellyanne conway: conservatives in the u.k. ran on reining in the budget deficit, on decreasing wasteful spending on welfare programs, and deciding whether or not to continue with the centralization of the e.u. conservativism is on the ascendancy. why are we here today? face it, you're here to see presidential candidates. this is not a dog and pony show. this is a job interview, and you are doing the interviewing. [applause] kellyanne conway: so let's think
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about what you really want to know. can i see you as my commander-in-chief? what will you do to protect my pocketbook concerns and personal liberties? the question is not who can win. the question is who can lead. [applause] kellyanne conway: this fiction of electability is always peddled by people who want to tell you who can win. if people who would never support a conservative for president are telling you who can win, run the other way. you are a free thinker and you will make up your mind for yourself. this year, we have an incredibly diverse field. already, we have six candidates. more to come, i am sure. it is a true free market, pro-competition primary where we will have a big battle of ideas.
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if you look at some of the polling, you think the question is, who would you rather have a beer with? who would you rather have is your friend and neighbor? and my all-time favorite, which candidate would you trust to watch her children for a couple of hours on a saturday morning? with four kids under the age of 10, i would not take any of them. not a fair question. , on, uncle bernie sanders, join us for a couple of hours. [laughter] [applause] kellyanne conway: kids, this is hillary clinton. she may not smile, but she does creative things with her e-mails. [laughter] [applause] kellyanne conway: freedom is on display here because we have this huge, diverse group of candidates. the left screams about diversity. so today, we have a woman and
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african american, a couple of doctors. two latino sons of cuban immigrants, and so on and so on. fresh faces, new ideas, generational transformational change. they don't like old, white, and rich. and their answer to that is hillary. [laughter] [applause] kellyanne conway: let's talk about hillary for a moment shall we? [laughter] kellyanne conway: i am just not afraid of her. i know this is tough work, but it is where the work -- worthy work. i'm not afraid of the second most compelling person in a two-person household. [laughter] kellyanne conway: she has
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changed her position so many times on issues this week that i kind of miss the old hillary riding around in the van not saying anything. [laughter] kellyanne conway: we all change our minds, grow, and evolve. but it seems more like expediency than evolution. what the voters asked themselves about a candidate? do i like you and are you like me? she has very little in common with the average person. that matters to people, relate ability, that matters to people. her challenges more fundamental than that. there is literally a split of opinion according to a media poll last week on whether you trust hillary clinton. something to yourselves. would you hire someone? would you engage in a relationship or marry someone? would you work with someone who you don't trust who you don't think it's completely honest and trustworthy? that i cannot imagine why he
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would do that for president of the united states. what can possibly follow the "but" when so much is at stake? also, i think this is the year since hillary will play the gender card, this is the cycle to force a two-way conversation on abortion. let's have a two-way conversation on abortion. [applause] kellyanne conway: they want to know from pro-lifers what you believe. we agree with the "new york times" cover story that a baby born early deserves medical intervention and a chance to live. front-page story of the "new york times." pro-lifers believe a woman or girl facing an unplanned pregnancy does not deserve
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judgment, but our compassion and support. we believe every human life is worthy and has value and dignity, and we will respect that. [applause] kellyanne conway: and ladies and gentlemen, pro-lifers also respect dissenting viewpoints. there are six female republican senators. three are pro-life, three are pro-choice. i challenge you, money to your favorite charity, if you can name five prominent female democratic officeholders in congress. you can't. they have been purged from their party. there are no blue dog pro-life them across left. -- democrats left. think about it. let's ask mrs. clinton and people on the left, what does it mean to be pro-choice? does it mean abortion anytime
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and anywhere? how about taxpayer-funded abortion? how about the money planned parenthood gets in and supports party candidates and does no mammograms? how about partial-birth abortion? how about the big one sex-selection abortion? it is time to have a two-way conversation on abortion. it should be this year because the gender card will be played. the idea of a female president is terrific. i have three daughters. can wait for them, ages 10, 7 5. the question is not do you want a woman to be president it is do you want that woman to be president? [applause] kellyanne conway: hillary is not a hypothetical. she is hillary. every election is about the
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future, and not the past. every election is about you, and not me, the candidate. and every election, with one exception, since 1960, has had voters support the candidate they told pollsters they saw is more optimistic, uplifting, and pleasant. [applause] >> [indiscernible] kellyanne conway: free speech. so that begins with you. the optimistic. be pleasant. be a happy warrior. takes seven seconds or seven minutes if someone will listen and tell people who disagree with you or have not given it much thought why you are here, why you care, why you are conservative, why you fight for freedom. i would like to say happy
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mother's day to all of the mothers, grandmothers, godmoms, and god bless you all. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> we will show you more of the summit later tonight at 8:20 eastern. before that, we bring you are marks from florida governor jeb bush. he was in virginia today delivering the commencement address at liberty university. that will air at 8:00 here on c-span. with mother's day tomorrow, we want to tell you about our special presentation on first ladies with the children and grandchildren of jacqueline kennedy, lady bird johnson, and laura bush. sharing memories and stories of life in the white house. here is a preview. >> you don't know she was the
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first, first lady ever to invite an african woman -- african american woman to tea. it caused a tremendous scandal. she was the wife of the congressman elected from chicago, and african american couple. it was a tradition first ladies always invited the members of congress's wives to tea. they were progressive in their day. they knew it could be a scandal so they try to handle it in the right way but decided to go ahead with it because it would be a good move for the country. it did create an outrage. to make her feel better, the next day her husband -- my grandfather invited her husband to the white house. it was the first time an african american had been invited to the white house publicly. >> the first dinner we had as a
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family, and there is this tension. i don't know if you notice it. when you first go there, you don't know the staff. they have been there for years and you rotate through. you try and get to know each other. everybody is a little formal. we are sitting at the family dinner table. myself, my dad, my mom, my sister susan. everybody is trying to figure it out. my dad is trying to take the edge off of it. he sees the wonderful fireplace in the room and he says when we used to go to colorado for christmas, we always loved to have a fire. one of the people who work there said it must be the president telling us to light the fire. so they went over and lit the fire. it had not been used in 10 years. [laughter] >> smoke is billowing out. [laughter] >> this is your first dinner
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with the staff and the smoke is coming into the dining room. susan at i are coughing. i will never forget my dad looked at me and said, sit back down! he goes, betty, don't we just love a fire? [laughter] >> he had such a good hard to try to make them feel good. those are my memories of those first days. [applause] >> of her special mother's day presentation on first ladies begins tomorrow at noon eastern on c-span. >> sunday night, the former bloomberg news reporter on the world of the white house through the eyes of the people who work there from the kennedys through the obamas. >> they are an incredible family nine members of the family have worked at the white
6:29 pm
house. i interviewed the only current part-time butler i did get to interview. he works every week at the white house. nine members of his family work there. his uncles were maître d's, like the head butler. he told me my uncle ran the white house. they brought him in when he was 17 in 1959 during the eisenhower administration and he is still working there. he described how he used to work in the kitchen. he was so skinny they kept giving him ice cream to eat. it is incredible to hear what the eisenhowers were like. that is what i wanted to do, to pay tribute to these people. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span's "q&a." >> "the communicators" is next
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with the author talking about his book. then, some tips from teachers familiar with the test. announcer: c-span, created by cable companies 35 years ago and brought to you as a public service by your local cable or satellite provider. this week on "the communicators," we off -- only interview an author about the impact of technology. ces international is the largest consumer technology show in the world. we also took a look at some new technology on display. >> this is peter nowak of toronto canada. "humans 3.0


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