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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 1, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm EDT

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cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> another republican expected to join the race. south carolina governor lindsey graham will be denied to public and to join and the sixth senator to declare his intention to seek the republican presidential nomination. we'll have live coverage from central, south carolina, it is scheduled to begin in 30 minutes, 10:30 eastern time. today on capitol hill, both the house and senate are in session. legislative works are at 2:00. eight bills are on the calendar including ones protecting international antiquities. another one dealing with native american children. any requested votes will be held
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after 6:30 tonight. the senate also returning after being and yesterday, expected to continue debate and work on amendments dealing with nsa surveillance. they voted to move forward with the house passed usa freedom act which would modify the nsa data collection and oversight. another -- a number of provisions expired last night and will not be reinstated until the house and senate passed the bill. you can watch it live here on c-span and the senate on c-span2. before the announcement, we'll take a look at the patriot act. >> to sort out last night's dramatic session, we are joined. where do we stand as of right now on the legislation to replace the expired patriot act. >> the next thing we are going to see is with the senate having voted to proceed to and take up
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the usa freedom act which is a bill that passed the house with 338 votes, that will be the vehicle for the debate that will be had today and tuesday. maybe into wednesday. we are the hearing last night before the senate adjourned mitch mcconnell, the majority leader who has been a critic of the house bill from the beginning, said he wanted to amend it. late last night, richard burr the chairman of the intelligence committee of the republicans of north carolina, announced what his intentions would be or his staff maker with what they would be in terms of a mentoring -- amending the house bill. late last night early this morning, they try to amend the house bill to provide a year-long grace. for transitioning the holding of the bulk phone records from the
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nsa to telephone companies. the house bill only gives 180 days to do that. burr wanted to be a year and the intelligence community says they can do it in 180 days. the obama administration\house bill. -- backs the house bill. but they want to push it up from 180 days to a full year. the change to hold the records from the phone companies to the nsa is one of the most headline grabbing part but what about the other components of the patriot act that expired. the lone wolf provision, the roving wiretap provision. are those also included in the usa freedom act? guest: the other provisions which mcconnell tried at one point last evening to renew on their own, without what we would call section 15 authority for the bulk collection of records.
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those would be revived as well. basically, any sort of legislative vehicle that would move forward. those are less controversial provisions, presumably. it is not entirely clear how effective they are or how often they have been used. partly, you'll hear some senators, particularly on the intelligence committee, say they have been used some or their effectiveness is they can't really say. that is the problem in the intelligence community. you often cannot tell people how you're using things. host: that was a color -- question we got from a caller from an earlier segment. guest: there are people in the intelligence community who will put out numbers regarding the
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success of various programs, but you are always looking at a narrow sliver of what is actually going on. it is really difficult to tabulate how effective patriot act provisions have been whether it is these provisions or things that have been authorized for a longer-term or indefinitely. host: we have said before when a provision or a bill is getting ready to expire, short-term extensions to move less controversial parts for things like alone will provision or the roving wiretap where there seems to be enough support. why wasn't senator mcconnell able to get that bridge and why do we now have a gap between midnight last night and whenever the next bill is passed? guest: when mcconnell made that offer, senator paul from kentucky objected to that as well. what happened, essentially, is
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that paul decided he was going to exercise his prerogative as a senator, which is his right, to allow the entire program the three provisions in their entirety, to expire. partly, now, the question is the democrats are blaming mcconnell for this as much as paul because there was no real reason for the democrats to have taken the memorial day recess knowing this was coming down the pipe. it seems like there was kind of a calculation on the part of mcconnell, he got there might be an opportunity to get a deal that did not materialize. host: we want to talk to niels ms. bluesky -- he is our expert on senate proceedings, he has been following the debate closely not just in the past 24 hours but during his time at rollcall newspaper. he is with us for the next 45
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minutes or so. i want to ask you about what this has done to the relationships in the senate, specifically. various republican senators, we saw tension. we want to show viewers a clip of the back-and-forth between senator john mccain who is speaking on the floor and senator rand paul who is trying to object or at least ask a question to get a response from senator john mccain. we will play that in a second. if you could set up what was happening? guest: this was a situation -- go ahead. this was where the senate was set to recess the meeting where senator dan coats, the republican from indiana, was in control of the flow. -- floor. he was in charge of the time and what happened was that mccain
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john mccain and rand paul got into a fight over who exactly controlled the floor time. senator mccain: mr. president? i want to bring order. >> i would be happy to yield. sen. mccain: you would expect the general men from kentucky to know the rules of the senate. it is open to the floor and to responsive questions. my question is, to the senator from indiana, i want to say his words are powerful and accurate. mr. president, how much time remains on the clock for the republican side c? how much time is remaining? >> i think the chair has made
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very clear that the senator from indiana has the floor. >> i know the senator from kentuckysenator has the floor. -- from kentucky has the floor. sen. mccain: i would ask the senator from indiana, you have seen the events lately. isis has taken paul myra -- palm yra. there are bodies in the streets. they're going to destroy 2000-year-old antiquities. at the same time ramadi has fallen with thousands of innocent men, women, and children being massacred. at this time, isn't this program as critical as it has ever been since its inception given the fact that the middle east is literally on fire and we are losing everywhere? host: tense moments on the floor
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of the senate, rum the group that senator rand paul has referred to as the eye roll congress. that was a specific reference to an event that happened last week when he was speaking on the floor and there was a video from the floor. this is where on c-span we say we don't control the cameras. the senate controlled camera actually picked up on something it often does not. it was when lindsey graham, the republican from south carolina who is representing -- announcing his presidential bid today, was rolling his eyes at rand paul as he was speaking. lindsey graham is generally going to be in the lines of john mccain's part of the republican conference in the senate. so that is sort of the group that is now in open war with rand paul.
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one of the things i'm wondering is the extent to which senator mccain will be out and about in the country as a surrogate for lindsey graham. maybe appearing outside of rand paul events or something like that. i don't want to call mh role troll but that might be what he turns into. host: lindsey graham's road to the potential nomination beginning with his announcement happening at 10:30, they'll be here on c-span in south carolina. it road trips quickly to new hampshire and iowa. the all-important first caucus and primary states. we want to hear from you. we will answer all of your questions on what happened last night and that unusual senate sunday session. start with greg from columbia, mississippi. democrats. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call.
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caller: go ahead. thank you for taking my call. i got a couple of questions. the nsa, the cia, or you have the cia and fbi, all of these other agencies, as i understand it there was a call from the trainer of the pilots who hit 9/11. he had called the fbi on several occasions to let them know this was going to happen or something weird was happening. they ignored it. now we come up with the patriot act, and it seems to me, we just need to train the people in the agencies better to figure out what is going on. how much is the patriot act costing? host: if you want to start with the first one on whether there are members that say we have -- law enforcement has all the
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powers they need but they just need to use it better? guest: that would be something that something like senator paula be talking about. the other thing the caller mentioned is the one we really cannot answer. necessarily, how much does the patriot act cost. the way that the budgeting for the intelligence community is done, we eventually get a top line figure for some of the intelligence agency spending. there is something that is sometime referred to as a black budget, where you or i or anyone else that is not privy to the proper security clearance cannot actually see the details. the question of how much does the patriot act actually cost to implement is something that we could not know because we cannot know the details of the nsa or we don't know the details of how
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many resources the nsa are putting into that program. host: the question for you from one of our viewers watching on twitter who do the intelligence agencies and contractors actually obey? the twitter writer writes the cia destroyed documents after direct orders were given to preserve them. guest: there was the whole debate, in theory, the answer to the question, would be the intelligence community has to report to the intelligence committees of the house and senate as well as something that is called the gain of eight. -- gang of 8. this is not the immigration gang from a few years back. this is never as of the senate as well as intelligence committees who are privy to a next her level of classified -- an extra level of classified information.
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for the person asking the question on twitter pointing out, there have been incidents in the past where the cia has not necessarily listened to directives that were given, and we had the whole debate of the last couple of years about whether or not the senate may have been spied on is part of an investigation into torture during the push administration. -- bushg administration. it's a question of how much the intelligence community listens to its oversight. host: we will call on the front page of this website, the senate advances the patriot act overhaul but too late to foil rand paul. if you want to read that story you can do that or call in. a few other headlines from the miami herald. they call to hang up u.s. spying
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for a wild. -- a while. the program expires. the front page of the los angeles times, the nsa spy program shuts down. and the atlanta journal, the nsa cannot snoop on bones but the controversial program will be back. our line for democrats. caller: good morning. i think it is nothing but a debacle. it will cost us a note illness -- an enormous amount of money. if you put all of these records in a pile, you could probably reach all the way to the moon. this is enormous. the number of calls, i have my own personal experience with the patriot act.
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the so-called patriot act. nothing patriotic about it. my church of which i have been a member for 20 years i was very much openly against the iraqi war. it was obvious it was a debacle. i was against it openly and somehow or another bush, cheney, rumsfeld administration got my open opposition, and sent a letter to my church that i have belonged to for 20 years. their executive letter got them shook up about it. they asked me to leave the church. i have been there for 20 years and i didn't mind because i was -- it saved me $5,000 a year.
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go ahead and kick me out. there's one on every corner anyhow. i easily found another place to worship god. host: we saw a story on the front page of the washington journal today about dick cheney coming out with a book. can you talk about the past voices that have returned to this debate over security versus privacy? guest: we saw over the weekend the sunday morning shows, back and talking about the sorts of issues. cheney seems like an obvious candidate. the former vice president seems like an obvious candidate to be someone who will be in the news again, particularly if we see a situation where someone like rand paul gains traction in the
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republican primary and in the process of getting the republican nomination for the president and 2016 -- in 2016. rand paul is clearly using security and policy issues those are from the george bush administration, that if someone like paul gets traction, you'll probably hear more and more from the likes of mr. cheney. host: a few more tweaks as we have been talking, they write and that whenever anything has the words patriot, freedom, or liberty in its name, i am suspicious of the motives and purpose. sukie asks for the definitions. and your assessment of the graham and mccain political relationship, generally aligned? they are joined at the hip is karen's assessment.
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vernon, new york, good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? um, in the patriot act, why couldn't changes have been done internally if it needed to have changes done? because all they did, they already have your name, but they have your number and they track the amount of calls. now, in the freedom act, the telephone companies keep the calls but for how long? then over 1500 telephone companies in the united states alone. if one says they will keep them for four months, and one says they will keep it for two. and another thing i have to say before you comment, last night i
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was listening to c-span. they called up edward snowden. i have a problem with a person who is not only changed the face of america as far as security that we had to scramble the navy, the army, the marines, the air force, to change our codes. he called them a great leader and you can -- humanitarian. and to give up classified documents to somebody else is more than a felony, it is a war crime. host: you pick up on the first part of that with timing specifically. guest: our caller from burning
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raises a good question in that regard because inga's king -- in gus who has been independent for a fairly long timeking speaks about its provisions and how long the phone companies will keep these records. the intelligence chairman will try to amend that in several ways, one of which i didn't mention would require coordination by phone companies that they're going to keep records less than 18 months. essentially, what burr wants to address and what the collar picked up on was the concern that if the phone company decided in upstate new york, i think it would be verizon that decided they would only keep the records for a couple of months
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that there would have to be some way that the united states government would know that in advance and try to adjust accordingly. host: surely is in detroit michigan for democrats. caller: good morning, my concern is this. anything that our government wants to do to protect us when it comes down to security, i am four. as far as listening in on regular conversations is something that would be kind of puzzling to me. there is a lot going on in our country and around the world. i can understand why they want the patriot act to stay. i think you have to really understand politics in the government itself about the patriot act. there are a lot of men and women who are coming into this country every day and they have been coming in for decades.
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nobody really knows who is really in our country anymore. they cannot even keep up with who is coming and going. if you have this situation that has taken place with isis and god knows who else, a lot of men and women are being recruited out of our country. they are coming from europe and all around to get involved with these people. whatever our government has to do to keep this country safe. it has started to get very frightening. i don't think i am the only one and i am a democrat, but i will say that when it comes down to the security of our country whatever they have to do to keep us safe, i am four. host: you're certainly not really one, embers making that exact point on the floor of the senate. guest: particularly in regards to the patriot act provisions
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where they would argue members -- members of congress would argue, the program has now lapsed since midnight, section 215, was not actually for people listening in on your telephone calls or my telephone calls or anyone else. it was pertaining to the meta-data behind the calls patterns of who call and the like. . one of senator paul's concerns, even with the united states freedom act, is the possibility that it could lead to bulk collection through some sort of ancillary means. it may mean -- perhaps ridiculous example but bear with me, if someone who was involved
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in terrorist activity and was coordinating with isis or something like that, were to call into this program this morning, would then all of c-span's phone records then be scooped up in the net from the phone companies? that is one of the things of senator paul is concerned about. host: get your popcorn and your program, but paul fight against the gop power structure could be very entertaining. reality tv for free @cspanwj. judy is calling in from hawaii from our line for independents. go ahead. caller: i stand with rand. i am just appalled that so many of these people in congress easily give away our rights to privacy.
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people are very uncomfortable. i have conversations that i don't want my husband to hear. we want our privacy. it has not proven effective at all. they have not gotten anything out of this data collection in the time they had to do it. the worst thing about it is that if people feel fear of their own government spying on them, they become less creative. we have been the most innovative country that has ever existed. this is having a fence on all of it. if people cop with ideas, they are not going to easily share them if they think they're being spied on. a lot of parts we don't really think of.
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if they can't use these in the ways to solve crime before, they need to get approval from a judge who allows for probable cause. host: eight rand paul supporter from hawaii. he treated out from the senate session, thanks to your health provisions that allowed bulk collection on innocent american citizens have expired. there was another tweet that rand paul put out tonight, we stopped the illegal nsa bolted a collection, a tribute to celebrate this victory. it contributed to the presidential campaign. guest: the timing on may 31, we are talking about the end of a month. so there will be fine campaign finance reporting numbers that will come at some point time.
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we will see just how much of a money bomb, so to speak, the rand paul presidential campaign got out of this as well as any sort of associated political action committee. the other thing that will be interesting to see will be anyone on the other side in response with a lot of my. i was talking to, before the break, to lindsey graham, who is announcing his presidential bid and he said that when he got back to washington, he will go aggressively to counter rand paul's argument. this is a paraphrase of something that senator graham told me, his view is that senator paul believes that the nsa is more dangerous, perhaps, then isis. that is the rhetoric that we'll probably get into. host: the term money bomb has been used by the rand paul campaign dating back to his senate run. a quick, online fundraising rush.
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certainly, rand paul supporters are pushing for a money bomb this past weekend. tennessee, the line for independ ents. caller: miles, i was wondering if you were aware of a $1.9 billion project, building a one million square-foot facility for the nsa in utah. it has been on the internet for months now. you might want to look into that because that will be a massive storage facility to just hold everything they're getting. guest: is that something you have looked into? -- i will look into it more. caller: good morning, sir.
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this might help us catch the boston bomber, when they bombed the marathon. if it helps to catch them. another thing is i don't understand rand paul. he's not going to be president. he shot his career as gop in the foot. my grandson is in the navy, he is protecting that yo-yo up there. i don't care if it's my phone conversations, if i tell my husband i love him, the whole world can hear me say. we are not hiding. i would rather have them track my information instead of, god for bid, 9/11 happens again and god forbid, they hit kentucky. guest: i would say it demonstrates the breath of
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difference of opinion we have in this debate. our earlier car from how ie -- h awaii. between those two callers, you see the gap. certainly, it looks like senator paul will be an outlier at least at this point. host: plenty of time to go before the vote. according to the washington post story on that, the latest numbers from bloomberg news, the registered polls so that paul is the most likely for iowa caucus-goers. he is tied with senator scott walker. it is well below the 21% tally one by his father -- won by his
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father. paul's favorability ratings slip by nine points since january the biggest drop. jacksonville, florida, the line for independents. caller: good morning. does anybody really believe that the nsa will stop collecting data? i mean, after all the stuff we have done? host: i would say that the obama administration justice department and others have said that was the legal limit for collecting the data and they could not continue to do it. although, one would say, and the collar does raise a point -- ca ller does raise a point.
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given perhaps the track record of intelligence agencies in the past, that is a question that is not one that anyone can answer definitively. that is perhaps whether or not things have stopped the way they were supposed to stop. it is certainly something that is open to speculation. host: let's go to john in michigan, the line for democrats. good morning-- -- don don in michigan the line for democrats. caller: i have to stand with ron paul on this. guest: with rand paul? caller: yeah. we should not be collecting this data. if you have a suspect, get award, and go to a judge. -- get a warrant, go to a judge. if they start giving up freedoms, they will start
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locking up anybody that looks suspicious. it is wrong. the people we have in cuba, and those prisons over there. that is wrong. they didn't commit a crime and we have them locked up. host: could you see yourself voting for rand paul if he makes it to the general election? caller: no. i'm leaning toward sanders. host: if it is a rand paul versus hillary clinton? caller: maybe. maybe. host: maybe from don in michigan. getting support from the other party, from democratic voters? guest: it seems that there is support. some of his support is crossover from more libertarian minded liberals.
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i think you raise a good question of the caller. as everyone sort of anticipates. we have a hillary clinton contest on one side. his campaign is arguing he would be better suited to defeat secretary clinton than a lot of republicans because he appeals to a different set than the traditional republican. host: a tweet from gregory about the 215 program. we would be better served with that money in our pockets and in job creation. the line for democrats, eddie good morning. caller: is this me? host: if you, go ahead.
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caller: what i would like to say is that i believe we should not give up the constitution or the bill of rights. i have personal experience with this. i was put on one of these government lists for no reason except my ex got involved with some bigwig in the government. i know that once you put on these lists you cannot get help from anyone. your identification, your shopping cart, whatever, every time you move and they see your on the list and nobody will help you, there is nowhere to turn. there is abuse going on in this program, just like obama's whistleblower. how many whistleblowers he's had, because they are trying to shut people up. if you open the door to this and let them do this to american citizens with no proof, then where does it stop?
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i don't see why there cannot just be judicial overview and why they can't go to a judge and say this is what we have and we want to start this program. give us 30 days worth or 30 months and we will show you what we got. host: what are the argument on the other side? guest: one of the questions i think we have is for existing investigations that were started using these programs that have now lapsed. eventually you do have to go to, in order to go to specific people, you have to go to a judge and get a warrant. there is a question about what exactly is being allowed to continue by these secret courts. i don't think we know that yet. we also don't know what the next thing that will come out of the
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second circuit court of appeals in new york city. what that might be, which is the court that senator paul has been fighting in saying the 215 program is illegal. caller: harmony, north carolina line for independents. you are on the washington journal. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my calls. i was affected by this listening to the phone calls. i have a friend in west point. i called him one day and told him about the cbi had that i was going to send him. -- cd that i was going to send him. somebody was there on the actual day that the buildings were knocked down in new york and i was going to send him this because he has friends in new york city he was going to send and make more of these cds and send them to people in new york city. i packaged this so i knew it
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would not get broken. when he received it, he said the package was not damaged but when he opened it, the cd was snapped. --we leave this now, you can find us on,. we are taking this to north carolina -- south carolina where the ninth republican is about to announce his candidacy. >> we are gathered here for a big announcement from one of our sons. it is my pleasure to introduce david wilkins, former ambassador to canada. [laughter] [laughter]
10:41 am
[applause] >> i know you can do better than that, good morning. it is great to be here with all of you on this special and beautiful south carolina day. on behalf of senator graham, our entire team, thank you for coming. it is an honor to be a part of this historic event. i have known senator graham for years and i would like you to have an incredible amount of respect and admiration for his service to south carolina and to our country. so, like you, i am proud to participate in this special event, as our friend lindsey graham begins a new chapter. i would like to especially thank the daniel jazz band from dw daniel high school are providing the music this morning.
10:42 am
and now, from the church for the senator graham and his family, i would like to offer the senator did the indication. -- invocation. let us pray. father, this is the day that you have made. you tell us in your word to be great and be glad about that. it is an exciting day for this great town of central. it is an exciting day for this state of south carolina and it is an exciting day for the united states of america. father, today i want to lift up senator lindsey graham. we are grateful for the contribution that he has made to our country as an individual. as part of our military. and as a political leader, father, we are grateful for the
10:43 am
work that he has done. it is an honor, to personally know that today we are going to hear a great announcement from a man who loves this country. and has made that known through the years. father, we pray that you would have your hand upon him and his endeavors while we pray that you would have your hand upon our nation and that you would be glorified because of this event today and because of the weeks and days and months and years ahead. we pray, god, that we would all know you as we move forward. in jesus's name we pray, amen. >> thank you pastor tate. i would like to introduce the dw daniel high school.
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[color guard chant] ♪ [anthem plays]
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♪ thing gold banner yet wave for the land of the free and the home of the brave. ♪ [applause] >> thank you daniel jazz band for that wonderful rendition.
10:46 am
senator graham was an attendant of the university of south carolina and i was able to guide him through a very difficult time in his life. the man who was his rotc instructor in college encouraged him to continue on with his joining of the united states air force even when the teachers seemed uncertain. senator graham, who retired from the air force reserve last week after 33 years of military service. [applause] >> considers his experience and the air force as one of the highlights of his life. it is my privilege to introduce you the kernel to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america.
10:47 am
and to the republic of which it stands, one nation, under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> while we wait on the service assistant, and the senator, to speak to you, we will call in a jazz band once more for a musical rendition.
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♪ [jazzy music plays]
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[applause] ♪
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>> waiting in central south carolina for senator lindsey graham, expected to make an announcement that he is going to be throwing his hat in the ring for the republican nomination for president in 2016. this is in the northwest part of the state between atlanta and charlotte between a former railway line that was through here. we were expecting the announcement to start at 10:30 it is running behind schedule so we will stay here and watch the crowd and wait for lindsey graham to appear. also to let you know that a 10th candidate is expected to join, former texas governor and former presidential candidate rick perry making his announcement from dallas at 12:30 p.m.
10:57 am
eastern. and lincoln chafee, the former senator from rhode island is inspected to run in arlington virginia on wednesday. he is also a former republican who switched in 2013. in terms of lindsey graham's announcement, if you want to participate you can go online to and let us know what you think about his getting into the race as the ninth republican. one comment says he will be quickly rejected by the american people writing online. also jon says not even lindsey graham will vote for lindsey graham in 2016. domenico writes the only candidates that are interesting our rand paul and bernie sanders, looking forward to those two debating. the rest are junk. we'll see what lindsey graham has to say shortly.
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>> watching the crowd gathered listening to the music. the south carolina senator x acted to make an announcement-- expect toed enter the race for president here in central south carolina. we have heard he will be appearing in about the teen minutes. his sister will be making the introductions for her brother. let us know what you think about the latest candidate to enter the race. go to and join the conversation there.
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[crowd changting "usa."] -- [crowd chanting "usa."]
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>> are you ready for the main attraction? well it's coming. as we stand here on main street in central, this place today would not be complete without the first and who grew up with lindsey graham right here in the very place starting with the sanitary cafe and eventually ended up in the house next door. lindsay and his younger sister made many special memories together right here. it is my honor to introduce to you senator graham's sister darlene graham cardone. [applause]
11:06 am
>> good morning. it is so good to be here. i look out and see so many million faces. basis of family and friends. i want to thank you all for joining us on this very national day. as many of you know, lindsay and i grew up in one room in the back of those buildings. not one bedroom but one room where we live, slept and eight. our parents ran a pool hall, bar, and restaurant in those buildings where they worked long hard hours do earn a living to support us. that instilled a very strong work ethic and important values in both lindsay and me. i have some great memories of this town. one of my fondest is lindsay
11:07 am
teaching me how to ride a bicycle on that sidewalk right of her there. he would hold onto the bicycle and would run along the side of me, give me a big push and shout keep pedaling. he was the one who comforted me when i saw pedaling a fella the bike. as i got a little older my parents were so proud because he was the first in my family to go to college. when he left we missed him terribly. i remember being so excited on fridays i cannot wait get out of school. i knew lindsay went on -- was on his way home for the weekend. i would stand on the sidewalk what seemed like forever waiting on a greyhound bus, and when he arrived, he would be so excited to run back down the street to see our parents. as excited as i was to see lindsay, i think i was more
11:08 am
excited to see the expression of my mother space when we walk through the front door and she saw us. when i was around 10, my parents have finally saved enough money to buy that house. it looked a little different then, but we were so happy. life was good. we loved this town and the people in it. then our mother started to get sick. she was in and out of the hospital a lot, and lindsay stayed by her side day and night, he never left. on june 9 1970 six, almost 39 years to the day, she lost her battle with hodgkin's. -- 1976. only 15 months later we lost our father. it was a really tough time for us.
11:09 am
i can remember the day my father passed away, standing in the living room of that house, absolutely scared to death, and lindsay wrapped his arms around me and promised he would always be there for me and always take care of me. i can assure you he has done that. he has never let me down. as hard as it was for him lindsay went back to school. i lived in seneca with a very special aunt and uncle. lindsay came back every weekend unlike most college kids that age who stayed on campus in colombia and had fun, lindsay came home to check on his little sister. now that i have a daughter who is almost 21 i realized how young he was and how hard that had to be on him. what a huge responsibility it was, but he never made me feel like a burden.
11:10 am
he always made me feel so loved and so secured. lindsay also made sure i finished high school, went to college, and even legally adopted me. lindsay has been by my side through some wonderful times many special events. he has been by my side through some very tough time. the values we learn in this town worth -- work ethic instilled in us fire parents and the love from the people group received in this community is what got us through the tough times. those are the values lindsay took to the air force, the statehouse in columbia, and to the united states senate. with your support, i know he will take them to the white house. [applause] when i needed lindsay, he put my
11:11 am
interests ahead of his own. in politics, he has done the same thing, putting the countries interests ahead of his own political interests. we need that kind of leadership in the oval office today, and lindsey graham will provide that. i love you so much, you mean the world to me. i don't know what i would have done without you, and i am so proud of you and i know our parents are looking down today, beaming with pride. ladies and gentlemen it is truly my honor to present to you the next president of the united states, lindsey graham. [applause]
11:12 am
>> thank you. senator graham: thank you. [crowd chanting "usa"] senator graham: thank y io am lucky to have darlene as my sister. u. -- thank you. i am lucky to have darlene as my sister. to all my family and all my friends, thank you. welcome to central south carolina. my hometown. many have you -- many of you have known me for a long time. i am not aging that well, and my ? some of you have known me since my family lived in the back of the bar in that building. but i am pretty sure no one
11:13 am
here, including the, ever expected to hear me say i am lindsey graham, and i am running for president of the united states. [applause] thank you. i'll turn back there. i hope they hear that all of the world, that i running for president of the united states. it is because of you that i can make that statement. everything i and him, everything i will be i/o to the kindness and gerard -- generosity and kindness of people of seneca clemson, and other small towns throughout south carolina. thank you. thank you for everything. [applause]
11:14 am
i want to be president to protect our nation that we all love so much. so get ready, i am ready. i want to be president to defeat the enemies that are trying to kill us, not just penalize them or criticize them or contain them, but defeat them. ronald reagan's policy of peace through strength kept america safe during the cold war. remember those times? but i have come to conclude we will never enjoy peaceful coexistence with radical islam. because it's followers intend to destroy our way of life. however, america can be and will be secure, only if we have
11:15 am
strength. security through strength will protect us. [applause] i want to be president to meet our problems head on. honestly and realist agree for the purpose of solving them, not hiding them or taking political advantage of them. i want to be president to make government work for you, not the other way around. i want to make government promises to you to support your dreams, to embrace your values and to reflect your character. i want to be president to help us tilde future greater than our amazing past. i will work with anyone to do it. [applause]
11:16 am
we made some dangerous mistakes in recent years. the obama administration and some of my colleagues in congress have substituted wishful thinking for sound national security strategy. every day the headlines a test to the failures of the obama-clinton policy. it is sad for me to report to you, but barack obama has made us less safe. simply put, radical islam is running wild. they have more safe havens, more money and capability and more weapons to strike our homeland and any time since 9-11. -- since 9/11. they are large, rich, and entrenched. as president i will make them small, poor, and on the run. [applause]
11:17 am
i am afraid some americans have grown tired of fighting them. i have some bad news to share with you, the radical islamists are not tired of fighting you. partnership with others, we must take the fight to them. building lines and defenses over there, so they can't come here. building up and supporting racial forces to go after their safe haven that can be used to go after our homeland. the world is x loading in terror and violence. but the biggest threat of all is the nuclear ambition of the radical islamists who control our ron -- ladies and gentlemen there iran. [applause]
11:18 am
if the united states is not firm in the intention to deny them such weapons iran will trigger a nuclear arms race, making it more likely the people who aspire to genocide will have the most effective means committed. our close ally, israel, is at risk as a result of obama's failed leadership. with israel we share values democracy, and the friendship is unbreakable. to our friends in israel, i will never abandon you. [applause] i will always stand firm in supporting the one and only jewish state. i, too, say never again.
11:19 am
i am running for president because i have the experience judgment, and the will, to deny the most radical regimes the most dangerous weapons. to defeat this enemy, it will require more than military might . the most powerful weapon in our arsenal is not a gun, it is an idea. the terrorists are selling a glorious death. we must sell a hopeful life. [applause] i have learned from my travels that a small schoolhouse in a remote region educating a young girl can do more damage to radical islam than any weapon we possess. however, radical islam is not the only threat we face.
11:20 am
elsewhere, old adversaries are seizing opportunity to challenge our interest. hooton -- put seesin -- putin sees his territory, and china building in free territory. our allies fill the absence of american leadership. our adversaries are taking advantage. american week miss anywhere hurts us everywhere. our enemies are in full band, and our friends are going it alone. both reactions are detrimental to our national security interest. it is time for america to come back.
11:21 am
and come back we will. and the way you come back is to make sure the next president must be an informed and decisive commander in chief. ready immediately to deal with the threat i have just described. we have learned over the past six years that speeches alone will not make a safe. if that were true, we would be really safe. superior power and resolve is the only way to be safe. i am running for president of the united states, because i am ready to be candor -- commander-in-chief on day one. [applause] i am ready on day one to defend our nation. with sound strategy, a strong military, stable alliances and steady determination.
11:22 am
i have been to the middle east more times than i can count. as the united states senator and reserve officer in the united states air force. to all who have served our country, raise your hand. god bless each and every one of you. i have got one simple message. i have more eggs. with our national security than any other candidate in this race. that includes you, hillary. we will have a reset with russia that sticks.
11:23 am
i know the players, i know where friends and enemies alike, but most importantly, ladies and gentlemen, they know me. i have listened, learned, and prepared myself for the job of commander-in-chief. i have served in the air force for 33 years [applause] . and it has been a true pleasure and honor. i have spent much of my adult life as part of the team committed to defending america. protecting our way of life. making sure we are safe. politicians focus on elections. the military focuses on the mission. if we get -- if given the privilege to serve as your president, i will focus on the mission to defend america, protect our way of life, and leave the next generation a
11:24 am
stronger, safer and better nation then we inherited. that will not be easy. it never has. there are dangers that must be faced, and as usual, the best of us will have to face the worst of them. i cannot promise as commander-in-chief that there are dangers that they confront will be less. the risk they run, the sacrifices they make will be fewer or easier, but i can assure them they will have the
11:25 am
leadership to defeat our enemies. i can promise them their sacrifices won't be wasted, and they want fight with their hands tied behind their back. [applause] we will end this conflict on our terms, we will win. those who believe we can disengage from the world at large and be safe by leading from behind, vote for someone else, i am not your man. those who believe the best way to defend ourselves is to leave the world to make history whether that be overwhelmed by it, i ask for your support. [applause] join me if you want to tackle the problems at home that have
11:26 am
been kicked down the road to cousin are too hard to fix or too easy to demagogue. washington's failure to do the hard part right thing has put social security and medicare in serious jeopardy. anybody on social security and medicare gecko? anybody want to be on them some day? as my generation retires, both programs are on track to go bust. we are living longer and fewer workers are supporting more retirees. that is unsustainable. everybody knows it, but not everybody will admit it. we have to fix entitlement programs to make sure people we need the benefits the most receive them. that is going to require determined presidential leadership.
11:27 am
i know from personal experience how important these programs are to the lives of millions of americans. as darlene mentioned, we lost our parents when i was a young man and she was in middle school. we depended on salsa security benefits to survive. i have been fortunate, i have done better than i ever dreamed. if i and others like me have to take a little bit less and pay a little more to help those who need it most, so be it. [applause] younger people, you may just have to work a little bit longer . as president, i will gladly do what it takes to save the program that once saved my
11:28 am
family. [applause] to those of you who yarn for a healthy and safe environment i will join your cause. to those who seek energy independence, i will be your champion. i am tired of sending hundreds of billions of dollars per year overseas to buy oil from people who hate us. we must have energy independent. and i believe in the process that is possible to produce safe, clean environment and create new well-paying jobs for americans of all generations. to my fellow republicans, i will be a champion for limited and effective government for strong national defense. i will be a voice for social, conservative values without
11:29 am
apology or animosity. [applause] i love my party, i am committed to see it grow and prosper. to my friends in the other party, on the date things we share a common faith. i will work with you to strengthen the country we both love. our differences are real, and we will debate them, but you are not my enemy, you are my fellow countrymen. my enemies are those who despise our shared values. the enemies of enlightenment the coulter of death that seeks to destroy the dignity of life. we will fight them together with our partners, and we will win. two americans who trust neither party, i will seek the political
11:30 am
common ground our nation so desperately needs to find. [applause] that is what i have done before. don't take my word for it, examine my record. i got the scars to prove it. i intend to be a president not and a single party, but of a nation. [applause] i want to do more than make a government smaller. i want to help make a great nation greater. i have traveled the world and had experiences and opportunities i never dreamed of . i have been lucky so much in my life, but never left here than in the people and place i come
11:31 am
from. [applause] those of you who have known me for a long time no i have had some ups and downs. as a young man i lost my parent, struggled financially and emotionally, and i would not have made it through those times without you. and the example my parents set for me. there are a lot of so-called self made people in this world i am not one of them. my family, my friends, neighbors and my faith pick me up when i was down believed in me when i had doubts. you made me the man i am today. [applause]
11:32 am
i am a man with many depths and my family, my friends, to you to south carolina. i am running for president to repay those death and to fight as hard for you as you thought for me. [applause] -- as you fought for me. in the end, ladies and gentlemen, that is the only promise i can make and the only pledge i can sign. the only one that matters. if you make me president, i will fight each day harder than i thought the day before to keep this country safe, prosperous, and as good as people who made it great. i humbly ask for your support
11:33 am
and your vote. i will work every day to make you proud. god bless. [applause] ♪
11:34 am
♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015]
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♪ >> south carolina senator lindsey graham the ninth to get into the race for the republican nomination for resident 26 team making his announcement in central self or alina, -- central, south carolina. his sister made the introductions. talk about why he wanted to get into the race, the importance of community, the family, and the importance of the u.s. and national security. we will take your phone calls. we want to hear what you think about senator graham becoming the ninth republican to get into the race for president. the numbers on your screen.
11:38 am
join us as well if you are listening the ben radio, and let us know what you think. there is also a facebook western on our faith of page. let us know what you think or send us a tweet. john waiting on the line. you on the republican side? caller: i feel lindsey graham is nothing or than a war pig. he is interested in nothing but perpetual war. not a good choice. we don't need more war in this country. inc. you. host: kathleen on the line calling from montana. independent. caller: i have always trusted lindsey graham. i think some people think like
11:39 am
the guy before me. he served our nation, and i do believe in serving our nation. it really should not matter what party we're in, that i know a lot of people don't go anyway. i feel truly if he was our president, then i really think he actually cares about each and every one of us. i believe he cares about the rule of law. there is not much more to say other than the fact i am really ashamed of what we do with the money are doing as a nation. worldwide the nation looks at the united states as a financial institution right now. that is why a lot of people use us for the money we supposedly have, which we really don't have. lindsey graham, i feel, is an
11:40 am
actual person with a conscious who cares, so thank you very much. host: thank you very much. take a look at this from yahoo! politics. senator mccain, john mccain of arizona taking the lindsey graham record a lot like john mccain who also ran for president. monday he of course made his announcement. six sitting senator to formally announce. the biggest challenge to prove he is a viable candidate likely will not come direct from the crowded heels of colleagues he is running against. the one senator who is art he waged in lost multiple bits john mccain of arizona. read more yahoo! politics. we want to know what you think about the nine candidates to get into the race on the republican side. erica from rick -- from florida. caller: you did pronounce it correct.
11:41 am
thank you for taking my call. i follow politics very closely. i have watched everybody that has gotten into the race, and yes, there are quite a few of them. out of all of them, lindsey graham is the only one that's my gut instinct says that is a man you can trust. host: why do you think that is? caller: i have watched him for years. to me, he is not like the typical politician who says whatever they need to say to get elect did. he comes across as very honest. my instinct says that is the man i will vote for. regardless of who will is in the race. if there is a candidates that i want to work for, but if there is nobody that really yank my
11:42 am
chain, i don't do anything. this time i will. host: the ninth candidate on the republicans side. we are still going to see a 10th candidate getting in for the republican base, rick perry of texas. he is expected to announce thursday that he will throw his hat in the ring as well. we will have of that on our companion network, c-span3. another democrat entering the race, lincoln chafee. watch live coverage of his announcement from arlington, virginia. going to myrtle beach, south carolina. republicans line. we have john. caller: i respect senator graham, but as a conservative and american, he fails on all fronts. he is been wrong on syria, wrong on egypt.
11:43 am
he supports amnesty. he has been wishy-washy on issues with common core. i don't trust him. i think he wants to ask and wars in the middle east. i think he wants to continue being the policeman of the world when we are 18 trillion in debt. i don't think we can afford that. terry is calling from billings montana. caller: i just had a comment. [indiscernible]
11:44 am
host: i can't quite make out what you are saying. the question. caller: senator graham, the big one. host: sorry, i cannot quite make out what you are saying. 12 ring and another call. george, it's, democrats line. go ahead. caller: lindsey graham, obviously democrat. what struck me a few things on his speech he said most of the candidates are not saying is he would be the president for all americans if he gets voted in and works across the aisle on
11:45 am
issues. again, if we don't start having more candidates talking like they're going to work together and be for all americans, we're going to continue to get a lot of things not done that needs to be done. i was very surprised at his heartfelt beach. don't quite wish him well. anyway, i am looking for jim webb to get into the democrats. where i fall is a moderate democrat. the extreme on the right and left are not going to do much for anybody. we need to support the ones that will do work together. have a great day. host: ronald on the line. republican. caller: i would like to say lindsey graham is a really poor choice. all he cares about is overseas
11:46 am
bending money, trillions of dollars for the military when our country is going to pot. you can't fix the roads, can't have health care. we don't have anything. i think if he wants to go fight the wars he needs to put on his uniform and go and fight them. host: as was lindsey graham as well, who do you want to see in the race? caller: well, rand paul may be better than him. he has more than lindsey graham as far as wanting to take care of the country. host: great. thank you for the call. this is a 538 blog talking about ways in which lindsey graham may have one. presence of politics there are two main ways the politics can succeed. they can win the nomination or highlight of the civic policy or set of policies that otherwise
11:47 am
might get ignored or marginalized. with the graham of south carolina who just got into the race is unlikely to join the first group as this writer explained previous week but appears to fit nicely into the second category as an advocate or in intervention for foreign policy and 4 -- prioritizing policy. that is the 538 blog. caller: i am a democrat, liberal them that. i take issue with what senator graham said concerning -- first to said he served in the reserves, and then he said i was served in the air force for 23 years. that is not true. if he was in the reserves, he did not serve in the air force he was in the air force. people who are in the military
11:48 am
don't spend their time at home going to weeks in the summer and every weekend a month. that is not in the military. he is lying and trying to to swerve the people to think he is a 23 year military man when he isn't. that is all i have to say. host: it looks like his military career began in 1982. served in germany at the air force a frontal 88. he was in the air national guard 89-95, soon to retire as a colonel in the air force. a look at lindsey graham's announcement from earlier today. we're taking your phone calls him a getting your thoughts on what it means to be the night to enter on the republican part of the race. this is cj. caller: thank you. lindsey graham's announcement i
11:49 am
believe is everything that is wrong with the republican party of this point. candidates just like lindsey graham are candidate to have me worry about the future of the nation. we need a strong america. when you look at lindsey graham's previous entrances as far as the senate, track record is a complete identical copy of john mccain. john mccain lost in 2008 because of his ailed ability to energize the base of the party. i think lindsey graham is everything wrong with politics. he claims to work across the aisle. rand paul stood with the democrats to oppose that the -- the patriot act. that is when you have bipartisanship, not a senator who can talk a good game but get nothing done. that is the problem with washington.
11:50 am
host: who do you favor in terms of the nine you have found the republican side, and three on the democrat side? caller: i am going all in for rand paul. i believe in liberty for american -- or every american across the country. france has done the restaurant of defending that liberty, and fighting for it even when he is the only senators landing. we need a republican nominee that will get the democratic vote. many democratic caller's called in to say i am willing to vote for rant because he is willing to's and up to his party, even when they are wrong. that is crucial. when you have people that are never of -- never stand up to their party and afraid, that is when we lose in 2016. host: 10 more minutes until the house couples and. we are taking your phone calls until then. a crowded field.
11:51 am
there will be attempt 11 as of thursday. expecting rick perry to get in from dallas, tex. chris on the line. democrats. caller: thank you. good morning. i would like to a cj, i like what he said. i am a moderate democrat, and i don't mind reaching across the aisle and giving credit where credit is due, and i want to talk about graham. watching him give his speech, i really liked some of the things he said. he is trying to be a candidate not just for the republican party, but trying to do what i have seen very few tried to do, which is reach over to the aisle. as a moderate democrats, i talked to my friends about it we don't mind.
11:52 am
i will vote for a republican if no one reach across the aisle for issues in currently think the republican party, if they tried to reach the group of minority group and everything like that they have been shunning for a while, i think it is possible they could miss the boat. host: you think a moderate republican would be able to win it? caller: i know the republican will have to be strong for his party, but i know that it a try to have a different strategy with the way they treat and look at minorities. host: thank you for the call. take a look at the tweet from the hill. senator lindsey graham making his announcement saying making it official running for president of the united states.
11:53 am
rollcall politics as they have a list for you for what you need to know about the latest candidate. there is a look at some of the bona fides of senator graham. emily says graham blog goes right to security, radical islam is -- in his announcement. dana bash says terrorists are filling a glorious debt to sell a hopeful like. that was just some of his announcement. we will show that to you again later today. you will also be able to find it online at washington, north carolina republicans line. walter. caller: the previous caller is right, he is for him this week open borders unlimited immigration. that is the problem we have going on with the nsa right now.
11:54 am
they cannot tell the difference with legal and illegal. the nsa program is directly because of this guy in john mccain and people like him who of been promising to those the border for 30 years, and instead holding it open and letting everybody in. this nsa program is because they let everybody who wanted to come here come here. host: steve from the for the line for independence and others. -- david. caller: i was at the president of armed services committee last february that dealt with guantanamo detainees discussing prisoners still in limbo on trial for 13 years. in spite of over 50 detainees cleared by united states court which has that happened because the senate refuses to give runs for them to go back to their families, senator graham said,
11:55 am
chances are if you have been there for all of that time, then you are guilty. that is in spite of the united states court clearing over 50 people for release. this man is incredibly dishonest , as well as heartless, and height hope he has -- never has a real shot at the presidency. host: david mentioned the hearing, you can look at that online at watch it for yourself easily. betty on the line of democrats from south carolina. so ahead. -- freddy. caller: i am eight or nine miles where he made his beach at. lindsey graham has been the most sorriest politicians this race has ever elected.
11:56 am
he can have the job forever because it is mostly republicans, but he is not done nothing for the economy. we have the worst job rating. not doing anything to create jobs for us down here. he is just running behind the media saying let's go kill al qaeda. the people have proven they are there to die. they are killing off one another as fast as they possibly can. you never say let's get another country to come in and kill them. let's go kill. i am such a christian but let's kill them i want to blow them away. i'm praying to the lord this and that, but let's murder. they want to be murderers and christians at the same time. lindsey graham has not done nothing with the state.
11:57 am
as a president this man has totally si slipped his grip. trying to be a warhol, saying something only the people who want to kill somebody want to hear. nobody wants to fight -- host: you are from south carolina, democrats. who do you want to see when president? caller: i am a diehard hillary clinton fan but i am ninth -- not naive. south carolina is heavily republican. we should be doing a lot better because we are republicans here. the state is heavily republican. he don't create jobs. he don't bring jobs in. he has not done nothing. host: i will leave it there to
11:58 am
get a couple more calls and. five things general about lindsey graham. that is one of the things you were talking about one of the things they list here. you can go to cvs. they in fact call him one of the most out token. long focal on foreign-policy issues. it is clear he would be a driving or's behind the presidential campaign. his political action committee is called security through strength. a not too president ronald reagan strength. salem, new hampshire. republican. caller: i am a moderate republican, and i believe we are not in ordinary times, and the world is disintegrating around us. we need lindsey graham to protect our country. radical islam is dangerous to the u.s., not just the middle east, not just our ally, israel.
11:59 am
radical islam will be attacking america if we don't protect the country now by reaching out to support our allies who are in that battle against radical islam. we are a time when we need a leader. he also knows how to work across the aisle as some people have died, and he can get things done that way. he is by my choice of wonderful man. we do not even isolation the white house. we need lindsey graham to keep us they. host: lynn from new hampshire with the last word. we will have the phone lines open during washington journal tomorrow morning that are set seven october morning eastern time. get ready is the house scuffles and. working on a number of things.
12:00 pm
eight things they have on the calendar. another dealing with native american children. >> the house will be in order. ker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms washington, d.c. june 1 2015. i hereby appoint the honorable steve womack to act as speaker pro tempore on this day, signed john a. boehner, speaker of the house. -- house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 6 2015, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and minority whip limited to five minutes, but in no event shall debate continue beyond 1:50 p.m. the cha