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tv   Attorney General Lynch Ceremonial Swearing- In  CSPAN  June 21, 2015 3:04pm-3:35pm EDT

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-- [applause] by the way, just so that our friends know, the next president of the united states will pass meaningful immigration reform so that that will be solved, not by executive order.
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[cheers] back to my family for just a second. >> we want jed, we want jed, we want jed. bush: i think i was talking about my mom. i kind of lost my train of thought here. [laughter] long before the world knew my parents' names, i knew i was blessed to be their son. and they didn't mind it at all when i found my own path. it led from texas to miami by way of mexico. in 1971, eight years before ronald reagan said we should stop thinking of her neighbors as foreigners i was ahead of my time and cross the border.
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[laughter] [applause] across the plaza i saw a girl. , she spoke only a little english. my spanish was ok, but really not that good. with some intensive study we got that barrier out of the way in a hurry. in the short version, it's been a gracious walk through the years with the former colomba garnica de gallo. [cheering] whatever else i might or might not have going for me, i've got the quiet joy of a man who can say that the most wonderful friend he has in the whole world is his own wife.
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i love you. and together we've had the not-so-quiet joy of raising three children who have brought us nothing but happiness and pride. george, noelle and jeb. [cheering] the boys have also brought us more bushes. their wives, mandy and sandra, and our grandchildren, the near-perfect georgia, prescott, vivian, and jack. [applause] campaigns aren't easy and they're not supposed to be. and i know that there are a lot of good people running for president -- quite a few, in fact. not one of us deserves the right of resident, party, or family narrative. it is everybody's task and it is wide open.
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exactly as the contest for president should be. [applause] the outcome -- the outcome is entirely up to you, the voters. it's entirely up to me to earn the nomination of my party and then to take our case all across this great and adverse nation. as a candidate, i intend to let everyone here my message. including the many who've expressed their love of country in a different language. [speaking spanish] [applause]
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[speaking spanish] [cheering] >> usa usa usa, usa. bush: and any language, my message will be optimistic because i'm certain we can make the decades ahead the greatest time ever to be alive in this world. that chance, that hope, requires the best that is in us. i will give it my all. [cheering]
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i will campaign as i was served. going everywhere. speaking to everyone. keeping my word. facing the issues without flinching. and staying true to what i believe. i will take nothing and no one for granted. i will run with heart, and i will run to win. [cheering] it begins here and now, and i'm asking for your vote. thank you and god bless you all. i love you. [cheering] ♪ >> like many of us, first
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c-span created by american cable companies and brought to buy pulpit service by your local cable or satellite provider. >> on wednesday, attorney general loretto which was sworn in for the second time at a formal investiture ceremony held in the warner theatre in washington dc. she was officially sworn in as attorney general on april 27 by vice president joe biden at the justice department. it is customary to have a formal server in a larger venue were more people can attend. president obama made remarks with supreme court justice sonia sotomayor swearing in the attorney general using a bible once owned by frederick douglas. this is 30 minutes.
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[no audio] >> please welcome associate justice sonia sotomayor, mr. stephen hargrove, the reverend the rijo lynch, and this maureen lynch. [applause]
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[no audio] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president of the united states and attorney general loretto lynch. -- loretta luynch. [applause] president obama: thank you. thank you, everybody. [applause]
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thank you so much. everybody, please have a seat. i was telling loretta backstage a little pomp and circumstance never hurts. [laughter] justice sonia sotomayor is here. [applause] i want to congratulate deputy attorney general sally yates on her conformation. and i want to thank the elected officials who are here today, the family and friends, colleagues, at long last i am so proud to be here for the instillation of the 83 -- 83rd attorney general of the united states loretta lynch. [applause]
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we want to welcome loretta's family, her husband steven hargrove. [applause] her father, reverend lorenzo lynch. [applause] >> we want to say to ms. lynch as well, thank you so much for your appearance. [applause] obama: as i said when i nominated loretta in the country built on the rule of law there are few, perhaps no offices more important than that of attorney general. the person in this position is the american people's lawyer tasked with enforcing federal laws and making sure they are applied evenly and equally. that is the legacy of erick holder. we are
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grateful for his outstanding service. [applause] president obama: as one of the longest serving attorney generals in our history. i want to thank his wife, dr. sharon malone. where is she at? there she is. [applause] president obama: as attorney general, eric was drive n by the belief that justice is not an abstraction. it is a real and tangigible way the laws interact with their daily lives. she shares this belief bringing her own unique style of leadership. a wealth of experience to the justice department had a time when there is so much work to be done. from keeping us safe from terrorist attacks, protecting our financial system, to safeguarding the environment and upholding civil rights. and
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all of you at the justice department, public servants that do incredible work day in and day out, could not ask for a better leader. many of you know her story. she was born in segregated greensboro, north carolina. raised by a fourth generation baptist minister and a school librarian. both don't seem to find speaking their minds. that is just my quick impression. [laughter] president obama: and more importantly, taught loretta the value of speaking up for what is right. as a young girl, she went to the durham court house with her father and watch court proceedings that he would tell her stories about her grandfather who tried to help everyone caught up in the laws
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but had no recourse with jim crow. the matter what our circumstances we all have the , power to make a difference in the lives of others. when she -- it is clear that both parents had a big influence on her. they were her cheerleaders. applied to work at the u.s. attorney's office and the fbi went to their house to conduct a routine background check her parents pulled out scrap books of her accomplishments and made the agents look through them. i am sure loretta was mortified. [laughter] president obama: "and here and there grade she had the prize and here's one of her old homes -- poems." i just picture the fbi agent "yes, ma'am."
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the agent later told loretta she probably wasn't a threat to america because if she were her parents would have documented it in some way. [laughter] [applause] president obama: that is something i can appreciate as a father. so loretta sees the opportunities her family gave her to build a distinguished life in public service. after harvard law school she rose to become a strong independent prosecutor who spent years in the trenches battling terrorism and financial fraud and cyber crime. she went from the assisting u.s. attorney's office in the eastern district of new york to chief of the long island office. long island in the house! [applause] president obama: then u.s. attorney. she chased public corruption, she helped secure billions in settlements in some of the world's biggest banks
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accused of fraud. she jailed some of new york's most violent mobsters and gang members and pursued some of the world's most dangerous terrorist and cyber criminals. the law is her map, just as her compass. she is tough, firm, fair but kind, her intelligence and judgment and grace under fire earned the trust and admiration in those she serves and even though she is going up against. it is funny we are installing heard today. it is not like she has been waiting around for the and lost in -- invitation. she hit to ground running from day one. she has already made her mark here at home and abroad because of her laser focus on the core mission of the justice department. the protection of american people. she understand the importance of policing in improving the relationship
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between police communities and citizens. she understands the -- she went on a six-city toward. she understands the importance of criminal justice reform and that we have to smart on crime, not just tough. that is why she is committed to working as a partner with leaders of both parties who want to pursue reform that continues the trend of a falling crime rate and falling incarceration rate. she understand the importance of protecting the national security while securing our civil liberties. that is why she will safe guard the programs that is critical to protecting american lives and privacy. i see the fbi director is here and i know he is committed to doing the same thing. she lives out the words of one of our greatest attorney general's, robert f kennedy. the glory of justice and majesty of the law is not created just by the
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constitution, courts, officers of the law, nor by the lawyers, but by the men and women who constitute our society, who are protectors of the law as they are themselves protected by the law. that is the story of our nation. our strength does not come from the words we have written on the page or the laws we put down on the books. it comes from ordinary citizens generation after generation, who do their part to uphold our founding ideas. it comes from an unshakable faith in our ability to stand up for what is right and admit where we have fallen short and chose a better way forward. that was the cause to when loretta dedicated her life long before becoming america's top law enforcement officer. today the american people can
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have no greater advocate for the right for equality under law. no greater partner in securing justice for all than our attorney general, loretta lynch. [applause]
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[indiscernible] justice sotomayor: >> loretta elizabeth lynch please place your left hand on the bible of fredrick douglas. raise your right hand and repeat after me. i loretta lynch - lynch: i loretta lynch. justice sotomayor: do solumnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. lynch: that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. justice sotomayor: against all enemies. lynch: against all enemies. justice sotomayor: foreign and domestic. lynch: foreign and domestic. lynch: that i will bear truth faith and allegiance to the cause. that i take this obligation freely. justice sotomayor: that i take this obligation freely. without any mental reservations
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or purpose of evasion. and that lynch: lynch: and that i will well and safely discharge the duties of the office on which i am about to enter. so help me god. [applause] [cheering] [no audio] [applause]
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[cheering] lynch: well, so much to say. so many people who mean so much to me. everyone here means something very special to me. and i thank you all. mr. president, thank you so much for your words, and your presence here today. to say that my heart is full is such an understatement. one does not get to this place, to this department, to this theater or this podium alone and i am no different. i owe thanks to so many who i am pleased to be able to acknowledge today. mr. president, thank you for your faith in asking me to lead the department that is the
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conscious of this nation. that represents more than any other the fundamental promise of america of equal justice under the law. thank you, sir. [applause] lynch: justice sotomayor, thank you for your support here and over the years. you are an inspiration, not just to me, but to countless young women who see in you a dream made possible. thank you so much. [applause] lynch: thanks also to my good friend and colleague the deputy attorney general sally yates. she is and exemplary colleague and more than that a true friend. since our days as u.s. attorneys together it is an honor to lead this department with you and i thank you. [applause]
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lynch: thanks to all of you who came here today. extraordinary leaders and remarkable friends. your strength and kindness have paved the way for all that i have been able to achieve and i thank you. and thanks to those who without this day would not have happened. all of those from so many affiliations worked so hard on my behalf on the road to confirmation. you harnessed to spirit of public service and sisterhood to make this dream come to fruitition. [applause] [cheering] lynch: i thank for your presence today for your presence in my
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life and on this journey. and of course i must also thank my family for their steadfast support, not only the last several months, but always to my father who never fails to match his principles of actions, copy to think of myself and serve others. my mother instilled in me a love of learning. while her fate in a more just society was possible maybe imagine a world without limit. a dedicated young minister who carried me on his shoulder to watch those not much older than i make history and a young -- courageous young teacher refused to let jim crow or anyone to find her. their commitment to justice and to public service has been the inspiration for my life's work in that is why i dedicate this day, this event, and this achievement to them. [applause]
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lynch: i must thank my husband steve. my life partner and fearless champion who never wavered in his support for my dreams and when faced with a choice has always, always urged me to fly. of course, i have to thank my colleagues and friends of the department of justice. for your ongoing faith in me and for giving me the opportunity to work for you, as we go forth templeman the laws that set us free and bind us together as a nation, i would have anyone else by my side as we work to preserve our national security and our cherished liberties. to make faith the world of cyberspace. to end the scourge of modern-day slavery and as we confront the nature of our citizens
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relationship with those of us in trusted to protect and serve. these are indeed challenging issues and challenging times. even as our world has expanded and wonderful ways, the threats we face have evolved in measures commensurate. we seem to see an disconnect between the communities we serve the government represent. we see all these things. but let me tell you what else i see. i heal -- see people speaking out in the time-honored tradition that is made this country stronger. and their cries for justice i hear the belief it can be attained. and i would not cry out if they do not have faith that we would answer. i see more. and our law enforcement partner quester for support, i hear the guardians called for tools to calm the waters, to keep the peace, and to comfort those who
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fear. yes, we have great challenges, but our strength as americans is -- has determined that has turned her challenges into opportunities. many of our greatest advances and human rights have come after. heartbreaking loss -- periods of heart breaking loss but they come because we don't give in to the pools of retribution but we turn to the law. sometimes we forget this has never been easy. over 200 years ago, we decided what kind of a country we wanted to be. we have not always lived up to the promises made, but we have pushed ever on and with every challenge we get a little bit closer. we have held the truth of the quality of all men to be self evident. we have have fought to maintain a government of the people, by the people and for the people and we have followed a dream deeply rooted
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in the american dream. and at every turn when struggles threaten to tear us a part we turn to the law to reconnect ourselves with the highest principles. to give voice to those fighting oppression. to give hope to those seeking redressing of wrongs and give meaning to the cry of never again and protect those who call us in the still small hours of the night when they are cold and frightened. these are our values and our beliefs and when we hold on to them we do greatthi -- great things. well we have learned from our challenges is not that our values are not truly good, but that every generation must commit to them and work to make them real for the challenges of their time. that the price of freedom is constant vigilance. this is how we have succeeded as a country and this is how we will need the challenges today.


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