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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 26, 2015 3:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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love and so full of kindness, people who ran the race, persevered. people of great faith. to the families of the fallen the nation shares in your grief. our pain cuts that much deeper because it happened in a church. the church is and always has been the center of african-american life. [applause] a place to call our own in a too often hostile world. a sanctuary from so many hardships. over the course of centuries black churches served as high
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shoppers were slaves could worship in safety. praise houses where they could gather and shout "hallelujah." [laughter] rest stops for the weary along the underground railroad. bunkers for the foot soldiers of the civil rights movement. they have been and continue to be in the community where we organize for jobs and justice places of scholarship and network, places where children are loved and said and -- and fed and kept out of harm's and told they are beautiful and smart and taught that they matter. [applause] that is what happens in church.
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that is what the black church means. our beating heart. the place where our dignity as a people and there is no better example of this tradition then mother emmanuel. [applause] a church built by blacks seeking liberty burned to the ground because its founders thought to end slavery only to rise up again, a phoenix from these ashes. [applause] president obama: when there were laws banning black church gatherings, services happened anyway in defiance of unjust laws.
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when there was a righteous movement to dismantle jim crow dr. martin luther king jr. preached in his pulpit. marches began from its steps. a sacred place, this church. not just for blacks, not just for christians, but for every american who cares about the steady expansion of human rights and human dignity in this country come a foundation's own for liberty and justice for all. [applause] that is what the church meant. [applause] [applause] president obama: we do not know
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whether the killer of reverend pickney and eight others new all of this history -- knew all of this history. but he surely sends the meaning -- sensed the meaning of his violent act. it was an act that drew on a long history of bombs arson shots fired at churches. not random, but as a means of control. a way to terrorize and a press. -- oppress. [applause] president obama: an act that he imagined would incite fear and recrimination, violence, suspicion. an act that he presumed would
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deepen divisions that price back to our nation's original sin. oh but god works in mysterious ways. [applause] president obama: god has different ideas. [applause] president obama: he didn't know he was being used by god. [applause] president obama: blinded by hatred, the alleged killer could not see the grace surrounding reverend pickney and that bible study group. the light of love that shown as they opened the church doors and
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invited a stranger to join in their prayer circle. [applause] president obama: the alleged killer could never have anticipated the way the families of the fallen would respond when they saw him in court in the midst of unspeakable grief with words of forgiveness. he could not imagine that. [laughter] [laughter] [applause] president obama: he cannot imagine how the city of trust and under the good and wise leadership of the mayor, have the state of south carolina, how the united states of america would respond not merely with repulsion at his people act but with generosity and more importantly, with a thoughtful
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introspection and self-examination that we so rarely see in public life. blinded by hatred come he failed to comprehend what reverend pickney so well understood. the power of god's grace. [applause] president obama: this whole week i have been reflecting on the idea of grace. [laughter] [applause] president obama: the grace of the families who lost loved ones, the grace that reverend pickney would preach about in his sermons, the grace described
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in one of my favorite hymnals the one we all know. "amazing grace." "how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me." i once was lost, but now i am found, was blind but now i see. [applause] ♪ president obama: according to the christian traditions, grace is not earned -- [applause] president obama: grace is not merited, something we deserve.
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rather graces the free -- grace is the free and benevolent favor of god. [applause] president obama: as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the pistole -- bestowal of blessings. grace is a nation out of this terrible tragedy. god has visited grace upon us. for he has allowed us to see where we have been blind. [applause] president obama: he has given us the chance where we have been lost to find our best selves. we may not have earned it, this
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grace, with our complacency and shortsightedness and fear of each other. but we got it all the same. he gave it to us anyway. [applause] president obama: he has once more given us grace. but it is up to us now to make the most of it. to receive it with gratitude and proof -- prove ourselves worthy of this gift. for too long, we were blind to the pain the confederate flag stirred into many of our citizens. [applause] president obama: it is true, a flag did not cause these murders. but as people from all walks of
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life, republicans and democrats now i'd knowledge, including governor haley whose recent eloquence on the subject is worthy of praise. [applause] president obama: as we all have to have knowledge the flag is always represented more than just ancestral pride. [applause] [applause] ♪ president obama: for many blacks and whites, that flag was a reminder of systemic oppression. and racial subjugation.
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we see that now. removing the flag from this state's capital was not be an act of political correctness not an insult to the valor of confederate soldiers. it would simply be ended knowledge meant that the cause for which they fought -- the cause of slavery -- was wrong. [applause] [applause] president obama: the imposition of jim crow after the civil war the resistance to civil rights for all people was wrong./
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it would be one step in an honest accounting of america's history. a modest but meaningful for so many unhealed winds. it would be the expression of the amazing changes that have transformed this state and country for the better. because of the work of so many people of goodwill, people of all races a striving to form a more perfect union. by taking down that flag, we express adds grace -- god's grace. [applause] president obama: i don't think god wants us to stop there. [applause]
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president obama: for too long, we have been blind to be way past injustices continue to shake the present. [applause] president obama: perhaps we see that now. perhaps this tragedy causes us to ask some tough questions about how we can permit so many of our children to languish in poverty or attend dilapidated schools or grow up without prospects for a job or careers. [applause] president obama: perhaps it causes us to examine what we are doing to cause some of our children to hate. [applause] president obama: perhaps it softens hearts towards those lost young men, tens and
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thousands caught up in the criminal justice system and lead estimates are that system is not infected with bias. and we embrace changes in how we train and equip our police so that the bonds of trust between law enforcement and the community they serve makes us all safer and more secure. [applause] president obama: maybe we now realize the way a racial bias can infect us even when we don't realize it. so that we are guarding against not just racial slurs but also going against the saddle impulse -- subtle impulse to call johnny back for a job interview but not jamal. [applause] [cheering]
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president obama: so that we search our hearts when we consider laws to make it harder for some of our fellow citizens to vote. [applause] president obama: i wreck it -- by recognizing our common humanity, by treating every child as important regardless of the color of their skin or the station into which they were born or to do what is necessary to make opportunity real for every american. by doing that, we express god's grace. [applause] [cheering]
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president obama: for too long -- [applause] president obama: for too long, we have been blind to the unique mayhem that gun violence afflicts upon this nation. [applause] president obama: sporadically, our eyes are open. when it of our brothers and sisters are cut down in a church basement, 12 in a movie theater 26 and an elementary school -- i n an elementary school. but i hope we also see the 30 precious lives cut short by gun violence in this country every single day. the countless more his life are forever changed, the survivors
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crippled, the children traumatized and fearful as they walked to school. the husband who will never feel his wife's warm touch. the entire communities whose grief overflows every time they have to watch what happened to them happen to some other place. the vast majority of americans the majority of gun owners want to do something about this. [applause] president obama: we see that now. [applause] president obama: and i am convinced by knowledge the pain and loss of others even as we respect the traditions and ways of life that make up this beloved country, by making the moral choice to change, we express god's grace. [applause]
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president obama: we don't earn grace. we are all sinners. we don't deserve it. [applause] president obama: but god gives it to us anyway and we choose how to receive it. it is our decision how to honor it. none of us can or should expect a transformation in race relations overnight. every time something like this happens, someone says we have to have a conversation about race. we talk a lot about race. [applause] president obama: there is no shortcut. we don't need more talk. [applause]
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president obama: none of us should believe that a handful of gun safety measures will prevent every tragedy. it will not. people of goodwill will continue to debate the merits of various policies as our democracy requires. there are good people on both sides of these debates. whatever solutions we find will necessarily be incomplete. but it would be a betrayal of everything reverend pickney stood for, i believe, if we allow ourselves to slip into a comfortable silence again. [applause]
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president obama: once the eulogies have been delivered the tv cameras move on, to go back to business as usual. that is what we so often do. to avoid uncomfortable truths about the prejudice that still infects our society. [applause] president obama: to settle for symbolic gestures without following up with the hard work of more lasting change. that is how we lose our way again. it would be a reputation of the forgiveness expressed by those families if we merely slipped into old habits whereby those who disagree with us are not merely wrong but bad. where we shout instead of listen. where we barricade ourselves
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behind preconceived notions or well practiced cynicism. reverend pickney once said "across the south, we have a deep appreciation of history. we have not always had a deep appreciation of each other's history." [applause] president obama: what is true in the south is true for america. he understood that justice grows out of recognition. of ourselves and each other. -- in each other. my liberty depends on you being free too. [applause] president obama: that history cannot be a sword to justify injustice or a shield against
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progress. it must be a manual tool avoid how to repeat the mistakes of the past, how to break the cycle. a roadway for a better world. he knew that the path of grace involves an open mind. but more importantly, an open heart. that is what i felt this week. an open heart. that, more than any particular policy or analysis is what is called upon right now, i think. what a friend of mine, the writer marilyn robinson, calls that reservoir of goodness beyond end of another kind that we are able to do each other in
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the ordinary cause of things. that reservoir of goodness. if we can find that grace anything is possible. [applause] president obama: if we contacted that grace -- can tap that grace, everything can change. amazing grace. amazing grace. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪
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>> ♪ that saved a wrench like me i once was lost but now i'm found was blind, but now i see ♪ [applause] president obama: clementa pickney found that grace. cynthia heard found that grace.
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susie jackson found that grace. ethel lance found that grace. dapayne middleton found that grace. rwanda sanders found that grace. daniel l simmons seniors found that grace. shawonda signaled and found that grace. myra thompson found that grace. they have now passed it on to us. may we find ourselves worthy of that precious and extraordinary gift as long as our lives under -- endure. may grace no leave them home. they got continue to shed his grace on the united states of america. [applause] -- god continue to shed his grace on the united states of america. [applause] ♪
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[applause] ♪
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>> we ask that the reverend come with the prayer of comfort and then words by the funeral home to give us direction and we will be on our way. i want to thank you, mr. president, for a powerful message. [applause] >> a powerful message.
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>> let the churches say ame letn. i come to the end of my journey and that'll has one, carrying the staff and cross of redemption, he will understand and he will say well done. father grace and glory, i pray to our ruler and redeemer bless us as we prepare to leave this place. we mourn today the untimely death of the reverend pickney. but we have celebrated his exemplary life of work and service. because he was and is your child come he resides in your eternal presence where there is no gun
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violence, racial prejudice pain, danger. rejoice that he now lives eternally in the land where every day is a day of unspeakable joy. bless us to remember him as we navigate life's unpredictable pathways. we know if we trust in you, we will never walk alone. bless his wife jennifer, his daughters, his father and their extended family and the families of the eight other souls as they grapple with their grief. the their refuge and strength and help them to remember even when the visitors slack you are still just a prayer away. breast those of us in the broader family of a faith to keep our physical and spiritual arms around this family so we can be your instruments of consolation and assurance. bless us to live our faith as
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clementa pickney did so we can be advocates for all humankind and change things for the better. bless our community, state, world. we have come together in a mighty way to deal with the rest of tragedy. keep us together so we can continue to stand and work together and find common ground for equality and prosperity and justice and progress not on our terms, but on yours. bless and be with us, dear lord. guide and protect as a we can remember clementa pickney by serving you as he did. when this life is over for each of us come our legacy will say it up a demise is his legacy. if i can help somebody as i pass along, then my living will not be in vain. amen. >> thank you so much.
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may you please be seated for a moment and receive these instructions, please. please be seated. you will not be able to exit the building so it is best to have a seat. [laughter] >> ladies and gentlemen following the closing selection as the bishops and the elders will greet the family, the order of departure from this sanctuary , senator pickney and immediate family, the members of his extended family, the president the first lady, the vice president, secretary clinton and the senators and representatives of the u.s. congress, the bishops and supervisors, and
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after these groups have departed, he will dismiss the rest of the congregation. what the of knowledge the scl president, dr. steele. congressman hoyer come i wanted to acknowledge you. we want to thank the reverend president. [applause] [cheering] ♪ >> for a powerful message. and to close, i want to thank all of law enforcement who have helped us. [applause] >> at every level -- local, state, federal -- thank you. and we want to thank our local chief of police. cannot get out of trust and without his help.
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thank you so much. god bless you. then we will have the recessional selection and the bishops of the church and their assistants will come and join them as they exit behind the order in which i listed. thank you. >> to the reverend president -- [laughter] >> mrs. obama, vice president biden, dr. biden come on behalf of mrs. pickney, her two daughters and the entire family we want to thank each one of you not only for your presence, but we thank you for all of your heart and letters. of course this family will not have the opportunity to make individual expressions to you at this time but they have seen your cards letters flowers.
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we thank you so very much for your prayers and concern for this family during the hours of bereavement. those family members who will be riding with us to marion after the immediate family has transported to the limousines, we invite you to go out this exit. secret service and security officials will assist you to go out this exit so you may go quickly to your cars. we will wait 15 minutes on the corner of meeting and lee streets. we will then process together for the committal.
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>> let me ask the quad to transition into the selection. ♪
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>> let me have your attention. they have to move around. let me have your attention please. go ahead and sing "my hope is built." ♪ [choir singing]
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>> let me have your attention, please. we have to go the other way. then let's follow the instructions we gave. thank you so much. i know, i understand. continue to sing. ♪
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>> we will now have senator pickney's immediate family who are traveling to marion, south carolina. the president, the first lady, vice president, and dr. biden secretary clinton, u.s. senators and representatives of congress you need to now move as we do the recessional selection.
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please pay attention. we have been beautiful all day. turn to somebody and say "you have been beautiful all day." let us not lose our beauty. follow the instructions, please. ♪
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>> we will be showing the funeral again in a few minutes. first, a look -- today's supreme
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court decision on same-sex marriage. the washington post reporting same-sex couples nationwide have the right to marry with a picture of the scene on the sidewalk outside the court today. the ruling 5-4 that the constitution requires same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where they live and statesman the longer -- no longer reserve the right for heterosexual couples only. you can read more at thewashi you can watch our coverage from the court throughout the evening tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. here on c-span, taking a look on the funeral for clementa pickney, including president obama's eulogy.
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>> my help cometh from the lord. this is the day the lord has made. let us rejoice and be glad in it. look unto the hills which com eth our help. bless us and we shall be blessed . keep us and we shall be kept by your power.
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it is god's amazing grace that we are able to be here at this hour. for that, we say thank you. because we realize that if it had not been for the lord on our site -- aside, where would we be? for this day and for this very hour, for the lord is my
3:50 pm
shepherd. i shall not want. he leads me beside the still waters. she restores my soul. he leads me in right path for his namesake. and ye though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no people for you -- evil for you are with me. you prepare a table before me in
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the presence of my enemies. you anoint my head with oil. my cup runneth over. surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and i shall dwell in the house of the lord my whole life long. the world of those who live in this, for he has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the floods and the people of god shall say amen. we come at this hour for the
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ongoing celebration of our departed and beloved brother the reverend senator clementa pickney. to this bereaved family jennifer and the two girls, to the bishops of the african methodist episcopal church, the officers and the bishops who are here with us this day, the clergy come all of the elected officials, we want you to know that we share in your loss and we want to remind ourselves that god is our refuge. and help in the time of trouble and for that we say to god be the glory. come now as we celebrate this
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humbling service for our dearly beloved brother and on behalf of the reverend noris, the church which encumbers the whole state of south carolina and with nearly 600 churches, we stand strong to say that we are with you as god is with you and for that, we say thank you and to mother mary and noris, we thank god for you. but us follow this or should guide as it is printed and we come now to sink as -- sing as we are called to worship by the senior bishop of the african methodist of physical church. -- a testable church -- episcopal
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chruch. >> in case there is any confusion in the room, in case you have been confused the long line or by the television cameras, please know that what we intend to do now is worship. [applause] >> what we have been through and what we have to go through, it would not be possible without a god. and we believe that this god is more than able to take us to a
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time like this time and so we invite you to come and worship with us this morning. put aside every weight, every spirit of despond and see and depression and despair. wherever god is present, there is joy in the house. [applause] >> come on let's praise a god let's worship a god, let's celebrate a god who brings victory out of seeming defeat. [applause] >> we will now have a musical selection by the mother emmanuel ame church choir. he has done so much for me.
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turn to someone and say "he has done so much for me." and let us join our voices --, and let us join our voices with theirs and sing a great song -- he has done so much for me. ♪
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♪ he's done so much for me, i can not tell it all i can not tell it all, i can not tell it all he's done so much for me, i can not tell it all i can not tell it all i can not tell it all he's done so much for me, i can
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not tell it all i can not tell it all he's done so much for me, i can not tell it all i can not tell it all i can not tell it all he's done so much for me, i can not tell it all i can not tell it all he's done so much for me, i can not tell it all
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i can not tell it all i can not tell it all he's done so much for me, i can not tell it all i can not tell it all he's done so much for me, i can not tell it all he's done so much for me, i can not tell it all i can not tell it all
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>> it's all right to clap your hands now. it's all right to lift up your voice. i have to mention we've changed this arena into a sanctuary and we ought to give god some praise up in here! if i could get you to give god some praise! ah yes! ♪ you've got a reason to praise his name! hallelujah! turn to somebody and say, it's going to be all right.
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before we have reflections from our various community partners, let meac knowledge the presence of a delegation from the u.s. congress who's here. if you were to stand and let us see you, my goodness. yes. my, my. [applause] >> our house has come to your house. members of the general assembly of the state of south carolina, why don't you stand? let folks see you. [applause] my, my. well, since i've done that let me see how many clergy we have in the house ministers. stand up. [applause]
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now so i'll be able to go back to where i'm going, why don't everybody stand up and give reverend clemente pinkney a good round of applause? [cheering] [applause] >> yeah, yeah, yeah. come on. he's all right! it's all right. you can cheer. you may be seated. and then let me take this opportunity as we clear this
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before those who come before us to have reflection. i would be remiss if i didn't acknowledge our friends and partners as we've gone through these past several days. i want to thank the governor of the state of south carolina who's here. [applause] for bringing all the resources of state government and along with what i call the nation's mayor, mayor riley. [applause] then most certainly our u.s. senator tim scott, who has helped us in many ways. [applause] now, this next person really don't need no introduction because he is a native south carolinian.
4:04 pm
he is a member of the african methodist episcopal here in charleston, our own u.s. congressman jim clyburn. come on. [cheering] [applause] yeah, yeah. then let me take this opportunity with my u.s. senator in new york and she became the secretary of state, hillary clinton. [cheering]
4:05 pm
sister jennifer, two girls, and family, i want you to know that the world has come to you. and to south carolina. for the poise and dignity along with your two girls and family have demonstrated how we handle our grief, but we hold on to our faith. no weapon formed against us. it's all right. no weapon formed against us. no evil can separate us from the love of god. now my brothers and sisters, those who have been listed in
4:06 pm
your worship guide on this day, we ask that you come as your name appears and give reflections. come in the order in which you are listed. and once more and again we are in worship. and this is no longer the arena. we have transformed it into a sanctuary. [applause] and let us govern ourselves accordingly. >> thank you all warmly. i am hop od to be one of those here in the sanctuary of the
4:07 pm
ward to honor one so very dear and to recognize a family whom we love even though perhaps we have not spoken as much as we would like, we care deeply. and in this case where the music that has been so glorious continues to echo in this space, my reflections will thereby come in the form of a prayer. please bow in prayer with me my friends. the psalmist o god affirms boldly in the 119th psalm, may your unfailing love be my comfort. indeed lord, we are truly comforted in our times of need always by your love. by your reminders of grace and mercy, by the reality of your constant presence with us, and by your gift of hope for the future. as we gather here in this arena in charleston today with hearts still bruised and hurting by the horrific events of
4:08 pm
wednesday night a week ago at mother emmanuel church, we know we must turn to you, that you, dear god are our source of consolation. those we have lost, are gone from us, sadly. but their lives will not have ended in vain, o lord. we will not allow that to happen. we will ever strive to remember each of these persons to hold their own loved ones in our hearts and to mention them in our prayers and to ask again and again that you will provide to their family members and friends the comfort and the ease which only you, lord, can grant. we have all lost so very much because of these deaths. may we as your servants by your grace move forward and be
4:09 pm
stronger than ever. the late senator pinkney, himself, loving father and husband, dedicated church leader inspiring and hard working member of our state's senate he touched our lives, o god, in so many ways. it is almost impossible not to imagine his presence in hallways, meeting rooms, and offices of the building in columbia much less there at the state house in the senate chamber. the warmth of his smile the depth of his caring spirit his insightful view points cannot be replaced. but, dear lord, what we all can do to honor senator pinkney and the eight others so tragically taken from us is to work harder than ever to tear down walls of separation in society. to come together as americans under our nation's proud flag
4:10 pm
and to celebrate the flag of this state we love. and to embrace one another in a spirit of unity that will bring greater blessings than ever to each woman, man, young person, and child here in south carolina and throughout our nation. by your grace, o god, may we honor you by our positive responses to the recent events and may we face the coming days in the loving spirit of your son, our savior, in whose wonderous and glorious name we pray, amen. god bless you all.
4:11 pm
>> a prophet is not without honor but in his own country among his own kin and in his own house. there you have it. here lived clemente c. pinkney a protestant gee walking -- a protegee walking among us. much has been said and will be said about senator pinkney it is extra special for those that knew him. and i'll add my song to the choir of praises for the man he was and the life he lived. for those who knew senator pinkney we will miss hearing his voice. i will miss the passion for helping others. i will miss him working on legislation that sought to lift people up. i will miss him sitting across the senate chambers from me and spending time with him on various occasions outside work. i will miss being his personal lawyer. i will miss being his sweet
4:12 pm
mate without sweet mary lou. we will always miss our friends, but know this. senator pinkney without a doubt loved you. he loved people. he loved serving people. he answered life's most pervasive question and that is what are you doing for others? he loved helping people. it didn't matter who you were or where you came from. he extended a helping hand and an open heart to all walks of life. that's just the kind of man he was. he loved his role as a pasture of his beloved mother emmanuel and his role in the south carolina senate in his beloved district 45 #. like any other great individual whose life is abruptly and tragically ended, we all will miss the man that he would have become. that sweet spirit in the senate. the conscience of the senate.
4:13 pm
because of that we wanted to continue with him so we pass'd resolution in the south carolina senate so we will hang his portrait in the senate amongst those great people of south carolina for the ages. with all the change that you wanted to see and all the change that you wanted to do and all the things that we talked to because of you, we will see the confederate flag come down here in the state of south carolina. you're the one that did it. it's coming down. [applause] to help care for the poor through medicaid expansion, he
4:14 pm
sought to end and alleviate impact of certain diseases and conditions upon his race of socioeconomic status. he railed against discriminatory lending practices that affected the poor. he called it usury. he rallied for access to the voting booth and fought for a fair justice system. he wanted -- he worked really hard. most recently and eloquently he pushed for the use of body cameras to protect those who are sworn to serve and protect us. and one of his greatest speeches ever. it seems that his voice always had his greatest impact when being used for the voiceless. perhaps that's why it resonates with us. i will miss his leadership and counsel to guide us through difficult times and days to come. particularly in times just like this. if there was one area of his
4:15 pm
life where senator pinkney was a little selfish i would say it had to be his family. he loved his family and that included his mother emmanuel church family and his senate family and he loved all of you. he called himself an itinerant preacher and his first calling was to god. jennifer, you have been amazing. clemente -- [applause] clemente loved you and as you know we sat in that room and you wanted to share him with the world. and you've done that. he laid in state. he went to the church at his roots. he has come back to mother emmanuel. we're sharing him now. and as a credit to you, you take him back to marion, south carolina so he can be near his mother and the family cemetery that meant so much to him.
4:16 pm
eliana and malana you know daddy loved you, his precious little girls. be safe and secure that your uncles, we will end up taking care of you. love is what senator pinkney leaves with us and that is his legacy. it was the foundation on which he built his life of service and all we can do is keep his love alive through legislation and that he championed and we will continue to do so. i would say to all of you his sacrifice must lead to reconciliation. senator pinkney's last act as a
4:17 pm
christian and as a senator was to open his doors to someone who he did not know, who he did not understand and who did not look like him. so in the days and weeks ahead, let us not close the doors that senator pinkney gave his life for us to open. do not give in to temptation and let anger and resentment close those doors that senator pinkney opened. do not let the religion or politics close the doors that senator pinkney opened to help make us better people. do not close the doors to words clem insisted we hear, to love each other, to care even when it is hard to do, and care for the least of these. let us be resolved to remember clem, may he always be the
4:18 pm
angel on our shoulder whispering good things in our ears beseeching to open doors all around us and live our faith and be reminded to love one another. if we do that, we will answer the prayer that he would want that we would have one day righteousness in every heart, beauty and character harmony in every home, order in the nation, and peace in the world. god bless you, brother. [applause] >> when i was asked to say a
4:19 pm
few words about clemente, i found it difficult to put into words what i really need to say. and what i really want to say. clemente was more than a friend. he was like a son to me. we shared many hours talking about issues talking about faith, talking about life. i can tell you from my conversations with him. he loved his ame church. he loved the church he pastored mother emmanuel. as a matter of fact, loved every church he ever pastored. i want you to understand that when hate abruptly ends the
4:20 pm
life of someone special it seems we quickly respond. it's our nature to come together ignoring all that divides and to repudiate hate. in times like these, we mourn the life that was so devalued in the senseless killings but we make a point to affirm that all lives matter. if senator pinkney were here today, i think he would tell us that we're far too tolerant of watching people slowly and methodically die over years, decades, and generations. you know, folks are dying every day, both physically and
4:21 pm
spiritually, because of what we do and what we don't do in the state house and in our local communities. our policies and our legislation, our choices of leaders all work together sometimes to deprive the poor and minorities that disinherited, of the opportunity for life more abundantly. amid suffering under the wave of institutional oppression was not lost on senator pinkney. he saw how structural sub ju gatien of people not only took life but how it somehow robbed people of hope. i believe that he grieved for them just as we grieve for him now. and he sought to end and ease their suffering. when too many were concerned about the social and moral
4:22 pm
stigma associated with hiv or aids, senator pinkney was fighting for more state funding, for medicine for those with hiv. when far too many had been far too comfortable for far too long with poor people paying exorbitant rates to borrow money, senator pinkney advocated for fair lending practices when far too many people were interested in picking a political fight with our president rather than doing what is right for our people. senator pinkney actively sought to expand access to healthcare coverage for the poor and working families of our state. when policy makers were seeking to erect barriers to government
4:23 pm
benefit senator pinkney pushed through a program to allow poor families to get more fresh fruits and vegetables. to put more healthy food on the table. when far too many found no shame in the corridor of shame senator pinkney worked to increase educational funding for our children in poor and rural school districts. when folks tried to deprive us of our constitutional rights to forge the kind of democracy that betters all citizens, senator pinkney stood strong against the peddlers of voter i.d. when far too many people would have us remain ignorant of the law and our rights, senator pinkney worked to empower folk with knowledge so that his people would not perish.
4:24 pm
when we were indifferent, he saw injustice. when we were weak, he was strong. his advocates for the least of us reflected the best in us. his heart and compassion reflected his faith and it was faith that he believed could unite us to do great things. if we want to remember senator pinkney, remember him when you're tempted to do what is politically expedient. instead of what is right. remember him. remember him when you find it easier to criticize than to
4:25 pm
work constructively toward solutions. remember him when you find yourself focused more on our differences than what we have in common. remember him. remember him. remember him. do more than just remember him but live to make sure that his life's legacy lives on. god bless you. and the people of god shall say amen. at this time except for the family i'm going to ask everyone to rise in your respective places and receive the senior bishop of the
4:26 pm
african methodist episcopal. the right reverend john richard bryant. [applause] >> only god majors in snatching victory out of the jaws of seeming defeat. only god majors in following good friday with easter sunday. only god is able to take you through the wilderness in order
4:27 pm
to lead you into the promised land. this week, the eyes of the world have been on the african methodist episcopal. the oldest, historically black denomination in the western hemisphere. [applause] historically, we are the stones that the builders rejected. we keep rising. on behalf of the council of bishops, and our council
4:28 pm
president, richard julius mcalister sr. and our family friends, the senior bishops of the c.m.e. and a.m.e. zion church who sit amongst us, and an army of ecumenical friends who made it across the miles to be in this place to help us answer the question what kind of people are these? the nation has seen us take a heavy blow. and the scriptures, jonathan says to david, your seat, your
4:29 pm
place, will be missed at the table. clemente pinkney's place will be missed at the table. along with the other eight. and yet others taking it personally cannot understand why they have not viewed more anger and bitterness and hatred as a result of the blow we've taken. it's because who we hang out with. [applause]
4:30 pm
our secret is in our lord. can i call his name? his name is jesus. [cheering and applause] someone should have told the young man he wanted to start a race war but he came to the wrong place.
4:31 pm
so i want to indict your prayers for our president today . he has the heavy responsibility not only standing as a statesman, global statesman but a churchman. and we as a church would be more than pleased if somebody in this crowd somebody over that television, somebody over streaming would hear the word
4:32 pm
about our jesus. [cheering and applause] now already clemente is with the cloud of witnesses. just imagine how he's going to feel if somebody gets saved today? we believe weeping may endure for a night. but what is it? >> joy! >> what is it? >> joy! >> joy! comes in the morning.
4:33 pm
and since a week ago we've seen occasion for joy. a mayor who came by our side and wouldn't leave it. a governor who was bold enough to declare it's time to take it down. weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. touch the person next to you and tell them, good morning.
4:34 pm
>> good morning. >> sister jennifer, the senior bishop reminds all of us that joy comes in the morning. and for that we say to god be the glory. let me remind those who are to follow the senior bishop to make remarks particularly when they have reverend next to their names -- [laughter] the senior bishop has spoken but we want to hear from those
4:35 pm
who are listed for reflection. let meac knowledge u.s. senator lindsay graham, who is here with us. [applause] >> come now as you are listed on our home going celebration worship guide. come and share your reflections. >> to the bishop of the church and all of the established protocol it gives me great honor today to say a word on behalf of my friend and my brother, the late reverend clemente pinkney. i thank you so much, mrs. pinkney, for this opportunity. i was praying about what to say in the two plus minutes that i have.
4:36 pm
and as i was praying i awokened on thursday morning and this is what the lord said. tell the people that he walked the talk. a fellow clergy person by the name of the apostle paul in ephesians 4:1-3 -- don't get nervous -- said therefore, the prisoner of the lord beseech you that we walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called. reverend clemente pinkney walked the talk. it has been said that i'd rather see a sermon lived any day than just preach. reverend pinkney lived as he taught. he was the embodyment of the sermon. he loved god. he loved people. he was humble, caring, compassionate, supportive, encouraging, compassionate respectful honest, a man of integrity. he was positive, he was a
4:37 pm
servant leader, a counselor a mentor a pastor par excellence, a phenomenal human being. as i prepare to take my seat in the last minute and a half i have -- [laughter] to sum it all up, he was god's anointed servant. [applause] jesus said let your light so shine before men that they will see your good work and glorify the father which is in heaven. clemente pinkney walked the talk. jesus said, but seek ye first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these things shall be added on to you. he walked the talk. he said, a new commandment that i give unto you, that you love one another as i have loved you. love you one another. clemente pinkney walked the talk. jesus said love god with all
4:38 pm
your heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. he walked the talk. can y'all help me? if y'all help me i'll be through in just a moment. jesus said, love your enemy. >> he walked the talk. >> jesus said the spirit of the lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. he has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captive, to recover the sight to the blind and to preach the acceptable year of the lord. he -- >> walked the talk. >> i just want to ask all the preachers in the house right now in honor of our brother and friend, can you all just stand and gin in saying with me, he walked the talk. can the members of emmanuel ame church rise and say -- >> he walked the talk! >> matter of fact, can everybody in here just rise and say, he walked the talk. thank you. god bless you. [applause]
4:39 pm
>> to the bishops of the church and all the distinguished persons who are assembled in this sacred room, the reverend clemente pinkney's life was chiseled by god. our god specializes in masterpieces of art. and as we behold his artistic work certainly our souls cry out how great thou art. as we observe the great and gigantic mountains of the world, and all of the stately
4:40 pm
trees like the big oak trees, and you should visit angel oak while you're in charleston at john's island and those tall, redwood trees in california and elsewhere and as we look at the green grass carpeting the earth we say god is great. but i do want you to know that as we look at the light of the reverend clemente pinkney god chiseled his life. he molded and shaped him into a great and outstanding man molded him and shaped him into a great leader of our world. in doing that, in chiseling his life he had to chip away some
4:41 pm
things as he always does for all of us. he chipped away fear. he chipped away ignorance. he chipped away impatience and apathy and selfishness and ingratitude because all of those things had they been in him as he was chiseling his life into a great piece of art, then his life would not have been as valuable as it has become. and therefore people respected him and they loved him. because of who he was. he was an intelligent man, a creative thinker. an erudite orator and preacher. a mel odious voice.
4:42 pm
calm cool, collected. a family man he was. he served the church well. he served the government well. and therefore he became a special piece of art. now his work is done and i am so happy to serve as his presiding elder. he served as pastor. as he passes the church mother emmanuel i want you to know that this man was real. significance. the bar tender from the stonewall inn was here the night those riots broke out he'll join
4:43 pm
me next to tell you how far we have come. your real value comes from within not without. when i was a student at the school where the reverend clemente went, the choir sang, use today sing a beautiful spiritual that i loved so dearly. and the words were, good lord i done done. i done done what you told me to do. certainly as the conclusion to this life has come i'm sure those words are applicable to his life and i can hear reverend pinkney using those words and paraphrasing them.
4:44 pm
good lord, i done done. i done done. what you told me to do. you told me to preach. and i done that, too. you told me to care for the under privileged and i done that, too. you told me to be a good family man. you told me to stand up and fight for justice. and equality for all people. >> yes. and i done that, too. good lord, i done done. i done done what you told me to do. and now reverend pinkney since you done what the lord told you to do, i want you to know that the lord has done what he told you he would do. he promised that he would be
4:45 pm
with us always to the end of the world. so he's going to take care of that wonderful wife and those wonderful daughters. he told you. he's going to be our bread in starving land. he's going to be our shelter in the time of storm. so therefore, my brother, you've done your work. go on and take your rest. servant of god, well done. the victory is won. enter into the master's joy. [applause]
4:46 pm
>> to our bishop of the church and to all of us mrs. pinkney and this family. over the past few days the department of global witness and ministry of the african methodist episcopal church has received many condolences and comforting thoughts. on behalf of this family and the mother emmanuel church community. from my partners in mission as well as from the communions of faith and colleagues around the world. they ask that we convey our prayerful support and their deepest condolences.
4:47 pm
in his brief but impacting life my university brother the honorable reverend clemente pinkney upheld and lived out the guiding principles of our great school as he taught through his precepts and examples the mind of people to think, the hands of people to work, and the hearts of people to love. i met this young brilliant tall all star as he metriculated at allen university. he came from good stock. his mother and i were classmates at allen, and his
4:48 pm
uncle the reverend laverne stevenson who later became presiding elder was my grandmother's pastor in columbia. reverend pinkney's great love for humanity and his passion for the kingdom of god moved him to use his natural talents and his spiritual giftedness to raise the moral consciousness of his congressional colleagues as well as faith communities. his unique calling emphasized the awareness of the injustices not only in the city of charleston but in the state of south carolina, the nation, and the world.
4:49 pm
his message was one of liberation and love for all people. his persona was soothing to the cries and concerns of the least of them. and to our children as well as our elders. his powerful voice was a voice of reason for the oppressed and the hopeless as well as the discouraged and the disappointing. he spoke up and spoke for those who could not speak for themselves as he recognized that they had no seat at the table. he had a genuine love for god and for helping people no matter their gender their race religion, or their belief . ethics and excellent intertwined his christian
4:50 pm
witness. what a wonderful gift of affirmation shared with us by our late comrade and brother. the honor clemente pinkney was committed to the cause of african methodism taking full use of the authority given him in order to prophetically shepherd congregations. in order to make and grow disciples of jikes. in order to teach the word of god. and in order to love one's enemies as one's self. his ministry embodied the scripture, which reminds us that when we entertain strangers, we may very well be entertaining angels unaware. we are grateful for the hope that reverend pinkney had for
4:51 pm
all african methodism as well as christian faith community. he shall be remembered today and in the days ahead for his quick wit, his giant smile, and his enorgeous heart. so we miss his priceless spirit his unfailing presence, his faithful witness. i am convinced that his spirit will live on in all of the goodness in all of the laughter, and all of the support that he has given to his family, his friends, his colleagues to african methodism, and to the christian faith community. and as the song writer says,
4:52 pm
blessed be the tie that binds. our hearts in christian love. the fellowship of kindred mind is lake to -- like to that above. when we are sund apart it gathers us inward pain but we shall still be joined in heart and hope to meet again. we'll see you in the morning. [applause] >> thank you so much. as we continue to celebrate this life we will have the tribute from mother emmanuel ame church here in charleston,
4:53 pm
south carolina and sister carla jones comes to read this resolution, i'll ask that every member of mother emmanuel when she begins to read, would you please stand. followed by a selection of mother emmanuel choir entitled "going up yonder." >> hear ye the resolution from mother emmanuel african methodist episcopal church. 110 calhoun street, charleston, south carolina 29401. june 26, 2015. according to his tender mercy, god, who is infinite in his
4:54 pm
wisdom has seen fit to move from our midst. our beloved pastor reverend clemente pinkney in christ by means of death on the 17th day of june, 2015, whereas we, the ministerial staff the senior board of trustees, and the members of mother emmanuel ame church expressed our condolences and love to the family during this joyous celebration of a life well lived. whereas reverend clemente pinkney was the beloved pastor
4:55 pm
of mother emmanuel since 2010. whereas reverend clemente pinkney was a kind and gentle soul that led his church with a quiet strength. whereas with his commanding voice, he provided weekly sermons that left you inspired hopeful, and feeling closer to god. whereas under his leadership, reverend pinkney remained focused on the members by merging our two services creating what he described as one service, one family, one church. he also instituted annual
4:56 pm
health fairs and organized member retreats for the reviving and renewal of members. whereas with his relationship he created good will in the community among other churches, communities, organizations, and businesses whereas under his leadership the church's parsonnage properties, number 9 henrietta street, number 106 calhoun, were renovated. he was also adamant that the congregation achieve our long-time dream to install an elevator. he was passionate about this project because he wanted our elderly members to enjoy service in the sanctuary.
4:57 pm
be it resolved that we the members of mother emmanuel ame church offer our heart felt sympathy to the family of our pastor, reverend clemente pinkney, on the loss of their dear loved one. we will miss him. but his contributions to our church will remain forever in our hearts. be it further resolved, that a copy of this resolution be given to the family and a copy kept in the mother emmanuel ame church historical archives. humbly submitted, reverend dr. goff, presiding elder of the district, the ministerial staff, the senior board, the
4:58 pm
senior board of trustees, and the members of emmanuel ame church. >> amen. [applause] ♪
4:59 pm
♪ if you want to know where i'm going where i'm going ♪ ♪ if anybody asks you where i'm going where i'm going oh ♪
5:00 pm
♪ i'm going up yonder i'm going up yonder i'm going up >> ♪ if anybody ask you where i am going if anybody wants to know