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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  July 18, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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i'm not directly connected with them. that's the answer. frank: i want to ask you a personal question. i have asked various leaders with their relationship is to god. i want you to be candid with me. is there a time you ever cursed god? rick santorum: in the real sense of cursing god, no. did i ever lose my temper and say something, of course. i have been blessed. i had a seat of faith planted. i have told how i came to the u.s. senate and found the lord. [applause] senator santorum: most people don't think he lives there but he does.
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the answer is, i do feel i have been blessed my entire life. even though i can't say i have had an easy life. i have always felt the seed planted by my mother and other about the importance of faith and relationship jesus christ, there is no room for despair. we have lost a child to read we have a disabled child permit we have had personal tragedies. as disheartened as i can be, as angry as i am, all things will work out for good if you hold on to that faith and belief. that is what he promises us. [applause] senator santorum -- >> i recently became aware that
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large amounts of money have been taken away from the teamsters who are retiring. they have been notified will start september. i saw a note look of expenditures by their retirement money. they tried to go to the railroads first. these guys were involved but they stopped us to read they have lots of other retirees in mind after that. what can and would he done in a republican presidency? senator santorum: i apologize, i am not familiar with what you are's the teamsters with what
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you are speaking up. if the teamsters have a private pension fund come the government has no right to take it. that would not happen under a republican president. frank: what should be the role of unions? senator santorum: i believe in free markets. what we are not going to do is stacked the deck in favor of unions and that is what the president has tried to do and we are not going to do that. frank: front right. >> i am concerned about the number of candidates running in the republican party. my concern is, whoever comes out on top, can we rally around that person?
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i think the democrats are having a heyday. it is going to divide the republican vote again. i was i could say i am as proud of the republicans as i was in the past. is there a way to bring continuity with that? i would charge whoever is running, whoever is the candidate of choice, make that arson responsible to his commitment he has made to us on the campaign trails. [applause] senator santorum: having gone through this process before, number one, i spent a little time in the back. all reporters want me to do is beat up on one of the candidates. i have decided, having gone through a race for years ago where a super pac and others beat up on us, it is fine to disagree on an issue. i will comment on a position of
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an issue. but i will stop the fracture site of republicans beating up on each other and questioning their integrity. [applause] you can have a disagreement on policy, and you should and we well. immigration. taxes. those are all fine. but when people come up here and start personally assailing people, that is where animosity builds and division happens. that is where it is hard to bring people back together again. i believe a civility pledge among republicans is something i really do believe in. it is something i am hopeful the rnc and others will continue to push. i would make the argument, sometimes the rnc is not particularly civil. they represent the establishment. they try to beat up conservative candidates.
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your point is valid. the second thing is, it is expected for conservatives to join if a moderate is nominated but that is not always the case when a conservative is elected. [applause] senator santorum: i would like to hear from all the big super pac donors. the same question they ask conservatives. will you go along with whoever is the nominee. if the answer is no, they should let the people elect whoever they want to elect. frank: any final words of wisdom, summary from what you see and have heard? where you are going to? senator santorum: if you want to
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win this election, it has proven to be the most important of our lifetime. we have not had a chance to talk about the culture. bottom line, our culture is crumbling. most of the folks are running for president are running for the hills. very few are willing to stand up and white. it is getting so toxic out there. we need to have a leader willing to stand and fight for the principles that made our country great. if we don't, what is the point of winning? if we don't have a leader that is willing to win so america can win. if you want to win, we have to run those states that run through the heart of iowa through pennsylvania. if we don't win those states which we have not in winning, we will not be very successful in this election. the only way we are going to win those states is not turning out more conservatives. look at the numbers. that is not it.
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it is turning out voters who stayed home last time because they don't think either party gives a look about them. -- lick about them. [applause] senator santorum: that means we have to have a narrative. when we paint the picture of the future of america, include them in the narrative. we will win the election and more portly, america is going to win. frank: ladies and gentlemen, rick santorum. [applause] >> you guys remember johnny carson? he used to have an episode.
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one last one. we are down to the one last one to read governor scott walker is going to be coming out here in just a minute. let me ask you, as the audience. has frank lutz done a good job facilitating this? [applause] bob: that is why this is trending so well on twitter. that is why people are intrigued about what is happening right here. we get to stand such a time as this. what i would like to have you do, we are going to allow frank to get a voice break. take out your cell phone. i am not going to ask you to text me money, but still have
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the number, you can do it. what i would like you to do is put in 515-393-2782. text to that number if714. what we will get do -- do, make a deposit twice a day. 7:14 in the morning and evening. scripture, encouragement about keeping a focus on revival. remember daniel? daniel is a guy who scheduled his prayers every that is why they knew where they could find him.
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the jewel his prayers. sometimes we get so busy, we forget we need to pray for revival. we also ask you to set your alarms at 7:14 in the morning and evening, to be reminded. you heard governor huckabee and several others talk about 7-14. i want to hear draw your attention to the word, if. if prompts a decision. it transfers the accountability of saying, are you going to do it or aren't you going to do it? will you pray? will you turn from your wicked or in different way? another term for wicked in scripture is indifference. ladies and gentlemen, that in
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differentce in the church is killing this culture. we need to speak out when it is our turn to speak. because if we humble ourselves and seek his faith pray, turn from wicked and in different ways, there is the promise he will heal our land. i think it is almost a pinch me moment that god would sooner us to be on the journey for this. yes, there are funnel clouds facing our nation. yes, the darkness is getting darker and bolder and more courageous. it is trumping the light. let me tell you this. light will always penetrate
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darkness, every time. right will penetrate darkness of . we need to be that light. i would ask you to join us and a growing number of people across the globe, praying for america's revival. you know what? it is not an outside in proposition. let me continue to live the way i want to live. it begins with me and begins with you. my marriage and your marriage and your family and my family. your community and my community. hopefully the ripple affect is an unprecedented revival in this country. when that happens, we can dream again. we talked about the sanctity of human life. you want to dream about a life being championed from conception
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to natural death? let's turn our hearts back to god. we can dream about a marriage between a man and a woman, where a husband loves his wife. wives love and respect their husbands. we can respect about god honoring marriages. we can dream about parents raising and nurturing their kids. where the parents get to raise, nurture, and educate the children, not the government. we get to dream on that stuff. beyond anything else, with this leadership summit, as we leave we also dream again. our god, our father, our lord his name would be high and exalted above all other names
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across the globe. thank you so much for being here. we are going to finish strong. we are going to finish strong. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together's top your eight, and cheer in appreciation of our moderator, for a glut -- frank lutz. welcome him back to the leadership summit and wisconsin governor scott walker. >>governor walker: thank you. i like the shoes. frank: i almost got through the entire day without somebody commenting on it.
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governor walker: those are red white, and blue. i like them. frank: now substance. my first question, you couldn't possibly have thought, back in january, you would go on to-3% in the polls to being the front runner in iowa. what happened? you are not the most funded candidate. you have been here a fair amount read what happened? governor walker: in january, the media thought, this guys maybe not as charismatic. he doesn't have all this money. we came here to iowa, des moines congressman king. there were a lot of people who helped us out during the recall a couple of years ago.
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thanks. [applause] governor walker: a lot of people a mired -- admired what we had done just across the miss his. that we had taken on the big government special interest. done all the different things we had done from social issues to economic and fiscal issues. but wondered if this guy is up for a national election. we gave a speech where i talked like i talked. told the story of what we did like i would ask home in wisconsin. people said, maybe this guy can break through and be a legitimate candidate. i think people are looking for someone who can write and win. we fought and won. [applause] frank: i want specific definitions. for several policies where there has been suggesting you have
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-- how far are you willing to fight for the sanctity of marriage? governor walker: i have had this opinion for 20 years. i have believe it is between a man and woman. last year as governor, i joined with the attorney general and defended it the federal courts system. when the decision came out last month, i said, i was frustrated five unelected jurists got to tell people state i stayed what they could do. i believe we should support a constitutional amendment to allow states to do whatever they see fit. in my state, we did one man and woman and i support that. [applause] governor walker: i also believe
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it is in port and from day one we have a president who is willing to fight to support religious freedoms in this country. that is something inherent already in the constitution, something i have fought for in my state, and something the next president should fight for. it is not freedom from religion it is freedom of religion. frank: would you support the indiana legislation in wisconsin? governor walker: it is even better in wisconsin. we haven't any state's -- have it in the state's constitution. we have live just fine with it. i support our constitution. i believe america, think about it. roger williams.
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william penn came to pennsylvania largely because of religious persecution. this is why the founders came to these united states. inside out to form a more perfect nation. part of it was because of religious persecution. that is something we should never lose sight of. protecting religious liberties. [applause] frank: immigration. you have been accused of taking different points of view by some of the people in the front three rows here. are they correct? have you been consistent over time? governor walker: as a governor, i don't deal with it. it has not been a heavy concern. i said earlier this year, i sat
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down and pointed out, i said this is an issue where i have changed somewhat. i went to the border. i flew in the air. i talked to people and others along the border. i listened to americans across this country. i looked at how messed up the president has dealt with the issue. i was one of the first governor to join the federal government lawsuit against the president. i believe immigration is simple. secure the borders. uphold the law. i believe we need a legal immigration system that gives priority to the impact on american working families, their wages, and a way that will improve the american economy. [applause] frank: what happens to the 11 million people who are here? governor walker: that is where
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the media has it backwards. you can even begin to talk about it until you security order. i do not believe in amnesty. when i went to the border, it was eye-opening. being there, not just being in the air and on the ground, but talking to professionals and even some federal folks there. there are international criminal organizations penetrating the southern border. not just drug cartels, they are pushing firearms. human traffic. not just people coming across. we are talking horrific examples of human trafficking. if this was happening in our water-based ports, we would be sending the coast guard is not the u.s. navy. the federal government needs to step up and security borders. if israel can put up 500 miles of fence and have the technology and personnel to keep it safe,
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so much so that they have a 90% reduction in terrorism there is no reason that great u.s. can't secure its southern border once and for all. [applause] frank: your father is a pastor. governor walker: he retired. all of us are called a minister in one form or another. frank: what is your relationship with god? governor walker: he is my lord and savior. that defines everything to read not just who i am as an elected official who i am as a father and friend. how i interact with people. that doesn't mean i have a list like the 10 commandments of what to do on every single issue. it defines not just who i am and
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what i believe in, but how i treat others. i hope i people saw, even at the height when i had 100,000 protesters, death threats we did not respond in kind. that impart wis -- that in part was driven by our faith. [applause] frank: back left. >> governor walker, you are known as a pro-life champion known as defunding plan -- due to defunding planned parenthood in your home state. that being said, early this week, the planned parenthood baby parts trafficking video went viral. it was a top trending topic. you finally posted something yesterday, four days after the release of the video. this, combined with your hiring of pro-choice staff members is
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getting people like me reason for concern for you and your campaign. why did it take you so long and why were you playing it safe and not hitting a home run on this topic? governor walker: actions speak louder than words. a lot of people tell you they are going to fight for things. i have actually one. -- won. i defunded planned parenthood in my own state when none of these videos came out. i did not have a cover of a video to make the case for why it needed to be defunded. i knew the right thing was to take it away from an organization that supported death and support women's health. i defended that without the
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cover. long before i would have even dreamed of being a presidential candidate. there are a lot of people that make great speeches about how they are going to fight to defund planned parenthood. i have actually done it and i will continue to be a pro-life president. [applause] frank: reform number two. >> my question is what do you believe the u.s. relationship with israel should be looking ahead? governor walker: where it should be and where it will be if i am president, we should acknowledge israel as an ally. that means no daylight -- [applause] governor walker: that means absolutely no daylight. when i was in israel, i didn't just meet with prime minister
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netanyahu. i met with the opposition leader as well. it was important to let the people of israel know, if i were elected, there would be no gap. there would be no daylight between the u.s. and israel. that is important not just for israel, but for the u.s. around the world. the obama clinton doctrine of leading from behind puts us in harms way, not only in the middle east, sends a signal all around the world. even to the point of what we see in the south china sea with china and aggressive actions. all those things i believe our tightest together. when we back away from how lies, it sends a signal to allies to push back. >> we have executive people who
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are not following the law or the constitution. we also have judges who are citing sharia law and international law in their decisions. why is it that these people are not brought to justice? why are they not arrested? why are not these justices in peaimpeached? scott walker: i can to you the type of judges and justices i would put on the bench. i have not yet made a supreme court appointment, but i have simple criteria. men and women of integrity solid credentials with the law. most importantly individuals who understand the sole role of the judiciary at any level
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especially the highest level at federal courts, is to uphold the constitution of the u.s. no more, no less. theose are the sorts of judge and justices i will appoint. frank: microphone, front right. >> for all candidates, america is beautiful. 300 plus million people. we have different lu systems -- different value systems and the backgrounds. my fear is the lobbyists control our population. the people are not represented. my question is this. i am a little nervous. i would ask this question to you and all future politicians.
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can we outlaw lobbyists? [applause] governor walker: one of the ideas that does not go quite there but to the heart of what you are getting at. i started out yesterday in a 99 county tour. i am doing a full -- we are doing all 99 counties. we have a winnebago. i was in council bluffs and sioux city earlier. cedar rapids yesterday. part of what i talked about earlier, i talk about the three pillars of our campaign. reform, growth, safety. we talk about reform, one of the things we did in wisconsin was to take power out of the hands of big government special


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