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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 18, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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he brings questions about the way we do things and a different way of thinking about it. some hard questions about how we approach our work. he brings ideas for new things we could do and an openness to our ideas but he also brings his own. we need fresh ideas in our field. we need some people from outside the industry who understand he brings capital. he is one of the wealthiest people in the world. he is willing to invest. that has been great because we have to make the transition from a print era to a digital era. we live in a digital and mobile society. need to fund experiments and he has been willing to fund all sorts of experiments to see what --ks for a
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we can try things before they take off. only take off on this runway, no landings allowed. been a very good experience. we have grown rapidly among our pierce set -- p are s -- peer set. can you give an example of an experiment that has worked and one that has failed? since this is being televised and there are hundreds of people here. i will talk about successes. we have a number of them. we have an overnight crew that produces something called morning mix working from 10:00 at night to 6:00 in the morning.
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they look all over the world and internet for stories that can be done. they develop those stories in their own way. they are posted at 5:00 in the morning or earlier and it gives us a lot of fresh content written in a way that is particularly suited to the web. this is different than the way you write for a newspaper. it has been quite successful. we also started something called post-everything which is our answer to what huffington post was at the beginning where we invite outside writers to write for us. individualsdinary writing about their own personal experiences have been hugely popular. they have done extremely well on though -- perhaps the most what happened when i drove my mercedes down to pick up my food stamps. [laughter]
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marty: very popular piece. people were of different minds about this individual. it was widely shared. this is a question for both of you starting with elizabeth. how do you explain the success of fox news and related to that is what it your opinion about the future of print journalism? elisabeth: you have to take this one too. why do you think it appeals to a committed audience to people who same -- iho are the am on television here, folks who believe in much of the point of view. it is not a surprise. it is lively, engaging, it has a strong point of view. it confirms a lot of people's political beliefs. it is not a surprise.
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cnn is doing something different, which is being a straight news organization. what was the rest of the question? future of print journalism. for now, i can tell you, i can talk about the times of future print journalism. new york times print coming out for the perceivable future. i cannot predict how many more years that would be but it is certainly right now that the print edition of the new york times and daily circulation is less than 700,000. our digital only subscribers are close to one million. that is the pay wall. people are paying for those digital subscriptions. leaving this discussion from dartmouth at this point to take remarks from wisconsin governor scott walker.
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we were planning to show you florida senator marco rubio as he spoke at the iowa state fair set for 11:30 but because of the weather we will not be able to show that to you live. we are taking it and will have it for you later and we will have ohio governor john kasich at 5:00 with your phone calls. wes is live in minnesota and are expecting to hear from wisconsin governor scott walker in now on his plans to repeal an replace the nations health care law. >> scott walker is the reform worker we need not just for minnesota but the entire country. . please join me in welcoming the next president, governor scott walker. [applause] walker: thanks. thank you. thank you mr. speaker.
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they have done a spectacular job here in minnesota, i was pleased to be with you earlier in the capital, i appreciate your leadership for our team. we are going to compete for the caucus and we are pleased to have your leadership, grassroots will make a huge difference and i want to thank all the ways here. thank you for hosting is not just here but i was kidding on the tour, i know where not to stick my finger and where not to turn off the white kurds. -- white curds. thanks for having us here and thinks everybody else, all the friends and supporters for being here. and hearing a bit about what we are here for today. we will talk about obamacare. i want to point out that america is a can-do kind of country. we have people in washington that can't get the job done.
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washington is 68 square miles surrounded by reality. i have to tell you, when i talk to people across this country, people are fed up with washington. i feel your pain. i am fed up as well. we were told by republican leaders during the campaigns last year that we just needed a republican senate to be elected to repeal obamacare. here we sit. of the united states congress have been controlled since january by republicans. there is not a bill on the president's desk to repeal obamacare. i want to be clear, americans want more than just campaign promises. they want results. actions speak louder than words. that is something i know. i understand it, i am not intimidated. i was not intimidated on the soapbox right of people i came to the iowa state fair. unionefore we took on
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bosses in my state and before we took on liberal special interest from washington, we took on some of the establishment in my own party. 2010, when i was thinking of running for governor, i did so because i was upset with the direction my state was in. i thought it was heading the wrong direction. we ran. a week after the react -- election, we had all the republican lawmakers together and i said to voters that voters had told us they wanted us to be big and bold. there were some republican lawmakers who were uneasy with the idea of taking on the status quo. i said to all of those lawmakers including some that were uneasy, i said it is put up or shut up time. that was the headline. it was important because we wanted to send a clear message. i heard what voters said. if we didn't do what we said we
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would, they had every right to throw us out. i was proud not long after taking office, the very day i oath andce, i took the authorized our state to join the federal lawsuit against obamacare. of awe set out on a path bold reforms. we took on union bosses. then we fixed the $3.6 billion budget deficit. we cut taxes by $2 billion. we defunded planned parenthood. we put a photo id requirement to vote in the state. ensure that every adult in our state who is able to work must be able to pass a drug test before they get a welfare check. we got results. [applause] we took action.
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in addition to that first day, authorizing the state to join the lawsuit against obamacare. not long after that i turned down a state exchange under obamacare. as you mentioned, mr. speaker, looking at minnesota and maryland, i am glad looking at the other problems states are having but i made that decision several years ago. like my friends rick perry and bobby jindal, i turned down a medicaid expansion under obamacare. that was tough. a blue state like wisconsin. there were some republicans that wanted us to grab the money but we turned it down because we knew how difficult it would be to repeal. -- otherin charge states were expanding to it and adding underneath it. we showed we could get results. i am proud to say the state of wisconsin for the first time in our history, everyone living in
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poverty is covered under medicaid. we took everyone above poverty and transitioned it to the marketplace. it still protects taxpayers. kaisere nonpartisan family foundation looked at what we did and said wisconsin was the only state out of all of the states that did not take the expansion, the only state that did not have a coverage gap. in other words we got results while still staying true to our common sense conservative principles. reforms like that can work in a blue state like wisconsin. there is no doubt they can work for america. there is no doubt going forward they can work for america. i am willing to stand up against anyone, including members of my i will get the job done. we will not be intimidated. [applause]
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gov. walker: the reason i say this is because talk is cheap in the world of politics. in our case, we fought, one, got results, we did all of that in a state that hasn't gone republican for president since 1984. we were not intimidated, we did what was right for the people of our state. the people paying the tax bills going forward. we have a plan for america that i want to share with you. it is simple. it starts with a premise that on my first day, i will send legislation to the congress to once and for all repeal obamacare entirely. [applause] gov. walker: along with that we will replace it in a way that puts patients and families, your families, act in charge of your decisions.
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we call it the day one patient freedom plan. as i mentioned, the first part is repealing obamacare entirely. some ask how you will do that. you have a congress out there, it is simple. we make sure this happens. we have to repeal obamacare entirely, lock, stock, and barrel. part including the parts nancy pelosi did not bother to read. i talked to reformers like paul ryan and tom price and others like that. they are ready to work with us to pass reforms as soon as possible. there is an incentive out there to do that, the great way to motivate the congress to pass the reforms we are talking about is to make sure they have to live under the same obamacare rules the rest of america has been put under. [applause]
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on my first day, i will issue an executive order that will pull back on the special deal that president obama provided to congress. they pulled out of this fight they often exempt themselves from other things when it comes to other laws. we will do an executive order that its root of the deal that president obama put in place and make them live under the same conditions. once they are susceptible to the obamacare premium increases that many americans have been under, i have an idea that will light a fire under congress to get things moving. candidates talk about repealing obamacare and we have a plan to make sure congress acts on reforms right away because they will have to live under the same rules that everyone else does. [applause] the next part is once we get established that we will repeal obamacare, the next
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screen i will show you is about ensuring affordability and accessibility for everyone when it comes to health insurance. we wanted affordable and accessible for everyone. we will have lower premiums. once you repeal obamacare and get rid of those regulations, that is part of the plan, once you encourage more competition when it comes to insurance and health care providers, you will see premiums go down for everyone. including for people who get it from places like this. we will see a reduction of premiums, which is good for everyone. second for those out there who may not get it from their employer, we will have an option there as well. we provide a tax that it that is not tied into age so it applies across the board so as people -- we have a great tax credit up there that will help people no matter whether it is someone who is working part-time and going to school or maybe somebody else
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who decided they wanted to start a new business. they are looking for a way to buy health insurance. this gives them an affordable way to get affordable health care. we apply for everyone out there. addition, $1000 in a refundable tax credit to put into hsas. we lift the limits. we are raising the limits in terms of contribution limits for both individuals and families. we will i you to pass it on to your children and other family members. we want you to be able to control more of your own money. you will do more to manager health care and your health. if you actually have control over those dollars. it is putting freedom back in the hands of patients and families to make decisions about your health care and money. you are also seeing besides the
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we willand incentives, allow people to buy health insurance anywhere. in any state. in the past you have been restricted over state lines. wherever you think is the best spot, you can buy it outside of your employer, we will allow you to buy it anywhere in any state. we will make sure, this is important, while we are repealing obamacare, we want to make sure one concern that i have heard, we will make sure people with pre-existing conditions, you will not get bumped off your coverage. we haven't faced with huge increases just because of pre-existing conditions -- we have been facing huge increases just because of pre-existing conditions. accessiblerdable and health care insurance options for everyone. the next one is make health care more efficient and effective and
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accountable by empowering the states. the abilitythat is to oversee health care insurance act to the state. [applause] that's one of those where the speaker and i know this but i know across the country, it is more effective and efficient and more accountable when you send power out of washington to the state level. in terms of overseeing health care in our states, have it done at the state level. on top of that, we want to reform medicaid. that means fixing it and sending it back to the states. i have seen for years we have tried different ways of doing that. one of the things i am proud of is under obamacare, we were able to find a way to make sure every person living in poverty for the first time in my state's history
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was covered. we did it without taking the free federal money. there is no such thing as free federal money. we're are the ones that pay for it out there. effective, ife you want to make sure that truly needy people get the care they need you need to send the power back to the state where it can be more innovative and more likely to get the job done. right here in minnesota, wisconsin, iowa, part of this is just taking power from washington and sending it back to the state. the next thing is improving and increasing the quality of choice and innovation. , consumers,w people to go out and pull together and purchase health care. it could be a group of farmers or small business owners.
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we want another option from the choices we have right now. we allow people to pool resources and go out there and purchase health insurance together. it is about giving people more freedom. we put in place incentives for wellness. there are a lot of great employers working with employees on wellness grams that increase health. that is beyond just talking about health care cost. it is improving health. you deal with chronic diseases and things of that nature that help lower health care cost as opposed to alternatives. under obamacare it leads to rationing. we want people to lead happier and healthier lives. this allows employers to participate in wellness programs. we put in place reforms for long care services. perform the process for long-term care. that is important for those of us in the middle class. abouts a lot of concern
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financial stability. when you think about long-term care needs for your family. we put in place changes so you have more stability and confidence not just for yourself but for those in your family. we allow for more options out there. provideyou can long-term care in people's homes, not just having to go to certain places. more ability to provide long-term care. that is something we have heard time and time again. we want to make sure we provide an incentive for states to pursue reform as it applies to medical procedure. i want health care professionals to go forward with procedures and tests and decisions that are based on medically necessary decisions, not based on trying to avoid the adverse effect of frivolous lawsuits.
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are going to allow them to make decisions based on the medical needs, not just in trying to avoid frivolous lawsuits by practicing defensive edison. -- medicine. this is something we will do to go forward while increasing choices and pushing innovation. this allpeople say comes together but how will you pay for it and how does it apply to obamacare? is important to have financial stability for ourselves and families but also for taxpayers. our plan is for long-term care, eating people more options whether you get it through him lawyers -- employers. those without employer-based health care to increase tax credits and allowing families to get it at a reasonable rate. about those things putting more money and your pocket and giving you more control over your money. this is good for families and patients and your financial stability.
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for all of us, it is good for our taxpayers. we are not sustainable under obamacare. i am proud to say that by weealing obamacare entirely are getting rid of the spending and taxes. this ends up being a tax cut to about a trillion dollars. we get rid of the taxes and spending. the trillion of dollars invested in obamacare. we give that back to the american people. we provide more relief on top of that with the hsa. probably one of the biggest tax relief plans we have had with program economic development and tax relief plans in the past 40 some years. they'll have a important impact on the nation's economy. it is important as we think about obamacare, you think about
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candidates talking about obamacare and what they will do to repeal it. one of the few candidates that has laid a plan out, not just for how to repeal it but what to do in its place, but we lay out when you talk about this, you want to make sure to understand the nation is undergoing a critical financial crisis when it comes to our debt. in this case, our plan is cost neutral. we pay for this and the credits of the other components. by reforming the process by the tax treats some of the goldplated health care plans and by reforming and fixing medicaid by sending it back to the states where it is more efficient and more accountable to the american people and to people served by these programs at the state and local level. that is important because we want to repeal obama care and want patients and families back in charge of health care decisions. we want to do it in a way that
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doesn't break the bank. going forward, we found an effective way to do that that doesn't add to the deficit taxlems, provides massive related, and puts all of you and the rest of the people across america in charge of their health care decisions. this is the layout. we think it is a great plan. it is a great way to repeal obamacare and not just talk about it. [no audio] >> unfortunately we are having to leave our coverage of governor scott walker having problems with the signal from minnesota. another presidential candidate, florida republican candidate senator marco rubio wrote an op-ed piece about his plan to replace the nation's health care
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law. he lays out three primary components of his plan. first, he says he will work with congress to create a refundable tax credit that all americans can use to purchase health insurance. second, he will inform -- reform to lower costs and encourage innovation and third, he will take up the work of strengthening medicare and medicaid by placing them on fiscally sustainable paths. that is from senator marco rubio, you can read the details if you go to politico. we planned to bring you senator rubio's remarks from the iowa state fair. we will bring you coverage of all the presidential candidates at the fair. senator rubio coming up at 11:30 but because of the weather we will have to record that and show you later. this marks the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina and a number of events marking the occasion. later today it is new orleans mayor speaking at the national press club. lots of remarks on the katrina anniversary, we suspect.
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that is at 1:00 p.m. eastern. that to start, yesterday, senator lindsey graham spoke to supporters at the iowa state fair. here's what he had to say. >> good afternoon. [indiscernible] welcome to the des moines register political soapbox. we have u.s. senator lindsey graham of south carolina. , his firstham service in elective office --
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then he was elected to the u.s. house and been elected to the u.s. senate in 2003 and has been reelected twice for that office. --also served active duty and served in the u.s. air force reserves for 33 years, retiring just a couple of months ago. he is going to get a special introduction today from his sister. [applause] thank you. it is my honor to introduce to you someone very special to me. my brother, lindsey graham. there are a few things i want to share with you. he died grew up in a small town in south carolina in one room, in one bedroom, but one room the back of our parents liquor store and bar. we did everything in that one
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room. we worked long, hard hours. as we got older, our mother started to get sick. she was in and out of the hospital a lot. we stayed by her side day and night. the age she was and i realize how harmful that had to be for her, how sick she was. probably worried about her children and what would happen to them. was constantly reassuring her that everything would be ok so that she could have a little piece. -- peace. he has never let me down. he has always been by my side. through tough times and a very special times.
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i believe that if elected president, he will work harder and be more dedicated to this country than anyone else. he knows what it is like to struggle and overcome adversity. i believe that if elected president he will not let this country down just like you never let me down. -- like he never let me down. it is truly my honor to introduce to you someone i love dearly, my brother, lindsey graham. [applause] thank you, how about a round of applause for my sister. up in a room behind a bar and a liquor store. i