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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 3, 2015 2:00pm-3:06pm EDT

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winter? caller: i do -- guest: i do. i think that is up to him. that it's been for the discussion of his economic plan. i am very optimistic about that. he will have to ultimately talk about his worldview. he has only laid out one set of policy and that is on immigration, and that has dominated the political debate so far. the great thing about trump is he is always interesting. you never know what he is going to say. he is not scripted. as long as he is interesting to the voters, as long as he is engaging the voters in a way otherf the candidates can, he has staying power. this is a $100 million endeavor at a minimum in my opinion. when he files his financial disclosure form with the federal election commission, he shows he
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had a net worth south of $10 billion. more importantly, he had very little debt and $358 million worth of cash or cash equivalents. he has the money to do what is necessary. it is money with no strings on it. jeb bush has $100 million, but that is wall street money. every dollar in that account as a string on it. donald trump is exactly right about that. host: as you might imagine, a lot of political junkies watch this network and work here. one of the questions everybody asked before we sat down to talk with you this morning is your tattoo. i want to ask you because you tweeted it out. is it real. if so, when did you get it? i actually have a tattoo of richard nixon on my back about the size of a pineapple. is equal distance between my shoulders.
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here is why i did it. is not an ideological statement. they said was a pragmatist. it is a dealer might or that in life when you have setbacks, when you get knocked down, when you face disappointment, when bleak, youhings are have to get back in the game. he was an introvert and and at an extrovert's business. he opened the door to china and segregated public schools, reached arms-control agreements with the soviets, put money into the african-american community to develop black capitalism, the first real environmental protection that we needed. he was in many ways a great president despite his many problems and failures. it is a personal reminder.
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i got the tattoo, which is a good likeness of him, in california from a tattoo artist there at the ink monkey. i did a lot of research before i chose somebody to do the work. i saw a tattoo this particular artist had done for someone was a tattoo of general patton . it was a great likeness. i knew i found my man. it was very painful. it is a daily reminder that you need to have the same kind of resilience, the same kind of indestructibility as richard nixon. philosophically, i am more of a reagan republican. what i admire about nixon is his tenacity. to a very different and long career, he got knocked down repeatedly but he got back up. host: was richard nixon alive when you had the tattoo put on your back? it?o, did he see
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guest: unfortunately, he had already passed by the time i got the tattoo. i did it in remembrance of him. he was a good friend and mentor of mine. it was president nixon who introduced me to the reagan people and got me my job with president reagan. i worked on governor reagan's andpaigns in 1976, 1980, 1984. richard nixon gave me my start in politics, for which i will always be grateful. host: mr. texas labor day weekend, three days of politics, books, and american history. here are a few of the features for a labor day monday, beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. discussing the pros and cons of big data and civil liberties.
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later that evening at 6:30, a debate on how to reduce poverty between president obama and the president of the american enterprise institute, arthur brooks. at 8:00, former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush on leadership skills. beginning saturday 10:00 on c-span2's book tv, live all day the nation's's capital for the 15th annual national book festival with programs for ink -- as well as your opportunity to to speak with a political prize-winning historian and others, sunday at noon. a live, three-hour conversation with the former second lady and american enter rise is it to senior fellow lynn cheney, who would take your phone calls, e-mails, and tweets. later at 9:00, catherine eden toss about how families from chicago to the mississippi delta are surviving on no income. labor day monday beginning 11:45
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authors like an coulter and others share their sought -- thoughts on social and political issues. history tv on c-span3, saturday evening at 8:00, on lectures in history, the university professor lisa explains how chemical agents used during the creed in -- korean and vietnam wars traded long-term damage to both people and the environment. sunday afternoon at 4:00 on real america, crowded out. the national education association film addressing overcrowded schools following the post-world war ii abb him. and later on monday come our interview with david rubenstein. get our complete schedule at >> and c-span live here at trump tower, new york city, for a press conference being held by donald trump expected to start a few minutes ago.
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some reports say mr. chump will be signing a republican loyalty pledge. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, mr. donald, -- donald date -- donald j trump. [applause] mr. trump: thank you very much, everybody. this is some turn out. my great honor. a chairman just left, as you probably know. extremely fair. the rnc has been absolutely twoific over the last months. that is what i have wanted. i have wanted fairness. i do not have to be treated any differently than anybody else. i just wanted fairness from the republican party. we are leading in every single pulpit a new poll came out today where we are over 30%. we have actually hit numbers as high as 35 and 40%.
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frankly, i felt the absolute best way to win and to beat the democrats and very easily, i think it, beat the democrats no orter who it is hillary anyone else, and i think hillary will have a hard time frankly with what is happening getting to the starting gate. if i win theis nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up. for that reason, i have signed the pledge. [applause] trump: so i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative vegetables for which it stands and we will go out and fight hard and we will
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win. most important like, we will ,ake our country great again because that is what it is all about. [applause] with that come are there any questions? [indiscernible] mr. trump: this is a self-funded campaign. we have our heart and soul in it. i do not need money and i do not want money. this will be a campaign like no other, i think. i am not controlled by lobbyists or anybody. i'm controlled by the people of the country in order to make our country great again. yes, sir. >> [indiscernible] got nothing.really
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the question was, what did i get for signing the pledge? absolutely nothing, other than the assurance that i will be treated fairly. i have seen that over the last few months. they really have been very fair. no, i have no intention of changing my mind. [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: the big thing that has changed, and it has been obvious to all, after i announced, we went up like a rocket ship. no one said i would run and they said he will not run. i did that. the papers, in terms of the company, turned out to be spectacular. it is a great company. i built a great company. all the others turned out to be very well received. the thing that changed is the numberat i went to the one place very quickly after i thisd and after i, in
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building, notified everybody that i would be running for president. the biggest thing is that i went early to number one and the rnc has treated me with great respect. that was very important. yes. no, i see no circumstances under which i would tear up that pledge. >> [indiscernible] you don't have to be met when you're at 2%. [laughter] it is one of the things, that is the way life works. i like governor christie, by the way. the chairman asked if he could come up you saw him here in little while ago. i was greatly honored that he did come up, frankly. >> [indiscernible] mr. trump: well, i think when
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you get right down to it, we are a nation that speaks english. i think while we are in this nation, we should be speaking english bear that is how assimilation takes to whether people like it or not, that is how we assimilate and how we go onto to the next phase in the next stage. talking about spanish. i'm talking about from various parts of the world. that is how they will become successful. integrate. i think it is more appropriate to be speaking english. yes. one of the things i want to do, and i feel strongly, it is a country based on borders and our countries based on laws. when people come into the country illegally, we should not allow that.
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this is not from south america, this is not from mexico. it is all over the world. when people come a legally, we cannot allow that. i want people to come legally. i want very much to take care of our border because our southern border is a total mess. been proven. interestingly, a couple months ago when i announce, i made strong statements about the and the the crime problems happening. i have been proven right and many people in this audience have actually apologized to me, which i very much appreciate. they have not done it publicly but these are minor details in one day they will. the fact is we are a nation that wants and needs orders. we are a nation that wants and needs and is based on laws. takesl make sure that place. with that being said, i want people to come into our country legally. have a big, fat, beautiful open-door paradigm
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want people of great talent to come in, for silicon valley. i want engineers and physicists. i want people with great talent to come into the united states. when people graduate from college, you can be number one from your classic harvard, or number one at yell, or the school of finance, or princeton, or stanford. immediately, if you're not a citizen of the united states, you get thrown out of the country. we want those people to stay. we want people of great talent to be in the united states, to work here, and ultimately to become citizens. i do not know enough about it to comment. what she jailed? i do not know much about it. go ahead. that is absolutely false. golf, that, i can tell
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you. yes? well, i understand how the system works may be better than anybody. i understand the political system and also very much a system of coming in for illegal immigrants. do not forget, if i did not bring up the subject of illegal immigration, you would not be asking the question or no one would even be talking about immigration. immigration and in particular it illegal immigration, has become a big factor. a lot of bad things have happened with respect to crime since i brought it up. up,if i did not bring it immigration would not even be a subject that we are talking about and it happens to be a very important subject. i have to say this. very positive a subject. because i believe so strongly in immigration.
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we have to stop illegal immigration and we have to look forward to great immigration done in a legal manner. nobodyd not bring it up, would be talking about it. go ahead. >> [inaudible] there is gridlock in congress right now and that is because there is no leadership at the top. youhave to be able to lead have to get people into your office, go to them, anyway you want to do it. but you have to be able to leave. there is no leadership at the top and signing executive orders is not the way our country was supposed to be run. go ahead. >> [inaudible] i do not want to talk about that here. it is inappropriate. yes, sir, go ahead.
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tom brady? , radio is a very good friend of mine. he is a great eye, an honorable and honest guy and a truly great athlete. he is really a very good friend of mine and i just spoke to him a little while ago and he is so thrilled and happy. tom brady, i think what they have done is terrible. --has been exonerated exonerated as i understand it, because i just heard about it. i'm very happy for tom. they are having a rough year, let's face it. go ahead. in europe, they have tremendous problems. people going in and storming. it is a huge humanitarian problem. i will just say this. the united states has tremendous problems of their own. we have infrastructure that we have two fixed or bridges and roads and everything is falling apart.
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our nation is in such trouble. that is why being a builder and a great and successful builder, i think will greatly help. we have so many of our own problems, including the builder -- including the wall, which we will get built. helped -- health care is a mess. look at obamacare. premiums have gone up 55%. people are saying, this is turning out to be a disaster. rooftibles are through the . the deductibles on obama care is through the roof. we have a lot of problems and we have to take care of our vets here and we have to build up our military. just the other day, the general army is in the worst shape in its history in terms of repaired miss. for them to be in bad shape, with the way we are and the world hating us, you look at hillary clinton, and i have said, she is the worst secretary of state in the history of this country. in all fairness, because of the
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agreement that is about to be finalized with iran, john kerry may very well take her place. i think that agreement is a disaster for the country, for israel, for the middle east. it will lead to nuclear proliferation. everything about it and we do not even get our prisoners back. you say, who negotiates a thing like that? that will not happen with a president trump here at one or two more questions. -- president trump. one or two more questions. yes. you will see later. they do not want to hear it. yes, go ahead. could you stand up, please? >> [inaudible] mr. trump: all i want them to do -- yes, and say hello to roseann and greg.
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rate people. i would say simply, i just want to be treated like everybody else. a big contributor. no one knows the system, but i was on the other side and i was the elite and i was the fair-haired person. once iran, i was a little bit of an outsider. because in outsider was running and i was not supposed to run p or dime a businessman and people give me great credit as being a great businessman but i'm not supposed to be running for office. the fact is our countries being killed on trade by china, by mexico.y i am not knocking those countries. their leaders are much much smarter than our leaders. they are absolutely killing us. our jobs, taking our money, taking our base. think of this. we oh china $1.4 trillion. and we are paying them interest. we all japan, with all the cars
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coming in, the same amount. $1.4 trillion. it is like a magic act. they send the cars in, take our jobs, they do everything and we oh them money. that will not happen with me. it has been a long time. go. well, jeb bush is a very nice man. i will be honest i think he is a nice person. i think he is a very low energy person and i do not think that is what the country needs to i hear he will spend a lot of money on negative advertisements on me. honestly, look, he's getting the money from special interests. he is getting the money from lobbyists and his donors. and they are making him do it because he is crashing in the polls. i do not know what will happen. if you spent $20 million or $25 million on negative ads, i do not know. i know my life will continue. i just do not know. that,bably has to do
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although it would not be the way i have done it. one of the things i am most far,ed about is that so everybody that has attacked me has gone down the tubes. you have lindsey graham attacking me p was at 3% and he is now at zero. you have perry attacking me and now he is out of the race. at zero. rand paul attacked me. down to less than 2% and he attacked me. down, veryso went big. i don't know. he's going to spend lobbyist money and special interest money. remember this. have total control over jeb and hillary and everybody else who take that money. nobody knows the system better than me. they have total control. you understand it very well because you have been covering
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it for a long time. those people putting up those millions of dollars have total control over your candidate. i will tell you this. nobody is putting up millions of dollars for me. i'm putting up my own money. [applause] in fact, i feel a little foolish. people are offering me millions and millions of dollars care when you are in first place, you can collect so much money. i keep turning them down. i a fool?e, am i feel very foolish. when i was in iowa last week, i said, what do you think? a big lobbyists offered me $5 million for my campaign. i said to the crowd in iowa, a great crowd of 4000 people, i said, can i take it, and what you believe, i will not do anything, i promise you and's ready you, when i do anything. they all stood up and said, no, no, do not take it. i am the only self funder, i am putting up my own money.
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there have been five or six super pac's where people are forming super pac's for trump. i have nothing to do with them. you are not allowed to have anything to do at them. i do not know what they will do it hopefully, if they do something, it will be nice. i do not know anything about them are in a nutshell, i am funding my own campaign and no one else's. when people advertise, and i hope the voters can see this, every negative advertisement they see about me is paid for by lobbyists and special interests. remember that. go ahead. >> [inaudible] could be: our country doing much better. all bad trade agreements. an army that is not prepared. we have a military that needs , especially in these times spirit we have nuclear weapons
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that, you look at 60 minutes, they do not even work, ok? the phones do not work. they are 40 years old. they have wires that are no good here nothing works. country does not work. everybody wins except us. in the victories country. we do not have victories anymore. great again,ill be but right now, the country has major problems. >> [inaudible] yes, carly. i was in favor of her being in the debate. i think she should be. i do not like the fact that there are 11 people now as i understand it. they're not getting rid of rand paul or somebody. they should because it is too many people. when you have a 11, you will not hear me or other people talking, and i think that is too bad. i think 11 is a lot of people, but i was very happy she got
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into the debate. quite frankly, she deserves to be in the debate. >> [inaudible] i like maybe he is inclined not to get into the race. i think it will depend on what happens with hillary clinton. a lot of people think she will not be able to make it legally from a criminal standpoint to the starting gate. i do not know that to be true. i think it depends on what happens with her. i think if she gets out, he will get in. if she stays in, he might not. who knows? >> [inaudible] mr. trump: he is not supposed to be here. he was here. he was up in my office. he got the pledge and we are very happy about that. i told him, i said, i do not think if -- i do not think it is appropriate for you to be here. he guys will end up saying
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is endorsing trump. that would be inappropriate for him. i would suggest, frankly, i am fine with him not being here. i do not want anyone to think he is endorsing. as jeb is concerned, i watched him this morning on television and it is a little bit that. don't forget, he was supposed to win. and he just does not have the energy. is a lot of have money, given to him by special interests, donors, and lobbyist. i just hope if he spends money on advertisements, which he might not. i would spend money on positive ads about himself. if he knocks me, a semi-people leave, and maybe they are at a point where they will not leave because they are fed up with this country, but i think they will go to people other than jeb . go ahead. >> [inaudible]
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i don't know. i now, -- right now, i am interested in jobs. cnn, i should not say that, but they did a poll. number one on the economy, number one on jobs producing. i mean number one by many times. i am so intent on putting people back to work in this country. people thatillion are not in the workforce right now. 93 million. when they give up looking for a job, they take him off the stats. they take him off the statistics. we have 93 million people. we have 50 million people between poverty levels and and our country can be great again to we have to put people back to work.
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one or two more. mr. trump: ok. what i bring my children into the administration? they are very capable. the answer is probably not. the second part is no longer pertinent. back there, go ahead. kanye west, i will never say bad about him. you know why? he loves trump. he goes around saying, trump is my all-time hero. he says it to everybody. kanye west, i love him. maybe in a few years, i will have to run against him. he has been so nice to me. you people have seen because i have been a counterpunch or peer and i hit people when they hit
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me, only. and kanye west has been so great. i would never say bad about him because he says such nice things about me. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: no, my supporters are really supporting me because i am very competent. they know i will not let china rip us off. i will not let japan rip us off. yen, veryevaluing the hard for caterpillar and other companies to compete against their big tractor maker. we will not let this happen anymore. you talk about a trade imbalance. they have, in japan, the biggest ships you have ever seen pouring cars into los angeles. pouring the men. i've never seen anything like it.
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it's going to and, and are going to like us. the a bank from china, biggest bank in the world. i get along great with china. i get along great with japan. i get along great with mexico. i love the people of mexico, i love the hispanics. i have thousands of hispanics right now working for me. the years i have employed tens of thousands of hispanics, many for mexico. i have unbelievably great relationships and in the package we gave you, you will see there is a poll. . i'm number one with hispanics. number one with hispanics. for our country to be great, we have to be able to make great deals. we are going to be great to the vets. our militaries gabby unbelievable. we are going to get rid of obamacare and come up with something that is much better and less expensive. we are going to repeal it. it should have been out a long
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time but should never have happened. we are going to take care of our country and bring back jobs and we're going to bring back wealth to the united states so we can afford to save social security, which i will save without cuts, so we can afford to do the kind of things we have to do to make america great again. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. here is your pledge. [inaudible] somebody else wrote it. it's a bubble waiting to
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explode. i have been saying what they're doing in china is a bubble waiting to explode and gesture members something, when it's a bubble, we can't be brought down by that bubble. they've done things that caused it. we can't be brought down by that bubble. thank you, everybody. thank you. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, this is an amazing man. he is the speaker of the house of indonesia. he's here to see me. one of the most powerful man and a great man and his whole group is here to see me today and we will do great things for the united states. is that correct? >> yes. mr. trump: do they like me in indonesia? >> yes. mr. trump: speaker of the house
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in indonesia. thank you very much. [applause] brieflyd trump speaking before taking questions. the entire press conference lasting about 25 minutes. youre asking you whether think he should have signed that pledge he held up at the end there. you can weigh in as well, go online. and findcom/c-span, other appearances by donald trump and the other candidates in the presidential race @ hearing onoon a fraud in the medicare prescription drug program. you can watch it today at 3:45 p.m. eastern time here on c-span
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. this evening, go with us on our c-span cities tour, visiting literary and historic sites across the country to hear from local historians, authors, and civic leaders. this month with congress on summer recess we are showing the cities tour right here on c-span every day at 6:00 p.m. eastern. today we focus on saint augustine, florida, the oldest european settlement in the commonwealth united states. we will visit the fountain of about the civil rights movement, and tour the saint augustine lighthouse which was built in 1874. all of that at 6:00 eastern. lawmakers are set to return to capitol hill next week, one of the first orders of business, they're expected to tackle a resolution of disapproval for the iran nuclear agreement. is elitisty booker democrat to announce his support
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for the deal, one of 11 undecided senators to announce. democrat totest announce his support for the deal, one of 11 senators to announce. tonight, remarks by undersecretary of state wendy sherman. she was one of the lead negotiators. take a look. >> this agreement award, is that the choice? simple yes or no. >> i don't think it is a simple yes or no. >> if you can't give me a simple yes or no, either disagreements or war, and since i don't have the unlimited time, if you had not struck agreements with iran, would we be at war with iran? >> i believe the chances that we would be down the road to war would go up exponentially. >> you are saying compared to other witnesses who have served in the administration of the who support the agreement
2:37 pm
before the senate foreign relations committee and have been asked the same question, they have easily said no, it's not this award -- or war? >> is not binary, senator. >> a year from now, two years from now -- >> i don't think any of us can predict the future in that way. the secretary of state has come before various members of the senate and said he -- it is either this or war. that is a binary statement. >> the reason is because sanctions have never gotten rid of their nuclear program. it is only brought them to the table. >> it hasn't created war either. >> if we walk away from this deal, iran will begin marching forward with their program further, as they have done over the years, and the president of the united states has said he will not allow them to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> i think there is real doubt.
2:38 pm
iran believes a credible military threat of force is on the table. >> i don't agree with that at all. >> a portion of the hearing with one of the lead negotiators on the iran deal, under secretary of state when they sherman -- wendy sherman there. , booktv in prime time with books and authors on u.s. history. on c-span3, american history tv or american history project interviewing the people involved in building the first atomic bomb. this labor day weekend, three days of politics, books, and american history. on a full day of special programs on c-span, here are a few of the features for labor day monday. getting a 10:00 a.m. eastern, a town hall event in seattle discusses the pros and cons of big data and civil liberties. later that evening at 6:30, a
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debate on how to reduce poverty between president obama and the president of the american enterprise institute, arthur brooks. at 8:00, mark cuban and former president bill clinton and george w. bush on leadership skills. beginning saturday at 10:00 on c-span2's booktv, we are live all day in the nation's capital for the 15th annual national book festival with all the programs featuring joseph ellis as well as your opportunities to talk with david macola. liv three-hour a a formerione with second lady and american enterprise institute senior fellow lynne cheney. kathryn edin talks about how families are surviving with no income. ors share their thoughts on
2:40 pm
social and political issues, on american history tv on c-span3. saturday evening at 8:00 on lectures in history, lisa brady explains how agents used it during the korean and vietnam wars created long-term damage to both people and the environment. sunday afternoon at 4:00 on the 1958rica," national education association film addressing overcrowded schools following the post-world war ii baby-boom. on labor day monday, our interview with billionaire philanthropist david rubenstein. get the complete schedule at >> join us tonight at 6:00 eastern for more of our weeklong review of the iran nuclear agreement. next, a look at the action expected by lawmakers on the
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agreement when they return from their summer break. who follows all things congress. guest: good to be here. host: let me begin with the enough and yesterday by house , a few hoursader after senate democrats announce that deborah mikulski was the 34 vote in the senate. what is going to happen in the house. -- what are we going to see in the house? guest: what we are going to see as mccarthy announced they are going to take up a resolution of disapproval against the nuclear agreement with iran and that is probably going to be -- at least some democrats will vote for, but it will move through the house with a largely partisan vote. that is going to happen simultaneously to the start of the senate debate on effectively the same measure. the speculation in the last 24
2:42 pm
hours is that one of the reasons why the house may want to move forward at the time they do is to make sure that they have a vote before the potential filibuster happens in the senate. there is increasing speculation there are not even going to be the 60 votes needed to get over procedural hurdles in the senate, which would be really ought if the house were to not vote on the disapproval resolution against the iran deal before it was already blocked in the senate. it would seem to be a moot point at that point, which may contribute to why the house is going to act so quickly. and we see a member's letter by nancy pelosi, basically telling those who have not yet announced their support or disapproval saying it is time to speak up. guest: i think that is what we are going to see very quickly with a lot of members. not necessarily everybody, but
2:43 pm
we are going to see a lot of lawmakers who are going to want to make a decision fairly quickly. we have been seeing this little trickle effect on both sides of capitol in the last couple of weeks. i would not be surprised -- there may be another briefing or something that happens before this, but i would not be surprised if there is a day lose either over the labor day weekend or in the first couple of days after that. is the story this morning, front page of "the new york times," pointing out from a delaware democrat who said that that there was a meeting that took place before the august recess with diplomats basically saying there is not going to be a better deal. we are not going to a back to the negotiating table. this is it. host: -- guest: right. and i talked with chris coons, the democrat -- delegate from
2:44 pm
delaware, and he said that that was sort of a moment for him where he had been a bit of a skeptic among democrats over the agreement, that when it became clear that the other negotiating europeans, in the particular, were not going to be , it to a renegotiation really became a situation where this became more of an all or nothing deal that he had thought. host: senator mikulski yesterday became the 34th senator. running for reelection. we still don't know about senator hardin, correct? jacket --?cardin guest: that's right. he has been doing events with undergraduates for the past few days. he was at johns hopkins in baltimore. he has been talking to college
2:45 pm
students, but he is one of them who has not announced a position yet. key vote as is cory booker, the junior senator from new jersey. richard blumenthal of connecticut, those are three of the democrats we are watching was carefully in terms of whether or not we are now going harry reid, the senate and if there are the 41 votes that are necessary fromck the disapproval advancing in the senate. host: and this is from barbara perfect, no deal is especially one negotiated with the iranian regime. i have concluded that this joint cover has a plan of action is the best option available to block iran from having a nuclear bomb. however she said congress must also reaffirm our commitment to the safety and security of israel. guest: yes. that is going to be a recurring
2:46 pm
theme. we have already heard a little bit from bob corker, chairman of the foreign relations committee, who opposes the deal. he will be leading the floor debate against it. however, even as he is doing that he has already sort of see the writing on the wall and is already telling folks back home in tennessee that he is looking forward to next steps that will lead to enforcement. so there could be some kind of i partisan consensus that emerges in the weeks -- bipartisan consensus that emerges in the weeks after the blow-by-blow over the deal itself. host: so again in terms of title ix -- timeline, the hustle to get up next wednesday and maybe a final vote on disapproval on friday. the senate would then take it up the following week to meet the mid-september deadline. guest: yes. there is a dual tracking here.
2:47 pm
in effect the senate will be debating the same thing the house is debating next week, although the key senate votes, which will likely now be on a motion by mitch mcconnell -- the majority leader -- to limit debate to cut off a filibuster threat, that key vote probably won't happen until the second week of the session. host: andy, rhode island. good morning. democrats line. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say how pleased i am that president obama has the support necessary to implement this deal. especially after having read the associated press article last week that benjamin netanyahu had, on a number of occasions, tried to get israel to bomb iran over the last few years. he is a warmonger and he has been playing the united states for years. that's really all i wanted to say. host: thank you. guest: one of the things that we
2:48 pm
had is a lot of members of congress going to israel. one of the things that will come out of this agreement that i am not sure, in particular, now that it has the support would be what the lasting repercussions may be for israel and its relationship with the democrats in the united states. part ofwe will see -- that will be determined by what happens in terms of the legislation that moves forward after the disapproval both are toe in terms of enhancements israel's security. including, as chris coons suggested a couple of days ago in delaware, maybe some offense of sort of capabilities. or at least capabilities that are not purely defensive in nature. host: on the republican line, sylvie is next in north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. yeah.
2:49 pm
there should not be a deal with iran period. the democrats that have signed kerry,al, obama, john appendages will have a full head of blood on them. inse people they voted obama -- they just wanted something for nothing as they are going to get what they deserve when isis and iran comes over here because of obama said he was going to fundamentally change america. good job ofa damn destroying america and the people. he don't care about the black people. he doesn't care about the white people. he cares about his agenda. that a president
2:50 pm
that is supposed to be working the democrats -- and the republicans -- and they don't give a shit about nothing. host: i'll stop you there. obviously very passionate about the issues. we do ask that you refrain from any profanity. guest: i think that this will be the question that is determined not only in this election -- in this election cycle in 2016, and subsequent election cycles, because the odds that we really doingxactly what iran is and if they are complying with the agreement -- by the 26 election, who knows. remember, senators serve six-year terms. fact irane that if in is not complying with his --
2:51 pm
this agreement that that would come back to bite people politically in the cycle ahead if that were to happen. host: we shared a tweet from speaker of the house john boehner who is been very critical of the iran nuclear deal. he said -- why should iran be own nuclear do its infections at a military site in trying to hide from the world? that is one of the most significant arguments for those who are against the deal. he is reporting what critics have called side agreements between iran and the international atomic energy agency, they are another one of these flashpoints in the debate. therenot clear entirely are conflicting reports about what exactly was agreed to in terms of who would conduct inspections. that is another reason why some people are skeptical.
2:52 pm
one of the reasons why people are skeptical is not necessarily partisan. host: dana is next in los angeles, democrat line. the morning. caller: good morning. i think the point that was made +1 partners not willing to go back to renegotiate the deal is the fundamental point of importance, because the detractors can say we can go back and put the sanctions back on, but we don't have anyone else to go with it at that point. in essence if we decide to back out of the deal we will be doing it alone. host: thank you. guest: right. the issue that the caller raises there is an important one. if you have the united states itself trying to reapply sanctions, the take here is that
2:53 pm
while the u.s. banking system is a very important thing to have access to in a global economy, if you have companies in european countries, british companies, french companies, german companies that were willing to do business with iran , that might not be nearly as effective as when you have u.s. partners and european not able to do business with them either. host: our next caller is from ellis, virginia. democrats line. good morning mary and -- marion. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just have a couple of thought that i am wondering if i'm correct. , nowems like netanyahu that we are going to get israel $20 billion, is getting a little bit less combative about this iran deal. then i was again also that often
2:54 pm
times war makes money. in a capitalist society anytime you make money that is morally correct. it is all just really about money. i guess that is my question. itsounds to me like iran -- is no threat to us whatsoever. is this really about the industrial complex needing another war? that is the way to make money. that is capitalism. if you could just comment on that. these are just the thoughts that keep coming through my head as i do my daily chores. host: thank you. we appreciate it. guest: the one thing that i would say about that is that to the extent that israel is getting additional, or will be getting additional support for ilitary development -- wouldn't necessarily say anything to be a fact that people are looking -- to the effects that people are looking
2:55 pm
for war, but it would be fair to say that of israel is getting more money from western countries for defensive capabilities than that probably means there will be more money for defense contractors in the united states selling weapons and systems. host: kerry is next in wisconsin. good morning. caller: good morning. i have a statement and a question to ask. ,he thing is, this iran deal the senate they finally made it. 34. oh my goodness. not a word about the house. has the house got nothing to do with the? i don't understand this at all. nothing is ever explained about the house. host: we began our conversation, remember it is going to come up in the house first. the question is whether he will make it through the senate because of the procedural the senate.
2:56 pm
caller: i don't understand that at all. the other thing is there is a new book, "exceptionalism here cap -- exceptionalism. he claims that he things obama is apologetic to every country because america was nasty to everybody and he thinks he has muslim leanings on account of his kenyan upbringing. i'd like to hear about that. host: why don't you just excited plain to him again what is going to happen. guest: i will take the first part of that and say i will probably get some criticism for people who might be watching for saying this about the house, this is not always true of the house but in this case house does not really matter. for withere looking either chamber -- the house or the senate -- to have enough democrats to be able to sustain
2:57 pm
of theby president obama disapproval resolution against the iranian nuclear deal. once it became clear that it looks like the senate was going to be the one that was going to be able to do that. you need 67 votes to overcome a presidential veto. once it became clear that we were inching towards 34 votes against the disapproval resolution, or in favor of the deal in the senate, the focus went to the senate because either chamber could cause the blockade here. is niels guest lesniewski who writes for "roll call." yesterdayhed a story from an interview that mitch mcconnell conducted with nyt -- myt tv.
2:58 pm
[video clip] >> we have some big differences about what we are going to spend. the senate democrats have a big enough number to prevent us from doing things. they have prevented us from doing any of the bills we want to do, thereby forcing the negotiation when we go back in after labor day, which i will be engaged in with the administration and others to try to sort out how much we are going to spend and where we are going to spend it. ,ost: and niels lesniewski based on this, he goes on to say that to prevent any government shutdown there will be a debate over planned parenthood. what can we expect? guest: what it looks like we're headed toward -- and senator mcconnell was fairly straightforward in that conversation with the television station in eastern kentucky -- is that there is going to be some kind of high-level negotiation over what the top line funding level means --
2:59 pm
needs to be from october 1 onward, and those negotiations are probably going to start fairly quickly once congress returns next week. now who exactly will be in these negotiations? we don't know yet. mitch mcconnell is usually one of the players involved and now he is the majority leader so that is all the more likely. the onene of these -- that is probably the most notable in recent years -- involved vice president joe biden as mcconnell's dancing partner in the administration. i have no idea if, given the sort of recurring speculation about whether or not the vice president is going to run for president, whether or not joe biden will be the one at the table or talking with mitch mcconnell. thate are going to have sort of negotiation going on on one side. the other piece of this is the planned parenthood funding debate. what we are going to see their -- mcconnell said at least, it is that he does not have the votes. there is no way to get 60 votes
3:00 pm
in the current senate for a rider of an appropriations bill defunding planned parenthood. that issue really waits to see if we get a republican president in 2017. the conservatives saw this, saw other reports from this interview with kentucky, and sort of went crazy -- perhaps rightly so -- saying we now control the house and the senate and yet we still can't do it. so that will be the big fight. is mcconnell and also speak or boehner on the , how do they get past the planned parenthood bait without having a government shutdown come about? host: in addition to your work that is available online, how can people follow you on twitter? i think it has probably been on the bottom of the screen at some point, but my .witter handle is my full name
3:01 pm
if you see the name on the bottom of the screen you can just push it all together. that is where i am. host: and we go to bruce in missouri, democrat line. good morning. -- ruth. caller: thank you for taking my call. this is quite embarrassing. it saddens me to hear the statement that, that are being made by these people that are not qualified. they are uninformed. reagan tradingut behind-the-scenes, his deal with the hostages in 1979. forget about iran-contra. breaks that people are not qualified. this is an agreement between six nations, the iaea.
3:02 pm
the -- these people took two years to make this agreement. it saddens me. it breaks my heart to think that people are so hateful. they hate this president. administration if they remember, we had all these ,efugees floating into europe babies, children, women dying because of the wars that were brought on by the last administration. do they forget? are they so ill-informed and misinformed? it saddens me. i don't know what else to say. it breaks my heart to listen to c-span because i hear these collars and i hear these -- i hear these callers and they don't make any sense. they are full of hate. we need to get our history lessons back in school. we need to get people informed
3:03 pm
correctly. it breaks my heart. it really does. , toaddens me to hear c-span hear the comments that people are making. i don't know what else to say. thank you for c-span. you for adding your voice to the program. i hope you will continue to watch us. we will get a response. supportivele who are of the agreement, that is one of the things that they are saying. we are going to be looking towards this as we look toward a week from wednesday when this rally is occurring on the outside of the capital building, not far from where we are sitting right now. there is going to be a rally against the iran agreement. it is going to feature presidential candidates ted cruz, the senator from texas, as well as donald trump, perhaps the most notable of the
3:04 pm
republican presidential candidates are now, along with a number of members of congress who are against the deal. but that is the sort of thing where you are going to see people who are against the agreement -- or you're going to see people who are for the agreement is starting to say, look at the people who are against the agreement. that is going to be one of the themes that i think we will see more in the coming weeks. we have seen it from the white house already and i think we will see more. host: we'll be covering early next week, september 9. it will be on the c-span network and you can also view it -- listen to it on c-span radio. arizona, ishandler, next. independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to talk about our president. i can't understand what is wrong with him. all these migrants with no place to go, sitting around there with no place to go.
3:05 pm
that little kid that drowned yesterday. i don't understand why we don't take our air force over there and just blow air -- blow isis up the the map. our president is over there trying to put his hand on oil. are getting too many irons in the fire. host: we will get a response. thank you larry. guest: one thing i might suggest to larry is he sounds, in some ways, i kin to what senator lindsey graham -- who is one of the 17 running for president on the republican side -- he sounds similar to what senator graham has been saying, although senator graham also says in order for a campaign against isis of that sort to work it is not just air power but he wants some 10,000 or so u.s. forces involved in that fight as part
3:06 pm
of a coalition. ofre certainly are people larry's point of view who are out there, and i'm sure we will hear more of that as the presidential contest goes on. host: you have a fan in felicia davis wh