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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 10, 2015 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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when we are all asked in the years ahead what did we do to stop this disaster, we were here. we were here working against it . and across the country millions of us are doing it. we must not rest. because this will not be over in the next few days. so we need your help. we need your strong support. and it is a distinct privilege to be able to introduce some of the team who are working with us in this fight. some 240 retired generals and admirals have signed a letter to the united states congress -- do not do this deal. one of their leaders is retired navy admiral, four-star to the admiral, ace lie i don't knows.
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-- lions. he is accompanied by former special operator retired army three-star general jerry bicyclen. -- boyken. and two others. mimi brigadier general and phil drew retired air force. ♪ >> i have to tell you your presence here this afternoon says it all. you're sending a clear message to president obama to stop this never message to president obama to stop this never chamberlin like ppeasement deal with iran.
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the genesis for this tragedy, you've got to go back to the summer of 2008 when president obama was candidate obama. and according to michael lee dean he opened a secret communication channel to the iranian theocracy. that message was don't do a deal with the bush administration. wait until i'm president. you'll get a much better deal. you will see, you will like my policies. i am your friend. they're declaring he's a friend of the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, is mind boggling. to me, this bordered on treason and certainly was a violation f the logan act.
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ow ucksf -- now, u how do we get to these negotiations? what we are doing is negotiating against ourselves. we conceded all our objectives. we also conceded our national honor. enough. was not we had to go on and assure iran we would show them how to protect their facilities against a strike, sabotage, and cyber warfare. unbelievable. but that was not enough. we then proceeded to lift nctions that led iran to acquire the most sophisticated conventional weapons which will
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jeopardize our position in the persian gulf. but that was not enough. we went ahead and let them proceed with the development of their intercontinental ballistic milssles as well as maintaining their missiles site in venezuela. but that was not enough. we went went ahead and agreed to let iran -- who has lied and cheated -- inspect their most ensitive military sites. unbelievable. ou can't make this up. this, our congressingly mandated nuclear sanctions must
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went aheadlace. and if the 60-day clock ever does get started, congress must porpeedo this deal. -- torpedo this deal. and one last thought. as bernard lewis said, once iran gets the weapon, game over. deterrence will not work. great to be with you. and god bless america. thank you very much. we have a couple of really special speakers. first, the executive director of veterans against the deal.
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please welcome michael. >> thanks for having me. i'm going to get russ offstage and then i've got mr. trump behind me. and we want to ask mr. trump to ask our names to the list. veterans against the deal. we need some money, mr. trump, to get these ads going. when we speak to senators they don't know who sole manie is. do you know who he is? he has killed over 500 americans injured thousands. there's a lot of veterans out there who know who he is. if a senator or politician doesn't know who he is, they can't vote for this deal. if they know who he is they won't for this deal. he is the uniformed osama bin laden. he is the one who is going to get all this money. he is going to get to be able to buy advinesed weapons. and more importantly he is going to be able to travel to
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the middle east and north africa to transport iran's weapons of mass destruction. when they meet with senators of congress who say they're conflicted. we say good that means you're making the wrong decision. we have veterans going back to 79. we have hostages from the iran hostage crisis. we have family members who lost marines in bay route. we have americans who lost their lives and buddies in iraq. and we have americans who are still in harm's way in afghanistan because iran continues to fund the taliban. eterans against the deal believe any vote that comes out for this deal isn't a safe vote. we need your help. iran is cheating every day. the administration has all the evidence they don't want that iran is cheating every day and iran has all the information they need to know that this administration will not do a months. next 16
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we're seeing that now. i'm going to get off stage so two great americans can follow. but thanks for your support. ♪ >> thank you, michael. tea party patriots decided we were going to do an event on the west lawn in september back in may. and in july, a special senator who has been a supporter of tea party had a coalition meeting with about 60 different groups and he invited me to speak at that meeting. i told him and the others that we would be doing this event and wanted everyone to be able to participate. so senator cruz has been leading the effort on this in the senate. he's a great friend to the tea party movement, a great friend to the tape. he stands for freedom in america.
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it's my pleasure to welcome senator ted cruz. >> god bless the united states of america. what an incredible gathering here today. i want to speak to three groups of people. i want to start by speaking to the american people. this iranian nuclear deal is catastrophic. it is the single greatest national security threat facing america. will oes through, there
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be three consequences. number one, the obama administration will become quite literally the world's yir of finance number one, radical islamic terrorism. if it goes through, over $100 billion will flow directly to iran to the eye toll -- ayatollah calm ainie and billions of those dollars will go to hamas, hezbollah, hutesdzies, radical terrorists around the world and those jihaddistless use those billions to murder izz rainies, -- americans, israelis, and europeans. the second consequence is it abandons four american hostages in an iranian hell-hole. including pastor sayaeed
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abdeanie, an american citizen, a christian pastor, sentenced to eight years in prison for the crime of preaching the gospel. including former marine amir he can maddie, including "washington post" reporter ason resin, including bob 11 sovepb. it is a disgrace for this administration to abandon americans in iranian hell-holes. but the third consequence of this deal going through, if it does, is that it will facilitate and accelerate the nation of iran acquiring nuclear weapons. there is no greater threat to the safety and security of america, there is no greater to the safety and security of israel than a nuclear iran.
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i agree with prime minister netanyahu. that a nuclear iran poses an exist tential threat to the nation of israel. and let me be clear when he says existential he doesn't mean a bunch of frenchmen in black berets chain smoking. he means literally going to the very existence of israel. when prime minister netanyahu addressed a joint session of congress -- a joint session that president obama boycotted, that vice president biden boycotted that every member of he cacknet boycotted, i joined a discussion with a holocauster survivor and elie wisele discussed the one thing that is capable of destroying israel was a nuclear iran. he observed that never again means never again.
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the second group i want to address are democratic senators and democratic members of ongress. right now today 42 senate democrats have come out in support of this deal. it is my hope and prayer that every one of those senate dracts reconsiders. that they go home and they fall to their knees and they pray tonight. i agree with former democratic senator joe lieberman that this vote is quite likely the most important vote that any member of congress, any member of the senate will cast in their entire career. there was a time when there was a tradition of scoop jackson democrats, of j.f.k. democrats, of joe lieberman democrats. were willing ho
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to defend national security. sadly, that is becoming rarer and rarer in today's congress. so to every democratic senator they are facing a choice, do you valuu the safety and security of the united states of america? do you valuu standing with our friend and ally the nation of israel? do you value the lives of millions of americans? or do you value more party loyalty to the obama white house? to every democratic senator who has said he or she will support this deal i ask you to consider how will you look in the eyes of the mothers and fathers of our soldiers, the hundreds of soldiers, american soldiers who were murdered in iraq with iranian ied's that came from general sole monie? this deal lifts sanctions on general so long manie. tell me, if you're a dreck yak senator how you look a mom in the ice and say i voted to lift
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sanctions on the man who murdered your son when he was defending this nation? but beyond that, when we talk about terrorism, it's worth remembering that if this deal goes through we know to an absolute certainty people will die. americans will die, israelis will die, europeans will die. $100 in laden never had billion. he was filled with bill yuss hatred and using rudimentary tools administeredrd nearly 3,000 americans on september 11, 2001. we're now talking about giving the ayatollah commainie a theeo cratic homicidele maniac who hates america as much as bin laden did giving him $100 billion to carry out his murderous plan.
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i want to ask every senate democrat how will you look in the eyes of the mother or father of sons and daughters of those who are murdered by jihaddists, those americans who were blown up, those americans who are shot, those americans who are killed those israelis who were murdered? and let me be clear. if you vote to send billions of dollars to jihaddists who have to murder america, then you bear direct responsibility for the murders carried out with the dollars you have given them. h u you cannot wash your hands of that blood. republican y to on.ership -- well, hold i come not to bury caesar but to praise him.
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i want to give a path forward. there are two men in washington, d.c. who can defeat this deal. their names are majority leader mitch mcconnell and speaker john boehner. under the terms of the corker-carden review legislation, the clock does not begin ticking until the president hands over the entire deal. and he has not handed over the side agreements. what that means is that all that has to happen is for mitch mcconnell and john boehner to say the congressional review period has not started. under federal law it is illegal for obama to lift sanctions. now, this is a lawless president. so the odds are significant even if congress did that this president would ignore the law
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and try to lift sanctions. but i want in particular to speak to the ceo and board of director and general counsel of every financial institution, every bank that is holding frozen iranian money. if this president behaves illegally and decrees you can hand that money over to iran that does not exempt you from e legal obligation to follow the law. and any bank that listens to this president releases billions to an international terrorist like the ayatollah khomeni will face billions of dollars in civil liability and . tigation there will come a president who is not named barack obama -- [cheers and applause] -- there will come a president deal if t named barack obama ms
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they simply enforce -- if they imply enforce federal law. if iran gets a nuclear weapon, the single greatest risk is they would take that nuclear weapon, they would put it on a ship anywhere in the atlantic, and they would fire it up straight into the air, into the atmosphere. they would set off what is jaub boehner an emp, it would take down the electrical grid on the eastern seaboard and kill tens of millions of americans. we can stop that. but if senate democrats decide that party loyalty matters more than national security, and if republican leadership decides that a show vote is more important than stopping this single most important issue in 2016 will be
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stopping iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. cheers and applause] and any commander in chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared to stand up on january 20, 2017 and rip to shreds this catastrophic deal. [cheers and applause] any commander in chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared in january 20 2017 to look in the eyes of the ayatollah khomeni and say under no circumstances does iran, led by a theocratic ayatollah who chants "death to america" -- under no circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. and if iran will not stop its
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nuclear program, we will stop t for you. i want to thank everyone here, the tea party groups, the israel groups, the national security groups. i want to an thank my friend donald trump for joining us today. i want to thank the leaders of congress who are here. and i want to thank the american people. let's rise up and tell every elected official in washington, no more talks. no more show votes. it done.
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stop this deal. thank you. and god bless you. ♪ >> thank you, senator cruz. don. stop this deal. thank you. and god bless you. ♪ >> thank you, senator cruz. before i introduce our next guest, i want to just thank all of the tea party patriots who are here today who are watching on our live streamor who get our e-mails and respond, it helps make this event possible. thank you so much for all you do to make events like this possible. thank you tea party patriots. our next guest really doesn't need much of an introduction. businessman donald trump. >> u thank you very much, everybody. it is such an honor. i was called by senator cruz a few days ago and he said do you think we can get a really good crowd out here to protest this incompetent deal? and i said boy can we get a
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crowd. that was three days ago, and look who shows up. and i want to thank you. i want to thank you. so i've been doing deals for a long time. i've been making lots of wonderful deals, great deals. that's what i do. never, ever, ever in my life ave i seen any transactions so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. and i mean never. now, ted and everybody else have gone through all of the details, and we can talk about the 24 days -- which is ridiculous. we can talk about the $150 billion -- which, by the way, they get even if the deal isn't approved. they get it for just going to the table. we can talk about the fact that we have four wonderful people over there -- and, frankly, they're never going to come back with this group. and i will say this. if i win the presidency i
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guarantee you that those four prisoners are back in our country before i ever take office. i guarantee that. [cheers and applause] they will be back before i ever take office because they know that's what has to happen. ok? they know it. and if they don't know it, i'm elling them right now. so i have a story that just ame out an hour ago. and as president obama calls him very routinely, he calls him the supreme leader. our president is calling the person who is really the boss in iran, supreme leader. and i look at people shaking their heads and can't believe it. but it just came out a little while ago. he said israel will not exist in 25 years.
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think of that. he just said this. he also said very strongly -- very, very strongly that this is the end of our dealings with the united states. we want nothing more to do with them. we're not going to do anything. right here. we made this deal. it's a phenomenal deal. we're not going to deal with the united states any more. and that's what he just said. and this was a very short period of time ago. so they rip us off. they take our money. they make us look like fools. and now they're back to being who they really are -- they don't want israel to survive, they will not let israel survive with incompetent leadership like we have right now israel will not survive. and then when it's all done, or they think it's all done, they ome out with these
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unbelievable nasty statements that israel won't be around in 25 years and that we have no dealings that we will have no with the alings united states. now, the people that we were negotiating with and were working on the sanctions with including and as an example russia, who is selling tremendous missiles to iran -- you know that, ballistic milssles being sold. all of these countries, all of these countries are going to do business with iran. they're going to make lots of money and lots of other things with iran. and we're going to do and we're going to get nothing. nothing. we are led by very, very stupid people. ery, very stupid people. we cannot let it continue. are a country that owes $19 trillion. we lose everywhere. we lose militarily. we can't beat ice sifments give me a break. we can't beat anybody.
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our vets are being treated horribly. it will change. we will have so much winning if i get elected with the united states. that you may get bored with winning. believe me. i agree, you'll never get bored with winning. we never get bored. we are going to turn this country around. we are going to start winning big on trade, militarily we're going to build up our military. we're going to have such a strong military that nobody -- nobody -- is going to mess with us. we're not going to have to use it. i really, really appreciate this tremendous crowd. we are going to make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, donald trump.
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our next guest, while the press does their thing, i'm going to have you do one other thing as the press is doing that. our next guest you know from is radio programs. he's a friend of tea party patriots. he as friend of the freedom movement. the liberty movement. he's written extensively about it. and what you may not know is he has a new role and he is the editor in chief of conservative review. you can get information from conservative review just by going to conservative and just to make sure you remember that because you're never going to because it's so hot out here, take your phone
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out, enter the number 38470. again, 38470. text the word la vin to 38470. that will give you information of what he has going on. our next guest is a friend of ours, a friend of freedom, and a friend of mine, mark la vin. >> thank you. thank you for coming. except for those mall contents over there. we're here to tell the world that we, the american people, reject the cowardice and surrender by our government to
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the genocidal terrorist regime in iran. tell the world that we, the american people, are more resolute than ever. we are more resolute than ever to destroy those who threaten a way against us, our soc a friendiety, and our ally israel. this enemy makes a grave error in confusing the appeasement of a president and a democrat party and the capitulation of a republican congress with the strength and fortitude of the american people. never before has a president of the united states -- never
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before has a political party consented to funding and arming the enemy. never before has a president entered into agreements with a terrorist regime that holds americans hostage. that has killed and maimed thousands of american soldiers. and that seeks nuclear weapons and icbms to attack his own country. barack obama makes nelve chamberlin looks like george s. patton. this phony deal allows the iranian terrorist regime to inspect its own nuclear sites. to continue uranium enrichment. to build advanced centrifuges.
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to perfect their icbm's, to spend $150 billion on terrorism. secure he end, to nuclear war heads. and as one democrat after another, one congo line of democrat after another supports his surrender, it's clear that the democrats no longer represent the party of harry truman and john f. kennedy. it's now the democrat party of bill airs, so long minski and barack obama. democrat party will have blood on its hands as a result of this deal for the rest of time. and let me be clear, democrat p have this deal sows the seeds of war. the enemy is emboldened and the
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enemy will be well armed and seek regional and world domination. how do we know? they told us so. well, what of the republicans? republicans. the republicans control that building behind us right now. you see that scaffolding up there? they should take some of that and use it on their damned spine. cheers and applause] the republican party, particularly the leadership, has abandoned the constitution and the treaty power of the united states senate. it is recklessly and deliberatively avoiding any serious confrontation with the disastrous a combpeerl president.
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they can stop this. they can invoke the treaty lause right now. [cheers and applause] they can suspend the filibuster rule and vote against lifting sanctions right now. they can stand between obama and the iranian terrorist regime and protect our nation and our allies. ut they won't. gone is the party of dwight david eisenhower. gone is the party of ronald reagan. instead, we get the party of mcconnell and corker and boehner. tell the republicans this is not about getting along with
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obama. it's about stopping obama. it's about americans' interests. it's about our children and the generations. and a final word. let me warn the seventh century throwbacks who like to chant generations. ca in their home inal country, we americans have we americans have been threatened by forces far stronger we americans have been threatened by forces far stronger than you. and we've obliterated every amned one of them. the american people do not stir quickly. been
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threatened better by better and so they can hear us in tehran, the american people do not stir quickly. but when we do stir, you will regret it. [cheers and applause] tell the republicans in congress eist time to step up the cons -- enforce the constitution and stop this fraudulent deal. and god bless you and god bless america. [cheers and applause] ♪ -- enforce the constitution and stop this fraudulent deal. and god bless you and god bless america. heers and applause] >> thank you so much. i'm going to introduce to you someone who is going to be helping me with the emceing. this is andrew with the institute for liberty. he has helped with these events before and i'm very thankful
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for him stepping up very quickly. he is going to be filling in, in just a moment. our next speaker is penny nance with concerned women for america. >> ladies, let me hear you. are you here? we are here, concerned women for america. we're the nation's largest public policy women's organization. smart women smart women we opp this deal. are you with us? are you with us? let me hear you. our ladies have come to washington. most of them are volunteers. businesses, ir they left their children at home. and they're here on the capitol, in the capitol, talking to their members of congress, talking to their senators, and urging them to oppose this deal. we are with you.
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we are fighting this. this is about safety. we are women of faith. we are women who love our families. we're women who love our country. and we chant pass up this pivotal moment in history to make our voists heard. this is anester moment. you have got to make your voices heard. from i just got back israel. and i was reminded what happens when women of faith do not speak up. i was honored to tour their holocaust museum. what would have happened if in 19 33 women of faith had stepped up and said no? what would have happened in 1934 when the st. louis begged to come into our stores if we had sfepped up and said let them in? what would have happened? we don't know what we would have done if we had been born.
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but we were here now. we are speaking up for tiny israel who is threatened by deal. do you like israel? do you love israel? let me hear you say it. israel. israel. israel. mr. president, you may have forgotten your promises, but we have not. and we will stand with israel. join us. this is a bad deal. tell him it's a bad deal. bad deal. deal. vote no. thank you. ♪ >> deal. vote no. well, we need to alway context. before i do this i just want to say you know how i know god is on our side right now? because the sun is behind those clouds. thank god for that. our next speaker will give us some greater context in all of this. he is a former director of
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central intelligence. i want to make sure i get this correct. he is the chairman of the foundation for defense of democracy. im woolsy. deal. ♪ >> thank you. it's an honor to be with you today. this agreement that is being discussed is not an ordinary agreement. it is not an agreement where the two parties actually negotiate. and there's quid pro quos and deals here and there. no. we are the subject of an attempt to get us to submit. iran is totally about the business of requiring submission. and they do it with dominance, they do it with money, they do it with terrorism, and they are in the process of moving to be able to do it with nuclear
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weapons. we have to stop this. as iran moves into having nuclear weapons -- and it will, within a very short period of time -- it will be able to intimidate its neighbors, we will have an arms race in the middle east, in which we have four, five, six,sen countries next time around who all have nuclear weapons and the possibility of terrible destruction is imminent there in those circumstances. have a situation in which cam nay controls nearly $150 billion provided to him by the actions of our government. and $150 billion here, $150 billion there, before you know it, it adds up to real money.
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what is going to happen in these circumstances? we will find that the world is extremely dangerous from day to day, not occasionally, not sporadically, but day to day. how can we do something about this? the corker legislation that assed last may had one terrible feature and one lucky feature. the terrible feature is that it gave to president obama the ability to implement this agreement by getting merely one third plus one of the senate in support, instead of the two thirds that should have been required under the constitution. but since that happened there is also something else in the corker legislation that is a
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gift. and if we use it, we can stop this negotiation. the corker law creates a situation where you need only to be able to have 100 people in support -- and the music starts and i'm afraid we'll have to conclude at some other point. thank you very much. next is a former governor of virginia, jim gilmore.
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♪ >> good day to all of you all. i am jim gilmore, the former governor of the state of virginia. now, i'm supposed to stand up here now and say hooray hooray and then get back off the stand. so i am going to tell you more than that. the deal is bad. it states everything on trust that iran is going to change its direction. many statements have been made by the iranian's radical leaders even as soon as yesterday that the deal changes nothing in their eyes. it says that america is still the hated enemy. death to america remains their slogan even to this very day. deal doesn't change iran's plans for advancing their cause in the middle east. it frees them to create a nuclear weapon after a pause. it telegraphs danger to iranian's neighbors.
4:45 am
it gives iran money. it probably givels them missiles. it enables them to threaten israel. the deal does not create peace. it only post ponse war. now, president obama says we have no choice. well, if we have no choice it's because he's negotiated us into a no-choice position. america is never in a no-choice position. this is america. we remain the most powerful and influential nation on earth. we can still use our power and find a better way. and don't let them tell you that we've been abandoned by our allies so we have no other choice. we have plenty of allies up there if we will just stand up and lead. this vote in congress matters. your presence here, my presence, all of us here today, it matters.
4:46 am
we can't fix this problem in the future unless we have a vote of disapproval now. this is a treaty. this is a treaty. and should be subject to a two thirds approval under the constitution. but because of the corker was ment that mark levin talking about, we're now required to get a majority to disapprove it, 60 votes to block a filibuster and two thirds to overcome obama's veto. where was the congressional to use all of its congressional power and leverage to make the president obey the constitution? all four of the senators all four of the senators at the national state today voted for the corker amendment. all four. we should demand more backbone than this. it states show a little leadership up there on capitol hill. show a little backbone. stand up to this deal.
4:47 am
the deal is not the end of the iranian danger. it's the beginning. i believe that we have to show the leadership and experience to prepare us for the coming crisis if the deal continues to threaten our future it will be all but discarded in the uture. the congressionally opposed sequester has to come off the defense budget. the american army navy marines and air force must be rebuilt to confront the threats that we now face. a new nato must be created in the middle east the congressionally with americ leadership to block iran's expansionist ambitions, the same new nato must be engaged deal with the rise of barbaric and bar barism like we see with isis. countries in the middle east will follow if we lead. and this is where presidential
4:48 am
leadership must be spending its efforts, not into succombing to deals like this one. now, there's nothing wrong ladies and gentlemen with diplomacy. if the right people are conducting diplomacy. not the former secretary of state hillary clinton who took deter the danger that we're in. not secretary of state john kerry who became so desperate -- so desperate for a deal dete that we're that he lost sight of the big picture dangers that this very deal has set in motion. for diplomacy to succeed, it has to be backed by america's ability to credibly use force. it can't succeed with presidential leadership that sets red lines and backs u off. with presidential leadership that apologizes by acquinetting isis bar barism to the christians of the crusades. the president sent a message of weakness and a lack of
4:49 am
conviction in our nation. you might recall by the way, ladies and gentlemen, when the president made the statement about the christians and the crusade, i said that was the worst thing i ever heard a president say in my entire life. american leadership is indispensible. with great american strength and decisiveness, the iranian, russian, and chinese threats, and the threats of terrorism abroad and home will grow until america's very life is hreatened. i'm committed to american safety and to american leadership. and this rally shows that it is not too late. thank you very much for the chance to be here with you. >> thank you very much governor gilmore. before we introduce our next speaker i just want to make a statement and extend a special to some special
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coalition partners who made this event possible today in addition to the donors and supporters and local coordinators of tea party patriots. i want to thank to some special coalition conservative review, bright bars, for erica, and finally the executive director of -- or, the president of our next speaker is the president of this organization and that organization is citizens united. welcome. please welcome joining me in oining -- in welcoming dave. ♪ hey there. is it a beautiful day or what? well, let me hear you guys tell john boehner and mitch mcconnell to kill this deal. now, first i just want to thank
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jenny and the tea party patriots. without them this rally and our voices would not be heard today. so thank you, jenny. now, citizens united and our over 500,000 members across the united states are firmly against this bad deal. it's bad for america, it's bad for israel, and it's bad for the world. sits sentence united has always -- citizens united has always supported a policy that is the in the mold of president ronald reagan's peace through strength. and obama's nuclear deal with iran is exactly the opposite. it's exactly the opposite. the truth is that iran made america look weak during these negotiations. obama and kerry literally gave away the store to a rogue regime. the ayatollah took advantage of
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in the leaders executive branch. and it is all of us that will pay the price for years to come. ladies and gentlemen, this deal will ensure a nuclear iran. and that will be barack obama's foreign policy legacy. but obama isn't the only one who will own this deal. not by a long shot. my message is to every elected official in this building behind me. see w a bad deal when we one. and so should they. obama leaves office gratefully in 17 more months. that's right. cannot come soon enough. so he's never going to face the voters again. however, everyone in this
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building will. so let's make sure that every member of congress understands that this is a bad deal and that every member of congress understands that their vote will have consequences. and it's going to have consequences to america because there's no greater threat to america and israeli security than a nuclear iran. so with your help we can make congress reject this incredibly bad deal. now, let's get to work. dies and gentlemen, i have the privilege to introduce the next speaker and somebody i've gotten to know very well over the last year. our speaker our next speaker is a principled and patriotic conservative american. but he is a family man first and foremost. duck dynasty's phil robertson. the duck demander himself is here today because he knows a
4:54 am
bad deal when he sees one. ladies and gentlemen, phil robertson. ♪ >> well -- [cheers and applause] -- they call me mber in as a last resort. well, they said back when i was in college. they lied. then they said the tea party was dead. not true. and then they said well, cruz, he's anti-establishment. trump, he's anti-establishment. 11, he's anti-establishment. sara palin, she's anti-establishment. hey, here's a news flash before i get down on the river baverbing and go back to where i came from. i was anti-, when anti-wasn't even cool.
4:55 am
don't do deals with individuals whoever they are when they're hollering at the top of their lungs when i walk out of the place where we're ing the deal and they're saying "death to you. we're going to kill you. " that's the last bunch you have nuclear weapons. israel, the most faithful ally we have, you know why i love israel? they wrote the bible. hat's why i love them. become flesh, to 2015 years ago, your calendar to date that event god becoming flesh. you know what of flesh he became? jewish pleasure. there go the paterorks,
4:56 am
abraham, isaac, jacob. they wrote the bible for crying out loud. therefore, you never ever want to put them in unnecessary danger with this deal will do. i will leave you with this. s far as anti-goes, listen up. what we are, america, we're anti corruption. have nuclear we are anti ripping babies out of their mothers woms and selling their body parts. we are anti per version, for crying out loud. and we are pro god almighty. we're pro gun. we're pro get your tail out there and go to work. therefore, i love you all. god loves you. i think that america -- they
4:57 am
always say the same thing. you know what i say? i say america ain't religious nough. >> thank you so much, phil robertson. next we can a guest who is never afried to stand up for freedom, the tea party, and patriots all over the country. she loves our freedom, she loves america. please join me in welcoming sara palin. ♪ >> thank you so much. thank you. i never thought i would say it but i think you all are a lot tougher than alaskans being able to be out here. i'm roasted. i'm melting. i've salls though sweat is my
4:58 am
sanity. so as i sweat let's bring some sanity to this discussion about this insane treaty that's in front of congress. thank you for being here and raising a voice of sanity for gathering to uphold the promise that was made -- that promise, never again. and thank you for gathering as we can because we are still a free people. freedom, love that think of this. we thank you. oh. and you know, since our president won't say it, since he still hasn't called off the dogs, we'll say it. police officers and first responders all across this great land, we've got your back. we salute you. [cheers and applause] thank you police officers. ok. of course obama's deal is
4:59 am
insane to anyone but iranian regimes sympathizers. it's betrayal of u.s. hostages. he left them behind. it's betrayal of america. he has strengthened our enemy. the whole premise of this thing, it's wrong. we're negotiating with the bag doshese number one state ponsor of terrorism. [inaudible] >> obama never even clenched a fist against a wicked regime here anti-semiticism and holocaust denial is official, and state sanction torture and killing of women just because they're women. well, stoning, amputations, those things that are just
5:00 am
national policy. and what has changed? nothing has really changed except hillary clinton. back then she insisted iran that iran is seeking nukes. but now she says, that's ok. she spins faster than one of those thousands of iranian centrifuges. the blood of u.s. soldiers is on the ayatollah's hands and we dare shake that hand in negotiations? our sons and daughters sacrificed in iraq -- still in iraq -- and they're there to disempower the extremists in their neighboring crazy land iran. yet the white flag was waved at the table in these negotiations because obama had a distinguishy objective to start with. instead of our solid rock objectives to put america first. hey you guys, remember in 2012,
5:01 am
remember 2012 when joe biden told everybody our president, he carries a big stick. i promise, it's a big stick. well, little did we know he was talking about obama's selfie stick. so it's up to us to tell the enemy we win, you lose. just like ronald reagan would have told them. because you've got to think about, again, the premise of this. that d we ever get to point of sharia? because iran was dirty dealing. they were bad actors already of hiding their secret nuclear weapons work in their secret facilities. we just codified. we left on their table now their ability to hide the secret work in their very same
5:02 am
secret facility. they're allowed the number one thing that wasn't negotiable and that is unannounced inspections. but now, remember, the enemy comes to kill still and destroy. but now they're going to inspect themselves? oh, what could go wrong with that? don't call us, we'll call you, they say. and that's really good. because obama is standing by with his mighty phone and his mighty pen in case they stretch the truth a little and they start dropping bombs. no. only in an orwe willion obama world full of, sprinkling fairy dust thrown from atop his unicorn as he's peeking through a pretty pink clyde scope would he ever see safety for america or israel in this treaty. this treaty will not bring peace. you don't reward terrorism. you kill it.
5:03 am
you don't lift sanctions. assets. down on their oil and drill ir baby drill for our own. we don't retreat. we reload against any foe daring to test us. and that is what iran just did. they tested oil and drill baby drill for our own. we don't retreat. we us. so you've got to kill the deal. playing you, is congress, again. he so disrespects you, congress, and our constitution that he won't even bring the treaty to you wholly. you can't this time. got to pass it to see what's in it. not this time. the president doesn't trust you and he doesn't trust us. he doesn't trust americans to even change our own lightbulb of our own choosing. nd yet heel -- he'll trust a
5:04 am
death cult boasting us its pal russia increased dominance of the world's iran yunl supply that's needed for the nuke and that has been made worse thanks to us gifting our uranium capabilities. and that's a mistake thanks a lot hillary clinton. it's a mistake so enormous on such a grand coney capitalism scale that i can only compare alaska's mount mckinlly it's that size. so up there in alaska across the way russia -- you know, to congress to close that
5:05 am
window. he may propose, you dispose, congress. you've got to be in it to win t because we want peace with unapologetic mighty red white and blue we'll have peace. because war is hell. yet as in all other things this administration loves conflict so much that they'll take pressure off the bad guys, they'll reward that behavior. yeah, that's an obama world, with borders wide open, i.r.s. harassing, servers a wiping where his bad actors are rewarded while a christian clerk goes to jail. so the call to action, friends, is take action. do not play small. it doesn't do good to play small. that's not why you were
5:06 am
created. and we don't have enough time to play small. be empowered. nd render a biased lap dog media powerless. hey, media, they're on to you. your role is played out and you're relegated to the ashes of history. so look around, friends. you're not alone. there are more of us than there are of them. take action. -- get lazy. your god bless israel. god bless the united states of america. palin. you, governor next is a congressman from north carolina who has proven that he has a backbone, is willing to stapped up to leadership time after time
5:07 am
affered time. so join me in welcoming ongressman mark meadows. >> thank you so much. thank you for being out here in the heat for probably the most important vote that congress will ever take in this generation. the most
5:08 am
shame on us if we allow that to happen. but even more troubling than that within the last 12 hours the supreme ruler has said that you will not see see in the next 25 years, god willing, that there will be anything of a zionist regime. meaning that he plans over the next 25 years to eradicate not only israel but jews everywhere. we cannot stand by and allow that kind of attitude to continue. but i also want to go even further because it's not just about the attitude. it's about the ability. and congress has something to say about the ability. we're going to take a vote in just a few hours from now perhaps just a few days where we're going to allow this egime to have intercontinental
5:09 am
ballistic milssles. so today they can't strike here . but with our vote, if we approve this, in just a few short years they will be able to place a missile right where we stand. we can't have that. and we must say no to that particular thing. wre also need -- make sure that we make no mistake. when everyone holers for peace, when they're demanding peace and yet what we're seeing here is that this very deal will allow more money to go to hezbollah and hamas and take lives of citizens across the world -- not just in israel, but here on our soil as well. there can be no peace with that. lastly, i would ask you this. have a nation that is still reined by our god.
5:10 am
we must not forget that. we will continue to stand up. we will continue to say no. i ask you when we can't change their attitude let's change their ability and say no to this deal. god bless you. thank you for coming u out. thank you for fighting the good fight. ♪ >> thank you congressman mark meadows. next is the president of human rights voices and the director of the toro institute of human rights and the holocaust. please join me in welcoming ann bice can i. -- biasky. >> i will get right to the point. we came to register our iran deal of the here at the home of the american government while our president looks first and foremost for approval from the united nations. of the
5:11 am
american government while our president looks first and foremost for approval from the united nations. we believe the national security interests of the united states should be decided by the democratically elected representatives of the united states. not by anti-democrats like russia and china at the security council. apparently we need to remind this president and his two secretaries of state and some members of congress why americans know better what liberty means and what freedom demands than the united nations. so here's a quick recap of hat's going on at the u.n. while americans want to get in the way of terrorism, they can't even define terrorism. iran claims killing americans who get in the way of their idea of liberation is not terrorism. americans believe stopping a country that is openly dedicated to a second holocaust that denies the first one
5:12 am
happened is a goal worth fighting. for. at the united nations demonizing and delegitimizing the jewish state is a goal they're fighting for. he only country that the u.n.'s top women's rights body er condemned is israel while in sudan its vice chair. so we are here to ask how dare our president put us second to this united nations? how dare he believe congress is an afterthought. how dare he think u.n. approval and congressional disapproval is good enough? furthermore not only did our president give the united nation's the first world his al gives the iaea the last word. it doesn't matter what congress does. to veto he promised
5:13 am
from day one. to our president and his deal what matters is the nuclear agency closing the door on iran's "past and present race for nuclear to veto from december, which the agency weap do after letting iran inspect itself and answering questions in writing in accordance with the deal which congress isn't allowed to see with a report congress won't be able to verify. outsourcing america's national security to the united nations and the iaea is not right. it's not safe. it's not american. thinks resident americans' views object deal don't matter and that congress is irrelevant. prove him wrong. the world's leading state sponsor in terrorism seeks the world's most dangerous weapon d it's probably committed to genocide. all american voices matter. today more than ever before. demand that congress get
5:14 am
it right. so i ask you, who should be deciding what we need to protect america, the united nations? the iaea? or the people of the united states of america? thank you. >> demand that congress get tha we have the editor at arge, joe. happy jewish new year to the tea party. five years ago i stood here with you as we protested against obamacare. but this is amazing. as a jewish american i want to thank each and every one of you
5:15 am
for standing up for america and for standing up for israel. and now, by the power vested in me as bright bar's editor at large, i name you all honorary ews. congratulations. you now control the world. but seriously. we are here not just to stop the iran deal but to bear witness that no matter what the vote tomorrow or in the days fter we the people say no. we as a nation should not make life or death decisions on the basis of one fraction of one party's vote. democrats on the right side of this deal. my own congressman i learned on the way here, ted lieu is voting against this deal.
5:16 am
we have the alifornia. in my old home state of illinois congressman dan lip inski from a district of almost no jews is voting no on the iran deal. he's doing the right thing. and joe manchen and bob menendez and charms schumer we need them to tell their colleagues that if this is a good deal, submit it as a treaty. there have been 13 treaties passed under president barack obama, two submitted this year. it is not impossible, senator. it is not impossible secretary of state john kerry. d hillary clinton, you know, she said this morning that she would go to war to prevent iran from going nuclear. well, we remember what she did or did not do in ben gazzie.
5:17 am
and president barack obama, you said that we -- those of us here are making common cause with the iranian regime that we are making common cause with people who shout death to america? we have not forgotten that you sat in jare maya wright's church for 20 years and he had a lot to say about america. now, i want to leave you on a positive note because the jewish new year is a happy time. the positive note is this. the state can resist the iran deal. call your governors, call your state representatives, state senators and tell them to keep the sanctions in place to pass constitutional amendments in your states to prevent your tax dollars from going to the iranian regime. i want to close by blowing the ram's horn one more time. the call reminds us as we hear
5:18 am
it to return to our values. we should remind this congress to return to the oath they took to the constitution. happy new year. god bless you. >> thank you. all right. thank you. the conservative review, citizens united, and to for america. and thank you also to all the supporters donors and local providers of tea party patriots. you made this possible. thank you.
5:19 am
38470 text all one word end the iran deal. end the iran deal. so text that right now. it helps us so we know how many people were here today. next, our next speaker is a friend of this movement, a friend of the tea party movement, a friend of the 912 of ment, has been named one time's most influential people in the world and has networks ablaze. please join me in welcoming our time's friend glenn beck. >> hello, america. i've solved the issue of global
5:20 am
warming it's not suv's it's that big flaming thing in the sky. i come to you today with a different message. i've stood here and i've listened. but there's a different message that i wish to deliver to you today. we live in confusing times. we live in a world that is suffering under the delusion of peace and prosperity. we are being told that the world is safer. we're being told that the world economy is stable. and that islamic killers are men of peace. e confusion comes from the abandonment of truth, a truth that has been chased out of our public squares, out of our public buildings, out of the media, our university, and quite frankly many of our churches as well. ut god's timing is divine.
5:21 am
if we fail to restore truth, god will do it for us. so today let's speak truth. god's truth. to the powers of the earth. i don't believe in coincidence. i told you when benjamin netanyahu came to congress and spoke over a year ago nobody really heard and saw the timing of his speech. when he spoke last year the torah portion that was studied that week in synagogues all over the world was the story ofester. t was god's message to eester. was benjamin netanyahu's message to america. america has a special role just like the role of easter. and we can recognize it and we can deny it
5:22 am
and lose our role and lose our lives. again god's timing is perfect. in this week's torah portion we are told of the story of the early israel united states where moses stood on the edge of the promised land and commanded god's people choose life or death. light or darkness. or they would be swept from their promised lands. again god today, we are faced with the exact same choice. choose life and light over darkness and death. but i have a renewed hope, because something is happening in america. something is happening all around the world. i believe we are no longer fooled by those who have made good evil and evil good with parenthood and the
5:23 am
slaughter of our police officers in the streets while we get into bed with bad guys and run guns in ben gazzie to people who now rape children and sell them into slavery we realize now that we have been silent for far too long. a ave been dulled into senseless slumber. but there are millions of people that are waking right now all around the world. they're shaking themselves, they're shaking their families awake. they're turning back to eternal principles because there is a hunger for truth, unvarnished truth, authentic truth. eternal truth. we even have come now, thank god, to a point where we will accept that we may not like the truth and we know that it will
5:24 am
not make us comfortable. but we can deny it no longer. today we return to eternal principles to stand with god and his chosen people. and make no mistake, that is exactly what this treaty is eally all about. this time darkness and evil comes differently. this time evil has started to quench its thirst for blood with the extermination of the hristians. just a few years ago in syria there were over 2 million christians in syria. there are now only 400,000 left. a genocide is already under way. but make no mistake, it will kill the muslims that aren't muslim u enough, the homosexual who just wants to live his life, the women and children,
5:25 am
and evil will get around to the jew because it always does. fter world war ii, the world made a promise. after we saw the slaughter of innocents in world war ii, we said never again. i testify to you today that ever again is now. cheers and applause] two weeks ago, 30,000 people came to the same streets that gave birth to a movement that ended segregation. many of you were there. we marched on the same streets that martin luther king marched, the city of birmingham said it was the largest civil
5:26 am
rights march in birmingham since 1963. it was a unity march. it was people that had different backgrounds and different religions all coming together to take a stand, to stand for the victims that were terrorists tered by that are supported by iran. to rescue those christians who have been marked with the mark of the nazz reinfor death. our statue of liberty cries out o those people, the tired, the or, the masses yerning to be free, the tempest tossed. but our government will not take them. we will transplant entire smalie muslim communities to minneapolis but we have closed our door and our hearts and stand silently by for the christians who are crucified or even worst we empower or fund
5:27 am
iran's goal of vaporizing israel. time, in mere minutes, iran will be able to accomplish more than hitler did in over a decade. meanwhile, our own government, our representatives are giving us a false choice -- a choice of treaty or war. this, make no mistake, was exactly what was said before world war ii. the same sane -- sane, the rational, were so desperate to avoid war that they sent the prime minister of england to meet with adolph hitler. and evil wore its mask. it played the game and spoke the soothing words that evil always speaks when people are eager for peace. this is the original letter
5:28 am
that nelve chamberlin brought home. this is the letter signed by nelve chamberlin that he wrote to the hitler youth where he explained to the hitler youth that he had just met with their leader and their leader wanted as much peace as nelve chamberlin and the west did. upon his return the masses cheered as chamberlin stepped from his plane and announced peace in our day. but just as it was then it is now. a lie. with annot be peace anyone who chants "for death of the jew. " there can be no peace for people who chant for death of anyone. chamberlin's accord only gave vil more time uncontested to
5:29 am
build the nazi war machine and genocide machine. peace in our day was the lie that hitler gave to the west. and it is the die of the ayatollahs today. and today our acceptance of this lie is made out of ignorance, out of wishful thinking, out of desperation, u out of party politics, or at worst colution. frankly, it does not matter which build the it is. what matters is today the world must hear someone say this is a false premise and this is a lie. there is only one that can choose war. they are those who wish to cover the world with their corrupted ideology that ala is
5:30 am
our god and ah la demands death of all who will not submit. the god of abraham, isaac and acob is a god of spirit over flesh. he is a god of love and life. he is a god of hatred, of love and life over hade hatred over death. and today we must choose the god of life over the false god of death. we must not your and we must not compromise. unreasonable not to take seriously the threat of death by another. when someone says they will wipe the jew off the face of the earth, you must take them seriously. hey mean it. i've been asked to speak so we can either let me speak or we
5:31 am
can turn the music off or i'll call it a day. which do you prefer? to all those who make good evil and evil good, to all those who excuse or worse partner with this evil, know now you will be remembered as the nevada yill chamberlin's of this day or the muse lynnie. you will not be remembered well. yet those who choose to stand against this tide of insanity will lynnie. you will not be remembered well. yet those who choose to stand against this tide of insanity will be remembered sazz righteous people, of children, of courage. today i want the almighty god, the god of abraham isaac and jacob to know that i stand with his law, not those that are passed in the corrupt chambers behind me but those that come from above.
5:32 am
at is more, i will no longer fight against something. now to gin here and fight for something. fight for life. decrensy, fight for the women who are devout youth, the homosexuals who just want to live, fight for the children that are cruise sfide and raped up to ten times a day. fight for life, fight for light, because light will onquer the darkness. no matter where evil lurks, evil must be put on notice today that the mighty arm of god is rising up and evil will be defeated. should enjoy this season of
5:33 am
chaos. but know that it is short lived. for we know how the story ends. god does not pick sides. but he demands that we pick sides. rest assured evil's days are numbered as are those days of those who rule with fear and terror and death backroom deals and corruption. you are all put on notice today . you can play your games, you can count those votes. to those who say they will drive the jew into the sea they may think they have won. but they should understand they have not seen america the real america in over 70 years. and they have poked this bear ne too many times.
5:34 am
america may be delayed but the rest of the world should know god will not be delayed. make no mistake, treaty or none, the nation of israel will stand. no jew in europe would have thought in 1944 that god would se that unending night to hold true to his promise and restore the nation of israel but he did. and i testify to you he will do the same again today in his of and in his way this era days ion and error, these of darkness will end because our god is a god of covenens. we as his people must understand he will keep all of of his promises. he has told us that he will bless those decrensy, fight for. he will curse those who curse israel. i make you this promise and
5:35 am
warning today. those words will be fulfilled. our action as a nation and as individuals today, the reason why i am here, is because i want to be seen by the almighty god because our faith is being sealed. let this be the day that we all declare we shall serve no other king but god. cheers and applause] he is a mighty and a just god. and a god of miracles. and i beg all with eyes to see and all with ears to hear. i beg this is our last call to return to our roots and to choose life. the hour is later than we think. and the morning will come. and i warn those who wish to
5:36 am
stand on the sidelines to claim ignorance or helplessness not to stand is to stand, not to speak is to speak. there will be no spectators in this struggle. and god will not hold you blameless. we are told by those in power that we must give in or the world will beanten us. -- abandon us. first of all, i believe that is a lie. but if it were true, good. so be it. we are supposed to be the shining city on the hill. that's who we are. that is our purpose. we have to be the light in a world of darkness. we are the one whose are supposed to stand for morality, fight for those who can't problem tect themselves. let the world abandon us. if that's who they are, we'll be better off alone.
5:37 am
during the dark times in the civil war it's reported that abraham lincoln overheard someone remark, i just hope the lord is on the union side. lincoln responded with a sharp rebuke, he said, i'm not at all concerned about that. for i know the lord is always on the right side. it is my constant anxiety and my constant prayer that i and this nation should be on the lord's side. this is the choice we have to make today. to be on the lord's side. declare now that no matter what a few in our government might decide, we the people do indeed stand with israel and we shall principles over parties,
5:38 am
love over hate, light over darkness, life over death. choose these things now and we know our lives will forever be changed. and we know that the road less traveled is often fraught with difficulties. but we choose it today with confidence because the outcome has already been decided. for our god is just. our god is a god of mercy. our god is a god of power and strength. our god is a god that speaks the truth. and our god is a god that keeps nd fulfills every promise. ♪ >> well, i'm glad you all can keep that energy up. speeches like that certainly help. so among the voices that are no
5:39 am
longer in principles over washi daily basis but are sorely speaker. our next she is unafraid to speak truth to power. she was always unafraid to speak her mind. would you all put your hands together and join me in welcoming congressman michele bachmann. afternoon. i am so proud of you all for being here in this 93 degree heat. isn't it a blessing to be able to stand here today and speak for literally thousands of people back home. that is what your presence afte. i am so proud of you all for being here in this 93 degree heat. does. you are sending a message across the world that you are going to stand for sanity and not insanity. it is very clear. is obvious and it is simple what the legislative solution in the short term needs to be.
5:40 am
it is accept the victory that has already been given. you see, the federal law states that if barack obama fails to give every part of the iranian this congress and the language actually says including side deals, if he fails to do that by july 19, well language actually says including side deals, if he fails to do that by july 19, well then the sanctions stand. case closed. we won. what we need are republican leaders who will not be complicit with the lawless president. and we need them to go to the microphone today and tell the american people that president barack obama failed to deliver in the lea short term and therefore the sanctions stand. end of story. et's move on to the next
5:41 am
event. ok. event. ok. that is short term. the reason why we are all here today is because of the long term and the present reality. when you have the leading terrorists of the world stating today that within 25 years the jewish state will no longer exist, as i've said before, when a mad man speaks, you listen. four years ago i ran for president of the united states and i will tell you this, one thing a president needs to do is understand who you negotiate with and who you don't. and after decade after decade broken promises what you do is reach for the jar of victories. history has already told us what the solution is. very successfully, when a rogue nation has tried a nuclear program, it was eliminated in iraq, in syria. when we eliminated -- when the program was eliminated by israel in iraq within several days qaddhafi, the head of
5:42 am
libya called our white house and said, hey, i don't want that to happen to me. come over and get my nuclear program. i surrender. hat is what bad guys do. and so as president of the united states, were i there or any sane person of the united states be president, this is not tough at all. what you do is go in and take out your military means, the nuclear hard ware that exists in iran today. you take it out. that does not bring about world war three as we have seen in the past. that ensures peace on into the future. you see, by barack obama giving a $1 trillion over ten years to the world's leading terrorist what he is doing is fulfilling the aims and goals of that terrorist whether the president realizes it or not he is
5:43 am
fulfilling islamic jihad. we will not allow that to happen. i urge you to tell your congress, your president, and your friends to ensure peace today you start that process of bombing and taking out the nuclear hardware. we're not going to bomb shopping centers. we're not going to bomb innocent people. we're going to take out the means of death and destruction we should have done in world war ii. take out those death camps. take out the death camps today and be done with it. that's what a presidentwe shoul god bless you all. god bless america. >> thank you, michelle. next we're joined by congressman whose the only jewish republican member of the house. ease welcome congressman lee zelledice. >> what country brought you all here today?
5:44 am
that and being ticked off that the free world just got steam rolled. this iran nuclear agreement is american exceptionalism on an apology tour. we got played. just think of everything that wasn't even part of the agreement. iran overthrowing foreign governments, financing terror, unjustly imprisonning u.s. sipts sentence like a marine, a pastor. developing icbm's, pledging to wipe israel off the map of the earth, chanting death to americans. iran gets tens of billions of dollars with no strings attached money that will be used to fund terror, destabilizing the middle east. this triggers a nuclear arms race in the region and paves a nuclear arsenal
5:45 am
for iran. we don't oppose this deal to create war. we oppose this deal to prevent it. this is a fatally flawed treaty. americans aren't even allowed to be part of the inspection teams. the verification agreement still hasn't been presented to congress. not even secretary kerry has read it. and he was the lead negotiator. at least with obamacare nancy pelosi told us once we passed it we would be able to read it. here, we don't even get to read it afterwards. the president says that this deal is not built on trust. built on verification. how can anyone support a deal based on verification without knowing what that verification is? congress is not on the clock. under the law signed by the president the 60 day congressional review period hasn't even been period because we haven't received the verification. the president can get it from the iaea. the u.s. is on the iaea board. provide much of their
5:46 am
funding. by law no verification agreement, no review period. no review period, no waiver of sanctions. there is an alternative other than war -- it's a better deal. that's what we're here fighting for -- fighting for american freedom and liberty. we would be willing to die for cause we love this great country. god bless the united states of america. what it all comes down to in the end fundamentally is it's all about common sense. we need greater voices of common sense here in washington, d.c.. and one of my favorite members, the man who said that instead of spending huge amounts of money bailing out big wall street we should just give the american taxpayer a rebate, but of course it was a common sense idea folks didn't want to do it is a member of congress from the first congressional
5:47 am
district of texas one of my favorites congressman louie gomeert. >> thank you. thank you for coming out. just so you know, you have already made a different. when we started today, the word was here's what was going to happen this week, we were going rule at vote on the 1:30 today that would bring the bill before the house on 9/11 that would allow the house to say we disapprove of the iranian deal, which is a treaty. and then we wait for the senate and the senate would cast their votes and they would not get two thirds. and then republicans would be able to turn to the public and say, hey, we tried.
5:48 am
we tried so hard. but we couldn't get the two thirds in the senate. so the iran deal goes through. gee, we tried. well, guess what. ou figured out the sham. you understood that if that happened in that scenario, then ama would release the money, he would go forth as if the treaty had been ratified, and this would be an agreement that would be enforcible against the united states. israel when it is -- -- you all remember israel. right? you remember, in israel when they there in israel have said never again they've meant it. here in america, not always the case. they would have to
5:49 am
defend themselves. even if it meant anhilation of israel -- which it wouldn't. god would protect them. but even if it did they would not go down quietly as they did during world war ii. they were going to make an attack -- they would have to -- on iran's nuclear buildup. and under the iran deal, since we would have entered that with iran through this president, and because the house would have not had the nerve to stop it, then the unthinkable would have happened. what you and i have never dreamed would be possible in our lifetime. we would stand with all the anti-sem united states in the world and condemn israel and been an enemy to israel. we cannot let that happen. and the good news is the vote that was scheduled at 1:30 to run through the scenario i laid down has been stopped.
5:50 am
[cheers and applause] congratulations. you are making a difference. w we have a meeting, a conference of republicans, at 4:00. and it looks like they're willing to change the song, because you figured out what's going on. deal, der the iran sanctions were supposed to lift. but even under the corker bill, as bad as it was, it did say in there that congress still had to vote in order for the congressional sanctions against iran to be lifted. so we're going to cast a vote this week, it looks like, instead of just saying we tried to stop we're going to cast a vote and say you can't lift the sanctions. you're not going to lift the
5:51 am
sanctions. thank you very much, crowd. so don't give up. you're making a difference. we can stop this. keep the faith. keep the fight. god bless you. he will as you do. thank you. >> thank you so much, congressman gomeert. next, from phoenix, arizona, is congressman arizona is congressman trent franks. >> ladies and gentlemen, i want you to know more than anything else i can tell you we live in very extreme and critical times. the iranian mullas have openly bragged how their bounties and weapons have killed hundreds of american marines and soldiers on the battlefield and destroying those marines' families. these same mullas were watching intently as barack obama stood idly by and knowingly stood as
5:52 am
thousands in iraq were tortured, beheaded, burned alive by isis. when the iranian leaders saw that they knew they had nothing to fear from barack obama. so they came to the table with nothing and walked away with everything. this insane rope a dope due police tuss unverifiable and unenforcible deal legitimizes and empowers the most prolivive state sponsor in the world and it requires america to lift all bans, allow iran a protected protocol to enrich uranium and enrich even more centrifuges and gives them billions of dollars to spread their terror and destabilizing throughout the world, continue their human rights abuses including illegally holding american citizens hostage.
5:53 am
and it allows them to keep their entire nuclear infrastructure. all the while supreme leader in iran is reaffirming his hatred to the united states and leading his supporteders, death to america, death to israel,. unbelievable. did i get all of that? bill clinton made a far better deal than that and the result was that the police state of north korea proceeded to develop nuclear weapons only a few years later and some of our most loyal allies are under that threat to this day. instead of making sure that they never get a nuclear weapon, barack obama's politically motivated peace in our time capitulation empowers the most dangerous sponsor of terrorism on this earth and places them on a sure path to an entire nuclear arsenal. so ladies and gentlemen, unless this congress or the next president is able to stop this madness, barack obama is now on trajectory to be remembered as the father of the iranian
5:54 am
atomic bomb and the one who ultimately nuclearized the middle east. and our children are now on a path to at least through the shadow of nuclear terrorism. and whatever the cost might have been to prevent iran from aining a nuclear weapon it will pale in comparison to dealing with iran when they have an arsenal. therefore, for the sake of our children and future generations, god help this congress to reject this treacherous deal. and god help us all to focus on the unspeakable importance of the coming elections in america. >> ok. next we have christians united for israel president gary bower. >> thank you very much.
5:55 am
you all get the citizen of the year award for staying out here all day. i'm going to be really quick because you've got an american hero over here that is going to be out soon that you need to hear from. look, a couple weeks ago, ladies and gentlemen, the president came back from vacation. a couple weeks in martha's vineyard and he told a reporter that he couldn't wait to get back here because he needed to come back to fight the crazies, he said, that were against the iran deal. i'll tell you what's crazy, my friends. crazy is giving the country that denies the first holocaust , while they plan the second one, $150 billion. a united states senator willing to jump off of a cliff with the president of
5:56 am
the united states on this issue. so i'm not even going to take my whole two minutes. i wanted to come up towards the end here to deliver a message to the people in that building. every congressman and senator that votes for this deal will now be a hostage to the ayatollah khomeni and what the government of iran does. and when tomorrow or next week or next month iran does what they always do, promote terror, launch attacks on israel, attempt to kill and maim american soldiers, christians united for israel action fund will go into the states of those congressmen and senators and we will remind their constituents what they did, and we believe those senators and congressmen will get the early retirement they deserve.
5:57 am
so think about -- to think about the worst vote of their career. god bless you all. thank you very much. ♪ >> next is the congressman from iowa, and a great friend of tea party patriots, steve king. congressman. for coming out today. i want to remind you of a few things. back in the spring of 2008 barack obama not nominated for president yet said mr. ahmadinajed, to iran, if you will unclench your fist we will extend our hand. we're still waiting for them to unclench their depist over there and we have the president grolving in front of iran saying what does it take to make a deal? somebody said a couple months ago what's the chances of kerry walking away? i said he's more likely to be op rating centrifuges in iran than he is to walk away from the deal. that's how bad this is.
5:58 am
the president has decided that he is going to create a legacy which to him is a treaty agreement with iran regardless of what is in it. and as netanyahu said, he said a bad deal is worse than no deal. and i will tell you what this deal brings. it's not just iran with one bomb in the next two to three months, with not a means to deliver it very far. it's ten years down the road with 100 of them sitting on icbm's, missiles sticking out of the sand all over the middle east along the strait of hormuz in particular. this puts the survival of humanity at stake. and we have got to shut this down in this congress. this congress is the last stop not only to save israel but to save the nuclear nonproliferation agenda for the world and to save peace for the world. and without it tens of millions of people i believe will die. and if we live the other side of it we will look back and say
5:59 am
why did we ever have a president that dealt away the security of the world for his own legacy this thanks very much. god bless you all for being ere today. >> thank you congressman steve king. i i want to make sure introduce it right is the founder and president for the endowment of the middle east truth, sara sterns. what a great crowd. you are the true patriots. respect, i have a few questions for the man who occupies that large white house on the other side of the . . why mr. president, did you deceive the american people? why have you repeatedly pledged on at least 40 separate
6:00 am
occasions that iran must never get a nuclear weapon? why are we suddenly told that yes, iran can get a nuclear of thewith the consent international community if they just wait it out for 10 or 15 years? 10 or 15 years? of ais that in the life nation? it is the blink of an eye. that is assuming they don't cheat. by the way, with all due respect, what is it exactly about the words " death to america that you do not understand?" president, you are a father. why have you just negotiated a themo security -- to give away the security of our children to the leading state-sponsored state o