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tv   2015 New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention  CSPAN  September 19, 2015 10:56pm-12:57am EDT

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as always we will take your calls and look for comments on facebook and twitter. washington journal at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. ♪ persons before the supreme court of the united states get their attention. >> number 759. ♪ >> number 18. madison is probably the most famous case this court ever decided. >> the judge was as though
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laypeople on land where slavery was not legally recognize. >> putting the brown decision in effect would it take presidential orders and federal troops and marshals and the courage of children. >> we wanted to pick cases that changed the direction of the importance of society and changed society. >> so she told to them they would have to have a search and demanded to see the paper and to read to see what it was. and so she grabbed it out of his hands and looked at it and thereafter, the police officer handcuffed her. cannot imagine a better way to bring the constitution to life then tell boring the human
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stories behind great cases. the intermentsed of japanese-americans during world war ii. after being convicted for failing to report for relocation, he took his case all the way to the supreme court. >> quite often in many of our most famous decisions are the ones the court took that were quite unpopular. >> if you had to pick one freedom that was the most essential to the functioning of a democracy, it has to be freedom of speech. >> let's go through a few cases that illustrate dramatically eventually what it means to live in a society of 310 million different people who sticks together because of the believe in a rule of law. >> landmark cases, an
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exploration of 12 historic supreme court decisions and have a human stories behind them. a new series on c-span in cooperation with the constitution center debuting monday, october 5 at 9:00 p.m. companion to our new series, landmark cases the book features of the 12 cases we have selected for the series with a brief introduction into the background and highlights and impact of each case written by veteran supreme court journalists tony moore wrote and .ublished by c-span landmark cases is available for $8.95 plus shipping and handling. at roadspan takes you on the to the white house, unfiltered access to the cat they -- candidates at rallies and speeches, we're taking your
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comments on twitter, facebook, and by phone. and every cafe event is available on our website at [applause] >> on saturday morning, candidates running with the democrat nomination spoke at we will begin with remarks from former maryland governor martin o'malley. from manchester, this is 25 minutes. governor o'malley: thank you very much. [chanting o'malley] o'malley: thank you very much. it is great to be here with all of the once again in new hampshire where democracy is still alive and well and every person matters. [applause]
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knowing that new hampshire has the third-largest legislature in the world, i would like to see a show of hands how many of you who are currently serving in the legislature or have served in the legislature? and let us all salute your service in democracy. [applause] like greato knowledge a couple of other people. i would like to acknowledge joyce craig and jim duncan is on their recent successes and i were some every success. [cheering] once to a knowledge to supporters of my campaign, dan o'neill and commissioner paul martin and their success on tuesday. [cheering] in theow americans granite state, my name is martin o'malley.
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i am a lifelong democrat. i am running for president of the united states, and i'm running for one reason and that is to rebuild the truth of the american dream that we share and i intend to win. [applause] opened last four weeks, we have but twod not one, unanswered route of nationally televised republican presidential debates. racistthat anti-immigrant donald trump. [applause] their party once had leaders and visionaries. lincoln asserted our unity and common humanity. eisenhower liberated the world and built our nations highway system to better connect us. create traffic
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jams, they denigrate new american immigrants, shut down our federal government, threaten to unfunded planned parenthood and the say awful things about women and they dismiss everything from climate, science, to vaccines. they can have their anger and their fear, but they cannot go unanswered. anger and fear never built a great country. [applause] what our nation needs is new leadership, new divisions. a newur country needs is consensus, not new hates. for the progress of our nation and the dream we share, that new leadership must come from the democratic party. [cheering] you and i are part of living, self creating mistry called the
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united states of america. the promise at the heart of that extraction, not some big idea floating out there somewhere, it is the very real promise, a covenant between us as a people that wherever you start, whatever your parents background or zip code, you start you start put three-year-old hard work, your own grit, talent and determination. you can get ahead. call it an economy that works for all of us. call it a country that works for all of us. call it the american dream. whatever you call it, the truth of the matter is it worked very well for 240 years as a country and it can work again. [applause] the genius of our country as plainly as i can state it is this -- that we take action in
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every generation to include more theur people more fully in economic, social, and political life of our nation. this is the genius of american capitalism as well. when it is not rigged, manipulated by the powerful wealthy interest, annapolis, or economic or a list at the expense of small and family-owned businesses. it is about fuller dissipation, fuller education, the dignity of every person, opportunity for all, this is who we are when we are truly ourselves. let me ask all of you a question. show of hands, how many of you firmly believe that you have enjoyed a better quality of life than your parents and enjoyed?nts raise your hands if that is true for you. almost every hand. let me ask you a second and tougher question. how many of you believe just as firmly that your children and
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your grandchildren will enjoy a better quality of life/ ? some. and that my friends is the central question on this table of democracy that i share and we must answer the question with hope and optimism but most importantly with action and thought words. i campaign -- and not words. my campaign is not about digging trenches around those who are already entrenched. it is about us. it is about we the people, ,rogressive champions well-respected activists, and new leaders. i am not the only candidate for president who will come before you who holds progressive values, but i am the only candidate for president with 15 years of executive experience as
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a big city mayor and as a governor actually turning those progressive values into actions. real results. [cheering] new leadership, getting things done, solving problems, actions and not worth as mayor and governor. i forged a new consensus for progress that reduced violent crime to 30 year lows and reducing incarceration rates to 20 year lows and repealing the death penalty. those were actions, not words. [cheering] while other states tried to cut their way to prosperity. in maryland instead, i forged a new consensus to increase funding for public education by 37%, making our schools the best in america five years in a row. [applause] re-froze college tuition for four years in a row to make
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college more affordable for more families, became the first state in the nation to pass living wage, we raised the minimum wage, those were actions and not words. we passed fair share and expanded collective bargaining so that workers could bargain for better wages for all of us. [cheering] the u.s. chamber of commerce named this the number one state in america for innovation and entrepreneurship as a defendant the highest media may come all the way through the recession. these were actions, not words. andwe expanded family leave instead of making the party for people to fill, we made it easier for people to vote and drivers license for newell for american immigrants. [applause] after the slaughter of innocent in newtown, connecticut, we passed comprehensive gun safety legislation with background checks and a ban on combat
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assault weapons. [applause] actions.e these were actions. not words. we also passed the dream act and marriage equality. now republican brothers and sisters tried to petitioner to referendum to do. we took our justice the people at the polls and we won by overwhelming margins with actions and not words. [applause] wife katie and i have four great kids. our oldest daughter grace is a first grade teacher in baltimore city public schools. [applause] true story. after her father announced for president about 100 days ago, she returned to her first grade
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class at walter elementary, adorable, eager to learn and one hundred percent african-american kids. a little girl came up to her and there was a buzz in the classroom and she talked to by the sleeve and she said -- miss o'malley, i am not so sure about this idea of your father when he for president because quite frankly, i kind of like barack obama. [laughter] [applause] well, a lot of us like barack obama. [cheering] we have come a long way since the wall street crash and the bush recession of 2008 when our country teetered on the brink of a second great depression, we elected a new leader and barack obama to move our country forward and that is exactly what president obama has been. [applause]
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the good news is this, our country is now creating 66 months in a row of positive month over month job creation and that is the good news. [applause] our country is doing better, and that is the good news for these unanswered republican debates that are keeping the american people from hearing. what but we elected a president, didn't we? not a magician and no one person can fix in eight years of bad policies of the prior 30 years. we still have work to do. for the hard truth of our times us are earning the same or less than we were told use ago. that is not how our economy is supposed to work. that is not how our country is
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supposed to work and that is the first time that has happened this size since world war ii. there is a growing injustice in our country and economic inequality veterans to terrorist a part -- that threatens to tear as a part, the hands of very few that it is taking opportunity out of the homes and in neighborhoods of the many, and this did not happen by accident. powerful, wealthy, special interests have used our government to create in our own country and economy that is slowly leaving the majority of our people behind. look up far we have strayed from the choices of our parents and grandparents. my dad went to college on the g.i. bill and 50 years ago, the average employee at general motors could send a kid to college, get this, average employee to send the kid to
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weeks wagesust two for the years tuition. today, we settled whole aneration of kids with amount of debt, which no other nation on the planet does. meanwhile, last year alone on wall street, bonuses totaled more than all the own needs of every american working at minimum wage combined. this is not the american dream. this is not how our economy is supposed to work and this is not our country is supposed to work. [applause] in time for times than these, franklin roosevelt told us not to be afraid. in changing times, john kennedy told us to govern is to choose. progress is ahat choice, job creation is a choice.
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whether we give our children a future with more opportunity or less opportunity is also a choice. to succeed again, we must only returned to our true selves and remember that our economy is not money, it is people. it is all of our people. [applause] middle-class is not the consequence of economic growth. a stronger middle-class is the cause of economic. [cheering] know what american family that works hard and plays by the rules should have to raise their children in poverty. we must take action together to serve the minimum wage to $15 an hour however and wherever return. [applause] we must return to the economic justice of paying overtime pay
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for overtime work and we must make it easier for workers to join labor unions and bargain collectively for better wages for all of us. [applause] isn't that right, firefighters? we must advance the cause of andle pay for equal work paid family leave so that women can't dissipate fully in the economic life of our nation. [applause] fully in theipate economic life of our nation. [applause] because when women succeed, america succeeds. [applause] , i put forward 15 strategic goals to rebuild the american dream that we share, increasing every day wealth of american families by at least $25,000 within 10 years, making wages go up by 4% a year within four years, full
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employment for american veterans, taking big money out of politics by implementing publicly financed congressional elections within five years. [applause] reducing deaths from overdoses 2020, making national service a universal option for every young person in america. [applause] and instead of cutting social security, we need to expand social security. [applause] do we want to make wages go up for all americans? then let us bring 11 million of our neighbors out of the off the books, underground shadow economy i passing comprehensive immigration reforms. [applause] the enduring symbol of our nation donald trump is not the
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barbed wire fence, it is the statue of liberty. [applause] so let us take the actions necessary to make debt free college degrees the reality for all family within five years. i the first candidate in the democratic party and let us hope not the last to put forward a plan to move forward our country to a 100% clean electric energy grid by 2050 and create 5 million jobs along the way. [applause] these are the ambitions that are worthy of a great people, but none of these rings can be accomplished by words alone. they will all require action and new leadership.
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why the leadership? because there are also a couple of things that as a country and as a party and to stop doing. first among them, we must stop giving a free pass to the boys in the big banks' to run over the common good of the american people. [applause] you tell me how it is that not a was everll street ceo convicted of a single crime related to the 2008 economic meltdown? not a single one. [applause] pass ave we come to country that you can get pulled over for having a broken tail light, but if you reclamation's economy, you are totally untouchable? we must reinstate and prosecute
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financial crimes. [applause] if the bank is too big to fail and too big to jail, and too big damnnage, then it is too date and it needs to be broken up before it breaks us up. [applause] the second thing we need to stop doing is a party and as a country is to stop sending american jobs and profits overseas with bad trade deals like the transpacific partnership. [applause] many of us remember nafta. many of us remember nafta.
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we traded away good manufacturing jobs and in return we got back empty promises and empty pockets. i am fundamentally and adamantly opposed to secret trade deals that are congress has forced to vote on before we are allowed as citizens to repent. -- to read them. [applause] it is not what the other countries are doing to us, it is what we are not doing for ourselves. we need to build up our own american economy. [applause] world is role in the to lead by example, the cause arising global middle class free .rom oppression, hunger, fear the images of the humanitarian refugee crisis in syria that all of us have seen, that little , parentsy washing
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running for their lives with kids in their arms, those images tell us that as a nation we can and must do better if we will have credibility as a moral leader among nations. [applause] our own policies of forcibly detaining women and children refugees in for-profit detention camps on our southern border tells us we are not leading up to our principles, even at home. [applause] we can and we must bring forward new thinking in the conduct of our foreign policy as a nation. we can and we must forge new alliances for a more effective and farseeing national security strategy that takes action to reduce threats before we get
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bored into military actions or other actions that might diminish us as a nation. all of these things are connected, and all of these on makingend ourselves stronger at home. they depend on the choices we make, the better choices because of concern and care for one another as americans, because of the compassion we have for the larger family of humanity for which we are apart. the poet laureate of the american dream, bruce springsteen, [applause] once asked, is a dream alive if it don't come true or is it something worse? whether or not the american dream is made a living reality again for our children and grandchildren really is not about the big banks, not even
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about the big money that seeks to take over politics, it is about us. od, us, period. it is about whether we have the determination and grit to forge ford with new american progress. i believe we do and i bet that you believe it, too. we are good people. we are compassionate people, and we are a generous people. we stand on the threshold of a new era of american progress. together we must take the necessary actions to walk through that door. it is a toughat fight, and yes, i know that there are many among this that's a we face tough odds.
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i never bet against america. i kind of like tough fights. maybe it is the toughness that are hidden in god lets us know we are fighting for something worth saving. the american dream is worth saving, our children's future is worth saving, this and it is worth saving, and the democratic party is up to this fight. four hours is the party of the people, ours is the party of action, and ours is the only party today that can result the american dream and make the promise real for all americans again. i need your help in this fight. may god bless the people of new hampshire, god bless, america, thank you very, very much. [applause] [chanting -- o'malley] [applause] >>
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>> former rhode island governor lincoln chafee spoke after martin o'malley, and focused on raising the minimum wage, tax reform, and his foreign-policy experience, gained while serving in the u.s. senate. lincoln chafee: thank you. new england is rock. speaking of new england and new thursday it was my mom's 89th birthday. she was born in dublin, new hampshire. her family is from dublin. back then you were born in the house you are raised in. she was born at that house in dublin. it is good to be here in new hampshire. i've been here maybe 25 times in the last few weeks. it's great to have the first in
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the primary status here. you take that responsibility very, very seriously. will, do, and i know you look at three things as you decide you will support for president. first of all the record of the person running. second the character of the person running. and third, what is the vision of the future? for me, i'm the only one running, republican or democrat, that is been a mayor, a governor , and a united states senator. [cheering] lincoln chafee: that is good background to run for president of the united states. snow,or i plowed the educated the children, and cap property taxes down or i would not have been reelected three times. i served four terms as mayor and two as a councilman. that is a hard job.
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you can't miss a snowstorm. then i went to the united states senate and i was in the middle of many controversial bush-cheney initiatives in my time in the senate. first, the tax cuts which i voted against. they favored the wealthy who were doing just fine. then it was the war in iraq. as senator sanders articulately pointed out, you do not enter into war lightly and i voted against that. [applause] then all thee: environmental issues. regulating carbon dioxide, not drilling in the arctic refuge. libertiesp for civil time and time again. live free or die. [cheering] lincoln chafee: standing up for
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abortion rights, and that is one of the reasons i voted against sam -- in the supreme court. i did not think you get the exception for the health of the mother and i was right. 14 theye of the gang of got together to try to bridge the partisan divide. i was proud to be part of that group getting together, meeting, ink trying to bridge the gridlock -- and trying to bridge the gridlock we suffer from today. on a rights record -- gay rights. proud of that. [applause] lincoln chafee: way back in 2005 there was a bill for a pathway to citizenship for our 11 million undocumented americans and their only nine cosponsors. their only nine that stepped up and i was one of the nine in
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favor of the path to citizenship. we should have passed it back then. there are many tough votes under political pressure and i am proud that i always made the right choice. governoras on to being and those were tough times. i was elected in 2010. rhode islanders were out of work. foreclosures on the houses. it was tough times but we turned the state around. we turned rhode island around and we had the biggest drop in unemployment of all that nevada in my four years. timeln chafee: at the same we did good things. we are the best rollout of the affordable care act. that was not easy. getting people to sign up for the exchange. all the problems that happened across the country. they did not happen in rhode island.
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we passed marriage equality. they tried before time and time again in rhode island. i put it in my inaugural address and we made it happen. the dream act so that undocumented students could go to our in-state colleges for in-state tuition. [cheering] lincoln chafee: we raised the minimum wage three times in my four years as governor. [cheering] that is a solid record. through all that i have been honest with the people on every thing i do. i have had courage to take tough votes. showed some guts under pressure. and always had high ethical standards. animals 30 years of public service i have not had any scandals. [cheering] lincoln chafee: as we look to
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the future i believe in prosperity through peace. [applause] lincoln chafee: on the prosperity side there is a disparity of wealth. it is real. how do we close this gap between the haves and have-nots. for raising the minimum wage as a senator and a governor. we did it three times in my four years, but i think we should do more than that. right now there are seven marginal rates and our tax structure. $464,000.te is for that is 39.6%. that is not that high. when you think of all the millionaires and billionaires out there. listen to this. filers are the tax
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in this bracket. but this .6% generates 30% of the revenue that comes in on income tax. my point is that the wealthy are doing just fine. the rest of america is struggling and yet there is a lot of money still to be had out there. i believe. [applause] i propose a new bracket. this is the eighth bracket. for over $750,000 and put it at 45%. this will generate a lot of revenue. [applause] wecoln chafee: and how do help those that need it most? i would propose raising the personal attention, that is now
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at $4000. this would best benefit the lower income taxpayers i believe. let's put that top bracket on, tax the wealthy. and put it to the best use possible. increasing personal exception of the $4000. -- above $4000. i think this is a better way to accomplish how we address income inequality. also, as we look to the future, i served on the senate foreign relations committee and i chaired the western hemisphere subcommittee so i've traveled all through central and south america. in the nature the middle east subcommittee, so i've traveled to pakistan, afghanistan, . iael, lebanon, egypt, iraq have been all through the region. this is one of
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the biggest challenges facing america right now. i cement to you -- i submit to you doesn't make sense that somebody from -- who saw through all the lies of going to iraq should be someone you would trust to help solve this chaos that has spread from pakistan to nigeria? doesn't that make sense? [applause] lincoln chafee: the whole reason we have this chaos is because we made a colossal mistake of invading iraq. now the hard work is a front of us of how we fix it. in afghanistan, iraq, yemen, syria, libya, nigeria. i'm running for president because i saw through all the provocations. i took the time to go down to the cia and said i have to vote on his iraq war. show me everything you have on weapons of mass destruction.
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over an hour-long meeting there was not much. there was no reason to vote for that war. i did my homework. [applause] and i dohafee: believe, and i'm sure there are people that are saying we cannot get peace in the middle east, it's never going to happen. i disagree. you have to believe it is possible that they do want to have to make it did happen -- you want to have to make it happen. i believe it is possible and i want to get these in the middle east and across north africa. [cheering] lincoln chafee: i believe it is possible. thank you for inviting me here as you look at who you are going to support. your record, your character, your vision, and let's have a great year in 2016. democrats are right on the issues. thank you for inviting me. you are terrific new hampshire.
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[applause] please welcome professor lauren lessing. he also explained why he doesn't think congress relates to the average voter anymore. this is 10 minutes. this will be a speech that fits. an incredible range of people speaker today and one think we can be certain of is that we can be proud of the choices we are offering americans today. they push, our rights in the right direction of justice and they will rally millions behind us.
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but we must speak openly and honestly about how incomplete we are. whoe are millions like us rally to celebrate our party. there are millions who rally to celebrate the other party but these millions added together are still but a fraction of america. the biggest political party in america is none of the above. most of america has turned away from politics. most have given up on democracy. and who could blame them? governmentks to her and sees not themselves reflected in the congress, but someone else. they see not a congress standing -- bending over backward to answer the calls of average voters. they see a congress standing -- bending over backwards to answer the calls of their funders.
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we know this. political scientists have shown us what our congress does has no relation to the views of the average voter. our congress, our democracy is responsive to the few, not to the many. how could it be otherwise when 400 families have given half the money in this election cycle so far? [applause] lawrence lessig: we cannot ignore this truth. we cannot pretend it is ok to just rally us. we must think bigger than that. we must aspire to more than just winning an election. we must win that we must win in a way against america a reason to believe that they can get their democracy back. we must win with a commitment that would make the promises of
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these campaigns, the promise to address income inequality, to take on wall street, to pass climate change legislation, the promise to honor the children murdered at sandy hook, bypassing the of the most modest background check legislation credible. [applause] because,lessig: because, because these promises are not credible now. they inspire us. they give us hope. but until we fix is democracy they are but dreams. and i fear we will lose a generation from this democracy if we want again promise the moon but deliver just partisan stalemates. almost eight years ago barack obama said this in philadelphia, "if were not willing to take up that fight, real change, change that would make a lasting
11:40 pm
difference in the lives of ordinary americans will keep getting blocked by the defenders of the status quo." his words were true then. his words are true now. we must take up this fight to get democracy back and claim its fundamental principle. the equality of citizens. if we could achieve that equality, we could crack the corruption that holds washington hostage. we would make it possible to solve the problems that we must address and we could then say with integrity and truth that black lives matter in america because in america all citizens are equal. [applause] the truth isig: that fight is not partisan. as i walked the length of this stage in the footsteps of a
11:41 pm
next-door new woman, granny dee i did not beice, republicans. i did not meet democrats. i met citizens. ed out ofe who rac their houses did not offer his secret party handshakes, the artist thanks. because all of them, conservatives and liberals alike does really want a democracy they felt represented them. them, to thoseo citizens first. we must make restoring their democracy our first task. not someday, but on day one. not one promise among many, but the one everybody knows will be achieved because as much as we like our party, as much as we ase a particular candidate,
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much as we like the idea of winning an election, we must love our country first. if we let ourselves get trapped, if we let ourselves get trapped on this partisan field, we will have failed that first love. enemies it's not a political party. america's enemy is not even a terrorist living in caves. apathy's enemy is the and hopelessness and frustrated anger that has grown within america about the one institution we were once most proud of. this democracy. [applause] lawrence lessig: we democrats have an extremely opportunity.
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it is we and only we who could rally america, all of america to fixing this democracy by establishing equality first so that citizens of america from ferguson to philadelphia and the americans that should be citizens from the central valley of california to the streets of miami have a reason to believe in all the hope that the store near he candidates that you have seen here today promise. that is opportunity. it's our responsibility. [applause] party wasessig: our not born as the party of the quality. we can make it so now. we did not fight for equal democracy a century ago. we can fight for it now. but we made equality our cause 50 years ago and we must do it again. we must elevate this debate to that great and moral ideal because only then could we
11:44 pm
aspire and inspire enough of america to look up from their machines and to listen and to respond and we need america to respond if are going to do any of the great and hard things we know we must still do. party that martin luther king taught bobby kennedy to dream of. because what will be left of this democracy if we are not that party? thank you, new hampshire democrats. thank you, citizens first. thank you very much. [applause] senator bernie >> vermont independent senator
11:45 pm
spoke about to the revolution to transform the as well as raising the minimum wage, changing the campaign finance system, and -- and making tuition free for colleges and universities. this is 40 minutes. >> thank you. [applause] >> [crowd chanting] bernie, bernie, bernie! [applause]
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bernie sanders: it certainly sounds like some people are ready for a political revolution. [applause] bernie sanders: let me thank all of you, not only for being here today, but for the enormously important work you do day after day come understanding that new hampshire plays a unique role in the political process. you are fighting not only to improve the lives of people in new hampshire, but people all over this country. thank you very much for what you do. [applause] bernie sanders: when i announced my candidacy 4.5 months ago, i
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think it is fair to say that a lot of people did not take our campaign terribly seriously. it is also fair to say that in haslast 4.5 months, change taken place. [applause] bernie sanders: what looked like inge campaign is now seen as a campaign standing up for working americans that is prepared to take on the billionaire class. [applause] bernie sanders: it's not just
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that all across this country we have drawn some of the largest turnouts at our rallies, is not just that we have over 400,000 people in this country who have made individual --tributions to our campaign [applause] bernie sanders: let me say a word about that. you are looking at a candidate who does not represent the agenda of corporate america. [applause] who does nots: represent the agenda of the billionaire class. i stand before you today to say loudly and proudly, i don't want their money, i don't want a super pac, we will do it on our own. [applause]
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bernie sanders: i understand that when you have a super pac, you can walk into a room of millionaires and billionaires and come out with a heck of a lot of money. i get it. but we are going to do it a different way. we will raise our funds from working people averaging $31.20 a piece and i'm proud of that. [applause] bernie sanders: let me begin by uniong you about an old song. some of you are member it. just remember it.
11:50 pm
which side are you on? i'm not going to sing it for you. i cannot sing. [laughter] up in sanders: but i grew a working-class home in brooklyn, new york. we lived in a 3.5 reform and a h towards citizenship. [cheering] bernie sanders: which side i am on. [applause] i am a prouds: progressive. [applause] i am proud to: stand with the working families of our country.
11:51 pm
prepared to take on the powerful special interests which wield incredible power over our economy and our political life. that is what i did yesterday, that is what i did 25 years ago, that is what i will do tomorrow. [applause] bernie sanders: and that is what i will do if elected president of the united states. [applause] bernie sanders: let me also take a moment to tell you something that no other candidate for president will tell you or perhaps ever has told the american people. it is a simple truth, but not widely reported. , no president, not
11:52 pm
bernie sanders, not anybody else , can bring about the enormous changes we need to rebuild our , to dong middle-class all the things we have to do for the elderly, for the children, the sick and the poor. we cannot do it. no president can do it alone. unless we have a political revolution -- [applause] bernie sanders: unless tens of millions of americans are prepared to stand up to get actively involved in the political process and make it very, very clear that this great country and our government belong to all of us and not just a handful of of billionaires and
11:53 pm
campaign contributors. [applause] bernie sanders: i am here today, not just to ask for your help in winning here in new hampshire, in winning across the country. if we are going to transform america, we need millions of people to stand together to take on corporate america, to take on wall street, to take on the big money interests. that's what this campaign is about. [applause] bernie sanders: let me tell you something else. some of you may agree with me and some of you may not. in my view, the republicans did
11:54 pm
not win the last midterm elections. we lost those elections. [applause] the americans: people did not vote for a party that wants to give huge tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires and cut social security, medicare, medicaid, , which does not even recognize the reality of climate change. that is not what the american people voted for. what happened is we had a voter turnout that was worse than abysmal. millions of americans looked out and said, you know what, not for me.
11:55 pm
i'm not going to vote, i'm not going to participate in the political process. electionhat last because voter turnout was low and because all across this country, people are giving up on american democracy. so, let me be very clear. in my view, we will not retain the white house, we will not regain control of the senate, we orl not gain the u.s. house be successful in dozens of governors races across america unless we are the party which generates excitement and momentum and enthusiasm and which reduces a huge this produces a huge voter turnout. -- and which produces a huge voter turnout. [applause]
11:56 pm
bernie sanders: democrats win when the voter turnout is high. republicans win win the voter turnout is low. our job is to make that voter turnout skyhigh. [applause] how do we do it? how do we generate the excitement on the ground? how do we get those disillusioned back into the political process? how do we get young people involved? how do we get working-class votingcans to stop against their own best
11:57 pm
interests? [applause] bernie sanders: and with all due respect, that will not happen with politics as usual. will notold same old likely be successful. [applause] the people of: our country understand that we are much better off today than leftre when president bush office and we were losing 800,000 jobs a month and the world's financial system was on the verge of collapse. of course, we are much better off today. [applause]
11:58 pm
bernie sanders: they also understand something else. yes, we are better off than where we were under bush. but they also understand that for the last 40 years, under democratic and republican presidents, the great middle class in this country, once the envy of the world, has been disappearing. all over new hampshire, all over my state of vermont, all over america, despite an explosion of technology and worker productivity, you've got millions of people working longer hours with lower wages. you have people in my state in your state not working one job, working two jobs, working three jobs, just trying to cobble together an income that will sustain their families.
11:59 pm
, we have almost more people living in poverty than at any time in american history. what the american people understand and what we cannot run away from and what we have to have the courage to address is that while the middle class continues to disappear and while people work harder hours for low wages come almost all the new income and wealth being generated is going to the top 1% and that has got to end! [applause] bernie sanders: very few people in america, no matter what their political views are, believe it is morally acceptable or
12:00 am
economically sustainable when 1/10 of 1% of the american than theve more wealth bottom 90%. think that it is acceptable when you have people all over this country working so along and crazy hours, parents who cannot stay home 58% of allkids, yet new income is generated today going to the top 1%. that is not the economy we need. [applause] bernie sanders: we need an economy that works for the working people of this country and not just the billionaire
12:01 am
class. [cheering] need asanders: we political movement which is prepared to stand up to the most powerful people in this country integrated government -- i know this is a radical idea, but imagine having a government that is not controlled by large campaign donors and corporate america, but represents all of us. [cheering] bernie sanders: we need a political movement in this country which takes on the economic and political establishment, not one which is part of it. we need a movement which tells corporate america and the
12:02 am
wealthiest people in this country that yes, they will start paying their fair share of taxes. [cheering] thate sanders: multinational corporations are not going to continue stashing billions of dollars of profits in the cayman islands, bermuda, and other tax havens while children in america go hungry. it ain't going to happen anymore. drugs" and the lives that in lost as a result of it. no, the ceos of large corporations are not going to continue to receive huge compensation packages and incredible pensions while at the same time they cut the wages and
12:03 am
health care and pensions of their workers. not going to continue to happen. [applause] no, we are not going to continue to have disastrous trade policies like or primitive trade relations with china. shutting down plants all over this country, moving to low-wage countries, bringing their products back. we need trade policies which create jobs in america, not just in china. [cheering] way, thatders: by the means that together we are going to defeat this disastrous transpacific partnership. [cheering]
12:04 am
bernie sanders: we need a political movement which tells wall street that when a bank is it is too big to exist. [applause] bernie sanders: i understand the power of wall street. i really do. i have stood up to them for a very long time. not,hether they like it or we will reinstate glass-steagall and we will create a financial is to createjob it affordable loans to small and medium-sized businesses so we can create jobs in america, not
12:05 am
a financial system as it currently exists which is an island unto itself only concerned about their profits. we are going to break up the major financial institutions on wall street. [cheering] bernie sanders: when we talk about the economy all of you know that throughout this country there are millions of americans who are working for wages which are just too damn low. [applause] bernie sanders: in my view the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is a starvation wage. we've got to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. $15 an hour over the next few
12:06 am
years. [cheering] i hope thatrs: every man in this room will stand with the women and fight for pay equity for women workers. [cheering] bernie sanders: there is no rational economic reason why women are earning $.78 on the dollar compared to men and women have pay equity for women workers, when we raise the minimum wage to a living wage, millions of mothers will then be able to raise their kids with security and dignity and they deserve that. [cheering] bernie sanders: i know here in
12:07 am
new hampshire you see a lot of politicians dropping through your state. you are suddenly a very popular destination. and you have heard many republicans talk about family values. ever hear that? they just love families. but you know and i know what they mean by family values. what they mean is that the women of america should not have the right to control their own bodies. i disagree. [cheering] bernie sanders: what they mean by family values is that our gay brothers and sisters should not have the right to marry. i disagree. [cheering]
12:08 am
bernie sanders: i have four kids, seven beautiful grandchildren, and jane and i have been married for 27 years. we believe in family values that are valleys are little bit different the republican family values. we believe that the united states has got to end the international embarrassment of being the only major country on noth, the only one, that is guarantee paid family and medical leave. [cheering] bernie sanders: it is not a family value to tell a working-class woman who has a baby that she has to be separated from that baby in a week or two weeks after birth
12:09 am
because she has to run back to a job in order to earn income to sustain that family. that is not a family value. that is the opposite of what a family value is. [cheering] and that is why i will fight for 12 weeks paid family and medical leave. [cheering] bernie sanders: brothers and sisters, here is the truth about unemployment. real unemployment is not 5.1%. that is official unemployment. counting those people who have given up looking for work and our parking -- working part-time, it is over 10%. let me tell you something of huge consequence which few people talk about and that is the tragedy of youth
12:10 am
unemployment. here are the facts. real youth unemployment, if you're a white kid, high school graduate, 33%. hispanic, 36%. african-american, 51%. [boo's] bernie sanders: we need a major jobs program to put our people back to work. [cheering] bernie sanders: the fastest way to do it is to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, how railroads, our airports, our water system. and let me tell you something else that i feel passionately about. the united states of america today has more people in jail than any other country on earth.
12:11 am
[boo's] bernie sanders: it makes a lot more sense to me for us to be investing in jobs and education for our young people than jails and incarceration. [cheering] bernie sanders: i want us to end this distinction of having more people in jail and i want to replace it with the distinction of us having the best educated population on earth. [cheering] bernie sanders: and when we talk about politics let me say this and i think most of you know it. financehe campaign system we operate under is corrupt and it is undermining
12:12 am
american democracy. [cheering] "corrupt" is the right word. can spendoch brothers $900 million on this election --le, more money than i've either the democratic party or the republican party, we are not talking about democracy. we are talking about oligarchy and together we are going to overturn citizens united. [cheering] bernie sanders: i am likely the
12:13 am
most progressive member of the united states senate and i am proud of that. it goes without saying that i have very large areas of disagreement with my republican colleagues. that is obvious. but there is one area he goes beyond a disagreement and he goes to an embarrassment. some of you may have seen it just the other day at the republican debate. community isc virtually unanimous. no longer and debate. climate change is real. it is caused by human activity. it is already causing devastating problems in america and around the world. [applause] our republican colleagues are prepared to reject science. that is a dangerous situation
12:14 am
for the most powerful country on earth. i will tell you something else. it is not that these guys are dumb, it's that they get their money from the fossil fuel industry. [applause] moree sanders: they are worried about their campaign donations than their kids and their grandchildren. that is a shame. [cheering] we must leave: the world in transforming our energy system. working with china, russia, india. and we can do it. for the sake of our kids that is exactly what we have to do. [applause] when we talks: about american needs, there is
12:15 am
something beyond comprehension for me. i don't understand this. i don't understand how and in -- incredibly global economy, hundreds of thousands of bright, qualified young people are unable to get into college only for one reason. that is their family's lack the money. that is crazy and counterproductive to the future of america. that is why i have introduced legislation and will fight for as president to make every public college and university in this country tuition-free. [cheering] bernie sanders: it is not a radical idea. it is common economic sense to
12:16 am
say that when young people need more education they should be able to get the education regardless of the income of their family. [cheering] that legislation also deals with the travesty that millions of americans are experiencing today and outrageously high student debt and outrageously high interest rates. [applause] bernie sanders: a lower interest rate on student debt and to provide free tuition at public colleges and universities is an expensive proposition. i will tell you how we will pay for it. we will pay for it based on a tax on wall street speculation. [cheering]
12:17 am
bernie sanders: the middle class of this country bailed out wall street. now it is time for wall street to help the middle class of this country. [cheering] [applause] when we talks: about bringing our country together, it's not just the need for major criminal justice reform. i do not want to see kids'lives destroyed because of mandatory minimum sentencing. [cheering] bernie sanders: i think it is time we took a hard look at the so-called "war on drugs" and the lives that in lost as a result of it. [cheering] bernie sanders: i think it is high time we make sure that when
12:18 am
a police officer breaks a law like any other public official, that officer will be held accountable. [cheering] bernie sanders: when we talk about creating the kind of nation we want to become we cannot forget that there are 11 million people in this country who are undocumented. in my view we need comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship. [cheering] bernie sanders: you are looking at a senator and a former commerce meant -- congressman who do not believe what george w. bush or dick cheney and don iraqeld were saying about
12:19 am
and who voted against the war in iraq. [cheering] bernie sanders: i heard the evidence. i heard what they had to say. i did not believe it. go to youtube or my readte, go somewhere, and what i said back then, and i am not happy. it does not agree happy to say this. much of what i feared would happen in terms of the destabilization of that region did happen. so what we have got to understand, and i speak to you as the foreman chairman -- former chairman of the veterans committee, someone who will make sure our veterans get the health care and the benefits they need.
12:20 am
[cheering] bernie sanders: i am also someone who has spoken to hundreds of veterans and learn something about the cost of war. the terrible cost of four. -- war. hundred --e 60's 6700 rate would -- brave men and women who came -- about the 500,000 men and women who came home with post-traumatic stress disorder and dramatic brain injury. -- traumatic brain injury. and the tens of thousands of families who a been disrupted in a way they may never recover from. and the children who have been hurt. and the divorces and the suicides. anybody who does not understand the cost of war should not be in the united states congress. [cheering]
12:21 am
bernie sanders: that is why it astonishes me, and it really hurts to hear many of my republican colleagues talk so easily and loosely about getting into another war in iran. and secretary kerry have worked long and hard for one simple goal and that is to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon and that is something we must do. but what they have put together is a process and an agreement which allows us to accomplish that goal without going to war. and i hope we all support that.
12:22 am
[cheering] conclude,ders: let me and i have probably gone on too long and i will get yelled at by somebody -- [cheering] bernie sanders: let me conclude by begging you to do one thing. and that is think big, not small. do not get into the argument of whether we should cut education by 2% or 4%. do not get into the debate about whether climate change is real or it is not real. what i want you to think about is what we in the wealthiest
12:23 am
country in the history of the world can accomplish. please do not tell me that in the united states of america we cannot join the rest of the industrialized world and cap -- guarantee health care to all people as a right. [cheering] bernie sanders: which is why i support by medicare for all single-payer system. [cheering] bernie sanders: do not tell me that will be have a massive level of income and wealth inequality that the united states should continue to have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any other country on earth. please don't tell me that. [cheering]
12:24 am
[applause] bernie sanders: please don't tell me that when mom and dad go to work that they should not be able to find high quality and affordable childcare. [cheering] bernie sanders: and please don't tell me that the united states cannot lead the world in transforming our energy system in combating climate change. we can do that. [applause] brothers ands: nation, we can create a in which every man, woman, and child regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of the country they came from, regardless of whether they are gay or straight, man or woman,
12:25 am
we can create a nation which fulfills the birthright of all americans and that is a society of dignity, of security, and ending all forms of discrimination. thank you all very much. [cheering] ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] please welcome to the stage, hillary clinton.
12:26 am
[cheering] hillary clinton also spoke. the caps a 3 day visit to granite state. thank you, new hampshire democrats. [cheering] thank you so much.
12:27 am
[cheering] thank you all. thank you. thank you. thank you. [cheering] are we going to win this election in 2016? [cheering] yes, we are. thank you. my heart is just racing. i am so, so excited to be here. grateful for everything you and
12:28 am
the state have meant to me and my family. i am honored to have the support of so many proud new hampshire democrats. [cheering] and especially, especially your terrific governor. [cheering] you are a amazing senator, who used to be governor. [applause] [cheering] and jeanne aree women who know how to solve problems. and they bring common sense and common purpose to everything they do. i also want to thank congresswoman annie kuster, all the state senators and
12:29 am
representatives. [applause] counselors, local leaders, grassroots organizers. and especially, volunteers, who are working their hearts out for this campaign. [cheering] [applause] i have a great idea. i think we should just transport all of you were --everywhere we go around the country together. [cheering] much fun as this is, as exciting as the atmosphere in here is, we have work to do as democrats. i want to be your partner to build our party here in this state and across our nation to keep our progress going. we have, a long way, haven't we, these past six and a half years? work ands to the hard
12:30 am
sacrifice of the american people and to the leadership of the democratic president in the white house, barack obama -- [cheering] [applause] we are standing again, but we are not yet running the way america should. wages still are not rising for most people. the cost of everything from college to prescription drugs keeps going up. aequality is still too big problem. youknow, in america, if work hard and do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. that is the basic argan of this country. -- basic bargain of this
12:31 am
country. you know, that is a promise that my grandfather believed in when he went to work every day in the lace mills. i am the granddaughter of a factory worker who believed in america. and that life could be better for his children. and it was. went to college. my dad, after serving in the navy in world war ii, he started a small business. sacrificed, the kinds he believed his small business, printing fabric in chicago, to provide us with a middle-class life. you know what? it did. and now, within three factoryons from that worker to that small business owner, i am standing here asking for your support to be president
12:32 am
of this great country without we love. -- president of this great country that we love. [cheering] [applause] >> hillary! hiullary! hillary! hillary! hillary! ms. clinton: and so that is what we are fighting for his democrats. we are fighting to make sure , is dream, that process just as vital and real as tomorrow in the years later as it was for my father and grandfather. husband putsn my people first -- [cheering] [applause] in the 1992 campaign, where new hampshire was so supportive, when he got into the white house, he realized that he had
12:33 am
inherited real economic problems from his republican predecessors. that seems to happen, have you noticed? [laughter] without trying to be partisan or personal, but the economy just works better when we have a democrat in the white house. [cheering] [applause] and so, after eight years of and political heavy lifting, the end of bill's second term of there was a oflly important step -- set statistics that represented the progress we made. 23 million new jobs. a balanced budget. but you know what was most important to me? decades,irst time in
12:34 am
everybody benefited. not just those at the top, but people in the middle. people at the bottom. everybody saw their incomes go u p. [cheering] [applause] you know, i went to the senate. the good people of new york sent me to the senate in 2001. was excited, because i thought, look at what we have accomplished. we have turned around the economy. we have taken control over our fiscal future. just think of what we could have done with that balanced budget and a surplus. sociald have made security solvent for as far as the eye could see. we could have invested in education and science and research to make us smarter and
12:35 am
stronger and richer. but you know what happened? the republicans went back to trickle down economics. one of the worst ideas ever to come out of the 1980's, right along with big hair. [laughter] they took of eyes off the financial markets, took their eyes off the mortgage market. invented --t obama inherited an even bigger mess. i remember when he called me right after the election. him in chicago. i did not know why at the time. turned out, he wanted to ask me to be secretary of state. but when i got there -- [cheering] [applause] when i got there, what he wanted to talk about was how dangerous the economic situation was.
12:36 am
he said it is so much worse than they told us. he was worried about a great depression, not just a great recession. and he had to really work hard. under his leadership and thanks to the sacrifice of so many americans, we pulled back from the brink of depression, saved the auto industry, curbed wall street abuses, and provided health care to 16 million people. [cheering] [applause] now, the only way that the republicans can win is is that they count on collective amnesia from the american people. president obama deserves a lot more credit than he gets for helping us avoid an economic
12:37 am
catastrophe. [cheering] [applause] and i know it is very inconvenient for our republican friends, but the facts he speak for themselves. economic growth is stronger under democratic presidents. unemployment is lower. rises businesses do better. and deficits are smaller. [applause] and one of my favorite inconvenient facts -- under republicans, recessions have been four times as clearly as under democrats. so, one would have to wonder, why would anybody who cares about the economy -- which is anybodys -- why would who cares about seeing paychecks rise again, fighting inequality,
12:38 am
raising the minimum wage, dealing with the challenges that confront us believe that going back to the failed policies of trickle down economics would help anybody except for those people at the top? you know, i am not running for third term or president obama's third term. i am running for my first term. [cheering] >> hillary hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! ms. clinton: and i will -- i will proudly carry forward this record of democratic achievement. doesow what works and what not. it works when middle-class families get a raise. from myl be my mission
12:39 am
first day as president to the last. we need growth that is strong, fair, and long-term. so the rewards of success do not just go to those at the top. doesnow, when a company well, shareholders and executives are not the only ones who should run a fed. the people who work at that company should as well. [cheering] [applause] the people who actually produce the profits should share in them . if they can work for market baskets across new england, it can work across america. [cheering] [applause] but here's what does not work. managers earnfund more each year than all of the kindergarten teachers in america combined.
12:40 am
[booing] there is a tax loophole that lets them treat their pay like a investment games -- you have heard of it. the carried interest loophole -- rather than normal income like everyone else. i am -- i have called for the ending of that loophole since 2007. i am sick of multimillionaires paying a lower tax rate than a teacher or a nurse. that is wrong. i will close that loophole -- [cheering] [applause] and will reform our tax code so everyone pays their fair share, particularly those who have the most benefits. i have proposed incentives to encourage long-term investments in small businesses, hard hit communities, and eroding our country. not the quick speculation and
12:41 am
trading that goes on. i want to sleep tax credits that will encourage apprentices and profit sharing. brought intopeople our economy again, so they have the chance to have a better future. [cheering] [applause] i will raise their minimum wage so no one who has to live in america has to live in poverty. i will fight for small businesses that create the jobs in america. [cheering] [applause] a small business country. i want to be the small business president. i do not think we should be children our tax code, our economic policy, toward big businesses that can hire lawyers and lobbyists.
12:42 am
most jobs in america come from small businesses. that is why i have a plan to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get loans and avoid red tape. i will hold corporations affordable -- accountable when drug prices or exploit workers. [cheering] [applause] and that is just the beginning. we are going to do what works. --ause it is important because as important as economic worries are, they are not the only ones that families face today, are they? andou get out there actually listen to people -- as i have done all over new hampshire -- you hear about problems that rarely make the headlines. families up at night. i have listened to those stories. i have heard about the heart aches and the hopes.
12:43 am
toreally has motivated me roll up my sleeves to, up with solutions that can help naked the lives of families here and everywhere across our country. expectedle, i never that substance abuse and mental health would be major issues in my campaign until i came to keene on my very first trip. i heard story after story about .eroine, pills, meth, alcohol other addictions. i met a grandmother who is taking us possibility of raising her grandchild because her daughter is struggling with addiction. she cannot the parent she should be. i have sat and listened to moms and dads who have lost their children. andselors and doctors
12:44 am
police officers who have done everything they can to help save people. one man in laconia said to me the other day, "i do not want to go to more funerals." when you hear those stories, it is hard not only to be moved and said, but it is also motivating. at my first town hall about this issue in keene,undreds and hundreds of people packed into the gymnasium. and they told their stories. and in laconia just a few days ago, we heard about solutions. i have got a plan to do something about this epidemic. more and better treatment and prevention, especially for young people. making sure that everyone who writes prescriptions is trained in addiction. rescue drugs in the
12:45 am
hands of first responders. [cheering] [applause] criminal justice reform so nonviolent drug users have time to heal instead of time in jail. [cheering] [applause] there are so many story is that people share with me. that is what drives my campaign. that is what gets me up every day. often i am asked, "how do can you do this/" it is challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding. i meet people who are so resilient, so filled with hope. i want to be the president who takes on the big challenges. we have to worry about how we make sure you wrong never gets
12:46 am
makese sure you run -- sure iran never gets a nuclear weapon, but i also want to hear asut your challenges president. like student debt. a student here in new hampshire -- [cheering] [applause] summed it uplly for me, saying that paying for college should not be the hardest thing about going to college. hassanterday, governor and i were at the university of new hampshire, where we were talking about my plan. and where we heard from two students who very clearly and emotionally talked about what they are challengers were. trying to get the education they have always dreamed of. collegey plan the new compact. as president, i will make sure families can of ward to send
12:47 am
your kids to college. everyone with student debt can refinance that debt, just like a mortgage or a car loan. [cheering] [applause] college will not be a barrier anymore in debt will not hold anyone back. i also have to say that i have heard a lot about another challenge that gets too little attention in our long-term looking forward into the future about what kind of country we are going to be and how we can to theirle live up potential. and that is the caregiving crisis in america. [cheering] [applause] i met a woman in dover, caring
12:48 am
for her husband with alzheimer's, and her mother with alzheimer's. i just met a young man backstage who has had to go to part-time work to take care of his mother with alzheimer's. people do not know where to turn. they do not know where to get help. law senator, i passed a giving family caregivers more support. i will makedent, this a national priority for families. number one. [cheering] [applause] every one of us knows somebody who could benefit. the veterans, who deserve better care. [cheering] [applause] of children with autism, who need help and solutions. [cheering] [applause]
12:49 am
families who cannot find facilities to provide mental health treatment for their loved ones, no matter how hard they try. [cheering] [applause] it was summed up for me by a single mom who is juggling a job and courses at a community college while raising three kids alone. she said i do not expect anything to come easy. theree asked me, isn't anything we can do so it is not quite so hard? these are all challenges leaders should care about. problems that do not get nearly enough attention on the campaign trail or in washington. attention,ly paying as president, we will get results together. because if you want a president who will tell you everything that is wrong with america and who is to blame for it, you have got plenty of other choices. [laughter]
12:50 am
[cheering] [applause] we heargoodness, didn't enough of that the other night at the republican debate? but if you want a president who will listen to you, work her heart out to make your life better -- [cheering] build ather to stronger, fairer, better country, then you are looking at her. [cheering] [applause] >> hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! knowlinton: because, you --
12:51 am
>> hillary! hillary! hillary! this election, ultimately, is about finding a leader with a vision for the future broad enough to encompass this great country of ours. and the skill and determination to lead us there. and buildo can defend on the progress we have made, not let it slip away or get ripped away. i will stand up to all the attacks from the super pacs and the koch brothers every chance i get. [cheering] [applause] and i will do what i have always
12:52 am
done to try to overcome the dysfunction in washington. actually to get things done, like i did when i was first lady. we did not get health care that time. then i turned around and worked with ted kennedy to get the children's health care program to take care of more than 8 million kids. [cheering] [applause] , anden i was in the senate i realized that our national guard did not have the same act as to health care, and i teamed up with lindsey graham and we passed it. single one of our national guard has that same options that they should have had before. [cheering] [applause] i have been fighting my whole life to even the odds for people who have those odds stacked against them. that is what i am going to kp doing. for families, fighting
12:53 am
for fairness, fighting for you. and i have learned through a lot of experiences. but i really learned it first from my own mother. by hered and mistreated family, she was out on her own at 14, working as a housemaid. she channeled her hardships into a deep commitment to working -- to serving and respecting others. ,he has been my touchstone guiding me through my life of service. my first job out of law school was not at some big new york law firm, it was with the children's defense fund, standing up for kids. [cheering] [applause] every step along the way, i have stood up for women, for children, for families, for underdogs.
12:54 am
needs a champion. and i am just getting warmed up. i believe -- [cheering] [applause] i believe in america, but i believe in america, we should have each other's backs. we should lift each other up, not tear each other down. and that is especially true when it comes to lifting up women, who deserve equal pay for equal work. [cheering] [applause] everyat means, too, family deserves access to quality, affordable childcare so they can actually go to work. [cheering] [applause]
12:55 am
every american should have access to paid family leave, so you do not have to choose between a paycheck and taking care of your baby or your mom or your dad. [cheering] [applause] i am a proud democrat, because we are the ones who stand up and -- who stand up and say the affordable care act is here to stay. [cheering] [applause] we have come too far, fought too hard, to let anyone take it away. we are the ones also who understand we have to make social security even stronger. and especially for widows, divorced and single women, who were the poorest single women in america. [cheering] [applause]
12:56 am
we're the ones who support teachers, not scapegoat them. [cheering] [applause] who will invest in university -- who will invest in universal prekindergarten childcare so all the -- so all of us get the best start. it is time for us to get over the toxic debates about education that have paralyzed us for too long. let's focus on what actually is works to help teachers teach and children learn. [cheering] [applause] as president, i am going to actually listen to teachers and learn what they know fromei


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