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tv   British House of Commons Question Time  CSPAN  September 27, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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with global policy forums, barbara adams. plus, your calls and your comments on facebook and twitter. washington journal is live every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> the national endowment for the arts is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month. hu speaks of the national press club about the milestone. >> monday on "the communicators," we speak with ic ann's ceo about how the internet is governed. >> governments have an advisory role with icann. the development policy. -- do not make policy.
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this is a triumph of showing how private sector institution that helps the government as an important advisory body but has a broader base of decision-making that is private sector led including input from the technical community and the civil society and academic. that is advised that informs the activities the board are anchored in the fact that governments are continuing to play an advisory role to what we do. on "they night communicators" on c-span two. obamafriday, president and the first lady welcomed chinese president xi to the
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white house for a dinner. the president has been visiting for a week and leaves after a scheduled address to the u.n. in new york. >> looks pretty good, doesn't it.
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>> good evening, everyone. on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to our country. [applause] president obama: president xi, members of the chinese delegation, i want to welcome ties betweenor the our nations. [chinese] president obama: in our visit to
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china, michelle and i experienced the cultures that spam thousands of years. china there that in is a phrase. not stand in the way of the divine. [laughter] [chinese] president obama: president xi and i are happy to celebrate the cooperation between our nations. people around the world question whether we have the same cooperation.
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[speaking chinese] president obama: i think of the american entry into the second world war, over china. when chinese men said -- one chinese men said of the americans that we are brothers together.
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chinese] president obama: every single day we work to expand. china has the great wall and we have the statue of liberty. our students learn from each other. we learned governing precepts together.
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[speaking chinese] president obama: [indiscernible] where our be times interests entirely overlap area -- overlap. .
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be thell save us will foundation of the ties between our people. our countries will together grow with the contributions of all of our people. [speaking chinese] president obama: that is what i propose a toast.
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[speaking chinese] to the peoplea: of china and the people of the united states. may they work together in friendship and in decency. [speaking chinese] [applause]
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chinese] xi: [speaking mr. president and mrs. obama, ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
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on behalf of the chinese delegation and my wife and myself i wish to extend thanks to you and to mrs. obama. and through you all so to all of the americans in the chinese and u.s. relationship. [speaking chinese] president xi: my thanks to the
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united states. it is an unforgettable journey. from was coast to east coast, was surprised me the most the american people. much more can be accomplished through chinese and u.s. cooperation. this is a feeling reciprocated by the chinese people. [speaking chinese] >> president xi: i have spoken
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with president obama on views of the chinese and u.s. relations. world peace and development. we reached important agreements. with many positive outcomes. [speaking chinese] president xi: the wood is
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difficult during this visit to though it states -- is difficult during this visit to the united states, chinese relationship with the united states. relations have become close in the last 30 years. i believe that the future of china-u.s. relations will be even more positive. [speaking chinese]
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president xi: this morning my wife and mrs. obama visited the national zoo. ouched byeeply t their curiosity about china. theme of china u.s. friendship has taken root in the heart. i cannot agree more with that. [speaking chinese]
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president xi: mr. president and mrs. obama, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends. there is an ancient chinese saying. only those who take action can achieve their goals. only those who depart can reach their destination. president abraham lincoln once said of the best way to make a future is to create. blueprints into reality and create a new
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historic chapter in chinese-u.s. relations. [speaking chinese] president xi: in closing, let me propose a toast. to the friendship of the chinese and american people, to the prosperity of the china and andica, to the president mrs. obama and all of the future presidents. shares. -- cheers. [applause]
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>> we will hear from president tomorrow president xi when both address the u.n. general assembly in new york. president obama is scheduled to speak at 10:00 a.m. eastern and shortly after that president speaks followed by the leaders of russia and south korea and iran. that is all live here on c-span. >> the signature feature of book tv is all day coverage of book fares from across the country with top nonfiction authors. this is the schedule. in early october, the southern festival of books. then we are live from austin. near the end of the month, we will be covering to festivals on the same weekend.
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from the heartland, the wisconsin book festival in madison. on the east coast, the boston book festival. at the start of november we will be in portland, oregon for workstock. at the end of november we are live for the 18th year in a row from florida for the miami book fair international. those are a few of the festivals on c-span2's book tv. all caps a long, c-span takes you on the road to the white house. long, c-spangn takes you on the road to the white house. we are taking your comments on twitter, facebook, and by phone. every campaign event we cover is available on our website at >> c-span's road to the white house coverage recently included the values voter summit where we
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heard many republican candidates speak. among them, texas senator ted cruz who would win the straw poll by receiving 36% of the votes. do♪ you are proud you we could use some more like me and you stripese stars and and the eagle flying ♪ senator cruz: wow. [cheering] senator cruz: god bless the values voters summit. i have to ask, what are these things? is barack obama coming? [laughter] senator cruz: let me say thank
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you to my friend jim. what an incredible, powerful, fighting conservative. [applause] senator cruz: you know, there is an ancient chinese curse. may you live in interesting times. these are interesting times. pope francis was in washington. wonderful to welcome him here. i have to say, the press conference was a little awkward. the reporterstime addressed a question to your holiness, barack obama answered. [laughter] well, and then today, the president of china, president xi, is in town. media all across the world are reporting on this historic meeting of the world's most
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powerful communist and the president of china. [laughter] senator cruz: how many of you have watched the republican debates? [applause] senator cruz: how fantastic is array ofe have such an young, charismatic, principled leaders stepping forward to lead to this party and leave this country? -- lead this country? [applause] senator cruz: and what a contrast. with the democrats. i am pretty sure the first democratic debate is going to consist of hillary clinton and the aaa cler -- chipotle
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clerk. [laughter] senator cruz: it is amazing to watch the democrats as they move debates. first it was august and then september and october. they may move it to 2017. [laughter] in a few months, we may see the first presidential debate held at leavenworth. [laughter] [applause] senator cruz: you know, if they on theject a rainbow white house, maybe they can put bars on the windows. [applause] senator cruz: and i will tell you, they did actually plan -- it is not widely known but they had planned to have an earlier democratic debate. the problem was the debate invitation was e-mailed to hillary. [laughter] i am so honored to
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be back with so many friends today. [applause] senator cruz: i want to say my from theny perkins family research council those incredible work in this country. does incredible work in this country. [applause] senator cruz: you want to talk about a strong, principled conservative who scares the living daylights out of washington? but i have to tell you, tony does not scare washington nearly as much as the men and women gathered in this ballroom do. [applause] senator cruz: you want to know how much each of you terrify washington?
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yesterday, john banner was speaker of the house. [cheering] [applause] senator cruz: you all come to town and somehow that changes. [cheering] [applause] senator cruz: my only request is can you come more often? [laughter] tony, we need to schedule these weekly. once a week. we knowevery one of us, that our country is in crisis. we know that this is not a typical time in politics. we are bankrupting our kids and grandkids. our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day from washington. and america has receded from leadership in the world.
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it is making the world a much more dangerous place. but i want to come to you this morning with a word of hope and encouragement and exhortation. all across this country, the american people are waking up. and i will tell you today, help is on the way. [cheering] [applause] senator cruz: so i want to ask everyone here to look forward. look forward to january 2017. let am elected president, me tell you what i intend to do on the first day in office. the first thing i intend to do is resend every single -- re scind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action. [applause]
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senator cruz: the president tells us he has got a phone and he has got a pen. we live by the pen, you die by you live by the then, you die by the pen. and montana has an eraser. -- my pen has an eraser. the corruption is not limited to the white house. it is extended across every federal agency. the second thing i intend to do is to instruct the department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and these horrible videos. [applause] senator cruz: and to prosecute
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any and all criminal conduct by that organization. [applause] the administration of justice should be blind of party or ideology. the only fidelity the department of justice should be to the law and the constitution of the united states of america. [applause] thing icruz: the third intend to do on the first day in office is instruct the department of justice and the irs and every other federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. [applause]
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senator cruz: that means that every service man and woman can worship the god almighty with all his heart and mind and soul and his commanding officer does nothing to say about it -- has nothing to say about it. [applause] means theuz: that little sisters of the poor, who pope francis visited this week, will find that the case against him has been dismissed. -- them has been dismissed. [applause] senator cruz: you know, kim davis is here. [applause] just a couple of weeks ago, i have the opportunity to visit kim in a
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kentucky jailhouse. six months, a year ago, if i had a common said that a christian woman was going to be thrown in jail, locked up in jail, for living her face, the media -- would have dismissed me -- -- faith, the media would have dismissed me is a nutcase. and me, we embraced and i said, thank you. [applause] senator cruz: i said, kim, you are inspiring millions across this country by standing for your faith. tells us thatts ilas was in jail, god brought an earthquake and
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broke open the jail. you are being lifted up in prayer by millions of believers across america and across the world. [applause] you may have thought you were alone in that jail cell. you did not understand how crowded it was. m's i will tell you, ki very simple response. she smiled and pointed up and said to god be the glory. [applause] thing icruz: the fourth intend to do on the first day in office. is too ripped to shreds this catastrophic -- to rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause]
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senator cruz: the single greatest national security threat facing america is the threat of a nuclear iran. you, i can't wait to stand on a debate stage next to hillary clinton. [applause] senator cruz: and to make very clear to the american people if you vote for hillary you are voting for iran to acquire nuclear weapons. me, under note for circumstance will a nation led by a theocratic ayatollah who death to america, under no circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon. [applause] senator cruz: and if the
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ayatollah does not understand that, we may have to help introduce him to his 72 virgins. [applause] senator cruz: the fifth thing. i intend to do on the first day in office is big in process of moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem, the once and eternal capital of israel. [applause] senator cruz: that's day one. [laughter] senator cruz: there are 365 days in a year. four years in a presidential
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term. four years in a second term. [applause] senator cruz: by the end of ballroom is this going to be a whole lot bigger. [applause] and by the end of eight years, there are going to be a whole lot of reporters and newspaper editors and journalists project themselves into therapy. [laughter] -- who check themselves into therapy. [laughter] senator cruz: in the days that followed, i will go to congress and we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that
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followed, i will instruct the federal department of education -- which should be abolished. [applause] senator cruz: i will instruct the federal department of education that common core ends today. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, we will rebuild the military and honor the commitments made to soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines. [applause] senator cruz: and we will protect our servicemen and women's constitutional right to keep and bear arms and defend
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themselves. [applause] that means the intotime a jihadist walks a recruiting center in chattanooga, tennessee, he is going to encounter the business end of firearms wielded by a dozen marines. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that follow, we will finally, finally, finally secure the borders and end sanctuary cities. [applause] senator cruz: we will stop the indefensible practice of releasing violent criminal
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illegal aliens and we will pass laws. [applause] in the days that followed, we will take on the epa. fpb -- and the sfpb. and the alphabet soup that strangles businesses. and we will unleash booming economic growth. [applause] senator cruz: in the days that i will go to congress and we will pass fundamental tax reform. we will pass a simple flat tax. [applause] where every:
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american can fill out his or her taxes on a postcard. we shoulde do that, abolish the irs. [applause] senator cruz: know some of you all might be thinking, although that makes sense to me. basic common sense. live within your means. do not bankrupt our kids and grandkids. follow the constitution. but can we do it? can it be done? us know, scripture tells there is nothing new under the sun. today ishere we are very much like the late 1970's. same failed economic policy, statement misery, stagnation --
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same misery, stagnation, and malaise. same feckless foreign policy. in fact, the exact same countries, russia and iran, openly laughing at and marking the president of the united states. -- mocking the president of the united states. gives me soanalogy much hope? because we know that story ended. [applause] senator cruz: all across this country, millions of men and women rose up and became the reagan revolution. [applause] and it did not come from washington. washington despised ronald reagan. by the way, if you see a candidate who washington embraces, run and hide. [applause] it turned this
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country around and i am here to tell you the same thing can happen again. [applause] senator cruz: all over this country, millions of men and women are waking up. do you know, since this campaign has started, out of 17 republican candidates, do you know which campaign raised the most hard money? we did. [applause] senator cruz: to date, over 300,000 contributions. [applause] senator cruz: people all over the country coming to -- the people are waking up. and let me tell you what ts.hington wan
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washington wants us divided. washington wants conservatives wondered. evangelicals over here, conservatives over here, libertarians over here, tea party folks over here. that is how, if we are splintered, that a moderate runs up the middle with 23% of the vote, steals the nomination, and loses to hillary clinton in the general election. you know what? we have seen that movie before. i am not interested in going to see rocky 19. we have a simple task before us. unite, we wives in. [applause] senator cruz: so i am here to ask each and every one of you,
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stand, stand in your face, stand with your principles, come together. how do we turn this country around? just like in the 80's, we rise up as we the people, and say we will defend of his, best hope ningmankind, this shi city on a hill that is the united states of america. thank you and god bless you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ governor jindal: thank you all very, very much. thank you for that very warm reception. thank you for that generous introduction. the strangest thing just happened backstage.
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i know donald trump was here earlier. he brought got a -- a copy of the bible that he got as a child. but he left it backstage. [laughter] governor jindal: knowing how close i am to donald trump, one of the organizers gave it to me and asked me to give it back to him so i was taking a look at it. this is very different from my bible. i am not sure what translation -- i do not know what translation you use. my bible, it does not say the art of the deal on the front cover. [laughter] governor jindal: it does not have a picture of donald trump on the front cover. we will have to make sure to get that back to donald. i want to talk, and i know you all have heard the news today that speaker boehner decided to step down. [applause] governor jindal: a reporter asked me what i thought about that. down, 434 more to go before
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we are done. [applause] .overnor jindal: what is time to fire everybody folks, it is time to fire everybody in d.c. we have a choice between honest so. one side and lighting conservatives -- honest socialists on one side and lying conservatives on the other. they say they are conservatives but they do not govern market. govern like it. here is my message. mitch mcconnell, it is now your turn. [applause] governor jindal: if senator mcconnell is not going to fight for conservative principles, he needs to follow speaker banner's example.
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i will say something that may surprise you. i am actually angrier with the republicans than the democrats. you have got a: bunch of republicans that do not do the things they say they will do. remember when i said, honest socialists, guys like bernie sanders who are fighting for socialism. why won't our guys fight for freedom and america? [applause] governor jindal: on issue after issue, all they know how to do is give up. give us the majority, we will get rid of obamacare and amnesty. we did our work. we voted, we donated money and time. we still have obamacare. we still have amnesty. by the way, i am the only candidate with a plan to get rid of all of obamacare. not obamacare light. let's restore freedom to america's health-care system,
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not socialism. [applause] rico couldndal: secure the border in six months if they were serious about it. let's be honest. the democrats do not want to secure the border. the republicans, we are not the party of big government but we are becoming the party of big business. big business interests more open borders -- interests want open borders and common core. peopleime to fire these and secure the border. [applause] governor jindal: but they are no better this year. so now mitch mcconnell, before the fight even starts, says we cannot defund planned parenthood. folks, let me tell you something. if the republican party cannot defund planned parenthood, if we cannot make protecting innocent human life a winning issue what good is the
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republican party? it is time to fold up the tent and start a new movement. [applause] i will tell you what we did in louisiana. we are not talking about defunding planned parenthood. we launched an investigation with the fbi. we canceled the medicaid contract. they are getting no taxpayer dollars in the state of louisiana. [applause] governor jindal: they did not like that. they decided to come protest at my house in baton rouge. they have a constitutional right to do that but we are southerners. we like to provide hospitality. [laughter] put big jindal: we projections claims and cameras out there and i showed the planned parenthood videos over and over and over. [applause]
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governor jindal: just so you know, it acts like insect recurrent. they went to court. the obama administration has joined them in court. he does not have time to watch the videos. i have a message for president obama and the department of justice. save your breath. you are not going to intimidated area we are going to defend innocent human life in the state of louisiana. [applause] governor jindal: now we have this awful iranian deal. conned president obama and he conned congress.
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it takes a two thirds vote to reject the iran deal. every senate republican voted for this bad bill except for one . thank him for not doing it. including the senate republicans voting for president. rubio, cruise, paul, they all voted for the bill. that is the time for the senate republicans to stand up. if we are not willing to use the nuclear option to stop iran from becoming a nuclear power, what good are the senate republicans? if we are not willing to break the senate rules -- [applause] folks, it isal: time to forest term limits down -- force term limits down their throats. it is time to get citizen ors who live under the same rules that they pass.
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it is time to clean shop in washington, d.c. [applause] governor jindal: i want to talk to you directly about this presidential campaign. i will be honest with you, i do not have a famous last name. my daddy was not president. i do not have a reality tv show. this is what i've got. i have got the backbone, i have got the bandwidth, i have got the experience to get us through it. why is that important? there are 16 folks running. on the republican side. they all talked a great game. is easy to give red meat applause lines. there is the problem. we have a great talker in the white house today. talk is not enough. we need a doer. is giving a speech was not enough we would be on easy street. every republican will tell you they will cut governments bending. -- government spending.
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it sounds great. only one candidate has actually done it. we have several former governors running and only one has cut spending and you are looking at him. no other governor has cut spending. [applause] we have got for senators and they have never got anything in d.c.. give great speeches. the filibuster and pat themselves on the back. i am glad they have got big letters. -- bladders. but does not qualify them to be president. we cannot afford four years of on-the-job training. the next president is going to be across the table from an ayatollah or a putin. we better hope he does not needed teleprompter to make it through that meeting. [applause] governor jindal: we cut government spending in louisiana
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26%. 30,000 fewer bureaucrats from the day i took office. the credit upgrade. that is what we need in d.c. we do not need to slow the growth of government. you either grow government spending or the american economy. it is either or. shrink government spending it will swallow us all. i want to tell you something that may be politically incorrect. if you are looking for somebody to manage the slow decline of this country, go vote for somebody else. if you want to vote somebody who will do the things you're not supposed to do or say, joined our cause because i am going to say something that is politically incorrect but true. the idea of america is slipping away right in front of us. what do i mean by that? my parents came here 45 years ago in search of freedom and opportunity. they are coming for the same
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idea but it is slipping away. too many americans take it for granted. what do i mean? $18 trillion in debt. planned parenthood selling baby parts across our country. a president who has declared war on france fats and a truce with iran. -- trans fats and a truce with iran. [applause] governor jindal: we have a president who will not say the words radical islamic terrorism, a supreme court that thinks it is smarter than god. the left is trying to change the american dream into the european nightmare. we celebrate the fact that we have more americans on food stamps and ever before in a record low participation in the workforce. we have the government creating new entitlement programs when we cannot afford the government we have today. the idea of america is slipping away from us and we do not have a moment to waste.
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it is not about next week or next month, right now and generate. we need to fight to save the idea of america. shame on those wolfsburg giving fools inhose washington who are giving away the idea of america. the idea of america has created more wealth than any other civilization in the history of the world. it has done more to fight for the defenseless and freedom than any civilization in the history of the world. [applause] governor jindal: we have got a once in a lifetime, once in a generation opportunity to apply our conservative principles to save the idea of america. that is why a couple of weeks ago i came to this town and i gave a speech and criticized donald trump. some of you may have liked it, some of you may not have liked it, it does not matter.
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i have to tell the truth. and here is the truth. i love the idea of donald trump. i do. i love an outsider. i look somebody who was politically incorrect. i love somebody who says the d.c. establishment is full of nonsense. i thought donald trump was entertaining. youought it was great when give out lindsey graham's phone number on national tv. [laughter] governor jindal: i did. i thought it was funny when he showed people fully asleep in jeb bush's rallies. i thought it was good when he gave helicopter rides to the iowa state fair. i thought it was fantastic. here is the problem. the idea of donald trump is great but the reality is very different. he is not ais that conservative or a liberal or a democrat or republican or independent. he is a narcissist. [applause] i mean, he gets the stu -- pissed off.
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he does not care about policy. we as a conservatives have a choice. only going to turn our proven we going to-- are turn to our proven principles, or to a man who cares only about himself. in makingrested donald trump great. he said that his favorite book was the bible. cannot name one verse that have an impact on him. olks, he has not read the bible. you know he is not read the bible because his name is not in the bible. isn't about donald trump. this is about turning to our conservative principles. we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save the idea of america. him on the elevator and send him downstairs and tell him he is fired. the show has been entertaining and we loved him but it is time
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for us to fight for the idea of america. for i close, i want to say this. not not embarrassed, i am ashamed to tell you i am a christian. [applause] governor jindal: i was not born, i was not raised christian. it took seven long years for me at the age of 16 to give my life to crest. i accepted jesus as my personal lord and savior in baton rouge, louisiana. [applause] governor jindal: why do i tell you that? we need somebody who is willing to fight for us. look, christians are under physical assault all over the world. our christian values are under assault your home. make no mistake about it. the left wants to take god out of the public square. they want to redefine marriage. mishandle if you classified information, you can
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run for president. as you do not believe in gay marriage, they lock you up in jail. that is what is happening in america today. we are not just talking about christian values in louisiana. we have been rated the most pro-life state six years in a row. we have fought to get rid of common core. i will say this slowly so even the left understands. the united states of america did not create religious liberty. religious liberty created the united states of america. it is why we are here today. [applause] governor jindal: i am not just here to ask you to join a silly campaign. i am here to ask you to join a cause. it is time to believe in america again. my


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