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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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in the bombing of beirut, lebanon. u.s. judgments later found the act of terrorism was sponsored by the iranian regime and that regime for its crimes was ordered to pay damages to the family of kenneth welch. not surprisingly, however, not one dime has been paid to the family yet, today we stand before this country. we find ourselves dealing with an administration that wants to lift sanctions. mr. speaker, i am beside myself to think that this nation -- of this nation that we've become. america's built on bravery and freedom, and it's because of the unwavering strength and sacrifice of men and women in the military. i am forever proud of our soldiers, and i know my colleagues are here as well today too. that's why we can't let the iran terror continue, and we need to do whatever we can to address the victims like ken welch and i yield back my time. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back.
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the gentleman from california. mr. royce: i yield one minute to the gentleman from illinois, mr. doled. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from illinois is recognized for one minute. want to thank my good friend from california, the chairman, for yielding me the time and also want to thank my good friend from pennsylvania for bringing this piece of legislation. supporting victims of iranian terrorism is a cause that every single member of this body should be able to support, regardless of where they stand on the iranian nuclear agreement. under no circumstances should we be ignoring the victims of iran's terrorism while simultaneously rewarding the greatest state sponsor of terror the world has seen. make no mistake, under this administration's agreement with iran, iran will be receiving approximately $150 billion in sanctions relief in new funding almost immediately while american victims of iranian terrorism, whether it be
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bombings, kid nappings and the like -- kidnappings and the like, murder, are going basically without resources. where are our priorities? where are our priorities in this chamber while the victims of iranian terror are being ignored, while iran is being rewarded with new funds that will inevitably be used to fund new terror, hezbollah, hamas and those around the globe? iran's terror proxies have killed americans and continue to do so till this day. this is a fact and it cannot be ignored. i certainly hope that my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will support this piece of legislation. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: -- mr. royce: i yield one minute to the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. rothfus. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized for one minute. mr. rothfus: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank my colleague, mr. meehan, for introducing this important piece of legislation. the nuclear agreement with iran provides them billions in frozen assets and sanctions relief.
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one only needs to look at recent history to see what iran will do with the financial windfall. while pursuing a nuclear bomb, iran has been engaged in a decades' long campaign of terror that has resulted in the deaths of many, many americans and they continue to bank roll proxies like hezbollah, hamas and the hudey rebels. the murder of bobby, t.w.a. 847, the towers and the murder of a c.i.a. agent are a small taste of what iran state sponsor of terrorism has wrought. this is about everyday americans getting justice. americans like major john, the highest ranking officer killed in the eye tack on the beirut marines barracks. victims of iranian terrorism have successfully brought suit in u.s. courts, yet, billions in judgments remain unpaid. the obama administration failed to secure restitution for the victims of iran in its negotiations with the country, but this legislation can rectify this wrong.
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i urge my colleagues to support this legislation. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from pennsylvania yields back. the gentleman from california. mr. royce: i could inquire as to how much time is remaining, mr. speaker? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california has 2 1/2 minutes. the gentleman from new york has 17 1/2 minutes remaining. mr. royce: i'd verve the right to close. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california reserves. the gentleman from new york. mr. engel: i yield myself such time as i may consume for the purposes of closing. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. engel: let me say to my friends on the other side of the aisle -- and they know this -- no one has been more of an adversaries of the iranian regime than i have. but, look, a number of us found the deal with iran wanting. we voted no, but it didn't prevail. and now we have to figure out the best way forward, and the best way forward, i sincerely
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believe is not to keep trotting out these bills. no one is condoning what iran has done, particularly with terrorism. it's a matter of how we combat it, and the way i see it is that we have two paths forward. we can choose to mirror what we did with the affordable care act, voting and revoting on an issue that has been settled, to some degree, or we can choose the path that suits our nation's interest the best and this path includes doing everything we can to strengthen enforcement -- in the enforcement mechanisms of this agreement. the path also includes holding iran accountable for its nefarious activities that can he stabilized the region -- destabilized the region as well as release americans and improve their human rights record in the interim. and, of course, taking care of the victims of terrorism and their families. this path requires the strengthening of bilateral partnerships and supporting our allies in the region, both of which help us in the long term. and this is the course i hope
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we take. we cannot let this opportunity go to waste. so that's why i won't be supporting h.r. 3457. after that, we need to work together on measures that strengthen implementation of the agreement as much as possible. i hope we can do that in a bipartisan way as we have for the past three years in the foreign affairs committee. this path promises to bring us back to making foreign policy rather than using political bills that deflect from the important issues at hand. i doubt no one's sincerity of anyone who spoke today. we are all sincere and we all feel the same way. iran is a bad actor and must be held accountable, but this bill is not the correct mechanism to do so. so i urge my colleagues to vote no, and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york yields back. the gentleman from california. mr. royce: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. royce: mr. speaker, consider the case of ann, a usaid worker who was posted in
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the u.s. embassy in beirut in 1983. at 1:00 p.m. on april 18 a suicide bomber in a delivery van drove 2,000 pounds of explosives into the front door of our u.s. embassy, and the blast demolished the front of the building and caused the upper floors to collapse on top of each other. and when that went off, she was eating lunch in the embassy cafeteria. until suddenly she awoke outside covered in cement with 19 bones broken, 63 people killed in that blast. now, we have a moral obligation to ensure that these judgments for these victims, which represent iran's legal debt to the victims of its official policy of terrorism are paid. there have been 90 such attacks on americans, and this legislation helps us fulfill that moral obligation we have
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to our constituents and to all americans. what i will share with you is that it is not going to work to release the $100 billion first, because that $100 billion goes into the hands of the irgc. they are the ones who have taken over the companies in iran as of 1979. and the iranian revolutionary guards' force and the quds forces are the ones that carried out these attacks. so the only leverage we're going to have in this negotiation is if we pass legislation that says, first, you got $20 billion in reserves. start the process of paying victims of those attacks. if we don't get them paid now, if we don't get the survivors and their families -- and the family members of those who were killed paid now, it will never happen later. but more importantly, at least we would do this. if it we're going to give $100 billion out of escrow into the
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hands of the irgc, what do you think they're going to do with it? they've already announced $20 billion in sales to russia for fighter planes. they've already announced the money, $100 million that they're going to give to hezbollah. why not at least get our own civilians paid the judgments that they earned upfront? that is exactly what we did with the lockerbie agreement. we were going to lift the sanctions or allow the return of the escrowed money to libya, right? $2.5 billion had to go to the victims of the family members killed in the pan am 103 bombing because of the judgment in u.s. courts. this needs to be done under that procedure. that's why this legislation is necessary. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. pursuant to house resolution 449, the previous question is ordered on the bill, as amended.
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the question is on engrossment and third reading of the bill. those in favor say aye. hose opposed, no. the ayes have it. third reading. the clerk: a bill to prohibit lifting of sanctions on iran until the government of iran >> the supreme court is scheduled to begin its new term on monday. , a poll was year conducted for c-span on the supreme court and the impact of its decisions.
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some of the decisions are more familiar with others for americans. roe v. wade at the top. withf americans familiar brown v. board of education. executive producer mark farkas will tell us more about the series about the landmark decisions. seriesll of our history need to lend currency to the current moment. since it began, this poll really shows that the supreme court is relevant. it is encouraging for us. doing takes a are look at 12 decisions over time. 8 of those decisions are listed in that poll.
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the court does play an important role in society. ruth bader was ginsburg talking to the constitution center dinner and she was talking to them about loving v. virginia. the point of it was she said there were two people involved in this case, so really what the court ought to be taking a look at and what americans ought to take a look at is the people involved in all these cases. we wanted to take a look at historic supreme court decisions and the people involved, the personal stories, the people that cared enough to take the case all the way to the supreme court. >> when will the series air? more background about how these cases were chosen. mark: the series is a 12-part series beginning on the first monday in october.
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each monday night from nine -- 9:00 until 10:30. we will do 90-minute programs that takes a look at these 12 cases. the background on how these cases were chosen? there was a lot more than will be shown during the series. it was an interesting exercise. the supreme court has been meeting since 1790. we are trying to figure out how many cases they have decided over that time. it is probably 20,000. we had to narrow it down to 12. you could have a parlor game about it. we talked to scholars on the left and the right to come up with this list. are a lot of great decisions, important decisions that are not on this list, but this is a good mix of different
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amendments to the constitution, personal stories. sometimes, the court got it right and set precedent that is followed all the way through until today and some of these, dred scott, cory monteith -- korematsu, are some cases where the court got it wrong. >> tell us which cases you will be featuring on monday night and why. mark: monday night, we feature .arbury v. madison that is the foundation that a lot of the justices quote today. it is one of the most often cited cases in the history of the court. what it does is it establishes the court as the ultimate arbiter of the constitution, judicial review, which is still being debated today, whether the court is stepping into much. there is a debate going on.
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i think this shows there is relevance. whether the court should be deciding issues like gay marriage. marbury v. madison establishes that and it also is a great story that showcases the personal stories. there is a battle between john adams, thomas jefferson, and john marshall behind the scenes that is really the story of this case. import, but these are also personal stories that are engaging and illuminating on the time period. >> 9:00 on monday night. tune in at 9:00 p.m. we appreciate it. mark: take you very much, greta. ♪
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♪ >> with her experience married to a five-star general, maisie eisenhower demanded nothing short of excellence in the white house. she was voted one of the nation's best dressed for closing and hats. maybe eisenhower -- maisie ladies:er on "first image and influence." from martha washington to michelle obama. sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on
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american history tv on c-span 3. [applause] >> this week, world leaders are in new york to speak at the opening of the united nations general assembly. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu used the opportunity to argue against lifting sanctions against iran. his arguments are 40 minutes. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, i bring you greetings from the city of jerusalem. hopes andhere the prayers for the peace of all humanity has echoed throughout the ages. , as israel's ambassador to the united nations , i stood at this podium for the first time. day against a toolution sponsored by iran expel israel from the united nations. then as now, some sought to deny -- the u.n. was excessively hostile toward israel, the one true democracy in the middle east. then as now, some sought to deny the one and only jewish state a place among the nations.
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i ended that first speech by saying, gentlemen, check your fanaticism at the door. more than 3 decades later, as the prime minister of israel, i am again privileged to speak from this podium. and for me, that privilege has always come with a moral responsibility to speak the truth. so after three days of listening to world leaders praise the nuclear deal with iran, i begin my speech today by saying, ladies and gentlemen, check your enthusiasm at the door.
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you see, this deal doesn't make peace more likely. by fueling iran's aggressions with billions of dollars in sanctions relief, it makes war more likely. just look at what iran has done in the last six months alone, since the framework agreement was announced in lausanne. iran boosted its supply of devastating weapons to syria. iran sent more soldiers of its revolutionary guard into syria. iran sent thousands of afghani and pakistani shi'ite fighters to syria. iran did all this to prop up assad's brutal regime. iran also shipped tons of weapons and ammunitions to the houthi rebels in yemen, including another shipment just two days ago. iran threatened to topple jordan.
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iran's proxy hezbollah smuggled into lebanon sa-22 missiles to down our planes, and yakhont cruise missiles to sink our ships. iran supplied hezbollah with precision-guided surface-surface missiles and attack drones so it can accurately hit any target in israel. iran aided hamas and islamic jihad in building armed drones in gaza. iran also made clear its plans to open two new terror fronts against israel, promising to arm palestinians in the west bank and sending its revolutionary guard generals to the golan heights, from which its operatives recently fired rockets on northern israel. israel will continue to respond forcefully to any attacks against it from syria.
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israel will continue to act to prevent the transfer of strategic weapons to hezbollah from and through syrian territory. every few weeks, iran and hezbollah set up new terror cells in cities throughout the world. three such cells were recently uncovered in kuwait, jordan and cyprus. in may, security forces in cyprus raided a hezbollah agent's apartment in the city of larnaca. there they found 5 tons of ammonium nitrate, that's roughly the same amount of ammonium nitrate that was used to blow up the federal building in oklahoma city. and that's just in one apartment, in one city, in one country.
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but iran is setting up dozens of terror cells like this around the world, ladies and gentlemen, they're setting up those terror cells in this hemisphere, too. i repeat, iran's been doing all of this, everything that i've just described, just in the last six months, when it was trying to convince the world to remove the sanctions. now just imagine what iran will do after those sanctions are lifted. unleashed and unmuzzled, iran will go on the prowl, devouring more and more prey. in the wake of the nuclear deal, iran is spending billions of dollars on weapons and satellites. you think iran is doing that to
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advance peace? you think hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief and fat contracts will turn this rapacious tiger into a kitten? if you do, you should think again. in 2013 president rouhani began his so-called charm offensive here at the un. two years later, iran is executing more political prisoners, escalating its regional aggression, and rapidly expanding its global terror network. you know they say, actions speak louder than words. but in iran's case, the words speak as loud as the actions.
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just listen to the deputy commander of iran's revolutionary guard quds force. here's what he said in february, the islamic revolution is not limited by geographic borders. he boasted that afghanistan, iraq, lebanon, syria, palestine and yemen are among the countries being conquered by the islamic republic of iran. conquered. and for those of you who believe that the deal in vienna will bring a change in iran's policy, just listen to what iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei said 5 days after the nuclear deal was reached, our policies towards the arrogant
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government of the united states will not change. the united states, he vowed, will continue to be iran's enemy. while giving the mullahs more money is likely to fuel more repression inside iran, it will definitely fuel more aggression outside iran. as the leader of a country defending itself every day against iran's growing aggression, i wish i could take comfort in the claim that this deal blocks iran's path to nuclear weapons. but i can't, because it doesn't. this deal does place several constraints on iran's nuclear program.
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and rightly so, because the international community recognizes that iran is so dangerous. but you see here's the catch, under this deal, if iran doesn't change its behavior, in fact, if it becomes even more dangerous in the years to come, the most important constraints will still be automatically lifted by year 10 and by year 15. that would place a militant islamic terror regime weeks away from having the fissile material for an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs. that just doesn't make any sense. i've said that if iran wants to be treated like a normal country, let it act like a normal country. but this deal, this deal will treat iran like a normal country even if it remains a dark
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theocracy that conquers its neighbors, sponsors terrorism worldwide and chants death to israel, death to america. does anyone seriously believe that flooding a radical theocracy with weapons and cash will curb its appetite for aggression? do any of you really believe that a theocratic iran with sharper claws and sharper fangs will be more likely to change its stripes? so here's a general rule that i've learned and you must have learned in your life time, when bad behavior is rewarded, it only gets worse. [applause]
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ladies and gentlemen, i have long said that the greatest danger facing our world is the coupling of militant islam with nuclear weapons. and i'm gravely concerned that the nuclear deal with iran will prove to be the marriage certificate of that unholy union. i know that some well-intentioned people sincerely believe that this deal is the best way to block iran's path to the bomb. but one of history's most important yet least learned lessons is this, the best intentions don't prevent the worst outcomes.
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the vast majority of israelis believe that this nuclear deal with iran is a very bad deal. and what makes matters even worse is that we see a world celebrating this bad deal, rushing to embrace and do business with a regime openly committed to our destruction. last week, maj. gen. salehi, the last week, maj. gen. salehi, the commander of iran's army, proclaimed this, we will annihilate israel for sure. we are glad that we are in the forefront of executing the supreme leader's order to destroy israel. and as for the supreme leader himself, a few days after the
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nuclear deal was announced, he released his latest book. here it is. it's a 400-page screed detailing his plan to destroy the state of israel. last month, khamenei once again made his genocidal intentions clear before iran's top clerical body, the assembly of experts. he spoke about israel, home to over six million jews. he pledged, quote, there will be no israel in 25 years, end quote.
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70 years after the murder of six million jews, iran's rulers promised to destroy my country, murder my people and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here has been absolutely nothing. utter silence. deafening silence. perhaps you can understand why
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israel is not joining you in celebrating this deal. if iran's rulers were working to destroy your countries, perhaps you would be less enthusiastic about the deal. if iran's terror proxies were firing thousands of rockets at your cities, perhaps you'd be more measured in your praise. and if this deal were unleashing a nuclear arms race in your neighborhood, perhaps you'd be more reluctant to celebrate.
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but don't think that iran is only a danger to israel. besides its aggression in the middle east and terror around the world, iran is building ballistic missiles whose sole purpose is to carry nuclear warheads. remember this. iran already has missiles that can reach israel, so does intercontinental ballistic missiles are not meant for us. they are meant for you. for europe. for america. for raining down mass destruction, anytime, anywhere. ladies and gentlemen, it is not
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easy to oppose something that is embraced by the greatest powers in the world. believe me, it would be far easier to remain silent. but throughout our history, the jewish people have learned the heavy price of silence. and as the prime minister of the jewish state, as someone who knows that history, i refuse to be silent. [applause] president netanyahu: i will say it again. the days when the jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days
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are over. [applause] president netanyahu: nothing passive means speaking up about those dangerous. we have, we are, we will. not being passive also means defending ourselves against those dangerous. we have, we are, and we will. [applause] president netanyahu: israel will not allow iran to break in, sneak in, or walk into the nuclear weapons club. [applause]
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president netanyahu: i know that preventing iran from developing nuclear weapons remains the goal of the international community. but no one should question israel's determination to defend against those who seek our destruction. in every generation, there were those who rose up to destroy our people. in antiquity, we faced destruction from the ancient empires of babylon and rome. in the middle ages, we faced inquisition and expulsion. and in modern times, we faced progroms and the holocaust. yet, the jewish people persevered. and now another regime has arisen, swearing to destroy israel. that regime would be wise to consider this.
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i stand here today representing israel, a country 67 years young, but the nationstate of a people nearly 4000 years old. yet the empires of babylon and rome are not represented in this hall of nations. neither is there thousand year reich. those seemingly invincible empires are long gone. but israel lives. the people of israel live. [applause] president netanyahu: the rebirth of israel is a testament to the indomitable spirit of my people.
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for 100 generations, the jewish people dreamed of returning to the land of israel. even in our darkest hours, and we had so many, even in our darkest hours, we never gave up hope of rebuilding our eternal capital of jerusalem. the establishment of israel made realizing that dream possible. it has enabled us to live as a free people in our ancestral homeland. it has enabled us to embrace jews who have come from the four corners of the earth to find refuge from persecution. they came from war-torn europe, from yemen, iraq, morocco, ethiopia and the soviet union. from 100 other lands. and today, as the rising tide of anti-semitism once again sweeps across europe and elsewhere,
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many jews come to israel to join us in building the jewish future. here is my message to the rulers of iran. your plan to destroy israel will fail. [applause] president netanyahu: israel will not permit any force on earth to threaten its future. and here's my message to all the countries represented here. whatever resolutions you may adopt in this building, whatever decisions you may take in your capitals, israel will do whatever it must do to defend our state and defend our people. [applause]
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president netanyahu: distinguished delegates, as this deal with iran moves ahead, i hope you will enforce it. how can i put this -- with a little more rigor then you showed with the six security council resolutions that iran has systematically violated, and which now has been effectively discarded. make sure that the inspectors actually inspect. make sure that the sanctions actually snapback. and to make sure that iran's violations aren't swept under the persian rug. [applause]
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president netanyahu: of one thing i can assure you. israel will be watching. closely. what the international community now needs to do is clear. first, make iran comply with nuclear obligations. keep iran's feet to the fire. [applause] president netanyahu: second, check iran's regional aggression. support those fighting iran's aggression beginning with israel. [applause] president netanyahu: third, use sanctions and all the tools available to you to tear down iran's global terror network. [applause] president netanyahu: ladies and gentlemen, israel is working
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closely with our arab peace partners to address our common security challenges from iran and also the security challenges from isis and from others. we are also working with other states in the middle east. as well as countries in africa and asia, and beyond. many in our region note that both iran and isis are our common enemies. and when your enemies fight each other, don't strengthen either one. weaken both. [applause] president netanyahu: common dangers are bringing israel and its neighbors closer. as we work together to thwart those dangers, i hope we will build lasting partnerships.
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lasting partnerships for security, for prosperity, and for peace. but in israel, we never forget one thing. we never forget that the most important partner that israel has, has always been and will always be the united states of america. [applause] president netanyahu: the alliance between israel and the united states is unshakable. [applause] president netanyahu: president obama and i agree on the need to keep arms out of the hands of
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iran terror proxies. we agree on the need to stop iran from destabilizing countries throughout the middle east. israel appreciates president obama's willingness to bolster our security, help israel maintain its qualitative military edge, and help israel confront the enormous challenges we face. israel is grateful that this sentiment is widely shared by the american people and its representatives in congress by both those who supported the deal and those who oppose it. [applause] president netanyahu: president obama and i have both said that our differences over the nuclear deal are a disagreement within the family. but we have no disagreement about the need to work together
6:46 am
to secure our common future. and what a great future it could be. israel is uniquely poised to seize the promise of the 21st century. israel is a world leader in science and technology. in cyber, software, water, agriculture, medicine, biotechnology, and so many other fields that are being revolutionized by israelian ingenuity and innovation. israel is the innovation nation. [applause]
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6:48 am
i lost my beloved brother. those who know the price of war can best appreciate what the blessings of peace would mean
6:49 am
for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren. i am prepared to immediately, and immediately resume peace negotiations with the palestinian authority without any preconditions whatsoever. [applause] president netanyahu: unfortunately, president abbas said yesterday that he is not prepared to do this. i hope he changes his mind, because i remain committed to a vision of two states for two peoples in which a demilitarized palestinian state recognizes the jewish state. the peace process began over two decades ago.
6:50 am
yet, despite the best efforts of six israeli prime ministers, the palestinians have consistently refused to end the conflict and make a final peace with israel. unfortunately, you heard that rejection yet again only yesterday from president abbas. how can israel make peace with the palestinian partners, who refuses to even sit at the negotiation table? israel expects the palestinian authority to abide by its commitments. the palestinians should not walk away from peace. president abbas, i know it is not easy.
6:51 am
i know it is hard. but we owe it to our people to try, to continue to try. because together, if we actually negotiate and stop negotiating about the negotiation, if we actually sit down and try to resolve this conflict between us, recognize each other, not you as a palestinian state, as a stepping stone for another islamic state, but something that will live in peace with a jewish state. if we actually do that, we can do remarkable things for our people. [applause]
6:52 am
president netanyahu: the u.n. can help advance peace by supporting direct, unconditional negotiations between the parties. the u.n. won't help peace, won't help advance peace, by trying to impose solutions or by encouraging palestinian rejectionism. and the u.n., distinguished delegates, should do one more thing. the u.n. should finally rid itself of the obsessive bashing of israel. here is just one absurd example of this obsession. in four years of horrific violence in syria, more than a quarter of a million people have lost their lives.
6:53 am
that is more than 10 times, more than 10 times the number of israelis and palestinians combined who have lost their lives in a century of conflict between us. yet last year, this assembly adopted 20 resolutions against israel, and just one resolution about savage slaughter in syria. talk about injustice. talk about disproportionality. 20, count them. one against syria. frankly, i'm not surprised. to borrow a line from yogi berra, the late great baseball player and part-time philosopher, when it comes to
6:54 am
the annual bashing of israel at the u.n., it is déjà vu all over again. [applause] president netanyahu: enough. 31 years after i stayed here for the first time, i am still asking, when will the u.n. finally check its anti-israel fanaticism at the door? when will the u.n. finally stop slandering israel as a threat to peace, and actually start helping israel advance peace? the same question should be posed to palestinian leaders. when will you start working with israel to advance peace and reconciliation, and stop
6:55 am
inciting hatred and violence? president abbas, here is a good place to begin. stop spreading lies about israel's alleged intentions on the temple mounts. israel is fully committed to maintaining the status quo there. what president abbas should be speaking out against are the actions of militant islamists, who are smuggling explosives, and trying to prevent jews and christians from visiting the holy sites. that is the real threat to these sacred sites. [applause] a president netanyahu: 1000 years before the birth of christianity, more than 1500 years before the birth of islam, king david made jerusalem our capital. and king solomon built the temple on that mount.
6:56 am
yet israel will always respect the sacred shrines of all, in a region plagued by violence and by unimaginable intolerance. in which islamic fanatics are trying, are destroying the ancient treasures of civilization, israel stands out as a towering economic enlightenment and tolerance, far from endangering the holy sites, it is israel that ensures their safety. [applause] president netanyahu: because unlike the powers who ruled jerusalem in the past, israel respects the holy sites and freedom of worship of all jews, muslims, christians, everyone. [applause] president netanyahu: and that, ladies and gentlemen, will never
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change, because israel will always stay true to its values. these values are on display each and every day, when israel's parliament vigorously debate every issue under the sun. when israel seeks justice, sits in her chair as our fiercely independent supreme court. when our christian community continues to grow and thrive from year-to-year, as christian communities are decimated elsewhere in the middle east. when a brilliant young israeli muslim student gets her valedictorian address at one of our finest universities, and when israeli doctors and nurses, doctors and nurses from the israeli military, treat thousands of wounded from the killing fields of syria and thousands more in the wake of natural disasters from haiti to nepal. this is the true face of israel.
6:58 am
these are the values of israel. and in the middle east, these values are under savage assault by militant islamists, who are forcing millions of terrified people to flee to distant shores. 10 miles from isis, a few hundred yards from iran's murderous proxies, israel stands in the breach, proudly and courageously defending freedom and progress. israel is civilizations front line in the battle against barbarism. so here a novel idea for the united nations. instead of continuing the shameful routine of bashing israel, stand with israel. stand with israel as we check the fanaticism at our door. stand with israel as we prevent
6:59 am
that fanaticism from reaching your door. ladies and gentlemen, stand with israel, because israel is not just defending itself. more than ever, israel is defending you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> on behalf of general assembly, i wish the 10th prime minister of the state of israel for the statement that just made and request protocol data his excellency. >> today on c-span, "washington journal," is next with your phone calls, facebook messages, and tweets.
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later, governor gary herbert. then, presidential candidate hillary clinton, visiting florida. >> president obama: somehow, this has become routine. , myreporting is routine response here at this podium and that being routine. the conversation in the aftermath of it, we become gnome to this. mb to this. host: president obama reacting to the shooting on accords campus -- college campus. republicans, call (202) 748-8001 , democrats, call (202) 748-8000