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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  October 28, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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it outgoing speaker how it should work. there should be responsibility on three sides. people have to be responsible. that is a strict regulation which can garner the process. host: mainly reporters and some aides and capitol police in the corridor waiting to hear the news from inside. tweets from john bresnahan. a series here. bill posey nominating webster for speaker. jeb hensarling speaking on behalf of ryan. kristi noem speaking for ryan. events are under way inside that meeting room. . what are your thoughts here as the house republicans get set to choose their nominee? caller: well, i thought that speaker boehner would come through on the budget deal only because it gives him a chance to get some back at people giving him all the problems. as far as speaker-to-be ryan,
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for all this brave thought on what circumstances he would become speaker, he's already got the same small minority of representatives, he's promised them he wouldn't bring up an immigration bill. he's promised to maintain the hastert rule. as chairman of the budget committee for the last, what, almost three years now, he's had ample opportunities to get the budget deal or a debt ceiling thing done and he really has never done it so i don't know why he's complaining with how it's being done this time. thank you. host: a tweet who writes for national review online. he says that ryan plans to be a, quote, speaker very willing to take risks ahead of 2017. different from mcconnell, right? question mark. let's hear from robb here's in erie, -- rob, he's in erie, pennsylvania. awaiting to hear from the speaker elections in the
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conference. rob, go ahead. caller: good afternoon. i am afraid that ryan is projecting exactly how he's going to be, demanding he would only be accepted if three republican groups backed him, changing his name already, doing all these things. it sounds like anying tistical thing to me. -- egotistical thing to me. would be great to have trey gowdy. would he be open to it? host: i don't think trey gowdy is interested in it at all. his focus over the last few months, the last year has been the select committee on benghazi. the hearing last week with former secretary of state hillary clinton, which by the way all of that is available online at we hear from claremont, california, next. we take a stroll down the corridor at the longworth building.
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caller: i think this is a decisive decision in regards to this. i think ryan represents a fresh new face of this g.o.p.-led force. furthermore, i think that in compared to former speaker boehner he's a bit more radical on the present issues that i think the house definitely needs to solve. the obamacare issue, immigration and so on and so forth. and i also think he'll not only rally his constituents within the house, but i think more so along the lines of us regular people. seeing a fresh new face. thank you. host: the house coming back in a little bit later this afternoon to finish up one of the last pieces of legislation that john boehner will oversee, that's the budget deal that was agreed to by congressional leaders and the white house, raising those spending caps from 2013 by $80 billion. , extending the
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borrowing authority of the united states through mid march of 2017. we look for your tweets as well @c-span and this one is from mason. he said -- democrats line. caller: i think that paul ryan one of the five young guns, and paul ryan just signed a piece of paper in an agreement that he would not bring up immigration or even go along with immigration or anything else that most hispanics, which they do so need, to come aboard as citizens of the united states. they've been here for a very long time, but he has already gned and stated one of his
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co-republicans, which wrote to him and asked him to go against all this and he made a promise already. he's a flip-flopper and he's not for the people. host: do you think -- sharon, you're on our democrats' line, so do you think as he as speaker will work better or worse with house democrats? caller: no. no, no, no. i don't think so at all. host: so you think he will not be as good as john boehner in his relations with house democrats? caller: i think john boehner should have stayed on a little bit longer. host: all right. let's go to abilene, texas, and marty's on the republican line. caller: yes. host: go ahead, marty. caller: i just think it's terrible that they're going for
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paul ryan. he started out wanting to be president and then he decided not to do that. and why didn't he just run for democrat because that's the way he's going? they say, oh, he's going to work with the democrats and then the republicans. no, he's not. passed an amnibus bill with patty murray which had nothing to do with conservatism. i can't believe that they can't find somebody that is a real conservative republican because he isn't. and i may not even vote republican this year because i tell you one thing and then next they think you know -- they tell you one thing and then next thing you know everything goes according to the bhouse. i think people are tired -- according to the white house. i think people are tired of it. i think people will rebel on this election this year. host: and as we look live at
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hill" e position, "the headline, "ryan to back budget deal." this is what the house will be voting and debating on later this afternoon. paul ryan said on wednesday he'll be backing with a sweeping two-year budget deal just a day after lashing out how the bipartisan accord came together. bernie backs budget. donny, who's next up, he's on the independent line in westin, wisconsin. go ahead. caller: this is my personal opinion as an independent. i think they should do away with caucuses altogether and the election of the speaker should be all members of congress so we can get back to the citizens business like immigration, etc. all of this partisanship needs to end. host:le full house will get their chance, donny. 9:00 tomorrow the whole house
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will vote on the speakership. paul ryan, daniel webster, nancy pelosi. if elected, paul ryan will be the first speaker from wisconsin. fellow congressman from wisconsin, sean duffy, tweeted on msnbc a while ago, in a minute i got my side kick jack duffy, he's in town to witness this historic moment in washington. his son. a lot of g.o.p. members are bringing their children to the house conference to see paul ryan and the speaker vote. back to calls and sue sdemran is on our republican line -- suzanne is on our republican line. she's in lynchburg, virginia. caller: hello. host: you're on the air. go ahead. caller: oh, ok. i just wanted to say that i'm grad that mr. ryan has decided to do this because i feel he's a peacemaker. that's what he's trying to do is bring the congress together and that makes me feel very
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happy there's someone there who wants to bring everyone into an understanding with each other so they can speak together and not be so partisan. that's why i think he volunteered and i think he's giving up a lot by leaving the other office that he held and this nation is very happy that he'd be willing to sacrifice that much. i'm sure there's a lot of people that would disagree with at but that's just how i feel. host: bloomberg saying that the republicans poised to nominate ryan and speaker. voting under way. independents line. hello there. caller: hi. i think paul ryan may be ok, but i had the feeling that establishment was not satisfied with those that wanted to be speaker and they began pushing for paul ryan. and i did not like the way that has happened. i think it's unfair and i think it's just that we were pushed
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into accepting paul ryan whether we wanted them or not. host: you talked about the establishment. who would some of those people pushing for paul ryan? caller: some of the people that had been there for many years. not some of the newer members, but the ones -- you know who i mean when i talk about the establishment, the people that have been there for 20, 30 years. and they -- i think they kind of feel like they should be the ones that should be running things. and i think -- i don't know who pushed paul ryan, but the sense you get are the people that have been there for a long time are the ones that were pushing for paul ryan. and that's why his name came up. host: if you just tuned in this afternoon, we're live on capitol hill outside the ways and means committee room. house republican conference are waiting to vote on their selection for speaker of the house. we understand voting is underway. the process looks like this. they will finish up. we expect to hear from paul
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ryan and others. then later, the house gets back to business. they'll take up that two-year budget deal, and the speaker elections will be moved to tomorrow. 9:00 a.m. eastern, we'll have all of that live, obviously, here on c-span. let's go to oxford, michigan. oxford, michigan, and bob's on the democrats line. go ahead. caller: i had recently been reading history of the social security, medicare and medicaid. and paul ryan's budget plan, he's out to destroy both all three of these items or diminish them to where they are absolutely paying nothing. i worked all my life to retire to depend on social security to be half of my retirement. it's obvious to me that he does not represent the 99%. he only cares about the 1% and their money grab and their upside down pyramid leaving the rest of us behind in a terrible economy. this is a disgrace that he's going to be in there now and the fighting that's going to
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come out of this is take everything away from the working class. i'm just sick to see this happen. host: on bob's point on social security, here's what the budget deal would do. according to "the washington post," and there are highlights of this budget deal that would stave off a 20% cut in social security disability benefits. that was likely to occur in 2016. would have closed loopholes resulting in a savings of $4.5 billion over 10 years. they also say that medicare recipients would avoid a historic spike in doctors' visits and lab tests and see a much smaller increase. the main part of the budget deal, a two-year budget deal, raising the spending caps of by $80 billion, split between defense and nondefense. it would also raise the federal borrowing authority through march of 2017. live coverage here on c-span. the leadership elections under way. the speaker election under way inside the meeting room. we hear from burke in
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elizabethtown, kentucky. caller: hi. i just hope paul ryan can bring the party together and get the democrats out of party because ever since this administration has been in office we had nothing but problems in this country. race relations, budget and the budgets need to come down. however, the defense department needs to be increased and including manpower. we have problems in this country right now with all these refugees that are starting to come in. i'm afraid we're going to have isis coming in this country and we are going to have even bigger problems and no military to take care of it. i hope paul ryan can put everybody together and get the democrats out of power. thank you. host: crowded with reporters, capitol hill police, aides and others. the ballot count, we understand, from our producers s under way in the meeting room. panhandle, texas. what do you think? caller: i think that paul ryan will even be worse than speaker
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boehner. this was a trumped up deal behind closed doors before anything came to path. he did not want to be speaker of the house. his family came first. and i think this is a trumped up deal and it's only going to become worse. they're trying to raise the debt limit again. we found out what paul ryan was when he was on the ticket with romney for vice president. and i don't want any part of him. host: here's bell view, illinois. w, illinois. caller: he was trying to work with democrats and that's the problem. the republicans could not deal with, especially the far right. ryan, he likes to work across party lines so he's going to run into the same boat that boehner ran into with that far right group that just doesn't want to do anything and really
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have hurt this country. i heard somebody talk about the department of defense and they need to fund them more. if you're going to fund the department of defense, let's get rid of the contractors because that's the one that's really screwing the american people with the money going into the department of defense because they're not doing half the jobs they're paid for. host: here's where things stand. kelly o'donnell saying, awaiting results from new peaker from house g.o.p. ballots for speaker are being counted. doris is from tyler, texas, on our republicans line. caller: thank you. personally i don't know either one of the three should really have it. my pick would be paul ryan, though. i was very disappointed with boehner. but i guess he did the best he could with what he had to work with. but i would like to say, when they do the budget, i wish they would take into consideration the people on social security. i got $798 a month, and we're
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not going to get a raise this year, but i'm sure the people at the white house will all get a raise. and i wish they would take that into consideration too. thank you. host: thank you. tweet from manu from cnn. someone literally blew white smoke out of the room where republicans are voting. i guess you had to be there to see it. he's referring to the roman catholic church on which a new pope is selected. mckenzie, bridge, oregon. democrats line. caller: good afternoon. have emocrat i think ryan 1/10 of the republicans winning the election. raising the spending caps, getting that done until after the election means there will not be a government shutdown if the tea party had shut down the government between now and the 2016 elections that would have
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sealed the fate of the republican candidate. now the tea party can vote against this. it will pass. with republican and democratic votes. the presidential candidates and the debate tonight can all say, oh, i wouldn't have signed a bill. i wouldn't have raised the debt limit which, of course, is not true. they would have had to. it gives cover for the republicans and it gives them a chance to go into the election free from this horrendous shut down the government specter that's been over the people's head for the last two years. host: what are your hopes in terms of paul ryan? you're calling on our democrats line. do you think he's the kind of republican speaker that works better or worse with democrats than john boehner? caller: well, i think probably about the same. but i think he -- he has opinion able to at least until now work with the tea party people at least to get this budget deal and the debt limit
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ceiling so he's been able to do what boehner was not able to do with the tea party people in his own party. pain boehner had it with those people and i don't blame him. now we have a new fresh face that could talk sense into them. i think they have a long, long haul to put up a viable candidate for 2016. host: watching live coverage of c-span. our cameras and many others, obviously, outside of the meeting room in the longworth house office building where ballots, we understand, are being counted for the republican conference's choice on the next speaker of the house. we get a @creep. we welcome your comments. this is -- we are @c-span. we welcome your comments. i am in my government class and we are talking about the house of representatives and we are watching the election. can you say more about the election? the process is the conference will choose their selection here shortly. we'll know it shortly and the
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full house will vote tomorrow. beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern, and the choices there will be paul ryan, nancy pelosi, the democrats candidate. the democratic leader. and daniel webster of florida. and from there, if paul ryan is selected, which is a pretty likely choice, he would become the 54th speaker of the house and the first from wisconsin. thanks for the question. allan webb. we hear from dan donna who's on our independents line. port huron, michigan. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm an independent because i'm disgusted with government. but concerning the situation and the passing of the budget, two points, they're talking of t cutting for every part government that impacts american citizens, and yet immigrants get a full ride. and second of all, i heard this morning something that terrifies me that this budget
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approval is going to give obama a blank check. please speak to those issues. host: when you heard blank check, what was that referring to? caller: that he can spend as much money as he wants until he's out of office. this was on fox this morning. host: well, the broad outline of the deal, this two-year budget deal which will be debated in the house later on, raises those spending caps, those sequester caps from 2013 $80 billion, that's split between defense and nondefense means. by the way, we have a link to the budget deal on our website. you can read it there for yourself. the measure also would extend the borrowing authority of the united states through march of 2017 right after the new president is sworn in. here's bill in hershey, pennsylvania. republican line. go-ahead. caller: yes, hi, how you doing? host: doing fine. caller: i think paul ryan is oing to do a good job.
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he stood up for family and, you know, what this country used to stand for because in my view, the president has done nothing but weaken this country on the nternational platform. you look at what russia is doing. they have an agenda they're not telling everybody. i think we need to pass more money for the defense and get this whole thing of congress straightened out. host: you think a selection of paul ryan would strengthen the republicans' hand in negotiations in working with the president? caller: yes. you watched on the tv, and he would be able to communicate with the people [inaudible] and what he's trying to say
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where they can all get together and, you know, get the democrats out of office because go with nothing but the democratic party instead of what they should be doing for the people. host: let's go to our democrats line yet. we hear from indiana. david. caller: yes. no i tell you what, paul ryan, i heard you question a woman just a minute ago. i'm watching the election there. host: yeah. caller: and you asked her, is paul ryan -- will be worser than boehner -- the speaker. now, i'm going to tell you your question. no, they both are the same. now, paul ryan, i don't know him, but i do see him often on
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tv. he was trying to appeal medicare. he was trying to strengthen nothing. i heard him say, let's repeal. we don't have the power. democrats don't have the power. republicans don't have the power. god got the power, but republicans got over the seat over the democrats so they really have the power. nd then for the speaker to resign, he had them -- he had -- telling him what to do and he was the speaker, if i'm going to be the speaker, i'm going to have to stand as the speaker. i let you no, no, he won't be a good candidate to be house speaker. i'm letting you guys know that. host: all right. the meeting here on capitol hill got under way to select the republicans choice for speaker, anyway, got under way about 40 minutes or so. we understand they're in the process of counting the
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ballots. and jake shermon of "politico" point us that speaker ballots are counted by hand. takes some time. let's go to hammond, indiana. this is jim. caller: hi. i'm from hammond, indiana. i live in a democratic district but we have a senate primary coming up in indiana this year. wo of the three candidates are congressmen. young and stutzman. now, stutzman last january did not vote for john boehner for speaker. i think once your party caucuses or you are obligated to support the nominee of your party for speaker. you can disagree on issues but organizations you got to go with the majority of your party. if either of these candidates do not vote for the winner of this election for speaker
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tomorrow, say -- and i think it's a very good possibility would be stutzman than daniel webster, he can forget about getting my vote in the senatorial prime minister. host: ok. jim in indiana. appreciate your call. here's gloria, next up. she's on our democrats line in chest scheyer, connecticut. -- cheshire, connecticut. caller: hi. my name is gloria. i wonder what's going to happen. they say a new president will make everything better. nothing gets done. nothing gets done. there's no compromise. nothing this is for the best for the country, for everybody. they're not saying that. they're saying for the best of my party. everybody is worried about their own agenda. nobody's looking to the future
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and say, hmm, we got baby bombers that are going -- baby boomers that are going on social security and they are going to decrease their number. they are going to decrease the moneys that are for educating our young people that will support this country. and then they're voting for a man who's staunchly against anything for social security or anything for the bleeding hearts. host: let's go to anthony who's in cape coral, florida, independents line. go ahead. caller: thank you for answering my call. my name is anthony. i'm a college student. to answer your question, sir. i think both parties have their problems and i am all about second chances and giving a chance. i think paul ryan, i think we should give him chance for speaker of the house. i think he'll do a much better job than speaker boehner because we all know what happened when speaker boehner was speaker, obviously.
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so thank you. host: some shared views on twitter there. this is joshua tweets, paul ryan is just john boehner 2.0. this is why we must fire paul ryan and join the coalition. getting a sense there may be some announcement. let's listen in and watch here live from capitol hill here on c-span.
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>> we're seeing some news. scott wong of "the hill" tweets, breaking, paul ryan romps daniel webster 200-43 in internal g.o.p. election for speaker of the house. jake sherman confirming that. paul ryan wins. the wisconsin republican is the party's nominee for house speaker. floor vote expected tomorrow. looks like members are leaving that. trey gowdy leaving. we'll stay live on capitol hill for reaction.
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>> news that paul ryan won the republican conference vote for speaker of the house. according to jake sherman of "politico," paul ryan 200,
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daniel webster 43. marsha blackburn gets one and kevin mccarthy, the current majority leader, gets one. 202-748-2881 for republicans. 202-748-8921 for republicans. 748-8920 for democrats and 202-748-8922 for others. caller: i called congressman walter jones and asked him to put my name in as a candidate for speaker of the house. over the last 17 days i have no -- i had gotten no reply from congressman jones so i started calling all the leaderships in the house. unfortunately, nobody took it seriously and alls i got is i will let the congresswoman know. unfortunately, mr. ryan stepped
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up to the plate and everybody went with that and i congratulate mr. ryan for his upcoming speakership. but the problem is that nobody took the little person for -- they took them for granted. anybody can be speaker of the house and they're supposed to be representatives of the constituency and nobody is listening. that's actually a shame. that's what's wrong with the house and the senate is that all our elected officials are not listening to anybody. i'm a retired d.c. firefighter, 22 years of active service in the district of columbia. i thought i could be speaker of the house because i'm a hardworking individual and i did all the right things and i called the parliamentarian of the house and i did all the right things in a grass root effort and i got no response from any of the congressmen that i called and that's actually a shame. host: as he points out, he's right. the constitution says the house members should choose their
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elected leadership. it doesn't say in there a speaker of the house has to be a member of the house or a member of congress, for that matter. paul ryan, winning the vote this afternoon. congressman young from alaska passing there. getting 200-43 over dan webster of florida. north wales, pennsylvania, we hear from john. caller: yes, hi. i'm a republican and i think that paul ryan right now, he's the best choice, but i do feel he's too far right and i think that's why the republicans lost the 2012 election. thank you. host: couple of tweets about what's going on now inside the -- inside the room. we'll show these to you. john brezz me has of "politico" tweeting that ryan is addressing the g.o.p. conference right now calling for unity. no notes. all off the cuff. jake sherman also saying that
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the speaker inside the meeting that paul ryan is speaking as you see other members are leaving now. there's work to do on the house floor. not sure when they're going to gavel back in but there's david jolly who spoke in favor of daniel webster. when the house does gavel back in, they'll be taking up the two-year budget deal. here's north carolina, david's on our democrats line. go ahead. caller: hi. calling from rawly, north carolina. i don't have -- raleigh, north carolina. i don't have questions. i have comments regarding the workings of the house. the remainder of the leadership, the whip, the conference leader, still kevin mccarthy and i don't know who the whip was and the conference secretary, or do those go into new election also? and can the speaker request that the rest of his leadership team undergo a new election? host: he certainly can. no indication they're going to leave. let's listen in and hear from congressman cole.
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inaudible] kristi nome and jeb hensarling did an exceptional job. been here 17, 18 years. he's a guy we admired every step of the way. we're all convinced he can do. >> [inaudible] mr. cole: no. trey gowdy, he's better than me. >> was there any grumbling about the budget? mr. cole: no. it was focused on the elections so no discussion about that. -- [inaudible]
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mr. cole: i think they committed to a really good guy. they sent the message they wanted to send. i don't think there's any doubt that members will feel very comfortable united behind paul ryan. >> were you surprised by the 43 threshold? mr. cole: no, it doesn't. look, dan's got a lot of friends. people genuinely respect. he's from a big delegation. you know, he initially had -- did have the freedom caucus. no, i'm not surprised at all. expected him to do very well. >> are you confident that paul will have the votes tomorrow? mr. cole: i don't have any doubt. i talk to him every day. -- n't ask him to do what [inaudible]
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you know, i think this is a very different election. i think everybody on both sides was about bringing us together, about a new beginning under a new speaker. the fact that the process under way has reassured a lot of people. think paul made it sure that the process where we arrived at today was not a process he would have wanted. and he made that in his acceptance speech. [inaudible] >> do you think the party is more united? mr. cole: i think much more united honestly. i got to give john boehner a lot of credit. i think he probably knew exactly the right moment when to leave. i think this conference, you know, we went through obviously a bit of a struggle to get here but we got to the right place and had the right person.
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yeah, whatever happens it all works out. it's a business that all's well that ends well. >> can you talk more about boehner and where he leaves the conference and the chamber? mr. cole: largest republican majority since 1928. he leaves us with a series of pretty impressive victories in divided government that goes all the way back to the beginning of his tenure, everything from massive reduction in the budget to saving the bush tax cuts to real entitlement reform to the end of earmarks. so it's pretty impressive. and today honestly he's doing exactly what he said as only john boehner would say, he's cleaning out the barn. he's giving paul ryan about as good of position to start from as he possibly could. taking care of the possibility of a real appropriations process. now we have a two-year budget agreement. real entitlement reform. protecting seniors on the part b medicare and all paid for. he'd be first to tell you,
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wasn't the way he wanted to get there and he'd wanted to do more but in divided government checks and balances in a polarized political atmosphere, it's a pretty extraordinary accomplishment and john boehner is the guy that made it happen. >> all right. guys. one side. keep the hallway clear. host: congressman tom cole of oklahoma who led the initial debate on the two-year budget deal. the house will come back shortly and have general debate. paul ryan has been selected by the conference to be their speaker. the vote 200 for paul ryan, 43 for daniel webster. one vote apiece for marsha blackburn of tennessee and the current majority leader kevin mccarthy. love to hear your reaction on phone. also on twitter. if you tweet us @c-span. a tweet here from karen that says we need to be done with separate parties.
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start over as one. was all open minded and works with us, the people. no more party rulers. ryan will not be able to control the g.o.p. three-headed monster. let's listen in. david brat of virginia talking to reporters. [inaudible] mr. brat: i wanted paul to respond and i didn't get a feedback. >> will you support paul ryan on the floor? mr. brat: my principal stance -- if you follow that logic. >> make a hole. hole, please. inaudible]
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>> guys, make sure you keep this open. host: paul ryan, winning his conference's vote as next speaker of the house by a wide margin, 200 for congressman paul ryan. 43 for daniel webster. according to reporters, paul ryan still speaking with members inside the conference room. we'll stay here live as we expect to hear from more members and perhaps even paul ryan as well and get to your phone calls too. some comments from reporters on capitol hill, one who covers capitol hill for "the wall street journal" tweeting that steve pearce who nominated webster said unclear if webster will run tomorrow for speaker. from daniel newhowser from
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"national journal." paul ryan lost 45 republicans. remember, house freedom caucus endorsed webster in conference but are free to vote for whomever on the floor. justin amash. from michigan. congratulations to our republican conference number fee for -- nominee for speaker. and john mccain, congratulations to the next house speaker. representative paul ryan, an outstanding leader. hearing from you on twitter, on the phone, facebook. clayton, north carolina. tony, welcome. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my phone call. i think it's a great move for the republican party even though i'm an independent. i think he'll do good for the party. let's face it, he'll do better than the last two speakers. the cry baby from ohio. so i think this man will do a better job. thank you. host: john boehner is expected to make his final speech on the house floor tomorrow. utica, michigan, and don's on the republican line.
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croip yes. thanks for taking -- caller: yes, thanks for taking my call. the last caller kind of -- went over some emails or some text and when you brought up justin amash was congratulating paul ryan, that just kind of all of a sudden kicked me in the face because justin amash is a straight up -- i mean, he's endorsed by rand paul and ron paul. he's a libertarian hardcore. so for him to go ahead and be all happy about paul ryan tells me this is definitely not on the up and up. but my deal is real simple here. i didn't call up about that. i own health insurance agencies and i am an independent and at least now we can get everyone to shut up about repealing and let's hear a debate tonight and see if they really got anything to say because the deal is is
2:47 pm
that boehner and with ryan's allegedly disgust but approval, the people's protection and affordable care act is well fund and probably funded enough to go around the world twice. so once again, for me to say amash is saying this is all good, then that just -- this doesn't make any sense but one thing that's good is let's put this to bed and let move on to bring back made in the u.s.a. i think everyone can agree with that. host: the house will be back in in about 15 minutes or so. around 3:00 eastern. a tweet from the majority leader, also issued a statement on the election. the selection of paul ryan as our next speaker marks an important step toward unifying our conference. jones up next in blue ridge, georgia. democrats line. caller: i'm 78 years old. where i live is six miles from tennessee and 12 miles from north carolina. so we're in the mountains. ok. i had an idea. i called the offices last week,
2:48 pm
both pelosi and john lewis, one of our georgia representatives. host: yeah. caller: with an idea i haven't heard anybody else say this. this is the time -- it's almost too late now -- this is the time when there could be a coalition formed of responsible republicans with the democrats who would be very willing to elect someone. this could pull the teeth of the tea party people who have prevented everything, every pill passed that would benefit americans. what they should do is coalesce, go together, offer dold. akership to robert he's 92 years old. probably wouldn't take it. if he doesn't, they could offer the speakership to michael steele, the former chairman of the r.n.c., republican national committee. then if he doesn't take it, the other option could be asking olympia snowe to come out of
2:49 pm
retirement. now, they would all be republicans and i'm a democrat, haven't always been all my life. couldn't have been one when lester maddux was here. host: thanks. the freedom caucus leader heading out. i understand we're minutes away from hearing paul ryan. after his election just a short while ago by his conference, election by his conference as the next speaker of the house. we'll have that for you live and keep it live as much as we can until the house gavels in here about 3:00 eastern. let's go to sonora, california. bob's on the republican line. what do you think, bob? caller: hello. host: you're on the air. go ahead. caller: yeah, hi. thanks for taking my call. i just want to make a comment. representing all seniors, ok. that are on social security. i think it's a shame there's by either emphasis party or none of the candidates -- i know they're supposed to talk about it today at the
2:50 pm
debate, but it's -- it kind of disturbs me hear people calling in saying that ryan is not that favorable for social security. you know, it's anybody who puts social security, social security benefits, especially for the seniors, you know, one lady called a few minutes ago, within the last hour saying she gets $750 a month. you know, we should all be getting $,500 a month. anything below $2,500 a month should be subsidized by food stamps or coupons. it's a shame. any candidate that puts, you know, seniors, millions of seniors' vote, anybody who puts those on their platform are going to win. and that's, you know, it seems like we're forgetting about the seniors. host: thanks, bob. in about 10 minutes, the house will gavel back in, 10 minutes or so to begin debate on this budget deal, the two-year budget deal hammered out
2:51 pm
between congressional leaders and the white house. it raises the spending caps for two years, $80 billion raise in those caps and also extending the debt ceiling through march of 2017. we're live on capitol hill at the longworth house office building after paul ryan was selected by his conference, a vote of 200-43 over daniel webster of florida to be the next speaker of the house. we're expecting to hear from paul ryan shortly. we'll have it live here on c-span or online at there's tom cole of the rules committee. let's listen in. or perhaps not. let's take your calls. we go to washington, d.c., independents line. and doctor, go ahead. caller: yes. thanks for talking my call. watching the proceedings here with the g.o.p. conference and their nomination of paul d.
2:52 pm
ryan, i have a hype -- hypothetical question for you. from my high school civics i recall that the speaker doesn't necessarily have to be a member of congress. tomorrow, i suppose that the democrats are also nominating their leaders today too. say tomorrow at the election on the house floor, i'm assuming nancy pelosi would be nominated by the democrats. what if just by chance, hypothetically, there was enough votes, say, 219 votes for nancy pelosi, would that be possible, would it not? highly unlikely but is that a possibility that that could happen in a blue moon? host: they would continue to
2:53 pm
vote until they had a speaker, from what i understand. we're waiting to hear from the likely next speaker, paul ryan, who's finished speaking with members and supposed to speak with reporters here momentarily. let's see if we can get another call. this is james from new york. democrats line. james. caller: yes. hank you for taking my call. it's sad and it's ironic that the same day paul ryan getting elected, the other speaker of the house pleads guilty to fooling around with money. it's a sad comment and i don't the we got any idea of atmosphere in washington. it's a different country. host: james is referring to the charges, the plea bargain deal in illinois with former house speaker dennis hastert. looks like we might see paul ryan momentarily.
2:54 pm
let's pause here and watch. live coverage on c-span. 1986 t right to an administrative appeal relating to adverse determinations of tax exempt status of certain organizations. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on ordering the previous question. members will record their votes
2:55 pm
by electronic device. this will be a 15-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.]
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