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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 30, 2015 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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convinced that he the united states will be safer, our allies will be safer, and the world will be safer if iran doesn't have and isn't anywhere close to getting a nuclear weapon. we believe, as our energy department, intelligence community, and military know, that because of the verification measures and transparency of this agreement, we will know whether or not they are. as you recall, when negotiations were going on there speculation about what an agreement might mean for relations between washington and iran. was it possible that a breakthrough in the nuclear issue would be able to open the door to broader cooperation? somewhat welcome that prospect, some to be truthful, were, were alarmed by that process. so, i want to be clear, we meant exactly what we said, the iran deal was considered on its own terms, not what is he going to do here, just nuclear terms, it was it was the right thing to do whether or not it leads to other areas of cooperation.
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we are not making any assumptions about iran's future policies because we base our process approach on observable facts. what we we see is that iran continues to engage in play and the secretary and division in the region and it continues to detain several american citizens, and our estimation without justification, and to ransom policies are one reason why we are working so closely and supportively with our partners in the region, including the gulf states and israel. in fact, we have established an unprecedented level of cooperation with israel on military issues, we are correlating in forcing sanctions and in trying to stop the tears organization such as has months
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and has below from getting financing and weapons that they seek. we also support israel's right to defend itself and its citizens, we do that in many ways. we also support all of the gcc countries in the work we did in camp david and we will continue to do, and i even reaffirmed when i was out in the region a couple of days ago. within the past week, i've met with prime minister, with king abdalla, king solomon of solomon saudi arabia, and others. we all agreed of the importance of ending the violence in israel, jerusalem, gaza, and the west bank. in making it clear that the status quo at the temple mount will not be changed. i want to be clear the kind of violence we have been seen in recent weeks hurts everyone. the innocent victims and their families, the jewish, the palestinians who year and to
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have their aspirations realize, it hurts everyone. this is yet another indication of the folly of believing that efforts of permanent peace and reconciliation are somehow not worth pursuing. i cannot imagine the notion of just doing up your hands and walking away and saying, good luck. the current situation is simply not sustainable. pres. obama has said that publicly many times, i have set a publicly, it is absolutely vital for israel to take steps that empower palestinian leaders to improve economic opportunities in the quality of life of their people on a day-to-day basis, and it is equally important for palestinian leaders to cease the violence and to offer something more than rhetoric. instead, propose solutions that will contribute in a real way to
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the improvement of life, to the reduction of violence, and to the safety and security of israel. firm and creative leadership on both sides is absolutely essential. a true true state solution with strong security protections remains the only viable alternative, for anyone who thinks otherwise you can measure what unitary looks like by looking at what has been going on in the last weeks. the united states absolutely remains prepared to do what we can to make that two state, two people living side-by-side, in peace and security, to make that possible. another core element of our security strategy in the middle east is that on the coalition we have localized to counter and defeat the group now as i sell. the list of crimes for which i
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sold, or - is responsible is truly mind-boggling. it is truly disturbing as anything i have ever, related in my life. -our smugglers, kidnappers they butcher, they butcher teachers, burn books, they execute journalists are doing their jobs trying to report on the truth, they execute execute people just for their religious beliefs. they execute them for who they are, by birth, nothing said, nothing nothing done, just because they are different. in iraq isil has been auctioning off women and girls, teaching people that the rape of under aged non- muslim females is a form of prayer. according to da sh they live in
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virtual paradise but we are beginning to see how different the reality is. they're all multiple reports of das h executing fighters who signed up and then had second thoughts and were trying to get out. consider the case of a teenage boy who had been recruited in syria and sent to iraq. one morning he approached a shiite mosque in baghdad, he unbuttoned his jacket, opened it up, up, told the guards i am wearing a suicide vest but i do not want to blow myself up. the boy said later that he had volunteered to wear the best because it was the only way he could think of to escape, he had joined das h to serve his religion and fight a sod, but when he witnessed the execution of a young person very much like himself he decided to reverse course and get out. this past summer the terrace
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picked up sledgehammers and smashed half a dozen statues in the ancient city of palm era. they destroyed the roman arches, they blew up historic tombs and destroyed a 2000-year-old temple. then they sees the city director of an equities, the man was tried to protect history and they made him kneel in a public square and they cut off his head. the man was 83 years old, old, he spent a lifetime saving history. he had been in charge of preserving the mayor's cultural heritage for more than 50 years. my friends, between this saturday night and sunday morning we are all going to be turning our clocks back one hour, das h and groups like it want to turn the clock of civilization back a millennium or more. we simply cannot allow this to
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continue. that is why president obama is ratcheting up what we are doing. under pres. obama's leadership, leadership, we have led a 65 member coalition to take on the ash, for more than a year we have been doing that. we have saved communities, colonic, to see 100,000 sunnis be able to return to their homes. we have seven we have seven the beginning that this would be a multiyear effort. i think we have already accomplished a lot. we we have launched more than 7300 air strike, we force das h to change how they are attacking. we have liberated communities and made a difference in the nature of this battlefield. i spoke earlier about the impact of our policies on ordinary
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lives, last week, just -underscore to you the degree to which we are ready to take this fight, and the degree to which we are raising our capacity. a u.s. special forces operation carried out a rescue directed against the das h prison in northern iraq. our troops freed 6969 hostages who were about to be executed one by one with a mass grave that had already been done. i have spoken spoken to people in our embassy, i spoke to her special person who is in baghdad, he told me and he went and visited the people who had been released. he said he could not imagine their emotion, their gratitude to pres. obama and the
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american people. they told. they told us the enormous debt they feel to the family of master sergeant joshua wheeler who gave his life in that operation. i think that is a debt to we all zero. i will say to you what i've said many times, throughout my life, we are deeply privileged to be represented and protected by the quality and caliber of the men and women of the armed forces of the united states. we express our gratitude to them. meanwhile, [applause]. meanwhile, i want you to know the combination of coalition airpower and the iraq he ground forces is being felt. we are supplying iraq with armored bulldozers, my clearing equipment that is making it much harder for the ash to h to go out and resupply its fighters, and iraq he forced just retook the oil refinery, strategically located on the road that links baghdad.
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we have pushed das h out of 17 commenters of territory and we have secured the turkish syrian border, that is about 85% of the turkish border. the president is authorizing further activities to secure the rest. we know that some of our key allies, the the british, the french, the turks are stepping up more with their help. president obama recently gave a green light to send more ammunition and aid to our allies on the ground. the president has made clear that we are determined to degrade das h more rapidly. i want to underscore, as well that military operations are but one of the many components of what the coalition's doing. we. we are working hard to counter the ash propaganda and deterred foreign fighters from joining it. in in partnership with the uae we have established a center in abu dhabi that is offering
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positive messages across the region and internet and all through social media, talking about politics, religion, the responsibilities of faith. we are striving to cut off das h funding so it becomes bankrupt politically just as it is morally. ultimately, to defeat the ash, we have to end the war in syria. that is america's goal. and thinking about how to do this, you you have to think about how the conflict be it began. early in 20 2011 father and son had ruled more than 40 years. hassan sent thugs to beat up the young people who are protesting in the streets and looking for jobs, looking for a future, that
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is all they want to. but but the thugs went out and beat them up. when the parents got angry at the fact that their kids were met with thugs, they went out and they were met with bullets and bombs. that is how this started. so having made peaceful change impossible, assad made made war inevitable and he sued turn to hezbollah for help, and iran, and russia. this exasperated tensions between sunni and shiite communities and pave the way for das h to emerge. the result has been for a half years of nonstop horror. this is a human catastrophe unfolding before our eyes in the 21st century. you know the numbers, we have a fundamental responsibility to try to do something about it. one syrian in 20, has been killed or wounded. one in five is a refugee, one into has been
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displaced. the average life expectancy in syria has drop ice 20 years. my my friends, the challenge we face in syria today is nothing less then to chart a course out of hell. to do that, we have to employ a two-pronged two-pronged approach. intensifying our counter das h campaign and, on the other side are diplomatic efforts to try to bring the conflict to a close. these steps are actually mutually reinforcing, that is why we are stepping up to fight against the ash by resupplying the opposition fighters in northern syria to help them consolidate the gains they have made across territory and to begin to pressure the chief city of isil, which is iraq a. we are also enhancing our air campaign to help drive the ash which once dominated the syrian
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turkey border out of the last 7t controls. at the end of the day, nothing would do more to bolster the fight against the ash than a political transition that sidelines assad that so that we can unite more of the country against extremism. we have to eliminate the mindset which was encouraged by the beginning by both her side and the ash, the only choice syrians have is between the two of them. either of terrace or you have assad, no, that is not the choice. this is a mindset that fear the dictator side with the terrorists and vice a versa. this is the mindset that has transformed syria into a killing field. field. we have a different vision, i just returned from meetings in vienna that included a
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remarkable session, broke some new ground where we had russia, turkey, saudi arabia and the united states. i will head back to vienna tonight to take the next step in our discussions about representatives from a broadening group of nations, including iran which will join one of these multilateral gatherings for the first time. while finding a way forward with syria will not be easy, it is not going to be automatic, it, it is the most promising opportunity for a political opening where recognizing what is happening, where syria is being destroyed, that europe is being deeply impacted, that jordan is a being greatly put under enormous pressure, lebanon, turkey, and so many millions of syrians who have been displaced within syria itself. the most compelling of all is
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the tragedy that syrians are living every day. the best opportunity we have is to try to come to the table and recognize there has to be a political solution that everyone is talking about. as part of this diplomacy i have had many conversations with my russian counterparts, as everyone here knows russian airstrikes in syria began about four weeks ago. so there is fundamental choice here, is it russia there just to shore up or are they there to help bring about a solution. we we will know, we'll put that to the test. contrary to the claims of the officials in moscow, it has to be underscore that most of the strikes thus far have been directed, not against the ash but against the opponents of the assad regime. that is not in our view, a way to bring the war to a close but that will be part of the discussion will have in the course of our vienna meetings. the likely result of that strategy, by the way will be to further radicalize the population, prolong the
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fighting, and perhaps strengthen the illusion on assad's part that he can indefinitely hold his power. if that is what he thinks, i have news, there is no way that a number of the other countries involved in this correlation will let up or stop. it will not happen. there is another thing that is critical, russia, the united states, and others share an amazing amount of cotton untran, ground on this. we actually all agreed that the status quo was unattainable. we agree that we need to find a way to have a political's solution. we agree that a victory by das h or or another terrorist group has to be prevented. we agree that it is imperative to save the state of syria and the institutions of which it is built and preserve a united, secular syria.
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we all agree that we have to create the conditions for the return of the displaced persons and refugee. we agree agree on the right of the syrian people to choose their leadership through transparent, free election with a new constitution and protections for all minorities in the country. we agree on all of that. surely, we can find a place where one man does not stand in the way of the possibilities apiece. so, we agree that all of these steps can only be achieved in syria can only be saved through a political settlement. so my message to foreign minister and president poon, all concerned governments, is that we each have a responsibility here to contribute to an early and to the syrian disaster, through a transition, already agreed upon in the context of the geneva communiqué which would unite the
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country and would give it a chance to bring back its citizens and live in peace. that is the purpose of the inclusive diplomatic process that we are continuing to pursue beginning with this trip, back across the atlantic this evening. before closing, i i would make two additional points quickly. first, to skeptics who say that democracy can't make it in the middle east and north africa, i reply with one word, tunisia. [applause]. here, where the arab spring was born we are not finding a paradise but we are finding a place where leaders of the opposing factors have been willing to put the interests of their nation above personal
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ambitions. where civil society is playing a vital role in spurring political dialogue. where power was transferred peacefully from one leader to the next in accordance with the rule of law, and where diverse perspectives including both secular and religion are not being repressed, they are actually being encouraged and taken into account. what is happening in tunisia is important for the people there obviously, but guess what it is instructive of the entire region. tunisia is showing what it means to be builders in the middle east. my second point is more of a plea. please do not accept the view of some that the middle east must inevitably be divided along secretary and lines, especially between sunni and shiite muslims. nothing kills the propaganda of dsh and other terrorist organizations more than the
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smith. this simplistic and cynical view is not only not true historically, it is not true today. after all, coalition to defeat dsh includes every sunni region in the northeast. last june when the ash suicide bombers attacked and killed muslims while they are praying in kuwait at the start of ramadan, 27 were killed, what happened? the speaker of the parliament immediately rushed to the site of the tragedy, 1300 people volunteered to give blood the first day, sunni religious leaders urged their followers to show solidarity by praying at shiite mouse. the government blew the bodies of the victims for burial in accordance to family wishes.
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back in kuwait, 35000 people of every single sector came together and attended a funeral for others who were killed. they stood up and said the mosque would be rebuilt. a sunni businessman volunteered to do the job for nothing. das h will rise or fall on its ability to drive the people apart. that is precisely why i say it will fail. on that horrible evening, 20 years ago when i was being descended on city hall steps in tel aviv and he walked towards his car and towards his killer, there is a sheet of paper in his pocket that would soon be stained with blood. on the paper were the words, to sheer, a song of peace. words that warn of the prominence of death and
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replacing hate for something better. the middle east today, my friends is still marred by the sounds of spectacle of violence but it need not be. the region is also pulsating with life, it is the homa populations that are energetic, youthful, forward-looking, and, forward-looking, and far more interested in plugging into the world's economy than slugging it out with historical foes. it is in them that we place our faith. it is for them, and for our horizons that we dedicate our collective efforts. it is with them that the united states of america is determined to turn back the destroyers and build a future that is characterized by prosperity, by peace, peace, and by dignity for all people. that is a worthy fight,
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every weekend c-span features programs. saturday night at 9:00 eastern politics and internet experts on whether social media hurts politics and its effect on campaign 2016. and sunday evening, texas legislators and other officials look at the hispanic vote. and this saturday, on c-span 2's book tv starting at noon
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eastern it's the 27th annual southern festival of books in nashville, featuring nonfiction uthor presentations.
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>> yesterday, the u.s. house elected wisconsin congressman paul ryan, the 54th spooker of the house with 236 votes. here's today's house session in its entirety starting with outgoing speaker john boehner gaveling in for the last time. we will also hear from minority leader nancy pelosi and then speaker elect ryan. this is 242 hours, 45 minutes. - 2 hours, 45 minutes. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2015] 6
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>> let us pray. lord god, you know our needs. entrusted to us a great nation bounded in life and liberty. we stand before you ready to fulfill the mission that will give glory to your name and ensure the dignity of all humanity. we plead for your wisdom. give us the courage to open our eyes to see. give us the fortitude to endure when the demands of our office seem overwhelming. bless us with prudence when all pathways seem troublesome. help us to discern and seek the common good when comfort and expedients tempt and beckon. challenge our minds and steady our hand and remind us that all good things come from you. transform our lives, and we will remember that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the greatest work we will perform on behalf of all people. amen. >> announces to the house is approval thereof. the journal stands approved. the pledge of allegiance would be led from the gentleman from ohio. >> everybody join in pledge for our nation's flag. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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the speaker: props the gentleman from ohio rise? >> mr. speaker, pursuant to clause 7 of rule 20, i move a call of the house. the speaker: under clause 7-b of rule 20, the chair confers recognition for that purpose. without objection, the call of the house is ordered. members will record their presence by electronic device.
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>> a special day in the u.s. house, electing a new speaker today. the outgoing house speaker initiated the roll call for members to come to the floor and begin the process of electing a new speaker, who is likely to be paul ryan, from janesville, wisconsin. his pastor in janesville opened up the morning session with the prayer this morning. speaker boehner gaveled the house in. live coverage on c-span. a bit different look from the different angles. we have our cameras in the
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chamber in addition to the cameras from the house. this call, the quorum, the same kind of thing, it will last a half hour, maybe less. chamber in addition to the cameras from the house. this call, the quorum, the same kind of thing, it will last a half hour, maybe less. the proceedings will get underway. all live here on c-span.
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>> congressman ryan on the floor of the house. the chamber is in the call, a quorum gathering for the election of the speaker coming up. being surrounded by fellow members, the electorate will get underway just a bit later on as the health -- as the house gathers. live coverage. we are joined by the senior staff writer. next to in inauguration or a state of the union address, this is a significant event that happens on capitol hill. >> this is an enormous deal. the transfer of power in the house of representatives, paul ryan will become the next speaker of the house, the 54th speaker of the house. second in line to the presidency, behind, of course, the vice president. there is a lot of activity on
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he hill right now. paul ryan -- i just bumped into him at downstairs at the capital. he was greeting family members. he was engaged in a pretty fun conversation with governor sam brownback, one of his former mentors in the house of representatives. there is a lot of activity, a lot of people, a lot of energy ight now in the house. >> on the floor, not just paul ryan, but others as well. we are hearing that is former running mate, mitt romney, and his wife will be in the gallery today. >> that is exactly right. mitt romney and his wife will be in the chamber later today. along with all of his family members -- paul ryan's mother,
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betty douglas will be there, all of his siblings. they are getting the band back together again, i suppose you could say, with romney, the former 2012 presidential gop nominee. >> move us forward just a little bit. once the quorum happens, how does the election take place? >> around 9:40, we will hear speaker boehner deliver his farewell remarks. then we will go into the nomination for speaker, followed up by a roll call. this is a formal local where members -- formal roll call where members will be asked to shout out on the house floor the name of the person they would like to see as a speaker. this also includes democrats. they will include the name nancy pelosi. most republicans shouting out the name when their name is
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called, paul ryan. we are expecting some defections on both sides as we have seen in recent elections. >> yesterday was 200 votes in the conference for paul ryan. 42 daniel webster -- 43 daniel webster. there was some word that daniel webster would not run today, would take his name out of consideration. what are you hearing? >> what i am hearing is -- he acknowledges that paul ryan probably has 218 votes necessary to be elected speaker of the house floor. however, what he has a is that he cannot control members from shouting out his name on the ouse floors. we are expecting some webster loyalists who are disenchanted with the establishment, disenchanted with, you know, not only speaker boehner, but his leadership.
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remember, most of the leadership team will not change. we still have a majority leader kevin mccarthy, majority whip. the only person that will change is the person at the top. we are expecting probably a dozen or so folks who will perhaps vote for daniel webster. that is roughly what he got in january in his race against speaker boehner. been -- our c-span viewers saw daniel webster speaking with jim jordan, the head of the freedom caucus. what is the relationship between paul ryan and jim jordan, and other conservatives, particularly the 43 or so that supported congressman webster? >> it is one of respect. i spoke to jim jordan yesterday. there is a mutual respect.
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he is obviously -- paul ryan is very much a policy person. he's not engaged on the political side, although he is a talented politician. what we have seen in the last couple weeks here is paul ryan reaching out to disenchanted conservatives saying, i am open to all of these ideas of rules reforms, i would like to get more members involved in the process when it comes to bringing those floors in terms of revamping the steering committee that uses which members -- that chooses which members are assigned to committees and which members will receive chairmanships. ll these discussions will be taking place over the next few weeks. we are told that paul ryan, yesterday in his meeting with house republicans, told them that he wants to get many of
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these rules finalized before thanksgiving. >> that is scott wong, reporting from capitol hill, covering the election of the house speaker. a senior staff writer with "the hill" thanks for joining us so much. looking live on the house floor. this is the quorum. we are covering it in a number of ways. you are seeing some different camera angles. there is daniel webster. in addition to the house with -- house cameras, c-span's cameras are here today. the dean of the house, john conyers will square in the news -- the new speaker. last dean was john dingell. you can with some of the news from the swearing in with craig caplan, our capitol hill producers @craigcaplan on twitter. we will look on facebook as well -- what are you looking for in the next speaker?
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on the left of your screen is congressman daniel webster of the florida. yesterday in the congress vote he received 43 fellow republican votes. he supporting to jake sherman, tweaking daniel webster is urging republicans not to vote for him as speaker. he's in the back of the chamber, speaking with steve king. daniel webster asked not to be nominated on the floor for gop speaker. the house is gathering for the election of the new
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speaker. this is the call of the house, the rollcall of members. we expect next, in about 15 minutes or so, the speaker will announce the establishment of a quorum, and proceedings will get underway.
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look up to the speaker's box and you'll see congressman ryan's wife. also his three kids are there. his kids are liza, charlie, and sam. his mother, betty douglas.
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in addition, the former running mate of paul ryan, governor mitt romney and his wife anne will be in the speaker's box. live coverage of the election of the house speaker set underway shortly as the house gathers. the quorum is called. paul ryan greeting members on the house floor. bridget bowman of rollcall tweets that candice miller says she, kevin brady, and marcy kaptur will be teller for speaker vote counters. we encourage you on those of you on twitter to follow craig caplan @craigcaplan for updates on the house floor and the election of a new speaker. on your screen is kevin brady
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on your screen is kevin brady of texas making his way through the chamber. he is one of the two congressmen mentored -- mentioned as a replacement for paul ryan on the ways and means committee. also pat barry of ohio a member of that committee. the house gaveling in, the rollcall well underway. "we are still waiting for about 45 members to check in for quorum call." the "p" next to the name means present. you don't normally see this on c-span, because you see what we see -- the house cameras. they allowed us today to bring our own c-span cameras into the chambers. nomination for speakers and 15 minutes, the book begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern. 25 more minutes, could be sooner.
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live coverage here on c-span.
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>> are there other members that wish to record their resence? on this rollcall, 421 members have recorded their presence. a quorum is present. house will be in order. to requests that members clear the aisle, and cease all conversation.
5:06 am
for what purpose does the distinguished speaker seek recognition? for what purpose does the distinguished speaker seek recognition? the speaker: all right. thank you.
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mr. speaker, i rise today to inform you that i will resign as speaker of the house effective upon the election of my successor. i will also resign as the representative from ohio's 8th district at the end of this month. i leave with no regrets, no burdens. if anything, i leave the way i started. just a regular guy, humbled by the chance to do a big job. that's what i'm most proud of. i'm still just me. the same guy who came here 25 years ago as a small business man and spent all these 25 years trying to just be me. sometimes my staff thought i was too much like me, but it really is i'm most proud of. the same regular guy that came here to try to do a good job for my district and my country. but before i go, i want to
5:08 am
express what an honor it's been to serve with all of you. the people's house is in my view the great embodiment of the american dream. everybody here comes from somewhere and everybody here's on some mission. i come from a part of the world where we are used to working. as far back as i can remember, i was working, my staff was asking me the other day, on november 1, you're not going to have a job. when was the last time you didn't have a job? i thought about it and thought about it and thought about it. i thought, i had to be 8 or 9 years old because i was throwing newspapers back then and working at my dad's bar. as a matter of fact, i used to work from 5:00 a.m. on saturday morning until 2:00 p.m. for $2. not $2 an hour. $2. i never thought about growing up as the easy way or the hard way. it was just the cincinnati way. you know our city takes its
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name from a great roman general, a man who answered the call of his nation to lead. and then surrendered his power to go back to his plow. for me it wasn't a farm it was a small business. and it wasn't so much a calling as it was a mission. a mission to strive for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable federal government here in washington. how did we do? here are some facts. for the first time in nearly 20 years we have made some real entitlement reforms. saving trillions of dollars over the long term. we have protected 99% of the american people from an increase in their taxes. we are on track to save taxpayers $2.1 trillion over the next 10 years. the most significant spending reductions in modern times. we have banned earmarks all together. sorry.
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we have protected this institution. we have made it more open to the people. and every day in this capital city there are hundreds of kids from the toughest neighborhoods who are finally getting a hance at a decent education. i'm proud of these things. but the mission is not complete but the truth is it may never be. one thing i came to realize over the years that i have been here is that this battle over the size and scope and cost of our government in washington has been going on for more than 200 years. and the forces of the status quo do -- good for an awful lot of trouble to prevent change from happening. real change takes time.
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yes, freedom makes all things possible, but patience is what makes all things real. so believe in the long slow struggle. believe in this country's ability to meet her challenges and to lead the world. and remember, you can't do a big job alone. especially this one. so i'm grateful to my family, deb and my two girls, my two girls were 3 and 1 when i first ran for office. now they are a lot older. so they have been through a lot. you-all know what your families go through. it's one thing for us to take the boards and everything gets thrown at us, but it's another thing for our families. their skin isn't as thick as ours. i'm also grateful to all my colleagues. my fellow leaders, mr. mccarthy, mr. scalise, mrs. , and many on rs
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my side of the aisle, our committee chairs, people i have worked with for a long time. i'm just as grateful to ms. pelosi, mr. hoyer, mr. clyburn, and becerra, and others for all of the work that we have done together. over these last five years we have done an awful lot of work together. probably more work done across the aisle over the last five years than in the 25 years that i served in this institution. now, as much as i enjoy working with all of you, some of you still could learn to dress etter. ou know who you are. i saw one of the culprits, one of the usual suspects that shows up here once in a while without a tie, but this morning he didn't dress very well but he did have a tie on. i'm grateful to the people who work in this institution every
5:13 am
day. whether it's the reading clerks - there are a lot of people, thousands of people that allow us to do our jobs and to help make this institution what it is. and whether it's the people you see here today or the people in the capitol police or leg counsel, there are thousands of people that do allow us to do our job. i'm grateful to my staff. now, you-all know i'm a big believer in staff. none of this can be what we are without the good staff. i certainly would never have
5:14 am
gotten to this job without having built a great team. so really am grateful to my staff as they like to say to each other, once you're part of boehner land, you're always part of boehner land. and that certainly goes for me as well. i'm especially grateful to all my constituents and the volunteers over the years. that includes a student at miami university in oxford, ohio, in 1990, who was putting up campaign signs for me. his name was paul ryan. i don't think he could pronounce my name back -- he was putting signs up for me. but cincinnati understood there is a difference between being asked to do something and being called to do something. . ul is being called i know he'll serve with grace and with energy and i want to wish him and his family all the best.
5:15 am
my colleagues, i describe my life as a chase for the american dream and that chase began at the bottom of the hill just off the main drag in redding, ohio, right outside cincinnati. top of the hill was a small house with a big family, a shining city in its own right. the hill had twists. the hill had turns, and even a few tears. nothing wrong with that. but let me tell you, it was just perfect. never forget we're the luckiest people on the earth. in america, you can do anything that you're willing to work for, willing to work hard at
5:16 am
and things -- anything can happen if you're willing to make the necessary sacrifices in life. if you falter, and you will, you can just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go do it again because hope always brings eternal and if you do the right things for the right reasons, good things will happen. and this, too, can really happen to you. god bless you and god bless our great country.
5:17 am
5:18 am
the speaker: thankfully i had a gavel. pursuant to the speaker's announcement, the chair will receive nominations for office of the speaker. and the chair recognizes the gentlelady from washington tate, mrs. mcmorris rodgers. mr. cmorris rodgers: speaker, today in the people's house, it gives me great honor to nominate the people's speaker. you don't need to look any further than the architecture of washington, d.c., to see what our founders envisioned. it's not by mistake that the dome over the congress is the very center of the federal city. the white house and the supreme court are set about us. satellite to the supreme power of the people expressed in this legislative body. in the house we are eager for a
5:19 am
fresh start that will make us more effective to fulfill our obligation to reflect the will of the people and to re-establish the balance of power. and there's no better person to lead us in that calling than the man i am about to nominate. he was first elected to the house at the ripe old age of 28 and he's served here now for 17 years. we all remember when he led the house budget committee, the visionary proposals, the lengthy debates and who could forget those powerpoints. he's now the chairman of the house ways and means committee, but he's more than a chairman to us. he's more than a colleague. he's our friend. he's a leader, and through it all he's never forgotten his roots. he lived on the same block he grew up in jamesville, wisconsin. there's no place he'd rather be than at home with his family. he will continue to put the people of this country first, and i can say in all candor, he
5:20 am
did not seek this office. the office sought him. as chair of the house republican conference, i am directed by a vote of that conference to present for election to the office of speaker for the house of representatives for the 114th congress, the representative from the state of wisconsin, the man from jamesville, the onorable paul d. ryan. -- the man from janesville, the onorable paul d. ryan. spoirk the chair now recognizes
5:21 am
the gentleman from -- the speaker: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. becerra. mr. becerra: thank you, mr. speaker. i offer my congratulations to my friend, the gentleman from wisconsin, mr. ryan, on his nomination by his colleagues. and at this time as chairman of the democratic caucus of this house, i wish to place in nomination the name of a proven leader for the office of speaker of the house of representatives. a leader who has accomplished in this chamber and for this country what few can match, a leader who as speaker of this house secured passage of landmark economic recovery package legislation in 2009 which transformed a diving economy losing 100,000 jobs each month to one that's created more than 13 million 60 over the last consecutive months of job
5:22 am
growth. a leader who has speaker accomplished what 70 years of congresses could not, enactment of our lifesaving health security law which has put 18 million more americans in control of their and their hildren's health care. a leader who had the foresight in 2008 to fight for the biggest investment in our troops since world war ii with the passage of the post-9/11 g.i. bill and the largest investment in our veterans' health care and benefits in the 7-year history of the v.a. a leader who was not afraid to take on the challenge of fixing our broken immigration system
5:23 am
and secured passage of the dream act in 2010. mr. speaker, leadership is about making the tough choices and getting things done. it means knowing how to bill the majority, not just with the members of your own political party but with the 435 elected members of the house of representatives so we can get things done. this leader understands that and knows how to get things done. even while serving in the minority in this house. that's why less than 24 hours ago this leader succeeded in breaking through the gridlock in this house and secured the votes needed to avert a senseless government shutdown and a perilous default on the ayment of america's bills. thanks to this leader, 16 1/2
5:24 am
million seniors will not suffer a $55 a month increase in their medicare premiums and congress will not cut the social ecurity benefits by 20%. mr. speaker, that's leadership and that's what americans expect from those they elect. that is why it is my privilege as chairman of the house democratic caucus and as directed by the colleagues of the democratic caucus, i nominate for election to the office of speaker of the house of representatives from the 12th district of the great state of california, the norable nancy patricia 'alesandro pelosi.
5:25 am
the speaker: the names of the honorable paul d. ryan and representative from the state of wisconsin and the honorable nancy pelosi, a representative from the state of california have been placed in nomination. are there further nominations? there being no further nominations, the chair appoints the following tellers. the gentlewoman from michigan, mrs. miller, the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. brady, the gentlewoman from ohio, ms. kaptur, the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen. the tellers will come forward and take their seats at the desk in front of the speaker's rostrum.
5:26 am
the roll will now be taken and those responding to their names will indicate the surname of the nominee of their choosing.
5:27 am
the clerk will now call the roll. the clerk: mr. abraham. ryan. adams. pelosi. derholt, ryan. aguilar, pelosi. allen, ryan. amash, ryan. modei, ryan. ashford, pelosi. babin, ryan. arletta, ryan.
5:28 am
arr, ryan. barton, ryan. pelosi. eatty, pelosi. becerra, pelosi. enishek, ryan. era, pelosi. beyer, pelosi. bilirakis, ryan.
5:29 am
.ishop of georgia, pelosi ishop of michigan, ryan. . shop of utah . shop of utah black, ryan. blackburn, ryan. lum, ryan. lumenauer, pelosi. bonamici, pelosi. mike bost, ryan. oustany, ryan.
5:30 am
brendan boyle, pelosi. brady of pennsylvania, pelosi. rady of texas, ryan. rat bridenstine, ryan. brooks of alabama, ryan. brooks of indiana, ryan. rown of florida, pelosi. rownley of california, pelosi.
5:31 am
uchanan, ryan. buck, ryan. bucshon, ryan. burgess, ryan. cheri bustos, pelosi. butterfield, pelosi. byrne, ryan. calvert, ryan. capps, pelosi. capuano, pelosi.
5:32 am
ardenas, pelosi. arney, pelosi. carson of indiana, pelosi. carter of georgia, ryan. carter of texas, ryan. artwright, pelosi. castro -- castor of florida, pelosi. castro of texas, pelosi. ryan.
5:33 am
haffetz, ryan. udy chu, pelosi. pelosi.e, clark of massachusetts. pelosi. larke of new york, pelosi. webster.f florida, it clay, pelosi. cleave -- cleaver, pelosi. clyburn, pelosi.
5:34 am
ryan.n, cohen, pelosi. ole of oklahoma, ryan.
5:35 am
collins of georgia, ryan. collins of new york, ryan. comstock, ryan. conaway, ryan. connolly, pelosi.
5:36 am
5:37 am
rb reading names.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
reading names.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
heck of nevada, ryan. eck of washington, pelosi. hensarling, ryan. herrera beutler, ryan. jody hiye, ryan. ryan. -- jody hice, higgins, pelosi. ill, ryan. himes, pelosi. , pelosi.
5:45 am
holding, ryan. honda, pelosi. hoyer, pelosi. udson, ryan. huelskamp, ryan. huffman, pelosi. uizenga of michigan, ryan. ultgren, ryan. hunter, ryan. hurd of texas, ryan. hurt of virginia, ryan.
5:46 am
srael, pelosi. issa, ryan. , jefferies, pelosi. jenkins of kansas, ryan. jenkins of west virginia, ryan. ohnson of georgia, pelosi. johnson of ohio, ryan. eddie bernice johnson, pelosi. sam johnson, ryan.
5:47 am
jolly, ryan. ones, webster. ordan, ryan. joyce, ryan. kaptur, pelosi. katko, ryan. keating, pelosi. kelly of illinois, pelosi. kelly of michigan -- kelly of mississippi, ryan. kelly of pennsylvania, ryan. kennedy, pelosi.
5:48 am
ildee, pelosi. kilmer, pelosi. kind, pelosi. king of iowa, ryan. ing of new york, ryan. kinzinger of illinois, ryan. kirkpatrick, pelosi. kline, ryan. knight, ryan. kuster, pelosi. abrador, ryan. lahood, ryan.
5:49 am
ryan.a, lamborn, ryan. lance, ryan. langevin, pelosi. pelosi. washington, larson of connecticut, pelosi. latta, ryan. pelosi. lee, pelosi. levin, pelosi. lewis, pelosi.
5:50 am
. d lieu, ipinski. lobiondo, ryan. oebsack, pelosi. lofgren, pelosi. ong, ryan. loudermilk, ryan. ove, ryan. lowenthal, pelosi. lowey, pelosi. lucas, ryan.
5:51 am
luetkemeyer, ryan. ben ray lujan, pelosi. ichelle lujan grisham, pelosi. lummis, ryan. lynch, pelosi. macarthur, ryan. carolyn maloney, pelosi. sean maloney, pelosi. archant, ryan. marino, ryan. massie, webster.
5:52 am
atsui, pelosi. mccarthy, ryan. mccaul, ryan. cclintock, ryan. mccollum, pelosi. mcdermott, pelosi. mcgovern, pelosi. mchenry, ryan. ckinley, ryan.
5:53 am
mcmorris rodgers, ryan. cnerney, pelosi. mcsally, ryan. meadows, ryan. eehan, ryan. . eks, meeks. meng, pelosi. messer, ryan. micah -- mica, ryan. miller of florida, ryan.
5:54 am
iller of michigan, ryan. moolenaar, ryan. mooney of west virginia, ryan. moore, pelosi. moulton, pelosi. , ryan. ulvaney, ryan. murphy of florida, pelosi. murphy of pennsylvania, ryan. adler, pelosi.
5:55 am
napolitano, pelosi. neal, pelosi. neugebauer, ryan. ewhouse, ryan. noem, ryan. nolan, pelosi. pelosi.s -- norcross, nugent, ryan. nunes, ryan. olson, ryan. 'rourke, pelosi. palazzo, ryan.
5:56 am
pallone, pelosi. palmer, ryan. ascrell, pelosi. paulsen, ryan. payne, pelosi. earce, ryan. elosi, pelosi. perlmutter, pelosi. perry, ryan. eters of california, pelosi.
5:57 am
peterson of minnesota, pelosi. ingree of maine, pelosi. pittenger, ryan. pitts, ryan. pocan, pelosi. oe of texas, ryan. ryan. inn -- poliquin, polis, pelosi. pompeo, ryan. osey, webster. price of georgia, ryan. price of north carolina,
5:58 am
pelosi. quigley, pelosi. rangel, pelosi. , paul ryan. ryan. reed, ryan. eichart, ryan. renacci, ryan. , ryan. rice of new york, pelosi. , ryan. south carolina richmond, pelosi.
5:59 am
igell, ryan. roby, ryan. oe of tennessee, ryan. rogers of alabama, ryan. ogers of kentucky, ryan. rohrabacher, ryan. rokita, ryan. rooney of florida, ryan. roskam, ryan. ros-lehtinen, ryan. ross, ryan. rothfus, ryan. rouzer, ryan.
6:00 am
roybal-allard, pelosi. royce, ryan. ruiz, pelosi. rupp -- ruppersberger, pelosi. ush, pelosi. russell, ryan. . an of ohio mr. ryan: while i love the name ryan, pelosi. the clerk: pelosi. ryan of wisconsin. ryan of wisconsin. salmon, ryan. linda