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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Clear Lake Iowa  CSPAN  January 9, 2016 5:10pm-5:49pm EST

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that is a warm-up. here is what happens. the commentators, the hillary clinton people say we would love to run against donald trump. thelled them and said reason they say that is that they don't want to run against me. they don't get the last thing is runningo be doing against donald trump. they would love to have somebody else who was a little more mild-mannered. who will not bring up the truth. i just tell the truth. believe me. i know clinton. i have been friendly. when i was a businessman. can i say that i'm still a businessman? i hate to say i'm a politician. they are so bad. nothing ever gets done. you're not going to make it.
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you put some politician in there, i know them all. i've contributed to most of them. one of them said no, i don't think you have contributed to me. i did. i have given to democrats. i've given to hillary. because that was my job. i have to give to them. when i want something, i get it. when i call, they kiss my ass. they do. they kiss my ass. it's true. [applause] think of that. 47, hillary clinton 44. i love it. .n iowa, a cnn poll i think it is the most accurate. ted cruz 20.33, the one last night has us
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statistically even. i don't want it to be close. we have to have a mandate. we have to get out there. i want to win by so much. i have to tell you, new hampshire we are doing so good. look at this. we are up 21 points. i mean we are up 21 points. here is one in south carolina. donald trump 38. do you know what that is? that is a massive difference. we are doing good. ted is a nice guy. i like him. he likes me. i like him. why? he's been nice to me. here is the problem. he is talking about natural born citizens. nomination,ot the the democrats are going to bring a major suit.
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he was born in canada whether we like it. he lives there. he was born in canada. his parents voted in canada. a lot of things. if you're born in canada, it may be a problem. citizenship 16-18 months ago. lawrence tribe is from hartford. very great lawyer. a constitutional expert. he's on television last night. he said about now to born citizens that this matter is not a settled matter. it is wrong to say it is a settled matter because it is not. just so you understand, that means there is a question.
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he was born in canada. republican, ias a think it's important, you have to get it straightened out. go for the declaratory judgment where you say there is a problem a problem ofs interpretation. you get a ruling from the judge. because you cannot put somebody there that is going to go in and be immediately sued by the democrats because they are saying he was born in canada. there is that doubt. who knows more about lawsuits than i do? i'm the king. they take 2-3 years. you can have somebody running and have a lawsuit and people have artie said they will bring a lawsuit. as to natural born citizenship. honestly, i don't know.
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some say have to be born on the land. that is what i always thought before. he was born in canada. john mccain had the same problem. the differences his parents were both in the military and he was born on a military base. i understand that. what you going to do? say you should have taken me back home to be born? he was born on a military base. by the way. lawrence tribe represented john mccain on that. he said he was troubled by it. it bothered him. but he also understood it. with ted cruz it is a problem. if it is a problem, they have to work it out. you can't give somebody a nomination. i think we are going to win. i don't want to win this way. i don't want to win this way. i want to win fair and square. based on the polls i am doing well.
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but, you can't have a person running for office even though ted is very glib and he says i'm a natural born citizen. the point is you are not. you've got to get a declaratory judgment. you have the courts, with a ruling for you have a candidate who just cannot run. the other side will immediately bring suit and you have that clout on your head and you can't have that cloud on the head. the republicans have a structural disadvantage. speaking of that, i think i'm going to do great in new york. a state they don't even talk about. you have to win florida. you have to win ohio. i do great in ohio. h'm killing case sick -- kasic in ohio. i'm killing him in the polls. it's the same thing in florida.
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why did you pick one of them? it's interesting. pennsylvania, we're going to do great. for they have done in the industry's, i guarantee you i'm going to do great in pennsylvania. i think and want to do great in states not considered in play. i think new york. they came out with a pull, upstate new york loves trump. i do well in manhattan. i lived there. the truth is whether it is liberal or not liberal, democrat or whatever, people want safety. they want our country to be great again. they want lower taxes. [applause] win think that i'm going to states that these people up there with the cameras don't even talk about. states that aren't even talked about. the other people are not going to win those states. there is not a chance. all these people are not going to win new york.
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i have a good chance of winning. they like me. i have employed thousands and thousands of people. i have built projects in new the littlest to the biggest buildings. tens of thousands of people. they like me in new york. a place like new york which is an even thought of, all of a sudden they are saying trump would have a chance because upstate new york, which is set with a have done with that, it is in serious trouble, because it in such trouble i have a chance of winning. nobody else does. it just came out and one of the magazines that if trump gets the nomination they think he is going to take 20% of the democrat vote. i think so. [applause]
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do you remember the old little group of people -- some are still around. democrats for who? reagan? remember how many voted for ronald reagan. they are not polling that stuff. with i'm going to do great the hispanics. i told you about nevada where i won the pole because in one to create jobs. i'm going to do great with african-americans. they know i'm bringing the jobs back from china and japan and mexico. i want great with african-americans. there was a poll that showed i had 25% with african-americans. 25%. a republican gets 5%. 7% tops. this came out and said 25% for trump. the commentators were talking about it.
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if he gets 25% of the african-american vote this election is over. he wins. it is over. i don't know if i'm going to get 25%. i have a great relationship with the african-americans. they love me. i love them. great with them. we're going to do great with every group. it is just a very exciting time. it is it is exciting to see what is happening. when i first announced, it was amazing. i have never seen so many cameras. it looked like the academy awards. i said to my wife it takes guts to run for president. i'm not a politician. i've always heard from day one, i've heard you can't run if you are a successful person, you can't run for president. i said it doesn't matter. committee stupid things are happening.
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they don't know what they are doing. they are either corrupt, incompetent or they have another agenda. i don't really think so but maybe there is another agenda out there we don't even know about. there is something going on because there are so many things that are so simple like the iran deal. how do you give $150 billion and we get nothing of that deal? we don't even get our prisoners back. ran wants to start negotiating for the prisoners. much.aid we want very you just get sick when you see it. they are getting $150 billion is what we should have done right at the beginning, in the middle, at the beginning of this thing, you go and say you want our prisoners back.
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they never asked for the prisoners. you know kerry. the worst negotiator. the persians are great negotiators. he is a master negotiator. kerry said he never wanted to do that or ask for the prisoners because he didn't want to complicate the deal. that is what he said. he didn't want to complicate the deal. they are still there. pastor, ahristian pastor, a christian. the washington post has one of the reporters there. they are hostages. in, youpens is you go made the right men say to them we have to have our prisoners back. whenever it started. got a have them back before we start negotiating. they will say no, and we will say bye-bye, we are leaving. with goodbye, get up and leave.
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they should have left that four or five times instead of sitting there. you get up and you leave. now what you do is ratchet up the sanctions and bring them up a couple of steps. you double them, triple them, give them nothing. , double them. up i guarantee you within 48 hours they will be calling saying three years ago, saying we will give you your prisoners, when can we start negotiating? you wait till the prisoners are on the plane, you wait until they are over american soil, you wait till they are landing and you have your next meeting. theyou are not giving them $150 million because we don't have it. we want to give it a we don't have that. we can't give you the money, we don't have it, i'm sorry. let's put that in your head.
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they will be angry but don't worry about it. they will get over it. you make a good deal. you have your prisoners. if i'm going to go in, i'm not going to have that $150 billion. it will drive me nuts. i hate the concept of giving away that much money so stupidly. now they call and they say we are now prepared to negotiate for the prisoners but we want a lot. can you believe the stupidity of these people. this is one of the greatest deals of all time. the greatest you of all time, i out,started figuring this what do they get in addition to this great deal with the money? 24 days for inspection. so we say we had that building was nuclear. let us know. days, they hit to the 24 they have to go through a process. it could be forever.
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they have certain areas where they have self inspection. think of iran with self inspection. we hear you are building nuclear. let us go and inspect. we will call you back tomorrow. mr. president, i promise we are not building nuclear there. this is madness. how we could have agreed to this is insane. it will lead to nuclear proliferation as sure as you are sitting there. you already see saudi arabia. if you think that iraq, and what is going on, the greatest deal they have made is iraq. they have been fighting for iraq forever. since i was born they have been fighting. they have two equal countries in terms of militarily -- they go this and they fight. 10 feet this way 10 feet that way. they rest for a couple of years ago back and fight. saddam hussein with the gas, and the other one with gas, we take
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a truce, they rest. what the hell? we should have never been there in the first place. i said that. we have to rebuild our country great we have to rebuild our infrastructure, our roads, schools am a bridges and we are pouring money. and 2003, donald trump opposed to the war. -- i'm morelitary militaristic that anybody in this room. i want that strong military. i wanted so bad because we are not going to have it. we have to have it. we have to build it up. i'm in the real estate business. all the time i am getting these listings of naval base for sale, air force for sale. how many places do they have? we are always selling these bases.
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we need a strong military. we need a powerful military. we don't have it. we just don't have it. we are going to change things in this country. we are going to use our heads and be so smart, we are going to be so cunning, we're going to win so much. we're going to win on militarily. we are going to knock the shit out of isis. [applause] we are going to win with health care. if you look at obama care, obama care -- the premiums are up 25% 35%, 45%. it is a disaster. it is going to collapse in 2017. in 2017 it has to collapse. going to terminated and replace it with something better. cheaper for you, cheaper for the country. it is no good.
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did you see your deductibles? we have to be dying for years before you get any money. you have to be so bad, you're not going to get any money. the deductibles or through the roof and premiums are going up so fast it is a disaster for everybody. we need health care. we need some the different things. we need a strong border. we need the wall. we're going to build the wall. [applause] down trump tower with my wife, she was very elegans and i'm waving saying what am i doing, why my doing this? they have a lot of people back there. it looked like the academy awards. i mentioned i talked about illegal immigration. i took he like nobody has ever taken heat.
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trumpimbaugh said donald has taken more incoming that any human being i've ever seen. i took a lot of heat. started dyingr it down. then you have the killing of ja angeles, getting ready to go to college, football player, great father, an amazing guy. shot in the face by an illegal immigrant who should have never been here >> you had the woman killed recently in california. a beautiful, wonderful, 66-year-old veteran. she was raped, sodomized, and killed, by a person that should never, ever been allowed to be here. and many, many more. just many, many, many more. and people started say, you know, he's right. he's right. and now that's not even controversial.
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now, the other day, i'm watching saying, yes, he's and we will build the wall. i said, where the hell did that come from? [laughter] >> it's true. and my wife said to me, darling, you have to hear this. and if it wasn't for tivo, i hearn't have been able to it myself. i ran it back. she said, somebody just said he's going to build a wall. she's really into this. everybody is. i can tell you names. people that you wouldn't belief. watch it. they love it. we had 24 million people at the debate, biggest in the history of cable television. show!bate, i mean 24 million. cnn had 23 million people watch! biggest audience in the history of cnn. this isn't me talking. out as cnn putting release. the biggest audience! now, let's say trump isn't involved. okay? aye! say it's rand paul -- jeb bush -- oh!
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to mentiont everybody, because some people i like so much. but let's say, okay, a cast of characters. those debates used to draw flies. they didn't draw anybody. [laughter] >> nobody wanted to watch the debate. networks didn't even want them. them asthey had to take part of their license. they didn't even want them. now they say, can we make them hours, ten hours? i mean, it's crazy what's going on, the debates. and everybody knows why. variety is the story, the trump debates, right? all of the different places do a story. the hollywood reporter, good magazine. they do a story. beautiful story on me. but they call it "the trump debates." great! and the beauty is that if i run against hillary, they say it's largest votere turnout in the history of the united states. and i believe that. said, and cnbc not only is it going to be the largest voter turnout,
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but many of these people are tired of these phony, corrupt politicians, like hillary -- [cheering] >> and they're going to vote for have and we're going to big victory. we're going to have a big victory. came down,tarted, i beautiful building, trurp tower. tower.rump go check it out sometime. first,uy time magazine then check out trump tower. on toog on and come @realdonaldtrump. between twitter and facebook and instagram, i have like 11 or 12 of likefollowers, sort owning the new york times without the losses. can you believe that? it's incredible. incredible. i just -- i did something the other day. i did a tweet on something. and i'm watching. i'm home, taking it easy, reading the paper. i did a tweet. we havebreaks out, breaking news! donald trump is just -- some
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little thing about somebody not doing a good job someplace, right? donald trump has just announced energy. bush is low [laughter] >> breaking news. no. it's like crazy. the most incredible form -- incredible.k, so and they watch it. they watch every tweet. you gotta be careful a little bit. make a spelling mistake, they kill you. typo. make a if i do a little typo, it's like death! they just go wild. it on.t look at this man! look at this man, this is a horrible typo! but it does give you a tremendous amount of power. so @real donald trump. adding a few thousand people doesn't mean anything, right, you have millions? but they're people from iowa. you have tremendous power, because you're going to be the agenda. it's so important what you're >> so when i began, when i
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began, it started off and i was about the border. i was talking about trade. i was talking about china and i was talking about all of these countries that have been ripping us off and taking our money and destroying us and leaving us poor, leaving us without jobs and all of the things that have happened. true. the things that are newtown, iowa -- newton. from newton? she's not, but she knows. ofy took businesses out newton. i felt badly. people where at daughter wasn't able to go any further in college and things. so i helped them out. feel really good. i didn't know i would be doing this. that was years ago. of newton, they like donald trump. but it was very unfair. jobs were taken. were it was vikd. but that's happening all over the country. i first came down, i said it was about trade and about the about obamat was care, repealing and replacing
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obamacare. then we had paris. and then we saw hatred. hatred like we've been watching. forget, the world trade world e center was hatred. my book, "the america we deserve," i talked about bin laden. and joe scarborough said, wait a minute, when did he talk about this? couple of years ago before the world trade center went down. no way! show it to me. looked. they found out, i talked about laden.i bin i said, don't go into iraq. osama bin laden, you gotta take these guys out. the reason i talked about him, i sawhim on television, and i him in the papers. i said, this guy is a bad guy. later, hef years knocked down the world trade center. they should have knocked him out. tol clinton had a chance take him out and he didn't do it. if he did it, you would have the center probably standing right now.
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so i said, amazing. amazing, he that's was talking about bin laden center.he trade i was talking about these different things. then what happens is you have a very horrible thing and we know what that is. paris was terrible. then you had recently california. was horrible. 14 people, just killed, by that threw wedding receptions for them and an anniversary. it was friends of theirs and they walked in and killed them. there's something going on, something wrong here. then paris. formerly, the press, they were -- fortunately, the press, calling him the -- the dumb guy with the dirty hat, you demean these people. they, isis and others, are using the internet to take our and ton's minds radicalize our children. and we won't even know about it. and they're going to places and show up at the places -- i join they become -- they isis and they join al-qaeda and
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disgusting- it's what's going on, right? so i said, we have to get to the bottom of all of this. it very strongly, very vividly. anchors, please don't call the leaders masterminds. very low people with i.q.'s, no good. the guy with the white hat, i the dirtyhe guy with white cap. he had the white ski thing on. mastermind? he sends guys in. you go there, you go there. think of this, because i'm big amendment.ond we've got to save our second amendment, folks. [cheering] got to save it! so... [cheering] goso if you go in, if you in, and you have paris, where you have a number of places, and thugs in there with guns, the toughest gun laws in the world, they say, is and paris. the toughest in the world. you can't have a gun, unless you're a bad guy, you have a gun. you walk around with a gun, right? but if you're a law-abiding
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allowed to're not have a gun. so in paris, these thugs, these dirty rotten, very stupid demented people, walk in. and they say, get over. boom! over. boom! not one gun in the room, except for the bad guys. with more to come because you have some really badly wounded people in the won'tals, many of whom make it. you have 130 people, a hospital load of horrible, horrible injuries. for what? i guarantee you, if that guy hist there had a gun on ankle and if that guy right waist,ad a gun on his and this one over here, the tall one with the glasses, or even the woman --, or she looks tougher than all of them -- [cheering] but if there were guns on the other side, where you'd have bullets going in both directions, it wouldn't be that way. same thing in california. with these two horrible people, right? these two horrible people that
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knew everybody in the room. they were sort of friends, i guess. but they knew everybody in the room. and if you had a gun on the other side, it would have been a and you wouldn't have the kind of carnage and horror show we have to protect our second amendment. remember that. be with me, it's going to protected. [cheering] >> we love you, trump! [cheering] >> and just one other thing, you have gun-free zones. bad guy.ike bait to a ba a gun-free zone. we had the five military killed, so long ago. on a military base, signs all over the place, this is a gun-free zone. was one of the all-time great soldiers, has every record, was a great marksman. not allowed to have a gun. he can't have a gun. so they have gun-free zones. sees this is a gun-free zone. walks in. kills these five people. have guns, believe me, it wasn't turn out that way.
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they were standing there, done.g they could have he walks in, fully loaded. they had their guns, 200 yards away. locked up. first thing i do, one of the first things -- there's so many do, but we get rid of those gun-free zones, especially on military basis. ridiculous. it's ridiculous. [cheering] >> so... just to finish, there's so many country can do. it's common sense. it's smart. have to be so vigilant. we have to watch. what's happening. and when i brought up a certain about radical islamic terrorism, a couple of weeks met withs unbelievable -- similar to when illegal about immigration. and by the way, when cnn came out with their poll two weeks isis. lead with i lead with everything. i lead with immigration.
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i lead with isis. terrorism. and i don't mean by a little. i'm over 50% with most of them. the economy. that we sort of expect, because i will be the greatest jobs ever created. god that i can tell you. the greatest. i'll be the best! [cheering] >> but... when i brought up -- when i up radical islamic terrorism, words the president the united states refuses to say -- now, if you don't say the don't knowd if you what the problem is, you're never gonna solve the problem. you're never gonna solve it. there's nothing wrong with him saying "we have a problem." mean, the world trade center got knocked down. people are being killed all over the place. way, when i left today, cologne, germany, people have been beat to hell.
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raped.ave been what's going on in germany is unbelievable. and we have to be smart. fromn't take these people the line that we have no idea who they are -- [cheering] >> you know, we all have heart. a terribleration as is thing, caused to a larger extent by obama and hillary with their stupid, so totally and grossly incompetent. caused really by them. so what happened -- and others, but really by them more than anything else. they've done,at with libya, with syria, the whole thing, everybody. done onehink they've right thing. even a few things. look, 50 soldiers. we're going to send 50 soldiers, okay? two months ago. so obama gets up. announces, we're going to send 50 people. first of all, he thinks it's wonderful. sound -- these are elite soldiers, great people.
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these are unbelievable men, women. these are the finest. what the hell does he have to say it for? a targetow they have on their back and the enemy is looking for those 50 people. kept hisld have just mouth shut -- and you know what? for the purpose of p.r., when say, 50?0, people it's actually bad! it's not even good! have to say it? why does he have to say, we're getting out, we should have folks.een in iraq, but we shouldn't have gotten out the way we got out. we shouldn't have gotten out the way we got out. i mean, i hated what they did. with iraq!t they did but we shouldn't have gotten out. and he goes out and he theunces -- he announces date that we're leaving! and i said, oh, that's smart, of it as think camouflage. he leaves that day! guys -- don't kid yourself. they don't want to die. you read all about they want to die. bull shit. they don't want to die.
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okay? they don't wanna die. and let me just tell you another thing. their families know everything likethey're doing, just your families know everything that you're doing. their families know everything! they care more about their families than they care about themselves. die.don't want to but they care more about their families than they care about themselves. know.eir wives and their children know. and they knew everything about the world trade center! knew what was going on! and those people in california, all overpipe bombs their place, all over their apartment and there were numerous people that knew. and they could have reported them to the police and you wouldn't have had the problem. it!they didn't wanna do so something bad is going on. and before we do anything, and totallyhis country goes to hell, we better get smart! we better get away from these superpoliticians that don't have it. and we better do it right, to havewe're not going much of a chance. we're not gonna have much of a
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chance. [cheering] >> so... largely, and even at the rallies, everybody has great confidence in me, with these places.l and don't worry about it. we'll take great care of that whole situation. get along great with them. it will be fine. we're going to do great. up we're going to strengthen our borders. we're going to get along with mexico. they're going to respect us more. like us now. they take advantage. they don't even like us. a plant there.g nabisco, closing their factory it to mexico.ving that doesn't help us, folks. i went to the greatest schools. went to the wharton school of ivy league college. but it does nothing for us. we're going to have respect. byare going to be respected other countries now. we're not respected.
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it's funny. big, fat bully that gets his ass kicked all the time. nobody -- nobody respects it. that's what we are. we don't win anymore. and what i said before is this. we are gonna win so much that you people are going to get so tired of it. you're going to beg me, please, please, no more victories, mr. trump. [laughter] >> no more victories! we can't take it anymore! two us at least one or failures. and i'm gonna say, no way we're gonna have failures! time!gonna win all the and we are going to make america again! i love you! thank you! get out and vote! ♪[music] theme]f the tiger" ♪[music]
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up ♪ing ♪ back on the street ♪ did my time took my chances ♪ ♪ went the distance on my feet ♪k ♪ just a man and his will to survive ♪ so many times ♪ ♪ it happened too fast ♪ you trade your passion for glory ♪ don't lose your grip ♪ ♪ on the streets of the past to keepst fight just them alive ♪ ♪ it's the eye of the tiger the thrill of the fight ♪ ♪ rising up to the challenge of
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our rivals ♪ and the last known survivor ♪ ♪ ♪[music] ♪ face to face the heat ♪ ♪ staying tough staying hungry ♪ ♪ ♪[music] ♪[music] presidential candidate donald trump, speaking in clear lake, iowa today. and