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tv   Virginia Governor Terry Mc Auliffe State of the Commonwealth Address  CSPAN  January 13, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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25. st a moment away from va's delivering the annual state of the comes to us live. on c-span2, you can watch the west virginia state of the state address, as well. >> ladies and gentlemen, good evening, and welcome to live coverage of the governors state of the commonwealth address from richmond, virginia.i am craig carper , news director of wcve public
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radio. this coverage comes to you from wcve public television in richmond. greetings to those of you who may be joining us from whtj, public television in charlotte -- charlottesville, or other parts of the state. address, we will go to the republican responses. all of that coming up in the next hour from your local public television station. the governor will lay out his legislative priorities for the 60-day session of the general assembly. he is sure to make the case for -- two-year budget budget, the only one who can claim credit for. in that are over $1 billion in investments for public invests -- education.
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the sergeant of arms will announced terry mcauliffe. >> the joint assembly will come to order. sergeant at arms? >> mr. president, his excellency, the governor of the commonwealth of virginia. [applause]
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gov. mcauliffe: thank you.
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[applause] >> as speaker of the house of delegates and president of the joint assembly, it's my pleasure to present to you his excellency, the governor of the commonwealth of virginia, the auliffe.e terrance r. mc
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gov. mcauliffe: thank you. thank you. is virginia not the greatest state in america? lieutenant governor northam, attorney general herring, speaker howell, leader norman, men and women of the general assembly, distinguished guests, citizens of virginia, thank you for inviting me here tonight. a special thanks to my wife dorothy for all she is doing every day for virginia's children and her family's. -- her families.
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[applause] i married well. i also want to take a moment to thank the 575 great virginians in the national guard who tonight are away from their families deployed in the uae, cuba, kuwait and elsewhere around the globe,, and thank them for everything they do to keep us safe. they are represented by our tag major general williams who is with us here tonight. [applause]
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finally, i welcome the new members of the general assembly. as you begin your legislative session, i look forward to working with all of you. when i stood before you one year ago, we were preparing to close a $2.4 billion shortfall. we were coping with the drag that federal cuts were placing on our economy and bracing for the potential of tougher sequestration cuts. was speaking to the pain of seven broken ribs and a punctured lung.
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this evening, i am happy to tell you that things are looking up. our work to build a new virginia economy is paying off. we can breathe more freely thanks to a period of relative calm in washington, and i am happy to say that five of my ribs are now healed, and i am certainly breathing easier than i did last year. secretary rick brown often says that virginia's leaders are on their best behavior in a budget crisis, and he has in a few. his point last year. when our finances turned ugly, we went to work. ourufted out, protecting schools from cuts and keeping our development plans on track. we did not agree on everything,
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but we put partisan balance aside to get the job done. since then, i have seen many of you at ground breaking ceremonies for new businesses and factories and is all across the commonwealth. each time, i handed you a shovel and read, let's get to work. this evening, let's get those shovels out and continue working together,'s our futures can improve for every virginia resident. last year, we worked to protect and expand our investments in priorities that contribute directly to our goal of a stronger economy. we also agreed on the need to reform programs that were failing. those principles should continue to guide our work through this year. thate introduced a budget is structurally and fiscally sound. we must maintain that balance the budget while making strategic investments. even as our economy improves and revenue increases, our
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responsibility to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars remains the same, and so does the significant power that we in this room have to make a real difference in the lives of the people who sent us here to represent them. we can change lives by giving the high school student who is uncertain about his future the training he needs to get a great job in cyber security. we can change lives by helping the small business owner making the connections that she needs to sell to customers in china, india, and cuba. speaking of cuba, mr. president -- mr. speaker, i have a present for you. [applause] now there's a few more where those came from, if you know
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what i'm saying. we will negotiate that later in the session. we can change lives by giving a mom with diabetes the medical care she needs to stay healthy and to be there for her children . those positive changes are at the heart of the work that we have undertaken together to build a new virginia economy so all citizens have the opportunity to maximize their god-given potential. [applause] henry ford once said, it has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste. i know from my own career in business that you cannot take opportunities for granted. if you pass one up, you may not get another chance. the same is true for leading this great commonwealth. the reprieve we have received from sequestration cuts is our chance to lay a solid foundation
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for the type of economy we will need when those cuts return in full force in two years. if we work together over the next 60 days, we can expand economic opportunity to virginians in every corner of the commonwealth, from every walk of life, and we can show the world yet again that here in virginia, we do not back down from a challenge. we do not let petty partisan squabbles stand in the way of progress that our families deserve. [applause] tonight, i am here to tell you that the state of our commonwealth is strong. by working together the next 60 days, we can make it even stronger.
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this evening, that is the vision that defines my message to you. let us work together to get things done. let's work together to build jobs and a new virginia economy. let's work together to transform our education to meet the demands of our future. let's work together to make virginia more attractive to businesses and trading partners all over the globe. let's work together to make a difference in the lives of the friends and neighbors we came here to serve. just look back at what we have accomplished together as a commonwealth and reflect on the lives we have changed along the way. one virginian at a time, day after day. 88,400 new jobs created. veterans with a safe, warm place to call home.
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100,000 students -- [applause] 100,000 students now attending schools that offer free meals to everyone, and the progress we are making together is a clear indication that we are on the right path to meeting those challenges in the beginning of a
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new chapter of opportunity and prosperity. think about our accomplishments over the past two years. 561 new economic development projects. $9.27 billion in new capital investment. [applause] the lowest unemployment rate of any's -- in the southeast of the united states of america. an increase in the average to $941,ge from $878 and now, more than 3,848,000 jobs in virginia, the largest number in the history of the commonwealth of virginia.
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our state revenues are growing stronger every single day in everything from personal income tax, sales tax, to housing sales. i want you to know that i did i a powerball ticket -- did buy a powerball ticket. when i win tonight, we are going increase in million to our general fund. [applause] as we have grown our economy overall, we have also sharpened our competitive edge in high-growth industries like cyber security and bile life-sciences. last month, virginia beat out 46 other states for a new air force cyber operations squadron to be located at langley air force base, and tomorrow, i will be in northern virginia to cut the ribbon on visa's new state-of-the-art cyber fusion center.
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this will lead the country in threat detection and command and control operations for the world's largest payment network, and i am proud to say that virginia beat out colorado and texas for that honor. [applause] here in virginia, we have steadily accelerated our push to increase exports of all virginia products and services to global markets everywhere. why? customers world's live outside the united states of america. 81% of all global economic growth will occur outside the u.s. between now and 2020. we have visited those markets, opening up india to virginia-grown apples in the first time, and we have worked to lift the vans on poultry in
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oman and kuwait. this week, we received our first order ever for two cartons of poultry that will be sent to oman. we travel to cuba, and i am proud to announce we have forged a deal between virginia's port and cuba. 182 of those businesses have traveled overseas to make personal connections with customers and new opportunities. with us tonight is vanessa christie, vice president of the virginia-based company prevail in its -- prevalence with more than 100 employees. vanessa is a united states navy combat veteran who spent the majority of her active duty flying and instructing the f-14 tomcat.
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her company has provided flight service training to the pentagon and nato, but now, she is moving into international markets. in the first your participation in our valet program, vanessa has joined our trade missions to the u.k., canada, and mexico, and she has already six return business trips scheduled to these international markets. this is a defense contractor who is diversifying and creating jobs. i want to thank vanessa for being here tonight and thank her for what she is doing to grow jobs in virginia, and most importantly, thanking her for her service to our great country. [applause]
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we have also worked together to strengthen virginia's agriculture exports. last year, we exported a record $3.35 billion in ad products -- ag products, which move this up to the number two spot on the east coast, leapfrogging north carolina and putting georgia squarely in our site. to move ahead to meet my goal of making virginia the number one ag exporting state on the east coast. our successes in global trade are at the center of the important work we are doing to build a new economy, and they are a clear example of the benefits that happen when we all work together. i want to thank the support of delegate landis and senate hanger for all the great work they have done on economic development funding for us. [applause]
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steve, i hope i didn't hurt you in the caucus. [laughter] there's another career gone. the great work we've done together, working on grants, gives us the opportunity and tools we need to open up new markets and businesses to make sure we can reach producers all over the commonwealth. i am pleased to see there is bipartisan backing of the $38.9 million in our budget to partner with still virginia as it fosters regional collaboration among businesses, government, and education leaders to help us achieve our shared economic goals. these are not partisan successes. these are virginia's successes.
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i believe that we are just warming up. as we ship to virginia products all over the globe, we are making progress in strengthening our energy economy and diversifying our fuel mix at home. in acently announced historic 80-megawatt solar facility that will power amazon web services data center in northern virginia. this will be the largest solar facility in the mid-atlantic and second-largest on the entire east coast. it will more than quadruple the amount of solar currently installed in the commonwealth. we are also doing our part to power up the solar industry in virginia with our goal to purchase a thing percent of electricity needed to run state of electricity% needed to run state government in the next few years. friends, that is a 100-fold increase in solar capacity in virginia. [applause]
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we will make virginia more energy independent and stimulate growth by expanding our use of renewable energy. recently, we met with the leaders of microsoft, google, and amazon, and they made it clear to me that they will only do business and create jobs in state that can provide them with renewable power to generate their operations.renewable offers an opportunity communitiesur rural to rebuild our manufacturing actor, so that every single solar panel or wind turbine we :nstalled has a big stamp on it "made in virginia." [applause] i am proud of what we have achieved working together the past two years to build our
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economy, and in the budget i presented to you in december takes more aggressive steps to build on our momentum. ourrding to an analysis, $2.43 billion bond package alone will be a major boost our economy. $3.5 billion in economic impact through 2021 from construction expenditures. more than 19,000 new jobs primarily in construction-related industries, and the largest capital investment in research in our history, with an emphasis on emerging sectors like bioscience. more than $850 million in bonds are designated for our universities, and $214 million for our community colleges, to strengthen and expand stem and workforce programs. in addition to significant capital investments in research and development, the two-year budget before you provides more than $1 billion in new funds all
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across all levels of education. [applause] we had proposed a significant infusion of resources into our public schools, including $139 million to fund 2500 additional instructional positions. we will take virginia's investment in public education to $6.8 billion in fiscal year 2018, the largest level in the commonwealth's history. [applause] this does not mean that we should invest tax dollars in
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education for the sake of it. we should invest in smart, innovative programs to get results for the students, the communities, and businesses we serve. we have already made a great start. north am anovernor his team worked closely with us to win a $17.5 million grant from the united states department of education to provide high-quality prekindergarten classes for 13,000 children. we began reforming our standards of learning by eliminating five sol tests. we made the testing process better without watering down the standards we set for our schools and students. my team worked closely with leaders in this room, like senator john miller, to oversee these important standards we ser schools and reforms, and the results speak for themselves. listen to this. five-point gains in reading and
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math rates. improvements in writing, science, and history. in mathpoint increase pass rates among african american students, and a six-point gain in reading, and today, 1414 of our public schools are now fully accredited, a 10-point increase from the prior year. [applause] now is not the time to let up. let us use these 60 days to strengthen our investment in education, further our standards in learning, and make every classroom a place where students are being prepared to lead in the 21st century.
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[applause] i can usually count on lionel. we can start by using new studentgies to evaluate learning without subjecting them solix-our so -- six-hour tests. i know every member of the general assembly has heard from parents. if we work together to provide the necessary resources, by the spring of 2017, we can reduce the time most students spend thang sol tests by more two hours through computer-adaptive testing. as important as it is to reduce and shorten tests, it is a small piece of the work we must do to build the education system we need to lead in the global
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economy.virginia students hold the key to innovation , entrepreneurship, and economic growth. what we put into our schools tomorrow will be what we get out of our economy 10, 20, 50 years from tonight. you cannot build an economy for 2050 with a 1950's approach to education. [applause] this year, i have proposed legislation to begin a fundamental change in virginia's approach to high school education. we will put greater emphasis on hands-on learning, internships, early college courses, industry credentials, rather than classroom seat time. our high schools were designed during the industrial revolution to prepare workers with the basic information and skills needed for the job of that day and time.
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this is an urgent matter for more than 2 million virginians living in rural regions. as governor jerry but liles has noted in his work on the horseshoe initiative, 21%, more governor mcauliffe: our educators are eager to create the schools of the future, and they are already starting here in the richmond area. i knew school is -- a new school is opening up to help students learn code at writing. students will graduate with a high school diploma in two years and get a community college two-year the great while working in real computer science jobs. the students who graduate from this school -- let me be very clear -- will not have trouble finding a job. for all of the parents watching tonight, right now we have 17,000 cyber jobs open, and the
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average starting pay is $88,000. [applause] for those of you old enough to graduate",movie "the the key word is classics. it is cyber today. these high schools we are designing will benefit students phillips, an eighth grader in bertram county, who is already a skilled coder and has designed an award-winning app already. let us welcome jane emma who is all of theognize future code writers of the county. we welcome james tonight. [applause]
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governor mcauliffe: if we are going to prepare students for the jobs today and create the jobs of tomorrow, we must fundamentally change the way we think about education. that innovative approach that extends to services that we offer to students that faced challenges like military dependent children, transitioning to new lives here in the commonwealth. we passed legislation list year -- last year to make sure that schools are doing everything they can to ensure that children of academic military families a safe transition in and out of schools.
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that.o thank them for [applause] as we takeauliffe: into approach the public education, we cannot ignore the fundamental problem that far too many students, one insect -- one in six in fact, lack the nutrition they need to meet their potential. i want to thank the first lady once again for tremendous outreach and advocacy. today, 100,000 virginia students in 26 school divisions are now benefiting from the community of civility revision which allows schools to provide meals at no cost to the students or their families. across the nation, school participation in this new .ederal program expanded by 20% here in virginia, we knocked it out of the park. 139%.anded it by
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[applause] governor mcauliffe: we worked together last year to include funding in the budget to support school breakfast programs across the virginia, ensuring that all children start the day ready to learn. those dollars pay are helping to hundred 34 schools expand their -- 234 schools expand their breakfast programs. schoolsdditional 310 support. i have another special guest tonight. amanda warren is the supervisor of the school nutrition program on state and city -- stant city. at betsy weller elementary school, amanda has been able to
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increase breakfast for dissipation among her students from 33% to 91%. can you imagine what she could have done if we had funding for all four schools. ist is why the funding important, to get every student the basic nutrition he or she needs to succeed in the classroom. i want to thank you, amanda, for being here tonight, and taking the leadership. [applause] a strong case-12 system in which 2 system is1 essential and beginning an economy.
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we cannot stop there, the budget we will work on together, also contain funding to make our higher education more accessible to more students. and better. the students for the economy of the future. any budget in front of you, we invest more than $48 million to financial aid for higher education over the next two years. than $50 million in incentives for colleges and universities to increase the number of students receiving degrees. almost when he finally and dollars for virginia's community colleges to produce more industry certifications and occupational licenses. [applause] i believe that education is a prime example of the opportunity that we have the session to work together, to strengthen the economy, and to make our state of better place to live. -- a better place to live. we all agree that is what we are here to view.
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that is why i remain optimistic. if we can sit down at the table together in goodwill, we can find a way forward on the important issue of medicaid expansion. [applause] , eachlook at the numbers day that we do not close the coverage gap, each day we forfeit $6.6 million in federal money. waste $15le month we million in cost to test it -- to state taxpayers they could be in desk covered entirely by federal funds. just yesterday, louisiana became
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the 31st state to expand coverage, along with the district of columbia. [applause] must have some relatives in the louisiana. economic,ow reaping budgetary, and quality-of-life benefits that we continue to leave on the table. , i met withst week governor herber, the chairman of the national governors association. he is pushing to expand coverage in these -- in the conservative state of utah. thirdat least the governor who has asked with surprise, why would you not bring money back home for your citizens? i am truly convinced we can find a bipartisan, virginia solution that totally protect our , whileealth finances taking advantage of this historic opportunity to make the state it better place to live. you, please review the
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details, and please work with me to reach a solution that will benefit insurance, hospitals, and our communities. i have always said my door is always open, and history is on our side. we have come together over and over again on many important issues, including support for our veterans. our virginia of values veterans program is helping connect more than 13,000 veterans with companies, eager to hire them. by 2018, we will reach our goal to help 20,000 veterans find jobs, keep them and their skills here in the commonwealth. [applause] in addition, in partnership with a senator, and leader kirk cox, we have also secured funding for two new veteran charis systems
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-- centers spread this is a serious issue. the v.a. is not doing a job for the veterans. if the federal government will not do it, we will do it here in virginia. [applause]
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>> as the most veteran friendly state in the united states of america. [applause] came into office, promising to transform government, and put the taxpayers first, our transportation team had an idea they would be busy, they were right. we have turned around a port, generating $13.6 million in profits last year. the first time in seven years at this vital -- this vital economic asset was not floundering in a sea of red. in the midtown project, we used the told burden for low-income motorists, and eliminated tolls
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entirely for the martin luther king expressway. >> thank you. terry: you're welcome. we negotiated that and saved the taxpayers $149 million. we have made progress in unlocking northern virginia from the congestion the keeps the dynamic region reaching its full potential. we are adding new lanes to i-76, which will allow 70,000 more's -- more people to move through the corridor everyday. we are finally putting in into the wheel spinning that has kept this project for moving forward. i know there has been misleading information, but the facts are inaction,er years of commuters will have options that will ease congestion, without imposing tolls on drivers foretting to work --
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getting to work the same way they always have. [applause] that just one of the steps we have taken to unlocking northern virginia region. we are making life better for commuters by extending the 395 hot lanes north. extending the south in -- bound lanes two miles and continuing to support the sibylline -- silver line. together, these projects will string in the economy of this key region, in the entire commonwealth. we have also partnered to strengthen our pension benefits for the long-term. thanks to the bipartisan cooperation, thousands of public servants can rest assured their retirement benefits are on firm footing. i know that this is an issue that is always on the minds of speaker howell, and chairman jones, indeed, the speaker has proposed the creation of a commission to explore the future of the virginia tyrant system.
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i hope that the funds that i have in my budget can be a starting point, moving us towards a stable, and sustainable program. together toll work fully fund the pension contra beach and rates by the end of time, which will be two years ahead of schedule. [applause] we are all equally committed to supporting our current state workers. i am proud to be their boss, and i was proud to include pay raises in my budget for state employees, troopers, college faculty, and staff, teachers, and school personnel, deputies, and other state-supported workers. these men and women work hard to make virginia the best place to live on earth. and scum the best place to start a business. they deserve a raise. [applause]
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we did a lot of hard work on ethics or more -- reform last year. we got a lot done. the ban on gifts exceeding an amount has taken effect. you can take confidence that we are acting in their best interest. to build on this work, we are proposing campaign-finance reforms that would prohibit legislatures from fundraising. as i did with the gift ban, i will lead by example, and introduced legislation that would ban fundraising by governors while they were reviewing bills for approval, or veto. finally, we are introducing legislation to prohibit the personal use of campaign funds. these are significant steps that we can take together, to send a clear muster -- message to virginians that we are using the offices they have entrusted to us for one purpose alone, making their lives better. transparency and accountability are key to keeping elected
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officials connected with the people with whom we serve. and so ensuring every virginia that is qualified to vote has the opportunity to do so as soon as possible. some of the most meaningful moments in my two years as a times when been i have restored the civil rights of men and women. many of whom have struggled for years to reach the goal. we have not down barrier after barrier, reduced the waiting time. shortened the application form, and spread the word that we welcome you, and we want you to succeed. secretary lavar and his team did an amazing job. i am proud to announce tonight, a record 16,000 virginians have now have the rights restored. -- their rights restored. [applause]
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not that we are counting, but this is more than the last three governors combined over there full for your terms, we are just warming up. i would like to invite all 16,000 of them to be here tonight. that would be like the equivalent of inviting the entire city of williamsburg. but, bobby blevins is here tonight to represent them all. but he lost his right more than six decades ago when he was just a teenager. i met bobby, shortly after his 79th birthday. i had the honor of personally restoring his rights. he was in tears when he told me that he had felt like half a citizen for all of those years. , he became a full citizen. and guess what -- on election
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day, bobby went to the polls and voted for the first time in his life. i thank you bobby for being here with us tonight. [applause] we also need to reach out to young people, and quickly get them back on the right path when they commit a crime. our old, juvenile justice model is a failure. $186,000 on each juvenile who ends up in a virginia correctional institution. 80% are what -- almost
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rearrested within three years of release. to me that is a waste of money. that is why the department of juvenile justice is taking a new approach that of the sizes treatment, education, and preparation for a productive life out wide the criminal justice system. we have already reduced the population and our juvenile correction facilities from 600 to 350. our budget bills on our success with a plan will invested invest savings in diversion and community-based services. i know that some of the young people in the system have committed there is a fences, but i also know that they are capable of great achievements. on the friday before christmas, a group of young men from the beaumont juvenile correctional facility came to the executive mansion to present dorothy and me with a beautiful quilt that they had designed and created under the direction of their teacher, roy mitchell. that quilt, which required
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almost a year of work, is now on display in the patrick henry building. roy is here is my guest. -- as my guest. i want to thank roy and his team who are thinking out-of-the-box, and for helping so many young people to learn valuable skills, and view the promise of their lives in terms of classrooms, and board runs, not courtrooms and jail houses. thank you for being here, roy. [applause] on friday, 73 new troopers and one special agent graduated virginia's 123rd class of the state police academy.
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we depend on these men and women to be there in a crisis. they depend on us to provide them with the adequate resources, and to establish common sense possibly -- policies and support of public safety. that is why i stood with the leaders of the virginia state police, sheriffs, and police chiefs to announce our executive order designed to better enforce gun laws that are already on the books. i am pleased that attorney general and secretary moran are cheering the joint strike force to prosecute gun crimes. it is my hope that we can work together on reasonable solutions .o we can save lives [applause] we should be proud of what we have accomplished, and ready to
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meet the challenges that we all face together. when i travel around the commonwealth to the factory floors, the classroom, the chamber of commerce excesses -- ts i find the chamber of commerce good people. goodwant quality schools, roads, reasonable taxes, and meaningful safety nets. and sounds economic policies that will stand the test of time for their children and grandchildren. you will see their influence on every page of our budget, and in every bill that we will introduce this winter. our ideas and proposals are not partisan, nor should they be controversial. i do not expect that you will if -- except everyone of them. i am optimistic that the work will be defined more than by cooperation and conflict. approachat that same will be reflected in the bills that you sent me for consideration as the session progresses.
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i am ready to work with you on all of your proposals to grow the economy, expand opportunity, and make the government work better him and take better care of our taxpayer dollars. i will not hesitate to veto legislation. -- that i believe harms those goals. specifically i am prepared to veto bills that reads -- roll back the progress that we have made on marriage equality as a woman's access to health care -- and a woman's access to health care. [applause] i will also reject proposals that limit this quality -- ability to keep virginia assay from gun ce, violen to react to the very clear and present danger of climate change and sea level rise. even more important, i do hope
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that we will treat our newest the precor justice with the respect that she deserves as a jurist who has served the commonwealth with honor for 22 years. [applause] allowing politics to deny this -- disqualified interesting wished jurist a full 12 year term would spend a dangerous message about the commonwealth's respect for the independence of the judicial branch. it is my hope that our work together the session will be devoted to productive areas where there is room for copper compromise, not for political sideshows that distract us, the demand our urgent attention. let us result -- let us resolve
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to spend as much of the session as we can, laying a solid foundation for the new virginia economy that our families deserve. if we are to reach that goal, each of us has an important job to do. we must stay focused on our long-term goals. we must demand more of ourselves and each other. and we must always remember why we were elected to office in the first place. on this first day of legislation -- legislative session, we will create something that will guide us for the next six today's. i ask that you find a way. find a way to bulldoze through various and move of virginia -- move virginia's economy forward. find a way for a good job. find a way to build the infrastructure to sustain our momentum. find a way to change lives for the better. right now, at this moment, we can make the right choice, and take the next step forward,
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together. let's get to work. thank you, and god bless. the greatest state in the greatest nation on her, thank you ray much. -- thank you very much. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] coverage watching live of governor mccullough's address. he laid out his legislative priorities for the session which began today. we're about to give the republican response brought to you by delegates rob bell and senator frank russ of clarksville. the governor discussed the need
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12 public in k- education, higher education, as always transportation infrastructure projects. he discussed. >> on the next washington journal, matthew leaves and the associated press on the of limitation of the iran air deal, and the release of 10 u.s. sailors detained by iran. then a discussion about president obama's economic record. we will speak to lawrence michelle and veronique david j. men -- aorter all reporter on flint, michigan water supply. washington journal begins live with your phone calls, tweets, and facebook comments at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> this weekend, sees cities tour explores the history of
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hartford, connecticut. tv,ookkeeping -- book learn about the atlantic slave trade through the log books of atlantic slave ships. they significance these books had been telling new england's role in the slave trade. >> through these logbooks we have extraordinary opportunity to see day by day how life was lived aboard new england slave ships. two of which were from connecticut.i came to the realization that these logbooks were not maintained, as i have earlier thought, by the son of an obscure connecticut farmer, but by the son of a an aristocrat from new london. >> the impact on the abolitionist movement by the music of the popular 19th-century singing group the huntington family thinkers. --huntington family singers. >> seeing friendly douglas --ed


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