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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions and Statement on EU Membership  CSPAN  February 7, 2016 8:59pm-9:37pm EST

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>> on the next washington journal the latest new hampshire polls and the role that independence play a primary. why he supports donald trump. a discussion of heroin use in the state. your phone calls. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. >> the road to the white house. in iowa c-span brought you candidates speeches. meet and greets. town halls. live caucus coverage.
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this week we are on the ground in new hampshire. live election coverage starts tuesday at 8:00 p.m. next british prime minister david cameron takes questions from members of the house of commons. then ted cruz has a town hall meeting. q&a.another chance to see british prime minister david cameron talked about the membership in the european union. the government's role in supporting refugee children. this is just over 35 minutes.
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john: question one. mr. speaker, isn't the best the prime minister can do nothing for british pensioners nothing for british workers and has the office of budget responsibility and the treasury and concerned the long-term economic plans are relying on more than a million new migrants entering this country before 2020? got theprime minister bottle to confirm his inconvenient truth?
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prime minister: i will tell you what we're doing for pensioners. again the small increase they got from labor. can tell you what we are doing for people who want to work hard in britain. creating 2.3 million jobs. believe that we will succeed more as a country if we get a good deal in europe and stay in a reformed europe. that will be good for jobs and investment. marcus: people in my constituency are rightly proud of their contribution to the defense of our country. the local high-tech industries.
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in the current circumstances, increasing security challenges and responsibilities and worrying lack of commitment to defense in many european countries, i welcome the leadership of the government in committing to spend 2% of gdp on defense and i asked whether my right honorable friend agrees have toabout the idea i build british defense. prime minister: my honorable friend is absolutely right. his district has made a huge a contribution to the defense of this country. spending 178ted to ,illion pounds on defense something we are only able to do because we have a strong economy. we committed to that 2% and we will make sure the money is well spent and make sure we have the right equipment for our brave armed forces. corbyn: thank you mr. speaker.
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tomorrow is world cancer day. is a disease that almost every family in this country has been affected by in some way or another. 2.5 million people in this country have cancer. of thison both sides house who have received treatment. a thousand people a day are dying from cancer. year there has been a 36% increase in the number of people waiting beyond six weeks for a vital diagnostic testing. could the prime minister do something to bring that down? prime minister: i agree with the right honorable gentleman that the fight against cancer is one of the great fights of our time. it is one we are determined to win. when we look at how we treat cancer, we are putting in extra 19 million pounds into nhs. while he is right that everyone in this house will know someone
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who is been affected by it. we are treating more patience. let me get him the figures. 2010, anwith increase of 71% and almost 40,000 more patients have been treated for cancer. nurses but thed fight against cancer we need to continue. jeremy corbyn: early diagnosis essentially essential. the government's independent said we currently have a serious shortage of radiologists in england. we need more of them. could the private investor explain why we're cutting by 5% number of training places available for therapeutic radiologists?
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prime minister: we need more radiologists and we are putting more money into the nhs. , there are three key targets. people should be seen by a specialist within two weeks of an urgent gp referral. we are now meeting at 94%. the first make sure treatment comes within 31 days of diagnosis. there is a 96% standard. we are meeting that. it comes to the first treatment within 62 days we are 83.5%. the it comes to training increasing training places in our nhs. last week we are actually opening up nursing training. we trained in extra 10,000
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nurses. the crucial point is that the money is they are in our nhs because we have a strong economy. therethat would never be if we followed his crazy economic plan. corbyn: my specific question was about therapeutic radiographer's. the prime minister did not answer that. without an improvement there will be a problem overtreatment. that must be very obvious to actually everybody. can the task force also asked for a radical upgrade in prevention and public health. programs like stopping smoking and anti-obesity. to stop the spread of cancer. to help people live better lives. that much from the public health budget, that will lead to an increase in cancer
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when all the trouble that goes with that and a greater cost of the rest of the community. can you explain that? minister: there are diagnostic00 more radiographer's then when i became prime minister in 2010. the interests of facts. that is a 15% increase. is an increasee is that we said we would put more money into the nhs in real byms, something we were told the event shadow health secretary was irresponsible. we ignored labor and we put money into the health service and as a result there has been a 15% increase in diagnostic radiographer's. when it comes to the rest of the cancer plan. the money is being invested. difference.key there is a labor government in
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wales. have no cancer drugs fund in wales. he needs to sort that out with them. that labour administration. as for public health, under this government really advances have been made on public health , plainng smoking rules reinventinging, public health budgets. all done by the conservatives not done under labor. corbyn: the prime minister is responsible for the health service in england. he must be aware (shouting) he must be aware that cancer survival rates are improving better in wales than in other parts of this country. wasuestion
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(shouting) my question was about the cuts in public health budgets and the effect that has on cancer care. could the prime minister tell us when was the last time the nhs target for starting cancer treatment was actually met within the 62 days required? minister: of the three big targets we are meeting the specialist target we are meeting with the first treatment within 31 days target, we are falling short of the 62 day target, something which i said in the answer to question two but he hasn't got round to it until question five. the >> need to move a little bit faster. he cannot wash his hands for the situation in wales. labor runs wales. labor cut the nhs in wales.
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as whatnow emerging labor's great plan is. cut the nhs in wales and put up income tax on hard-working people in scotland. were they going to do to radiographer's in scotland? raise their taxes? we know labor's plan. they have learned nothing in the last decade. corbyn: the last time the was met was 19 months ago. the prime minister must be aware of that. i am pleased that he is taking action to make sure that doesn't get any worse. i want to turn to another issue. the recently deleted provision in the welfare reform and work bill that would have taken 30 pounds per week from the claimants.
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,artin contacted me this week it is not funny for martin. martin has a close friend who has breast cancer. obviously too unwell to work. cuts will put her into hardship at a time when she is most honorable. with are 3200 people cancer hit by this cut. will the prime minister now confirm when that matter returns to the commons he will ensure that the lord's position is upheld and people like her do not suffer the cut that he wanted to make? there are two: sorts of employment and support allowance. there are those who are able to train for some work and those who go on getting support.
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that is the situation. in the future the work-related activity group should be paid at the same rate as jobseekers allowance. that is for future claimants. not for existing ones. aty continue to be played the same rate. if someone has cancer and can't work they should be in the support group. we've had this issue looked at again and again. that is what a compassionate conservative government does. he cannot wash his hands for the situation in wales. in england take 75 days waiting time on average, in wales it is 197 days. takes twoof pneumonia weeks longer.
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labor are running wales. he is responsible for labor. i got the phone and tell her to stop cutting the nhs. corbyn: mr. speaker, it is very interesting that the prime minister did not answer the question i put which is whether or not he will proceed with the cut in the allowance. i hope you think seriously about this and does not proceed with this proposal. he will find that mcmillan cancer supports recent mental are all united in opposing this cut. because of the effect it will have on people with a range of very serious conditions. the prime minister used to say that those with the broadest shoulders should bear the greater load. kennedy writes that cancer patients and those who have disabilities on 102 pounds per
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with thely are those broadest shoulders who should bear this cut? and still try to reverse the decision of the house of lords on this important matter. minister: the higher earners in this country are paying a higher share of their income and tax the labor did under labor and that is paying for the nhs, it is paying for the welfare system. i asked the question very directly, if you are an existing claimants your welfare isn't changing. in the future those people who are able to get back to work, we should help them to get back to work. that is what compassionate country does. it is quite clear what labor's policy is. cut the nhs in wales, without taxes in scotland to pay for more welfare. david: my right honorable friend will note that the west country
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is becoming the end of the of the rest of the country with dozens of companies moving from the recesses of london to the bright sunlight of the west. will he keep supporting what they are now calling somerset silicon gorge by investing in our rails in our infrastructure? minister: i am keen to support silicon gorge. i thought he said silicon george for a moment. it is essential that we have a balanced economy. a strong economy and the west of our country as well as in the south and the north. we are investing in transport. roads to the west country. improving rail links as well. we also need to make sure that this is effective across the country.
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angus: the timing of the forthcoming european union referendum is extremely important. the first ministers of scotland and wales and northern ireland have called for a commitment by the u.k. government not to hold a referendum in june which would clash with elections to the to the devolved legislatures. will try mr. give a commitment today? there is noer: agreement and so no date has yet been fixed for the referendum. we legislated to make sure we wouldn't hold a referendum at the same time as scottish or welsh elections. the former first minister of scotland said it would be wrong to hold a referendum within six weeks of those elections and i can guarantee that will happen.
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angus: the first ministers have written today saying they believe holding a referendum in risks confusing issues when clarity is required. why will the prime minister not respect the requests of these governments? minister: i respect to the electorate of england and scotland and wales on the basis that i think people are perfectly capable of making up their minds in a local election or in a scottish parliamentary election or in a welsh assembly election and then a. of some weeks later making up their minds on the vital
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question of the european union. no date has been fixed. he is looking for things to complain about. >> the prime minister will be alarmed to hear the honorable gentleman is entitled to be heard. >> the prime minister will be alarmed to hear that a shock selling tobacco was making 25,000 pounds a week. destroying the local economy. damaging people's health.
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costing the economy 2 billion pounds a year. will the government look at increasing the statutory maximum penalty for this offense to bring it in line with the supplies of class c drugs? minister: i will look at the issue my honorable friend raises. they have been highly effective in reducing the tax gap of people selling illegal tobacco. they do have a wide range of sanctions. they prosecuted almost 800 different people i think in the last two years. i think the powers of their but i will have a check to see if more is needed. >> by constituent works for the dwp and he tells me the government is correct when it denies. own dwp of his
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colleagues can my constituents establish? in a minister: sanctions benefit system are important. we want the benefit system to be there for people who can't find a job and need support. it shouldn't be a lifestyle choice that people can work they should work. that is why we have a sanctions system. christopher: may i share my right honorable friend's disappointment that despite all his hard work the european union is forcing him to abandon our manifesto pledge to change the benefit system for migrants? will my right honorable friend confirmed that sadly the only way we're going to be able to regain control of our borders is by leaving the european union?
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minister: we don't agree on this. we said that anyone coming to britain from the eu searching for work should not get unemployment benefits and we fulfill that promise. if within six months they don't have a job that she go home. we fulfill that promise. not be able to come here and send british child benefits back to their family and we have secure that they will only get those benefits of the local rate. no more something for nothing. it was not right. asaid we would secure four-year gap and we have. people said it would be impossible. but that is what we put in place. these are good proposals.
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ruth: people are directly employed by the ceramics industry. risk if china at is not granted manufacturing market economy status. happyime minister is very but can he set off the family property? want tonister: we do support the industry in the potteries. we have tax credits and helping with apprenticeship schemes. not least to the energy intensive industry measures which are very important for the constituency she represents. the issue with market economy status is something different. even if they get that status, they can't jump steel products
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and other things into european markets. what we should be doing is making sure that we are driving open markets for us to sell to china. they are the ones with the massive growth in the middle class taking place. hundreds of millions of people joining that. many great products that should be sold in china. councilsle of wight said it would happen next year. would my right honorable friend confirmed the government's willingness to work with them over the coming months to help them to access existing sources of finance or find new ways to address the islands unique circumstances? minister: we are very happy to work with the authorities on the isle of wight . when it comes to spending power
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is increasing slightly in the next year. what we are doing with this settlement for local governments is acause overall it relatively flat cash settlement over the five-year. we are allowing councils to use their reserves and also to sell unwanted property and use that money directly to provide services to bridge over the. of the next five years. i'm very happy to look at the circumstances. >> the prime minister has told us today that more money is going into the nhs. let me tell him that my local trust is spending 1.5 million pounds a week on interest payments alone to innisfree for the deal. (shouting) wait for it! minister eventually
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saw sense about the need to deal with the damage of high-cost credit individuals. when will the deal with these shocks to the public sector? minister: sometimes it takes a long time to unwind to the damage done by a labor government. [applause] of the first things we didn't government was to launch a review of labour labor's deal and begin initiative to get better value for money for all projects including roads. what we're seeing in her own economy is that there are more gps in the nhs. next year they are getting a cash increase. becausemoney provided we are putting more money into the nhs. apparent in my constituency
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has described her experience of the child maintenance group as appalling. a failure to act on evidence. arrange prime minister to meet with my constituents and discuss the particular issue around the enforcement of child maintenance when nonresident parents are gaming the system and depriving children of the support they are entitled to? minister: i pray happy to help arrange that meeting and i know my honorable friend speaks as many of us find it on constituencies particularly about the behavior of the nonresident parent and how they give everyone the runaround. they don't fulfill their duties i think the pay for the children that they are responsible for. as she knows we have introduced a new statutory child .aintenance service it should be bringing speedier processing of applications.
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faster enforcement actions. i will make sure she has that meeting. can he comments on the recent events in northern ireland regarding the investigation? equale ensure that their majorigations into atrocities by terrorist organizations? prime minister: i will carefully at that. we must look at all of these things in a fair and reasonable way. 38 billion pounds a year is spent on pensions tax relief. three quarters of that going to higher rate taxpayers. there will be a huge boost to social justice in this country if pensions tax relief was reformed to a single flat rate?
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minister: i know my honorable friend speaks on this with considerable expertise. he is right that there are great cost related to pension tax relief. taxes are a matter for the chancellor and his budget. >> i welcome the further support for child refugees. i nine-year-old girl who lives in my constituency was recently asking me what we are doing to help refugee children. mosta child refugee needs is a home. what we've done so far she knows about. the 20,000 relocations game. we got 1000 people in by christmas.
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fewer people are aware of the fact that in the last year we took in something like 2500 unaccompanied children's. if you look at 10 to social services and the pressure they are under they have about a thousand children they are looking after. another point that people don't always recognize is that unaccompanied children in europe , if they claim asylum in the country they're, under the dublin regulations if they have direct family in britain they can come to britain. we think that is the right approach taking some more people from the region to being very cautious because all the evidence shows that even if it is an orphan child they may well have some broader family they are connected to. given the security threats faced by this country, those who want to scrap our nuclear deterrent or those who want to
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keep tried in without nuclear missiles? minister: it is hard to choose from the wrong or the bazaar. you can take your pick. labor's latest plan is to use trident submarines to transport military personnel around the world. service expensive uber anyone ever thought of. wonderfully think of next? what on earth will they think of next? [laughter] her family was notified by spanish authorities as a missing person. mother and sister had visited spain several times and have met both the spanish authorities and the u.k. counselor staff.
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they say they are working on this case there have been various pieces of misinformation in the spanish media. which we know not to of been helpful. i call upon him to seek assurances on behalf of lisa's family from the spanish authorities in london and in madrid as well as the commonwealth office. beinghing possible is done to ensure that her family can get the answers they so desperately need? prime minister: i will certainly look into it. the europe minister meets with him to make sure everything is being done that can possibly be done. trust ismy hospital also wrestling with the disastrous to deal signed under
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the labor government. can the prime minister assist them in any way? minister: they are extremely difficult to solve. they were entered into and signed. monitoring the care quality commission clears the need for a long-term partnership. i understand the trust has to announce its reverse partner in february. i hope people helping to support the services that we need. i will look carefully at that. n: following the shocking report about the murder here in london what about the russian money that helps sustain the putin regime? shockingister: it was
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that this confirms what the previous labor government understood to have happened. when you read the report all over again it is deeply shocking what happened. that is why we've taken action in terms of asset freezes and the other measures mentioned by the home secretary. the problem of hot money coming into london. we are doing more than other countries in terms of transparency in terms of beneficial ownership, who owns what in terms of companies. we will also do the same in terms of property. that is one of the best ways not just to make sure we don't have a legal russian money but to corrupt money stolen from african taxpayers and other continents doesn't end up in england. when i first came to this house i spoke about the care of our armed forces veterans.
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i have not had any letter or any .arning i dread the post every day. he is ready it to stop those allegations. friend right honorable pledged look even more closely at the support we are giving so that what we want to deliver to the veterans is actually what we do deliver? prime minister: i'm very happy with that specifically. it was unacceptable. we will provide our fullest support. will crack down on any legal firm that we find abusing the system. because we have the military , wenant written into law


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