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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Walterboro South Carolina  CSPAN  February 17, 2016 7:23pm-8:01pm EST

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every day will be a great day in america. help me welcome the next president of the united states marco rubio. [applause] [applause]
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♪ ♪ donald trump: thank you very much. [applause] the these people over here. to have the endorsement of these two very rich very powerful but really wonderful gentleman. these are wonderful gentleman. get back up here.
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i'm looking at that equipment. getting out to vote is just so important. our country has been taken away from us. it is going so fast. you talk about the second amendment. second amendment means a lot of other things too. the second amendment is under siege. we lost a great supreme court justice the other day. nobody thought this was going to be part of the equation. all of a sudden if summary gets in who was the wrong person they will take that second amendment away so fast. bloomberg is somebody that wants to knock out the second amendment. three is a disaster. they want to take away.
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it's not going to happen. you have to get out and vote. when we lost our wonderful justice who was a great man and a great second amendment person i just heard coming up. the senators we've been very disappointed. i am a republican. there not being protected budget was approved by the republicans. they gave it away. they gave obama everything. obama wants to put in a supreme court justice and the justice he wants is going to be a very negative person because that's the way it is. basically they don't have the right to do that. other republicans going to fail of the going to crack? there could be a way for obama to push it through. the same thing you heard with obamacare, it is going to be defeated it is going to be repealed.
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leave me, we are to repeal and replace obamacare. health insurance premiums are way up. your deductible is so high that you have to get hit by a truck to get some health care. whohearing that obama now said donald trump will not be the president. it's a compliment. been perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. [applause] the place saying donald trump will not be the president. we may have a surprise in store for him. we will start right here in south carolina. new hampshire was so amazing. had a big big big victory in new hampshire. haveng people i think we an even bigger lead in south carolina. the people of an incredible the matter where we go. four years ago you had about 200 people here for the same kind of thing.
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he's a good front runner and a good guy. you had 200 people. now you have thousands of people here. i won't forget it. i'm not going to forget it. i hear that they are trying to talk about how to get a liberal judge on the supreme court. a judge who does not like the second amendment. this is one of many. to do awho does want number on the guns. we are not going to let it happen. if we get elected we know that. we have nine months or 10 months ago. we have to have the republicans hold fast. i am just hearing these little cracks. saying maybe if he appoint get along.ybe we can that is not the way this post today. it is possible that they will have their wish. if they win the vanity having their choice. if they don't win we can take back this country.
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we have three or 45 supreme court judges. this was a very said circumstance that happened with justice scalia. now we are going to see what happens. i will only tell you this. have a really good chance to win. if we can win in south carolina we're going to go, we could very well run the table. next't know if you saw week in nevada. is going to be phenomenal. the relationship therewith the people. bush has 1% in nevada. this guy, why don't you just give up? go home. go home to mom. go home to mommy. bush is only 1% in nevada. a couple of them are 10 or 11. i am over 40% in the polls.
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we have the sec primary which is going to be amazing. new hampshire could not of been better. give us a tremendous sendoff. and we did well in iowa. a bunch of votes were stolen from ben carson. and that was a disgrace. what ted cruz did with ben carson was absolute disgrace. he stole, it was theft. and then they come out with a voter violation form which is a fraud as far as i'm concerned. what he did with that whole thing was a disgrace. we're not going to let that stuff happen anymore. we will not let it happen. we are all watching. keep your eyes wide open. these politicians, and raises the bible and yet he tells lies and that he does this stuff to carson. he does other things. very bad. politicians are bad people. would you believe it? we're not going to let it happen.
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saturday, get out and vote. this is going to be the place that is going to really make it. i have been watching all the pundits. the bad news is they are always wrong. he said i am not running in iran. he is just doing it for fun. i am not doing this for fun. i could be someplace else. and be be someplace else very happy. makedoing it because america great again. we have to make america so great . we're going to win again. we'll win very much anymore. we are a very tough smart people. you like to window it? we used to win but we don't win anymore. second amendment protected. common core is going to be ended. we are bringing your education
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back to the local level. it is going to be fabulous. we have the me say, absolute worst, we spend the number one in the world of education per-pupil and there the second place was we are so high. you have china, you have norway, you have sweet. the best inies of terms of education they are on the list. number 30th is the united states. we are number one in cost. i'm finding my own campaign. [applause] i don't have a lot of people coming to me the drug companies and all the other special interest. if you would see the kind of waste fraud and corruption in the united states a lot of it isn't really waste fraud and corruption, is that the people running against me and the people in the senate and the people in congress, they have tremendous power because they have people giving them money.
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the special interests. they do with those people want. that is one of the reasons our budgets are out of whack. the military is out of whack. the military orders equipment they don't even want to the stuff they want they don't get. because the company that makes that equipment is not politically adept. the companies that really are is going to all change. i'm not getting money from any of these people. we're going to do the right thing. i will take you a little story. the drug companies, we are the largest purchaser of drugs in the world, the united states. which makes a lot of sense. we purchase more drugs that anybody. comehe kind of drugs to over the southern border which we are going to and. we're going to build the wall. who's going to pay for the wall. mexico!")
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you better believe it. these characters i am running against. they say you really think mexico is going to pay for the wall. i said absolutely, hundred percent. they say how you get mexico to pay? ofy have no concept business. 150 billion dollars we gave to iran. we have a $58 billion deficit with mexico. the will that i build will be taller and better and less costly. they say how even to possibly do it. they make so much money. plus we give them subsidies.
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the press called me and they said they would never pay for the wall. i said who was it, calderon, tell him the following. the wall just got 10 feet higher. it got 10 feet higher. [applause] they are going to pay for it. i get along great with mexico. ofave hundreds and hundreds even thousands of workers, hispanics i am doing great with. we have such an amazing relationship with hispanics and they are great people. the problem is the leaders of mexico are too smart for our leaders. they are too cunning. the border is a disaster. people flow over. it will not happen anymore folks. they are going to come in legally. it will come in through a process. we will solve the trade problem. rrier air conditioner
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an ounce they are moving to mexico. nabisco going to mexico. ford motor company building huge plant in mexico. they are building an even bigger. yesterday the wall street journal announced they are building a bigger. nobody does anything about it. i'm going to do something about it. so they said what would you do that carrier? you are out of work, you are out of jobs. we're moving to mexico. the people are crying. grown men that have been there long time, really incredible people. they are devastated. they lost their jobs. they never had another job. this plant is moving to mexico. i'm goingl you what to do. they talk that free trade. i am a free trader. on these idiots, they are stupid. they say donald trump is not a
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true conservative. it has to be fair. i am a conservative person. i'm the most conservative in the race. i'm the most conservative in the military. nobody's tougher than they. we're going to make our military so big and so strong and so powerful that nobody will ever mess with us. we will have to use it. have to use it. i am the most conservative about taking care the vets. the vets are treated horribly. i am most conservative on common core. we're ending common core and moving it locally. nobody is more conservative with toughness on the second amendment. is coming across in their going to build a plant in mexico. probably get subsidies for mexico. they probably have united states giving them subsidies to move out of the country. that is a stupid it is.
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how stupid it is. we call them up and we say hell you are moving to mexico, congratulations. if you don't stay in the end states you're going to have a problem. if you want to build your factory down there, all those people are now looking for jobs. we are hiring a lot of part-timers now. we are hiring the numbers are totally phony. very simple. you build your plan to mexico. you're going to sell air-conditioners. have them cross the border. you're going to pay a 35% tax on every air-conditioner. [applause] silly thing you can do. it is the only thing you can do. china.aluation with they are my grand chess masters. the greatest in history. that.andmasters of
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devaluation. they devalue their currency. china is killing caterpillar. we're bringing in camacho tractors now. look at what is happened to the end. friend of mine is a big excavator. i love excavators. order fort in the big komatsu. not that he wanted to. said they made it impossible for me not to buy. they devalue the end to such an extent in japan. he was depressed. he wanted to buy caterpillar. they are both good and caterpillar is better. i couldn't help but do this. will china is doing that times a hundred. times a thousand. the devaluation of their currency makes it impossible for people to compete. we can't allow that stuff to happen. itn we staff over to china
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doesn't get in. if it does get in you have to pay a big tax. it's not supposed to be that way. it is mostly free trade. way, and we go back and forth. they devalue their currency on top of that they make it impossible. i have a friend who was a great manufacturer. he says it is virtually impossible to get his goods into china. when he does get the men he has to pay a big tax. bought anriend airplane and he can't get into china because the tax is so high. he's going to sell it is a big loss. think about going. boeing. they just had a big order from china. china is making the build a massive airline facility, bigger than anything you've seen. you feel good about boeing?
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ago to feelve years good. unless i'm president. they are going to relent to where they are building it. they're going to build a plant and evaluate whether currency and all of a sudden you be reading a big front-page story over the place. andng is going to leave make all their complaints and china. that is what they do. our leaders aren't smart enough to stop it. me, a carl icahn endorse very rich guy. very successful. that i wantr all you to watch over china trade. we will be in great shape. we have right now people that have no concept of what they're doing. no concept that all. they are political hacks. the people they're negotiating with these people from china and again china likewise they get along great with china. largest bank in the world. is my tenant. buying condos for tens of millions of dollars.
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i have the bank of america building in california. i own a big chunk of that. i got that from china through very complex set of transactions. . think china is terrific i'm not angry china. i'm angry at our leaders for not being able to compete with china. [applause] we're going to get things changed. we're going use our best people. we're going to start winning again. strong military. take care of our vets. have such great trade deals. we're going to win again. .e're going to win so much we'll get rid of isis and we will get rid of them fast. [applause] i was against the war in iraq from the beginning. we shouldn't of done it and we did it. that obama get out the wrong way. we did it. it destabilize the middle east. see, 2003, 2004. i said it would totally destabilize the middle east
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because you have iran and iraq. they were the same militarily. they fight fight fight and then they rest. a fight fight fight. we decapitated iraq and now iran is taking over. not only do they get the 150 billion dollars, maybe the worst transaction i've ever seen, done by the famous obama administration. the worst, the dumbest deals i've ever seen. we get nothing. got those hostages before we even start negotiating. we should've gotten those hostages years ago. if you look what is going on and talent top of that we have gave them.iven spent $2 trillion. wooden warriors that we love, they are the best people. suffered all of us these people. what they have gone through. the wounded warriors all the place. you know we have? nothing.
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we have absolutely nothing. here's what we're going to do. we going to change things around. we're going to be smart. we have to start rebuilding our country. we have $4 trillion in the various places. going to happen anymore. we will have a strong military that we have to rebuild our roads and our bridges in our tunnels in our schools or hospitals. our country is like a third world country. you go over some of these places in the middle east, you go to china you see the airports. that are soidges incredibly of never seen anything like it. they cap trains to go 3 -- 50 miles an hour. and we have trains that go chug chug chug from a hundred years ago. we've become a third world nation. we are fighting everybody else's battles. remember this. where like the policeman of the world. we don't get paid anything. we protect germany and japan. in japan if we get attacked
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japan doesn't have to do anything. if they get attacked we have world war iii. these videos? we protect south korea. you have a maniac right next door. we protect south korea. every time we go on television to get the televisions from south korea. they make a fortune. we protect them. why are they paying for the defense? paying for their defense? we have 28,000 soldiers of the border. we take care of the world and we don't get anything for it. saudi arabia was making $1 billion a day and we rent space we can help them. without us they would last for two weeks. we will be gone. we want to be good we want be fair we want to have hard.
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when i do with the syrian folks in the we don't know what they're doing. they're not coming in. you have a lot of the moving to south carolina. have you heard this? you are to your governor don't let the move to south carolina. we have a state government. it's the governor from a state did want to have them, you have to have them. we don't know where they come from. we want help them with safe zones. we'll $19 trillion. owe $19 trillion. the gulf states have so much money they don't know what to do with it. go to brussels. it was incredible. why call for a moratorium on immigration first he with tremendous heat. then everybody sources say hey
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he is right. same thing on june 16 i announce we are going to stop in the illegal immigration. they catch up was unbelievable. three or four weeks later they were saying trump is right. then you have kate killed in san francisco killed by an illegal immigrant. jamil in los angeles was killed by an illegal immigrant. his father's a great guy. you have the veteran, , rates and woman sodomized and killed in los angeles. by illegal immigrant. we've got a stop at folks we have to stop it with your be smart. we've got to be a country again. this endorsement meant so much to me from these two guys. i just want to say get out and vote. we are going to do something that you will be so happy with. we are going to win so much. we are going to make america great again. make america great again. on saturday get out and vote.
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thank you. we love you very much. thank you. [applause] [applause] ♪
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(van halen - "right
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now") ♪ now")alen "right
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(rolling stones "you can't want")get what you
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what you't always get want")
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rolling stones: i saw her today at the reception. in her glass was a bleeding man he was she was practiced at the art of deception i could tell by her bloodstained hands. you can't always get what you get whatcan't always you want. get what youays want. but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need.
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you can't always get what you want. you can't always get what you want. you can't always get what you want. but if you try sometimes you just might find, you just might find, you get what you need.
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("nessun dorma")
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>> coming up, a discussion on the closing of the guantanamo bay detention center. then senator ted cruz holds a conference to address legal claims from donald trump. after that, we hear from donald trump, campaigning in south carolina. it are, senator marco rubio was endorsed by south carolina governor nikki haley. >> national security council director was cast with the closing of one tunnel bay prison. he left his post at the white house in january. next, he joins a panel on guantanamo