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tv   Marsha Blackburn Remarks at CPAC  CSPAN  March 3, 2016 7:48pm-8:01pm EST

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endured 250 actults, and not a single of italian nation -- retaliation. not a single act. that's why, when i visited in october, i was amazed at how well those enemy combatants are being treated. i was amazed at how well our marines are doing. and i'm amazed the president of the united states would even dare sink and break the law of our country and send those enemy combatants to any location in this country. that's why senators roberts, gardner, and myself will use every weapon in our arsenal. god bless you. god has blessed the united states of america. thank you. [applause]
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>> from the state of tennessee,, please welcome,,,,, ,,,,esentative,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,
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it is about getting this nation back on track. i have constituents reading the constitution, watching the debates with their families, and most importantly of all, the people are the teachers this year. and elected officials are the students. this is what they are teaching us. they are tired of being taken for granted. they are tired of failure. they have expectations. those expectations are not being met. they want us to stop the talking and get to work on the big things. you know, things like preserving faith, family, freedom, hope, opportunity, the things that thomas jefferson wrote a lot about, like the self-evident
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s.uth he turned off into philosopher john locke. thee wrote so well about purpose of the law. this is what he said. the purpose of the law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. now, think about that in terms of what is happening in washington, d.c. think washington is preserving and enlarging freedom, when we have a $1 trillion obamacare bill? do we think that washington is preserving freedom when christian bakers are forced to cater a gay wedding, against their moral principles? freedomink you enlarge when you have an executive who seizes power through executive
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orders and ignores congress and ignores the will of the people? you are right. the answer is absolutely not. but it is still amazing to me, that washington wonders why we the people are angry. it is like establishment washington doesn't get it. list for could build a why the american people are so angry. how about we have not had a balanced, budget amendment in 15 years? it is time for one. some years, we spend more than $1 trillion then we take in. we have $19 trillion worth of debt. it is growing. we have regulations that are closing all sorts of businesses. and we have bureaucracies that raidingg in and
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guitar factories in tennessee because they don't like the wood they are using. in california, they are regulating backyard barbecues to see how they affect -- effect ozone. these people have too much time and too much money on their hands, and it is time to rein them in. [applause] this is why people are angry. it is righteous anger. it is good it motivates. seeingns are sick of their country full of evil and injustice. they are going to do something about it. i think we have a great story in the bible about righteous anger. jesus in the temple. he saw what was happening. he went in and threw out the merchants and peddlers. washington, d.c. needs a good cleansing. so does the white house.
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and we need to get rid of all the special interests, all of the lobbyists, and returned this government to being a government of, by, and for the people of the united states. now when i was growing up,, my mother would say -- you can sit there and get mad, or you can get up and get busy. i think that we the people have to get busy. we need to get busy on a few basic things. like honoring the rule of law. how do you honor the rule of law? you enforce it. you don't honor the rule of law when you have millions of illegal aliens, millions of tons of drugs, and sex traffickers and human traffickers promoting human slavery, coming across that southern border. you don't honor the rule of law when you do not build a law and secure the southern border. [applause] and you do not honor the rule of law when you continue to allow
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syrian refugees to come into this country. [applause] another thing people want us to get busy on is security. how many of you took latin in school. anybody? i am glad to see those hands out there. i took latin for four years, and still cannot speak a foreign language. but when we were looking at security, i went back to the latin root. you know what it is? securas. you know what it means? "free from care." election year, three issues -- national security, jobs and economic security, retirement security -- are the top issues. think about security and being free from care. when we talk about national security, that we don't have to
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worry about isis infiltrating our country. we don't have to worry about our military recruiting center's being shot up, or shopping centers being shot up, or christmas parties having terrorist coming in. that's what national security means. jobs and economic security. that we don't have to worry where the paycheck comes from, or that we won't have a government agency padlock and our business -- padlocking our business. or retirement security. that the money we put in will be there when we retire. that are some things congress could and should be doing to jumpstart, to jumpstart this. how about repealing obamacare, passing a balanced budget amendment, securing our southern border, ending the president's executive amnesty, getting rid of the iran deal, and making
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sure that we cut the federal bureaucracy? all of those are first steps. the question always becomes, how do you get this done? a couple things. number one an attitude adjustment for this country. we are the greatest country on the face of the earth. we are the united states of america. andre founded in freedom, we need to go back to having that can-do attitude. i boughts in college, my first car with money i had made that summer. it was a bright blue ford. it was ugly as it could be, and i loved it. i named that car "can-do," because i thought, i can do anything i set my mind to. that is the american dream, and that is what we need to restore. another thing. we are not going to make this happen without you. wereal thousand americans
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asked if they believed what they saw on the evening news. 70% said they do not believe it. they are watching abc, which is all about clinton, nbc which is nothing but clinton, cbs, which is the clinton "bs" network. but you know who they believe? they believe you. we need legislators and a president who understand their purpose. their purpose is to preserve liberty, to protect the constitution, and to pass on this great nation. abraham lincoln said a great thing that we all should remember. " america can never be destroyed from outside.
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if we falter, and if we lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." so let's get busy. let's get our attitude right. let's get our networks together. let's talk to our friends. let's make certain that we the people rise up, take our country back, and do our share to pass along faith, family, freedom,, and opportunity to the next generation. thank you so much for being here. >> the american conservative union hosts its annual political action conference. our live coverage continues friday at 1:15 eastern, with speeches by republican presidential candidates -- ohio governor john kasich and texas senator ted cruz. also, dr. ben carson. saturday morning, our coverage
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continues with donald trump and florida senator marco rubio. we will also bring you the results of the 2016 cp tonight on c-span, mitt romney gives a speech urging republicans to reject donald trump. mr. trump responds at a campaign rally in portland, maine. and house speaker paul ryan comments on the republican presidential race. later, some of today's conservative political action conference. today, the 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney gave a speech attacking the current republican front-runner donald trump, calling him a fraud and a con man. voters torimary support one of the other republicans on the ballot. his full remarks of the university of utah at salt lake


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