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tv   Marco Rubio Primary Night Speech  CSPAN  March 15, 2016 8:12pm-8:29pm EDT

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moment. it will show whether he can carry his momentum into the general election should he win the nomination. one way of the other, this is a key moment for the republican party. i've never seen a party so divided. host: marco rubio has taken the stand. so let's listen in. marco rubio: i want to congratulate donald trump, take victory in florida. no,ing] marco rubio: no, no, our voters make the decisions. we respect that very much. i want to begin by thanking all of you today. i want you to know i am the beneficiary of the best to group of supporters, i've ever been associated with. thank you. florida, not in just here in florida, but around the country.
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>> we love you, marco. o: i love you too. not just here, but all over the country in south carolina, and the great set of minnesota -- state of minnesota, and puerto rico, all over. we had a great team, we have a great team. i am so grateful for the help. you couldothing more have done. we worked as hard as we ever got. america is in the middle of a barrel -- real political storm. this coming.e seen people are angry, and frustrated. 2007-1008 -- in 2007-2008. don't worry, you won't get beat up at our event.
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frustrated about the direction of our country. [chanting] >> marco, marco, marco. marco rubio: thank you. people are frustrated. in 2000 seven and 2008 there was a world downturn in our economy. these changes happening right now are disrupting people's lives. people are very upset about it. are are told that -- people angry and frustrated. aree told if you against illegal immigration, that makes you a bigot. they see america involved in the world, and american spending money and losing their lives. they see there's very little gratitude for all the sacrifice that america makes. quite frankly, there are millions of people in the
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country that are tired to be looked down upon. the don't know what they're talking but it should listen to the so-called smart people. i know all these issues firsthand. i have lived paycheck to paycheck. i know what it is like to have to figure out how to find a money to fix the air conditioner that broke last night. i know my parents struggle to come i know millions are doing that. in america istion broken. my parents are immigrants, i grant permits were immigrants. i live in a community of immigrants. i've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. i battled my whole life against the so-called elites. people that thought i needed to wait my turn, or wait in line. understandw allh of these frustrations. decided to run for president, i wanted to be realistic of it all of these
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problems. was optimistic about what lies ahead for our country. realistic have a approach to fixing our immigration laws. living to this extraordinary economic transition that has disrupted people's lives. machines are replacing them, the pay is not enough. new economy has incredible opportunity. when america doesn't lead in these behind a vacuum. chaos.cuum leads to i know firsthand ours is a special nation. because we come from here doesn't the side of the get go. 44-year-old son of a bartender and a maid, that i can run for president of the united states of america. [applause] marco rubio: so, from a political standpoint, the easies
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t thing to have done in this campaign is to jump on all those anxieties i just talked about. to make people angry or, more frustrated. but i chose a different route, and i am proud of that. [applause] rubio: that would've been -- in a year like this, that would've been the easiest way to win. but that is not what is best for america. the politics of resentment against other people will not just the as a fractured party, they will is a fractured nation. they leave us as a nation where people literally hate each other because they have different political opinions. we find ourselves at a point of not surprising for that the warning signs have been here for a decade. in 2010, the tea party wave carried us into office and that
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give republicans a majority in the house. but nothing changed. gave14, the same voters republicans a majority in the senate, but still nothing changed. i blame some of that on the conservative movement, that is supposed to be about our ideals. i blame most of it on our political establishment. [applause] a political establishment that for far too long is looked down at conservatives as simpleminded people. they looked down at conservatives as simply bomb throwers. far too long get taken the votes of conservatives for granted. a political establishment that is grown to confuse cronyism for capitalism, and big business for free enterprise. i endeavored over the last 11 months to bridge this divide within our party, and our country. i know that after eight years of barack obama, this nation needs a vibrant and conservative
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movement. it needs a strong republican party to change the direction, or many of the things that are going wrong in america will become permanent. many of the things and make as a special country will be gone. america needs a vibrant, conservative movement. but one that is both comfortable's, and ideas, not in fear, anger, or preying on people's frustrations. [applause] marco rubio" a conservative that believes the principles of our constitution and protects our rights to limit the power of government. it is committed to the concept of free enterprise, the only economic model where everyone can climb. a conservative movement that believes a strong national defense and a conservative movement that believes in the strong judeo-christian values that are the formation of our nation. [applause]
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marco rubio: we also need a new political establishment and our party. not one that looks down on people that live outside of the district of columbia. not one that tells young people the need to wait their turn. not one that is more interested in winning elections than it is insulting problems, or sending my principles. [applause] -- standing by principles. this is the campaign we have run, realistic that the challenges we face, but optimistic about the opportunities before us. a campaign that recognize the difficulties we face but also one that believes that we truly are on the verge of a new american century. president, a be campaign to be president that would love all of the american people. even the ones that don't love you back. [applause] marco rubio: this is the right
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way forward for our party, and never country. after tonight, it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year we will not be on the winning side. in thegreat comfort ancient words which teach us that in their hearts humans plan their course and the lord establishes their steps. [applause] while this may not of been the year for hopeful, and optimistic message about our future, i still remain hopeful and optimistic about america. [applause] rubio: how can i not? my mother was one of seven girls born into a poor family. her father was disabled as a child. he struggled to provide for them his entire life. my mother told us a few years ago, she never went to bed hungry growing up but knows her parents did.
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she came to this country in 1956 with little education, no money, and no connections. their firsttruggled years here, they were discouraged. they even thought of going back to cuba at one point. it never became rich, i didn't inherit any money from my parents. they never became famous. you never would've heard from them if i didn't run for office. i consider my parents to be very successful people. in this country, working hard, they owned a home. they retired with dignity. they live tory, see all four of their children live better off than themselves. in this country, on this day, my mother who is now 85 years old was able to cast a ballot for her son to be the president of the united states of america. [applause]
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marco rubio: and so -- [chanting] >> marco, marco, marco. , while it isand so not god's plan that i be president in 2016, or maybe ever. while today my campaign is , the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of a special america truly is. and all the recent more why we must do all that we can to ensure this nation remains a special place. i asked the american people, do not to give in to the fear. do not give in to the frustration. we can disagree about public policy, we can disagree about it vibrantly. we are hopeful people. we have every right to be hopeful. we in this nation of the
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descendents of go-getters. blood ofins run the everybody give it all up. someonel descendents of , the descendents of pilgrims, settlers. we are the descendents of many women that headed westward not knowing what awaited them. we are the descendents of slaves who overcame that horrible institution to stake their claim in the american dream. with the descendents of immigrants, and exiles, who believed they were destined for more. there's only one place on earth what that was possible. this is who we are. let us fight to ensure this is who we remain. if we lose that about our country, we will still be rich, and will still be powerful. but we will no longer be special. >> we will keep fighting. i'm grateful to
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everyone who worked so hard for me. and to my wife, was been so phenomenal during this campaign. [applause] marco rubio: to my four kids, who have been extraordinary in this campaign. [applause] marco rubio: i want you to know that i will continue every single day to search for ways for me to repay some of the six ordinary debt that i of this great country. i want to leave with an expression of gratitude to god, in whose hands all things lie. a plan for everyone of our lives. everything that comes from god is good. perfect. god makes no mistakes. he has things planned for all of us. we await eagerly to see what lies ahead.
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i leave tonight with one final prayer, and they use the word of king david, because i remain grateful to god. lord, is the power, the glory, and the majesty. indeed, everything that is in the heavens, and the earth. yours is the dominion, o lord. both riches and honor come from you, and you rule over all. in your hand is power, and might. it lies in your hand to make great, and strengthen everyone. may god strengthen our people, and our nation. thegod strengthen conservative movement, may he strengthen the republican party. and he strengthen our eventual nominee, and may god always bless this great nation. thank you, and god bless you all. [applause]
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marco rubio: the water. thank you so much. ♪ host: marco rubio in florida, one day less than a year from when he announced his campaign. tonight, dropping out. lot of themes that speech tonight, one that caught some people's attention on twitter. was early on, america is in a middle of a real political storm
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in which it is in this coming. guest: marco rubio had a rough campaign. he did outlast his onetime mentor jeb bush. after a strong third-place finish in iowa, he had a devastating debate in new hampshire where chris christie of being accused rubio a robot. up to memorized talking points. rubio ended up fifth in new hampshire. that was the beginning of the end, he has a decent showings but was nevere, able to catch fire. he tried to out trump trump at the debate, but can only be described as a childish move. the following debate, the last debate, was more congenial. at the same time, marco rubio is 45 years old,


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