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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 22, 2016 2:00am-4:01am EDT

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all of us need to look for opportunities to create the conditions for progress, including by taking positive actions that can rebuild trust, like the recent constructive meetings between the israelis and palestinian finance ministers, aiming to bolster the palestinian economy, or the daily on the ground security cooperation between israel and the palestinian authorities. but at the same time, all of us must condemn actions that set back the cause of peace. terrorism should never be encouraged or celebrated, and children should not be taught to hate in schools. that poisons the future. [applause] everyone has to do their part by avoiding damaging actions, including with respect to settlements. america has an important role to play in supporting peace efforts, and as president, i
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would continue the pursuit of direct negotiations. let me be clear. i would vigorously oppose any attempts by outside parties to impose a solution, including by the un security council. [applause] there is one more choice we face together. in some ways, it may be the most important of all. and as, as americans , israelis, stay true to the shared democratic values at the heart of our relationships? we are both nations built by
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immigrants and exiles, seeking to live and worship in freedom. nations built on principles of equality, tolerance, and pluralism. at our best, both israel and america are seen as a light unto the nations, because of those values. this is the real foundation of our alliance. i think it is why so many americans feel such a deep, emotional connection with israel. i know that i do. it is why we cannot be neutral about israel and israel's future, because in israel's story, we see our own. and the story of all people who struggle for freedom and self-determination. there's so many examples. we look at the pride parade in tel aviv, one of the biggest and most prominent in the world. [applause]
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and we marveled that such a bastion of liberty exists in a region so plagued by intolerance. we see the vigorous even raucous , debates in israeli politics, and feel right at home. [laughter] of course, some of us remember a woman, golda meier leading , israel's government decades ago, and wonder, what is taking us so long here in america? [applause] but we cannot rest on what previous generations have accomplished. every generation has to renew our values, and yes, even fight for them.
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today, americans and israelis face currents of intolerance and extremism that threatens moral foundations of our society. in a democracy, we are going to have differences. but what americans are hearing on the campaign trail this year is something else entirely. encouraging violence, playing coy with white supremacists, calling for 12 million immigrants to be rounded up and deported, demanding we turn away refugees because of their religion, and proposing a ban on all muslims entering the united states. we have had dark chapters in our history before. we remember the nearly 1000 jews aboard the st. louis, who were refused entry in 1939, and sent back to europe. but america should be better
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than this. i believe it is our responsibility as citizens to say so. [applause] if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. on wednesday evening, jews around the world will celebrate the festival of purim, and children will learn the story of esther, who refused to stay silent in the face of evil. it wasn't easy. she had a good life. by speaking out, she risked everything. but as mordecai reminded her, we
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all have an obligation to do our part when danger gathers, and those of us with power or influence have a special responsibility to do what's right. as ellie wiesel said when accepting the nobel peace prize, neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. my friends, let us never be neutral or silent in the face of bigotry. together, let's defend the shared values that already make america and israel great. let us do the hard work necessary to keep building our friendship, and reach out to the next generation of americans and israelis, so the bonds between our nations grow even deeper and stronger. we are stronger together, and if we face the future side-by-side, i know for both israel and
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america, our best days are still ahead. thank you so much! [applause] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our morning program. please turn your attention to the screen for in important programming update. ♪
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journal,'s washington
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live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. tuesday morning, republican congresswoman marsha blackburn on president obama's trip to cuba and her work on the panel of infant lives and women's history month. virginia wholey of was the cochair of the democrat coalition of a report released last week designed to promote a domestic american prosperity agenda and achieving political consensus. we will talk about today's house opioid on heroin and abuse. "washington journal" begins at 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning. tuesday, securities and exchange commission's chair mary joe white testifies on the budgetnt's 2017 sec
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request. that is live tuesday at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span two. treasury secretary jack lew testifies tuesday on the state of the international financial system. live coverage of his remarks start at 10:00 eastern on c-span three. candidate john kasich speaks on foreign policy and the relationship between the united states and israel. his remarks before the american israel public affairs committee convention are 25 minutes. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome republican presidential candidate john kasich. [applause] governor kasich: thank you.
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thank you very much. i'm delighted to be back at aipac, an organization i have known and worked with since the early 1980's. back then, the audience numbered in the hundreds. a testament to aipac, the crowds are now in the thousands. i first visited israel in 1983 with my late dear friend, gordon zacks. he was a founding member of aipac, and it was on that trip i actually visited bethlehem, and i called my mother on christmas night from jerusalem. as you can imagine, it was a very special moment, and gordon always reminded me of it. gordon helped me as much as anyone has over the years to know and to appreciate the importance of our relationship with israel, and israel's unique security challenges.
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i can't think of a better guy who could have taken me to israel. it was on my trip in 1983 that gordon introduced me to a woman, when her husband was still in a soviet prison. she told me her husband's story over lunch, and said she was going to washington to plead for his release. i asked her, with you mind if i organized a rally in support of your husband on the steps of the capitol? we came together in a bipartisan way to call for his release. [applause] gordy had taken her into the oval office to meet with president reagan, and when the meeting ended, she was told that by the president, i will not
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rest until your husband is free. this story has always inspired me from the day gordy first , but i don't know how many of you here have ever read his book, "fear no evil." he wrote in that book, as i related to him, that when they went to him in the prison they , wanted him to confess something. they said to him, you understand that galileo even confessed. think about him sitting in that prison in solitary confinement, and he thought to himself and told them, you are using galileo against me? no one will ever use me against any other prisoner of conscience. for that, he deserves to always be remembered. [applause] i had a phone conversation with
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natan for years, but i never had the chance to meet him. ironically, i met him at the cemetery when we laid gordon to rest, and natan gave the eulogy. i want this to be clear to all of you, that i remain unwavering in my support for the jewish state, and the unique partnership between the united states and israel. [applause] when i was first introduced to israel and some of its leaders, of course, the core of our partnership with israel was already very well-defined. we give thanks to harry truman
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for the courageous steps he took when israel was first established. [applause] i applaud our continuing legacy of support for the jewish state, and the struggles, inventiveness, and vitality of the jewish people. this legacy is one that i will not only honor in my administration, but will take active steps to strengthen and expand. [applause] i want you all to know something very special to me, because it was at a ceremony recognizing the holocaust, that as governor, i proposed we build a permanent memorial, so that people, particularly young people, can understand the history and the lesson of man's inhumanity to man, and the incredible suffering visited upon the jews across the globe. i have worked with many members of the jewish community over three years to make it happen.
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they told me it could not be done, and i said, watch me, we will build a memorial. the memorial finally was designed, and it was the first of its kind in the nation. you all please come to columbus, and look at it. it is beautiful. [applause] i want to tell you, that a very good friend of mine, victor goodman, a prominent member of the jewish community in ohio, asks me to look at the memorial before it was unveiled. we walked over behind the tarp. i had my arm around his shoulder, and we read the inscription at the memorial together. i will never forget when he finished reading it, he buried his head in my chest and wept. wept together. he looked at me and said, thank you for what you have done here.
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this will exist as long as the state of ohio exists. you may know, i served on the house armed services committee for 18 years, and i worked to implement ronald reagan's strategy to revitalize our military and defeat the soviet union. together my colleagues and i gave our alliance with israel meaning. we assured israel's continuing qualitative military edge by authorizing the initial for the $10 million arrow iron dome antimissile program, that we know is so critical to the security of israel. [applause] we supported the program guaranteeing israeli air superiority with the latest fighters and the transfer of reactive armor technology that has made the israeli tank so effective. i think it could be said that my support and friendship for our strategic partner, israel, has been firm and unwavering for more than 35 years of my
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professional life. [applause] israel is the only democracy in the middle east, and has been -- faithful and dependable friends. they recognize the strategic hinge with israel and that america and israel's interests are tightly intertwined, despite our inevitable disagreements time to time, we share a critically important common interest in the middle east. the unrelenting opposition to iran's attempts to develop nuclear weapons. [applause] governor kasich: in march 2015, when the prime minister spoke out against the iran nuclear deal before a joint session of congress, i flew to washington and stood on the floor of the
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house of representatives that was in session, for the first time i had visited since we had been in session in 15 years. i did it to show my respect, my personal respect, to the people of israel. [applause] i want you all to know that i called the suspension of the u.s. participation in the iran nuclear deal in reaction to iran's recent ballistic nuclear -- ballistic missile past. [cheers and applause] these tests were both a violation of the spirit of the nuclear deal and provocations
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that can no longer be ignored. one of the missiles tested had printed on it in hebrew -- can you believe this -- israel must be exterminated. i will instantly gather the world and lead us to reapply sanctions if iran violates one crossed t or one dot on that treaty. we must put the sanctions back on together. [applause] let me also tell you that no amount of money made by any business will stand in the way of the need to make sure the secure and israel is iran does not have a nuclear weapon. no amount of money can push us in the wrong direction. in a kasich administration,
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more will no be no delusional agreements with self-declared enemies. no more. [applause] withcandidate in this race the deepest and most far-reaching foreign policy in national security experience, i don't need on-the-job training. i will not have to learn about the dangers facing this country and our allies. i have lived these matters for decades. on day one in the oval office, i will have in place a solid team of experienced and dedicated people who will implement a long-term strategic program to assure the security and safety of this country and that of its allies, such as israel. i will lead and make decisions and my national security appointees will work tirelessly with israel to counter iran's aggression. syria andfeat isis in
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iraq. we will assist israel to interdict iranian armed surprise and financial flows to hamas -- arms supplies and financial flows to hamas. [applause] andll also work to build expand on israel's newfound regional relations. deal,esult of the nuclear israel and the gulf states are closer than ever. the u.s. is not part of this new web of relations. i will work to participate in an strengthen those ties. [applause] israelis live in one of the neighborhoods,t and iran is not the only threat that the u.s. and israel boldface. syriaheadquartered in and iraq, is a mortal peril.
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this threat must be stopped. since it is dedicated to destruction in israel, europe, africa, and the united states, it is a threat to all civilization and unless we recognize and unite around a central truth, we will remain ineffective and a piecemeal approach to dealing with isis. because the world recognizes the x essential threat posed by isis, i believe i could lead a regional and nato coalition to defeat isis from the air and on the ground in syria and iraq. we are all in this together. i will also provide support and relief to our calling out -- common ally, jordan, to help share the brunt of refugee woes, and i will bring our troops home when we have created a realistic prospect that regional powers can conclude a settlement
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guaranteeing long-term security there. i will support ally coalitions as they destroy isis' various regional affiliates. my administration will cooperate with our allies to deny libya's oil resource, platforms of attack against europe, and disband what has become a hub for active terror throughout africa. allyl rely on our vital egypt --needed to defeat taliban, al qaeda, and isis, and bring our troops in afghanistan back home. [cheers and applause] gov. kasich: but they are not the only threats that we face. a kasich administration will
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work from the beginning to eliminate any form of intolerance, bigotry, racism, or anti-semitism, whether domestic or international, particularly in international bodies. [cheers and applause] gov. kasich: i condemn all attempts to isolate pressure and delegitimize the state of israel, and i will support congress's efforts to allow this activity, both here and in the eu, and i am very concerned about rising attacks on israel and jewish student on our college campuses. [cheers and applause]
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gov. kasich: i will make sure we have the tools needed to protect students from hate speech and intimidation while supporting free speech on our college campuses. [applause] i have been horrified by the recent state of palestinian attacks on israeli citizens. these are not spontaneous actions of lone wolves, they are part of an unprecedented wave of terror that has evolved over 200 attacks since october, 2015 -- they are the outcome of a that thef death palestinian authority and its forebears have promoted for over 50 years. [cheers and applause]
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gov. kasich: indoctrination of hate has long been part of a well-thought-out strategy. palestinian children are raised in a culture that glorifies martyrdom and the willingness to die in the pursuit of killing or maiming israelis. children's textbooks have been filled with vile anti-semitism. families of suicide killers receive an annuity after they kill and maim. imprisoned terrorists receive stipends and are guaranteed jobs in the palestinian civil service, at a salary determined by the length of their sentence. public streets and even soccer tournaments are named after terrorists. if they truly want peace with israel, palestinians cannot continue to promote a culture of hatred and death. we must make it clear that we will not tolerate such behavior. [cheers and applause]
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gov. kasich: and i do not believe there is any prospect or peace until the palestinian authorities and their friends are prepared to take real steps to live in peace with israel and recognized israel's right to exist as a jewish state and its violence is unacceptable. [cheers and applause] gov. kasich: in the meantime, we can best advance stability in israel.on by providing working quietly to facilitate palestinian and israeli efforts at reconciliation. this is what would be expected of a dependable ally.
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folks, let me conclude by talking about the greatest alliances are those of countries such as israel, where we share a community of values. that is why we have to recommit ourselves to those values. we must not shy away from proclaiming and celebrating them, and we must revitalize our alliances to defend and expand the international system, build upon those values a system that has prevented global conflict that enlisted over 2 billion people. , doing this we cannot go it alone. we must hang together and be realistic about what we can achieve. we cannot be neutral in defending our allies. you must be counted on to stand by and invest in our friends instead of using them and incurring favor with our enemies. for effective governance -- [cheers and applause]
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gov. kasich: -- in our democracy and for the sake of our future, we have to work together at home wherever possible. this is exactly what i have done in the course of my career. i reached out to the other side countless times to see how we can get the progress america wants and deserves. we all look back to the time of ronald reagan and his meetings with tip o'neill, where they came together to put america first, politics and partisanship second, and reagan, as he , theyd across the aisle a a dealo hammer out that ended the cold war. this is what i want to do for republicans and democrats who are here today. we need to work together with
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congress on an agenda that serves the interest of the nation as a whole. we are americans before we are republicans or democrats. [cheers and applause] gov. kasich: and in regard to that, i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. [cheers and applause] gov. kasich: we will rededicate ourselves to reaching the bipartisan security policy that president reagan and the democrats achieved. you can be assured that my strategic program will include and incorporate israel as the
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bedrock for our mutual security in the middle east. together, we will combat violence incited in israel and of course its eternal capital, jerusalem. [cheers and applause] gov. kasich: thank you for allowing me to be here before you. i'm humbled by the chance to stand here at this incredible gathering of people who so much love america and so much love our great ally, israel. you see, we are connected together. it is about civilization. it is about peace. it is about love.
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it is about togetherness. it is about healing the world. the great jewish tradition is everyone lives a life a little bigger than themselves and that tradition has worked its way deeper into my soul, where i tell people all across america to dig down deep. the lord has made you special. live a life eager than your self. lift others, heal, provide progress. with that, the rest of this century and the relationship between the united states and israel will grow stronger and stronger for the benefit and mutual support of the world. thank you very much and god bless you. [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> during campaign 2016, c-span
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takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, republican congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee on president obama' cuba and her work on the selected investigative panel on women's history month. th democratic covers and joe conley of virginiae, the cochair of the new democrat coalition, on a report they released last week designed to promote a domestic american prosperity agenda aimed at growing the economy and achieving political consensus. we'll also talk about today's house hearing on heroin and opioid abuse and president obama's trip to cuba. "washington journal" begins live at 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning.
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>> tuesday, securities and exchange commission chairman mary jo white testifies before a house appropriations subcommittee on the president' 17 sec budget request. that is live at seven luck a.m. eastern on c-span [applause] . c-span2. tuesday onstifies the state of the international financial system. live coverage of his remarks before the house financial services committee start at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 3. >> now, republican presidential candidate donald trump speaks at the aipac conference. he focused his remarks on the iran nuclear deal and criticism of obama's foreign policy in the middle east. this is 25 minutes.
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mr. trump: good evening. thank you very much. i speak to you today as a lifetime supporter and it true friend of israel.
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[cheers and applause] mr. trump: i am a newcomer to politics, but not to backing get the jewish state. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: in 2001, weeks after the attacks on new york city, and on washington, and frankly, the attacks on all of us. attacks that are traded -- that were perpetrated by the islamic fundamentalists. mayor rudy giuliani visited. i sent my plane because i backed the mission for israel 100%. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and spring of 2004, at the height of the violence in the gaza strip, i was the grand marshal of the 40th salute to israel parade.
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the largest single gathering in support of the jewish state. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: it was a very dangerous time for israel, and frankly for anyone supporting israel. many people turned down this honor. i did not. i took the risk and i am glad i did. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: but i did not come here tonight to pander to you about israel. that is what politicians do. all talk, no action. believe me. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i came to speak to you about where i stand on the future of american relations with our strategic ally, our unbreakable friendship, and our cultural brother. the only democracy in the middle east, the state of israel. [cheers and applause]
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mr. trump: thank you. my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with iran. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: thank you. thank you. i have been in business a long time. i know deal-making and let me tell you, this deal is catastrophic for america, for israel, and for the whole of the middle east. [applause] mr. trump: the problem is fundamental, we have reward the world's leading state-sponsored terror with $150 billion and we received absolutely nothing in return.
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[applause] mr. trump: i have studied this issue in great detail. i would say, actually, greater by far than anybody else. believe me. oh, believe me. and it is a bad deal. the biggest concern with the deal is not necessarily that iran is going to violate it, because already, you know, as you know, it has. the bigger problem is that they can keep the terms and still get the bomb by simply running out the clock. and of course, they will keep the billions and billions of dollars that we so stupidly and foolishly gave them. [applause] mr. trump: the deal does not even require iran to dismantle its military nuclear
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capabilities. yes, it places limits on its military nuclear program for only a certain number of years, but when those restrictions expire, iran will have an industrial-sized military nuclear capability ready to go and with zero provision for delay no matter how bad iran's behavior is. terrible, terrible situation we are all placed in and especially israel. [applause] mr. trump: when i am president, i will adopt a strategy that focuses on three things when it comes to iran. first, we will stand up to iran's aggressive push to destabilize and dominate the region. [applause] mr. trump: i ran as a very big problem and will continue to be, but if i am not elected
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president, i know how to deal with trouble and believe me that is why i am going to be elected president, folks. [applause] mr. trump: and are leading in every poll. remember that, please. iran is a problem in iraq, syria, lebanon, yemen, and will be a very, very major problem for saudi arabia. every day i ran provides more and better weapons to support their puppet states. hezbollah, lebanon received, and i will tell you what, it has received sophisticated anti-ship weapons. anti-aircraft weapons. and, gps systems and rockets like very few people ever wear in the world and very few countries have.
2:50 am
now they are in syria trying to establish another front against israel from the syrian side of the goal and heights. in gaza, around the is supporting hamas and islam a jihad. in the west bank, they are openly offering palestinians $7,000 for terror attacks in to thousand dollars for every palestinian terrorist home that has been destroyed. a deplorable, deplorable situation. [applause] mr. trump: iran is financing military forces throughout the middle east and it is incredible we handed them over 100 if the billion dollars -- $150 billion to do even more horrible acts of terror. [applause] mr. trump: secondly, we will totally dismantle iran's global
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terror network, which is big and powerful but not powerful like us. [applause] mr. trump: iran has seated terror groups all over the world. during the last five years, iran has perpetuated terrorist attacks in 25 different countries on five continents. they have terrorist cells everywhere, including in the western hemisphere very close to home. i ran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism around the world and we will work to dismantle that reach. believe me, believe me. third, at the very least we must enforce the terms of the previous deal to hold a ran totally accountable and we will and force it like you have never seen a contract and forced
2:52 am
before, folks. believe me. [cheers and applause] iran has already, since the deal was in place, testfired ballistic missile's three times. those ballistic missiles, with a range of 1250 miles, were designed to intimidate not only israel, which is only 600 miles away, but also intended to frighten europe and someday, maybe, hit even the united states. and, we are not going to let that happen. we are not letting that happen and we are not letting that happen to israel. believe me. [applause] mr. trump: thank you. thank you. do you want to hear something really shocking?
2:53 am
as many of the great people in this room know, painted and those missiles and both hebrew and farsi were the words, israel must be wiped off the face of the earth. you can forget that. what kind of demented minds of right that in hebrew? and here's another. talk about twisted. here is another twisted part. testing these missiles does not even violate the horrible deals that we made. the deal is silent on test missiles. but those tests do violate the united nation security council regulations. the problem is no one has done anything about it. we will. we will. i promise, we will. [cheers and applause]
2:54 am
mr. trump: thank you. which brings me to my next point. the utter weakness and incompetence of the united nations. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: the united nations is not a friend of democracy. it is not a friend to freedom. it is not a friend even to the united states of america, where, as you know, it has its home. and it surely is not a friend to israel. [applause] mr. trump: with president obama in his final year, yay! [cheers and applause]
2:55 am
mr. trump: he may be the worst thing to ever happen to israel. believe me. believe me. and you know it, and you know it better than anybody. so with the president has final years, discussions have been swirling about an attempt to bring a security resolution to terms about an eventual resolution between palestine and israel. let me be clear, an agreement imposed by the united nations would be a total and complete disaster. [applause]
2:56 am
mr. trump: the united states must oppose this resolution and use the power of our veto, which i will use as president 100%. [applause] when people ask why, it is because that is not how you make a deal. deals are made when parties come together. they come to a table and negotiate. each side must give up something. it's values i mean, we have to do something where there is value in exchange for something required. that is when a deal is. when we impose it on israel and palestine, we bring together a group of people that come together with something. that will not happen with the stations. it will only further -- very
2:57 am
importantly, it will only further delegitimizing israel. it will be a disaster for israel. it is not going to happen, folks! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and further, it would reward terrorism because every day they are stabbing israelis and even americans. just last week, a west point graduate, phenomenal young person who served in iraq and afghanistan, was murdered in the street by a knife-wielding palestinian. you do not reward behavior like that. you can not do it. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: there is only one way you treat that kind of behavior. you have to confront it. [applause]
2:58 am
mr. trump: so it is not up to the united nations to really go into a solution. it is really the parties that must negotiate a resolution themselves. they have no choice. they have to do it themselves or will never hold up anywhere. the united states can be useful as a facilitator of negotiations, but no one should be telling israel that it must be -- and really that it must abide by some agreement made by others thousands of miles away that do not to even really know what is happening to israel, to anything in the area. it is so preposterous. we are not going to let that happen. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: when i am president, believe me, i will veto any attempt by the united nations to impose its will on the jewish
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state. it will be vetoed 100%. [applause] mr. trump: you see, i know about dealmaking. that is what i do. i wrote "the art of the deal." one of the best-selling, all time. and i mean, seriously. i am going to be very diplomatic. one of -- i'll be criticized, i think it is number one, but why take a chance? one of the all-time best-selling books about deals and dealmaking. to make a great deal, you need it to willing participants. we know israel is willing to deal. israel has been trying. right. israel has been trying to sit
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down at the negotiating table without preconditions for years. you had camp david in 2000, where prime minister barak made an incredible offer, maybe even too generous. arafat rejected it. in 2008, and equally generous offer to palestinian -- the palestinian authority rejected it also. then john kerry tried to come up with a framework and a boss did not even -- and abbas did not even respond. not even to the secretary of state of the human -- united states of america. they did not even respond. [applause] mr. trump: thank you.
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and, when i say something i mean it. i mean it. i will meet with prime minister netanyahu immediately. i have known him for many years and will be able to work closely together with him to help bring stability and peace to israel and to the entire region. meanwhile, every single day, you have rampant incitement and children being taught to hate israel and to hate the jews. it has to stop. [applause] mr. trump: when you live in an society where firefighters are heroes, little kids want to be firefighters. when you live in a society whereat athletes and movie stars are heroes, little kids want to be athletes and movie stars.
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in palestinian society, the heroes are those who murder jews. we cannot let this continue. we can't let this happen any longer. you -- [applause] mr. trump: you cannot achieve these if terrorists are treated -- you cannot achieve peace of terrorists are treated as moderates. -- murders. it is a horrible, horrible way to think. it is a barrier that cannot be broken. that will end. it will lend soon. believe me. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i palestinian in palestinian textbooks in mosques, you have a culture of hatred that has been fomenting there for years. if we want to achieve peace, they have got to go out and if they have got to start this
3:03 am
educational process. they have to and education of hatred. they have to and it. and, now! [cheers and applause] there is no moral equivalency. israel does not name public squares after terrorists. israel does not pay its children to stab random palestinians. you see, what president obama gets wrong about dealmaking is that he constantly applies pressure to our friends and rewards our enemies. [cheers and applause] mr. charm: -- mr. trump: and, you see that happening all the time. that pattern practiced by the president and his administration including former secretary of
3:04 am
state hillary clinton, who is a total disaster, by the way. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: she and president obama have created -- treated israel very, very badly. but it has repeated itself over and over again and has done nothing to embolden those who hate america. we saw that and releasing the $150 billion to iran in the hope they would magically joined the world community. it did not happen. [applause] mr. trump: president obama thinks that applying pressure to israel will force the issue. but it is precisely the opposite that happens.
3:05 am
already half of the population of palestine has been taken over by the palestinian isis and hamas. the other half refuses to confront the first half, so it is a very difficult situation that is never going to get solved unless you have great leadership right here in the united states. we will get it done one way or the other. we will get it solved. [applause] mr. trump: but when the united states stands with israel, the chances of these really rise and rises exponentially. that is what will happen when donald trump is president of the united states. [applause] mr. trump: we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people. jerusalem. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and we will send a
3:06 am
clear sit on that there is no daylight between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. the palestinians must come to the table knowing that the bond between the united states and israel is absolutely, totally unbreakable. [applause] mr. trump: they must come to the table, willing and able, to stop the terror of being committed by a -- on a daily basis against israel. a must do that. in, they must come to the table willing to accept that israel is a jewish state and it will forever exist as a jewish state.
3:07 am
[cheers and applause] mr. trump: i love the people in this room. i love israel. i love israel. i have been with israel for so long in terms of i received some of my greatest honors from israel. my father before me. my daughter is about to have a beautiful jewish baby. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: in fact, it could be happening right now which is very nice as far as i am concerned. thank you all, thank you. thank you all very much. ♪
3:08 am
3:09 am
>> from the next "washington journal," representative marsha blackburn on the president's trip to cuba. her words on the selected investigative committee on infant lies and women's history month. then, more of the president's cuba trip with joe connelly, a member of the government reform committee. he will also talk about the new democrat coalition, promoting a centrist, domestic agenda. "washington journal" is live every morning at the clock a.m.
3:10 am
eastern on c-span, and you can join the conversation with your calls and comments on facebook and twitter. >> coming out today, arizona holds its presidential primary. caucuses for both parties and idaho has caucuses for democrats. arizona has 85 delacroix a democ delegates. 37 democratic delegates and 40 republican delegates are available. we'll have resulted speeches from some of the candidates on c-span. >> when i tune in on the weekend, usually an author is sharing your new release. >> watching the nonfiction authors on the tv is best television for readers. >> on c-span, they can have a longer conversation and delve into the subject. u> book tv weekends bring yo
3:11 am
author after author after author that spotlight the work of fascinating people. >> i watch book tv and i and the c-span fan. >> republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz focused his remarks at the annual aipac conference on the strategic importance of israel as a u.s. ally in the middle east. this is 25 minutes. ♪
3:12 am
sen. cruz: god bless aipac. i am thrilled to be here with you today, and let me say at the outset, perhaps to the surprise of the previous speaker, palestine has not existed since 1948. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: on wednesday night at cross the country at senate -- on wednesday night at synagogues across the world, jewish people will read the mcgill and. which tells the story of the miraculous rescue of the jewish
3:13 am
people from the hands of a wicked persian king. when the evil-doer haman plots to kill the jews, tds grabs him as a nation that is scattered and spread out. the tell what it teaches that the jewish people at the time were divided amongst themselves. the lesson is when the forces of good are divided, evil can prevail. but, when we come together in unity, together, we can defeat tyrants. [applause] sen. cruz: today we are reliving history. facing a similar time of
3:14 am
challenge for america and for israel. but today, i give you a word of hope. in the next few months, we will bring this country together. first by unifying the republican party, and then by reaching out and building a coalition of young people, hispanics, african-americans, women, blue-collar workers, and reagan democrats. which will lead to a commanding victory in november that unifies this country and rings us together. -- brings us together. and, standing together, america will soon with israel and defeat radical islamic terrorism. [applause] sen. cruz: i want to thank the delegates, the over 18,000 people there. the 4000 young people. the leaders of the pro-israel movement to are gathered here today.
3:15 am
you will play a critical leadership role and making this happen and bringing us together. just today, my colleague at lindsey graham very kindly hosted an event for me here. which you should ally and a doubt anyone might have that the god of abraham, isaac, and jacob can still do miracles. [laughter] sen. cruz: i want to begin by asking all of us to remember taylor force. a texan who hailed from love it. and a goal scout, west point graduate. army veteran. on march 8, he was stabbed to death by a palestinian terrorist in israel. the terrorist did not ask for his passport. influenced by the relentless campaign of incitement that has
3:16 am
fostered genocidal hatred towards jews, all he cared about was injuring or killing as many civilians as possible. at least 10 people were wounded by the time the terrorist was neutralized. the brutal murder of taylor is shed another brutal reminder america and israel to gather unified to defeat the terrorists. we need a president who will be a champion for america and we need a president who will be a champion for israel. [applause] sen. cruz: in my time in the senate, i have endeavored to do both. in the four years i have been serving in the senate, i have been privileged to travel three times to the state of israel. i had the great avalanche of staying at and seeing at the hospital in northern israel,
3:17 am
where they have treated over 1000 refugees from syria wounded in the horrible syrian civil war and they have done so free of charge. showing the heart and character of the people of israel. when the nation of iran named as their ambassador to the united states -- nations -- united nations, a known terrorist who held hostages in the late 1970's, people in washington said there was nothing to do. i was proud to introduce legislation to bar him from coming to america. that legislation passed one hundred-zero. it passed the house 400 35-0 and it was signed into law by president obama. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: when israel was facing relentless rocket attacks
3:18 am
from hamas into the prayers of all of us and people across the world were with israel, prime minister netanyahu powerfully observed, we are using missile defense to protect our civilians and they are using their civilians to protect their missiles. i entirely agree with prime minister netanyahu. hamas would place rockets in elementary school. they placed their headquarters in the basement of a hospital. and, i would note, that hillary clinton, in 2014 explained this as follows. i quote. hamas puts its missiles, it's rockets and civilian areas. part of it is because gaza is pretty small and it is densely populated. well, madam secretary, with all respect, the reasons missiles is
3:19 am
in schools is not because gaza is small, the reason missiles are in school is because hamas are terrorist monsters using children as human shields. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: into in response to this atrocity at was proud to join with democrat kiersten gillibrand and authoring a resolution condemning hamas is at use of human shields as a war crime. that resolution passed both houses of congress unanimously. in the midst of these rocket attacks, we saw the obama administration cancel civilian airline flights in the nation of israel. when that happened, i publicly asked the question, did this administration just launch an
3:20 am
economic or a caught on the nation of israel? the administration does not ban flights into pakistan, yemen, afghanistan, in deed did not ban flights into much of ukraine. and, ukraine had just seen a passenger airliner shot down by a russian missile. so, why exactly was the district or should it sanction put on israel because one rocket fell harmlessly a mile away from an airport, one of the safest airports in the world? and, why was that time to coincide with john kerry arriving in the middle east with $47 million for gaza that would inevitably and up with hamas terrorists? but when i asked that question, within hours, the state
3:21 am
department was being asked, is this an economic or a caught of israel? the state department said that question is ridiculous. we refuse to answer. so i will hold it -- i will place a hold on every nominee to the state department. shortly thereafter, former new york mayor michael bloomberg rode a civilian airline from london to tel aviv, demonstrating it was safe to fly to israel. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: as a result of mayor bloomberg's efforts, my efforts, and millions of others, the heat and light in detention on this administration became too much and within 24 hours, the united states lifted its ban on flights to israel. looking forward, as president, i will lead very, very differently
3:22 am
than the current administration. [applause] sen. cruz: imagined just a few years ago, if i had come to an aipac conference and suggested the prime minister of israel was going to come to america, address a joint session of congress, auntie would be boycotted by the president of the united states, the vice president of the united states, and every member of the cabinet. that would've been dismissed as crazy, fanciful. that cannot happen. sadly, that is exactly what happened when prime minister net -- prime minister netanyahu came to address congress. in a similar vein, my leading republican opponent has said he would be neutral be telling -- -- be neutral between israel and the palestinians. let me be very, very clear.
3:23 am
as president, i will not neutral. america will will stand on apologetically with the nation of israel. [applause] sen. cruz: so what does that mean specifically? let us start with today's persian king. the nation of iran. with hillary clinton and donald trump have said they would maintain the iranian deal, although donald, as promised, would negotiate and get a better deal. my view is very different. on the first day in office, i will rip this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal to shreds. [cheers and applause]
3:24 am
sen. cruz: this agreement gives over 100 billion dollars to the ayatollah khomeini, the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. that is worse than the $3 billion of military aid we give to the nation of israel. that is not just unconscionable, is fundamentally immoral and if i am president, on the first day we will reimpose sanctions on iran. [applause] mr. sen. cruz: in a mockery of this iranian nuclear deal, iran has continued with missile test falls top including launching a missile with the words printed on it in both hebrew and farsi, "israel should be wiped from the earth." care my words, ayatollah khomeini, if i am president and iran launches a missile test, we
3:25 am
will shoot that missile down. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: and in january 2017, we will have a commander-in-chief who says, under no circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. either you will shut down your nuclear program or we will shut it down for you. [applause] sen. cruz: a year ago, i was honored to join a panel discussion in the senate about this disastrous iranian deal. not a single democrat was willing to join to sit along someone who witnessed firsthand the horrors of the holocaust.
3:26 am
who brings a moral weight and gravity second to none. it was both powerful and humbling, and i am convinced, after this election, the american people will stand together and say, never again means never again. [applause] sen. cruz: on my very first day in office i will begin the process of moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem, the once and eternal capital. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: now, i recognize four years a whole lot of republic candidates, both republican and democrats, have said that. indeed, i recognize some candidates have said that today.
3:27 am
here's the difference. i will do it. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: and as president, i will do everything in my power to ensure anyone who provides support to the bds movement, including schools and universities, will lose any access to federal funding. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: and to the extent that they have engaged in illegal behavior, they will be prosecuted to the full sticks into the law. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: all of us here understand that israel is not the barrier to peace.
3:28 am
it is the palestinian authority, a so-called unity government with hamas, that celebrates the murder of women and children and insights and even compensates the terrorist attacks. if the palestinians try to push through a united nations resolution to unilaterally declare palestinian statehood, america will veto that resolution. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: indeed, i tell you today that i will fly to new york to personally veto it myself. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: some have asked why on earth did a cuban-american texan become one of the leading
3:29 am
defenders of israel and the united states congress? well, i would say there are several reasons. first of all, i understand that standing with israel benefits america. [applause] israel is a liberal democracy that shares our values. israel is a steadfast and loyal ally, and our military aide to israel is not charity; it is rather furthering the vital national security interest of the united states of america, whether it is missile defense from iron dome to david sling or whether it is intelligence and military cooperation. israel provides an enormous benefit to keeping america safe and protecting us from radical islamic terrorists. [applause] but on a very much of level, for me,
3:30 am
my view of israel is framed by a family story. my father was born and raised in cuba. as a kid, he fought in the cuban revolution. >> what my father came to america, he and nothing. i should dish is making 57 -- he anhed dishes making $.50 hour. he went on to start a small business. when i was a kid, my dad used to faced oppression in cuba, i had a place to flee to pivot if we lose our freedom here, where do we go? i will tell you it is an incredible blessing to be the child of an immigrant who fled oppression and came to america seeking freedom. there is one other nation on earth that is like the united
3:31 am
states that was created as a beacon of hope to people who had faced horrible murder and persecution. the nation of israel is a beacon of light unto the world. >> all of us here understand, as ronald reagan did, that peace is achievable only through strength. you do not have time for political correctness. weakness is provocative. appeasement increases the chance of military conflict.
3:32 am
i believe this iranian nuclear deal is munich in 1938 and we risk catastrophic consequences to allowing a homicidal maniac to acquire the tools to murder millions. [applause] the way to avoid conflict is to stand up to bullies. the same nation, iran, in 1981, released our hostages the day ronald reagan was sworn into office. that is the difference a strong commander-in-chief can make. together, standing as one, we can and will do it again. thank you, god bless america. [applause]
3:33 am
♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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coming up, arizona presidential primary. 85 delegates. 37 democratic delegates. speeches on c-span. byron tau has been
3:38 am
looking into online voting. >> 59,000 republicans will participate in the online vote. already have to be registered to vote. the complete a second registration online. they get a code to allow them to vote tomorrow. the naked receipt to make sure everything was recorded properly.
3:39 am
about 59,000 republicans are expected to participate. in michigan in 2004, 40 6000 people cast ballots in the democratic election. before that in arizona in 2000, 40,000 people cast ballots again in the democratic primary. both of those were pretty big experiments, but they never really took off or were put into place permanently by either state party. so if we get a 59,000 person turnout online tomorrow, then this would be the largest experiment in online voting probably in american history. host: why has the utah republican party decided to do this now? what motivated them? byron: a couple of factors. they switch from a state run primary election to a caucus, and they wanted a way to keep participation high. one of the ways to do that is an online vote, and make barriers to voting lower. caucusing takes a long time . it is usually at a bigger time of night -- part of night and makes a bigger time commitment.
3:40 am
so they said, why not just vote online? and that will keep participation rates up, as if it was a state run primary. that was the biggest factor. a lot of state parties and governments are interested in this, and want to see if this is workable and how it works in practice. host: when will the online polls be open, and when will they closed? also, how does the party ensure there is no fraud? byron:byron: good question. they will be open on tuesday between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. it will be a pretty quick tally, i assume, because it is digital. the weight the party -- the way the party describes polling, it you get a receipt, and it matches your party, then it counts.
3:41 am
they say it is more secure than voting with a machine, because you can see and make sure they captured your ballot. the company running it has done this in other countries, including estonia, and they say that they have never been aware of a security breach, and that it is a similar rate of failure to other methods of voting. host: norway, france, canada, australia, also experimenting with online voting. are there lessons from those countries? byron: online voting is difficult. it is difficult because a lot of -- we are learning increasingly how vulnerable the internet is. how often thinking gets hacked, websites get hacked, how vulnerable personal data is. when it comes to something as important as an election, there's no way to ensure that the systems are secure from hackers, and people who can do harm. a lot of countries had
3:42 am
experimented, but nobody has really put it into play, except for estonia, the one country that has had universal online voting since 2005. it is an option there. you can also put at a polling place. so far, they have not had reports of breaches. it's only a matter of time before people start paying attention to this, and this process expands. host: as you also point out, this has been the largest experiment with online voting in the u.s. in a number of years. what will you be looking for tomorrow, and what lessons can state parties and secretaries of state take from this moving ahead? byron: they will certainly be looking to make sure there are no breaches, that voters are
3:43 am
able to use the system and that their votes are recorded properly, and that he goes off without a hitch. if it does, we can see other state parties do this, and perhaps even state governments, who run some of the elections in this country. going forward, it remains to be seen how security systems are, and whether they are workable, and whether they help improve participation in the elections. host: unlike voting in the utah republican caucuses, -- online voting in the utah republican caucuses, taking place tomorrow. thank you for being with us. byron: thank you for having me. >> on the next washington on the, marsha blackburn president's trip to cuba. geraldoore with connoley. he will talk about the new coalition.
3:44 am
conversation on facebook and twitter. testifiese white before the house appropriations subcommittee. vice president biden spoke at sunday.c conference on this is 45 minutes. ♪ [applause]
3:45 am
>> i'm incredibly honored that my first duty as aipac president is to welcome a very special guest to the aipac stage. mr. vice president, thank you for being with us here tonight. most importantly, thank you for being a champion of the u.s.-israel relationship. not only do you know that the alliance between these two great democracies is in america's national interest, but you also formed your own personal affinity for the jewish state, a love for israel, which you have shared with your children, with hunter, ashley, and beau.
3:46 am
we welcome you this evening. ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states joe biden. [applause] vice president biden: thank you for that introduction. the ceo, past, present, and future, he was moving folks for the photo line. i said, don't worry, he has been
3:47 am
giving the orders for years and years. and board chairman. it is wonderful to be back with so many friends. please excuse my back, i apologize. what the hell is going to be the next venue? 18,700 people! i will clap for you guys. i thought the reason for the crowd, after the academy awards, a lot of you thought i was bringing along lady gaga with me. aipac has been moving to bigger venues because you are growing. you are growing, more than 18,700 people here in washington. i am told, the largest number ever.
3:48 am
i was being asked backstage whether or not -- how big the first convention i attended was. it may have been 300 or 400 people, i don't know. maybe it is because i am getting too old and senile. look, we are all united by our unyielding commitment to the survival and security and success of the jewish state of israel. [applause] what impresses me most is what
3:49 am
you understand, the lifeblood and security, the more than 4000 young people you have here. will all of the young people here stand up? [applause] it is really, really, really important from teenagers to college kids making an enduring promise. i want to thank you for being here. we talk about relationship between our two great nations and how to deepen it.
3:50 am
it is a generational issue. generation after generation is the building block upon which we guarantee the success of our endeavor. i want to start tonight by offer my deepest condolences to all of the victims wounded by the terrorist bombing in istanbul, so many of them were israeli citizens. our hearts go out to the families. so easy to use that phrase, it almost sounds like it is meaningless. we all know. we all know. it is a tremendous void, the
3:51 am
loss of those innocent victims. it leaves entire communities and entire families. the united states of america stands with our allies israel and turkey in that fight against terrorism, against the cowards who murder innocents and seek to impose their will through fear and intimidation. i was talking to howard and we were talking about how much it has changed. in one sense, israel is so much stronger. but it was so much less complicated when i started as a 29-year-old kid. the united states has never and will never move that resolve. israel will never waver. terrorists can not and will not prevail. attacks such as the one that is come to dominate today's news --
3:52 am
at last year's conference, there was only one topic on everyone's mind. the possibility of a nuclear deal with iran. the stakes were immense. for israel, it is existential. this your, we are no longer dealing with hypotheticals. there is a real concrete report. i would like to update you with what was accomplished. more than two thirds of iran centrifuges have been removed. more than 90% of the enriched uranium has been shipped out of the country. and unprecedented inspections are happening at all of iran's nuclear facilities.
3:53 am
to put it simply, iran is much further away from obtaining another nuclear -- from obtaining a nuclear weapon than they were a year ago. whatever your feelings were about the deal, i hope you're happy that they are further and further removed from the possibility. removing the threat of a nuclear armed iran peacefully is critical progress in the region. otherwise facing too much instability and too little opportunity. the chief of staff of the israeli defense force acknowledged the agreement
3:54 am
reduces immediate threat to israel because it rolls back iran's nuclear capability and deepens the monitoring capabilities. it was his assessment, not ours. he also said that it leaves iran will make great effort to fulfill their side of the bargain. the incentives are in line. we will make sure they do. we are watching tehran like a hawk. iran will never be allowed to resume nuclear weapons. never, never, never. [applause] let me assure you, what we said all along still holds.
3:55 am
if iran violates the deal, the united states will act. the united states will act. our commitment is unambiguous. it will be impossible for the next president not to honor it. neither are we giving iran any slack in the threats they continue to stir up. the violation of human rights for ballistic missile activities, though sanctions remain in place and we are enforcing them vigorously. the day the nuclear deal came into effect in january, we imposed 11 new sanctions. we have serious sanctions against hezbollah, including money launderers and financiers.
3:56 am
we need the senate confirm our new undersecretary. he is the best we have ever had. so we can benefit from his experience. we have the authorities we need to counter iran. we are not afraid to use them. we are working with a community of regional partners to check iran. not just israel. this is the key subject in my recent trip to the middle east. the uae, israel, jordan. the need for us to unite and join in making sure iran's activities are thwarted. in israel, i met with prime
3:57 am
minister netanyahu. how are you doing, mr. ambassador? he was in the meetings as well. he and i have something in common. we both love israel and we speak our minds. we are friends. i spent time in tel aviv as well with one of the finest men in the world. that is not hyperbole. president peres. my visit did not occur at a peaceful time for israel. on the night i arrived, a palestinian terrorist stabbed a dozen people, innocent victims enjoying an evening on the boardwalk.
3:58 am
an american hero, a veteran of the army who served in iraq and afghanistan, was murdered. it took place a mile from where i was meeting with the president at his center devoted to peace. while we were speaking, we could hear the sirens. an hour later, i found out my wife, daughter in law, and my two youngest grandchildren were even closer. they were having dinner on the beach less than half a mile away. the conditions under which the israeli people live, the constant fear of attack, is real. the people of israel have lived under siege since the beginning. they built a nation in defiance of threats from their neighbors. they sustained that nation in the face of rocket attacks, terrorist tunnels, and this
3:59 am
unconscionable stabbing. if you did not know me, you might think i am making it up. israel is a nation of uncommon courage. it should not have to be this way. i condemn the attacks, all of them. i condemn the failure to condemn those atrocious acts of violence. no leader, no leader has the right to tolerate terrorism. [applause]
4:00 am
that is exactly what i said to president abbas when i met him in ramallah. there is no excuse for killing innocents or remaining silent in the face of terrorism. i made it clear -- i will be honest with you, after extensive meetings with leaders on all sides, including different parties within israel, i must tell you straight up i did not