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tv   Bill Clinton Campaign Appearance in Los Angeles  CSPAN  June 5, 2016 8:58pm-9:20pm EDT

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and on this week's house senate agendas. on mentaland ceo health in the u.s. and congressional efforts to expand the mental health act. chief correspondent for the christian science monitor as a donald trump is the standardbearer. some find it troubling as some others find it positive with bringing in new voters. --ellenchell defense mitchell on her recent concerns over the $700 million it costs to fund the military's musical bands. join the discussion. former president bill clinton at a campaign event in east los angeles for hillary clinton.
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speaking, former los angeles lakers players. this is about 20 minutes. [applause] kareem: i want to welcome everybody. thank you for coming out to this event. there are a number of people you may have heard about. starting with myself. i have been inside your community center. i really like the decor. you have a lot of lakers stuff in there. i don't see any clipper or anything around here, so that's wonderful. the person i'm going to introduce you to today is somebody you all know about. he used to play for the lakers, he has gone on to be a very successful businessman and
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entrepreneur. because of what he does we get jobs in south l.a. and east l.a.. we really want to thank him for that, because that means he has some consciousness and cares about you guys. just like some of the other people we will introduce today, people from the clinton family. they want to see education become a reality here. effective education which means jobs and security for your community. i know all of you support that, i support it. i support hillary. i think she is going to be able to do a great job. [applause] kareem: i am not going to waste your time. when you speak in public, be sincere, be emotional, and most importantly be sure. we go. i'm going to introduce mr. earvin magic johnson. [applause]
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mr. johnson: hello everybody, hello everybody. yes, yes, i so happy to be here. am let's give it up for the captain. he is here. there is no greater sports hero in this city that the city has produced than kareem abdul-jabbar. so give it up for him. [applause] we are here supporting the next president of the united states. hillary clinton. the only candidate that can really move our country forward, create jobs, make sure, as
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kareem talked about, all our kids get a great education. also, she is fighting to take guns off the street and we should all clap for the. too many of our kids are getting killed. we cannot stand by and watch that. that is why i am so happy to support her as well. then today, one of the smartest men and one of the greatest presidents we have ever had, he is here and he is going to speak to you. that man is president bill clinton. [applause] before he comes up, my job is to introduce somebody who has been fighting for all of us, especially for this district and others. so give it up to the supervisor. [applause] yes.
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here she is. yes. now, the difference is i have to help her on the stage because you guys cannot see her. god bless you too. >> thank you. welcome to east los angeles. [applause] >> who is the most important person we are thinking about today? we are thinking about them, we are thinking about a special visitor. and that is president bill clinton. [applause] >> but more importantly we are here to learn more about why he is here, because it is so important for us to get out to vote on tuesday, june 7. let me say this. see, there you go. we need people to come out and vote on tuesday, and we need to make sure we have all of you.
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madres, padres. coming out to vote. tell your friends. people need to know this is the biggest game in town. right now in california and los angeles county, and we know very well where hillary clinton stands. she is qualified. who is going to be the next president of the united states? hillary rodham clinton. you know why? because she is a doer, as president clinton reminded us. i had the privilege of serving her as a cabinet member. let me tell you, when those hard decisions have to be made, she does not move. she will be there for us, she will have the best interest for east los angeles, for the people around the county and in the state and in the country. she knows where latinos stand. they need better education and training.
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we need more opportunity for a clean environment. we also need to protect the women's right to choose. we need to protect gender equity for everyone in lgbtq. we also need to honor the people of los angeles who gave so much to defend our freedoms in the military. there is a large number of people that are there protecting our democracy. nobody knows that better than hillary rodham clinton. are you with us? are you going to vote on tuesday? are you going to tell your friends to come out? the polls open at 7:00 a.m. in the closet 8:00 p.m., all right? with that it is my privilege to have one of the presidents who has actually done a lot, coming out here constantly, never forgetting that we are always there with the clintons. he is counting on us again for hillary rodham clinton. clinton,dent, bill
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visiting us here in east l.a. [applause] ♪ bill clinton: thank you. first of all, i feel -- i'm so glad to see you. thank you for coming out on this beautiful sunny afternoon. let's give former secretary of labor and your supervisor a big hand. [applause] when i was -- before i was president, i never dreamed that
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i would be on a program with kareem abdul-jabbar and magic johnson. [applause] president clinton: if i had ever thought it i thought i would be the warm-up act for them instead of the other way around. i do want to thank them to for giving us a lot of thrills. but mostly for the lives they lived and the integrity they showed since they have left playing basketball, and their continuing concern for the country and the young people in this country. and for giving other people the kinds of opportunities they had in life, so let's give them a big hand. i am very great old for them. [applause] , hasdent clinton: look this been a crazy election or what? >> stop the madness. president clinton: there is a reason.
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obama gave his last state of the union address, he said something that was really true. he said, we should be optimistic about the future. we are doing better than any other big economy on earth. we have him as 15 million new jobs in the last five years. we have 90% of our people with health insurance for the first time. we have a greater capacity for general electricity from the sun and the wind than any other country on earth. we have the best system of higher education and training. hillary's term, we have to make it possible for every young american to graduate from college debt-free. we have to make it possible for everybody who already has dead to pay it off in a way that allows them to get on with their lives. you did they do two years of community service and any other kind of public service job under
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her plan, you get $23,500 tax-free. throw it against the debt and get rid of it. if you own way lot more, you can turn your college debt into a mortgage. pay it off over 20 years, never more than 10% over tax income. think what that would mean. everybody can move out of their parents house. [laughter] president clinton: that is a big problem. that you did job not really like that much anyone it to take one over here that you love more but it pays less, you cannot do that today but you could if her plan passed because everything you pay is based on what you learned. if you want to open up a small business in this neighborhood, if you got a college debt you cannot get any credit today, but you could if her plan passed the gives of the open to business and you did not make any money for your two, he would not know anything on the loan. this is the kind of thing we need to do. we need to say, look, we are in this together and we are going
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to grow together. we are going to rise together and have less and equality and more upload -- upward mobility and higher incomes. that is why it is important to have equal pay for women and affordable childcare. that is why it is important to pass comprehensive immigration reform and stop tearing all of these families up and worrying about what will happen to them. that is why it is important to let all of these young people have beenson that and get them back into the mainstream life of this country. we have to make a decision. if you think about what the republicans have been saying, are we going to build a future with walls? or bridges? futuregoing to build a where we are divided or where we are united?
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do we believe our diversity is a strength or a weakness? it is a strength. that is what this whole thing is about. all over the world crazy things are happening because we spent eight years in the aftermath of the worst crisis since the great depression. while we have gotten our jobs back, most people haven't gotten a pay raise yet. people are fighting about this . what should we do? can we grow together again as we did when i had the honor of serving you? or do we have to fight over a little pie? are differences all that matter, or do differences make america a country that can matter more than any other because of our diversity? these are simple questions that will make all the difference. il i can tell you is this, have two great qualifications to be standing here.
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one is i had the job once. [applause] president clinton: and i think she has the best ideas to allow us to rise together and live together and be citizens together. i think she is the only one who has ever gotten anything done, which consistently received the support of republicans as well as democrats. that is very important in washington. thirdly, i think she is the only person qualified to be commander-in-chief, to be chiefatic and cheese, -- to be a bridge builder in chief, , so we can have the space we need to grow and lists the rest of the world away from all this destructive politics. if we said we are going to go home and hide behind a wall, and demonize our friends to the south and central america, and
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demonize muslims, then other people will follow that and we will be in the soup. one of the things i'm really proud of his hillary is the most forthright person running for president to say our diversity is strength and we are in a big fight for what we ought to be like in the future. the main battlefield is over social media. in the words of the retired commander of nato on television, we are not going to kill our way out of this argument. we have to argue our way out of it, we have to educate our way out of it, we have to lift our way out of it. and that is why i have been so proud of her when she says, we nuts to be demonizing the muslim americans who believe in terror and can help us make the argument that an inclusive society is possible so that
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everybody's beliefs can be respected. that is what america is at its best. that is another reason she ought to be elected. [applause] president clinton: i just want here,, before we came out kareem and magic and i were talking about our various contacts with mohammed ali. here is the only thing i want to say about that. all he ever asked is that he be judged based on his ability, which in his sport was superior to anyone in my lifetime that i ever saw. faithhen he adopted his and when he said, my faith leads me to certain political ,onvictions about war and peace
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he was strong enough to accept the consequences of his decisions and ask only that other people do the same. know, this is crazy, this world we're living in today when we can only want to be around people that agree with us, when people are demonizing us for being different. this is the most interesting country in the world because we are different. [applause] so, if i were 25 again, and i would like to be, if i were mr. trump wants to make america great again, mr. clinton wants to be 25 again and in neither of those things is going to happen.
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if you gave me one of those magic lanterns, where a genie comes out and says, i will give you one wish you can live , wherever you want in 30 years, you have to decide the second, i would take united states in a heartbeat but i would take it on faithsis of potential and it will become what i dream only if you claim your future. i am just telling you, since i left the white house i worked all over the world and a lot of the poorest places on earth and i do not care whether a place is poor, rich, wherever people respect each other and work together, good things are happening. wherever people spend all their time trying to take too much instead of giving everybody else a fair chance and try to emphasize our differences, good things are not happening. it is an unbroken law of human endeavor.
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all you young people, i'm telling you you should live in the most prosperous, peaceful, exciting time in all of human history. but we cannot make the wrong decisions. so choose diversity, not division. choose the future not the past. choose bridges not walls. and choose hillary on tuesday and in november. thank you. [applause] ♪ announcer: our live coverage of
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the presidential race continues insday night with primaries six states, california, montana, new jersey, new mexico, and north and south dakota. >> a more different vision for our country than the one between our side of democrats for progress, prosperity, fairness and opportunity then the presumptive nominee on the republican side. >> we are going to win on education, nomar, in court -- no more common core, bring it down, bring it down. we are going to win with health care. we are going to win at the border. we are going to win. >> we have got to redefine what politics means in america. we need people from coast to coast standing up, fighting back and demanding a government that represents all of us, not just
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the 1%. [applause] announcer: join us live at 9:00 p.m. eastern for election results, candidate speeches and your reaction and it will look ahead at the fall battleground states. taking you on the road to the white house on c-span, c-span radio and massachusetts governor charlie baker was the 2016 commencement speaker at necklace college -- nichols college. this is 15 minutes. gov. baker: one of the most interesting things about speaking to today, and i did not know that my friend john casey would be telling you what she thought of may. i have heard her remarks before and i'm actually pleased she stuck with the script. we talked about the fact that niol


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