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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2016 7:31pm-8:44pm EDT

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maker. the hamburger irregularly eat may be more mexican than you may think. united states -- the united states is the main destination food.w mexican agri from phase one when the cattle is raised until the beef arrives at your table, he crosses the border between four and five times. probably, you have been eating products from a mexican global country -- company and one of the leading suppliers in the united states, soon to have kosher certification. now -- which might well be made by the entire largest secondker, mexico is the
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biggest global exporter of this product, and do not forget the avocado. guess what -- we were the first international exporter of our cause. -- avocados. year's super this with 39day, a record million pounds of avocados, avocados, wereon consumed in the u.s. probably in guacamole. now, relax and read "the new york times" or go shopping to ksx 5th avenue, i cut -- sa fifth avenue, heavily supported by mexican investment. do not be surprised if your
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house is filled with mexican therials, because femex is first maker of cement and concrete. our cement is building two of the most innovative skyscrapers in the united states, the salesforce tower, which will become the tallest building in san francisco, and the panorama tower in miami, which will be the tallest residential structure on the east coast outside of new york city. mexico ranks within the top 10 worldwide industries in factors such as automotive's, electronics, precision manufacturing, telecoms, airspace, chemicals, renewable energy, medical devices, metal components, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. mexico contributes to strengthen these sectors for the benefit of our closest and most important
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outline, the unit -- a lly, united takes. at this point, please give me a few seconds to catch my breath, because as you can see, contributions of mexico to the world and particularly to the united states are not only huge, they are talmudic. but most importantly, and to the dismay of those who prey on this information and fear for n, the mexican people are and always have been a positive presence and force for good in the united states. [applause] and this is not an
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opinion. it is a fact. the population of mexican origin in the united states which is 35.5 a community of about million people, generates 8% of the u.s. gdp. and immigrants of mexican background own 500,000 companies, one out of every 25 in the whole country. e mexico-united states relationship is strong because it is a profession of their people. her area is home to a binational community of over 14 million people in 10 states. contrary to what has been
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irresponsibly repeated lately, immigrants contribute with their honest and hard work to these countries. billion perout $240 year, pay $90 billion in taxes, $5 billionly about in public services. 2012, the migration rate between our two countries reached next zero and is fast becoming negative. those mexican immigrants who are still arriving to the united states are increasingly were educated, more skilled, and more qualified. of thefuture viability
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united states as an economic dominant power in the 21st century is therefore linked to the success of its immigrant population. andto all these reasons, many more, the mexican-u.s. alliance is unwavering. it has deep, strong roots. it is mature enough to endure any political juncture, and it goes way beyond these unprecedented electoral process es. [applause] ms. massieu: however, we cannot dismiss the challenge to our shared future and comment thousand lightly, because our problem is not one of closed
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ds.ders, but one of arrow mines narrow minds. and so we will keep working facts, truth:ng and objective information the founding blocks of a lasting, mutually beneficial relation, cemented on mutual trust and respect. ladies and gentlemen, it his " a this is autobiography, tale of light and darkness," it is told when his father was a little boy in poland, the streets of europe were covered home.efugees, jews, go
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today in the 21st century, in the united states, a climate of intolerance is sending a similar message -- mexicans, go home. and in many other parts of the world, conspicuously the western world, we are witnessing this same trend -- immigrants, go home. the context is certainly different, but at its core it is the same disturbing rationale, the same lies, the same poignant stench of bigotry. are -- or rateho -- let me tell you who those strangers are. no different than american jews from all walks of life, accident-americans and mexican immigrants are those who plow the land and make sure there is
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food on our tables. they are doctors, scholars, teachers, farmers, business people, policemen, athletes, and they are also soldiers who go fight overseas so that freedom is safe and sound at home. [applause] ms. massieu: those who want to make political profit stigmatizing these people, mexicans, jews mocking people of color, are wrong. for these country desk for this country was founded on the very principle that self-evident truth that all men and women are endowed with the same unalienable rights -- life,
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liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. and, you know, you know this notion that we are cloaked in dignity is one of the most prominent jewish concepts. ea wasd revolutionary 3000 years ago when it became pivotal to the jewish athos. first, it is religious, and then in a secular form, it is stressed throughout the world, and today it is the cornerstone of what we collectively understand by civilization. and yet in many parts of the world, there seems to be too many people too willing to
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forget the lessons of history. aggressions against minorities have been all around the -- happen all around world on a the mostasis, widespread events even in the most advanced of society. demandsin a time that for us to remain vigilant and close ranks. solidarity is the word. and this is precisely one of the main pillars of president n iso's state vision -- mexico a responsible glover actor, and we will can cheer creating that we will continue -- we will can it is when discrimination is allowed against one group, it is just a
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matter of time it targets others. passivity emboldens that bigots, and intolerance versus amidst silence. and so we have to be strong and courageous and not afraid. we have to stand up to set the record straight. history also teaches us that every time we had been capable of uniting our wills, our voices, and our interaction the few that promote presser this, ignorance, and fear have been no match against the many who defend justice, liberty, and
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hope. peopleican and jewish partake in this common heritage. it is our shared values that bind us together -- respect for plurality, diversity, freedom, and tolerance. we also share many traits. we both chairs the importance of family and the role of mothers and women in our society. water cultural, multiethnic countries, and vibrant democracies. e.g. then, as no surprise that the mexican community -- mexican-jewish community, not only feels that home in mexico, .as made mexico its home c
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jews have successfully flourished, and they contribute to our national development in science, business, philanthropy, the arts, public service, the academia, and almost every field. strongernefits and is community.ts jewish say -- let me say loudly and clear, fighting anti-semitism, like standing up to anti-mexican sentiment, is not a jewish issue nor a mexican dish. it is a common battle for human rights.
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it is a matter of universal dignity that goes beyond race, religion, ideology, or politics. stance is simply nonnegotiable. that is why i want to recognize the american-jewish committee, because you have raised your voice in favor of human rights and human decency. you have translated words into action, and your vision and work have defended racial, national, and religious boundaries. especially, i want to commend your courageous defense of immigrants in the united states. you stand up, you also
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inspire others to abandon apathy, lose the fear, and followed your examples. these have also been at the of jewish ethics and tradition, since it is written you ought to love those who are changers because you were all once strangers in a foreign land. for years now, the governor did has cooperated with the mexico, exchanging experiences in leadership and social engagement dream mexican, jewish, and mexican-american activists, authorities, and community organizers. we are learning from you on how to better empower ourselves. we are grateful for your support, and i want to tell you that we are ready to take our partnership to the next level. that is why today the entire
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network of mexican consulates in the united states, the largest any country has in another, gathered here along with dozens of other mexican-american community leaders from all the states of this great nation. only an organization of the caliber of the ajc could have achieved such a turnout. [applause] dear friends, paul johnson once wrote know people have insisted more firmly than the jews that history has a purpose and humanity against today. today, we have the opportunity to become the designers of that purpose and the architects of that destiny. as i said at the beginning, this
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is the land of the pioneers, and , pioneers do notr concede borders. they push them outward. it is the very essence that the -- we sharenation common thousands. we share doubt -- common values. i have no doubt that working together future we will inherit to our children will be one where hope will prevail over fear. reason over ignorance. freedom and dignity over discrimination and bigotry.
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capacity to play in this world, that we are not familiar to do that on a daily basis in our routines, in the leadership positions of the jewish community. this is a global institution. today there is a lot of respect in the diplomacy world in brazil for the activism of ajc in defending several different causes, not just jewish related. brasilia and go to we talked to the foreign minister, we they know we are not just a small minority group in brazil trying to occupy part
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of the agenda on a disproportionate basis. we are talking about an alliance we have the global player. i think when we use the channels, the sources, the tools of ajc, we do it better than anyone. >> thanks, but i have not said anything at. pity me, and i want to thank the secretary for those stirring and very important remarks, and i think that she demonstrated why mexico is such a wonderful neighbor. i say that being married to a canadian.
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sorry. john shapiro, and i am the incoming national president. [applause] shapiro: it is now my honor to introduce one of your's most -- europe's most distinguished leader, the high european equivalent of the foreign, and vice president of the european commission. next speaker our in june of 2014 in rome, where she served as the foreign minister of italy. one month later, after resurgence in anti-semitic incidents across europe, the minister along with her counterparts in belgium and berlin issued a carrion call against such hatred. they declared, " fx energy hostility against jews has no
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place in our societies." our friendship the continued as she moved to the brussels.urope, today as anti-somatic and extremist voices are rising around the world, it is more critical than ever that we stand together in common defense of our shirt values. our sharedy -- of values. of democracy, pluralism, and defense of human dignity. without further and do, please join me in welcoming the leader responsible for navigating the collective foreign policy of the e.d.,ber states of the federica --
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>> thank you, thank you, john, thanks for the invitation. their friends, it is such an honor for me to join this global forum. when i think of the speakers, shimon peres, i can only feel humbled and grateful for your invitation. thank you. i am also particularly happy to be here with susan and claudia. soour meetings it happens often to be the only woman in the room, and today ajc is sending a pretty powerful message with this women only local leaders session. [applause] today werini: and somehow talk about women and men and their life.
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it is a very special day and moment to join you all for so many reasons. it is a delicate moment for america, a difficult moment for europe and the middle east, and in a few days we will present with the other leaders of the middle east quartet the report solution totate turn it into a reality, but today is also the first day of i am sure you will allow us to wish our muslim friends all the best from here. because one thing -- [applause] ms. mogherini: one thing oropeans have learned, rather should have learned in our long history, is that people,s should unite and when they do not, we are all in trouble. also marks the
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anniversary of the d-day, and there could be no better andrtunity to be here celebrate friendship between europe and the united states of america. on d-day, a new chapter in our common history began. the free people of the world stood up. my generation can only remember that stories we heard from our grandparents, just two days forcesd-day, the allied liberated my hometown at rome. we must all keep in mind those who sacrificed for our own europeans,day, americans, together. that was not simply a battle between two armies. on d-day, president roosevelt reminded the whole world what allied fighting for.
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fight to end conquest, the fight to liberate, the fight to let justice arise." and they won. wonact, that they we all because it was a victory against tyranny and racism. we won against the idea that one people and one idea and went ideology should rule all others. that society would be stronger, perfect, with all differences, deleted, and eliminated, when all people would be identical, when all diversity would be destroyed. but we won. we won together. we won against the holocaust. the americans who died in normandy not just fighting for
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america, but for the all of us. they were black-and-white, christians, nonbelievers, and jews. and as an italian, i can only be grateful for the jewish grade for the contribution of liberation of italy. [applause] ms. mogherini: possibility of a free and united europe was born and wasday, on d-day, born thanks to our american friends. our continent rose up with america's economic support and friendship. the transatlantic bond is written in our european union's dna. that does not mean that we have not had our tough moments. transatlantic incident was involved in one of those bad moments. we must truly be thankful to the
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american jewish committee and to the -- payment for having invested in our friendship right when we needed it most, because two friends know how to overcome difficult moments. barack obama got elected in 2008, he spoke clearly about alliances to repair. eight years later, today, our alliance could not be in better shape. and let me tell you, whoever the next president will become i can only hope that our european union and the united states of america will keep working together as we have done in the hand in hand, always, because in difficult times, there is nothing you need more than good friends. and both europe and america need our friendship to remain strong. and let me tell you, it is the entire world that needs our friendship to remain strong.
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[applause] in europe we know it well, and i am sure americans know it, too. and these are difficult times indeed. the middley true for east. i will come to that in the moment. but these are also tough times inside our own. crimes of if semitism are also increasing. we want to face it and fight. four people were killed in a shop last year paris. four year before at the jewish museum. europe is today close to a new kind of threat, but it is not just terrorists we have to worry about. there's also something else and the. -- deep. we see movement who foster and
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isometric discourse at a time of global uncertainty, an economic crisis, racism has become a shortcut for no policies at all. let me be -- [applause] that they be: totally clear on this. we will not close our eyes against the new anti-semitism. wait until it goes way, because if we do not ask, it will not go away. we have to act together. and we know well that this fight cannot and must not be left to the jews. for alle responsibility political leaders, for society at large, and for our institutions. this is why european union
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appointed her first coordinator combating anti-sedatives -- and i semitism. let me share with you a personal note. can i? katerina and i have known each other for years, and we met just a few hundred meters from here when we were both taking heart in the german marshall fellowship. when we talk about transatlantic fonts, they also help european. the european union has taken seriously the fight against if i semitism, and we are working with our member states to make sure that each kid in a european school knows about the holocaust, because only knowledge can illuminate the true meaning of the words "never ."ain, never again
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europe and america are the homeland of free speech. for this very reason, we know well what cannot be masked as free speech because it has nothing to do with it. so when someone is told to shut up just because he or she is a jew, when a synagogue is then analyzed, this is an in sult to everyone's liberty. just a few days ago, the european commission signed an agreement with tech giants such twittere, facebook, and to make sure that all illegal hate speech is taken down quickly and effectively. these are criminal acts and must be treated simply as such. jewishcommunities -- communities and jewish culture are central to the social fabric of our continent, both in the
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united states and in europe. here in america, you have always focused on what people are doing, where people are going, not where they come from. and this makes your country such an incredible place. much to learn from i know this is not something you hear a lot from europeans. [laughter] ms. mogherini: but while we work on it and we continue to keep in our history,, where we come from, let me tell you that in europe are history is impossible to separate from the jewish history. in rome, the other eternal city together with jerusalem, when someone wants to free he or she truly is from rome, they say i am a seventh-generation roman. believe me, this is almost certainly not true. [laughter] ms. mogherini: and it is almost
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impossible. first-generation roman, that there are some cases of true romans, seven but the onlyoman ones i know, they are all jewish romans. rome would not be rome without its jewish community. and even the food would not be the same, and this would be a real disaster. europe would not be europe without european jews and their culture. that is our own culture. and this is not just about history. and is about our present about our future. it is about the very essence of our european union. after the holocaust with azism andn from nz fascism, we decided to build a civilization based on diversity.
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diversity is who we are. we haven that, it is to chosen to me. it is not giving up our own backgrounds and identities. on the contrary, we have tried to build a union where all different identities can live together and grow together -- the french and german, the eastern and the western, the christian,rotestant, did you come the muslim, and the nonbeliever. i know this might sound idealistic in times when we are faced with too many attacks against jews and against all minorities. as a matter of fact, if dyson is -- fsm insist and islamophobia are rising at a similar pace. against this background, there's also some good news. think of london. as you know for the first time ever european capital has collected a muslim mayor.
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toew days ago, he decided join mayors united against and i semitism. it was a powerful decision of him and hence at the kind of europe weekend don't think -- we can build together, a continent where our minds can meet and forms. deservesgency really -- and then mayor really deserves credit. and also for your way of thinking and living. it is not sectarian. it is not tribal. and we truly need this in times of growing tribalism, and all of our societies. in europe, in america, and in .srael,
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wantuestion is whether we to focus on the dividing lines among our tribes or look instead at what binds us together. fors a difficult challenge all of our societies, but i'm convinced what truly divides our people is not religion or nationality. the only meaningful dividing line runs between those who are ready to work for peace and ouristence beyond differences and those who refuse the idea of living together in peace. that is what is at stake. in these times, it seems like the peacemakers are some kind of endangered species. i say that myself. global security environment has perhaps never been so unpredictable and dangerous, and the state of israel live in the most fragile, dangerous region in the world. we know the feeling.
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of daesh in the middle east is a direct threat of us. the muslim world is going with it a crash within civilization, press the most -- in the century to redefine the balance of power. i'm sure we could discuss this four days and it would be a very interesting and useful conversation. we do not have a couple of days, right? but one force for sure among all is not just seeking power, but toer -- daesh is trying destabilize all countries in the region and the on, manipulating and misusing religion for the fight for power. and i know very well working for stabilization and reconciliation and even peace is a happier task, and that fascinates me.
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this is exactly what they want. they want the -- to win in our societies. and still i believe there is no other way out. we need a new deal, all the people and the powers of the middle east, or conflicts will spread even further through the entire region and far beyond to the africa, asia, world. our european union together with the united states and the international community is working to avoid anything greater escalation. we do not know how difficult this is. sr efforts for peace in yria --a long-awaited political transition is not at hand. i am convinced we are working on the right path with our american friends. there's no other way to do this
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than to reach out to all regional and local players, and the new actors, beat them , muslim,hia non-muslim, only if we engage can we achieve some kind of cooperation. this is the lesson europe has learned. regional cooperation is what can turn enemies into some kind of partners, that you might not like, you might not like your neighbor. still, you have to share the same space, because you cannot change your parents. i know we had different views on the deal we reached last year with iran, but let me be as sincere as we can, and people know that i am sincere, even too much sometimes, on what i believe we have achieved in
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vienna. one year ago in vienna, we achieved something that in europe would be very important for the security of the region. one year ago, susan said clearly, we had no assurance that iran will stay away from nuclear weapons. international atomic nuclear agency is monitoring iran's program,, and i am having regular meetings with ministers, where we monitor and assure that the deal is properly implemented. as always this continues, there is no way to run can develop -- no way iran can develop an atomic weapon. this makes israel a safer place. [applause] the functions
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that europe and the united states -- the sanctions that europe and united states imposed on iran were linked to the program. they serve a purpose. and we list of our nuclear related sanctions. inis a matter of credibility a rules-based international community, and we want to be true to our rule. are worried,f you many of you, most of you, all of influence inan's the region. we are worried as well. yes, iran is a player in regional dynamics. you have to face reality. you cannot deny. is true for the historic and geographical reasons, and you cannot change either of them. what you can do with reality to figure out how to cope with it, real matter is what kind of influence iran exerts.
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cooperationose confrontation. it has to decide whether to keep denying the state of israel or act responsibility towards some form of cooperative regional order. i believe the iranian people have an interest to choose cooperation, and we are making this clear to the iranian leadership in each and every exchange we had with them. people of toronto are asking -- people of iran are asking for change, asking that people of the world to leave behind a culture of isolation and confrontation. uranium -- the iranian people. that ourdoes not imply disagreements with karen had disappeared. or that they will disappear any
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time soon. there are many things which we know we disagree. and we will continue to monitor the full implementation of the deal, and as you know, europe will keep cooperating with israel on its own security and regional security, as a partner and as a friend. -- in then a lot of past few years about europe's relations with israel. many times i read about a crisis in our relationship. so let me tell you about my own experience over this year and a half. whenever i talk israeli leaders, any of them, we all know that europe and israel are tied very closely. of course, this has something to do with our economies. our union is israel's first trading partner. operation on science and research has
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produced so much innovation and progress for our people. there is more, much, much more. we are friends. we are friends. and we will always be. [applause] ms. mogherini: friends can disagree from time to time. that is even healthy. on single issues, on specific policies, but we are and we will always be friends. and i know it dna is in our dna in europe and it is in our dna in israel, the inside, and-- deep that will never, never change. we can and we must trust each other. and on that basis of trust,
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mutual trust, mutual, true friendship, we can and must see what we can do to achieve the goals we share. just like the american jewish committee, our european union works for a negotiated and viable two-state solution to the conflict between the israelis and the palestinians. longtime since oslo. it has been a long time, and the conditions for two states have still not been achieved. there is noate, other option to achieve peace than two states living side by side in security and peace. i have seen your pain with my own eyes, in july 2014. together, with then foreign
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minister lieberman, i feel the pain of the family whose house had been destroyed by a shell fired. this is why we need peace, because those kids that i met their deserved a normal life -- deserve a normal life, a normal life they do not have, and the only way for them to have that is to bring peace. i have learned from israeli leaders. from security. security will come from peace. let me tell you something. my first visit as higher representative was to israel and palestine, and i was the first to visit israel after the general election last year. during that visit, after a heated electoral campaign like only in israel and a few other countries among which might own candy, the prime minister confirmed, standing next to me,
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his commitment to a two-state solution, and i was glad to hear that he and other ministers repeated just the same if you days ago after the new coalition deal. still, we are not moving forward. we hear the words. we do not see the acts. the opposite is true. the perspective. two states is dating away. we feel as friends the duty to remind ourselves that the perspective we believe in and want to achieve is fading away every single day. would be great if new and meaningful negotiations could begin immediately, tomorrow. we would only celebrate. but we should all recognize that today, maybe tomorrow, the conditions for this to happen are simply not there.
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on the contrary, the situation on the ground could not be more serious and dangerous. the stabbing attacks had become a sad new feature in the everyday life of israeli citizens. and anytement to this other form of violent is totally unacceptable. and yes -- [applause] ms. mogherini: this is a responsibility that the palestinian leadership has to take. arealso, settlements, too, putting the two-state solution beyond reach. susan said it very clearly, and we share completely this view, as we share many other things. some argue we should just wait for better times. -- theit every time conditions are not there, wait. ask in your, that is not even an option.
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if the situation does not approve, it will get worse. it is like riding a bicycle. if you do not move forward, you fall. it is a simple rule. escalation of violence that spiral out of control. we do not want to face the next gaza war, we do not want to witness to a collapse of the palestinian authority, we do not want to see the propaganda of daesh effect the palestinian youth or the arab-israeli youth, we do not live to see this because we are friends of israel. our actions must be inspired by sense of gravity and urgency, first and foremost, for the sake of israel and its security. we must aim high, but we must also deal with the reality we apparently face, and be as pragmatic as we can. as president shimon peres said
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stilly times, there is light at the end of the tunnel. there's just no tunnel. [laughter] ms. mogherini: can our number sense ofity, the great humor of the jewish people -- we say the words. our number one priority must be to make it if he points -- and if you point. we need to build a tunnel that will lead us to the end of this conflict. this is the aim of the reports by the middle east quartet which will be presented soon. we will describe very frankly as toends do the obstacles talks and the policies that affect the viability of a tooth date solution. --two-state solution. we hope it will be a
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contribution to re-create the conditions of the two sides to get back to meaningful onetiations, with at least minimal degree of -- with united support of the key regional players starting with the air countries, and with the key international players, ultimately, real change is in the hands of the israelis and palestinians . this should be very clear to everyone. but at the same time, war and peace in the holy places do not sit concerned the israelis and the palestinians. vitalave a very direct, impact on the entire region, and they reverberate through the whole globe in a way.\ aroundld does revolve jerusalem. so there is responsibility. the region and the world cannot
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child away from their own responsibilities. to european union push relaunch the court to initiative, and the quartet is that teamwork. europe, united states, russia, and united nations together are all trying to restart some force of the peace process that today is simply nonexistent. we have also decided to work hand in hand with jordan, egypt, and saudi arabia, with the arab peace initiative as a base, and it was mentioned today. because for the first time together, first time ever in history, the air countries can -- the arab countries can represent a threat to israel. please do not waste this opportunity. it is new. you have to use it.
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we have to use it. europe commitment to peace will not falter and will not waiver. -- internal debate is very we have a lot in common. at the end of the day we share the same part of the world. but fundamental choices of our foreign policy are solid, they are here to stay, and they are clear. you will hear me say the same messages here, in the u.n. security council, in ramallah, in terra, in brussels, in jerusalem. what we say here, what we say everywhere is the same. we are friends. not only, we are true friends. transparent, frank, true. in thecommitted to peace middle east. we are committed to multilateralism and cooperation on essay, cultural, and
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political divides. we are committed to the two-state solution and to israel's security. our union needs to engage with israel even more. let me very clear on this. we need to engage with israel even more, not to boycott israel. boycotting can do no good. [applause] ms. mogherini: we are friends. we want to work together. not to separate our destinies apart. also because it would not be possible and it would be an admission of our own respective failures. we are one. we are one. we're on the same boat. for me and for so many europeans, israel is a natural partner. we are and we will remain true friends. share so much,el and the history of the jewish
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people is the history of europe. european literature would not be ranzsame with no front, kafka, european culture would not be the same without einstein have music would not be the same mahler.gustav even our cruising would not be the same, and this again would be a real disaster. not much in brussels, but in rome for sure. i never said that. [laughter] too many times we have seen the sorrow and the paint in your. ewishany times jw people have suffered like no
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people on earth. we know this well. through centuries of th diaspora, jewish culture as his friend so many cultures and reached out to the whole humankind. jewish values and ideals have become part of our own modern ideals, our shared backgrounds. we show the idea that our actions have consequences, that we are responsible for what we do. -- that the idea of solidarity is not only a matter of charity, but of justice. but above all, we share the dedication to peace. shalom. shalom..
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i know you are hungry, but i still have a few lines. alom is a gift, but it is something that we need to work hard for individually, in our own societies, and together. this is the sense of the work we can do together. the american jewish committee, our european union, the united states can the regional players, the whole international community. you will always find your ready to work for peace, always. humbly, butietly, stubbornly. we will be there. up through the dream of oslo. i see it dying. this is painful. i see it dying in the political
8:30 pm
discourse. i see it dying in our societies. we are giving up peace. peace is not something you are free to give up to. we are starting to find his old situation normal. it is not. and it is a risk that no of us can run, if we want peace, because we go on the ap's can bring security to all, we all need to start giving it. we have a responsibility. together, we can be peacemakers and this is the most difficult but also the most important and most beautiful thing we can do in this difficult time in the history of our world. and to build it in our beautiful, difficult but also exciting part of the world.
8:31 pm
om. shal may peace be upon all of us. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> it was for may come out of
8:32 pm
the question. all of my passengers needed to be free. ♪ id even bya daring ra israeli standards. hostages of air france jet hijacked last sunday were free today. be eternally grateful to israel. ♪ >> i am not a hero.
8:33 pm
i was just doing my duty. ♪ [applause] >> good evening. i am in member of the national board of governors. [applause] >> it is my great honor this evening to present the moral courage award. please turn your attention to the screen behind me. ok. here we go. 1976, americans celebrated the bicentennial of
8:34 pm
our great nation. half a world away, as you just saw, israeli forces were springing into action under the unitnd of the legendary landing in uganda. they stormed the airport, rescued over 100 hostages and took off again. they were on the ground for only 40 minutes. the story of how the hostages came is well-known. palestinian and german terrorists, united by their shared hatred for israel hijacked and air france flight. they force the pilot to land the plane in uganda. when the terrorist landed in uganda, they freed most of the non-jewish passengers. on the fight began their hostages. as part of that selection
8:35 pm
process, so reminiscent of an earlier time, they told him who was not jewish that he and his crew were free to go. by the pilot said, no. as long as any of his passengers were being held, he would remain. becamee and the crew hostages, risking their lives because they refused to abandon their jewish passengers. while the terrorist held over ,00 hostages in the airport israel was exercising all diplomatic options to try to end the situation and bring the hostages home. when these possibilities were exhausted, israel's military drafted a daring plan, operation thunderbolt. , charting theed challenging course and directing the planes, a small israeli
8:36 pm
fleet took off. flying low under the cover of darkness, the commander team waited for the green light from israel. when it finally came, they brought the planes in for a landing. in the end, the israeli team basically rescued all but four of the hostages. ,n the course of the operation the brilliant leader was killed. yoni is remembered as a hero. tonight, we want to honor two more and tellingly, they both told us they are not heroes but of course they are. they truly are. the air france pilot stood up to the terrorist and told him if his jewish passengers were not free to leave, then he too would stay. mission'scial to the success as the fleet thought
8:37 pm
detection for many enemy states. his navigation, when navigation was a lot more complicated than it is today got the israeli commando into israel and brought the precious cargo back home. he and michael and michele stared down enemies instead of for innocent people. they risk their lives to save others and display tremendous moral and physical courage in the face of daunting odds. we honor them tonight for all that they did 40 years ago. ajc travel to france to present the moral courage award to michelle. his son was at the global forum to represent his father. please welcome him to the stage. [applause]
8:38 pm
>> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i have the privilege tonight to captaint my father, the in 1976.ijacked a little side, it for mr. gilbert who opened the session, he was also a pilot during the navyable to join the u.s. on aircraft carriers. [applause] >> he is not here tonight but i will share some words. first of all, he would like to thank ajc for this incredible award happening 40 years after
8:39 pm
the event. actually, i think he believed, strongly believed that he has only done his duty across his time. when you take the responsibility of an air front captain, you do not leave your passengers behind. when you are facing the unacceptable, to separate the crime,and non-jewish, a he decided to take his name off the free hostage list and go letter withtoday's the high probability of execution. point, it wast quite life-threatening and he decided not to give any information to his crew. despite that, leading by example , the entire crew actually
8:40 pm
followed him behind with the passengers. [applause] >> i know a lot of them in my on following this event, yes, this is the air france crew. [applause] return,this point of no from this point of very little hope we need to acknowledge the incredible courage of the commanders. yes, because on the third of july at 4:00 p.m. before they took off under the leadership of the general and the vietnam leader.-
8:41 pm
byally, very courageously the time the prime minister and finallynse minister led the airplanes continued their journey, thank god, 4000 kilometers away from the shores of israel. just to picture that incredible aent, i have this shot from pilot who told us when he got back, they were flying so low that they could see the waves in the ocean and the elephants in africa. i know you are following this event from tel aviv over there. you are a hero as well. [applause] and so, 40 years after the event, my father would like to share the support deeply with
8:42 pm
the whole family as yoni never came back. moreover, he would like to mention another symbol of courage. injured. livew you were watching also from tel aviv with many friends around you. it is fantastic and michele would like to share all of this with you tonight. you have amazing courage, so thanks to you and the guide from , the passengers, the crew and the captain or alive today, so below a big -- we owe a big thank you to you. [applause] honestly, we could not stop
8:43 pm
here so it is really important to a knowledge when you have a military mission and you have a success rate that goes beyond .0% of potential losses there is only one crowd on the goes, the israeli defense force, the commandos. [applause] really a huge moment of my personal life. one of the representatives was flying claim number one, so -- planein me on stage number one, so please join me on stage. >[applause]


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