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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 1, 2016 9:30pm-12:01am EDT

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reasonable doubt. for elected officials, that is really difficult. what that means is, you know that is that they are guilty. it has got to be about whether you can prove that person has broken the law. enough about clinton back in july. it is not like they were saying she thought she had acted properly. he said just the opposite. thought thatple was inappropriate by clinton. again, if you don't prosecute someone you are not supposed to cast aspersions on their character. you're supposed to say, the department declined to bring charges. you can save a lot of things about director, need but it is difficult to say his being
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guided by president obama or attorney general lynch. caller: good morning. yesterday i was with six of my buddies, all retired. we were having a beer and checking things over. the consensus -- we are sick and tired of hearing about e-mail. most of us are independents. one republican, one democrat. we talked about it, a friend of mine was with us who used to work for the county prosecutor's office and he said, remember this -- whether he search when a is issued -- search warrant is issued there has to be a basis. we don't hand them out like candy. , whatevered it around comey and his people saw or whatever. the second thing we came to a consensus on the end that is where we are at with voting this
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respectis we have great for director comey. the whole group of us really like the guy. we feel, and this is a consensus, he would not have come out with us -- this unless there was something he could and that he had to bring it up or pursue it. pursuet bring it up, but it. so when we were getting ready to go home that was the one thing -- isrked all of us is there something there? did he bring this up -- i mean it would be very easy to just forget about it. that really irks us. we foundthat point, out yesterday the fbi had obtained a search warrant to search the undiscovered e-mails it could be intentionally relevant to the vet. sent the the time he
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letter to congress he had not read one e-mail. he could not have because he did not have legal access to them. so what happened was there was an investigation of the husband of one of secretary clinton's staffers. during that investigation, they looked at some of his computers and on his computers they saw a e-mail apparently between people who are subject to the earlier investigation so we can imagine, wife of anthony weiner who was being investigated, let's say they saw secretary clinton from houma. we don't think the earlier investigators had access to that computer. apparently, they did. but they thought it might be
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relevant to the earlier investigation. in order to legally accesses e-mails, there has to be a search warrant issued. he search warrant says there is probable cause that this computer they have not that before contains e-mail between persons who were subject to the earlier investigation. caller says he would not do that if there was not youthing there there, disagree with that? guest: again, they literally knew at the time the erector made this announcement to congress, they literally knew nothing more than two and from. caller: thank you. you know, republican guard democrat it does not matter. if there is met in the water we have to clear it up. they arekful that bringing this out and whether it
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is election time or not it sure did not stop anybody from trying to smear donald trump with the locker room talk. it is about time this country gets back on track. we are a country of laws. people of gone to prison for a lot less. -- he had his whatever they pulled off of his e-mail server, they tied it to hillary and i guess houma aberdeen once she left off as was not suppose of any of that information. it was not supposed to be retained. i think it is a great thing that this is happening and it is about time. host: the color disagreed with the 60 day before an election role we were talking about.
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guest: it is important to understand that is not a written down role of the department. it is just a tradition that has been followed for decades and the reason for that tradition is , you do not want the fbi director or the attorney general determining the outcome of an election. that is a decision for the american people and it is especially important that the fbi is perceived as being objective and fair because unfortunately the bureau has a sordid history under j edgar of being very political, very partisan and going after fowlkes who the director did not like. especially african-american groups and other groups with people of color and because of that really fractured history, ironically director comey has said that he wants to bend over backwards to make sure the
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bureau is not the perceived as it used to be. as a kind of racist organization that was very partisan. but with this last friday of ,ending this letter unfortunately he is now being compared to j edgar hoover. no it ei director once that comparison. , alabama,le independent. go ahead. caller: i called a few months ago. there was a gentleman on talking about the same topic and we we sawabout metadata and him on different shows before i of respected him but losing respect as i am talking. i am an african american also. only sent that letter out because of what they
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found in new york. the fbi. in new york. investigating houma abedine's husband. they said the metadata showed the these e-mails came from clinton server. e-mailso said that the based on the metadata showed that these e-mails possibly showed classified information, it --y started looking at guest: cornell, what is the question for paul butler? caller: the question is the fbi only opened this based on what they received from the metadata. for him to sit there in fact like the fbi opened this based
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on nothing is not -- is not really a good point that he is making. host: ok. i your point, let's let paul butler respond. fbi called me the based on congress on friday he told me he had no idea whether this new evidence was significant at all. and the reason we no ideas because he is not looked at it. when fbi agents are investigating a case, they have a search warrant to look or specific kinds of information. allegedly, you do not know what is going on. but what is being reported as anthonye investigating weiner for sending inappropriate text messages to a girl. they came across other material
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anthonyvant to the weiner investigation. they are not supposed to look at it. presumably what happened is they are allowed to look at to and from. that is the meta-data. they looked and they saw, let's say, something to the secretary houma abedine, and they said, we wonder if the investigation had this iphone. they may not have because it belonged to mr. weiner. maybe this is something they should know about. so i can imagine a call being made saying, did you guys look at mr. weiner's ipad? i know you looked at houma's but what about mr. weiner's question mark and they said, no we did not. in the agencies it, guess what? there is an e-mail or e-mails on wife to therom his
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secretary. they said no, my goodness, we need to take a look at that. that is where we are now and that is why the fbi director said he had no idea whether these new e-mails were even had already been reviewed by the bureau so all they are doing now is causing their t's and dotting their i's. caller: thank you. i have a problem with the e-mails. my problem is they came from benghazi. and the thing about benghazi is there was really only one person to write them and that is one of parents of chris stevens and never wanted anyone to talk about this. i read an fbi reportedly sum of 2001 and there was an fbi agent in arizona and she was one that we it in the newspaper that were trading the terrorists how
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to fly planes in arizona and florida. when the 911 commission came up, they never talked about it. they are paying more attention to the e-mails than 9/11. it is kind of sad. served 10 years for the government. when i heard donald trump no respect, i do not know how the government -- i don't know how people can vote for this person. guest: the reason it receives so much attention is because of director comey. well, what about the investigation of trump? the allegations concerning his charities? well, there might be an investigation by the bureau. there might not be. we have no idea and we should not. they should not make any comments about donald trump
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unless prosecutors's and agents he sighed to a case and there was a grand jury investigation. the only reason we are talking about secretary clinton at this point is because the fbi director eric has made that a newsworthy item, again, less than a week or about a week before the election. and the inexplicable thing is that there is no reason that he should've done that. host: other stories coming out in recent days concerning donald trump and is close to donald trump, here is a story from nbc news. fbi makes an investigation. the story from mother jones got a lot of attention yesterday. russians.out a veteran spy has given the fbi investigation on a legit russian operations to cultivate donald trump stories. another story coming out including one in the new york
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times with a story today noting -- thee fbi on monday fbi is looking at these ties and determined they did not have anything to move forward with. difference between the stories and this investigation is we do not have the director of the fbi sending letters or going on television or talking to congress about the status of the investigation. so when we look at what is different here, what is director comeyw has been about the specific case. host: it notes that law enforcement officials say none of the investigations have found anything conclusive about mr. trump and the russian government and even hacking into e-mails aimed aty believe was
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disrupting the election rather than electing donald trump. york, ais in new republican. go ahead. caller: mr. butler, you said earlier that there was no known case of the anyone being in prison for being less than hillary clinton did. the mother of a young sailor who was in prison now was interviewed on fox and friends yesterday morning and what her son did was he took a photograph. submarine on of a his iphone. he took a photograph of a piece of exercise equipment and behind the equipment there was encryption equipment classified that was in the photo. during his court-martial, he said that he had -- he was not going to send the voters to anyone. and the prosecutor said, well your intentions do not matter.
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this is why we are angry. if you are a young sailor, your intentions do not matter but if you are hillary clinton, your intentions do matter and sir, that is why we are angry. -- guest: a court-martial is different than a criminal filing. remember, director coming was doing a criminal investigation and under federal law there has ofbe willful roof mishandling classified information. so again, if secretary clinton inappropriately handled classified information, which i think she admits she has done or she would do differently if she had to do again, that is not a crime. what is a crime as if you notice classified into intentionally even to someone who is not --posed to have it will stop supposed to have it.
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[indiscernible] maybe motives iscomey's because so many law officers have been gunned down in the street and our current president and one of our candidates has been meeting with leaders of groups whose followers are doing these crimes. maybe he is just tired of being vilified by you know, just being vilified. and a lot of this promoted by the michael brown fiasco which was proven to be a myth so i just wanted to make sure someone listened. thank you. guest: people with a lot of respect have said they do not think they -- that director
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one says while he profoundly disagrees with what director, is doing in the clinton investigation, the press conference at the white house the rest secretary said that is what the president thinks as well. the director comey may not the acting appropriately in this one case but he does not doubt his integrity. comeyo not know director but what i do know is he is firmly invested in being independent and when independence means not listening to people who know the rules, then that might be a problem because independence is one thing. going off half-caught is another thing. is another thing. maybe he is worried about people not having respect or law enforcement, well the way to earn respect is to follow the rules. to conduct yourself in a way so
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that everyone understands you are fair and you are not for only one person or one group or another. the concern about director comey's action is they do not create the impression he is being fair. host: for independence, go ahead. alor: i have three names and comment. susan mcdougal. and posture. pat weinberger. this is not new. what erector comey, when he , we had thisess three days before an election. having said that, i am not surprised at anything we are hearing. i was there in the 1990's. things are honest, whatever things are true,
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whatever things are right-minded, i count on god to tell me. not man. it locks fans, national security experience. , if youis to all of you think your vote is going to count in your national election i went to two look up electoral college. the best we can each do is pray for november 9 will stop we have been through worse. we've been here before. secretary clinton, i am not surprised by any of this. let's go to hudson, florida. roberta is waiting. republican. caller: hello mr. butler. myself and everyone i know is still trying to figure out how hillary clinton got away with this. all of her e-mails and phones, not being prosecuted.
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guest: that is the information with -- problem with her information being stored on a private server. she was supposed to turn over documents that were relevant to her service at the state department. but she got to determine, along with her lawyers, which documents were relevant and relevant,hat were not like making arrangements for her mom's funeral or chelsea's wedding, those were not supplied to the state department. the concern is that if she had been using an official server, all of those e-mails would of been preserved. you know how when they say when you delete something from e-mail it never goes away. that is true on a government separate but on a private server there is a way to make those items go away. so what some people have suggested is there might be some
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deluded e-mails that were not able to be found, some of those deleted e-mails might be present houma's sever. executivecontrols the branch? guest: that is a larger issue. when we think about search warrants, back in the day they were very easy to understand and execute. the farm to look for gas let's say. the search warrant said, go down main street and look at the farm. information,y and physical evidence of crime being held in e-mail servers or on a cloud, that raises a whole other set of issues and so one of those things law enforcement's
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know the new ways the information is stored. questions like, who has the different information. what kind of server do you use? what does a classification even mean in an era in which information is now stored. host: it we have seen stories about policy developed over the years not just at the state department but other agencies to try to keep up with us. guest: yes. that is why secretary clinton, who is not all that knowledgeable with new technology says, you know what? i like my blackberry. i know how to use it. i want to keep using it. apparently, other secretaries of state before her have done the same. technology has to -- the rules have not caught up with
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technology. apparently at the time the secretary was using this private server, you are not supposed to do it but it was not formally against the rules. host: we are going to try to get to lola and mount, ohio. caller: good morning. you know, bernie sanders had it this is just said, a smokescreen. just another red herring the republicans are pulling out. and, you know, yesterday it was called a hail mary. an active desperation. but you know, i think they missed the main one and that is what the republicans did to john kerry. i think was back in 2004. -- voted and it's even became a verb in the american language. i think they are trying to do it to hillary now.
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and i would like to know what paul has to say about it. boat you mentioned swift veterans. we will talk about political ads in our next segment of the washington journal coming up. guest: i think the american people get to decide what the important issues are and then election. maybe think back in that time the swift boat was relevant. maybe you think it was not. the point is you as a citizen get to decide. the director of the fbi, the world's preeminent agency, he should not be making those decisions. it was inappropriate for him to insert himself into this election and not only was it inappropriate, it was against the rules. i hope the fbi department can recover from this tarnish to their image. host: new jersey, and
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independent. you are up with paul ller. caller: thank you. just to let you know, the tv has been scrambled and i cannot hear any of the answers but the phone is fine. i wanted to ask a question about intent will stop when somebody smashes evidence with a hammer, it is not an accident. uses acidody deletes, wash to get rid of you know certain information, that is not an accident. that is intentional. so where does the intent come guest: the intent is to willfully and knowingly mishandling classified information. again, i do have a lot of respect are the ways the fbi agents can make cases. if there is a case to be made, i think the world's best law enforcement agency would be able to make it. so when director comey says no
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reasonable prosecutor would take this case based on the evidence they had, have to take his word. host: paul butler is former federal prosecutor, appreciate your time. guest: great to be here. >> looking at fort lauderdale. the scene of a rally this evening with hillary clinton focusing campaign efforts on the early vote. we will have it live here on c-span was he gets underway. in the meantime, a look at the most recent ads in the residential campaign. -- presidential campaign. putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner is not ready, i go through the roof. grab them by the --.
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and when you are a star they let you do it. anything. announcer: more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted before -- by donald trump. mr. trump: i walk into the dressing room. >> donald trump walked into a dressing room where contestants is in his 15 were changing. mr. trump: to see these incredible looking women. i look to write in that ugly face of hers. bags it is hard to be a 10. a mr. trump: it is hard to be 10. mrs. clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> doctors like us now spend and less on paperwork time with our patients. >> donald trump is ready to change this. foris plan provides
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centering on our patients. >> that is why doctors like us -- for donald trump. >> at the clinton foundation, 90% of all the money is donated on behalf of programs for people around the world. >> the irs filing shows less than 6% of money donated goes to programs. over $34 million was spent on salaries and benefits. if this is what hillary does at her own charity, imagine what she will do in the white house. fortw back live to lauderdale. the rally for hillary clinton just getting underway. congressman stepping to the podium. and was beaten, left bloody
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unconscious. almost died on the bridge for the right to vote. i come here to say to you tonight the vote is precious. it is almost sacred. it is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it. we must get out and vote like we never, ever voted before. if we want to know what is in the food we eat, what is in the air we breathe, what is in the water we drink, we must vote. vote. don't let anyone keep you at home. we've got to go to the polls. there are people in our society that want to take us back. we don't want to go back.
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we have come too far. we want to go forward and create one america. it doesn't matter if we are black or white, latino, asian american, native american, straight or gay. we are one people, one family, one house. we must stay together. you know why i'm here. friend, to support my patrick murphy, for the united states senate, but i'm also here to support her. a wonderful friend. one else is better prepared to be president of the united states of america than hillary clinton. a week from tonight, i hope we
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will be saying madam president. thank you, madam president. the time is now, so let's do it, ok? thank you very much. illary!ry -- >> h hillary! hillary! ladies and gentlemen and gentlemen, please welcome congressman patrick murphy. >> all right. all right. all right, fort lauderdale, how y'all doing?
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>> beat rubiio! beat rubio! congressman murphy all right, everybody. i can tell you are warmed up. i am humbled to be here to help introduce our next president, hillary clinton, who, by the way, is the most qualified person we have ever had for the job. and you compare that, of course, to the most unqualified person we have ever had for the job. look, i think everyone here knows that early voting has already begun, and it is make surehat florida that your voice is heard, so get out there and vote early. look, i announced my campaign to next u.s. senator because i wanted to show up to work for each and every one of
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you. part of that means defending a .oman's right to choose that means protecting social security and medicare for our seniors. fighting to protect our environment from the damage of climate change. and working to reduce the gun violence that is plaguing so many of our cities. means creating an economy that will work for everybody. and with the future of our economy on the line, who are republicans in florida trying to elect? ? rco rubio and donald trump as the president said, come on, man. we are not going to strengthen our economy with donald trump's racist bullying. we are not going to list
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families out of poverty with donald trump's demonizing immigrants and muslims, and we are certainly not going to create an economy that works for everybody with donald trump's misogynistic attacks. ? ere does senator rubio stand when donald trump goes low, marco rubio is right there with him. marco rubio claims he is going to stand up to a president donald trump. really? how exactly is he going to do that if he cannot stand up to donald trump as a candidate? about sexualboasts assault. marco rubio looks the other way. --ald trump crazes -- crazes praises dictators, encourages russian cyber attacks.
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marco rubio stands right by him. more than 160 republicans had the kurds to stand up to donald trump's racist and bigoted campaign, but not marco rubio -- more than 160 republicans had the courage to stand up. senator rubio likes to use the excuse that he is supporting donald trump because he disagrees with hillary clinton on everything. well of course he does. secretary clinton shows up for work every day. you know, secretary clinton has spent decades fighting for equal rights, making sure that women have equal pay for equal work. guess what marco rubio said about equal pay for equal work. his quote was that it is a waste of time. really? of time,"
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marco rubio can stay low with donald trump, but i'm with her. hillary clinton knows that our economy works best when it works for everybody, that we are together, and i got into public service in the first place because i was tired of the dysfunction, the finger-pointing, the name-calling, and i'm willing to work with anybody if it means , and that sameem spirit has defined secretary clinton's entire career. she will help strengthen our economy, help reduce the barriers to opportunity, from raising minimum wage to investing more in indicate -- investing more in education, reducing the barriers to student loan debt, and finally, equal pay for equal work. hillary clinton knows what needs to be done and she knows exactly how to get it done. i look forward to being there with her every single step of
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the way in the u.s. senate. marco rubio likes to say we have to make sure that donald trump wins this election. no, we don't. you know what we have to do? we have to vote. early voting has already started here in fort lauderdale and runs until november 6, so please vote early. make sure your voice is heard. vote for the country you want to leave for your kids and grandkids. vote or leaders like hillary clinton who understand what is at stake. vote to show career politicians like marco rubio who refuse to thed with floridians that u.s. senate is actually a place to get things done. if you want to help me defeat marco rubio go to murphyfor and join us.
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let's work as hard as it takes. let's knock on every door, stuff every envelope, make every phone call. if we show up, we are going to win this election, and when we do, my promise to each and every one of you is i will be the hardest working senator this ever had alongside president hillary clinton. thank you very much. thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage congressman hastings.
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congressman hastings: thank you all, ladies and gentlemen. in 2008, we made history in the first electing african-american president. we did it again in 2012, and we are ready to do it again by womanng the first president of the united states. i want to get something straight before i ask the secretary to come on out here. trump is a con artist.
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he asked african-americans, "what do you have to lose?" if you see donald trump, tell him, "among the things that i would lose would be my dignity. the other thing that african-americans and all of us would lose would the our souls. and perhapsrtant most important for african-americans, whites, protestants, jews, and everybody, if we voted for donald trump, we would have lost our minds. thank you, broward county, and those that are here with us. it has been a long night, but it has not been as long as the night secretary clinton has had
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and the day, but i have news for you -- come november 9, we will for a sunshiny vision america. we can elect someone who is passionate, competent, who the concerns of those who are disabled, who believes we should have , someone whoeform believes in equal pay for equal work, who believes and has championed the rights of children and universal health .are and three k for children she believes in paid family leave, low and moderate income , infrastructure development that is desperately needed, the protection of social security and medicaid and medicare, and believe me, it is not only the supreme court, it is the entire federal judiciary
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that is at stake, and we need hillary clinton to bring it back to us. additionally, don't you want someone that will build on the egacy of barack obama? so now then, i ask you -- this lady that i have known for a very long time -- she has been a lawyer, a law professor, the first lady of arkansas, and the first lady of the united states, a united states senator, .raveled to 112 countries she will be able to know the leaders of other countries. donald trump would have to introduce himself to the leaders of other countries. please help me welcome the next president of the united states,
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hillary rodham clinton. [applause] ♪
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secretary clinton: hello, fort lauderdale. thank you. thank you. thank you also much. thank you for being out here on this beautiful night. it is great to be back with all of you. on sunday, i had the great privilege of speaking to the congregation at new mount olive that just church, and i could not leave town without stopping ,t betty's for some soul food and it's wonderful to be here
10:16 pm
with so many of my friends and people i admire. i want to thank congressman hastings, who just really came out here and read everybody up. i want to thank the one, the only congressman john lewis, an icon of the civil rights movement. my friend congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, congressman , and i have to tell you, i am really excited and that you will send patrick murphy to the united states senate. so let me thank all the elected officials who are here because this is a big deal. days are only now seven
10:17 pm
left in the most important election of our lifetime. we cannot take anything, anybody, anywhere for granted. are you ready to work hard and win this election? well, that is exactly the right answer because we need to do everything we possibly can between now and the time the polls close one week from tonight because any issue you is atbout, anything stake. i get sometimes a little overwhelmed by the fact that i love this country. i think we already are great. , think we could be greater and, you know, i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, ofisive, dangerous behavior
10:18 pm
people who support donald trump. it is time for us to say, "no, we are not going backwards. we are going forward into a brighter future. that? do we do for the next seven days, we focus on what is important, do not get distracted or diverted, focus on the kind of country and world we want to help create. that is what i've done. i have stayed focused on one thing -- on view, your families, the problems that keep you up at night, and that is what i'm doing now because i know the day after the election, that is what really counts. yourself what kind of
10:19 pm
president and commander-in-chief do we need to get the economy working for everyone, not just those at the top? us safe and lead the world with intelligence and steadiness and strength? who can begin to heal the divides that have been exacerbated between us and bring americans together again? what --ll tell you donald trump has proven himself to be temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be president of the united states. i don't say that about everybody.
10:20 pm
candidatesagainst from both sides, republicans and democrats. i disagreed with them, don't get me wrong, but i never thought they were on it to serve. donald trump is different. he has proven himself unfit, and what he is doing with his conspiracy theories, with his insulting, with his demeaning and degrading millions of he should notes be allowed anywhere near the white house. you know, on the one hand, you've got to feel kind of sorry about the kind of campaign he is running, don't you? i mean, he starts out by insulting immigrants. he moves on to insult all latinos, insults african-americans, insults , insults people with 's,abilities, insults p.o.w.
10:21 pm
and then insult women. i mean, really. by the time you add up all the people he has insulted, that's more than half the population of the united states. -- thee is the good news good news is there is another vision for america that is on the ballot. instead of dark and divisive, it is hopeful and inclusive. it is bighearted, not small minded. it is about lifting people up, tearing each other down. it is a vision that says -- and i believe this with all my heart -- we are stronger together. there is nothing we cannot do if we make up our minds to do it, and we believe in an america that is great because it is
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good. we believe in america where women are respected. where veterans are honored, where parents are supported, where workers are paid fairly. we believe in second chances, where people who have served their debt to society get a real chance to rebuild their lives. we believe in an america that will lead the world in the fight against climate change. and create millions of clean energy jobs. we believe in an america where marriage is a right, and
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discrimination is wrong. we believe in an america that leads in the world and lives up to our values. where women finally get equal pay with a work do. -- the work we do. we believe in an america where we will defeat terrorists because we will work with our allies in order to put together a coalition that can do that. we believe in a difference between our allies and adversaries. we believe in an america where
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we are finally going to do something about the violence of gun epidemic that kills 33,000 people a year. believe in an america where every young person can of or to go to college am not go into debt. we believe in an america where we are going to help people who already have student debt pay it faster, more cheaply saving money. we believe in an america where we are going to provide quality health care to every person and that includes bringing down the cost of prescription drugs and guaranteeing the security of medicare. we believe in america where social security is based on promise. we will not privatize it. we will not turn it over to wall street like my opponent wants to do.
10:25 pm
we believe in an america where people making less than $250,000 should not have an increase in their federal income taxes, but the wealthy should pay their fair share. we believe in an america where we grow the economy from the middle out in the bottom up, not the discredited trickle-down economics that donald trump has been advocating or, and you know, by the way, we believe in an america where somebody claims he is worth $10 billion, he ought to pay the admiral income taxes. did any of you see the debate? i spent four and a half hours standing next to donald trump, which proves conclusively i have the stamina to do this job,
10:26 pm
right? is sort of stunned me, i'm standing next to a guy who flies around in a big jet, lies around in a helicopter, has his name on those. one half of the working themented immigrants -- working undocumented immigrants in america pay more in income tax than he does. we believe in an america where we will wind only have comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. whereieve in an america respect, treated with earlier today, as i was
10:27 pm
talking about what is at stake in this election, i was introduced by a former miss universe pageant winner, who donald trump has insulted and , and, really, if you are miss universe, you look pretty good, right? her ms.ld trump called piggy, insulted her heritage, called her ms. housekeeping latina.she is a well, i was proud of her. she does not let such a small person get her down. but i got to say, when i listened to what he said and how he talked about women and what he has bragged about doing to women, i want all the girls in america to know -- you are valuable. you should feel good about yourself. do not let somebody like this bully tell you otherwise.
10:28 pm
and i want to say to all the young boys, show respect because that shows you are a real man and he will stand up for what is right. so, you know, literally, i mean this is so much fun, but it's really late and i could he here all night talking about what is at stake in this election, but i think you already know because you have been out here and willing to be here with me because we know that we've got to turn out the vote. and what that means is that every one of you who can should vote early. how many of you have all ready voted? [applause] secretary clinton: that does not surprise me because ford million
10:29 pm
people in florida have already voted, but there are millions more that we have got to get to go out and wrote, and here is what i hope you will do -- talk to your wrens, your family members, your coworkers. it's pretty easy to vote early in florida. there are lots of different places in this county and every other neighboring county for you to go to, and it is important to tell people who got ballot in the mail, fill them out and send them in. because we need everybody to step up. remember, there is no state where it is more important. you know what happened in 2000, right? i was with al gore in miami, and he can tell you better than vote counts,ry especially here in broward county.
10:30 pm
and, you know, this is not complicated. and you know, this is not complicated. if people support us, we win. and we will make history on november 8. so, if you have already voted come work with us. make some of the calls. of millions knocking on thousands, hundreds of thousands of doors to make sure everybody votes. you can vote right here at the african-american research library but there are dozens of other sites. county aren broward open from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. every day until november's next. if you do not know -- until november 6. if you did not know where to
10:31 pm
vote, you can find out the nearest voting location to where you live. i want you to do me another favor, if you know anybody who says they are thinking of voting for donald trump, i want you to stage an intervention. i want you to talk to this person because unless they are a billionaire who avoided paying axes for 20 years and lost billion dollars running casinos, they do not have anything to gain from donald trump. much to they do have so lose. every single issue we care about may not be actually listed on the ballot but make no mistake it is on there. talk to your friend or coworker and say, you know, really, you may be angry about something that anger is not a plan.
10:32 pm
do not be used. do not be exploited. stand up for what we can do together because that is what this election comes down to. it is about our future. about who we are as a country. this, if you you give me the great honor of serving as your president, i will wake up every day and that white house trying to figure out what i can do to help you and you and you get ahead. applause] mrs. clinton: i really believe best days are ahead of us. i do not buy into that dark theme.
10:33 pm
if we say no, we are rejecting that. we are not going back. we're going to move with confidence into the future forward into the kind of potential that makes it possible for every single person to live up to his or her god-given potential. we are going to build the kind of future we want to gather and prove once and for all that love trumps hate. thank you. applause] ♪
10:34 pm
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announcer: c-span's washington journal live it every day with news and policy issues that impact you. morning, history and public affairs professor at princeton university looks back at the 2000 presidential al gore andween george w. bush to see if there is any comparison to this year's election. then supreme court correspondent for the new york times on the recent studies on whether elected judges can be independent of the politics of their supporters and the election process itself. and helen gillmor, legal reporter for energy wire on the recent protest in north dakota led by the standing rock tribe
10:38 pm
over the decode access pipeline and the possible effects on their water supply. c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern wednesday morning. >> c-span's road to the white house coverage continues wednesday with president obama campaigning for hillary clinton in chapel hill, north carolina. he is joined by singer james taylor at the university of north carolina. live coverage at 2:00 p.m. here on c-span. later, donald trump holds a campaign rally in orlando, florida. eastern on4:00 p.m. wednesday. >> this week on c-span2 we are featuring political radio programs with national talkshow hosts. wednesday live from washington, d.c., conservative talkshow radio host is live from 6:00
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a.m.-9:00 a.m. on thursday, author and onservative radio host and friday, mike gallagher show live from new york city. all this week live on c-span2. this week on c-span2 we are featuring local radio programs with national talkshow host. on wednesday, live from washington, and tc, conservative talkshow host hugh hewitt is live from 6:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. eastern. 9:00 a.m. until noon, a conservative political perspective on the mike gallagher show live from new york city. all this week live on c-span2. >> with a look at the pennsylvania senate race, one of a number of key races that will talents ofrmined the
10:40 pm
power in 2017 we are joined by jonathan tamari. he is the washington correspondent for the philadelphia inquirer. thank you for being with us. jonathan: thank you for having me. host: give us a broad overview of the state of the race in pennsylvania with one week to go. jonathan: according to most people it is now in net going to the wire. -- i have talk to democrats, republicans, you might see a one or a two point lead but it is within the margin of error, close enough that either candidate could still win according to most people close to the race. a poll came out this morning that showed a pretty significant atd for katie mcginty but this point that is an outlier. most people i from think it is a type contest that could go either way. two: there have been
10:41 pm
debates, c-span covered both. what was your take away? are inn: if you pennsylvania watching that race, a lot of it you have already seen. the candidates spend a lot of time on attack ads. raising ethics questions about one another. beyond that, distinct differences on policy and issues like abortion. on government spending and taxes. some clear right-left distinctions. if you can't get beyond the attack ads there are -- if you can get beyond the attack us there are a lot of policy differences. that might be a place where senator toomey could make big gains in the race given that he is more experienced in tough contests and mcginty is relatively inexperienced. this is her second campaign.
10:42 pm
youe was not a moment thought either candidate scored a big knockout blow that would change the race. so for a lot of democrats that was a win, that she showed she was a credible alternative and could hold her own in the two events. democrats recruit katie mcginty and what is her background? shethan: her background is has been in high levels of government but behind the scenes. she was a top environmental aid in the clinton white house. she was secretary of environmental protection and pennsylvania. most recently, shoes chief of staff for the current governor. high level late for a long time but she is only once been a candidate and that was in a monitorial campaign where she finished fourth out of four. not much experience campaigning in public as the face of a campaign. the democrats saw this as a race givenas winnable
10:43 pm
democrats in pennsylvania, given a presidential election brings out a lot their voters said they thought they could win is when you but they needed a candidate to do it and the person who stepped forward had rubbed a lot of people in the party establishment the wrong way. his supporters will say that is because he is a strong, independent voice and his critics will say that is because he would not take advice. they wanted an alternative because they knew they would be spending a lot of money and they wanted someone who would be willing to cooperate with them if they were going to make that kind of investment and that is where katie mcginty haman. she was recruited. theged to overtake him with help of a lot of money from washington and is now on the verge of potentially winning the senate seat. host: two major media markets, philadelphia and pittsburgh.
10:44 pm
and midsize markets. scranton, it are he, harrisburg. give us an idea. jonathan: it is such a large state and has such very political views across the state to the point where it can seem like two different states at times. philadelphia and pittsburgh, deep blue democratic cities where democrats really try to run off major margins. then you had the suburbs around philadelphia which tend to be critical in deciding how a statewide race goes because you the 2012 election close to one out of every four votes in the state were cast from the four suburban counties outside of philadelphia and they tend to be more moderate areas swingyou find a lot of voters. so when it comes to the overall picture, the difference between a republican and democratic when is often how big the democrats win the suburbs.
10:45 pm
if they run up a huge margin or do the republicans managed to keep close and win some swing voters. the rest of the state, northeast, southwest, central, tens to be very republican and that is where republicans score big wins. so the central part of the state is going to be really big for republicans and how the suburbs sideut decides which prevails in a statewide race. host: senator toomey has been reluctant to talk about his support for donald trump. he has not campaigned with him. how has that impacted this race jonathan: it has created some awkward moments because he senator has not endorsed or rolled out endorsing donald trump. we are a week with from election day and he still will not say who is running for for president other than he will not vote for hillary clinton.
10:46 pm
democrats of giving fodder to attack him, a lot of folks will tell you it may work bad he is stuck between two choices where if you embraces donald trump he might lose the moderate voters we spoke about but if he rejects donald trump, a lot of conservative voters that abandoned him, and i hear from e-mail not infrequently that say if he does not vote for trump i am not coming out for him. i am a conservative. as awkward as it has been, it may be politically the best solution he is able to come up with. iswill see a if there enthusiasm or if conservatives come out for him if he does not embrace trump. host: that was jonathan tamari, philadelphia in error washington correspondent who has been covering the senate race in pennsylvania. thank you for coming out.
10:47 pm
>> all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. do that today to with washington looking out for the favored few. i will bring a different point of view. working-class roots. i will put middle-class families ahead of wall street. i am katie mcginty and i approve this message because it is your turn to get ahead. >> this is the house i grew up in. it is not on wall street. my dad was a union guy. he worked two jobs for most of his life. there intoives depends on social security. i will always protect social security. >> i know you will, pat. pat toomey: thanks, mom. i endorseomey and
10:48 pm
this out because i will always fight for people like my parents. >> i remember my dad coming home from walking the beat. i would run and had him. my dad, a good man. funow pat toomey is having attacking my integrity. let's talk about integrity. wall street bank should not be allowed to pray on working families and corporations should not be able to ship jobs to china. pat toomey would not change that. i will. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. >> campaigns can be tough but in the end it is not about who yells and screams the loudest. >> someone called pat toomey a man of uncommon decency. >> it is about our children. >> another praised his seriousness, it intellect, and civility. >> it is about keeping guns away from criminals.
10:49 pm
strengthening our economy so everyone can earn a good living. i am pat toomey and this is my message. toomey campaigns in pennsylvania with patrick meehan. they spoke for 30 minutes. [applause] >> hi. how are you? good to see you? great to see you. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> thank you for coming out. how are you? ask how are you? >> i am doing great. are you? how are you? >> it is a pleasure to meet you. you're younger than i thought. [laughter]
10:50 pm
>> that is the best thing i have heard. >> howery. >> hello senator. >> how are you? >> great to see you. >> thank you for coming out. >> look to is here. >> how are you? >> this is for you. >> are you doing all right? >> ok. i guess i am sort of the host here to welcome the beautiful downtown media in delaware county. we are pleased to have two great voices for delaware county. first we're going to call someone in delaware county who is not only our district attorney but who does a great job. first i'm going to call up our congressman. pat? [applause] morning.
10:51 pm
i want to thank you not only for -- at the uci stick response and enthusiastic response martha roby were given doing in these last few weeks and months laboring hard in the neighborhoods to help us push toward the end of this vitally important election. i guess you have heard there is a senate race going on. i am reminded every three minutes and i do not watch as much television as most. let me tell you why this is so incredibly important and how i think frankly you are really where you want to be and we need you to be. i have had the pleasure now for our six years together to be serving with pat toomey and the congress. we are on different sides of the capital but we fight together for pennsylvania interests. they are broad. forork together fighting
10:52 pm
open space. younge together for a woman who is fighting the bureaucracy. saw her life saved by virtue of the efforts that had been able to be done. we have been together on issues that relate to families from veterans to opioid abuse. these are the things impacting our community and i cannot tell you how important it is to have a partner that understands the people behind the problems and how we can work together to make a difference. i want to tell you about washington. you may see that the system is a little bit broken and one of the reasons it is broken is there is open place in the middle and no matter what we did for four straight years, passing bills, and you made agree or
10:53 pm
disagree with some of that but the effect of the matter is oftentimes my strong majority we passed legislation on a broad variety of issues out of the house of representatives and it went and just died in the senate. likeed to say, it piled up cordwood at the seat of harry reid. that majorityil came back in, and senator pat toomey began to have a voice on the legislation that we were finally able to move ills and did many things on transportation, education policy and budget. those things that make a real difference as well. we passed roll bills on important issues like terrorism and others out there today. work that needs to continue. thatnnot happen if we have would block. unless weppen continue to maintain the majority in the united states senate.
10:54 pm
let me say this race may well determine whether or not that majority is in the senate and you know how important it is and that brings me to my closing point about you here in this room. because in life, there are times in which you say, i would really like what i do to matter. i would like the things i am waking up to fight for to really have a chance to make a difference. and when you look around the for\five of the voters going to the polls are going to cast their vote that it is going to be for one party or the other that already is entrenched in their district. it is going to be in a state hillary clinton has not even flown over in the last six months. but there are battleground states and there are battleground counties and there are battleground neighborhoods
10:55 pm
and this is one of them. right here in your backyard may well determine not just the future of the united states senate and therefore the ability of us to work together to resolve problems for our nation but i would suggest you the real well. of the nation as we have a great deal at stake and you can make a difference. what you are going to do. you don't have to do remarkable things. you have to do what you know how to do well. you know who that student is. today is the last day. did they get their absentee ballot in? the senior to go to the polls. the person who comes home from work and you know they say, i don't care to vote. you know who they are. they are your neighbors. you have the chance to make the difference. to make sure we bring pat toomey back to the united states senate. i know you will. i thank you for the chance to be fighting with you for this
10:56 pm
important issue so it is a great honor of mine to welcome to our backyard here united states senator pat toomey. pat.d -- sen. toomey: thank you very much for that very kind introduction. thanks to all of you for sending this guide to congress. congressman and representative for delaware county, for southeastern pennsylvania, for pennsylvania. i will tell you the pennsylvania congressional delegation is a delegation that punches above its weight and a big part of that is because the 13 republican congressman work together and get along. out acrossh other his big diverse commonwealth of hours and when the leadership in the house wants to know when
10:57 pm
they want to get something done, they go to pad and his colleagues in the delegation. they have a disproportionate influence on your behalf because they're smart and work hard and leaders inof the this congressional delegation. so pat, thank you for all that you do. i appreciate it. has anybody seen any tv ads lately? it is unbelievable, isn't it? i never saw anything like it. haveer imagined we would these well-to-wall tv ads. they have been running with such frequency that when i'm walking down the street i get recognized because people see the ads. when you combine that with the fact that congress has 11% or 12% approval rating it can lead to some awkward conversations. case in point, the other day i'm in home depot with my son. we're working down the aisle and there is a guy coming our way
10:58 pm
down the same island my direction and he was looking at me, looking at me, and says -- hey, wait a minute. did anyone ever tell you you look a lot like pat toomey? i said, well, as a matter fact yes. i have heard that. he said, must be infuriating. so, welcome to my campaign world. there is only eight days left. with your help, we're going to win this race. we are on track and ken get this done. the differences between myself and katie mcginty could not be any more stark. wayis the whole different we look at our economy or lack .hereof if you ask me, for the last eight years economy has left way too many people behind. if you are a wealthy millionaire
10:59 pm
x lobbyist like katie mcginty with a lot of financial assets, you are probably fine. that is a tiny sliver of pennsylvanians. the majority of pennsylvania and working-class families like the one i grew up in who are working paycheck to paycheck of not been getting ahead in this economy so it makes sense to ask why and if you ask me it is no great mystery. let's look at what this federal government has been doing the last eight years. massive overspending. unprecedented deficits. double the debt. repeated tax increases. launched an avalanche of new regulations. for the first time in history of the country, we have more businesses closing than new businesses being launched. it is because people cannot figure out how to make it work with all of the headwind coming out of washington. i want to end that. i want to restore the vibrancy
11:00 pm
and freedom and success awaiting us. katie mcginty wants to double down on every field policy. theis in favor of all of wasteful spending, big deficits. the tax increases may be the starkst and most difference. way not feel we can tax our to prosperity. katie mcginty has spent her entire career working to raise taxes on the middle class. when she was working in the clinton administration she was a big advocate for higher energy taxes. harbin tax. all of usd have cost considerably more money with all of our consumption of energy. when she was secretary of the dep she pushed forward legislation to force electric companies to buy more expensive less efficient forms of energy so we'll pay for that with higher electric bills.
11:01 pm
with tom with, the first thing they did was they proposed the biggest tax increase pennsylvania has seen since the creation of the income tax. a 20% increase in income tax. in increase in sales tax addition to that and expanding the universe of products and services to which that tales -- sales tax would apply. if you're a multimillionaire noe katie mcginty, it is begin a. doesn't matter. but if you're a working-class family this would've cost the average working-class pennsylvania family $1500 a year in extra taxes. how can that be good for a working-class emily? a cannot be . she is wrong about all of these tax increases she has advocated. including this adderall income tax she is pushing for. security issues are just a start. to tell you, i think this
11:02 pm
iran nuclear deal is a disaster for our country. it undermines our security. we gave $150 million to the world's number one sponsored terrorism and that is not my characterization, that is the obama administration description of these guys and you may or may not be aware as we gather this morning, the irani and parliament has still not ratified that agreement. no iranian official has signed that. they do not consider themselves legally bound by the agreement which might explain why they are -- they are in cereal disagreement with that. how did that work out for the sailors that were taken out a gunpoint. surrogates firing on american naval vessels. atie mcginty thinks this is good deal. someone has to explain to me, if the irani and said decided to
11:03 pm
abandon the pursuit of nuclear weapons, why are they spending millions of dollars launching precision guided ballistic missiles designed to caring and deliver nuclear weapons? this is a disaster. this is a really bad agreement. one of things that is come to light that is also really disturbing is the many, many ethical lapses of my opponent. latesthillary clinton chapter in her ongoing e-mail scandal saga is just a reminder of how much corruption there is in washington and how disturbing this is. the last thing we need is a senator who is going to be a part of this. ofie mcginty has a history problems with this. her devotion to hillary clinton is so complete that she has now decided she has to have her own e-mail scandal. and she does. it is unbelievable but the truth is for 15 months now, katie
11:04 pm
mcginty and governor walker have been stonewalling a completely legitimate legal request that thee mcginty turnover 15,000 e-mails that katie mcginty sent and received while secretary working system. she has to disclose them. the law is clear. or 15 months she has stonewalled. refuse. now there's a common-law court order requiring her to disclose this e-mail and she still refuses to comply. clearly trying to drag this out until after the election and you have to ask yourself, what is she hiding? what is it she has to hide from the pennsylvania voters that she cannot even comply with the law when there is a commonwealth court order requiring it? we know there is a lot in her history that suggests it could
11:05 pm
be all kinds of things she is hiding. npr did an analysis of and said the number one elected official -- the number one government official in abusing the revolving door between government and the businesses they were regulating was none other than katie mcginty. thence omega tax dollars and funneled it to accompany her husband was being paid by. the state ethics commission ruled that conduct is a violation of pennsylvania ethics law. the state supreme court agreed. when she was secretary of the mindse took millions and of pennsylvania dollars, funneled it to a foreign company to set up shop in pennsylvania. they did. they awarded her with a lucrative board seat but then they went out of business. the pennsylvania taxpayers lost a lot of money. pennsylvania workers lost jobs. katie mcginty one. i do not know what she is hiding
11:06 pm
her. but there is a lot evidence to suggest that she has been engaged in some really devious ethical behavior in the past. others had determined that. i think it is long past due that she disclose those e-mails. stop this stonewalling. stop this refusal to comply with the law. so folks, there is a lot at stake here. it is about whether we are going to restore the economic growth we're waiting for. whether we're going to have security here at all. katie mcginty is ok with sanctuary cities. i think sanctuary cities are crazy. in philadelphia, we have a legal our police for bids from even sharing information with federal immigration officials. special legal privilege on violent criminals if they came here illegally. it is unbelievable but that is what we have today.
11:07 pm
that has got to end. so to have to end the policies holding back economic recovery. katie mcginty would be a complete rubber stamp the liberal wing of the democratic party. that is where elizabeth warren and bernie sanders would be for senators to come in and campaign for her repeatedly. at this is not what pennsylvania wants. exactly right. delaware probably determines outcome of this election. this is the county where the vote can swing a great deal either way and i need to do wellsville -- i need to do well here. stretch now. home i will be campaigning as hard as i can every day. my first stop in the morning was outside so it is definitely warmer here. enthusiasm and next
11:08 pm
we will be in bucks county. we will continue this until 8:00 at night on tuesday, november 8 so we can win this race. i cannot do it without your help and i have to ask you to take advantage of the fact you have a circle of family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, people trust and know you and know you're paying attention. reach out to those folks and make sure they're coming out to vote on election day. your personal message will be more powerful than any number of ads i can run between now and election day. that is how we win this race. we do it together. they can bruise for, thank you for coming up this morning. let's get this done. [applause]
11:09 pm
[indistinct conversation]
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>> i think it is a reminder to the voters. [indistinct conversation] indistinct conversation]
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11:13 pm
>> a you all right? thanks for coming out. how are you? i'm doing great. thank you. >> i appreciate that. >> it is very close. [indistinct conversation]
11:14 pm
>> i think our next stop -- [indistinct conversation] >> a little chilly but great turnout. we had like 100 people out on the patio. >> i don't think i got a chance
11:15 pm
to say it back there earlier but -- hi, how are you. >> good to see. >> can i make a suggestion? mention inou addition to the industry moving , there are additional jobs lost because of the mom-and-pop stores closed. >> the knockdown effect. >> you can see that in flint. in chester. >> that is why we have so far fewer people working. the unemployment rate -- >> that's right. >> people not looking for work. >> thank you for coming out. take care. out, iks for coming appreciate it. >> a question.
11:16 pm
[indiscernible] >> we got the administration to change the linkage of the answers to the questionnaire to medicare reimbursement so that was very recent. so my knowledge is the patient satisfaction. i know what you are talking about. there is like three questions and it used to be a hospitals results on those surveys created their reimbursement level so it
11:17 pm
[indiscernible] >> they will continue to do the survey but no longer will medicare continue to reimburse them at least with respect to the opioid. >> did. because it was a catch 22. >> a little bit of progress there. >> thank you. conversation]
11:18 pm
>> thanks for coming out. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much.
11:19 pm
>> really? >> sure, thanks for coming out. all right. thanks for coming out. >> i appreciate that. >> yeah, i know.
11:20 pm
[laughter] [indiscernible conversation]
11:21 pm
>> she is under court order to do. >> katie mcginty started her campaign with a lie about the first in her family tube go to has been one lie after another about pat toomey. clients clear way the mud and people have a choice in this election. if you want a rubberstamp katie mcginty is for you. but if you want someone who stands up for taxpayers and public safety, then join our campaign. i am pat toomey and this is my message. mr. trump: she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem. i would look her right in that ugly face of hers. you can do anything when you are
11:22 pm
a star. >> i will be supporting the republican nominee. i have every intention of supporting the republican nominee. i have certainly not in the never trump category. the nevernly not in trump -- i am certainly not in the never trump category. here is put back on the street. the unthinkable happens. >> accused of raping a 13-year-old child. >> katie mcginty still refuses to support ending philadelphia being a designated sanctuary city. forcesimagine, the bank you out. no warning, no hearing. a lending practice so outrageous. a bank owned by pat toomey, it was business as usual.
11:23 pm
forcing 21 small business owners out of their homes. now he is using his power and the senate to help himself. voting to gut rules that help us. pat, out for himself not us. democraticnext, candidate katie mcginty campaigned in ohio at steamfitters local 449. this is just under one hour. applause] want her in washington with me, ok? let's make sure she gets there. enthusiasm a little next time. >> i am working on. >> listen, it is an honor to be here.
11:24 pm
i want to recognize a couple people in the audience we work with every day who are champions of working people. representative paul costello. next state rep from out in the west end of. anita public, the to see you. anita. sherrod brown and i served in the house together. we also played on the congressional baseball team. as a better legislator than a baseball player. he is a cleveland guy so be nice to them, ok? let's cut through all of this way noise on the television. this is pretty basic stuff. blue-collar kid. my dad worked at a steel mill. my grandfather worked at mercury
11:25 pm
furnace in rankin. knew i would represent the people i grew up with, working class families here in pittsburgh. i did not have to think of that. let's break down the election. you have trump and to me. pat toomey. -- you have donald trump and pat toomey. donald trump, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. his whole life he has been a millionaire developer thanks to loans from his father and he deals internationally and finance. witnesses history? -- what is his history? he has gone through for bankruptcy. has built, if he did not have to build a union, he did not. read the art of the deal. it's a stupid ever you have to
11:26 pm
do, say whatever you have to -- it says do whatever you have to do. say what ever you have to say. that's why he came into the bargain said, i am going to bring steel mills back and i am going to bring joe but no back. does anybody really believe he can do that? he goes into with virginians is, i am going to require mines back. kind ofat is the worst people. you go into an area where people are down on their luck and you try to give them false hope to get their boats knowing tim walters there is no in the world he is going to do what he says he is going to do. totalks about wanting reinvigorate american steel but his last two projects were built with chinese steel. andalks about creating jobs our country but all the jobs he created are in other countries. this guy is a con artist from day one. bloomberg said it best.
11:27 pm
we know a calm and we see one. in western pennsylvania we did .ot in a turnip patch we know a con when we see it, to and donald trump has no business getting anywhere near the white house and we need to make sure he does not. [applause] at pat toomey. another guy was correct has been in the banking and financing industries. he has been a partner in a bank. worked on wall street. worked internationally and finance. what makes you think this guy has any connection with the middle class or the working class in this country? beenocus in washington has on banking and international finance. let's look at katie mcginty. she grew up in a family of 10. those of you from big families know what that is like. cop, mother a wages. she grew up in a working-class
11:28 pm
family outside of philadelphia will stop she understands what it is to sacrifice and share in a family that large. she gets us. she is one of us. what is her focus going to be in washington? it is going to be on jobs. on education. it is going to make sure our parents and our grandparents are safety net. ours going to make sure kids and grandkids have a future in western and summing up. she gets all that. that will be her focus. the same with hillary. lori wants to focus on children, education, infrastructure. that is good for us in the trades, too. we want to see people working. this is such an easy election and easy choice when you cut away all the clutter and negativity you're seeing on your television set. when you look at the democratic team you see people that are dedicated and focused on working-class families.
11:29 pm
on the middle class families. on revitalizing areas like pittsburgh and west virginia and all through the rest built. that is going to be the focus of our candidates when you look at the other side, the focus is overseas and over on wall street. these people are not us. they don't understand us will stop they have never been friends and they cannot come into our homes and communities and tried to tell us they're going to do something when we all know dam while they are not going to do it at all. we need to educate people that for presidentning of the united states senate and across this congressional ballot that really care about western pennsylvania are sitting on the democratic ticket and on november 8 let's all get out there and make sure we put them all in office. [applause] rep. doyle: ok, hey, now, the preliminaries are over.
11:30 pm
it's time to bring the big guys up. what, i've had the pleasure of knowing katie now.ty for quite some time she is just a tremendous person. beener life, really, has devoted in public service. she gets it. phillyshe's from outside but she's like a pittsburgh person. she really is. she gets what we are. she is one of us and she's focused on what we do. why from very, very early richis campaign, fitzgerald, the mayor, all of in western officials pennsylvania got together and endorsed her early because we knew she'd be one of our champions in washington, d.c. rich is right, i haven't seen toomey in pittsburgh in six years. you know, his predecessor who republican, arlen specter, at least when he came to pittsburgh, he'd call you on the know he was inou town and invite you to what he
11:31 pm
was doing. i have never, ever, ever, heard toomey in the six years he's been in the united states senate and we need a u.s. senator that knows where we live, is going to come visit our communities and is going to work with us. we have one great senator, bob casey. desperate for a partner he can work with. we know we're going to have a afteratic administration november 8. let's give that administration two u.s. senators that can work with her. my great pleasure and privilege to introduce the next mcginty!tor, katie [applause] katie mcginty: how we doing! you know, you might have a of sports championships but this here is a city of champions, hey! it!about
11:32 pm
we welcome you but you know, gonna be tough competition here. everybody out there ready to fight and work and win november 8! [applause] a great team and many other members of the team have been recognized this morning but i want to recognize two others, natalia rudeiac is here. natalia, good to see you. kelsa wagner is here. kelsa! [applause] katie mcginty: yeah, you know, telling you it's 11 days until election. focused on this but it's 10 1/2. it's 10 1/2. but here's the truth. we need every minute of every one of those days because we've get every single person and their voices heard, knock those doors, ring the phones. why? because this isn't just any election. where literally the soul and spirit of this great country is what's on the
11:33 pm
ballot. the ballot is whether or not we maintain and stand up that basic beautiful bargain that has been what this country's about. is, it is not about your pedigree. it's not about whether you're a blood -- although we democrats know that blue blood go.he way to it's about whether or not you work hard. it's about your own perseverance, your own grit. that's where we all come from: anything.e us for it every day, every day. here's what i been working people. and're the first to step up give back. it's pride to give back to your community. by the way, donald, it's not it's not smart. it is a shame and it is to get out of try paying your due, your taxes for
11:34 pm
20 years. been living off the taxpayers. it's donald trump. [applause] katie mcginty: but look, the choices in this election are are clear.hey everything is at stake. everything is on the ballot. u.s. senate race, it is clear. workinge from a hard family, with those 10 kids and yes, mike, that meant we did andn to get together cooperate and you also learned to fight for your right. with six brothers around the table, i knew that bowl of mashed potatoes was not coming around twice. [laughter] katie mcginty: but what a great stand foride it is to hard working people and if i have the honor of serving as your united states senator, what i'm going to do. but the difference with pat toomey couldn't be more clear. comes from wall street. he's been inile washington, he's really never
11:35 pm
left wall street. working for us. he goes to bat for the banks and the special interests. he's been working for himself, us.for here's what i know. is, donald, ais great country, and it is a great country because we have been that basically bargain that when somebody gives it their all in this country you get to get ahead. your kids look at with pride and dignity and say if you've got a dream, we'll get there. your 40 hours, you don't live in poverty. the basic deal of this country is. right? it's a good deal. [applause] katie mcginty: i know, like all you, we're skin in the game kind of people. anye not looking for handout. we're going to earn it. that's how i was raised. i do want to honor my mom and dad.
11:36 pm
every day seeing my dad going beat, wearinge that badge for 35 years, and you like a lot of these guys to talk a great game about our heroes. we'dnow, it was every day kiss our dad goodbye, not knowing was dad coming home for dinner tonight. what gets me is these guys card.l about the hallmark there's our firefighters, it's our law enforcement, they're all about the bouquets but when it comes makingly standing up and sure that pension is there that you earned, making sure that -- investing to make sure we have the resources and the equipment and resources on the ground and all of a sudden they want to balance the budget on give the of those who ultimate sacrifice and i'll tell you what, in our 10 kids, number is my brother, jimmy. my brother, jimmy, served this country with honor and distinction. and my brother, jimmy, is one of
11:37 pm
those guys, the one time i made introduced him i as an ex-marine -- oh! marine, always a marine, semper fi! but here's the deal, after 25 years of working on military a aircraft, my brother, jimmy, was guys that fell on a little bit of hard time and when said i to the v.a. and need a hand here, the v.a. said, you're a great, guy. the you come back in a year and a half and we might have a bed for you. toomey's one of those guys that's all about the hallmark card but seven times he voted against our vets. we stand for something different than that. for our vets. we stand for those who make the ultimate sacrifice, absolutely. absolutely. [applause] katie mcginty: here's the deal. it out there traveling every part of this wonderful
11:38 pm
commonwealth, the first part of that basic bargain, you work hard, you get ahead. first part is alive and well. part'sond part's the that looking a little peaked. working witheople pride, working strong, giving it all they got. people likeople this wonderful grandmother i met not long ago. to a rally with the major message, we were rallying, your handsomey, keep off our social security, you will not privatize our social security. [applause] katie mcginty: but when it was done, she shared a little bit of her story. she said it's a special week for me. she said i am 20 years at the plant that i work at. i love this company and they love me. of celebration. they had a luncheon for me.
11:39 pm
they've been honoring my service me a raise.e hour.making $8.25 an 20 years in. 20 years in. of's living on the brink poverty. it's not right. it's not right. met notoung woman i long ago, as well, she said i am the pride and joy of my family. story.tell the she's the first in her family to graduate from college. and the whole family's been celebrating. except for the dream is kind of because a nightmare she's living under $130,000 of debt.e it's not right. it's not right. we stand with her. her.and with that family needs a break. ago, too,ow, not long i had the chance to visit with a that she worksme as a certified nurse assistant. you, one, i know that that is absolutely back
11:40 pm
hard work.ard, and i know it for sure firsthand because my own dear parents in the last two years of their life were in assisted living and then nursing home care and i saw the nurse assistants there in love with the patients, absolutely physically tough, tough work. case, almaparents' mcguinty was the light of the thoseso i could see where nurses fell in love with her. mcginty sr., on the salty.and, a little and they loved him, as well. so this woman, she's working at night, as well. and during her breaks at night, she's calling her kids, drilling the spelling words. she's all in, all in. but when she's done telling me ashamed. says, but i'm and i said, how could you be
11:41 pm
ashamed? country'srything this about. she said, i'm ashamed because onn with the two jobs, saturdays, i still have to take bank, and the food she looked at me real at rain and she said, you get elected, i something. what's that? , i said, i want a paycheck do not want a welfare check. we stand with her. her!and with [applause] katie mcginty: that's the spirit. and i'll tell you this, with the voice that labor gives to working people, we've got it upside down in this country. that that we love and cherish are kids and our elderly parents, we put in the this countrye in we pay the least. that's wrong. down.pside fighting for the fight for 15,
11:42 pm
change and he -- we will make it change. decent work,with decent pay. have the honor and privilege of serving, every day workll be a joy to go to for good people, like those people, their stories that i shared but, man, senator has a different agenda. it's guys like toomey and trump that have made it so much worse good, honest people. you know, some of this stuff you hardly even make it up. 80,000 of the senator's own ripped off byere wells fargo bank, did the senator stand up for his victims?nts and the he didn't. he went to bat for the banks and said he was going to go to sure heon and make defunded the consumer financial protection bureau. the consumer cop that blew the
11:43 pm
whistle. atbody have a bank account wells fargo? you better check. you might have 10. college affordability, interest rates have never been lower. it's a free market thing. people refinance college debt. pat toomey votes no. works for the banks. doesn't work for us. what about social security? yeah, he's out there trying to privatize it, trying to hand it over to wall street. that works for the banks. us.oesn't work for and i'll tell you what, any guy with donald trump and thinking, as he said, the problem in this country is that people make too much, is not living in our world. that's what happens when you fly around in your own private plane, as pat toomey does, and you own your own bank. you kind of lose touch. time for usu, it's to get back in touch with the soul and spirit of this country and the hard work of good people
11:44 pm
in every part of this withnwealth and i know your help and working together, we stand for something very, very different. and i can't wait to get to work with all of you so that, number child, every child in this commonwealth and this country deserves a decent education. we'll fight for it. and your zip code is not your destiny.d is not your and we'll get to work. we need all of our skills, all in. with the steam first and trades. my own brothers, heavy equipment operators, coal miners, master printer. that marine, x-ray certified welder. welder, you know. but you know, a great country doesn't just buy and consume stuff. a great country builds and makes stuff. we're going to put people back to work. when you put in your hard
11:45 pm
day's work, we're going to make sure you get a decent day's pay let's say it once and for all, we're going to fight for equal work and it's a family issue, not just a woman's issue. [applause] katie mcginty: i think we know when weeart and soul, stick together, when we stand together, when we have strength numbers, nobody out-beats or out-competes the workers of the of america.s and we're ready to do it. we're ready to show our stuff again. you know, countdown is on. 10 1/2 days. 10.25 days. not yet. but i need your help. be out there on fire, making it so that everybody believes that our best days are ahead, why? because we believe in this
11:46 pm
country, we believe in the good this country and when we stand together, we fight win.her, we will [applause] katie mcginty: here's one person who's been out there fighting and winning for hard-working families his whole career. shame he's a pennsylvania wanna-be but we own,me him here as our please welcome senator sherrod brown! [applause] senator brown: katie, thank you. erin, katie, and doyle. here, ahrill to be thrill always to be in a labor
11:47 pm
hall with firefighters and iron uscw and steel sciu.s and thank you for all of that. real voice. i'm not sick. i don't smoke. way.t talk this my wife, who many of you know through facebook -- several of have said that -- my wife and i were at an event one time and we were crowded together. as i took the microphone and started to speak, this guy, wife, he said i hate that guy's voice. she said, really? he said, yeah, that guy speaks, like fingernails on a blackboard, i can't stand listening to him. his you know when i really like him? i really like him when he wakes in the middle of the night and says "i love you, baby." true story. [applause]
11:48 pm
senator brown: before we talk talk katie, i want to about why it's so important, all of you do in the labor movement. in cincinnati at a labor 300er a few years ago and or 400 people, seated at a table down front, a round table, were six or seven middle-aged women, some african american, some white. some all middle-aged. they were sciu, and they had signed their first union contract with the downtown cincinnati business owners. were representing custodial workers, janitors. them so io talk to went down. they signed the agreement earlier that morning. this was the bargaining team. 1200 in the bargaining unit. i sat down at the table and said now that you have a union? and a woman said to me, she said this is the old, first time in my life i'm going to have a one-week paid vacation. you think about that. because firefighters and iron
11:49 pm
because youufcw -- carry union cards, you won that that a long time ago on one week of paid vacation but i know natalia's working to make family leave and vacation time and sick leave and all the things that every worker should have. join a unionuld but you shouldn't have to join a union to be able to have family leave and sick days and to be to take care of your family, period. sot's what-all fight for well. now, the last time i was in was in -- i said to doyle, we were talking after doyle. doyle doesn't strike me as an alleghany county guy. a bucks countys guy, doesn't he? [laughter] senator brown: anyway, last time i was in pennsylvania was in democratic convention and i got to speak about an hour before chelsea came on stage and one of the i said, i was thinking a couple of days in advance, what
11:50 pm
do you talk about at something everything's been said? and i thought back to grade school. brinkerhov elementary school in mansfield, ohio. was johnnyigh appleseed. or thirdr as a second grader looking on the wall and a lot of elementary schools had a our presidentsof and you look at them and except for mustaches and wigs, they all like me, a middle-aged white guy. fiveow i have grandchildren and when they start school, they're going to now see an african american face, and pretty soon, my two 1 and 2ghters, they're now, when they go to school, iny'll see themselves hillary clinton and how great that is. [applause] these samewn: and girls in pennsylvania that
11:51 pm
haven't seen this before, they'll see themselves in the states their united senator and how great is that? [applause] senator brown: and if they're smart enough not to live in district, they'll see congressman.ale [applause] is our brown: so this chance, owl over this country, but especially in pennsylvania chance to make history. if i could be excused for a moment to say something about aking history in ohio for moment. and pittsburgh and cleveland have a lot in common. has a good football team, one doesn't. but we have a lot in common. but we're about to make history in ohio. we have not had -- cleveland's not won the world series since -- until this year, cleveland had not had, for 52 years, since jim brown, when the browns were better than the steelers back then, cleveland championship in anything.
11:52 pm
believe it or not, cleveland in early 2016 -- i appreciate your t-shirt, by the way. .hank you, thank you for that early in 2016, cleveland made a and with the devil cleveland said, i want a championship and the devil said, have your you can championship. 2016 beforeearly the championship and long. have your championship but you got to have the republican championship. going tosaid they're nominate trump and cleveland said all right, you got to give us two championships. joke. that's not bad. the race right here in senate is going to make a difference in who's the majority next year. it's going to make a difference on how we -- whether -- how cruz and mccain
11:53 pm
are talking, we may never get a court justice confirmed, as outrageous as that is. there's never been a supreme court vacancy as long as this one since the civil war because we're in the middle of a civil that doesn't bother them, apparently. so whether it's toomey or or republican senators all over the country, this will make such a difference to win not just to win, to have a democrat in the senate, but to have somebody as thatas bob casey, somebody understands labor, that fights for labor, that fights for working class, fights for that fights for civil rights and fights for all the things that we care about in this country. in this union -- everybody that's almost ever steam fitter's hall understands and cares about that. that's the importance of this race. this suit i'm wearing was made fromion workers 11 miles my home in cleveland. [applause] senator brown: donald trump, as know, buys his suits and ties from mexico and china.
11:54 pm
buys hisump glassware -- he could have got ohio, america's city. he bought it in europe. hisould have bought furniture in norwalk or hisibald, ohio, but bought furniture in turkey. three two of his last construction projects, he's used steel from china -- steel that could have come from cleveland or youngstown. he's used aluminum from china. aluminum that could have come from alcoa or from an ohio or pennsylvania smelting site. he could have done that. course he didn't do that. the only thing -- when i think i were talkingnd about when toomey came to congress in 1999. then andced a big vote mike and i were very involved, fighting against permanent trade relations with china. when i think of pat toomey now he's against trade trans-pacific partnership, and i
11:55 pm
trump saying he wants to make america great, trade agreements. i came to congress in 1993, i led my freshman class in to nafta and we got really close. we didn't win but not good enough, obviously. this, during about the fights that doyle and i have againstinst pntr, cafta, against tpp, against these terrible trade agreements, toomey on thet right side and i never saw join a rally, speak out, write a letter to the op-ed, givee an money. i never saw him do anything. the only thing that donald trump his mouth and pad his pockets when it comes to trade and don't believe him for he'sond when he says against these trade agreements. he didn't have to buy steel from china. have to buy his aluminum for his job site from china. he didn't have to buy his clothes from mexico. he obviously could have bought
11:56 pm
it here. he made those choices and that's he really is. so this race, i want to tell you one other reason why i think this race matters and why as labor activists matters so much. i wear this pin, it's a a canary in a bird cage, given to me in the mid a steel worker. it's a depiction of a canary in a bird cage and you know particularly because you're close to coal country and you know labor movement history. to take the used canary down in the mine. if the canary died from lack of or toxic gas, the mine worker got out of the mines because he was on his own. days he had no umw or union to protect him and no that cared enough to protect him. you think where we are as a country, 1900, when they took
11:57 pm
the canaries down in the mines, the average life expectancy in 46 years.ry was you know in alleghany county and le monde valley, you know in this region how many diedrs died from illness, from work place injury. you know all that. yearse reason we live 30 longer today, 46, 45 years old, we liveago, the reason 30 years longer today. it's a little bit high-tech medicine, chemotherapy, different things. but by and large it's because of labor movement has done, what civil rights has done, what advocates for women children have done. you think about that. think about congress and legislatures passed legislation on minimum wage, on clean drinking water, on medicaid, on social security, protections for children to ban
11:58 pm
on all the, on osha, things that the labor movement fought for, always against the groups inful interest the country. nobody -- steel companies and the oil companies don't give away.tuff it was because we fought in harrisburg and columbus and we fought in washington and we fought in our county courthouses. mr. fitzgerald. we fought all across the country to make this progress. at that's what's always stake in this election. ralph waldo emerson said that the fight is always between the innovators and conservative torrs. are us,vators progressives that want to move the country forward. the conservators are donald trump and pat toomey and people that want to preserve their privilege and preserve their power and preserve their money and want to hold it close and don't ever want to give it up. why katiet's mcginty's election is so important because it's not just pennsylvania, it's not just she a d. after her name.
11:59 pm
she knows how workers live. she knows what to fight for. always be on the side with bob casey and me to fight more progressive government in a more progressive country that will move this country forward. that's why i came over here because that is so important. [applause] senator brown: i ask you one thing. it's too bad you don't have early voting. i hope the legislature can do these days here because it really does matter. for hillary. do in addition to what you with planned parenthood or your central body fed or however you're doing it, the calls make, the doors you knock on, give as much time as you can in the next couple of weeks. i want each of you to think
12:00 am
about five friends you have. a family member, somebody at your church, somebody in the -- don't try to do ten or twenty . think of five people who are maybe leaning for trump or two me or just on or are undecided and you can convince them. well maybe there. maybe there's something maybe they are 22. a bernie bro and doesn't really think they're going to vote and make it sure a mission to find just five people find five people and make it your mission to educate them to take them to the polls and you know there's -- unless you make a that make an appeal to them. tell them how great katie is. talk to them about hilry