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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 7:00am-7:46am EST

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reveals the top places that shaped campaign 2016. as always we take your calls and you can join the conversation on twitter. washington journal is next. good morning, it is monday, november 7, 2016. we are one day from election day . i campaign full of twists and turns took a new one yesterday when the fbi cleared hillary clinton in his e-mail probe. --es comey from congress inform the congress that hillary clinton will face no charges on her handling of confidential information. donald trump pointed to the move as a sign of a rigged system.
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this morning, we are getting your thoughts. how is this decision impacted begin theion as we final two days of campaign 2016? phone lines are open. you can catch up with us on social media. a very good monday morning to you. here are the headlines that americans are waking up to. the front page of the washington times.
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the front page of the washington post this morning noting a letter that kicked off the drama yesterday came from director comey directed to various chairman on capitol hill. here it is.
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that conclusion expressed in july was a recommendation that hillary clinton not face charges related to her e-mail practices. the hillary clinton campaign with their response. here is the spokesperson for the hillary clinton campaign. donald trump at a campaign rally yesterday offered his thoughts on the new letter. >> right now she is being protected by a rigged system. i have been saying it for a long time. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. you cannot do it. hillary clinton is guilty.
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she knows it, the fbi knows it, the people know it and now it is up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8. host: we are getting your thoughts in response to that news that came out yesterday. phone lines are open. we are going to start with bruce calling in from florida, hillary clinton supporter. good morning. caller: good morning. what i am calling in to say is i have known ever since 2008 who i would be voting for. this whole thing is a big scam. comey did this to unite the republican party and it has
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worked. he had plenty of time. i heard that they have known for four weeks about these e-mails. they could've gotten their warrant, they could've figured this out before he went public with this mess. it is time for james comey to issue his resignation, so the nation can move on. thank you. host: democrats in congress calling for james comey to step down. we'll get responses from members of congress coming up today. mississippi, a donald trump supporter. good morning. caller: i just have a couple of things i wanted to say about e-mails. hello, are you still there? all, i believe everything that they came out with. i think this is a cover up.
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have veryma could well pardoned her. she could've pardoned herself. this is all a made up, rigged story that got in the way with so much. .ver since i can remember those people cannot be prosecuted under anyway, form or fashion. they are crooks. hello, people love their. when are you going to wake up? we need our country back. why are you letting the democrats do this to us. look what barack obama done to us behind closed doors. this is crazy that we continue to let them run our lives like they are doing pretty better vote donald trump. -- doing. better vote donald trump. hillary clinton is going to make
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your life miserable than barack obama ever thought about doing. host: our undecided line. good morning caller:. -- good morning. watching theam debates i fill like i'm watching godzilla. i am appalled by madame clinton who is doing everything she can to uphold the empire and has a policy of eternal war. i am appalled by mr. trump says, "i like war." in that he makes fun of disabled people. he has paid no taxes and proud of it. this and assuch as educated as we are that indeed this is the best that we can produce? i am stunned. i'm going to hold my nose and vote for one of them. forgive me if i am on a soapbox host:.
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-- soapbox. host: what do you think is going to make your decision? caller: i feel we are on the brink of fascism, and i tremble. i think all of this baloney about the e-mail is just baloney . mr. trump, he is full of baloney host:. -- baloney. donald trump questioning the amount of time it would take ,o review the e-mails reportedly some 650,000 e-mails found in that other investigation from anthony computer. the wall street journal taking on that topic of the timing of this investigation, of how long it would take. the wall street journal noting investigators expected the task would take weeks, if not longer.
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this topic taking up test taken up by edwards -- taken up by edward snowden. the well-known leaker from the nsa who was asked by a blogger and journalist professor, how long he thinks it would take to review 650,000 e-mails. this was his response on twitter yesterday to that question that was posed to him. he talked about how you would go back -- go about doing that search. wanted to get your thoughts.
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kevin is a hillary clinton supporter. good morning. caller: good morning. positions on people who called in prior. i think my observation is the october 28 decision that comey made to look into this -- these e-mails was very dangerous due to this fact. if he would've found something, or put the to indict negative findings out 48 hours prior to a presidential election. thank god it turned out to be nothing, because it turned up -- if it turned out be something, his decision was in compensable on october 28 to open this up. i am a clinton supporter. i believe she is the right person to move this country forward.
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trump, i do not understand to a certain extent the support for him. it seems to me to be unfounded. thinks again, c-span. host: let's hear from a donald trump supporter. iller: i am a boca return -- am boca return. carroll from deerfield who goes before me. ast: nice to hear your voice opposed to reading your tweet. . caller: this is my pleasure. i like them all, but you are my favorite. anyway, the big problem for mrs. button is not the e-mails, it is the clinton foundation. that has been going on now from many sources inside the fbi for about a year.
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it is going to continue until after the election. , they are going to be continued by the republicans who are on those committees. mrs. clinton is as guilty as sin. hey, if i had to make a bet and i am no betting person, i would think she would probably be our next president. we will have to accept it. thatdy who thinks everything is going to be smooth sailing is wrong. this foundation and all that is coming out through the wikileaks , and all of this i hope you will say something about chelsea
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and all of the pay to play and how she -- it is full of corruption. they have been that way for so many years. outany of us are just worn with the clinton drama and the clinton corruption. i thank you so much, that i finally got in to say what i wanted to say. host: she often says what she wants to say on twitter. here is her twitter handle. her point is an article from washington times. the headline --
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one of those that they focus on is the clinton trusted aide, they write -- one other person they focus on is jake sullivan. you want to read that, it is in the washington times this morning. essex, maryland. third-party supporter. c-span.good morning, appreciate your show.
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let's ordinary people get their voice out. let me say that the banner that you guys are running is misleading. the fbi did not clear hillary clinton of anything. they simply refused to prosecute her. internet has, the been burning up with this story that the mainstream media will not touch. there is only mainstream media station that ran this story and that is one american news. they only ran at one time. i have not seen it on any other mainstream media outlet anywhere. this has to do with the 650,000 e-mails they found on that pervert wieners -- weiner's laptop p although we did not apply to hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, they found evidence that hillary clinton along with bill illegally had sex with minor children.
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a sex island in the virgin islands. host: we will move on, fred. fred is in huntsville, alabama. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. the next president of the united states should be john kasich. during the primaries i spent every month of my washington journal calls calling in trying to implore republican voters to take a look at john kasich. i know he was an establishment person, but he left washington and went to ohio and did a good job as governor. i know he had ties to fox news did john kasich sounds pretty good right now, doesn't he? you are going to send me to the polls tomorrow to choose between a narcissistic pervert and a longtime boston lady who cannot member how to tell the truth. thank you, america.
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host: how are you going to make your decision tomorrow? we lost fred. fred making his decision tomorrow, along with a lot of the united states. plenty of early votes already in so far according to the washington post. michael mcdonald of the university of florida who has been on this program. this is a story in the washington post showing the chart here. different states that allow early voting. the blue states and this chart are more early voting than compared to 2012 states -- to talk to states and red had fewer voting -- fewer early voting and compared to 2012. noting early voting is up 12% in a carolina.
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warning signs of a merge for hillary clinton. inck voters -- down from 27% 2012 when mitt romney asked out a win in north carolina. another chart to show you from the washington times, showing comparisons and early vote turnout. this is from 19 at six through 2012. the amount -- from 1996 through 2012. the amount compared to the entire vote that election cycle. you can see it going from 10.5 in 1996 to almost 36% of the vote back in 2012. max in illinois is up next. supports donald trump. caller: when it comes to hillary and the president, it is just a rigged system. hillary is guilty. everybody knows it. if she gets elected, put america
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on an auction block. what are we going to do? president obama got to loretta lynch, and they know that she is guilty. it is said we have to put up with someone like her. host: let's go to michigan. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i don't normally call. director began this mess with the e-mails in july, when he came forward. that is not his place as the director of the fbi, they are supposed to investigate and turned the information over for review and decision-making to the department of justice. weekn called the fbi last after waiting a few days to see how everything was playing out, and how the information that was
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coming forward. i said, "whether you are appointed, elected or hired off the street, if you cannot your job in an unbiased manner, that means all of the fbi employees -- not just him, whether they work at the state level or federal level -- i feel it they need to resign or shape up and do their job the way they were hired to do." host: what kind of response did you get? caller: just a comment line kind of thing. they took my name and phone number. maybe i am on some list somewhere now. i think it is kind of sad how ,ll these leaks and information and they decide we are going to go to the source to release this. harder for people to
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know what to believe anymore. there don't like the way is so much more speculation in the media before they have all of the facts. they report things to get ratings host:. -- ratings. host: how do you choose what to trust? iller: iwatch a number -- watched a number of things. the vast majority of people that i personally know that say the are independent, what you start with bill o'reilly and gretchen carlson and people like that who are "famous." now to my neighbors, they seem that don'tlicans want to call themselves republicans anymore, because they are upset with where the go.y has been trying to i don't know.
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i watch everything from .ndependent i read newspapers and different articles from people that i unbiased,d seem to be as much as possible, when they are making their reports. jenny in michigan. she mentioned some of the criticism of director comey in the wake of prompting this renewed focus after that july press conference. harry reid has been one of those who has been very critical. the outgoing minority leader in the senate released a statement yesterday, saying --
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steve:, a democrat from tennessee, and the house renewed his call yesterday for james comey to step down, even after today's announcement. he says director call me should put the nation and the fbi first. he says the later was premature and unprecedented. some comments from republicans. here is mark meadows from north carolina. he wrote yesterday --
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one last one for you. this is senator roy blunt in a tough reelection battle against jason kander, the democrat in missouri. here's a part of his statement. back to the phone. bob is an jacksonville, texas. a hillary clinton supporter. caller: good morning, john.
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do you hear me? host: yes sir. caller: i appreciate you taking my call. to thea comment to make republicans or anyone that is going to vote for donald trump. i wonder if they would be so quick to support him and vote for him, if he had groped their mother or their wife or their daughter, or even worse, their granddaughter. i wonder if they would be so quick to support him then? thank you very much for the call. york, aw york, new donald trump supporter. good morning. caller: i want those people who say they support clinton, to look at the clintons records from beginning to end, they started out with whitewater papers showing up in the presidential library. then there was the suicide. there was waco that they blamed
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on janet reno. destruction of innocent lives in a compound. .hen the pardoning of marc rich who could ever explained nafta? people lost their jobs. we lost two of our major industries, the textile and fashion industry because of nafta. has she apologize for that? no. the final thing was the pardoning of marc rich, someone guilty of espionage. they pardoned marc rich. how could you vote for this administration? now they began with the e-mail -- whatever with else baggage she has it i say do not vote for hillary clinton. we will have a repeat of the last administration, one scandal after another. host: della in new york.
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died mentioned janet reno monday morning following a long battle with parkinson's degrees -- parkinson's disease. the nation's first female attorney general served in the white house from 1993 to 2001. edgartown, massachusetts. third-party supporter. caller: good morning. well, just a great show. thanks so much. i have been advocating for third parties for some time. my elevator speech. one time the democratic party was the third party and one time the republican party was a third-party. i don't get why that is not recent of in our really awful presidential
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events. host: do you think this cycle did anything to help or hurt the chances of a formation of a viable third party that could ? mpete caller: every cycle i think my fellow citizens will get it. they are all crooks. they're all that way. they don't get paid anything like the compensation they wind up with. it is simple math. paid half $1 million here in wind up with hundreds of millions of dollars by doing their job. other agendas going on. my fellow citizens don't get it. i don't know what it is. i think this time is actually
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going to feel the fate of never having a third-party, because the mass media gets billions of dollars in advertising from the two major parties. they don't care. they won't point out that these guys are just ripping you off. they make little titillating news blurbs all the time for both of them. where there is smoke, there's fire. my fellow citizens, i don't get it and we have the opportunity to vote for a third-party, but the third parties are less represented in the polling numbers every cycle. everybody ad tell nauseam that they should supporting -- they should be supporting a third-party. the number of votes added up those down and down.
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maybe it's my bad breath, i don't know. you think a person could figure out an alternative to what we have. it bothers me if you talk to people, they all want about it but they won't do anything. we could do it. vote for jill stein, or gary johnson. forget these major party guys. host: edgartown, massachusetts, where he is calling from. throughout our program, we are going to check in with some of the political reporters in some of the key swing states around the country as we enter into the final two days of campaign 2016. let's start in ohio. henry gomez joins us on the phone. the chief political reporter of the headline on the top of the front page of plain dealer, fbi clears clinton on e-mail again. henry gomez, how has this decision impacts -- impact of
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ohio? caller: good morning. this would be helpful for the hit clinton campaign -- for the clinton campaign after the first call me letter surfaced a couple of weeks ago seems to have calcified donald trump slight lead in the state, at least in the polling. in this final weekend, i think that hillary clinton had the edge in terms of ground. she has the ground game, as opposed to donald trump who --sn't it along very well doesn't get along very well with the republican establishment in ohio. one by mail has been going for several weeks. i think for anybody who was on the fence, maybe not going to vote, because they are worried about this fbi investigation looming over clinton, that is an obstacle now removed.
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you can bet the clinton folks are going to be doing everything votersn to make sure have not returned a ballot or have not been out to vote yet are just to turn out the vote -- turn out that vote. host: donald trump in ohio on friday. hillary clinton there yesterday. camp withthe clinton good news from this announcement yesterday, from the fbi director. in some way, is it bad news at well -- as well? it puts the focus back on e-mails and e-mail practices, regardless of what the fbi found. caller: that is right. it has never been a helpful headline for her to have. the fact that if there were people who were going to stay home or vote third-party, or
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maybe looking at donald trump because they are worried about this fbi investigation, i think that could provide some movement back into clinton's column. african-american voters making up 12% of the ohio electorate have been concerned by democrats that african-americans are not coming up in the same numbers as they did back in 2012. what has been the pitch to african-american voters in ohio? caller: that is a great question. the clinton campaign is concerned about this. it is the reason why clinton's last two ohio appearances -- friday she was there with the rapper jay-z and beyonce pierce sunday, she was with lebron james and jr smith. these are entertainers and athletes who are very popular in the african-american community. the message is you need to get
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out and vote if you want your votes -- your voice heard. picking a guy like lebron james to campaign for you is huge for clinton. if there is no can within its the time spent in cleveland on friday. the numbers there are down in terms of the early vote. cleveland, the early vote has ton down 17% to 22% compared 2012. it is misleading, because there is one less week this year and early voting then there was in 2012. you've got to make up those votes somewhere. wasclinton campaign concerned that they were not going to be able to -- they were going to underperform barack obama. host: before we let you go, ohio a battleground state in this .lection in the senate race that is happening there, less of a battleground. rob winning by a
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comfortable margin over ted strickland. is this expected to be a walk for rob tomorrow? caller: i would be surprised if this race isn't called as soon as the polls close tomorrow. really he has done every thing he can to make up for the question mark at the top of the republican ticket. henry gomez, thank you so much for your time. good luck on election day tomorrow. caller: my pleasure. host: back on the phones, david is in fort belvoir, virginia. a donald trump supporter. caller: good morning, thank you so much for taking my call.
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ago, ia number of years was cleared by the government to conduct background investigations for security clearances for office of personnel management. i cannot go into any of the questions and what the process involved, however i am a bit concerned, i have done a little investigation on my own concerning hillary clinton's surrogate daughter. abedin. i found out through my investigation that her father and mother are heavily involved with several muslim organizations within and without the united states. i don't know if that would be a problem, but i know that she has
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access to hillary clinton's computer which would probably give for access to classified information. ?ost: what do you do now how do you conduct these investigations on your own? caller: only through the internet. that is all i can do. go by what i find on the internet. that is pretty much it. i cannot go out and talk to people or anything like that. yes, that information would be suspect, i would imagine. much truth ihow would put into that. it is available on the internet. host: ok, mary, mississippi next. a hillary clinton supporter. any black person that vote for trump should have their head examined. he stood right beside them and , and anotherim
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thing, he tried to get those innocent boys killed in new york . they were innocent, proven innocent by dna. as far as the fbi, he only supposed to present himself and not make any comment. they were publicans scared him. that is why he went after hillary clinton because the republicans scared him to death. that is why he should not be fbi director, because he should present the evidence and keep his mouth shut. have a nice day. host: a few comments on twitter as we have been having this conversation. randy is a third-party
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supporter. good morning. this is another coverup as far as i'm concerned with the fbi. a must have some dirt on them. as far as republicans and democrats go, i might as well call each party the not see party and the communist party. sham and as far as i'm concerned. those other few callers earlier there, they nailed it. as far as theon third-party. the closest you are going to get is going to be trump, because gary johnson just shot himself in both feet. you can't vote for him. i've got to throw trump and the third-party category.
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democrats and republicans are the same during party -- same darned party. i believe you said earlier that this investigation was a sham. did you feel that way 10 days ago when director calming said there is more information -- director comey said there is more information and the investigation was reopening? caller: i thought this is going nowhere. i don't know what they got on the fbi or comey, but there is nothing you can do. i tell you what who are to be head of the fbi is sybil edmonds. she wrote a book about the fbi. she is from the middle east. they were trying to block her book. she ought to be with the fbi. host: let's go to newer shell,
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new york. a supporter of hillary clinton. hi, i'm ano, -- independent white male. i have been an independent since the next election in 1972. i would like to say that i am not him up -- i am not against -- i got no problem with immigration. next, [indiscernible] gerrymandering of the house which -- some of these states that gerrymandered lines look insane. if you ever look at them. believe the republicans to deal with the concept of fact checking. they will find that donald trump
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is 98% factually inaccurate. when you want to call people liars, just fact check. thank you very much for letting me speak. host: when you talk about gerrymandering, gerrymandering is often to blame for the lack of competition in house races. here is a map of the possible tossup races yesterday. you can see there is 21 races labeled as tossups. this is according to rothenberg and gonzales political report. democrats want to take over the house, they need to pick up 30 seats. 21 ranked as tossups right now. estimates from the huizinga digits to mid double digits from most of the major race rating groups on how many seats
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democrats might pick up tomorrow. we will look at that as a results -- as the results come in tomorrow night. we will be talking about it wednesday morning. a five-hour show on wednesday morning after election day. we will be with you all morning to dig into the results. shirley, arkansas. supports donald trump. caller: good morning. i watched the news all the time. i think it is so unfair the way hillary has got off to different times. on the bridge in new jersey, you haven't told much news about that. how did they put two people in prison for two years putting columns on a bridge? i would like to hear more about why that happened.
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host: a story that has been -- referringamid to the bridge gate scandal. the prosecution of former christine aids. bethlehem, pennsylvania, supports hillary clinton. caller: so many topics this morning it is incredible. the director was an american hero three days ago, and now he is a bum again. isn't that amazing? host: how did you feel about him from july until 10 days ago to yesterday? caller: i feel he made a mistake. pressure.o revoke and he was being hounded by republican pressure. many people call in and talk about nafta, they don't know their facts. nafta was a republican program
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built and designed by george bush senior. it was being kicked around. they knew it was going to be approved but the democrats were a minority on that. republicans pushed it through. in a deal they would get children's health care if he helped them with nafta. he went to florida and convince do not congressman -- interfere with the production down there. as soon as it passed, sure enough they would bring an end by the train loads from all over south america. bill clinton was guilty of signing nafta, but it was not a democratic program. it is still a republican program no matter what am trump says. -- no matter what donald trump says. thank you very much. host: for our previous cal a