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tv   Election Night 2016  CSPAN  November 8, 2016 11:59pm-2:00am EST

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stood by me. [applause] he has been my best friend, he has been a trusted advisor and he has always stood by me when i reached for my dream. my parents are here with me tonight. you heard about them on the trail. [applause] always pushed me to do better and my mother who was always there for me no matter what. every sunday,em usually on the way to church, and they have in the best errands anyone could ask for -- best parents anyone could ask for. i also want to thank my staff. many of you have met them, they are the best of north carolina. some of them, it is their first job. [applause]
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them this is their first job out of school. i have kids from different areas, all over the state. we have people who came back to north carolina to work on this campaign and some folks who we have convinced to make north carolina home because our staff has reflected the state and our people. i want to tell you that we got in this race for the people of north carolina and i have loved going to more than 90 counties throughout the state. we have met people who have been struggling, who need to have the minimum wage increased. we of met older people who cannot make in snead just -- make ends meet just on social security.
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we've seen what the needs are insult -- are in north carolina and i pray that congress will address that. say that for my boo, vote.- don't morerved the state for than two decades and he will be your senator. please go to him because he needs to serve all the people of the state. [applause] you just to share with a few stories from the campaign trail about people who have inspired me because i hope that you will take that inspiration with you. i want to talk with you about an 85-year-old man i met. he was one of the first
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recipients of the order of the long leave pine. he told me this is the most significant election we have ever had in north carolina and's 19 extinct when he got -- north carolina since 1960 when he got to vote for jfk. i have carried those words with me. i want to tell you about a young man who lost his scholarship because of an injury and is working the night shift to stay in school. he will need help paying for college just like so many young people around north carolina, and our congress needs to address that issue. [applause] the want to tell you about overflow room at poor people incorporated on labor day. they have suffered a lot from the hurricane in that area, but
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there were people before the hurricane who came out because they know their votes matter and thet, and we cannot forget victims of hurricane matthew just because we are having an election. [applause] thank myy, i want to junior high school history teacher, who grew up in a small town in north carolina. i talked to her before i came over to the hotel this evening and she wished me well. , pleasehers out there remember you are inspiring the next generation. , and please me remember every day what you are doing. i don't consider this the end, i consider this an opportunity to inspire young people and we have
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run a campaign that i think we can be proud of and has inspired them. i'm going to leave you in a minute, but i'm going to take a againstm harvey playbook. one of the major things he did was inspire barack obama to go forward. i hope that i have inspired just one or two people along the way. thank you so much, north carolina. [applause] god bless you. deborah ross and her concession speech. bring us up-to-date on the electoral college. >> a lot of numbers to go through. donald trump is holding onto only. -- 238 four donald
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209. hillary clinton at hillary clinton is currently ahead in nevada. she has 49.7% of the vote compared to 44.5% four donald trump your -- donald trump. in michigan, donald trump 69% reporting, 1.5 million votes million four.5 hillary clinton. a difference of about 30,000 votes. wisconsin, another state that donald trump said he wanted to 49.2% four donald and 45.6% for hillary clinton. . pennsylvania, hillary clinton
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is at 48.3% compared to 48.2% four donald trump. keystonenia will be for hillary clinton, because if she loses their she cannot get to 270 votes. that will be one of the states along with the upper midwest that will tell the tale of what will happen tonight or tomorrow morning. host: we've been talking about the mood in the room and we felt we take you by camera to both campaign headquarters and not just watch but listen a little bit so you can get a sense of if you were there. let's start with hillary clinton.
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[crowd murmuring]
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host: that was a look at the trump and clinton headquarters in manhattan. several thousand people on the edge of their seats. it is too early to know what the outcome will be but it was certainly much different than either camp anticipated. watching -- you are election 2016 on c-span. we're going back to phone calls. anthony is calling from california. hello. caller: can you hear me? host: yes we can. because --anted to: i wanted to call in because
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watching the vote, i am relatively young, lack, college-educated, a veteran, i have been a contractor and small business owner. i have a wife and kids. i like to consider myself politically aware and active and in themerican, i live what it, thinking about means to be an american, i have , what ared ask myself my feelings about the united states of america? my love of the country. recently olympics came and it was the only time that you see all of america being on the same thing for anything. it was a sporting event, but you see people running and grabbing the flag and hugging it and expressing joy.
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this campaign has been dirty, nasty, ugly and crass. like, i have i was to look it will kind of future i want my children to have feared i voted for gary johnson. and all believe in voting for the lesser of two evils. i think if more people were brave enough to vote for the person they would like to see in the white house -- i think a lot of these third-party candidates what have more of a platform to get their message out. people wake up, it is looking like trump is going to take it. i think people should relax, america survived eight years of w, we can do it.
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the man, but for just because he is not the nicest human being does not mean some of his ideas did not have legitimacy to them. i just wanted to call in. i love c-span, i love you guys for unbiased coverage. host: thanks so much and for the comments. we appreciate you being part of the community. here is a tweet from jd who says "america will see downturn with donald trump if he wins. you get what you voted for." vote is steve from texas, a democrat. what you think of the evening? caller: i vote for hillary clinton -- can you hear me? host: yes. caller: donald trump is about money. is not all there is to
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life. money comes and goes. our life is not about money. -- oure're listening country is not about money. they come to texas to , and there -- his and is not from texas, talking about how he touched the girls, that is wrong. casey who is as republican in alabama. caller: i would just like to say that at first when obama first was in office, we didn't vote for him.
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now we believed there would be changes and we have seen changes , but my husband and i both this year with republican. the reason for this is one outstanding issue, neither of us childe that an unborn does not have constitutional rights. of everyonebehalf on alabama i would just like to say for all of us who took the time to vote for donald trump and if he does win this election, we are praying that god will be with him in every step he takes. two points he made during his campaign, throughout his campaign, was a right to bear arms and to protect religious liberty. i don't believe it is going to be right for preachers or
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pastors who are in our congregations preaching the word of god and have to face the fact that they can be sued for what they said. trump believe that donald will do the right thing. i don't believe he is in there grownney because he has until an intelligent man and he has ran his businesses and he is a wonderful businessman. he is a very strong man and that is what we need for this country. the last thing i'm going to say, and if i offend anyone, i am not trying to do that, but i will say it like this, we have had a very long tradition in the white house of the president of the united states and the first lady of the united dates, and in my
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personal opinion, i do not feel that bill clinton is going to look pretty in a dress. host: we're going to let you go. steve, and a have an interview coming up at donald trump headquarters. we have been watching pennsylvania very closely and it is a nailbiter. mr. trump has pulled ahead i about 11,000 votes. >> if hillary clinton loses pennsylvania, game owner -- over. it is very close in that state. hillary clinton's lead and some of the areas around philadelphia and pittsburgh were not as strong as barack obama had.
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let's look at some of the house the democratic candidate in new jersey, this is a pickup. district, the19th republican candidate winning. this is an open seat. also an open seat in the third congressional district. swazi is going to -- tom suozzi will maintain that the. you can see the result for the 22nd district for claudia tenney. district,in's eighth mike gallagher is the republican
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candidate walking away with this. molly ball is at the trump headquarters in midtown manhattan, and the question is what is going on there now? molly, are you with us? >> hello, how are you? >> give us a sense of what is happening. >> we are hearing that donald trump may be on his way over here from trump tower where he has spent evening camped out in his war room with his family and inner circle of the campaign. ,he mood here is very jubilant a lot of hugging and crying and singing "god bless america" in the ballroom. everything seems to be coming up donald trump. reporters,umber of
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they are wondering how every single poll could of been so wrong. still some key states to come in. >> i think there will be a lot of reckoning to be done after tonight. no matter who winds the election, signs are pointing in one direction, even if hillary clinton pulled without, there will be a lot of recriminations and self-examination on the part of pollsters who failed to see the shape of the electorate, the way different groups would turn out, the sentiment among different groups. ,he polls were almost unanimous even if some prognosticators like nate silver try to caution that there was a lot of softness in those polls. they were all pointing in one direction and in a lot of cases they were very wrong. >> have you had an opportunity
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to talk with trump senior staffers? jerryust spoke with falwell junior who is an advisor. he just spoke with donald trump in the last hour and said trump was feeling exuberant, still cautioning that it was not over, not declaring victory but was certainly feeling thrilled. he said that donald trump expected to win this thing, but at this point it is beyond he could have imagined. trexit and that it will be remembered as a his work upset, a peaceful revolution of people against the elite. >> let's look at nevada and in sylvania. -- and pennsylvania. hillary clinton is holding onto a narrow lead in nevada.
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heavy democratic votes in clark county. as you indicated in pennsylvania, this is been going act and forth during the course of the evening. donald trump with a dairy narrow lead -- very narrow lead. of just under 17,000 votes between the two of them. >> it is a real nailbiter, especially with what is happening in nevada and arizona having not been called. it reaffirms what my colleague at "the atlantic" has been saying which is that the rust belt is going away from the democrats while the sun felt -- belt seems to be trending in the opposite direction because of the latino vote.
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it may not be enough for somerats to actually win of the states this cycle, it is a smaller portion of the electorate and one that does not have a history of coming out to vote. the polls may have overestimated hillary clinton's margin with latino voters depending on how that turns out. that being said, the way so many states have gone in returns we've seen so far, it really does indicate there may be a fundamental shift in the electoral map, we may be seeing a realignment of the way we think of american politics. >> it seems so quiet right now i trump had where you are at. >> that is because i found a hallway. it is not so quiet in the ballroom. i ducked out so you could hear me. it is pretty loud in there, people have had a few drinks, people are chanting people are
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feeling very good in their. -- in there. it is quite a bit more somber at clinton headquarters. >> it certainly is. usly ball checking in with at the hilton hotel in manhattan . thank you for being with us. susan, back to you. the faces tell the entire story tonight. susan: a little story to report for you. "the new york times" is atorting arizona that it is 64% counted and donald trump is to hillary clinton's 48%. hisiff joe arpaio has lost reelection bid.
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from a woman who said she was glad a new sheriff would be in town. ourn: we appreciate national and international audience watching with us here in next up is a call from joseph in indiana. caller: glad you have me on, i appreciate it. i vote for donald trump for the very reason that he did everything ahead of what it and schedule. i believe most people want good for this country, but to say people doing racial slurs, they will find out the democrats implemented the kkk. michigan's have been done so dirty. the black pollsters have been
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done so dirty. the infrastructure is crumbling. i think donald trump really is consider -- sincere about building jobs. i pray that order will come back to this country. with a different view is steve on twitter. did the black vote really abstain knowing it was giving proven to get trump the white house?" next is preston. caller: thank you guys. i didn't really get to represent myself tonight because for the last three years i've been living in washington, paying taxes here and a registered voter and i never got a ballot. we develop drops here in the state, we don't do casting where
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you go and do actual machine like in our neighboring states. to, he voted able for trump and we voted for trump off the basis that he has some really good economic plans. as someone who is really dig into history, looking at the way hillary is, with the way she tries to hide things and place around with her politics, is honestly really scary. host: thank you for your call. justfewer says to us, i am solving and praying -- sobbing and praying and watching season. hugo, what is your reaction? caller: well, actually two things. it is awful. i just learned as i was
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listening that sheriff joe arpaio, the sheriff in my county lost his reelection. so yes, hillary may lose, which is awful, trump may win, which is also awful, but at least sheriff joe arpaio is out. waseast one big it -- bigot taken down. it is distressing. this is my first election voting and i voted for hillary. i guess that did not work out. there is always four years from now. i am mostly excited about sheriff joe arpaio. samantha on twitter is we will see one of the biggest setbacks in history with donald trump, i don't want to see the end of the world."
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there are still some key states to close to call and we are watching with you around the country. one -- juan, a republican in michigan. caller: i did not vote this year, but for years from this day i will be voting for donald trump. he could have had a better choice of words this year but everyone has their days. he has my vote and my friend nick here also want to say something. youst wanted to say thank to the silent majority that did not go out and was not protesting. there are plenty of trump signs that have been disrespected here. not even hillary supporters, anti-trump people. we want to say thank you to the silent majority who voted.
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alyssa is in long beach, california and a democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call. clintonfor hillary mostly because i feel that doesn't fit the position of president. hillary clinton has a political background and has more experience in politics, also seeing that donald trump's plan , they just are not plausible. he is a man who is talking and talking and no action. i feel he is not a good candidate for this election. susan: steve, what you have for
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us? steve: the results still coming in for key states let's go back to new hampshire, they began their with the first in the nation, and they are neck and neck. some key precincts from portsmouth, which is heavily democratic, have not come in and also in the central part of new hampshire which is heavily republican. look at the difference between the two candidates, the difference of a couple of hundred votes. in michigan, estate that donald trump has had a steady lead, you can see it has diminished somewhat but he is well ahead at 47.8% 78% of the vote reported. hillary clinton at 47.1%. back to pennsylvania, where you can see it could not be any closer. and 48.2%donald trump
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for hillary clinton. this is with 96% of the vote reporting. you can go to our website and do a county by county search of the results. nevada, hillary has been declared the winner and that's from nevada. the left coral dust the electoral college, trump, 244, hillary clinton, 215. >> thank you. we hear that senator kelly ayotte is coming up to speak pretty soon. that race has not been called, , 78% of the vote counted, senator ayotte is at hassan'svernor maggie 47%. she is expected to come out
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soon. it will be interesting to hear what she has to say. reaction from our viewers, this is a you are on twitter rights - - writes, if trump wins, i will blame everything on hand like they did on obama. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to say i have been listening to a lot of people calling in, and one thing i see, we have become a nation who no longer critically thinks. every person should have a copy of the constitution. you should never take anything at face value. you should always question everything. donald trump was not my favorite, but i voted for him because of his fight president, his running mate. knowledgeable, levelheaded, has had experience, and i believe donald trump respects him and he will take his opinion. the other thing about donald
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trump is he is able to put very knowledgeable, intelligible, experience people around him. he realizes what he does not know and where to go to get the correct answers for that. is not going to be up there as a cane. we have a house. we have a congress, we have a supreme court. every bit of faith the country will survive. survive a number of bad presidents. we will survive him, and we will on. this is the democratic process. this is what we show the world. it all gets sort out, in the country will surprise. thank you so much for taking my call. host: thank you for making it. -- i wrote in bernie sanders. next up is lydia, in spartanburg, south carolina, and independent. caller: thank you so much for
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having me. i want to let everyone know that is a first-time voter, i am a college student. i voted for gary johnson on the premise it is important remember we do not battle for the lesser of two legal -- two evils. there are 364 other days and three more years to continue to express your voice, and my generation is really discouraged about this campaign and the selection. we can have a lot more opinions. i voted for gary johnson because i cannot let trump, anything he said, i cannot vote for that, and as well as clinton, i do not agree what she says politically and ideologically. i voted for johnson in hopes that one day this nation will be open to change and a lot more opinion, and that is my take on
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my first selection. thank you so much for having me. host: thank you, lydia. thank you for taking the call to death take the time to call into c-span tonight. another caller, i hope this week's america. >> remember the final debate in trumpgas, whether donald would accept the results, and we are in suspense tonight. we go back to new hampshire and pennsylvania. it is fascinating to look at these numbers. how closeire, look the race is but very important for clinton and trump. hillary clinton at 47.5% to t 47.5% for donald trump. vote reporting in,
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pennsylvania, a statistical tie. we could very well be at this for a couple of days, as recounts very likely in some of these states could determine whether or not donald trump or hillary clinton get to 270. we remember what happened in 2000. we could see this drag out for a few more days at the earliest. host: let's go back to the new hampshire numbers. the vote is 100 votes apart? >> at one point it was only 15 minutes. host: and people wonder if their votes matters, this is the an example of why the answer is yes. caller: i am in iowa at central college, and i want to say i do not know we can trust the numbers with what has happened in russia and putin and recent
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events there. also i want to make it clear as a country we can still get through this, whatever site you are on. make america kind in. i would like to give a shout out to my mother, what dearly love. 205 the committee in pod and the boys up here in the third floor pod. host: good to hear from someone who appreciates their mom. hi, cindy. caller: i know i am a republican, but for some reason hated trump.p -- host: i'm going to have you hold, because kelly ayotte has gotten to the podium. te: in 24 hours at
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the end of the campaign. excitednd i are just so see all of you here tonight. i got to tell you, we feel really neat tonight. -- we feel really upbeat tonight. thank jennifer for her incredible leadership of our party. thank you, jennifer. i want to thank our next governor, governors a new new -- governor sununu. have the other governor sununu here, so it is wonderful to have the sununu family here with us tonight. room, i seet at his
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so many people who mean so much to joe and i. we know how hard you have all works, how you have gone door-to-door, how you have worked your hearts out for this campaign. and we have to tell you, we are so grateful, we are humbled by in,fact that would believe and making sure that we continue to have that strong, independent voice for the state of new hampshire in washington. so right now, as you know, being on your screen, we are very upbeat about where this race is. but we will not know tonight. we believe what the outcome is, and i believe strongly in the fact that we want to have every
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vote in in this race before we come out and really talk to you about a victory here. thank you fromy the bottom of my heart. we are up week. we're confident. but we want to make sure we do this in this new hampshire way where we had every vote in because every vote matters, every person matters in this state. so let's have a good time, but let's know that we may be gathering again for when we talk about victory for the governorship, victory in the senate, and victory up and down the ticket. on behalf of new hampshire, our
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country, and this great state. it is great to be with you tonight, and i look forward you. >> kelly! kelly! ly ayotteator kel ran a tight race with maggie hassan, getting a lot of support of both parties spending resources and that's taken and clinton campaigning with governor maggie hassan, and we hear from the senator, too close to call for a wild. steve said it might be a long night. cindy was talking to us in california, and thank you for waiting. go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call again. even though ithat am a republican, i hated trump from the beginning because first
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of all trump has no experience, and, second, i do not understand what a lot of people are voting for trump because in the beginning when there were all the debates and everything, people were still supporting trump. they were not really supporting tony that much. -- hillary that much. later on a lot of people cap supporting -- kept supporting hillary, but i realized as i was watching election results, everything was turned upside down. that is the part that really knows, me because they maybe in the future this country might be torn apart or even something worse might happen. host: thank you, cindy. hope your pessimism does not
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come to truth. 270 weelectoral college, know that from civics 101. donald trump at 244. michigan, consuming it, new hampshire, too close to call. beating theand republican candidate, so that is a democratic hold in arizona. the democrats defeating the republican congressman. michigan, a republican winning that race over johnson. in iowa, the republican the democrateating in the first congressional district. all these results in the balance
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of power at our website at host: this is what looks like. we have the balance of power, and all of our numbers are supported by the associated press. his is close night all the way -- 48 with a number of the senate votes unaccounted for. who did you vote for, jessica? caller: hi. i am generally registered independents, but i have been leaning toward republican votes in the past. this year i had to vote for hillary clinton. host: why did you make that choice? so i honestly believed that a lot of the political issues that millennials have cared about recently have been an environmental and also a lot
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of social aspects that hillary clinton was able to address in ways that i favored. that there wask a level of sensitivity that trump does not seem to have that it is this azeri to have any good president. "unfit" was commonly used in this campaign. he is not fit for president because of his temper, lack of sensitivity cap and his ability to act like a bully. in the end, all i want is the country to be able to recover of this election regardless of the outcome regardless of this negativity. thank you for having me, and good night. host: thank you, jessica. nice to hear from you. twitter wrote
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either winner is a bad start for the next four years. countrycall from caning -- canyon country, california. caller: it has been interesting. 2016 has been unfortunate with all the violence and now this. not wondering if america is going in the wrong direction. obamaot think president has received due credit because he took on the job of a nation that was in serious trouble when he came into office. not think trump will ever do as good as obama did, because we had high unemployment, we had huge deficits, and i might add that the democrats are the only party
12:46 am
int has produced a surplus the 40 years of american politics. the republicans ran a deficit from 1997 until 2007, and when clinton left office, he was the only president that had a trillion-dollar surplus. that's with the meltdown of the obama has turned everything around, and now our unemployment is the lowest in decades. they do not seem to want to give him credit for the fine job that this president has economist. in a think we would have had a much better chance at voting for hillary and letting them straighten out obamacare and letting them go forward with programs that have proven to work instead of going with someone who had no military experience, who has no legal affiliation. i might add, when you look at
12:47 am
his financials, he wants to make america great, but every time his company goes bankrupt, those people go unemployed. the united states is not a company or a corporation, and it takes a different kind of management. host: appreciate your call. we think about c-span in our calls as a national conversation about politics, and here is one example of how you all listen to one another and react. we just had catherine calling in, and another tweeted and saying, thank you for your wise words. we were survive this presidency. showingdiana, the polls democrat was ahead come at a looks like eric holcomb will succeed mike pence. you see the lead he has. that is with 97% reporting in
12:48 am
indiana. in north carolina, a debt even race. and pat mccrory at 48.9%. 99% reporting in the north carolina governor's race. we heard from kelly ayotte. you can't see why she did not want to declare a victory. the margin is about 2000 votes. 48%reporting, a yacht has yotte has 48%. california, the top two candidates go on to the general election. two democrats find for the seat, but the president supporting, kamalarris -- supporting a harris.
12:49 am
in the missouri senate race, it looks like blunt has been able to fend off kander. senator blunt at 51%. host: thank you, steve. we will keep coming back deeper the numbers. i would like to take a look at the faces in the two campaign headquarters. can we go to each one in a second to get a sense of the room? this is the clinton headquarters. lookingexpectant faces up at the numbers on the screen.
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host: you can see the cameras on this historic election night. thanks for being with us for c-span's election coverage. we're taking your calls and comments, and watch this close presidential race. as a gay man in michigan, i am scared that my hopes of an equal protection law just disappeared. what do you think about what you are seeing tonight? jenny, a republican, you are on. back, iif you call us
12:51 am
believe her name was catherine, who so eloquently and articulately put it, the world is not going to come to an end if donald wins this presidency. in a dish and to that, i want to tell you i am a veteran -- in addition to that, i want to tell you i am a veteran. college-educated grahic whoa demo said i would not vote for chuck. but i did. but herhas experience experience has shown us nothing is going to get done. that is my opinion. that is who i voted for. host: thank you. appreciate your call. the majority of america honestly thinks donald trump is fit to be president, the problem is not trump, the
12:52 am
problem is america. gary in illinois, and independent. caller: hi, how are you? thank you for having me. i am an immigrant. i have not naturalized. gary johnson has have my support all the way. i think the two-party system we into a choiceg us where we believe we have the choice, but when you are only given two choices, it is not the same. i supported gary johnson because i like commitment to transparency and accountability, and we need something new in washington. host: what country did you emigrate from? caller: the philippines. i have been here 14 years. i will be a citizen next year. host: great, congratulations. ixt up is shirley who writes
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am proud i voted for donald trump. i'm ready for a positive change in the usa. renee is in florida. hi. hi, thank you. i want to say thank you that this is such a refreshing change . i had to make my husband turned we were tiredause of all the negativity, and it was making me physically ill to listen. i think a lot of people are looking at what the people are saying instead of listening to the actual candidate. this is the first year i have listened to all three debates, all three of them. i like the fact that trump brought out one -- she has been in service for 30 years and there is nothing to show for that. i also went to a rally for the first time in my life, and what i like to come what his issues are, he is pro-life.
12:54 am
even atis for abortion, full term. if you google, you see a live father has something that shows a live baby being aborted or whatever. it just makes me sick. the other thing is i am very pro-military. my grandfather was a veteran. i thank you for those of you. i have heard at least two of the in formero are active service, so i thank you for your service, because it means a lot to me. the national security is important. bringing jobs in america is important. when ithis 10 years ago was in sears shopping for shoes, and everything was made in china. i was trying to ask, is there
12:55 am
anything made in america? wants tohat trump bring back. he is not a politician. no, he does not have the right words to say. i would venture to say if we were having the media ask us how many of us could deal with that and being dealt with, and her family's personally attacked -- attacked, that is personally run. host: thank you very much for calling tonight from florida. steve, something new? >> interesting numbers for donald trump in pennsylvania. he has increased his lead. in michigan, the results in that state, where donald trump continues to maintain a lead in michigan. same situation in new hampshire. 47% for clinton.
12:56 am
there are key areas around detroit that have not come in. in new hampshire, a very close race between donald trump and here he larry -- and hillary clinton. donald trump is ahead. a 35,000-vote margin now for donald trump in pennsylvania. he has increased his lead with 97% reporting. 47.9% for hillary clinton. in wisconsin, results showing trump has significantly increased his lead, so he can go ahead and win wisconsin, making the path much harder for hillary clinton. terry johnson at 3.6%, and joel stein at 1%. ron johnson going back, a republican hold, and dims the chances for the democrats to
12:57 am
recapture the senate. have you stay with your mike up. we are joined by amy. 8:00 eastern time, and that clinton had carter's debt headquarters, the mood was very different. what is it like. we are watching faces. it is looking very grim, and some occasional tears. what are you seeing? morgue a it is probable. you can feel it. men i was last year, behind there was a crowd cheering. it was energy here. young daughters here and lots of women wearing -- they thought they were ready for a win. the mood has changed here significantly.
12:58 am
people have filed out of the center, including some of her stock just supporters -- staunc hest supporters. i would say the building is stunned right now by what has happened. host: you have had an opportunity to talk to a few of the officials. what are you learning? amie: their internal polling -- they never saw this coming in the words of several people i have spoken to. when things were good, you saw a quite a few aides trickling out of rooms. a were depressed. we saw them. as of a few hours ago, they were not to be found. it is really telling when some of her closest supporters, closest allies, some of the messages i am receiving are stunning coming from them.
12:59 am
host: the winner in this race is going to be the major story, but the secondary story will have to be the numbers and why the much in ainted so different direction for so long. donald trump has been saying that for months now. saying to youe about internal polling not being correct? what are they pointing to? amie: that is becoming clear to them. i'm hearing about that now, about how their internals were leading them in the wrong direction. they could have done better in some areas. that has been acknowledged already. it is quite significant to hear from these people, when i would talk to them a week or so ago, and they thought michigan was in good standing. to give people what they need on the ground, but they thought they would pull it off. of the states, they thought they could win, and quite
1:00 am
frankly they are shocked by the results. they are going to need to do a lot of soul-searching, the party is, for instance, going forward to see where this all went wrong. host: >> let's look at what we are seeing, donald trump with 244 electoral votes, he is currently headed by 35,000 votes in pennsylvania. he is ahead in new hampshire. to what you said earlier, they never saw this coming. although analysts and poll saying there was no way donald trump could win, and right now it appears that he will win. look at the ground game, the advertising, the power,sing, the star president obama, first lady michelle obama on the road, donald trump didn't have any of this at all. i think that's why they felt so
1:01 am
confident going in because everything was checking out for them. they had everything on their side. biggestte possibly the stun of a loss i've seen in quite some time. of whatme a sense you're hearing and what you are expecting. >> i know that a lot of her up in ave been holed boiler room watching results come in, not happy. i heard from a couple of them. some of her aides were backstage. there are couple of offices they were working out of. she is obviously still in her midtown hotel and i don't think we expect to see her for quite some time. that's what i'm hearing, anyway.
1:02 am
>> do you think she will even come to the javits center this morning? >> when you see the people here who wanted to see her win, i saw a couple of people crying as i was walking over here in the lobby. people who genuinely thought this was her night and that she had fought so hard to be here ,nd had planned around this cracking the glass ceiling in a building that is made of glass. we are surrounded completely by glass, and that image to them is so devastating. let's go back to pennsylvania, that was her firewall, the one state she had to win. where was the breakdown in that? >> the working voters, the people in western virginia helped him probably carry the state. they try to firm up their base in philadelphia. he saw president obama there last night along with michelle obama.
1:03 am
they had a huge crowd. one can only wonder what president obama is thinking right now. host: we know that he has kept thursday open so if there is a trump andr donald president obama, that is one for the history books. i want to follow-up on that strategy of coming out to the crowd. kelly ayotte just came out to her supporters in new hampshire and said this is really close, it could be a long night, it could be even until tomorrow, and i want you to know that, and keep the faith. is there any discussion on the part of the clinton team to send anyone out to give the crowd something to say hang in there until we know?
1:04 am
>> i think they are assessing the situation. the program ended short of 11:00 , after a string of , and it kindme on of gives you an inkling of what the thought was, that they thought maybe things would be a little firmed up by then, that they would know that she was winning. there has been nothing to energize the crowd since 10. i think they could really use maybe bill clinton are chelsea clinton even to keep their hopes alive before the final results. >> what do you expect the rest of this night to look like at this point? do you have any sense of how this will play out?
1:05 am
i been trying to talk to sources about that. they are still unclear, if she does decide to rep this up tonight, she can probably -- there are still a lot of supporters here. i talked to a few of them and they are committed to staying until they do see her. this was their night and they appreciate that, they want to see her and acknowledge her to own it at least. whatever happens, they are in the middle of history, and the people who have come out know that. thank you very much for being with us. we are listening to callers. i would likemind, to have you listened to a few of their reactions and maybe add some context to what people are saying about these candidates in this campaign. let's listen to robert in florida, a democrat. for taking myyou
1:06 am
call. i got all three of your channels up on my computer, switching back-and-forth. really have a plan for tonight. as a democrat, i did not have a plan. i know it's not over, but you had some great people calling in, a lot of young voters that really make a lot of sense, and walllook at wall street, street and the futures are dropping drastically. that just tells you what the means and it means that things aren't going to be going so well in the future. like i said, i don't have a plan and i appreciate you taking my call.
1:07 am
if you have a plan, please give me one. he's probably voicing what a lot of democrats are feeling tonight, i didn't have a plan for tonight. >> i heard from a couple of messaging said her was never quite right, donald trump always had one solid message. people didn't really know what hillary clinton was for other than the same old same old. she tried to bring it together with stronger together in a thought that was ugly thing enough to seal the deal. when you look at t-shirts and you see make america great again and then you see hillary 26th in, i think that has it all.
1:08 am
>> i've heard a couple of people , a couple of surrogates, of course am not watching the markets with this happening, but it's struggling, and this is what they were trying to prevent all along. caller: thank you for having me. i'm a democrat, but this year i decided to vote with gary johnson. host: why did you pull the lever for johnson? do you have a question for amy? has the clinton campaign even prepared a concession speech for tonight?
1:09 am
>> at the very good question, and i don't have an answer for that. i think they were feeling very good about where they were. they had nine days of a cloud looming over the campaign but they felt good that there was some resolution there. they were feeling good about their ground game, about the power of their surrogates, the fact that president obama was out there in a big way campaigning in states like north carolina and pennsylvania. they felt good about all of these things. was an expectation that she would win coming into tonight. that's why so many people are stunned by this and why we're seeing tears out in the lobby. >> i'm just curious if you given donaldught to what it trump administration would look like.
1:10 am
with paul ryan, with a come together on policy issues? he won'ts a rumor that have paul ryan, that he will want somebody else in their because of what is transpired over the campaign. it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out, how the splintered republican party comes together after this and if they rally against donald trump. >> it's going to be key for the entire night for the clinton campaign. i want to go back to the comment about handicapping what has gone wrong. one of the things that seems to be on the table tonight is whether the conventional way that races have been running the past work anymore.
1:11 am
the clinton campaign believe they had everything, all the traditional things that involve a presidential campaign. donald trump has been turning that on its head. are going to see a change in the way campaigns are done in the teacher as a result of this? >> after the brexit vote i was speaking to quite a few people about that. they try to justify by saying something is different. i think we were in denial about that kind of change movement happening like that in this country. the outlook has to change after this. the entire democratic party, the do ae apparatus has to
1:12 am
thorough postmortem on how this all went wrong. tweet.e have a you literally wrote the book on hillary clinton. always a discussion about the fact she is not a natural campaigner. has this been part of her problem this year? admitted,mething she she doesn't have the political talks of her husband or president obama. she said that quite a few times. a policy walkin feels more comfortable in the governing role and not much in the campaigning. she has gotten better, i think. she learned a lot of lessons , but maybe she tried to reverse them too much in the opposite direction. that is one of the big stories here tonight also.
1:13 am
the traditional campaign, the way she ran the campaign, maybe they took a page from an old playbook and things need to be changed as well. host: we will let you get back to doing your reporting. thanks for making time to come back to c-span tonight. we will take some more of your calls. look at the faces at the hillary clinton headquarters, everyone there awaiting news from their candidate. we will take calls from you and see what you think about tonight's results. from california, a caller named brian. just like to say since the 1980's, my granddad used to always tell us we are sending jobs overseas so we can be more competitive and executives made more money back in those days. that when you to bring those jobs back, like donald said. to be competitive, our biggest
1:14 am
cost is housing and food. we need to get those things accomplished so we can be competitive in that nature. as far as the military goes, we need to bring back the g.i. bill. you serve our country for six years, you come back, you need to be able to get your dream home and live the american dream. as far as catherine saying earlier the way unemployment is , need to gett now away from giving money away. we need to pay it down, not give it away. we did that with the lotto. schools are getting funded by the federal government. we brought the lotto win and the federal government steps out of the picture. we need to get that back under control.
1:15 am
social security, another when we had, we had to take all that money out of social security to pay the deficit down. we need to quit borrowing from peter to pay paul. anday, thank you very much am glad that donald is getting up there and i hope we have a good four years. host: we have a chart to give you a sense of the lateness of this night. it's now 1:15 on the east coast. in 2012, president obama came out at 1:36 and mitt romney at 12:55 a.m. senator mccain can now -- came out at 11: pick dean to
1:16 am
acknowledge his defeat. george w. bush, wednesday at 3:00 p.m.. so we might have a night with many hours ahead of us into tomorrow no -- into tomorrow morning. next, an independent. you are on c-span. welcome to the conversation. caller: this is my first year of .oting for the green party i was previously democrat, i voted for obama and bernie, and i voted for jill stein because i felt like she closely -- i closely related with her on her ofws about getting money out politics. fracking and i felt like her message really resonated with me. kinot think that clinton
1:17 am
suppress the vote for democrats like myself and i thought long and hard about my vote and i had to pull the lever for jill stein . after seeing the numbers come in, it's a little concerning. i'm not sure where it's going to go but it is a little concerning to see trump in the lead, but i was also concerned are clinton presidency. host: seeing that you lean toward the left side of the nowtrum, are you second-guessing that vote at all, thinking that perhaps you might have been a contributor to clinton's position in the race? caller: honestly, i feel good about my vote. we need to focus more on shedding light on third-party candidates. they just really have been blocked out.
1:18 am
we just need to break out of the two-party system. is against the regime change wars. we need to define military spending and focus more on the environment and a $15 minimum wage which clinton goes back and forth with. now i'm worried about women's rights, lgbt writes, but i feel good about my boat and i think i will continue voting green. it's a hypothetical question because the democrats carried california handily, but thank you for calling in tonight. >> donald trump continues to maintain a lead. let's look at the result. the race has not been called. go to our website at for a county by
1:19 am
county breakdown. 48.7%, a solid one point lead over hillary clinton at 47.7%. on to michigan, another midwest state. donald trump had been hoping to pick it up from the democrats and has been consistent all evening long. hampshire, another state where donald trump has been ahead much of the night. you can see it is a narrow lead for hillary clinton with 85% reporting. in donald trump at 47.4%. wisconsin has been consistent for democrats. it's always difficult for a party in power to win a third term.
1:20 am
the last time that happened was back in 1988 when ronald reagan was succeeded by george herbert walker bush. it may be history playing out again tonight. the: we just got word that pennsylvania senate has been called. that to me is declared the winner over challenger katie mcginty. she was part of the big rally in philadelphia. the final there is 48-47 for pat toomey retaining his senate seat in the state of pennsylvania. remember, pat toomey was reluctant to say anything negative about donald trump but also not endorse him and say he was going to vote for him. it will be difficult for the democrats to recapture the majority in the u.s. senate. this is a seat that they were
1:21 am
counting on. a lot of money, and time and effort. there are the results. that the an indication early numbers came from philadelphia and pittsburgh in scranton and the other numbers coming in from the more rural areas and that could bode well is aboutd trump who 35,000 votes ahead in pennsylvania. twitter, jacob writes i voted for donald trump because what he says is good. the media changed everything he said so he seems like a bad guy. thanks for taking my call. i've been watching this election for over a year now. i cannot understand, donald trump keeps saying he wants to when is hejobs, but going to bring his manufacturing jobs to america? why doesn't anybody ever talk
1:22 am
about that? question is often posed about donald trump and where he sources his goods from. what would you expect from a trump presidency? scared.i'm look at the stock market, the futures are down 800 plus right now. i think we're going to go into a recession in and that is tearing me. the futures are down 800 plus points. from yesterday. because of the election right now. host: what would you envision a president trump doing? why do you say you are scared? caller: look how he handles his own finances. if something goes wrong, he files bankruptcy.
1:23 am
ofn you are the president the united states, you cannot file bankruptcy on the united states. it just really scares me. from jason is up next virginia, a republican. caller: thank you for taking my call. you are up late with all the rest of us. i didn't get to vote today, i wanted to vote or donald trump. i was thinking when i turn 40 this year, i hope donald trump is like ronald reagan. as the person said earlier, i think he will be ok. he's kind of like ronald reagan.
1:24 am
it should be ok. that's all i wanted to say. kristin writes -- is a call from andrew in san antonio, texas, independent. caller: i've been listening to some of these other calls and i have some feelings about that. i have always been an independent. i've always align myself with democratic socialist views. i was a big bernie sanders supporter. he had a large base of support. tonight i think something remarkable happened. majority thatnt showed up at the polls. i think a lot of independents
1:25 am
supported bernie. it was crazy after the information was leaked, what happened to him, and how he was never going to get the nomination. polling continuously showed hillary winning, but there are a lot of silent voters who supported the bernie. the way i look at it at this point, a trump presidency is just validation of the american dream. it's a sense that anyone, regardless of your pastor your political experience, you can share a message that resonates with voters and come out with the win. i found it disgusting how the media overwhelmingly, and this is why watch c-span because it's the one place i don't have to listen to those things, that overwhelmingly covered trunk but still called for a hillary victory. i never thought i would vote republican as an independent,
1:26 am
but here we are on the brink of the greatest election in modern history. there is a problem with the two-party system, but it's where we are at. the divisiveness is what has led us to this point. there were two democrats a talk before me that said look at wall street, look at the futures, look what is happening right now once trump pulled ahead in the election. it's such a joke. why do you think the stocks are falling? because hillary clinton is in all the pockets of the people on wall street. ats apples and oranges, but the end of the night, we're going to come out with a trump victory and it's not the victory that i had hoped for, but i will take that any day over hillary clinton. looking at roy blunt going up to the podium and he is the victor in his bid for
1:27 am
reelection. let's watch a little bit of that. >> all the way to the u.s. supreme court, it was roy blunt. forhas been fighting missouri's values, standing up to the washington establishment for us day in and day out? it is roy blunt. missourians, i tell you this. tonight you had not just reelected a fine man, you have and that u.s. senate, is why tonight, roy blunt is not just a senator from missouri, he is a senator for america. ladies and gentlemen, i give you american senator roy blunt. >> thank you, thank all of you. thank all of you, what a great effort.
1:28 am
we are waiting for more blunts to get a fair on the stage. they are on the way right now. what an unbelievable effort. ago, theminutes republican senate committee announced that i would be the 51st republican senator in the next senate. chancere is a real good 53 ashat number can go to we win races in pennsylvania and new hampshire, and what a great
1:29 am
night for our state. what a great night for our state. never in the history of the been, and this is probably said here before, but never in the history of the state have we reelected majorities in the woods -- missouri general a simile, the house and senate, reelected a senator and elected five statewide republican officials. [cheers and applause] forwardrtunity to move in our state just multiplied by a significant number of times. with the governors, lieutenant governors, secretary of state, state treasurer, and josh holly, what a great introduction, josh, the attorney general. on better jobs and stronger families. joining me in my fight in washington for more jobs and less government.
1:30 am
fighting for missouri's families in missouri opportunities. what a great moment for our state. and for our country, where just a few electoral votes away from electing donald trump president of the united states and mike pence the vice president of the united states. me for monthsked now, what do you think a trump administration would be like. the two pieces of evidence that are already on the table are mike pence and that list of judges that president trump would appoint to the supreme court. president and a republican senate and republican
1:31 am
house can do things to change this country and focus again on opportunities. we've had eight years of hearing what the world ought to look like 25 years from now. we need to be thinking about how people can get better jobs next month and next year. all of you know that nobody can get anything done by the health in a political campaign. what a great effort we had all over our state. tens of thousands of doors were knocked. hundreds of thousands of calls were made. i think we set records on what we could do to identify and turn 100,000 or so are vote margin would indicate we are back to have every single one of those voters who turned
1:32 am
out today. in my case, particularly in my case, having a family that's willing to put up with the process, having a family that's not only worked hard to do the right thing but also understand when the other side is saying whatever is necessary so they can have the 51st vote in the next senate, and thank goodness for my family here with me right now. we are going to be working together for all of you. i will also say that i had a call about already minutes ago from secretary kander, and it was a generous call, both the concession call and a congratulatory call, and what a fight he put up. i didn't agree with everything
1:33 am
they did or said, but i will tell you what, they try their very best to get something done and you and i decided, missourians decided we were going to let happen, but what a competition at what. how sweet it is to win, but particularly how sweet it is to win and be part of what is happening in our state. as our traveling the last several months with these candidates we just elected today , i'm looking at the future of missouri in ways we have not had a chance to do in a long time. of new stategroup officials, let me say again, to join a missouri general assembly that focused on the right things. moment for our state, great moment for our country. thank all of you for what you did to make it happen. abby's favorite story from both of our campaign is the story
1:34 am
that my county coordinator told as we were standing outside the iron county courthouse. the is the president of iron county farm bureau, how great it was to have their help in this campaign and the nra's help in this campaign. so many people cared about health care, research and victims of child abuse and mental health equity, helping in ways that normally we don't see happen in campaign in our state. , he is mostly a tree trimmer, but he is also a farmer. he said when i leave somebody's property, i like it to look like nobody has been there except the trees look better. we pick up every limb and break .very leaf
1:35 am
,veryone who helps me is said water we do it this way? he said i looked and then the eye and said if you do it like everybody else does it, you are just everybody else. the united states of america is not everybody else. we are an exceptional country. thank you for your help. thank you for all you did to make this happen. [cheers and applause] host: roy blunt, former governor and incumbent senator in the state of missouri, declaring the tonight. he prevailed tonight on a night when the republicans are doing
1:36 am
better than the polls have suggested in quite a while. we are taking your telephone calls and reactions tonight. there are still three races we don't know about, louisiana, which will be a runoff, and new hampshire and alaska, the three we are waiting for to know what the balance of power will be in the senate. toomey'shat pat pennsylvania race, those two candidates will be coming to the microphone soon. we'll bring you live coverage of their speeches and in the interim we will continue taking your telephone calls and getting more results in looking at tweet. hillarytes, i voted for because i wanted to have a president who would help us move forward. we will prevail, we are strong. leanne is in austin texas, a democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call.
1:37 am
having a hard time reconciling the pre-election polls with the actual voter action here. i think you are in good company across the country. caller: i'm just in a state of shock, actually. following the news media pretty closely, like the rest of america. vet, i pick war era up on the headline with cyber interference. force out to ensure that the election is safeguarded in that way, but in light of all of our cyber attacks that we've had, i'm having a hard time relying on electronic measures to count things these days. do you understand my train of
1:38 am
thought? host: absolutely. as we heard from the reporter would talk to, there's going to be a lot of second-guessing of the way campaigns are conducted. iu're in good company, as said. thank you for that call from austin, texas. here is senator pat toomey. >> thank you very much. much, my goodness. it has been an interesting night. i received a call just a few offeringgo congratulations and i want to return the favor and congratulate katie mcginty on running a very spirited campaign. that's appropriate.
1:39 am
is, getting into the political arena, running as a candidate with a tough thing to do. it's not easy on the candidate and even harder on the family. i want to thank katie mcginty for a public service and i certainly wish her well in the future. i got to say i'm deeply humbled by this victory. i am incredibly honored that the people of pennsylvania or giving me another term in the united states senate. thank you. listen, i've got a lot of people i need to thank.
1:40 am
the person who makes this possible, make some family life possible, and without her i certainly wouldn't be here. i love her and i'm very grateful to her, and that is my wife. [cheers and applause] thank the big ons in our family, who have a number of occasions when dad couldn't be there with them because we are out on the campaign trail, they have been great sports about it. our little guy, i'm hoping he is asleep in bed because he is only six. this is bridget and patrick and i'm very grateful to them. i have to give huge thanks to an
1:41 am
unbelievable campaign team. i campaign team is just amazing. peter, the campaign manager. the whole team, really. mostly young men and women who just worked their heart out for such a long time, i'm enormously grateful to them. i want to say how much i appreciate the work of mark harrison john lerner. ,hey really played a huge role but most of all i've got to , tens of thousands thousands of people who contributed to this campaign, the tens of thousands who volunteered for the campaign, the people who knocked on doors and worked so hard. thank you all so much, i really appreciate that.
1:42 am
and let's face it, this was a tough campaign. this was quite a battle. there was an all-time record amount of money -- money spent against us. a lot of the ads were just outright false, but the voters were smart enough to figure it out, as they usually are. the truth about my record and my approach to government is really pretty simple. i don't think the government should be wasting as much money and spending as is much of your money as it spends. i don't think taxes should be as highs they are. i don't think the federal government should be stifling our economy by over regulating business is. don't think washington should be making health care decisions for all of us, and i don't think washington should be making the job of law enforcement more difficult than it already is.
1:43 am
finally, i don't think washington should withdraw asrica from our natural role the leading beacon of freedom around the world. so these are the principles i believe in and the principles i'm going to pursue over the next six years in the senate. i will do it away that reflects the opinions of people who a wayee with me and in that will seek to find consensus and common ground so we can actually make progress on the big challenges we face. we've got a lot of work to do but i'm going to take a little time off and enjoy this moment. thank you so much, god bless you, god bless america. [cheers and applause] returning to
1:44 am
pennsylvania, republican pat toomey speaking to supporters. steve: the associated press has called pennsylvania for donald trump. he will become our 45th president of the united states. this is the one state that hillary clinton needed to win. if you look at the results, 48.9%, hillary clinton and 47.6%. ahead 48.4% to 46.5%. in new hampshire, this is a state were hillary clinton is holding onto a very narrow lead but those four electoral votes will not make up for her loss in pennsylvania. in wisconsin, he is ahead by 86,000 vote. the race has not been called but .onald trump now at nearly 49%
1:45 am
joining us live on the phone is the editor-in-chief of the hill newspaper. it looks like donald trump has one of president. most stunning the things of ever seen in politics. this was supposed to be a big night for hillary clinton. supportersump thought he had a shot, but a lot of them did not think he was going to win. as the night went on, it started to shift and the momentum was clearly with donald trump. everyone counted him out. the pundits said he had no shot at the primary. he was down in the polls throughout his race with hillary clinton. the now learned that the polls were wrong. this is a devastating night for the democratic party. they are not going to win control of the democratic senate.
1:46 am
donald trump is going to be the next president, and look at obamacare, with congress in are going hands, they to be able to pass some type of obamacare replacement repeal bill, maybe not get rid of all of it, but there's going to be a lot of focus on that as well as taxes. this is just a stunning, stunning night. >> let's talk about the senate. there are 20 four republican seats up for grabs. there were 10 democratic seats. all saying it was going to be the democrats by one or two seat majority. that didn't happen, and large parts because of what's happening in pennsylvania. roy blunt fended off a pretty tough challenger in missouri.
1:47 am
>> you looked at the map, and of had to think that out pennsylvania and wisconsin, republicans were hoping to just when one of those races. that would have been a good night. they ended up winning both. toomey pulling it out against mcginty, that was a close race all along. the polls once again were wrong, showing that begin to get started to get the lead in the that was and clearly off. so this is a big night, obviously for donald trump. also a big night for mitch mcconnell, who had to defend all of those two dozen republicans, only 10 democratic seats, and the map in 2018 is very bad for democrats in the senate. this is just a huge accomplishment for senate
1:48 am
republicans to retain the majority and now the going to have the white house, the senate, and the house. we follow the associated and the new york times has also called pennsylvania for donald trump. we have a discrepancy and information on pennsylvania, i just wanted to both to know that some outlets are saying yes and some have not yet called it. >> 16 years ago we saw a lot of ,etworks calling it both ways and in florida went on for quite some time. so it's not over until it's over . certainly looking good for trump , but i saw cnn saying now michigan, new hampshire, pennsylvania and wisconsin are all too close to call.
1:49 am
safe sideto be on the because when you announce a new president, you want to be authoritative. think we are not quite there yet. steve: wisconsin with an 86,000 , the ap calling pennsylvania for donald trump and also michigan where he has a 79,000 vote lead. he still has three states in the midwest that are critical to switch those seats from democrat to republican. >> the night started out, he needed to win florida. he needed to win north carolina. then all of a sudden virginia was in play and you knew it was going to be a tough night for hillary clinton. then he needed to flip some of the blue states other than
1:50 am
won fourwhich obama years ago, and obviously pennsylvania was a big one. these other states were talking about, michigan and new hampshire in wisconsin, we just didn't think that most of those states would even be in play, they would be called fairly early for hillary clinton. if that happened, donald trump still had a chance to win if he were able to win north carolina and laura and maybe pick out the state out west, whether colorado or nevada. won a lot of states and the hillary clinton people, this is going to be one where we are going to be analyzing this race for a very long time. it's one of the most stunning things i've ever seen and i think a big storyline is what polls were right and what polls
1:51 am
were wrong? nevada,et's go back to it looks like she will win in the silver state. the ap giving that state to hillary clinton, 47.9 percent compared to 45.7% for donald trump. want: at this point i just to reiterate, we been following the associated press results throughout the evening and they are the ones who called pennsylvania, but the television news networks have not yet made that call. this is a situation reminiscent of 2000 right now, so we hope this will be clarified. several news reports saying hillary clinton will not be going to the javits center tonight. instead they're expecting to send john podesta down to speak to the crowd there. so that some updated information. we will take some more phone
1:52 am
calls unless bob has something to close with us, we will say goodbye and thank you. >> it will be an interesting rest of the week. having john podesta is reminiscent of what was -- reminiscent of what we saw in 2000 when he spoke to the crowd. that race was not formally decided until december 13 with the historic decision by the supreme court on bush versus gore. mark, an independent in wisconsin, you were on the air. caller: thank you for taking my call. , i'm disappointed, confused, i'm nervous because republicans have control over the senate and the executive
1:53 am
branch. i'm disappointed because apparently, americans feel like those republicans represent the little guy, guys like donald trump represent the little guy when there are skyscrapers in most major cities with his name on them. thinknfused by how people reelecting all these republicans has roadblock a lot of the progress and continues to roadblock things like the supreme court justice being nominated. these are guys that didn't show up for work. if i didn't show up to work, i would get fired, but we put more of them in office. i don't know, i'm sure i'm not alone, but it's a disappointing night. susan: thanks for making the call.
1:54 am
maureen's in milwaukee on the democrats line. go ahead. caller: i'm very disappointed. called, fromt just milwaukee, wisconsin. to think he could win this state, unbelievable. , i would neverry give a concession speech to donald trump. i would not feel i needed to. donald trump is not paid taxes since 1994. he says hillary should go to prison. people that don't pay taxes are supposed to go to prison. what has he done for the poor people? i'm handicapped. doldrums does not believe in us getting social security -- donald trump does not believe in us getting social security.
1:55 am
he wants to privatize social security. when the stock market falls like it did tonight, there goes social security. we so disappointed in him going in. i think it is a very sad night for all democrats. people that voted for bernie sanders, for the people that voted for others that were independents, when they voted tookhe independents, they the votes away from hillary that could have put her in. thank you. from: amanda is up next colorado, republican. you are on the air. caller: yes, i am a trump supporter, and i just want to say thank god, and thank all the american voters that put him in office.
1:56 am
it's apparent that our nation home of ourselves and prayed for the healing of our country and i do believe that god's blessings will now be upon it. the last lady that was on, i'm sorry that she is disabled. we cannot repair that we are going to be disabled or unemployed. cannot prepare for that because we cannot keep our money in our own pocket because of people like hillary clinton. people that want to talk about donald trump taxes, i'm self-employed but [indiscernible] tall trunk set it in the debate. jump in'm going to
1:57 am
because we're losing some of the audio. i want to clarify what the situation is. has givenated press pennsylvania to donald trump is. cash to donald trump. television news networks have and neither candidate has conceded nor declared victory, so we are in never never land. we are close but not yet over the top. watching as the numbers come in. we are hearing that john podesta will be speaking to the crowd at hillary clinton's headquarters in new york. breanna into washington, republican. , and i i voted for trump believe everything he is
1:58 am
fighting for. shout outt to give a to my sister because it is her birthday today. go trump. susan: mitchell is in idaho, independent. forer: i ended up voting trump in this election. at first i was on the bernie train because of the political revolution. for trumpto vote because he was different from any other candidate. susan: we had an earlier caller who was a bernie sanders supporter. his theory was that a number of bernie's supporters ended up voting for donald trump. it will be interesting when the dust settles whether you and he
1:59 am
are joined by others around the country who change to donald trump over hillary clinton. good morning. i'm super happy that trump won the election. it's just awesome to see everyone's comments and see all the democrats cry over this because we've been dealing with a bunch of junk that they have been giving this country. he can't legally not pay taxes. taxes.s people to do his steve: from the ap, these are the results from the battlegrouta


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