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tv   Kellyanne Conway Briefs Reporters at Trump Tower  CSPAN  November 22, 2016 12:03am-12:16am EST

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your committee assignments? >> sure. the logical committees for my background in education would be heart -- house armed services, foreign affairs. plan b would be to shoot for of operations. have crucial that virginia the appropriate or so that his plan a. plan b would be house armed services and foreign affairs. >> for those who do not understand the different rankings of different committees and the ones that are most sought after, why is isropriations the one that at the top of everyone's list? >> it is hard for freshmen to get that but we have a good case. a lot of committees authorize what is going on but the appropriators move the money around. where the money comes from and gets moved around so it is a sought after committee, hard to get. >> what are some other examples? >> energy and commerce is one, appropriations him a both of those are aid committees and it
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is not typical for a freshman, we are working really hard to make sure we get on appropriations. >> thank you for your time. denningsoman elect val -- bell deming's. .ow does that job for this job as a member of congress? >> i served as a 27 year law enforcement officer, chief of police and i have dealt about everyin just facet of their lives. i have seen the results of good government and the results of that government. thisexcited about opportunity to serve them in this very special but different way. >> what are the priorities, what did you campaign on for those who have not met you? even comes as no supplies surprise. -- police reform, top
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parties, making sure we keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. which has nothing to do with the second amendment. it has to do with people who are mentally ill, criminals, domestic abusers and terrorists, taking care of education, education is the key to success and making sure that every child regardless of their zip code has access to quality education, protecting the men and women who protect us, our veterans as well as protecting our seniors and making sure they can retire with dignity and respect. >> on the guns issue, how do you think the orlando shooting, the worst mass shooting in u.s. history, how has that impacted the debate on guns? >> when i was appointed chief, i made the reduction of violent crime might number one priority but also the reduction, removing crime guns from our street was our second priority. we look at the homicides that had occurred, most of them were committed with firearms. the shooting that occurred for
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orlando could now have the title of being the place where the deadliest mass shooting took place, it is unbelievable. i believe it has provided an opportunity like all the other mass shooters in our country for both sides of the aisle to come together in that get to work on this issue so we can enter protect those we represent. >> are you feeling apart from your fellow colleagues, is there momentum for that? >> this has been a tough conversation. it has been hijacked somewhat by our second amendment rights, i am a gun owner, i carried one in my profession for 27 years, my father was a hunter. i get that. it has nothing to do with second amendment rights that even though this has been a tough conversation historically, we have seen some movement on both sides of the aisle after the shooting and we need to work hard to keep that momentum up. >> on cut -- police-community
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relations, what advice would you give to the new administration, if you could talk to the president-elect about dealing with that issue that has become such a thorny issue in recent years? >> there is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of the men and women who served, protect and serve us do it well. they would risk their lives for strangers, they do it every day. we have had some issues that need to be addressed, of course there are. as we continue to hire the brightest and best men and women to do the job, make sure they have the best training and technology and agreement, as we talk about training, let's introduce sensitivity training, make it mandatory so that every man and woman who believes -- regardless of where the police will be better equipped to police more diverse communities. >> have you thought about what committees you want to serve on? >> that is still a work in progress. what i do know is that the protection, the safety of our nation is a top concern of mine as well as making sure that we
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keep america moving. in orlando we have 66 million people who visit central florida every year. transportation is certainly a key concern to me. we are still trying to work through that process. >> thank you for your time. we are with congressman john faso, winning the swing seat. what is it like representing a swing seat, one that is likely to be targeted again, is it different for you then some of the other freshmen members that you will be joining who come from very safe republican or democratic seats? >> undoubtedly. your approach is probably different than if you are in a one-party district. i have said all along and this fits my political beliefs as well that not all the wisdom resides on the republican side or the democratic side. there are good points that each bring. one of the reasons that
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motivated my candidacy is i am frustrated at washington's inability to get things done and often, it is because the left is foxsnbc and the right is on and they talk past each other. we are all americans. we have got serious problems we have to solve and is no one democratic or republican solution. i bring my own philosophy, i am more of a small government, limited government, conservative oriented person but to get things done we have to work together and work cross -- across partisan lines. i am hopeful we can do that to the extent possible. i want to see us grow this economy, that is the biggest issue we face, we have to get more economic growth and that to economicd anxiety that i think people feel. >> people say they want to get people to talk more and stop talking past each other. what is your suggestion to your colleagues as you are getting to know each other during orientation? >> that we get to know each other and we show a willingness to work across party lines.
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there are a lot of issues where you will have a democratic position or a republican position but a lot of issues where there is the ability like on tax reform, corporate tax reform, makes no sense for corporations were doing business abroad and that when they bring that profit home to be double tax. and republicans would agree. double taxation is not an incentive to bring those dollars home, we want them to come home so they can be invested. there is a lot of areas on the corporate and personal tax side. we know obamacare is falling apart i its own weight. we have got to come up with a consensus on how -- what comes next. these are areas where i want to work across party lines to get things done. washe 19th district contest watched nationally. what should be the lesson of campaign 2016 for party leaders as they are reflecting on what happened week ago? >> the lesson in my district is that the most important thing is local. people, i responded and i talked
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about issues that were local oriented. >> what are some examples? >> in terms of job growth, we ofe a lot of -- large part our district in the catskills, the bluestone mining industry is being regulated to death by new department of environmental protection. we can protect the environment but still encourage a vital industry in our area. i focused on local issues and the different areas of the district whether it is lyme bluestone mining, hospital reimbursement rates in one part of the district. i think people want a representative to come down here and work on the national issues but they also want someone that is responsive to the local issues and i think that was a real contrast in our campaigns in that regard. >> you started and local government in the 1970's. >> no, i started in the state legislature in the 1980's. >> what do you bring from state federalnt to the
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government, what lessons from working in the new york state legislator -- legislature? >> not every problem is a federal problem and not every problem has a federal solution. common core is a perfect example. that was an issue the way it was because the state was attracted by the federal money in the obama stimulus and they rushed into this thing and had no way of knowing what to do and how to do it. they wasted a hundred million dollars along the way. some issues like education, that is the state and local issue, not a federal issue. >> thank you for your time. our featuredome of programs thursday. thanksgiving day on c-span. just after 11 a.m. eastern, nebraska senator ben staff on american values. the founding fathers, and the purpose of government. x there is a huge civic mindedness in american history but it is not compelled by the government.
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tomollowed at noon by harkin on healthy food and the rise of childhood obesity. monsterthing from burgers with 1420 calories and 107 grams of fat to 20 allen's teaspoonspepsi's, 12 to 15 teaspoons of sugar, feeding an epidemic of child obesity. p.m., jimmy wales talks about the evolution of the online encyclopedia and the challenge of providing global access to information. >> there is a thousand interests -- entries and there is a small community, five to 10 really active users, another 20 to 30 that they know little bit and the think of themselves as a community. >> after seven eastern, an inside look at the years long effort to repair and restore the capitol dome. at 8 p.m., justice elena kagan reflects on her life and career. >> i did my senior thesis which was a great thing to have done,
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it taught me an incredible amount but it also taught me what it was like to be a serious historian and to sit in archives all the every day and i realized it was not for me. clarenceed by justice thomas at nine. >> genius is not putting a two $20ar idea in eight sentence -- in a two dollar sentence -- and a $20 sentence. without any loss in meeting. presentdent obama will the medal of freedom to 21 recipients including nba star michael jordan, bruce brings bill andily tyson, and melinda gates. watch on c-span and or listen on the free c-span radio app. >> up next, an update on the
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truck transition team. after that we hear from epa administrator gina mccarthy. three former white house chief of staff talk about the presidential president -- transition process. here is a video with donald trump outlining his first 100 days in office. mr. trump: i would like to provide the american people with an update on the white house transition and our policy plans for the first 100 days. our transition team is working efficiently, and effectively, truly great and talented men and women, patriots indeed, are being brought in and many will soon be heart of our government. helping us to make america great again. my agenda will be based on a simple core principle, putting america first. whether it is producing steel, building cars, or curing disease, i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here


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