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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 10, 2016 3:04am-3:48am EST

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the murder rates our country the murder rates our country has experienced is the largest increase in 45 years. you do not hear that. we are going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement and we're going to bring this crime wave to an end. [applause] mr. trump: on immigration, we will build a great wall. and we will put an end to illegal immigration and stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth and many other people. got to stop the drugs. and we are going to have people come into our country, hundreds of thousands of people, we want them to come in, because we will have big, beautiful doors in that wall. but they will come in legally, through a process, legally.
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[applause] mr. trump: during this campaign, i had a chance to meet the amazing families of the remembrance project. parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants. a trump administration will and this long and horrible nightmare of violence. [applause] mr. trump: we will fight to protect every american's life. during the campaign, i also spent time with american workers who were laid off and forced to train foreign workers that were brought in to replace them. that will not happen anymore. the company that is out there right now, they say you are going to train the people that will replace you, and if you do not do it, you're not getting your severance pay -- not going
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to happen to our people anymore, ok? one of my first executive orders will ask the department of labor to investigate all these abuses that undermine jobs in wages for the american worker. to protect our country from terrorism and extremism, i will stop immigration and refugee areas where they cannot be processed and vetted. we will have extreme setting. -- vetting. we have no choice, we have enough problems. we will do everything in our power to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. [applause]
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mr. trump: i have no choice. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our 100-day plan, as well. we are going to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. i will impose a five-year ban on congressional officials becoming lobbyists, and a lifetime ban on becoming lobbyists for a foreign government. [applause] mr. trump: since i have become involved with cost, business people understand it. these people they give out billions and billions of dollars
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of contracts to companies should never be allowed to leave and go to work with any of these companies. no more. got to be a lifetime ban. then you wonder why it is costing so much, why is it so high? you look at some of the fighter jets and things that are happening, and i am not just talking about the military, i am talking about other purchases. when they are in charge of purchasing, they should never during their lifetime be allowed to go to work for those companies. they should not be allowed to do it. all of a sudden, they will start negotiating a little bit harder, right? you know the game, come to work for us, let's finish this contract first.
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we face many challenges, but this is truly an exciting time to be alive. there has never been anything like what we have done. the script is not yet written, we do not know what the page will read tomorrow, but for the first time in many, many years, what we do know is, the pages will be authored by each and every one of you. [applause] mr. trump: the american people will be in charge. your voice, your desires, hopes, aspirations, you will never again fall on deaf ears. you saw what happened at three we do not know what the page weeks ago, it is not going to happen. people are paying attention to you now. these people are talking about you every night, they never talked about you.
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they said, they are not going to show up. they are talking about you again. we have sanity back. [applause] mr. trump: you will be the captains of your destiny once more. together, we will raise income and create millions and millions of new jobs. you watch andrew and his friends, you watch what will happen. we will lower taxes, unleash american energy, bring new companies to our shores, and stop the company's already here from a viciously leaving. we will reestablish the rule of law, and appoint justices to the supreme court of the united states who will oppose and defend our constitution. [applause]
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mr. trump: we will heal our divisions and unify our country. when americans are unified, there is nothing we cannot do, no task too great. no dream too large, no goal beyond our reach. my message to night is for all americans, from all parties, all beliefs, all walks of life. no matter your age, your income, your background, your race, i am asking you to join this incredible movement. this movement that nobody has ever seen anything like it before. i am asking you to dream big and bold, things for your country and for yourself. i am asking you to believe in yourself, and i am asking you to believe once again in america. if you do that, then altogether,
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we will make america strong again. we will make america rich again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you very much. michigan, thank you. god bless you, everybody. god bless you. [applause] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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♪ >> earlier the senate passed a short-term funding bill. the stopgap maintains current spending levels and includes $170 million to help flint, michigan with water systems and a provision to allow donald trump's defense secretary nominee james mattis to be considered by the senate. earlier in the week, vice president-elect mike pence discussed the administration's priorities for the first 100 days in office. from the heritage foundation, this is happened our -- half an
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hour. [applause] >> thank you. john has a sense of humor. the last time he introduced me, i gave him a hard time because it was a rough introduction. he overdid it this time. but what a great crowd. i really apologize for those of you who had to stand in line for so long, but it is going to be worth it, i promise you. i understand they got you something to drink while you were standing and everything. so thank you all for being here. i am trying not to be too giddy tonight. there is just something about standing in the trump hotel. [applause] just a few blocks from the white house, introducing a great friend of mine and his wonderful wife karen, who are going to be
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the next vice president couple of the united states. it is very sweet. [applause] mike and i got to know each other because we spent a fair amount of time being called on the carpet together when we were in the house. a lot of times, it was just the leadership office because we were trying to stop some nonsense, so we would end up in were trying to stop some nonsense, so we would end up in a small room where they were trying to persuade us to go along with their nonsense. but one time we were actually called to the white house by george bush and we were at the table, we were holding up something that he shouldn't have been trying to pass in the congress. it was president bush and dick cheney and karl rove, and the whole group. mike pence and i were there, and he really went after us. he looked across the table and said, i know some of you are running in the senate. and i was.
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he said if we didn't go along with it, our political careers were going to be over. i went on to be a senator, mike went on to be a leader in the house and governor of the state. somehow we survived standing our ground. but that is what i remember about mike. [applause] and one other thing. one of the tea party movement set the stage for what has happened this year. when a million people came to i went on to be a senator, mike washington in 2010, we've got some tea partyers here. if yourself a hand. [applause] tea party leaders did not ask politicians to speak. they asked one from the senate and one from the house to speak. i got a chance to speak to the group, and i remember when mike pence got up there, he looked out over the whole crowd and said, the cavalry has arrived.
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and they have. but what a great friend, what a great hero. i would like to sit a turning point of the trump campaign was when he released our list of supreme court justices. [applause] maybe a tax plan that steve moore had worked on or some of our defense stuff, but i think we all know when this campaign turned. it is when donald trump said that mike pence would be his vice president. [applause] so folks, please welcome governor mike pence and karen pence to the stage tonight. give them a good heritage welcome. [applause] [applause] [cheers]
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mr. pence: thank you so much. [applause] mr. pence: thank you so much for that warm heritage welcome. i am very humbled to be before you today, and my wife and i are so glad to be back. i can say i was for heritage
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foundation before it was cool. [laughter] thank you for supporting the extraordinary and historic work of the heritage foundation. you have made a difference in america. and we are just getting started. extraordinary and historic work [applause] as i look around this room. i see so many people that i deeply admire. people that have been a deeply admire. people that have been a mentoring role in my life. and the future second lady in the united states is a particular joy. and we are just 44 days away from when donald trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the united states of america. [applause] he did it. and it was commonsense conservatives all across the land, just like all of you in this room, that made the difference.
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but i am here today to pay a debt of gratitude to the heritage foundation. and to express appreciation on behalf of the president-elect for your generosity to this effort that is, even as we speak, continuing to play an extraordinarily important role in the formation of this new government. a government that will take office on january 20, and a president who i know will make america great again. [applause] i want to thank my friend jim for that wonderful introduction. jim and his wonderful family have been friends for a long time. i so admire jim. we were foot soldiers in the conservative battles, back more than a decade ago on capitol hill. to see his role here wrapping up, jim we are so proud and thankful for your strong, conservative stand on the national stage.
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[applause] jim and i are good enough friends to know that that kind introduction he gave, the one i prefer is a little shorter. i'm a christian, a conservative and a republican, in that order. and it is an honor to be with you today. [applause] i am also so grateful to your chairman, tom, the vice chairman and the incomparable ed, who every day is showing up for work at the transition office of the next president of the united states of america. could you give ed fuller a standing ovation? he has made a difference in america and he never quits. [applause] i really here to say thank you. thank you so much for your
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support of our new president-elect. and for the ongoing support of the heritage foundation. jim and i talk on a regular basis. i want to pressure all of you patrons of the heritage foundation that this administration has already, is now, and will continue to draw on the extraordinary intellectual resources and creativity, as other republican administrations have done in the past, of the heritage foundation. we truly do believe that our president-elect has secured a mandate for leadership. and here at heritage foundation, you know something about that. [applause] 30 of 50 states, more counties
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won since ronald reagan was the candidate in 1984. it was a historic victory. and it was a victory born of ideas. i want to share with you some of ideas. the president-elect's priorities, and call for each one of you to draw on the resources of this great organization and continue to support heritage foundation, as the challenges our nation faces in economic prosperity and making sure we have the supreme court of the united that will uphold the constitution of the united states of america. [applause] but in each of these cases, i truly believe, what has always inspired me about the heritage foundation, is its underpinning
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commitment to free enterprise. in a little more plain open -- spoken way, its underpinning commitment to the vitality of the american dream. it really is what we are about. before i leave the stage tonight, i want to share with you why that is so important to our president-elect and why it is so important. first and foremost, for america to be prosperous and strong, america must be safe. it was ronald reagan who taught us that he's comes through strength. and yet it would be in recent years -- [applause] despite the ongoing admonition of the heritage foundation about its central mission of a commitment to a national defense, the reality is today, this administration and in so many ways, we have walked away from our commitment to be that
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arsenal of democracy in the world. here are some stats for you. remember, the heritage foundation was actually minted back in the day when ed fuller remember, the heritage had dark hair and was just a staff intern. [laughter] it was minted around the mission of national defense. one of my predecessors in the house of representatives would go on to start an outside organization that would promote the principles of national security. statistics, though, are rather jarring. 1991, our active-duty armed forces have gone from 2 million to 1.3 million today. at the same time, our navy has been reduced from over 500 ships, to 270 today. our navy is the smallest it has been since the end of world war i. our standing army, the smallest it has been since the end of the second world war. i promise you, the obama era of
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weakening our national defenses is over. [applause] president-elect donald trump recognizing the policies that have hollowed out our military. my son, i am proud to say, is a pilot in the united states marine corps so it is a great pride for our family. thank you. the average age of our aircraft in the military today is older than my son, 25-years-old. that is about to change everybody.
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i promise you i'm going to roll my sleeves up. we are going to pass a military supplemental. give our soldiers, sailors, and airmen, because guards, and marines the materials they need and they are going to hunt down and destroy isis at its source so it can no longer inspire violence in our homeland or kill our people. [applause] gov. pence: and our president-elect is not just dedicated to those in uniform. he laid out a 10-point plan to make sure those who served in uniform who have earned the health-care benefits of the ba -- v.a. receive world-class health care hand donald trump as president of the united states is going to fix the v.a. and ensure that all of those who have served have world-class benefits and health care from
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day one. i was just on capitol hill today meeting with leaders in the senate. the president-elect and i have been on capitol hill and i'm going to tell you, right out of the box our president-elect is going to be in the promise-keeping business for working with leaders in the house and senate and we are going to repeal of obamacare lock, stock, and barrel. the number one priority in this administration is to keep that promise to the american people. enormous premium increases facing the american people. the heritage foundation did so
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much to educate the public. in the state of arizona, one hundred 16% increases. the president-elect has directed much to educate the public. in the state of arizona, one the leadership in congress to put on his desk with all deliberate speed a bill that repeals obamacare he and we will set into motion a process to replace it with free market reforms that reduce the cost of health care without growing the size of government. [applause] gov. pence: the president-elect's particular passionate about the opportunity to bring relative asian to states and that is nowhere more true than in health care reform and with the appointment of dr. tom price as the new secretary of hhs we are going to be advancing reforms and medicaid, working with members of congress to block grant medicaid back to the states so states around america can innovate with health care solutions like health savings accounts, association health plans, and drive down the cost of health insurance to
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every american even while we meet the needs of those that are struggling to make ends meet. [applause] gov. pence: but this lesson of congress and the focus ultimately is going to be about growth. the first 100 days i was visiting capitol hill the other day and i told my former colleagues to buckle up. vacation is over. we are going to work. we're going to start out by repealing obamacare and starting the process of replacing it with free market solutions and right out of the box you are going to see our president-elect get out that pen and repeal every single unconstitutional executive order that barack obama signed into law. as we traveled across this country we heard more about
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regulation than we did about taxation and many businesses large and small so we are going to work with members of congress to roll back the avalanche of red tape that is been stifling american jobs and growth and we will be working closely with heritage foundation that has long been talking about regulatory reform. to undo red tape stifling jobs and growth but working with members of congress on reforms that will permanently reform and reset the balance of the regulatory state and lawmakers in washington, d.c. [applause] gov. pence: and make no mistake, it is about regulation but also about taxation. in working with leaders in the house and the senate. before we get to the spring i promise you with your help and with the help of our friends in
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congress we will cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses, and family farms. we're going to simplify the tax code and lower business taxes in america from 35% to 15% so companies can compete and create jobs in this country without seeing them shipped overseas. i have to tell you that the american people, if you saw last week in my home state of indiana, the american people are going to see come january 20, a champion in the oval office for american workers and american jobs. some of you may have heard about that because of the initiative of our president-elect i'm happy to say in the state of indiana more than 1000 good-paying jobs are not going south of the border.
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they are staying right here in the united states of america. into the reason carrier made their decision, i was actually in the room when he called. he called him up and said, i just want you to know we meant every word we said. we're going to cut taxes, make america more competitive for manufacturing and job creation. rollback relations. reveal obamacare. have tougher and smarter trade deals so businesses will see the wisdom in creating jobs for the american worker, the american people right here in the united states. [applause] gov. pence: make no mistake about it, our president-elect and i believe fervently in the free market. it you cannot say you are for free markets and stand by while an avalanche of higher taxes, regulations, in big government stifle out the competitive of the american economy. things are about to change in
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the american economy and that begins on january 20. and lastly a perhaps most importantly when we think about it think about the stakes in this election and so many of you played such a leading role not just us patrons of the heritage foundation but also supporting candidates and supporting our cause in the campaign as well and for that we are rightful. as i traveled around the country i often reminded people that while we were electing a president to survey four-year term right before he is elected to serve another four-year term i would often remind people as our president-elect would that the next president would likely have the opportunity to influence the supreme court and its direction for the next 40 years. and the american people responded to that message. in that calling. i want to thank the heritage foundation and other great conservative foundations like
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the american foundation. it is a list the conservative thought leaders have called a gold mine of conservative jurisprudence and you may rest are sure that our new president-elect will appoint justices to the supreme court of the united states of america in tradition of the late and great justice antonin scalia. [applause] gov. pence: so we have work to do and i am the only one standing between you and dinner. so i'm going to get out of your hair. although it might just single one person out of the room. carly fiorina's right here at
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the front table. do my standing up, carly? this is a great, great voice for conservativism in america. [applause] gov. pence: thanks for your great leadership. so we have work to do. enjoy your dinner. and roll your sleeves up. the president-elect tonight is in north carolina but also making it official that the next secretary of defense will be general james mattis. but he said last week in
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cincinnati, he said last week in cincinnati words that i want to remind you of tonight before i leave you with a parting thought. and that is that for all the we did together in this country to elect a president who will make america great again, our work has just begun and i hope you leave here tonight inspired to continue to play a role in the his -- heritage foundation and its historical work in this country and i also hope you leave here today and go back to respective states and as you see these initiatives, as you see the president-elect's writing and go into the air and when it comes down i hope you know it begins. and here is where we do the work. we go back and take all the energy from the campaign to get
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behind these efforts to rebuild our military, restore our economy, stand up for our constitution, and illegal immigration. repeal and replace obamacare. the work is ahead of us not behind us. i want to challenge you to be ready to do that by doing in a couple of different ways if you would. you know, i said at the republican national convention that the republican party had nominated a candidate this year who was larger than life. charismatic. unfailingly interesting and memorable. [laughter] gov. pence: so he obviously wanted to balance the ticket. [crowd murmuring] gov. pence: and i am humbled to be a small part of it. i truly am. i also want to remind people around the campaign trail in many ways from the first time we spent time together last summer
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i sensed a certain commonality i sensed a certain commonality between us. do you see, my grandfather immigrated to this country when he was about my son's age. from ireland. he drove a bus in chicago, immigrated to this country when illinois, for 30 years. his family immigrated to this country. my dad was a self-made man who built a small gasoline station business with his own two hands and a small-town in southern indiana. his dad build a great business and a great family. both of us were raised to believe that to whom much is given much will be required. and so for him, that meant the kid from queens went to manhattan island. in the tall buildings. and a national name. for me, it was a calling into public service believing that this nation had been so good to my family. you know, i often tell people that you know other than a whole lot of zeros, donald trump have
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a -- donald trump and i have a whole lot in common. [laughter] gov. pence: a lot. and that is a belief in the american dream. that is where i started and that is where i almost want to and because that is what the heritage foundation has always been about for me. advancing, preserving, defending the ideal that are the very foundation of our nation's prosperity. the american dream. it i want to promise you for our president-elect and for his vice president elect, the american dream is not a bumper sticker. it is real. service itself i know in his heart is borne of his sense of gratitude for this nation. he loves this country. he loves everything that has made america great before and he is going to fight every day to make america great again. because we believe in the
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american dream. and we can bring it back bigger then ever before. it is real. we lived it. we experienced it. i mean, his calling into public that is the work we have before us. leave here tonight with a burden on your heart to be part of that ongoing work to that matters. america matters far beyond our shores. we are that last, best hope today every bit as much as the day that was first set. i would ask you to do one other thing if you are of my mind. to bow your head and bend your knee in the days that approach january 20 and every day afterwards. i would encourage you to pray. pray for our country. pray for those of us with the awesome privilege to serve this, the greatest nation on earth.
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they always like to think that abraham lincoln probably had the focus of prayer and his times. he was asked in his day if he thought that god was on his side. and president lincoln said, i would rather concern myself more with whether we are on god's side. would rather concern myself more than that god is on our side. so just think of that. for our nation and when you do, and when you do, pray with confidence. i truly do believe it in my heart of hearts that what has been true for millennia still true today. in these divided times where we face unknowable challenges abroad and too much division at home that if his people were called by his name to humble
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themselves and pray, he will do like he has always sent to route the long and storied history of this nation. he will heal this land. this one nation under god. indivisible. with liberty and justice for all. thank you very much. thank you to the heritage foundation and god bless you all. [applause] >> followed the transition of government on c-span as president-elect donald trump selects his cabinet and the republicans and democrats prepare for the next congress. we will take you to key events as they happen without interruption. watch live on c-span, on-demand
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at, or listen on our free app. >> on washington journal yesterday, we looked at the presidential transition and where things stand. l continues. host: syndicated columnist and television host, michelle malkin. good morning. guest: thanks for having me. new -- at is this guest: i think the time has come for an entity like this. i've had a split -- a foot in old and new media. and investigative anw which is -- it is really engine that has motivated me for so long. most people know me from yelling at people on the other side of the lyrical i'll put 13 years --
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side of the political aisle. i did that for 13 years. i worked for two major metropolitan newspapers. i had the freedom in my columns to do much more of news breaking that you don't get to do in a three or four minute exit on cable news. i've got four episodes. this is where i have been because i stepped back from the limelight. into some of the same topics i covered over the course of my syndicated news column career and my books. incredible first two parts -- first two-part series on a former police officer who was convicted a year ago this weekend. december 10 is the anniversary
3:47 am
of the announcement of his verdict. it made fleeting national news because he broke down into tears when the verdict was announced. who covered the news coverage assumed he was guilty and he was crying because he got caught. i feel that any mail from a family friend of his that urged me to take a deeper look. with the show, i was able to do that. i travel to oakland city. -- to oklahoma city. conclusion to the that it was a massive miscarriage of justice that took place. -- of the swamp here because it is a government program that is been turned into a global reward program for political