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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  December 14, 2016 3:40am-3:54am EST

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picked her, it might mean trump is more diverse than they think, so he can't have picked her, so she may as well be ambassador for several years before you ever hear her name. betsy devos, a woman who has spent millions of dollars trying to help poor children. a clear commitment to a new deal for african-americans. even better, dr. ben carson. this guy is amazing. he is a world-class pediatrician, he has spoken twice at the national prayer breakfast, he has written books used widely by homeschoolers, he had a movie made about him called gifted hands. and the news media thinks he probably won't be able to learn enough to do hud.
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>> that of those people have ever been in the hud building. they would now that that would probably be ok. i do two newsletters a week. i wrote a column and said the real point here is moral authority. you are putting somebody who rose from poverty to become a world-class surgeon, who is prepared to talk about morality, about family, about discipline, about the work ethic. that makes ben carson the most civic -- significant appointment. what may be the smartest cabinet of modern times, we should be clear about it. it would be incompatible with their view. cabinet asbe this
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ignoramuses, billionaires, and if you generals. the person who wrote that was an idiotic comment. that person to is an egg ignoramus. this set the framework for the movement that we going to have to engage. someone whois by wrote the black swan. you can google it. it is an intellectual you idiot. it is the most useful single article i have ever yet -- ever read. people who are really good at .aking tests and writing essays that gets them into elite colleges where they take classes from professors who are really good at taking tests and writing essays. when they take tests and write essays, they have good grades.
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so then they can continue to take tests and write essays. you probably these people as they do not know anything. they could write a brilliant essay on how to change a tire, but if you say my car has a flat, they would not know how to change the tire. this is the best expiration of what i have been dealing with. explains 80% of the state department. these are very very erudite people. their intellectuals, but they are idiots. trump is not a financier. he is a builder. if you build a building, it has to stand up very it is a very important principle. the realityd with that you have been governed by people in both parties who would not have a clue how to build a building. it explains -- and this is why it will be a huge ongoing fight for the next generation, because
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we will be rooting out the intellectual idiots. they will deeply hate what we are doing and will write brilliant essays attacking us for being against their rights to be an idiot. the other book i recommend is called coming apart. it is about what has happened. rise what hethe calls super zip codes. these are neighborhoods in which people are in the top 5% economically and are in the top 5% in educational attainment. he says people from princeton, harvard, yale, merry people from princeton, harvard, yale. they have children they send to prep schools, go to those three schools, and moved to zip codes surrounded by people who want to those schools. when trump began to rise, none of them understood the power of the apprentice. it was not on pbs. [laughter] and it wasn't downton abbey.
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i will take it few minutes. i apologize iran is long. i believe this is a very important turning point in american history. i cannot say too strongly. every day by inertia, by bureaucracy, by hostility, by the varied definitions of the old order, every day, we will face active resistance trying to stop us in the revolution we need. we need a movement nationwide, thised to talk about building a series of principles that i think are at the heart of trump is him. i think across the country, whether your school board, city council or state legislature or you're just a citizen trying to help, we need to think through why is our side of this watershed where we tell the truth, where we believe in work ethic from where we want to strengthen america, why are we so different from the old order?
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and how can we make sure we are moving in the right direction? i think it is really very important. trump personally cannot succeed unless the movement succeeds. he knows that. a key part of the movement is to find the people willing to move and get them to decide to actively be part of this kind of the future. guided questions? [applause] so we need to be microphones. pick somebody. >> thank you mr. speaker. trump received a phone call from the president of taiwan.
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he has also questioned the bounds of the one china policy. kicking ofus about the table of the one china and all his pressure in china to make concessions on ?rade thank you very much. he is very serious about communicating to the beijing government that they cannot continue to be aggressive been be on offense and not expect many things to be prepared for. i think is also sincere in saying that there are 24 million people who have three different changes of power democratically in a free society, you ought to take a phone call. there is a certain hypocrisy in americans even under obama -- billions of dollars of weapons to taiwan while pretending taiwan does not exist. it's also a little bit healthy for the beijing regime to
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realize there are no circumstances i can imagine where the united states would tolerate the beijing government attempting by force to take over taiwan. it's also true that when you are dealing with a country the size of china that there are no circumstances where we would encourage taiwan to declare independence because this goes to the very heart of the chinese definition of sovereignty. trump is indicating he will be more open and he's also saying to beijing you are in for some very challenging negotiations and should not assume it is all your way. that's why they did not ask us about building an island in the south china sea or the devaluing of the yuan. you want to create a conversation that is a real dialogue, fine. you want competition, fine, but don't tell us we are not allowed to compete. >> what will international aid
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look like under the trump administration? mr. gingrich: i hope it will be very dramatically overhauled. look at the trillions of dollars we spent and ask yourself to what degree does our bureaucracy giving another bureaucracy money necessarily the best way for countries to develop? had we spent the same number of dollars in tax credits for businesses to invest, we would have created an amazing number of permanent jobs all over the planet. i would hope they would profoundly rethink how we deal with aid. >> here comes the microphone. >> mr. speaker, thank you for saying christianity is under attack. i got to see that when i went as a for me -- a former army doc last year, and i got to see it across the world. i wonder what president-elect trump's position is about helping the christians even as
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we are doing for the least of these that are under assault. what is president-elect trump's opinion about helping the kurdish assault? mr. gingrich: i suspect it's much more aggressively in favor of helping the kurdish people in that van the obama administration. this goes back to the delusional nature of the old order. they want to pretend syria is going to be put back together. they want to pretend that iraq should only be dealt through baghdad. currently baghdad is dominated the mostnd second, reliable allies in the area are the kurds. these are decisions they have got to work out but i suspect they will be much more open to ensuring the kurds are equipped or more capable than the obama administration.
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>> thank you very much. today, mr. trump picked his secretary of state. would you be able to elaborate on trump and foreign policy? is it going to be harsh or how would you define that? mr. gingrich: i think if you are isis, it is likely to be really harsh. [applause] general mattis, when he was in iraq, he was a major general at the time, coined the phrase the marines can be your best friends or your worst enemies and you get to decide which. i suspect you will find the new secretary of state is going to negotiate and talk with everyone but he will do so based on american values and american interests.
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it's a great story that secretary of state george shultz used to tell. when you have a new ambassador, you bring them by the office for a final meeting. he would take them over the globe and say what country are you going to represent. four times out of five, they would point to the country they were going to, and he would say no and bring them back and point to the united states. if 80% of them were confused who they were representing -- i think you will find this is a team that intends to make america great again. they do not believe the chinese can steal $460 billion year of intellectual property, which was the director of national intelligence estimate this year. they don't believe you can get run over by people who think you are stupid and foolish, so they will be tough negotiators. this is one of the dumber
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comments about trump. in the middlets east, and scotland, panama, they do not understand the modern world. they don't think globalism in a sense of selling out america is a useful or practical thing to do. in that sense, they will be firm and top, but i do not know that they will be harsh. >> i happen to be a reagan kid. gingrich young adult. 43 bush kid and one of the senior advisors for the national diversity coalition for trump. one of the things everyone is talking about foreign policy, but we need to look at domestic. unfortunately, as a conservative, i've been a conservative all of my life, but


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