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tv   University Presidents Discuss the Legacy of Slavery  CSPAN  December 23, 2016 11:34pm-12:05am EST

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>> good afternoon. in a meeting there was a statement that without a public discussion, juvenile systems will not be designed after the estern standard. our system is the same as in scandinavia. in article 116, your decision was implemented in a very strange way. so, now the standard is that there are individuals to whom different standard are applied.
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if a father hurts his child, he gets a sentence of over two ears but if a neighbor does it he does it, he might just get a ine. we are trying to get signatures to stop the child protection system of the western standard. we have letters and every one of those letters contains a request to meet with you. even now, i have parents behind my back. >> it is best not to slap hildren.
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not to refer to some kind of traditions. certainly fs bad for parents and neighbors. certainly, you have this practice, but children depends completely on parents. certainly there are a lot of other ways to educate your child without laughing -- educate your child without slapping him. i am against those excesses of hild protection practices. my instruction was completed.
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i just got a report that it was indeed done. let's revisit the issue. certainly such interference in family affairs is unacceptable. > alexander damas. > i have a question. r. putin, you appoint people from your close circle to the positions of government. i met with mr. meronov, and he
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is the acting governor. i need this as the continuation of this tradition started a few years ago when you appointed mr. ukorev --i also met with the oungest acting governor of kaliningrad program. he is only 30. is this on purpose? is this practice -- are you going to carry on with this practice of appointing governors his way?
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hat is the reason? do you not trust the local government? in the mass media and our newspapers, we discuss this question that maybe mr. putin is testing these people and, if so, why? do you have some long-term plans and what are they? >> the only goal is the welfare of russia. you have to boost defense and the economy. we need the right kind of people. how many regions do we have? 8 a 5 and you mentioned just three. is it part of any trends? have they played any key ole?
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so, you asked do we trust local politicians? yes, the vast majority of russian regions, you have governors who come from those regions. certainly in cases where you need to find someone new, someone from the outside, and this is supported by the people of that particular region. people say they need some kind of a reshuffle, a new lease. ou mentioned three people.
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there have been many more. he was sent to the republic of comey. these are young people, efficient managers. so they have a lot of energy and a lot of promise. you know, they have a good eputation in term of -- in terms of management. we look at the business qualities and the personal qualities and that makes us think they would be able to perform their duties in an efficient way. i rely on them to do that. as for their future, everything will depend on them. on their performance, on the way people will assess them. he worked for two months and 85%
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of the region voted for him. but that is not enough. i recently talked to the first woman in space and she thanked me for finding such a good person for her region. this is a sign that the new governor is trying to assimilate and settle down. someone from berlin? >> >> ok, as regards our relationship with europe, i already covered that when i nswered a question from your colleague from poland. it is not because of us that the relationship between russia and your, russia and germany went sour. -- the relationship between russia and europe, russia and
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ermany sour.
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we did not impose any sanctions. we would happy to list all these sanctions. if our european partners lift their anti-russian sanctions, we will respond in kind. let's take an objective look at what happened and how we got here. first, our u.s. friends and
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european friends were part of the agreement between the president. they seized power the next day. nstead of asking them to respect the treaty that was osigned by the foreign ministers of three european countries, they supported this anti-constitutional coup. people in crimea wanted to go back to russia and this caused this bloody conflict. this entire tragedy was based on the fact that they could not
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coordinate their positions on ukraine. these are purely economic ssues. how can you take an issue and escalate it into this kind of conflict? we have been talking to you for years trying to negotiate the parameters of this agreement. the president said he needed to talk to russia and coordinate ome of the parameters. we need the russian market. our european partners said no and the rest is history. how can you do such a thing? we don't think it is our fault.
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hat happened then? what is still going on? after this coup, under the pretext of joining this association agreement, immediately they postponed the agreement right away. they did accept what yanokovich sked them to do. year later, they made the decision to ratify and then put it on the back burner again. ow europe does not want to
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ratify this agreement. i do not know what to say about this situation. this matter of visa free travel for ukrainians, again, it is uestionable. this will always bring ukrainian labor markets to europe and they will be disadvantaged there. it would be good to do it together in a calm way without agitation. this is the kind of relationship we would like to have with europe. we would like to work together against the issues we are facing today. this is also in regards to terror. our hearts go out to the victims in berlin. when we marked the 75th
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anniversary of the united nations, i said we should all work together and have a united front. i said, how can you do that when you have sanctions and counter sanctions? how can we work effectively to fight terror? as a result, we suffer attacks. i hope we will be able to restore this cooperation in the uture. >> another journalist from the remlin pool. >> mr. putin, what would you say if you were asked whether or not you should become president in 2018 again, and the opposite?
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>> it is a provocative question. this guy is a provocateur. well, you will get my standard response. when the time comes, i will take a look at the situation in the country and in the world. based on what we have achieved, based on what we will be able to achieve, i will make a decision regarding whether i should run or not in the upcoming presidential election.
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>> good afternoon. mr. putin, i am sure you know about the controversial situation around the center. what is your opinion on the discussion started by mr. mikelkpolh. he criticized the center for istorting history. what would you say to the people who are angry this is done on state money? >> i had a meeting with him. i met with other officials. i guess that there are other issues that need to be studied
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further in further detail. specifically the issues related to the way information is presented regarding russia's history. i am not only talking about the recent history like the perishoka years of until now -- p until now. they agreed certain things need to be presented in a more accurate manner. there is one thing i don't like. i don't like to escalate the ssues. there is nothing wrong with having a discussion. this is normal, this is proper, some may like it and some may not.
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some are more liberal and others are more conservative. we have always had the two trends. we had westerners and russophiles. in the current situation when we think back to 1970 -- back to 1970 -- back to 1917. we will mark the anniversary of the 1917 revolution next year. that is all i will say on hat. what is your question?
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>> my question is about the environment. russia constructs strategic facilities and there are some organizations that are like isis but their agenda is the environment. some environmental organizations are recognized as agents. how do you sort through all the communications to the president? in our province, there is manipulation of public
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opinion. ne of -- another thing, this village was isolated from the world and they had supplies 20 kilometers away. he road will be built in 2018, but what will we do until then? >> i will point out this matter o the governor and he will respond with local authorities. his is unacceptable.
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this happens in different parts of our country and it is too bad that the local authorities are unable to cope with situations. regardless of where they live, people should not be isolated from the rest of the country and they should have access to basic services. you mentioned environmental organization and how we can differentiate between people who really care about nature and foreign agents and such. even though our rivals do use environmental organizations in order to slow down growing sectors. infrastructure projects in ussia or power plants. i remember how foreign buildings supported certain environmental organizations and asked them to argue against construction of
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seaports and other infrastructure. if we even knew how much money was donated by foreign governments to help those organization stop us. of course we should care about the environment. the nuclear energy agency should be mindful about that. this is a major company and after what happened at fukushima, inspectors said our standards were the safest in the world. we learned all the lessons we had during the soviet period and what happens abroad. our technologies are safest. but there is abuse in the matter of the environment. i talked to one of my foreign friends and he had a meeting with one of his friends who works for an international environmental organization.
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he said they extorted $30 million and then they would be ff the hook. hey decided to dedicate this money and things like that happen. we are aware. of course, you cannot just ignore such situations. he only way to deal with a situation is to study this matter in a deep and professional way. you should look at the economic effect and environmental safety. consider all the factors. ok, what is this question you wish to ask? >> thank you, mr. putin. i know i looked a little silly there, but my question.
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i am from an online website. i always watch your addresses and listen to your statements. you say great things and the next day things go in a completely opposite way. >> i think you are exaggerating. >> i will give you some xamples. veryone was nodding when you said in your addresses that aggressive thought should be made. y colleague has heard of the movement that has very aggressive policies to cleanse the authority.
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people are made to turn away from the church. this movement they provoked the believers and they went to the police and roast a complaint on them -- went to the police and wrote a complaint on them. you say we are committed to truth and justice, but we see that there can be a house onstructed in his area, but he is a civil servant in a not very rich country. several years ago, you said you
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are in favor of mayors being elected, but that initiative went the other way. hy do you say one thing but in real life we see absolutely the opposite. another journalist, he has been detained for years now and the accusation leveled against him re absurd. we had no hope for justice. another case, a journalist who published a video where a boy was tortured. her post attracted the attention of the law enforcement, but she was the one convicted. we need to do something about he justice system.
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please save the people. >> what you said about our judicial system, actually, recently we made a number of steps to make our legal practice more humane. this includes criminal law, administrative offenses and other things. we have been pursuing this policy intentionally and we will continue this work. xtreme views, radical actions, we have a large and complex country. here are people who organize
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and provoke sedition and they do this on purpose. they say they want to raise awareness and things like that. you should not go to extremes with that as well. you should be reasonable. he same goes for so-called atriots and chauvinists. everyone should be reasonable. i have not heard the things you mentioned. i do not know if all those decisions were fair. the decision to build a corporation or an executive building something ostentatious, i agree with that, people should be more modest.
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i really hope they will hear me. the same goes for the bonuses they receive and their ncome. they should realize what kind of country we live in and not make eople angry. you mentioned the lawsuit. it is up to the court to decide the amount of compensation. if there is an individual who filed a lawsuit to protect their reputation, it is up to the court to decide whether this publication is really guilty.


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