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tv   President and Vice President Attend Inaugural Balls  CSPAN  January 21, 2017 6:22am-6:43am EST

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>> lenlcede p: t
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or ll toy t be.larkgjuoun falylions of people all over the world. the job you have done is absolutely incredible. absolutely incredible. because this is our military. this is our law enforcement. this is our first responders. you are amazing people. and i like you for a lot of reasons. i also like the fact that you all voted for me.
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i just -- i just met your joint chiefs of staff. and they are incredible. and i tell you what -- they know what to do and they know what to do and they know what to do fast. we will see what happens but we have a great country. and we want to do what is appropriate. we have been pushed around by a lot of different people. a lot of bad things are happening but i think you will see a big improvement. i just want to tell you that general mattis was just approved by the senate. the first one. general kelly was just approved by the senate. isn't it something -- first --
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two generals are the first ones. maybe that is the way it is supposed to be. folk right now in afghanistan. right? and i think they care me. --is about a six second does six second delay. do you guys hear me? let us see how well we are doing. they hear me. they hear me. how is it going? good. what question do you have? don't be too tough on me like these people. go ahead. hello, sir.
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i am from the united states army. we are in afghanistan. i would like to say thank you and congratulations. >> that is very nice. thank you.: we could not hear her too quickly that i believe she just congratulated us, not me, us on this victory. and i want to thank you. >> i am from the airbase. bagram airbase. pres. trump: go ahead. of all of my colleagues, we would like to congratulate you on becoming president of the united states. pres. trump: thank you. >> we love you president trump.
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pres. trump: i have to tell you, it is a 10 second delay but i like them much better than the media. these are much finer and nicer people. that is great. thank you, thank you very much. go ahead. >> good morning, sir. i am sergeant first class philip cap her. first guard out of chicago. congratulations on becoming the president of the united states. thank you.: i will tell you that i'm with you all the way. you have someone who will be right alongside you. we are going to do it together. and honestly, not only the support you have given me, the
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courage you show is incredible. and it is going to be appreciated. it is appreciated now but it will be appreciated even more than ever before. you are going to say. yes you are going to see. yes, go ahead. take one more. these 10 second displays. gives you plenty of time to think about an answer. such nice questions. >> good evening, mr. president. , am gunnery sergeant robert -- advising and assisting our coalition partners here in afghanistan. on behalf of all of the marines here in afghanistan, we would like to say congratulations and good luck to you in return. pres. trump: thank you very much. really nice. thank you. and we will have some people
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going over and seeing you soon. you are doing an amazing job over there. how about taking one more. one more. go ahead. i think he hears us, right? would you like to do one more? so far, i love these questions because they are all congratulations. stateswith the united army. said like communications operator maintainer. i would like to congratulate you sir.ur inauguration, pres. trump: you are the nicest people. but they are only nice right now to me. they are definitely not so nice in other ways. i want to thank you all. you are the nicest people. 1000, with you 1000,
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1000%. thank you all very much. we will see you. and keep fighting. we are going to win. we are going to win. keep fighting. thank you. thank you all. thank you all. [chanting] usa usa usa pres. trump: why can't all people be that way. six questions and six congratulations. this is very special. we have had to it -- we have done two of these. 10,000 had big crowds, and 12,000. i guess we have two more to go to. did you hear the speech today? [applause]
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media saysy even the the crowd was massive. finally, that was all the way down to the washington monument. rainwas supposed to be turned out not to be rain. it was beautiful. it was beautiful. let me just say this. you are special people. you are great, great people. i have your back. we are going to do great links for our country. the journey started 18 months ago and people said we did not have a big chance. about two number one weeks or three weeks into the polls. we went to number one in the primaries. thereen we just stayed and we did well. it was not so much me. it was me.
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i did a good job as a messenger. but remember that i am your messenger. but it all began with a team. the theme is -- make america great again. [applause] to know theotten people of our country so well. i have been all over. and we had tremendous victories. i will tell you that we have the greatest people on earth. we are not only going to make america great again, we are going to make america greater than ever before. so, i want to thank all of you. you are very, very special people. honey -- thank you. say something. you all, for your service. [applause] honored to be your first
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lady. fight, we will win, and we will make america great again. thank you. ♪ that is a good-looking couple. i should stay only be in your way
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so, i will go but i know stepl think of you every of the way love youlways will always love you ♪ ♪ bittersweet memories
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that is all where -- that is all what i am taking with me babyoodbye, please, don't cry not what youi am needed will always love you will always love you ♪
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♪ hope life treats you kindly , that you have of that you dreamed joy and happiness
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youabove all this, i wish love always love you , i will always, i will always love you i will always love you, babe ♪
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you will always love i will always love you will always love you ♪
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>> [chanting] usa usa usa
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♪ mr. trump: the constitution of the united states -- ju


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