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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 26, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EST

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american federation of government employees on the trumpet administration's federal hiring freeze. and family resource council president tony perkins on abortion policy in the trouble white house. >> a nation without orders is not a nation. beginning today, the united states of america gets back control. ♪ host: good morning, everyone, on this january, january -- on this january 26. trump issuing executive orders on immigration and he wants the wall built within months and calling for increased border patrol agents. he plans to issue orders cutting off funding to cities that do not report undocumented immigrants, the so-called
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"sanctuary cities." you can join the conversation on twitter or go to while we wait for your calls, let's listen to the president yesterday. he visited the homeland security department and here is what he had to say. the secretary of homeland security working with myself and staff will begin immediate construction of a border wall. [applause] pres. trump: so badly needed. you folks know how badly needed it is.
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help mexico by deterring illegal immigration by central america and by disrupting island cartel networks. i have said repeatedly, we are going to get the bad ones out, the criminals and the drug dealers and gangs and gang members and cartel leaders. the day is over where they can stay in our country and wreak havoc. we are going to get them out and get them out fast. john kelly is going to lead that way. president yesterday at the homeland security department with his secretary that was sworn in before that. immigration promises, he will fulfill them. what is your reaction? let me show you reaction from capitol hill. speaker of the house tweeting this out, --
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you also have his full statement. some other reactions. also a republican from virginia .emocrats also senator jeff merkley saying --
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the headline in the usa today, "trump clamps down on immigration." rodney, memphis, tennessee. you are supporting the president. caller: i am supporting him, because i am on social security disability and you go to the social security office and you are the only white person there. yesterday i went to the doctor, and all that was waiting to see the doctor was spanish people. . don't know who is legal it is pitiful. i live in the texas panhandle, and i don't understand is there is a hiring freeze but they are hiring 5000 more border patrol.
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is there a freeze on hiring government employees and hiring 5000 more border patrol? the spanish people here in texas is taking over. that is-- host: rodney's viewpoint in texas. we will talk about the hiring freeze and get a take on the hiring of border agents. we are going to talk with david coxe. that discussion coming up. here are viewpoints on immigration, what the president did yesterday. .yattsville, maryland you oppose what the president is doing, why? caller: thank you for taking my call. i think this is a smokescreen. built,ll that is being who is going to build it?
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how many companies belonging to donald trump will be building the wall? i think he is making money off the country. -- company was going bankrupt until he ran for resident. -- ran for president. i believe trump tower was losing money. all the rich billionaires he has hired, i don't so much oppose patrols. the border this wall, who is going to build it? when are we going to see his taxes? host: in his very first interview since being sworn in, about the wall and who will be paying for it? >> ultimately, it will come out
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of what is happening with mexico . we will be starting those negotiations soon. back?y will pay it >> absolutely, 100%. we will be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we make from mexico. i could hold off a year. we have to build a wall, we have to stop drugs from pouring in. we have no idea where they are from. i campaigned on the wall and it is very important. that wall will cost us nothing. >> you talk often about mexico paying for the wall. mexico's president said that mexico will not pay. it goes against our dignity as a country and mexicans. >> i think he has to say that. i am telling you, there will be a payment -- it will be in a
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form, complicated form. what i am doing is good for the united states and mexico. >> what are you going to say to your supporters who said i thought mexico was going to pay from this from the start? >> i never said they were going to pay from the start. >> when does construction begin? >> as soon as we can. and months. planning is starting immediately. host: usa today front page story says this -- they go on to report --
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we will show you what the mexican president has to say after a couple of phone calls. john in louisiana. you support the president. caller: a couple of minor points . illegal immigration exists. i believe those individuals are illegal aliens. as a sovereign nation we have a right to determine who comes into our nation. it is our call, whatever criteria we want to use. our southern border is rather porous. they are something like 11 million illegal aliens. it is a problem, cutting off foreign aid to mexico who
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happens to be the nation that is on the other side of that border and who is allowing those people to travel through their country other places. i have no problem with securing our borders of our sovereign nation based on what we the citizens of our sovereign nation want. we are the ones that make up the criteria. that is all there is to it. i have no problem with this whatsoever. i'm retired, i spent 28 years in the military defending this great nation. i want to continue doing that. yes, i support it. host: let me read to you the "wall street journal" editorial.
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caller: i understand that. i am not talking about legal immigration. immigration is a legal system whereby naturalization takes place. the word immigration is not even in the constitution. naturalization is. the fact that the wall street journal says, we've got to let all those people in -- legally, yes. they go to the end of the line. they go through the proper seizures to come into the -- the proper procedures to come into the united states. yes, we are a nation of immigrants. my family is traced back to 1723, before the united states even existed. it is a legal system. host: what about all those folks who are here who are not going to go back?
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logistically impossible to make them go back to mexico or wherever they are from -- what about changing the laws so they can get in line, payback taxes? wait a number of years? are you on board with that? caller: yes and no. the problem is, we cannot send them back and then you come up with a whole bunch of ideas of things we will make them do. that is not going to make them guess that is not going to be better. you can do anything you want. are we supposed to say -- let's say a step thing taxes for 20 years? and say i didn't pay taxes and you can catch me. you have been illegal for 20 years so we are going to forget the fact that you are illegal,
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that violates every principle of law. contradictory to do what we are try to do. we have got to get a handle on it. look at americans that are denied work because somebody who is here illegally does not have the responsibility that the american citizen does gets the job. i bear a lot of that on employers. that is where we need to put the point of the spear. i support controlling immigration into this great nation. it is our nation, we should control it. host: let's go to brooklyn. alan, you are opposing the president's immigration policy. caller: mostly on the grounds of hypocrisy. ostensibly, he is protecting the public from the danger of visible threat by ordering the
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localities to stop giving sanctuary to these people. at the same time, he is ordering information about climate science held by the epa, the department of interior and other government scientists to be kept secret and let out only when the government decides to release that. in effect, he is giving sanctuary to the dangerous agents that are represented by climate destroying carbon industries in the name of protecting his political constituencies from the industries that supported him, any foreign governments that want to see us continue to exploit and overuse carbon fuel. that is six where he and his self i telling them they cannot release scientific information in the formay harm of climate destroying gases. host: we will move on to samuel in maryland.
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supporting. caller: thank you for taking my call. the gentleman that was from was very correct. marlboro, and i say that it is a problem. the guy from louisiana, he was correct. myself, in the military and i only did four years, but i was in south korea. to go through different parts of south korea, you have to show papers. right.s i am supporting him on that. caller: you want to see a militarized border? -- host: you want to see a militarized border? caller: i want to see some kind of border. i watched programs that shows how people cross the borders,
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just walk right across. if you have people that are coming in the country, that are -- host: if you are referring to our program we did last year from laredo and video earlier, those people have the right documents and paperwork to get in line. they are going through metal detectors and they are checked by order security. these are official checkpoints. as we learned from the mayor of laredo, you have americans and mexican citizens crossing back and forth shopping, touring. caller: that is fine and dandy, but what about those who are writing trains from different parts of the country and walking across the border. host: we talked about that as well. caller: what happens if an illegal commits a crime, can i sue the county or state
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government? law, can igning this now sue the government's of those six where he cities? cities?ose sanctuary it is anhost: interesting question you pose. the mexican president did a national address to his country last night. this is what he had to say about the prospect of a wall. >> i regret and condemn the united states's decision to pursue the construction of a wall that far from united us has been dividing us for years. mexico does not believe in walls . i have said it over and over again. mexico will not pay for any wall. host: that was the mexican
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president. the wall street port -- wall street journal reporting that the move made by president trump is shaking u.s.-mexico relations. officials are threatening retaliation and where the new u.s. -- that could fuel a countertop populist movement of its own -- counter trump populist movement of its own. both sides were expected to hammer out a primary -- a framework to discuss nafta, preparing that groundwork for a summit between president trump and the mexican president. one of those mexican officials told mr. kushner it would be impossible for the mexican president to go to the u.s. mr. trump during his
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presentation did say mexico would pay. the president of mexico is under pressure to cancel his trip to washington. in a reference to the trip, mr. neah to said he would make a decision on the next step to follow after -- after evaluating a report from the mexican officials who met wednesday with u.s. officials here in washington. .et's go to new york you are opposing the president. go ahead. caller: hello, good morning. thanks for having me. people from countries like syria, iraq, libya, somalia and yemen have been banned by mr. trump. i think this action is somehow bysidered islam a phobic muslim communities in our
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country. ebola radicalized muslims. the muslims in our country would not think our government is serving this way -- serving them this way. they want a normal allegiance to this country. the other thing i would like to say is all of -- most of those byntries have been affected policy.eign iraq was invaded by mr. george w. bush. of course we helped saudi arabia and yemen. all those muslims were somehow affected by our foreign policy. i think we should not treat them
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like that. i think the outcome of that would not be so good for our country. host: the president expected to announce what you are talking about today. the headline in the wall street journal --
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moreover calls coming up, but first joining us on the phone from the texas tribune, cooley and aguilar -- julian aguilar. talk about what he did yesterday and what that means for border cities and border states like texas. that means is you get a mixed bag of reaction from lawmakers here.
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pretty predictable. the democrats whether they represent cities on the border were outraged at the idea of the wall. also stepping up on immigration enforcement, what happens with the dreamers. the democrats have said there are plenty of votes on the ground regardless of statistics. down the valley, there are hundreds more depending on where it is. the fact that the president ordered 5000 more border patrol agents and want to triple the amount of ice officers sounded the alarm bells with democrats, specifically because he announced a federal hiring freeze last week for other agencies. cruzlican lawmakers -- ted
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said it is about time. michael mccaul who is the chairman of the homeland security committee also praised the decision. the wall is going to be a very divisive issue. moving forward, mexico as the president reportedly considered canceling his trip. the united states is going to pick usa first. with ourtaring contest number one trading partner. it is a look like anybody is going to back down which has a lot of folks on the border nervous. international trade -- host: what is the economic impact of owning a wall? -- impact of building a wall? caller: it sends a negative message to a southern neighbor.
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a lot of folks that are from the day,r -- in el paso on any whether it is clear or not, you can look out and see walrus -- and see juarez. the thought of a wall there is very upsetting. , there'sd eagle pass some actual arcs they go to the banks of the river -- actual parks they go to the banks of the river. people envisioning a wall, again, it is very displeasing. ,ou have big bear national park one of the most treasured parks in the country, not only the state. there is a lot of questions about what is going to happen there. as far as trade, there's thousands of shoppers that pass into laredo, texas, on a weekly basis from mexico.
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plummets, theyy are going to be deterred to come shop for a day. they are going to expect longer lines. from might be harassment border patrol. it is too soon to quantify it. we need to look at what the details look like. like that's right now there is a lot of anxiety. -- right now there is a lot of anxiety. givingor of laredo was -- was willing to give the president a shot. he hopes some folks from demonstration would of reached out to border lawmakers before he made this executive decision, less than a week into his presidency. host: talk about the logistical challenges of building a wall on natural borders. the land that is owned by ranchers the way up -- ranchers all the way up to the border.
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obviously we cannot go into a foreign country and building their. -- and build there. eminent domain protection and the executive director told me the day before yesterday, granted this was before the order came down. there are many members who are split. saying why do we find a 100 year lease? and if the other -- if ever there is a time you don't need back in we get our land proper compensation. you have to consider there are treaties in place since 1970's. any barrier on the southern border cannot obstruct the flow of the river which is a natural border. you have water treaties between
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texas and mexico. you have a lot of places, say el paso, new mexico where desert, it might be easier, but then you go down the river toward the there -- theyland had trouble building the wall because of the soil and foundation issues. i don't think it will be anything easier with the proposed barrier that is going to be more massive in size. host: to follow julian aguilar's reporting, go to texas back to the phone calls. border residents, good morning. what you think about what the president is proposing? caller: it is the best thing we could ever do.
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i live in a border town, when my son came back from iraq, he was robbed at gunpoint. we started the border watch program, it worked and we had the army here at what is interesting is anybody that lives away from the border does not understand the border. we are a sovereign nation. aixa: is a sovereign nation. we have to protect -- mexico is a sovereign nation. we have to protect it. the people come across the border. i understand the economics of mexico. what mexico needs to take care of the people as we take care of ours. the are people who come from many many nations across this border illegally every night. host: respond to the new york times editorial and the numbers they put in their piece.
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caller: well, here is what i think happened, everybody wants to hide their numbers. each administration wants to make themselves look good. i was here on the border the day that president bush came down and wrote around in a doom buggy. he never went to the places where the troubled places were. nobody ever comes and talks to the hard-working men and women in our town along the border and
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get the true numbers. car accidents. these cars come flying across the border. they put these metal poles and gaetz in these vehicles would smash into it. innocent people were killed in our town. vehicle smashed, they commit a crime and they run back across the border. if you got a wall as to protect our nation, as determined from nation -- from texas said. we have to have this protection. mr. trump is right. host: i want to get your reaction to one thing, the homeland security rick perry when he would -- secretary when he was at his confirmation recently, here is what he had to say about the wall and how it is not enough. >> a physical barrier, a military person that understands
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defense and defenses. if physical barrier -- a physical barrier itself will not do the job. if you were to build a wall from the pacific to the gulf of mexico, you would have to back it up by human beings, sensors, devices. as i have said too many senators present, i believe a fence on 1500outhwest border starts miles south and that is partnering with ray countries that are very corporative with us in terms of getting after drug production. to include mexico, we could have a better partnerships. we could work close with them and give them more of what they need. host: let me go back and get your reaction. are you willing? do you think american taxpayer dollars should go toward an even
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greater effort beyond the wall? caller: no, here is why. each country as you come up from the south has the immigration laws. mexico has one of the most strict immigration laws there are. you look at the plight of these folks. my heart goes out to them. i have to protect my family. i have to protect the economy of my town, my state and my country. , people in is washington send a signal we are going to give you a free gift. these people are inundating our social security system, our welfare system. to go down to the social security office, if you don't speak spanish, it is a problem. bank, it is all over at
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our food banks. when we stop giving them gifts, that is when they will stop coming. host: i am going to leave it there. let's go to sandy. supporting the president on his immigration moves. caller: thank you for taking my call. i agree because we are a land of laws. until we get control of our border, it sends a message to the world that we are out of control which we are. when i see our military soldiers injured sleeping on the ground, that is not right. i approve of the wall. i think it will send a message. it is a beginning. what residents trump is doing is enforcing the laws that already on the books. the ban against muslims, i think it was in the 1950's.
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washington did not care. i am not against muslims. i'm not a racist, i marched in the 60's. i just think we have that to get a control on our country appeared i'm so impressed with president trump. it is such a refreshing think that he is doing after eight years of obama who did nothing. that is all i have got to say. host: that is sandy in kentucky. we have to let you know what is happening today outside of washington. republicans are in their annual retreat in philadelphia. they will get a visit from president trump, mike pence and british prime minister and conservative party leader, theresa may. our coverage beginning at noon of their remarks after meeting with republicans. earlier this morning, we are going to hear from speaker of the house all ryan along with
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senator mitch mcconnell. you can watch that over on c-span2. our coverage for radio listeners , the vice president, president and theresa may is on c-span beginning at noon. you can always good to or, in if you are not near a tv or computer, get the free c-span radio app. you can listen to it all their -- there. some of the news, front page of the "new york times."
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yesterday, at the republicans retreat, liz cheney, a freshman member, representing a district in wyoming spoke in support of this possible trump executive order to expand enhanced interrogation techniques. this is what she had to say. >> i think is important to remember the difference between an army field manual set of questions which are sometimes have gotctive if you the military engaged in a situation where they have a
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number of detainees and of one chooses not to answer, they can go down the line and ask the next. the use of and have interrogation has been -- when .t wasn't used, very limited limited to only three people who were waterboarded and used in a situation where we had to get information to save american lives. the american people have vastly supported that. i think it is the responsibility of any executive, any commander-in-chief to make sure we use every tool at our disposal, to make sure we save lives, understanding it is not torture. the president executive order was not -- was clear. we are talking about the ability to get information from people who do not want to provide information and who have information. cheney,ngresswoman liz the daughter of former vice president, dick cheney. john mccain tweeting this out in
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reaction to this story, saying -- back to your calls on what the president did on immigration. he will make more executive orders dealing with this issue, one being on six where cities. -- on sanctuary cities. caller: thank you for having me. [indiscernible] i am born in india. i don't have much knowledge but -- this whole say thing is promoting -- it is beyond humanitarian the way we are moving.
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it is not about -- it is not a good example. in i-4 and i will make the whole world blind. example, [indiscernible] lots -- i don't think mys is a very prudent -- perspective is not very technical but i am coming from a general perspective. people who does humanitarian work believes in humanity. they should uphold this. mes example is just for making one nation or some people i forin terms of -- and an eye will make the whole world
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blind. host: we heard you call her. good morning and god bless our country. , people that live in the border towns, we have the biggest problem. we have a real big problem. discriminated by the people who come from over there. they don't want to adjust to the way we live. ,myself -- what i would say they don't see eye to eye with us. , put on an american t-shirt and they have totally disrespect
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because we believe. here in new mexico, we have the worst rate of crime. we need help. all of the politics here is all held. -- all hell. when trump was here, they were burning flags. host: will go to authority -- to dorothy. it is your turn. caller: thanks for taking my call, greta. i am somewhat torn. i want to qualify my statement by saying i am a lifelong democrat. i have never voted for anything other than a democrat. you know, there are some things that trump does that i do agree with.
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we do need some protection for our borders. we just won't be a country like a lot of people say who really .re not the message barriers the message is right is we have to protect our borders. i think it is only fair that people who have come here, have worked and pay taxes and been good citizens, we need to work something out so that those people can stay in close of the border's down. i feel it is not fair to just focus on mexico when the majority of the people are flying in. what is he going to do about them? that smacks of racism to me. it really does. host: what about his proposal to cut off funding for cities that do not report undocumented
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immigrants. what about his idea of cutting off funding for the city's. i think that is wrong. sanctuary cities are like we are being invaded with groups of people. all that means is those people if not being harassed, that they call the police, they can get a job and work. the social system, i don't think you should be up to come over and qualify for welfare and social security and all of our other programs. i'm going to show you the reaction of mayors from the city's. -- from these cities.
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that was the mayor in new york with his reaction to what the president is going to do with an executive order. andy in lake auschwitz o, oregon. you are -- lake oswego, oregon. caller: i've got a couple of things to say. i oppose the wall for number of reasons. one, it won't work. there is ample evidence that says, dig a total, build a big fence and a taller ladder. as has been noted, people can fly into the country.
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we're not done with that with the wall. the wall is very economically damaging to the border communities and american agriculture. it is a part of a fabric. if you will bear with me. withdrawing from tpp has angered 13 of our strong as asian allies. when you call that into question, your anchoring our canadian and mix can allies. -- youu say i'm going to have taken the sovereign nations within our country, our first nations and angered all of them. we threaten to pull support from united nations, do anger all the countries of the world. when you say nato doesn't work and we are going to make our nato allies, we are saying to
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all of our allies, we are not your friend anymore. you say, -- you're going to aggravate all the palestinians and all of our arab friends. world, we the entire are not who you thought we were any longer. list isoon, our friends going to be very short. host: what do you make of the prime minister coming to philadelphia to speak to the republicans? conservative leader and she is the outcome of exit -- of brexit in that country. coming,i am glad she is but she has been vocal about ..k. not supporting torture with the president says things like that, we have a strong relationship, but do you want to aggravate your best friend in the entire world?
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supposedly, that is what she is going to talk about, the long-standing friendship between the two countries. she is going to meet with president trump at the white house on friday and talk about nato and the importance of that. caller: that is important, but the president has said things that are going to call all of our nato allies and questions. how strong we are in support of them. i think that is a terrible idea. nato is terribly important. you can say all kind of things behind the scenes, but when you're saying it through a tweet , the whole world looks at the nation says, america is not who we thought america was. we are going to lose our position. ronald reagan said we are the shining city on the hill. i wanted -- i want you to think about that and think about what the president has done to
7:49 am
aggravate more than half of the american population come almost everyone of our pop -- of our allies. host: would you call yourself a republican? or democrat? caller: i am a pragmatist, a middle of the road guide. i'm really proud american. i'm proud that we stood tall for so long. we are going to lose the ability to do that if the president keeps aggravating all our friends. host: speaking of tweeting, as you know, the president treated out yesterday that he wanted an investigation into his claims of a voter fraud. the headline in the "washington post."
7:50 am
during his first interview with abc news, trump talked about a possible investigation into voter fraud. , becausemp: i said it what is going on with order fraud is horrible. -- with voter fraud is horrible. voteld've won the popular if i had campaigned for the voter -- the popular vote. i would've gone to a couple of places that i did not go to.
7:51 am
i would've wanted that much easier -- i would've one that much easier. with that being said, if you look at voter registration, you look at the dead people that are registered to vote, you look at people who are registered into states, you look at all of these different things that are happening with registration, you take a look at those registrations, what you are going to find -- to 5 million different voters? pres. trump: people who are dead, illegal, registered into states -- registered in two states. there are millions of votes in my opinion. i am going to do an investigation. >> your now president of the united states. pres. trump: i want it to be legitimate. >> when you say in your opinion,
7:52 am
millions of illegal votes, that is something that is very fundamental to our democracy. you say you will launch an investigation. what you have presented has been debunked. pres. trump: take a look at the pew reports. >> i call the author of the pew reports and he said -- pres. trump: why did he write the reports? he is groveling again. >> you will launch an investigation? pres. trump: to find out and then the next time -- i will say this, all of those votes cast, none of them will come to me. they would all be for the other side. the president's first interview since being sworn in as president, talking about the claims of voter fraud in this
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country. in other news, front page of the "washington post." if you go to, you can find out the details of our coverage. that is taking place on friday. another article, accusations of cashing in on the presidency as a dumb of trump club in florida doubles its fee. the initiation fee for new membership and mar-a-lago that
7:54 am
mr. trump has called the new winter white house increased to $200,000. that in the new york times if you're interested. front page of the "wall street journal." dow pops 20,000. take a look at the reaction from the floor of the stock exchange yesterday as it reads that milestone. -- as it reached that milestone. just 42 trading days. abc news with a tweet.
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back to calls in our discussion about border security. alabama, you are opposing the president. caller: good morning. i oppose this because a .resident has said it on the other hand, i supported, because our constitution says .hat and it is the law people that come here illegally are making a criminal act. inies that take this people our harboring criminals. if somebody breaks out of a prison and i bring them in my house, i am harboring a criminal . at that point, we are both arrested and thrown into jail. you remember the soldier that
7:56 am
made a wrong turn and wound up in mexico? he wound up in prison, not to go asylumo live or to seek or for a free ride or to work. he made a wrong turn and he was put in prison in mexico. we have floods of people coming here from mexico, and it is illegal. host: take a look at some more reactions from the mayors of these sanctuary cities. this is from the seattle metal -- seattle mayor. mayor marty walsh from boston tweeting out -- let's go back to calls. raymond in arizona.
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good morning to you. maricopa? recognize that city because of the sheriff from the area. caller: we have a very good sheriff and good police department. wall, theilding a expense and because what they are making out of it is just metal. money. lot of wasted i think he is putting it there to satisfy some of his followers because you don't hear them talking about putting a wall on canada. mexico has a racist tone. i voted for donald trump because i wanted close relations with
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some countries that he wants close relations with. i was against the transpacific partnership, but i wasn't completely against it. i felt we needed to work with it but we couldn't do it without china. that is asia. obama he limited one of our biggest trading partners. that area is very important. i am totally against torture. i was in the military 29 years. do should not we be spoken on tv or radio. host: that was referring to the in thataricopa sheriff area. texas.n laredo, what does this mean for the city of laredo? we visited that city last year and heard a lot about economic
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ties and cultural ties between laredo and sister city across the border. caller: good morning. we are very lucky to be born american citizens, and that is one of the driving forces with immigrants coming to this country. it is wonderful and it is lawful. it is terrible when it is unlawful. moment, acrosse laredo, there is a that missedubans president obama's wonderful declared.hat he they are perturbed about what ,hey are going to do in mexico and mix oh has always been very
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toling to help anybody illegally enter the united states. it is like an open window, your neighbor next door. he is allowing people to jump your fence and go into your yard to do unlawful things. so, it seems like we are at a dilemma because we do not know what to do, and people are taking advantage of us at this moment. we do not know how to act, perhaps, and i believe that correct inrump is that we have to preserve the nation. peter in heater in --
8:01 am
laredo, texas. if you miss the shows we did there, go to, put into the search function, laredo, and it will pull up the programs. we talked to a cuban that was coming into america to become a citizen under the former policy of cubans being able to start the immigration process as soon as they stepped foot on u.s. soil. we talked to many different people, got several different perspectives from one border city, laredo. marcus in laurel, maryland. you are opposing what the president wants to do. yeah, no, i am not morgan. i am marcus. host: got it. caller: thank you. thank you for c-span. listening to what he talked abouta little while ago,
8:02 am
voter fraud, it is curious to me as to where he would get his information. if he calls all his information that he gets -- fake news, those reporters, people that do investigative situations such as that, how is he understanding there may be three to 5 million illegal votes that might have been cast? that is the biggest issue today. as far as the border is concerned -- bad. it definitely antagonizes mexico. it definitely antagonizes people either from mexico or any other hispanic descent. there is no border, of course, like another caller said, that is being imposed for canada. and the situation about immigration is the biggest concern -- the largest concern
8:03 am
that he needs to correct -- which i don't truly mind that, but if that is what he truly wants to do, e-verify would be the thing to do. make sure people only hire people that are here to work legally would be the way to go. host: we have to run on that point. he will return to his conversation with all of you in the last half-hour of "washington journal," but we are going to switch gears and talk about one of president trump's first actions, a freeze on hiring federal workers. we will talk to david cox about that, and later, tony perkins will be here to talk about the trunk administration -- trump administration's approach to abortion, and


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