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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 1, 2017 7:00am-8:17am EST

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disapprove of the sec role requiring oil and gas companies to disclose governments.oreign coming up in just over one hour, a look at president trump's pick to fill the supreme court with bloomberg news supreme court reporter. president trump: today, i am keeping other promise to the american people by dominating judge neil gorsuch of the united states supreme court to be of the united states spring court. court.ed states supreme ♪ a candidate who comes from the same school of thought as antonin scalia appeared we will learn more about the judge today. we want to get your thoughts on
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his selection and his upcoming senate confirmation process and how he might influence the highest court in the land. here's how you can give us a call. 1 for republicans. for democrats, 202-748-8000. for independents, 202-748-8002. if you want to send us a tweet, you can do so and:// post on our facebook page at is currently a judge on the 10th circuit and for justice byron white and anthony kennedy. he graduated from harvard law school in 1991 and has a doctorate in philosophy from oxford university.
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he has been on the circuit court since 2006. many parallels being made between this judge and the former and late judge antonin scalia. samenessoday about the between the two. judge gorsuch is like justice scalia and considered a talented writer and he hasn't been afraid to draft opinions that raise the profile of difficult legal issues. just a bit of the philosophy of the judge. we will be learning more about
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him as we go along. we want to get your thoughts. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. .or independents, 202-748-8002 a lot of reaction to the nomination of this judge, judge neil gorsuch for the supreme court. >> some news on the new supreme court nominee's schedule already this morning. has his first capitol hill visit as supreme court nominee today with mitch mcconnell. he will be accompanied by vice president mike pence. one metric last night showing the level of interest in the supreme court nomination here and around the world could be seen on twitter. twitter sending out some stats last night. neil gorsuch was the number one worldwide trend on twitter last
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night. tweets sent in one minute. was the number one tweeted about nominee from the president's list yesterday. one of those tweeting yesterday about the new nominee was senator chuck schumer. a few of his tweets last night -- corporations over workers. the supreme court justice must stand up to a president willing to bend the constitution. chuck schumer has serious doubts on judge gorsuch's ability to
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meet the standard. of congress sending out their thoughts on the nomination come including mitch isonnell who neil gorsuch meeting with today. he called neil gorsuch and outstanding nominee. nominee.standing he said a rollcall vote was not even required. mitch mcconnell's statement last night. part of that paper trail will be taking a look at the -- the hobby lobby case, saying he voted in favor of hobby lobby come a family
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objected to theected t portable care act provision that companies provide birth control. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents. let's go to your calls. first call is maria from pennsylvania. independent line. good morning. what do you think about the selection? caller: i think it is an excellent choice. he is a conservative, which is expected. i, however, see that the democrats are giving trump a hard time.
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down, ius christ came don't think they would approve them. they can't get over that trump won. a lot of things will be held off because the democrats seem to protect immigrants, non-americans, rather than americans who are actually legal. host: as far as this decision, do you think democrats will bring up the fact that merrick garland never got a hearing? caller: maybe they won't bring it up. they will give him a hard time. host: doris in chicago. republican line. you are on. good morning. caller: i'm a democrat. host: apologies. go ahead. one, this nominee
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is an illegitimate pic. letblicans refused to even merrick garland come up for a vote for almost a year. theident obama not only won electoral college, he won the popular vote, he won everything, unlike trump. won theesident trump electoral college. he did not win the popular vote. i'm curious why you think all those mean this choice is an illegitimate one. caller: they stole it from president obama. they said we have to put a conservative into this seat. they did not see that when they put clarence thomas into the seat of their good marshall --
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thurgood marshall. they put in clarence thomas, who is a sexual harasser. next.richard up louisville, kentucky. republican line. like tofirst, i would know what chris matthews meant last night when he said the trump family reminded him of the romanovs. election cycle had already started for the president of the united states. that is why the senate republicans chose to hold up garland. who seemed to be a very moderate -- would have been a very moderate associate justice. but democrats are in a big
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disarray night now. that's right now. they have to show we can fight. host: you expect that during the confirmation process for the judge? caller: chuck schumer might not do it. but i guarantee you, they will send it out to all their mudslinging's and -- mudslinging and liberal reporters. should take the highroad here and show the country, hey, we did not do real well this last election cycle, but we think we have a handle on it right now. we will come together as a country. host: it was in the east room of the white house yesterday they were president trump made his announcement of judge neil gorsuch.
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his philosophy when taking a look at issues such as the rule of law and the constitution. i pledge that if i'm confirmed, i will do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great country. for the last decade, i have worked as a federal judge in a court that spans six western states, serving 20% of the continental united states and 18 million people. the men and women i've worked with our and inspiration to me. i've watched them fearlessly tending to the rule of law that come enforcing the promises of the constitution. -- iwing the law is a think of them tonight. of course, the supreme court's work is vital to the whole country.
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vital to the protection of the people's liberties under law and the continuity of our constitution. the greatest charter of human liberty the world has ever known. host: go to if you want to see the judge's for comments. -- comments. -- full comments. , thisneil gorsuch election of the president, born in 1967 in denver, colorado. currently serves on the 10th circuit court. it has the distinction of clicking on the supreme court for two justices, byron wright and anthony kennedy. texas. independent line. what do you think about the selection? it is ceremonial.
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i want to see what corporation stripes he put on his nascar outfit. i'm waiting to see that because i know we are in another battle with wall street, for sure. we lost last time in 2007 and 2008. there's too burning issues. -- there's two burning issues. i would to school with a guy like trump. he was in denial and he put people down. he blamed others to build himself up. that pat toomey guy will walk away with money from the russians. host: democrats line. caller: this guy that just called doesn't know anything about world history. he wants to know what chris
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matthews -- why they compared to trump to the romanovs. ist beaten -- rasputin bannon. he will get whoever he gets. probably approved. we will continue to have republicans running the supreme court. they've run the supreme court for 49 years. it will continue on like it did when antonin scalia was there? caller: yeah. i don't know why people are so afraid of a liberal supreme court. the republicans of the supreme a marriage,iven us obamacare, the right to burn a flag as free speech.
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what would a liberal supreme court do that would be so bad? host: the front page featuring colorado native born neil gorsuch. choice could be the first justice from colorado since justice byron white. "high calling" on their front page. a lot of comparisons between this justice and the former justice antonin scalia. you can put that into the conversation as well. next.x, arizona democrats line. go ahead. caller: i'm calling from phoenix, arizona. retired from the postal service. the republicans will try to
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office.e the post we haveo know what coming for the retirees. host: steve is in washington state. democrats line. go ahead. you are on. caller: i'm from st. joseph, missouri. host: good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. thatis a typical selection donny trump is going to pick for this. this is what he wants. i think this is a horrible selection. once again, this will be a right-wing supreme court. is a when you say it
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horrible selection, what leads you to say that? he's just a rubber stamp for donald trump. just like when bush got -- george bush won. it's not a court where it is just five to four. becomereme court has political, just like the congress, the senate. that is what i feel. one member who will play a large role in this upcoming confirmation process is judiciary committee chairman .huck grassley from iowa he happens to be one of the most
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active members on social media. tweeted out his reaction to the nomination last night. here it is. [video clip] >> gorsuch is very well-qualified. he's already been approved unanimously by the united states senate. and that confirmation if years ago -- a few years ago, he had from thatisan support state. recently, he's been endorsed by the denver post for the supreme court. i think he comes with good credentials. he's the sort of judge we should have on the supreme court because he believes in interpreting law and interpreting the constitution according to original intent. people on the of
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supreme court who want to stretch congressional intent or read to the constitution beyond what the writers imply for the constitution to say. last year when we did move forward with a nomination, i said whoever is elected president, trump or hillary clinton, we are going to process the nominee. whoever is president. i'm ready to move forward with this nomination. and look forward to the cooperation of our colleagues to get this done and to get this vacancy filled on the supreme court. chuck grassley one of the most active members on social media. if you want to know what a judiciary chairman seat looks like, he put it on instagram yesterday. here's a picture of his seat when the announcement happened. you can see the back of paul
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ryan's head in the front row. a couple pictures from chuck grassley when that announcement happened. his counterpart's senator dianne feinstein. she tweeted out her reaction as well. "i'm deeply concerned that throughout his campaign, the president promised to use litmus choosing his supreme court nominee." some of the reaction. we will keep looking for more throughout the day and show you some of the reactions that have come out since last night. judge wrote a book that was published in 2006 come
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arguing that laws banning those practices should be retained. again, the confirmation process is what this judge will face as john talked about. thoughts this morning. granite bay, california. republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. hisst wanted to say that qualifications sound really good , especially if he's gone to harvard and oxford. he's been well accomplished. , he's served two
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justices. theeally understands supreme court functions. when he was speaking tonight, he made a statement that made me think. or pleasednot happy with every decision that you you are happy with every decision that you give, you're probably not a good judge. that makes me think that he really works to do things by the law and by the constitution. i would like to see them get back to that.
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on the other part, i do think there will be some problems by that are the left side upset over last year. there was a reason for that because it was an election year. why the other fellow wasn't -- host: merrick garland. because it was an election year, there is a precedent, there hasn't been one foroved on an election year many years. so, that is understandable. i did watch the c-span coverage evosse vote for nancy da
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for the education secretary. it was very clear the democrats had met outside and decided no matter what, they were going to vote for her. -- weren't going to vote for her. host: hope in columbia, missouri. caller: i think it is good. as i here this morning will go to the speech and i like him. -- he isat this guy not a compromiser. he believes in the law. he respects his position. that is a rare thing. i think mr. trump did a good job. i am an african-american woman. i went from democrat to republican because democrats have such a lackluster system and they exploit the votes for
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people and then don't deliver. because he said what he's going to do and he did it. perfect. to all those people out there trying to block everything he does -- host: the conflict that might happen with this confirmation process, the dictionary committee goes to the process of -- judiciary committee goes through the process of hearings he did take time in his speech to talk about the law itself. [video clip] : it doesn't make us any smarter, but it does serve as a reminder of what is expected of us. impartiality and independence. collegiality and courage.
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as this process now moves to the toate, look forward speaking with members on both sides of the aisle, answering their questions and hearing their concerns. i consider the united states senate the greatest delivered of body in the world -- a greatest deliberative body in the world. apply, not alter the work of the people's representatives. a judge who likes every outcome he reaches is very likely a bad judge. stretching for result he prefers rather than those the law demands. host: david in georgia. and dependent line. -- independent line. i found out we were going to have a republican president -- trump is not going to stay president long.
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andill do a couple things get this nomination done. based.ns are agenda the is the agenda for presidency? once scalia went down, you knew there would be a republican. bush robbed of everything they possibly could. -- this country of everything they possibly could. it's about what the agenda is for the presidency. that's what i go by. this nomination is nothing but white supremacy. we will never have another liberal court. matt map from new york -- from new york. republican line. you are on. caller: good morning. i'm glad to actually get on.
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i've been getting cut off a few times. i support the nomination. i believe in the constitution -- having been in the military. is written aion certain way. i find it kind of hilarious or hypocritical that dianne feinstein mentioned about the litmus test. anybody that thinks the democrats or republicans don't have a litmus test when they picked these judges is out there. trump was the first one to publicly say it and be honest about it. i applaud that honesty from him. is a great pic and i'm hoping he gets a couple more. host: republicans, 202-748-8001.
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democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. give us a call to express your thoughts about president trump's selection of neil gorsuch to be nominated to the spring court -- the supreme court. the announcement made yesterday at 8:00. you can see it on . bill in michigan. democrats line. caller: good morning. i do not want to see this gentleman become the supreme court member for this reason. he believes that corporations are people. this is totally absurd because you can buy and sell corporations. you cannot buy and sell people. he made this decision in the hobby lobby case which was a
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terrible decision. can have your religious thoughts and your religious desires in your home, in your church. incorporatedn an those things should stay outside. you should follow the laws of the land as it pertains to businesses. maybe this guy believes in slavery. i don't know. if you can buy and sell corporations, why can't you then buy and sell people? in this situation, no, corporations are not people. thank you for taking my call. host: "the wall street journal" this morning takes a look at gorsuch's decisions on business aspects.
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the judge made it easier for defending companies to transfer class actions from state to federal court and in some instances a move in that -- in privatece practice, judge gorsuch penned an article rallying against lawyersintiffs' who sue firms over alleged violations of securities laws. akron, ohio. independent line. what do you think about this choice? like the oppose it aclu come amnesty international,
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the death penalty information center and every other appellation group. 80% of the world no longer commits prisoner murder. gorsuch judgegorsuch -- judge gorsuch has used his gavel like a murder weapon like the other four republicans on the supreme court. requests forwn the mercy of prisoners who have appealed their decisions. host: how did you come across that information? caller: it is difficult. the search engines are not making it easy to find the list of his decisions. he had turned down prisoner requests for mercy which is something opposed by several religions in the country. all catholic bishops in the u.s., among others. it is hypocritical to be
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pro-life for fetuses only and to for variouss who reasons have killed people. we are not judged by the worst moments of our lives. back to john mcardle. >> some information on the process going forward, leading the team that will be shepherding judge gorsuch through the confirmation process will be kelly ayotte of new hampshire. she lost her senate reelection race. informally onnown capitol hill as the nominee's sherpa. the white house considered several other potential sherpas
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before settling on kelly ayotte. mitch mcconnell had been discussed. typically, they are veteran staffers. in terms of the timing of how this process will go, when it will start, the new york times with a look at that this morning. expect this to drag on for months. elena kagan was confirmed 87 days after she was nominated in 2010. 's took 66 days. events would have to unfold very smoothly for the nominee to be confirmed by april 26, the date of the last scheduled arguments in the current court term. part of that piece that john just referenced from "the new york times" also talks about the scrutiny of every word of
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the paper record -- the nominee will probably undergo mock questioning from advisers in what is politely known as the murder board. let's go to amanda in new york. democrats line. caller: good morning. calling on the concern of just being concerned of anybody that trump picks. his whole cabinet and everybody , they all seem very complacent with him issuing gag orders and telling people not to
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talk. firing sally eight for doing her job the way that her job is supposed to be done but calling it a betrayal. host: what concerns you the most? caller: a lot of his views don't necessarily stand as bipartisan. people who aref very worried that the rights are going to be taken from them. reproductive rights, gays and s, immigrants. we want to find somebody who is going to be bipartisan and fair to all. host: would you advise that democrats on the due share committee not vote for judge gorsuch? him,r: if they are against by all means, boycott it.
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trump is putting a lot of scary people around him and picking a lot of very scary people. steve bannon is his top political advisor. scarierthere was a radio host come a would be him. host: tom and marilyn. republican line. -- tom in maryland. republican line. caller: i'm a bit confused about what amanda had to say. i'm very excited about our supreme court appointee. "boycott"ke that word she used. are the democrats going to just not show up like yesterday? about our supreme court nominee. what happened yesterday? decide just not to
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show up to vote? host: what excites you about this nominee? caller: he is a great replacement for judge scalia. he's just what donald trump promised us. i understand that the democrats and the liberals do not have to agree with everything that donald trump does. in election was over back november. the people have spoken time and time again. we want change. we want these people. why can't they even vote? i understand that they are going to drag it out as long as they can. all these nominations. they are all going to get approved eventually anyway.
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all they are doing is obstructing. when they don't even show up to vote, that's not even in the rulebook. sooner or later, somebody is going to start using the word "treason." host: ted is from washington state. independent line. me?er: excuse host: go ahead. i'm sorry. i was listening to the last gentleman. this guy is going to be like sessions. he is more of a religious judge. no faith in the people. he doesn't care about the people of the united states and justice. look at sessions. he is a bigot. this guy is probably going to be even worse.
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anyone who thinks a corporation is an entity -- we have an election bought and paid for by russia. sessions and these people are willing to sacrifice anything to put right wing mollusks -- there's no difference between a religious right person and an i sis person. their ideology is the same. i am a christian. these guys don't have christian values. they've gone out and look for people like my age, looking for people in fear. they went for the people they could swing to their vote. they want change, they want to go back to where you have mom and dad and two kids and everybody says god bless america. well, i believe in that, but you cannot force religion on people.
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you cannot force unjust laws on people. that's what were going to have happen in this country. host: stories in the paper this morning described judge gorsuch as an avid skier, an outdoor person. a picture featuring the judge along with the former supreme court justice antonin scalia. looks like they are fishing. that was released from cnn's jake tapper. we are getting your thoughts on the selection of the judge. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. independents, 202-748-8002. also on twitter and facebook. next.s
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annapolis, north carolina. republican line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i'm a lifelong republican. when i first registered to vote, i registered republican. i've always had conservative believes. was raised up in the presbyterian church, but i'm amazed that this whole thing. everybody asked like it's ok to steal a nomination. you stole a nomination away from the sitting president and you give it to this new president and everybody asked like that is all right. like that is all right. you take wrong and make it right and everybody goes along with it. thereally shocked because religious right people -- i think they are zealots -- they
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take wrong and say it is right and everybody just accepts it. i grew up in rural america, urall live in r america. i'm amazed at the mindset that we can just do anything to anybody and that is ok. host: are you talking about the decision to not have a hearing for merrick garland? should be ang that deciding factor in the upcoming deliberations over this judge? caller: i'm saying it is not right. it's not write what they did, it's not right what's going on. what they i don't think there should be a selection right now. they should wait for years could desk weight -- i think they should wait four years.
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host: let's hear from dave. dave lives in ohio. independent line. caller: top of the morning to. against the election of this man for the supreme court. i believe he is an elitist. part of the elite establishment. he's from harvard. the constitution does not state that a person has to have an a law school like harvard or anything else -- you don't even have to be a bore native. native. people should receive a supreme court justice of the people. not of the elite class. if you don't think a legal background is necessary for the supreme court --
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caller: the constitution states cou it will tell you the qualifications. host: what about the practical side? don't you think a law background would be necessary? caller: sure. but not from a person from harvard. time weu think it's have a supreme court justice from the people, from another school? the whole government is getting like this. host: brenda from st. louis, missouri. the request line. -- democrats line. caller: i do not agree with the
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nominee and like the young man who lived in a rural area where they are making everything normal -- it's not in the rulebook to not let president obama have his nominee not even heard. talking like we are so disgruntled, but we've been so disrespected. with it.gree thank you for taking my call. host: michael in maryland. republican line. amazing -- caller: it's amazing to me that we haven't selected a supreme court nominee -- donald trump does it it's an amazing thing. what do you like or not
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like about the judge? caller: i adore him. anyone who supports abortion -- when should abortion be made illegal? how could you kill a living mbaby? anybody that has a problem with conservative values and how our country was founded has a deep underlying hatred of america. the reasoning behind these liberals and everything is just atrocious. the man who called a couple calls ago said i love american values, but we don't need christ in our government. that's what he is saying.
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every single one of our founding fathers was a christian. they would support the supreme court nominee fully. nightman saying last their corporations, he wants to have corporations as people -- i'm a corporation. millions of americans are corporations. we don't need to bake cakes for homosexuals if we don't want to. democrats line. winston-salem, north carolina. carolyn, your next. caller: i have a problem with the nominee simply because they said he is of the same mindset of judge scalia. himard an interview with the first time i listened on c-span, justice scalia was saying african-americans were
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inferior to other races because they can't learn as quickly as other nominees. this judge has the same mindset as judge scalia. who started out saying african-americans are only two thirds human. that is scary. thinkust mind blowing to that this is ok and it's not. ont: that is judge gorsuch the screen. and you see his speech from last night at the white house. if you're interested in seeing antonin scalia's statements over the years, go to and type in his name and you will see everything featuring the former supreme court justice. nominationst night's
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, the will be a lot of attention on the confirmation process for judge gorsuch. several other trump administration nominees are continuing to work the confirmation process. here's an update with the help of fred kaplan on twitter. the senate judiciary committee will attempt to vote on senator sessions' nomination today. you can watch that today on c-span2. also today, the senate environment public works committee scheduled to vote on epa administrator nominee scott pruitt. democrats may boycott that meeting. "the wall street journal" noting that threats of a boycott could be planned for today by democrats in that committee hearing. democrats arguing that scott pruitt has not fully answer the questions or address their concerns.
7:51 am
-- answered their questions or addressed their concerns. a couple other things happening today. senate confirmation vote on the secretary of state nominee rex tillerson expected to happen at 2:30. you can watch that on c-span2 today. senators voted on monday to advance that nomination. the procedural vote 56-43. republicans and rex tillerson picking up four democrats in the process. senate veterans affairs committee holding a confirmation and -- an dr. schalk very busy day outside of all the
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reaction to the supreme court nomination. host: reaction also coming from outside the supreme court itself. the atlantic reports it was just a half-hour after the announcement of the nomination of protests took place outside the supreme court with people there saying many of those who came up the steps were prepared or theest judge gorsuch runner-up. bit. listen for just a [video clip] >> justice for all! justice for all! justice for all! justice for all! host: that took place right outside this up in court shortly after the announcement. just some of the reaction you will hear from the people as you watch c-span and the senate,
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especially amongst democrats on the senate judiciary committee and the whole senate as deliberations take place. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. independents, 202-748-8002. south burlington, vermont. republican line. caller: good morning. that was theen first one who told bush he could not select a supreme court nominee in his last year? host: is this about merrick garland? caller: it was biden that told bush he could not nominate a supreme court nominee on the last year of his term. host: it was something called the biden doctrine at the time. something he said on the senate floor. caller: so, what is the big deal
7:54 am
now? what is the difference now? just a lot of people trying to boycott this man whatever he's tried to do. we need to move on. we won't be able to do anything with all these marches and riots and stuff. what do you think about the selection of the judge himself? do you have any thoughts on the president's choice? caller: i don't know a lot about this man. he will go through the proper channels to get vetted. host: sadie in apple valley, california. independent line. caller: good morning. an independent. , they other caller said
7:55 am
should have left the obama supreme court justice go through the process. we have this process where they want him to go through and the democrats have the right to -- he is not for the people. this is a right religious thing they want to have done. people getmake religion by putting a judge in and taking their rights away. host: how do you think he is going to do that? caller: by voting down immigration laws. they want to vote against roe versus wade. the want to vote against gay marriage legislation. host: who is the they? caller: the conservative judges on the supreme court. they've already said this is what they want to do.
7:56 am
he would be in line with donald trump and the republicans. host: from michigan, randy, democrats line. caller: good morning. i want to start by thinking you and all the men and women behind the scenes that we don't see for bringing us this great program. my thoughts on this, i don't know the gentleman, the judge that mr. trump picked. i am a trump supporter, but i'm a democrat. i only voted for trump. i don't vote republican. he's no different from scalia. courtthat conservative most of my life. you are not changing what we grew up with. the next one coming you better fight like your hair is on fire because that is the one that will change the court. this guy, you can slide him in. you won't see much difference, folks. the next person will be the one
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who changes the courts. that will be the one that flops it from where we've been for most of our lives. you are saying the president and the republicans will have to fight harder for the next nomination? caller: that is the way i feel. this one here, go ahead and give it to them. it's just another scalia. you are not changing anything we've all dealt with. none of us like all the decisions. that is a judge. you are not changing the makeup that i grew up under most of my life. quits after you replace the sky, that is the one you will have to watch out for. -- this guy. that is just the way i feel. thank you. i hope you guys enjoy the weather up there.
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host: randy in michigan. i was try to find a story taking andok at this nomination what might happen with the future of anthony kennedy, long seen as a swing vote on the supreme court. kennedy most often votes conservative, further to the right online order issues than antonin scalia was. -- online order issues than antonin scalia was -- further to the right on law and order issues than antonin scalia was.
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that is in "the washington post." the caller brought up the issues of immigration -- travel restrictions coming zynga border on extreme bedding, --tever you want to call it donald trump with a tweet a few minutes ago on that topic. we will see as this nomination process goes forward and members tocongress get que question the new nominee. , taking are one hour in your thoughts on president trump's nominee announced yesterday for the supreme court. neil gorsuch of colorado.
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currently a sitting judge and 's choice tot replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. we are getting your thoughts on it, not just yours, but the senate's. (202) 748-8001 for republicans . for democrats. (202) 748-8002 for independents. glenda, you're on. caller: donald trump has been wonderful. democrats have been in for eight years. schools are bad. they are trying to say that this lady that donald trump is putting in his terrible on schools, but they had eight years to make them good. they didn't.
8:01 am
they had eight years to make everything good. everything's bad. host: to the supreme court decision please. caller: i like what donald trump is doing. i think he is doing great. i like the guy he just picked for the judge. i think the next judge -- i hope he gets to pick him too. we need to take the world over again because democrats have ruined it. they destroyed it. lives inlyn florida and joins us on the independent line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i love you guys at c-span. i agree with this nominee. i used to be a democrat, but after this year, i had it. i went independent. i think they are anti-american. host: what do you like about the nominee specifically? caller: i like the choice of the
8:02 am
nominee. i think he's a great man. he came from god like all of us. i agree with donald trump. host: for you considered about his choice for the supreme court considering who he said throughout the campaign? caller: absolutely not. i was afraid of nothing. i live my life through my god and no one else. everything he does, i agree with 100%. he is out for this country. he loves us. he did not have to do this. wherebama and the bushes there, they were the past. can't keep looking in the past, got to go forward. h is: "if judge gorsuc confirmed, the court will have the majority of republicans like they had for centuries.
8:03 am
big problems for environmental regulations and women's access to com contraception. if trump gets the chance to name another justice, the consequences could be much more dire. uchnormal times, judge gors would be an obvious choice for a republican president. times."re not normal he is known for doctrines that give too much power to the state. statutesdim view of that entrap the innocent. every recent republican supporters has disappointed with the supreme court picks. david souter was a disaster for the the start. he makes a
8:04 am
transformation on the high court unlikely. gary from montana on the independent line. meler: it doesn't matter to who makes it on the suffering court -- the supreme court. i just don't want these judges legislating from the bench, making laws from the bench. host: i hear that phrase a lot. what does it mean to you? caller: i think john roberts changed wording in the health ax -- from aa t fine to a tax. do you know what i mean? host: i remember. go ahead. caller: i've heard some people talk about everything. could you find somebody to come on your program to talk about a states constitutional convention?
8:05 am
i think a states constitutional convention would scare everybody because aton dc states constitution can make laws like get rid of citizen united, term limits, etc., etc. host: in fact, we have done segments like that on this program before. if you want to go to the website and check out for yourself, i would type in the phrase depending on the words you use and see what we have done on this program and the network. the caller brought up term limits. there are 10 things you need to know about this judge. it says he is pro-term limits. according to a 1992 paper he co-authored after finishing law harvard, recognizing that men are not
8:06 am
angels, the framers of the constitution put in place a number of institutional checks designed to prevent abuse of the in norm they had invested in the legislative branch. bicameralism, frequent elections, staggered terms, different qualifications, shared an exclusive hours, and state control over election procedures are all examples of the mechanisms the framers crafted with the hope of ensuring responsive yet responsible legislature. a term limit we suggest is simply an analogous procedure designed to advance much the same substantive end. let's hear from rick in muncie, indiana. caller: i think everybody needs to calm down and just let the government adjust. we have never had a president more in danger than we have right now. the media is so worked up. i hope it comes down in time. don't think we have a president more endangered than we do right now. it is set to swing back and
8:07 am
forth, but obviously the majority of the states felt we went to far left with obama. it's just an adjustment, the way markets do. thank you for your time. host: tommy from augusta, georgia, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i don't like this nominee because he is full of -- for the rich and not the little man and the middle class. he sat on a case that this guy got a wrongful death case. the guy got tased in the head and he was died and he was against that. also, his mother was on the epa with ronald reagan. guess what she wanted to do? she wanted to burn toxic waste out in the ocean. this is a bad choice and all use is for the rich. host: when you say he is for the
8:08 am
rich, make that argument. what leads you to believe that? caller: because he held the spot open with big money so that they can shuffle a person in for this job. they should protest him. that's all i've got to say. host: carol from theodore, alabama, republican line. you are on. caller: yes, sir. i just wanted to express my opinion that donald trump has picked a very efficient judge for the republican party. democracy has just gone completely out of the white house. up to vote to end i for one party and that's a scary thing. these republicans and democrats are fighting like children.
8:09 am
this is why the white house cannot get anything done. they need to stop acting like children and run this country like it needs to be run. they have for liberals, for democrats up in that supreme court. republicans need some -- somebody to represent how we feel. we do believe in the constitution, the freedom of religion, andm of our freedom is going down the hill. we need to get back our democracy. host: carol, you describe the judge as efficient. what do you mean by that? caller: he is very efficient. this man has already been approved. he has already been approved by many democrats. of democrats are so scared their political to even open their mouse to say what needs to
8:10 am
be said because of the wrath the democrats are going to give them and the people of these liberals and democrats threatening. we cannot even speak the name and be proud of who we voted for. it has gotten to the point where we are going to end up having just one party, which is a scary thought. there's no more democracy. host: let's go to alan in brooklyn, new york, republican line. caller: democrat line. host: sorry about that. go ahead. caller: this gentleman seems on the outside to be perfectly acceptable. my main concern is that what counts as a supreme court justice is deep in his mind and his heart and whether his commitment to the constitution is truly superior to his commitment to his religious dogma. antonin scalia up, who we are
8:11 am
told he is modeled after, had a his right to that believe in religious dogma took precedent over his belief in the reality of this world and of science and of climate change. if this man is modeling himself whor antonin scalia a, wh, said openly that he believes in demons and heaven and hell as little places and does not believe in the need to protect earth from real scientific threats as his right to the achieve some kind of imaginary heavenly salvation. i've nothing against persons religious belief, but when you sit in that chair, your first obligation is to the constitution, due process, truth, science, and evidence. host: is there a specific thing you can point to when you saw justice scalia used his religious belief to defend a judgment he made from the bench? scalia votedce
8:12 am
against the massachusetts versus aa ruling that found by narrow majority that climate science was real and the epa had a right to regulate it. if they would've had the majority, they would have had the opportunity to regulate carbon dioxide. inthey put their belief heavenly salvation over their reliance on scientific reality and data as it regards the threat of climate change to our physical world and our children and grandchildren will inherit, it's a competition between our priorities. do we care more about our grandchildren or the salvation of our individual souls? the latter fact cannot be proven by due process and evidence. we have no right to inject that in constitutional processes. host: we will continue on with our discussion on the selection of judge gorsuch with greg stohr
8:13 am
a bloomberg news. he will not only talk about the man himself, the process h faces, how it might shift the court. before we hear from him, we will go back to john mcardle. >> as president trump pointed out last night, judge the list ofpart of potential nominees he released before the election, part of that list of 21 different judges and senators and others that he was considering for the job if he were to win the presidency. interestingly, he was not part of the original list that donald trump released on that. there was a shorter list released in may. judge neil gorsuch was added as an update in september. september 23 was when that finalized list of supreme court picks came out. scotus blog, which many viewers
8:14 am
know about, reports on the supreme court and notes that during the campaign that donald trump worked closely with conservative legal group's like the heritage foundation to compile that list of potential nominees. scotus blog in its writeup of the neil gorsuch nomination touched on his background before college and some of his connections to d.c., noting that although a fourth generation coloradan, he is no stranger to washington. to his mother was a director of the environmental protection agency in the reagan administration before resigning under pressure. he served as a page in the u.s. senate and graduated from georgetown preparatory school and catholic boys school in the washington suburbs before going on to columbia university. one of our caller was talkings about his connection to
8:15 am
antonin scalia of. . they say neil gorsuch possible views are not identical to those previously espoused by antonin scalia. shouldested that courts no longer defer to the agency's interpretation of the statutes that it is charged with administrating on the theory that courts not agencies should interpret those laws. although this action is an obscure issue from the 'srspective of judge gorsuch position, it would create a sea change in terms of agencies interpretation of actions and something that might be explored in the process going forward. one more thing from scotus blog -- they came up with a list of reactions so far from various interest groups since the gorsuch nomination. among those supporting the nomination, the national rifle association, tea party patriots, americans for limited government
8:16 am
among those who have come out every townents -- for safety, the national women's law center, positions for reproductive health, and several others. we will be going throughout that reaction to the rest of our program today. is gregining us now stohr of bloomberg news. thanks for joining us. we hear a lot of scalia like comments when it comes to this judge. philosophically, where does he stand on things? guest: in some ways, it is a lot of justice scalia. he believes in the meaning of the original constitution and and not bestatutes congressional reports or other indications of underlying congressional intent. he has said he believes that the role of judges is to apply the law


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